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libabigail-1.0-0.8.rc5.2.fc22 RPM for s390

From Fedora 22 testing updates for s390x / l

Name: libabigail Distribution: Koji
Version: 1.0 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 0.8.rc5.2.fc22 Build date: Thu Jun 30 05:16:36 2016
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 4087661 Source RPM: libabigail-1.0-0.8.rc5.2.fc22.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Set of ABI analysis tools
The libabigail package comprises five command line utilities: abidiff,
abipkgdiff, abicompat, abidw and abilint.  The abidiff command line
tool compares the ABI of two ELF shared libraries and emits meaningful
textual reports about changes impacting exported functions, variables
and their types.  abipkgdiff compares the ABIs of ELF binaries
contained in two packages.  abicompat checks if a subsequent version
of a shared library is still compatible with an application that is
linked against it.  abidw emits an XML representation of the ABI of a
given ELF shared library. abilint checks that a given XML
representation of the ABI of a shared library is correct.

Install libabigail if you need to compare the ABI of ELF shared






* Tue Jun 28 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc5.2
  - Add README
* Mon Jun 27 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc5.1
  - Update to upstream 1.0.rc5 tarball
  - Add new build requires for new fedabipkgdiff tool:
    python2-devel, rpm-python, python-mock, koji, pyxdg, python-unittest2
  - Add new %{_bindir}/fedabipkgdiff binary and
    %{_libdir}/libabigail/default.abignore configuration file to the set
    of distributed files. 
  - Drop patches that were integrated upstream:
* Mon Apr 25 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc4.2
  - Fix PIE and ppc64 function aliases handling.
    The exact two upstream bugs fixed are:
      Bug 19961 - Distinguish between PI executable and shared library
      Bug 19964 - Cannot load function aliases on ppc64
    The two upstream patches applied are 8944ceb9ef03a4187 and 2529f84ae0e2ca2a
* Sun Apr 17 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc4.1
  - Update to upstream 1.0.rc4
* Fri Mar 25 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc3.1
  - Bump pseudo epoch to 1.0.-0.8.rc3.1 to fix upgrade issues
* Tue Mar 08 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc3.1
  - Update to upstream 1.0.rc3
  - Add gcc-c++ as BuildRequires
  - Measure the time taken by regression tests
  - drop the enum-val-stable-on-32-64-bits-patch patch as it's now
    included upstream.
* Fri Jan 08 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc2.2
  - Add enum-val-stable-on-32-64-bits-patch
* Fri Jan 08 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc2.1
  - Update to upstream release 1.0.rc2
  - Run make check in // if possible
* Wed Jan 06 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc1.2
  - Add/Remove info pages to/from info pages database after install/before remove
* Wed Jan 06 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc1.1
  - Ship man/info pages right into the main package, along with the main
  - Update to upstream release 1.0.rc1
  - Significant changes include:
     rhtbz/1283906 - crash in abigail::dwarf_reader::build_reference_type()
     libabigail/19336 - Better handle redundantly qualified reference types
     libabigail/19126 - abidw segv on a dwz compressed version of
     libabigail/19355 - Libabigail slow on
     Numerous other bug fixes and cleanups
* Tue Nov 17 2015 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.7.rc0
  - Update to upstream release 1.0.rc0
  - Take a tarball built using make dist now.
  - Do not run autoreconf -i anymore, during the build.
* Wed Sep 09 2015 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.6.20150909git164d17e
  - Update to upstream git commit hash 164d17e
    Bug 18791 - libabigail fails to read the output of abidw
    Bug 18818 - abidw aborts on a class with a non-complete base class
    Bug 18828 - Handle force-resolving of multiple declarations-only of the same type
    Bug 18844 - assert failure in abidw at
    Bug 18894 - Fix representation of enumerators in abixml format
    Bug 18893 - type degradation from dwarf to abixml on
    Bug 18892 - type degradation from DWARF to abixml on
    Bug 18904 - Fix support for C++ rvalue references
    Numerous additional bug fixes
    Added .deb, tarball and directory support to abipkgdiff
    Several improvements to abidw, abidiff and abilint
  - Added dpkg build dependency to activate support of .deb archives
  - cat tests/test-suite.log when check fails
  - Update description to add abipkgdiff
* Mon Jul 27 2015 Sinny Kumari <> - 1.0-0.4.20150727gitf0d319a
  - Update to upstream git commit hash f0d319a. Returns different exit status code
    when abipkgdiff runs and various other bug fixes in libabigail.
  - Adjust date, git_revision and Release macros
* Mon Jul 20 2015 Sinny Kumari <> - 1.0-0.4.20150720gitab1316b
  - Update to upstream git commit hash ab1316b. It brings various bug fixes and a
    new abipkgdiff tool to detect abi changes at package level.
  - Install abipkgdiff binary in bindir
  - Adjust date, git_revision and Release macros
* Thu Jun 25 2015 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.3.20150625git43c06a8
  - Update to upstream git commit hash 43c06a8 (pre-release of 1.0).
    This brings lots of bug fixes as well as some improvements in change
    report suppression capabilities in the library and in the abidiff
  - Tarball name format is now clearer: %{name}-%{version}-git-%{git_revision}
  - Add new macro tarball_name for that
  - Adjust the Source0, git_revision, date, Release macros
  - Adjust the %setup directive to the fact that the tarball now extracts to
    a directory named %{name}-%{version}-git-%{git_revision}
  - Adjust the packaging of the man pages as some of them moved from
    section 7 to section 1.
* Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.0-0.2.20150422gita9582d8
  - Rebuilt for
* Wed Apr 22 2015 Sinny Kumari <> - 1.0-0.1.20150420gita9582d8
  - Add COPYING-GPLV3 license file as well
  - Remove python-sphinx-latex from BuildRequires
  - Package latest source tar with git revision a9582d8
* Sat Jan 24 2015 Sinny Kumari <> - 1.0-0.3.20150114git63c81f0
  - Specify only sub-packgae name instead of giving full package name
  - Add info as post and preun Requires for doc sub-package
* Fri Jan 23 2015 Sinny Kumari <> - 1.0-0.2.20150114git63c81f0
  - Add python-sphinx-latex as BuildRequires
  - Use license instead of doc macro for license file installation
  - Update checkout value
* Sun Jan 18 2015 Sinny Kumari <> - 1.0-0.1.git.63c81f0
  - Initial build of the libabigail package using source code from git
    revision 63c81f0.



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