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shadowsocks-rust-1.20.0-1.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for i586

Name: shadowsocks-rust Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.20.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sun Jun 16 11:07:43 2024
Group: Productivity/Networking/Web/Proxy Build host: reproducible
Size: 30967265 Source RPM: shadowsocks-rust-1.20.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Rust port of Shadowsocks
shadowsocks-rust is a rust port of shadowsocks.

shadowsocks is a lightweight secured SOCKS5 proxy for embedded devices and
low-end boxes.






* Sun Jun 16 2024 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 1.20.0
    * Making HTTP requests with local-http's HttpClient implementation, mainly
      for supporting outbound_* socket configurations.
    * Support SIP008 Online Configuration. Pull servers from remote servers
      automatically. (Experimental)
    * Add basic, full, full-extra features makes building command line arguments
    * Binaries support --plugin-mode command line argument
    * local-tun is enabled by default for Windows targets in CI builds
    * Fix bugs
  - Drop fix-boo-1223239.patch, merged by upstream
* Mon Apr 22 2024 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 1.18.3
    * Support outbound_fwmark in server side to split outbound tunnel
    * Default build for *-windows-* targets includes sswinservice
    * local-fakedns: Add a basic implementation of Fake-DNS, which will
      allocate IPs from pool for DNS queries. This experimental feature
      could be useful when using local-tun, local-redir or other features
      that could only receive IP destinations, the domain name that is
      resolved by the Fake-DNS will be translated from IP back to domain
      name when connecting to the remote
    * Add launchd_udp_socket_name, launchd_tcp_socket_name to basic config format
    * local-tun: Support tun_interface_destination configuration key
    * Default logging framework changed to tracing-subscriber
    * local: socks local server will support SOCKS5, SOCKS4a, HTTP proxy
      protocols when local-http, local-socks4 features are enabled
    * local: Support setting udp_mtu in configuration file to actively reject
      packet.size > MTU
    * Fix bugs
  - Add fix-boo-1223239.patch, fix CVE-2024-32650 boo#1223239
* Wed Dec 13 2023 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Set permissions as 640 for /etc/shadowsocks (boo#1216372)
* Sun Dec 03 2023 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 1.17.1
    * Trust-DNS is rebranded to Hickory-DNS
    * Support DNS-over-H3 (Try with configuration "dns": "google_h3"
      and compile with feature "dns-over-h3")
    * Allow configuring local-dns client cache size
    * local-tun supports Windows with Wintun
    * Upgrade hyper
    * Fix bugs
* Tue Oct 24 2023 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Fix boo#1216372 and boo#1216373, run systemd service as a dedicated user and group
* Mon Sep 25 2023 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 1.16.2
    * Fix bugs
  - Update vendor, fix boo#1215658 CVE-2023-42811
* Wed Jun 21 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update constraints for riscv64
* Tue Jun 20 2023 opensuse-packaging <>
  - Add Recommends for shadowsocks-v2ray-plugin
  - Update systemd services
* Mon Jun 19 2023 opensuse-packaging <>
  - Update version to 1.15.3
    * local-tun: Support tun_interface_destination for configuring Tun
      device's destination address
    * Support outbound_fwmark, outbound_user_cookie, outbound_bind_interface
      and outbound_bind_addr in configuration file
    * AEAD-2022 protoco
    * SIP002 Extended Format: Allowing unencoded user-info in URL
    * Manager standalone mode support bypassing ACL files
    * Allow sslocal run without any servers, which will bypass all connections
      and packets
    * "password" is optional for none / plain method
    * redir-local: Enable dual-stack support on Linux (TProxy) and FreeBSD
    * Disable md5-asm and sha1-asm: shadowsocks/shadowsocks-crypto
    * "acl" and "outbound_fwmark" are available in configuration file
    * Properly handle IPv4-mapped-IPv6 addresses in UDP assocations
    * Automatically bump RLIMIT_NOFILE on Unix (except Android)
    * SOCKS5 protocol supports RFC1929 Username/Password Authentication
    * HKDF-SHA1 uses ring's assembly implementation
    * Set environment variable SS_SYSTEM_DNS_RESOLVER_FORCE_BUILTIN to use system's
      builtin DNS resolver
    * Allow setting "system" in DNS configuration key "dns" to use system provided
      DNS API
    * Support setting SO_USER_COOKIE on FreeBSD
    * Local tun interface refactored the VirtDevice::poll strategy
    * balancer.check_best_interval could let ping balancer to ping only the choosen
      best server in this interval
    * Set a shorter interval in balancer.check_best_interval than
      balancer.check_interval to check much frequently the best server
    * efactored local-tun, using smoltcp as a user-space network stack
    * Support K8S deployment
    * shadowsocks-crypto switch underlying encryption library to RustCrypto
    * New binary ssservice with unified features in (sslocal, ssserver and
    * Removed direct dependency to mio, sending file descriptors through UDS now
      with sendfd
    * ACL regular expression rules will try to convert to || (sub-domains) and |
      (exact match) rules
    * TCP connects with Happy Eyeballs (RFC6555, RFC8305) strategy
    * Basic support of tun interface in sslocal (Experimental) Tested on macOS and
    * Local server will choose remote servers based on their "mode"
    * ssmanager support --plugin and --plugin-opts as default plugin
    * ssmanager support starting ssserver in standalone (independent process) mode
    * ACL support | and || hash-set and domain-tree mode
    * Support --outbound-bind-interface on Windows
    * TFO on Linux queue length set to 1024 to match backlogs
    * Completely remove Replay Attack Protection with Ping-Pong bloom filter in
      default build configuration
    * Support Snapcraft
    * Multi-architecture Docker image for release
    * Replaced futures::future::abortable with tokio's builtin
    * Define binaries' exit code with standard in sysexits.h
    * HTTP local listener supports TCP_NODELAY, SO_KEEPALIVE and dual-stack
    * Remove slient dropping when replay was detected
    * Enable TCP Keep Alive for inbound and outbound sockets
    * Add disabled key for local servers in configuration
    * Support TFO (TCP Fast Open) on Linux, Windows, macOS (iOS), FreeBSD
    * Support customizing servers' weight for balancer
    * HTTP Proxy preserves headers' title case
    * Support non-standard AEAD ciphers sm4-gcm and sm4-ccm
    * Support non-standard AEAD ciphers with crypto2, could be enabled by feature
    * Support protocol in basic configuration format
    * supports starting multiple instances in the same process
    * Check repeated salt after first successful decryption
    * Support setting SO_MARK, SO_BINDTODEVICE on Linux
    * Support setting SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF for TCP sockets
    * Support SIP008 extend server fields server, server_port, remarks
    * Support sending TCP and UDP queries simutaneously
    * Support connection reusability
    * Remove mostly TCP timeout setting for tunnels, connections will only be
      killed if clients or servers close
    * Auto-reload DNS resolver configuration from /etc/resolv.conf on *NIX
    * Allow customizing number of worker-threads for multi-threaded scheduler
    * Support field disabled in extended server configuration
    * Support customizing inbound and outbound sockets' SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF by
      command line options
    * Fix bugs
* Sat Nov 13 2021 opensuse-packaging <>
  - Initial package for version 1.8.23



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