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glibc-2.38-7.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: glibc Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.38 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 7.1 Build date: Wed Dec 6 23:55:36 2023
Group: System/Libraries Build host: s390zl26
Size: 5183023 Source RPM: glibc-2.38-7.1.src.rpm
Summary: Standard Shared Libraries (from the GNU C Library)
The GNU C Library provides the most important standard libraries used
by nearly all programs: the standard C library, the standard math
library, and the POSIX thread library. A system is not functional
without these libraries.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later WITH GCC-exception-2.0


* Tue Dec 05 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - aarch64-rawmemchr-unwind.patch: aarch64: correct CFI in rawmemchr
    (bsc#1217445, BZ #31113)
* Mon Dec 04 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Remove systemd from shadow and gshadow lookups (bsc#1217220)
* Mon Oct 23 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - gb18030-2022.patch: add GB18030-2022 charmap (jsc#PED-4908, BZ #30243)
* Wed Oct 18 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - dtors-reverse-ctor-order.patch: Remove, has been reverted
* Tue Oct 17 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Avoid use of SSE in i586 build
* Mon Oct 09 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Add systemd also to gshadow lookups (jsc#PED-5188)
  - For SLE continue to use nsswitch.conf without systemd
* Wed Oct 04 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - setxid-propagate-glibc-tunables.patch: Propagate GLIBC_TUNABLES in
    setxid binaries
  - tunables-string-parsing.patch: tunables: Terminate if end of input is
    reached (CVE-2023-4911, bsc#1215501)
* Wed Sep 27 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - fstat-implementation.patch: io: Do not implement fstat with fstatat
* Mon Sep 25 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - getaddrinfo-memory-leak.patch: Fix leak in getaddrinfo introduced by the
    fix for CVE-2023-4806 (CVE-2023-5156, bsc#1215714, BZ #30884)
* Mon Sep 18 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - getcanonname-use-after-free.patch: getaddrinfo: Fix use after free in
    getcanonname (CVE-2023-4806, bsc#1215281, BZ #30843)
  - Do not build any cross packages in SLES
* Wed Sep 13 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - no-aaaa-read-overflow.patch: Stack read overflow with large TCP
    responses in no-aaaa mode (CVE-2023-4527, bsc#1215280, BZ #30842)
* Tue Sep 12 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Add systemd to passwd, group and shadow lookups (jsc#PED-5188)
* Mon Sep 11 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - ppc64-flock-fob64.patch: io: Fix record locking contants for powerpc64
    with __USE_FILE_OFFSET64 (BZ #30804)
  - libio-io-vtables.patch: libio: Fix oversized __io_vtables
  - call-init-proxy-objects.patch: elf: Do not run constructors for proxy
  - dtors-reverse-ctor-order.patch: elf: Always call destructors in reverse
    constructor order (BZ #30785)
* Tue Sep 05 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - intl-c-utf-8-like-c-locale.patch: intl: Treat C.UTF-8 locale like C
    locale (BZ #16621)
  - glibc-disable-gettext-for-c-utf8.patch: Removed
* Mon Aug 28 2023 Richard Biener <>
  - Add cross-ppc64le package
* Tue Aug 22 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - posix-memalign-fragmentation.patch: malloc: Enable merging of remainders
    in memalign, remove bin scanning from memalign (BZ #30723)
  - Limit build counter sync to i686 flavor, to reduce needs for rebuilds
* Tue Aug 22 2023 Richard Biener <>
  - Add cross-s390x package (bsc#1214460)
* Mon Aug 14 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Require that elf/check-localplt does not fail
  - glibc-2.3.90-langpackdir.diff: add hidden alias for __strcpy_chk
  - cache-amd-legacy.patch: x86: Fix for cache computation on AMD legacy
  - cache-intel-shared.patch: x86: Fix incorrect scope of setting
    `shared_per_thread` (BZ# 30745)
* Wed Aug 02 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to glibc 2.38
    * When C2X features are enabled and the base argument is 0 or 2, the
      following functions support binary integers prefixed by 0b or 0B as
    * PRIb*, PRIB* and SCNb* macros from C2X have been added to
    * printf-family functions now support the wN format length modifiers for
      arguments of type intN_t, int_leastN_t, uintN_t or uint_leastN_t
      and the wfN format
      length modifiers for arguments of type int_fastN_t or uint_fastN_t, as
      specified in draft ISO C2X
    * A new tunable, glibc.pthread.stack_hugetlb, can be used to disable
      Transparent Huge Pages (THP) in stack allocation at pthread_create
    * Vector math library libmvec support has been added to AArch64
    * The strlcpy and strlcat functions have been added
    * CVE-2023-25139: When the printf family of functions is called with a
      format specifier that uses an <apostrophe> (enable grouping) and a
      minimum width specifier, the resulting output could be larger than
      reasonably expected by a caller that computed a tight bound on the
      buffer size
  - Enable build with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - glibc-2.3.90-langpackdir.diff: avoid reference to __strcpy_chk
  - iconv-error-verbosity.patch: iconv: restore verbosity with unrecognized
    encoding names (BZ #30694)
  - printf-grouping.patch, strftime-time64.patch,
    getlogin-no-loginuid.patch, fix-locking-in-_IO_cleanup.patch,
    gshadow-erange-rhandling.patch, system-sigchld-block.patch,
    gmon-buffer-alloc.patch, check-pf-cancel-handler.patch,
    powerpc64-fcntl-lock.patch, realloc-limit-chunk-reuse.patch,
    dl-find-object-return.patch; Removed
  - bsc#1211828
  - bsc#1212819
* Mon Jul 10 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - gshadow-erange-rhandling.patch: gshadow: Matching sgetsgent, sgetsgent_r
    ERANGE handling (BZ #30151)
  - system-sigchld-block.patch: posix: Fix system blocks SIGCHLD erroneously
    (BZ #30163)
  - gmon-buffer-alloc.patch: gmon: Fix allocated buffer overflow
    (bsc#1207975, BZ #29444)
  - check-pf-cancel-handler.patch: __check_pf: Add a cancellation cleanup
    handler (BZ #20975)
  - powerpc64-fcntl-lock.patch: io: Fix F_GETLK, F_SETLK, and F_SETLKW for
  - realloc-limit-chunk-reuse.patch: realloc: Limit chunk reuse to only
    growing requests (BZ #30579)
  - dl-find-object-return.patch: elf: _dl_find_object may return 1 during
    early startup (BZ #30515)
* Mon Jul 03 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Need to build with GCC 12 as minimum
* Thu Jun 29 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - fix-locking-in-_IO_cleanup.patch: Update to final version
* Fri Apr 28 2023 Giuliano Belinassi <>
  - ulp-prologue-into-asm-functions.patch: Add support for livepatches in
    ASM written functions (bsc#1210777, bsc#1211726)
* Thu Mar 30 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - getlogin-no-loginuid.patch: getlogin_r: fix missing fallback if loginuid
    is unset (bsc#1209229, BZ #30235)
* Thu Mar 16 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Exclude static archives from preparation for live patching (bnc#1208721)
* Wed Feb 01 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to glibc 2.37
    * The getent tool now supports the --no-addrconfig option
    * The dynamic linker no longer loads shared objects from the "tls"
      subdirectories on the library search path or the subdirectory that
      corresponds to the AT_PLATFORM system name, or employs the legacy AT_HWCAP
      search mechanism, which was deprecated in version 2.33
  - printf-grouping.patch: Account for grouping in printf width (BZ #30068)
  - strftime-time64.patch: Use 64-bit time_t interfaces in strftime and
    strptime (BZ #30053)
  - glibcextract-compile-c-snippet.patch, sys-mount-kernel-definition.patch,
    sys-mount-usage.patch, nscd-netlink-cache-invalidation.patch,
    syslog-large-messages.patch, dlmopen-libc-early-init.patch,
    ldd-vdso-dependency.patch, syslog-extra-whitespace.patch,
    errlist-edeadlock.patch, makeflags.patch, get-nscd-addresses.patch,
    x86-64-avx2-string-functions.patch, nscd-aicache.patch,
    dl-debug-bindings.patch, floatn.patch: Removed
  - bsc#1207957
  - bsc#1208358
  - bsc#1212910
* Tue Dec 27 2022 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Remove reference to obsolete %usrmerged macro (boo#1206798)
* Thu Dec 15 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - floatn.patch: Update _FloatN header support for C++ in GCC 13
* Thu Nov 10 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - nscd: Convert to systemd-sysusers
* Wed Oct 26 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - dl-debug-bindings.patch: elf: Reinstate on DL_DEBUG_BINDINGS
    _dl_lookup_symbol_x (bsc#1204710)
* Wed Oct 05 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - get-nscd-addresses.patch: get_nscd_addresses: Fix subscript typos (BZ
  - x86-64-avx2-string-functions.patch: check for required cpu features in
    AVX2 string functions (BZ #29611)
  - nscd-aicache.patch: nscd: Drop local address tuple variable (BZ #29607)
* Wed Sep 21 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - makeflags.patch: Makerules: fix MAKEFLAGS assignment for upcoming
    make-4.4 (BZ# 29564)
* Thu Sep 08 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - errlist-edeadlock.patch: errlist: add missing entry for EDEADLOCK (BZ
* Tue Sep 06 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - syslog-large-messages.patch: syslog: Fix large messages (CVE-2022-39046,
    bsc#1203011, BZ #29536)
  - dlmopen-libc-early-init.patch: elf: Call __libc_early_init for reused
    namespaces (BZ #29528)
  - ldd-vdso-dependency.patch: elf: Restore how vDSO dependency is printed
    with LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS (BZ #29539)
  - syslog-extra-whitespace.patch: syslog: Remove extra whitespace between
    timestamp and message (BZ #29544)
* Wed Aug 24 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - nscd-netlink-cache-invalidation.patch: nscd: Fix netlink cache
    invalidation if epoll is used (boo#1199964, BZ #29415)
* Mon Aug 15 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - glibcextract-compile-c-snippet.patch: Add
  - sys-mount-kernel-definition.patch: linux: Mimic kernel definition for
  - sys-mount-usage.patch: linux: Fix sys/mount.h usage with kernel headers
* Tue Aug 02 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to glibc 2.36
    Major new features:
    * Support for DT_RELR relative relocation format has been added to
    * On Linux, the pidfd_open, pidfd_getfd, and pidfd_send_signal functions
      have been added
    * On Linux, the process_madvise function has been added
    * On Linux, the process_mrelease function has been added
    * The “no-aaaa” DNS stub resolver option has been added
    * On Linux, the fsopen, fsmount, move_mount, fsconfig, fspick, open_tree,
      and mount_setattr have been added
    * localedef now accepts locale definition files encoded in UTF-8
    * Support for the mbrtoc8 and c8rtomb multibyte/UTF-8 character conversion
      functions has been added per the ISO C2X N2653 and C++20 P0482R6 proposals
    * The functions arc4random, arc4random_buf, and arc4random_uniform have been
    Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
    * Support for prelink will be removed in the next release
    * The Linux kernel version check has been removed along with the
      LD_ASSUME_KERNEL environment variable
    * On Linux, The LD_LIBRARY_VERSION environment variable has been removed
  - get-nprocs-sched-uninit-read.patch, get-nprocs-inaccurate.patch,
    strcmp-rtm-fallback.path, pt-load-invalid-hole.patch,
    localedef-ld-monetary.patch, nptl-spurious-eintr.patch,
    strncpy-power9-vsx.patch, nptl-cleanup-async-restore.patch,
    read-chk-cancel.patch, wcrtomb-fortify.patch,
    nptl-cleanup-async-restore-2.patch: Removed
  - CVE-2023-4813, bsc#1215286
  - bsc#1198751
  - bsc#1200334
* Thu Jul 14 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - nptl-cleanup-async-restore-2.patch: nptl: Fix
    ___pthread_unregister_cancel_restore asynchronous restore (bsc#1200093,
    BZ #29214)
* Thu Jun 23 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - read-chk-cancel.patch: debug: make __read_chk a cancellation point
    (bsc#1200682, BZ #29274)
  - wcrtomb-fortify.patch: wcrtomb: Make behavior POSIX compliant
* Thu Jun 09 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Set SUSE_ZNOW=0
* Wed Jun 08 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - strncpy-power9-vsx.patch: powerpc: Fix VSX register number on
    __strncpy_power9 (BZ #29197)
  - nptl-cleanup-async-restore.patch: nptl: Fix __libc_cleanup_pop_restore
    asynchronous restore (bsc#1200093, BZ #29214)
* Tue May 17 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - nptl-spurious-eintr.patch: nptl: Handle spurious EINTR when thread
    cancellation is disabled (BZ #29029)
* Thu May 12 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Follow the distro default gcc version to build the cross
    bootstrap packages.
* Fri Apr 29 2022 Marcus Meissner <>
  - switched to https urls
* Mon Feb 28 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - get-nprocs-sched-uninit-read.patch: linux: __get_nprocs_sched: do not
    feed CPU_COUNT_S with garbage (BZ #28850)
  - get-nprocs-inaccurate.patch: linux: fix accuracy of get_nprocs and
    get_nprocs_conf (BZ #28865)
  - strcmp-rtm-fallback.path: x86: Fallback {str|wcs}cmp RTM in the ncmp
    overflow case (BZ #28896)
  - pt-load-invalid-hole.patch: elf: Check invalid hole in PT_LOAD segments
    (BZ #28838)
  - localedef-ld-monetary.patch: localedef: Update LC_MONETARY handling (BZ
* Thu Feb 03 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to glibc 2.35
    Major new features:
    * Unicode 14.0.0 Support
    * Bump r_version in the debugger interface to 2
    * Support for the C.UTF-8 locale has been added to glibc
    * <math.h> functions that round their results to a narrower type, and
      corresponding <tgmath.h> macros, are added from TS 18661-1:2014, TS
      18661-3:2015 and draft ISO C2X
    * <math.h> functions for floating-point maximum and minimum,
      corresponding to new operations in IEEE 754-2019, and corresponding
      <tgmath.h> macros, are added from draft ISO C2X
    * <math.h> macros for single-precision float constants are added as a
      GNU extension
    * The __STDC_IEC_60559_BFP__ and __STDC_IEC_60559_COMPLEX__ macros are
      predefined as specified in TS 18661-1:2014
    * The exp10 functions in <math.h> now have a corresponding type-generic
      macro in <tgmath.h>
    * The ISO C2X macro _PRINTF_NAN_LEN_MAX has been added to <stdio.h>
    * printf-family functions now support the %b format for output of
      integers in binary, as specified in draft ISO C2X, and the %B variant
      of that format recommended by draft ISO C2X
    * A new DSO sorting algorithm has been added in the dynamic linker that uses
      topological sorting by depth-first search (DFS), solving performance issues
      of the existing sorting algorithm when encountering particular circular
      object dependency cases
    * A new tunable, glibc.rtld.dynamic_sort, can be used to select between
      the two DSO sorting algorithms
    * ABI support for a new function '__memcmpeq'. '__memcmpeq' is meant
      to be used by compilers for optimizing usage of 'memcmp' when its
      return value is only used for its boolean status
    * Support for automatically registering threads with the Linux rseq
      system call has been added
    * A symbolic link to the dynamic linker is now installed under
      /usr/bin/ (or more precisely, '${bindir}/')
    * All programs and the testsuite in glibc are now built as position independent
      executables (PIE) by default on toolchains and architectures that support it
    * On Linux, a new tunable, glibc.malloc.hugetlb, can be used to
      either make malloc issue madvise plus MADV_HUGEPAGE on mmap and sbrk
      or to use huge pages directly with mmap calls with the MAP_HUGETLB
    * The printf family of functions now handles the flagged %#m conversion
      specifier, printing errno as an error constant (similar to strerrorname_np)
    * The function _dl_find_object has been added
    * On Linux, the epoll_pwait2 function has been added
    * The function posix_spawn_file_actions_addtcsetpgrp_np has been added,
      enabling posix_spawn and posix_spawnp to set the controlling terminal in
      the new process in a race free manner
    * Source fortification (_FORTIFY_SOURCE) level 3 is now available for
      applications compiling with glibc and gcc 12 and later
    Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
    * On x86-64, the LD_PREFER_MAP_32BIT_EXEC environment variable support
      has been removed since the first PT_LOAD segment is no longer executable
      due to defaulting to -z separate-code
    * The r_version update in the debugger interface makes the glibc binary
      incompatible with GDB
    * Intel MPX support (lazy PLT, profile, and LD_AUDIT) has been removed
    * The catchsegv script and associated shared object have
      been removed
    * Support for prelink will be removed in the next release; this includes
      removal of the LD_TRACE_PRELINKING, and LD_USE_LOAD_BIAS, environment
      variables and their functionality in the dynamic loader
    Changes to build and runtime requirements:
    * The audit module interface version LAV_CURRENT is increased to enable
      proper bind-now support
    * The audit interface on aarch64 is extended to support both the indirect
      result location register (x8) and NEON Q register
    Security related changes:
    * CVE-2022-23219: Passing an overlong file name to the clnt_create
      legacy function could result in a stack-based buffer overflow when
      using the "unix" protocol
    * CVE-2022-23218: Passing an overlong file name to the svcunix_create
      legacy function could result in a stack-based buffer overflow
    * CVE-2021-3998: Passing a path longer than PATH_MAX to the realpath
      function could result in a memory leak and potential access of
      uninitialized memory
    * CVE-2021-3999: Passing a buffer of size exactly 1 byte to the getcwd
      function may result in an off-by-one buffer underflow and overflow
      when the current working directory is longer than PATH_MAX and also
      corresponds to the / directory through an unprivileged mount
  - copy-and-spawn-sgid-double-close.patch,
    fcntl-time-bits-64-redirect.patch, gaiconf-init-double-free.patch,
    gconv-parseconfdir-memory-leak.patch, getcwd-attribute-access.patch,
    glibc-c-utf8-locale.patch, iconv-charmap-close-output.patch,
    ld-show-auxv-colon.patch, ldconfig-leak-empty-paths.patch,
    librt-null-pointer.patch, pthread-kill-fail-after-exit.patch,
    pthread-kill-race-thread-exit.patch, pthread-kill-return-esrch.patch,
    sysconf-nprocessors-affinity.patch, x86-string-control-test.patch:
  - bsc#1194640
  - bsc#1194768
  - bsc#1194770
  - bsc#1197718
  - bsc#1211829
  - bsc#1215891
* Fri Nov 26 2021 Michael Matz <>
  - Enable building the cross packages in rings.
* Tue Nov 16 2021 Giuliano Belinassi <>
  - Add ExtraBuildFlags for build flags that cannot be passed to configure.
  - Add support for livepatches (jsc#SLE-20049).
  - Generate ipa-clones tarball artifact when livepatching is enabled.
* Wed Nov 10 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - glibc.rpmlintrc: Update for rpmlint2
* Tue Oct 05 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - ld-show-auxv-colon.patch: elf: Fix missing colon in LD_SHOW_AUXV output
    (BZ #282539
  - x86-string-control-test.patch: x86-64: Use testl to check
  - pthread-kill-fail-after-exit.patch: nptl: pthread_kill, pthread_cancel
    should not fail after exit (BZ #19193)
  - pthread-kill-race-thread-exit.patch: nptl: Fix race between pthread_kill
    and thread exit (BZ #12889)
  - getcwd-attribute-access.patch: posix: Fix attribute access mode on
    getcwd (BZ #27476)
  - pthread-kill-return-esrch.patch: nptl: pthread_kill needs to return
    ESRCH for old programs (BZ #19193)
  - pthread-mutexattr-getrobust-np-type.patch: nptl: Fix type of
    pthread_mutexattr_getrobust_np, pthread_mutexattr_setrobust_np (BZ
  - setxid-deadlock-blocked-signals.patch: nptl: Avoid setxid deadlock with
    blocked signals in thread exit (BZ #28361)
  - pthread-kill-send-specific-thread.patch: nptl: pthread_kill must send
    signals to a specific thread (BZ #28407)
  - sysconf-nprocessors-affinity.patch: linux: Revert the use of
    sched_getaffinity on get_nproc (BZ #28310)
  - iconv-charmap-close-output.patch: renamed from
* Wed Aug 11 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Don't create separate debuginfo packages for cross packages
* Wed Aug 11 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - ldconfig-leak-empty-paths.patch: ldconfig: avoid leak on empty paths in
    config file
  - gconv-parseconfdir-memory-leak.patch: gconv_parseconfdir: Fix memory leak
  - gaiconf-init-double-free.patch: gaiconf_init: Avoid double-free in label
    and precedence lists
  - copy-and-spawn-sgid-double-close.patch: copy_and_spawn_sgid: Avoid
    double calls to close()
  - icon-charmap-close-output.patch: iconv_charmap: Close output file when
  - fcntl-time-bits-64-redirect.patch: Linux: Fix fcntl, ioctl, prctl
    redirects for _TIME_BITS=64 (BZ #28182)
  - librt-null-pointer.patch: librt: fix NULL pointer dereference (BZ
* Tue Aug 10 2021 Michael Matz <>
  - Add cross development packages for aarch64 and riscv64.
* Mon Aug 02 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to glibc 2.34
    Major new features:
    * When _DYNAMIC_STACK_SIZE_SOURCE or _GNU_SOURCE are defined,
      PTHREAD_STACK_MIN is no longer constant and is redefined to
    * The dynamic linker implements the --list-diagnostics option, printing
      a dump of information related to IFUNC resolver operation and
      glibc-hwcaps subdirectory selection
    * On Linux, the function execveat has been added
    * The ISO C2X function timespec_getres has been added
    * The feature test macro __STDC_WANT_IEC_60559_EXT__, from draft ISO
      C2X, is supported to enable declarations of functions defined in Annex F
      of C2X
    * Add support for 64-bit time_t on configurations like x86 where time_t
      is traditionally 32-bit
    * The main gconv-modules file in glibc now contains only a small set of
      essential converter modules and the rest have been moved into a supplementary
      configuration file gconv-modules-extra.conf in the gconv-modules.d directory
      in the same GCONV_PATH
    * On Linux, a new tunable, glibc.pthread.stack_cache_size, can be used
      to configure the size of the thread stack cache
    * The function _Fork has been added as an async-signal-safe fork replacement
      since Austin Group issue 62 droped the async-signal-safe requirement for
      fork (and it will be included in the future POSIX standard)
    * On Linux, the close_range function has been added
    * The function closefrom has been added
    * The posix_spawn_file_actions_closefrom_np function has been added, enabling
      posix_spawn and posix_spawnp to close all file descriptors great than or
      equal to a giver integer
    Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
    * The function pthread_mutex_consistent_np has been deprecated
    * The function pthread_mutexattr_getrobust_np has been deprecated
    * The function pthread_mutexattr_setrobust_np has been deprecated
    * The function pthread_yield has been deprecated
    * The function inet_neta declared in <arpa/inet.h> has been deprecated
    * Various rarely-used functions declared in <resolv.h> and
      <arpa/nameser.h> have been deprecated
    * The pthread cancellation handler is now installed with SA_RESTART and
      pthread_cancel will always send the internal SIGCANCEL on a cancellation
    * The symbols mallwatch and tr_break are now deprecated and no longer used in
    * The __morecore and __after_morecore_hook malloc hooks and the default
      implementation __default_morecore have been removed from the API
    * Debugging features in malloc such as the MALLOC_CHECK_ environment variable
      (or the glibc.malloc.check tunable), mtrace() and mcheck() have now been
      disabled by default in the main C library
    * The deprecated functions malloc_get_state and malloc_set_state have been
      moved from the core C library into
    * The deprecated memory allocation hooks __malloc_hook, __realloc_hook,
      __memalign_hook and __free_hook are now removed from the API
    Changes to build and runtime requirements:
    * On Linux, the shm_open, sem_open, and related functions now expect the
      file shared memory file system to be mounted at /dev/shm
    Security related changes:
      CVE-2021-27645: The nameserver caching daemon (nscd), when processing
      a request for netgroup lookup, may crash due to a double-free,
      potentially resulting in degraded service or Denial of Service on the
      local system
      CVE-2021-33574: The mq_notify function has a potential use-after-free
      issue when using a notification type of SIGEV_THREAD and a thread
      attribute with a non-default affinity mask
      CVE-2021-35942: The wordexp function may overflow the positional
      parameter number when processing the expansion resulting in a crash
  - nss-database-check-reload.patch, nss-load-chroot.patch,
    x86-isa-level.patch, nscd-netgroupcache.patch,
    nss-database-lookup.patch, select-modify-timeout.patch,
    nptl-db-libpthread-load-order.patch, rawmemchr-warning.patch,
    tst-cpu-features-amx.patch, mq-notify-use-after-free.patch: Removed
  - bsc#1181403
  - bsc#1184035
  - bsc#1187911
  - jsc#PED-987
* Fri Jun 11 2021 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Enable usrmerge in Factory always as it's default there
  - Add conflict with pre-usrmerge filesystem package
* Thu Jun 10 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - mq-notify-use-after-free.patch: Use __pthread_attr_copy in mq_notify
    (CVE-2021-33574, bsc#1186489, BZ #27896)
  - Drop glibc-usrmerge-bootstrap-helper package
* Thu May 27 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - tst-cpu-features-amx.patch: x86: tst-cpu-features-supports.c: Update AMX
* Wed May 26 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - rawmemchr-warning.patch: string: Work around GCC PR 98512 in rawmemchr
* Tue May 04 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - nptl-db-libpthread-load-order.patch: nptl_db: Support different
    libpthread/ load orders (bsc#1184214, BZ #27744)
* Tue Apr 13 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Enable support for static PIE (bsc#1184646)
  - select-modify-timeout.patch: linux: always update select timeout
    (bsc#1184339, BZ #27706)
* Tue Mar 23 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Don't remove -f[asynchronous-]unwind-tables during configure run, no
    longer needed
* Mon Mar 08 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - nss-database-check-reload.patch: nsswitch: return result when nss
    database is locked (BZ #27343)
  - nss-load-chroot.patch: nss: Re-enable NSS module loading after chroot
    (bsc#1182323, BZ #27389)
  - x86-isa-level.patch: x86: Set minimum x86-64 level marker (bsc#1182522,
    BZ #27318)
  - nss-database-lookup.patch: nss: fix nss_database_lookup2's alternate
    handling (bsc#1182247, BZ #27416)
  - nss-revert-api.patch: remove
  - nscd-netgroupcache.patch: nscd: Fix double free in netgroupcache
    (CVE-2021-27645, bsc#1182733, BZ #27462)
* Tue Mar 02 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Disable x86 ISA level for now (bsc#1182522, BZ #27318)
  - nss-revert-api.patch: Workaround for nss-compat brokeness (bsc#1182247,
    BZ #27416)
* Mon Mar 01 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Fix build of utils flavor for usrmerge
* Thu Feb 18 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Prepare for usrmerge (bsc#1029961)
* Tue Feb 16 2021 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Add --enable-memory-tagging for aarch64
* Tue Feb 02 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to glibc 2.33
    * The dynamic linker accepts the --list-tunables argument which prints
      all the supported tunables.
    * The dynamic linker accepts the --argv0 argument and provides opportunity
      to change argv[0] string.
    * The dynamic linker loads optimized implementations of shared objects
      from subdirectories under the glibc-hwcaps directory on the library
      search path if the system's capabilities meet the requirements for
      that subdirectory.
    * The new --help option of the dynamic linker provides usage and
      information and library search path diagnostics.
    * The mallinfo2 function is added to report statistics as per mallinfo,
      but with larger field widths to accurately report values that are
      larger than fit in an integer.
    * Add <sys/platform/x86.h> to provide query macros for x86 CPU features.
    * A new fortification level _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 is available.
    * The mallinfo function is marked deprecated.
    * When dlopen is used in statically linked programs, alternative library
      implementations from HWCAP subdirectories are no longer loaded.
    * The deprecated <sys/vtimes.h> header and the function vtimes have been
    * On s390(x), the type float_t is now derived from the macro
      __FLT_EVAL_METHOD__ that is defined by the compiler, instead of being
      hardcoded to double.
    * A future version of glibc will stop loading shared objects from the
      "tls" subdirectories on the library search path, the subdirectory that
      corresponds to the AT_PLATFORM system name, and also stop employing
      the legacy AT_HWCAP search mechanism.
    * CVE-2021-3326: An assertion failure during conversion from the
      ISO-20220-JP-3 character set using the iconv function has been fixed.
  - Remove obsolete, unused /etc/default/nss
  - aarch64-static-pie.patch, euc-kr-overrun.patch,
    get-nprocs-cpu-online-parsing.patch, iconv-redundant-shift.patch,
    iconv-ucs4-loop-bounds.patch, ifunc-fma4.patch,
    intl-codeset-suffixes.patch, nscd-gc-cycle.patch,
    printf-long-double-non-normal.patch, strerrorname-np.patch,
    syslog-locking.patch, sysvipc.patch: Removed
  - bsc#1180557
  - bsc#1181505
  - bsc#1191592
  - bsc#1201942
* Tue Jan 19 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Remove support for %optimize_power
  - Move to power4 baseline on ppc
* Tue Dec 15 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - aarch64-static-pie.patch: fix static PIE start code for BTI
    (bsc#1179450, BZ #27068)
  - iconv-redundant-shift.patch: iconv: Accept redundant shift sequences in
    IBM1364 (CVE-2020-27618, bsc#1178386, BZ #26224)
  - iconv-ucs4-loop-bounds.patch: iconv: Fix incorrect UCS4 inner loop
    bounds (CVE-2020-29562, bsc#1179694, BZ #26923)
  - printf-long-double-non-normal.patch: x86: Harden printf against
    non-normal long double values (CVE-2020-29573, bsc#1179721, BZ #26649)
  - get-nprocs-cpu-online-parsing.patch: Fix parsing of
    /sys/devices/system/cpu/online (bsc#1180038, BZ #25859)
* Tue Nov 10 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - intl-codeset-suffixes.patch: intl: Handle translation output codesets
    with suffixes (BZ #26383)
  - strerrorname-np.patch: string: Fix strerrorname_np return value (BZ
  - sysvipc.patch: sysvipc: Fix SEM_STAT_ANY kernel argument pass (BZ
    [#26637], BZ #26639, BZ #26636)
* Mon Oct 26 2020 Richard Biener <>
  - Use --enable-cet on x86_64 to instrument glibc for indirect branch
    tracking and shadow stack use.  Enable indirect branch tracking
    and shadow stack in the dynamic loader (jsc#PM-2110, bsc#1175154)
* Tue Sep 08 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Keep nsswitch.conf in /etc for SLES15
  - syslog-locking.patch: Correct locking and cancellation cleanup in syslog
    functions (bsc#1172085, BZ #26100)
  - ifunc-fma4.patch: x86-64: Fix FMA4 detection in ifunc (BZ #26534)
* Thu Aug 06 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to glibc 2.32
    * Unicode 13.0.0 Support
    * New locale added: ckb_IQ
    * The GNU C Library now loads audit modules listed in the DT_AUDIT and
      DT_DEPAUDIT dynamic section entries of the main executable
    * powerpc64le supports IEEE128 long double libm/libc redirects when
      using the -mabi=ieeelongdouble to compile C code on supported GCC
    * To help detect buffer overflows and other out-of-bounds accesses
      several APIs have been annotated with GCC 'access' attribute
    * On Linux, functions the pthread_attr_setsigmask_np and
      pthread_attr_getsigmask_np have been added
    * The GNU C Library now provides the header file <sys/single_threaded.h>
      which declares the variable __libc_single_threaded
    * The functions sigabbrev_np and sigdescr_np have been added
    * The functions strerrorname_np and strerrordesc_np have been added
    * AArch64 now supports standard branch protection security hardening
      in glibc when it is built with a GCC that is configured with
    - -enable-standard-branch-protection (or if -mbranch-protection=standard
      flag is passed when building both GCC target libraries and glibc,
      in either case a custom GCC is needed)
    * The deprecated <sys/sysctl.h> header and the sysctl function have been
    * The sstk function is no longer available to newly linked binaries
    * The legacy signal handling functions siginterrupt, sigpause, sighold,
      sigrelse, sigignore and sigset, and the sigmask macro have been
    * ldconfig now defaults to the new format for
    * The deprecated arrays sys_siglist, _sys_siglist, and sys_sigabbrev
      are no longer available to newly linked binaries, and their declarations
      have been removed from <string.h>
    * The deprecated symbols sys_errlist, _sys_errlist, sys_nerr, and _sys_nerr
      are no longer available to newly linked binaries, and their declarations
      have been removed from from <stdio.h>
    * Both strerror and strerror_l now share the same internal buffer in the
      calling thread, meaning that the returned string pointer may be invalided
      or contents might be overwritten on subsequent calls in the same thread or
      if the thread is terminated
    * Using weak references to libpthread functions such as pthread_create
      or pthread_key_create to detect the singled-threaded nature of a
      program is an obsolescent feature
    * The "files" NSS module no longer supports the "key" database (used for
      secure RPC)
    * The __morecore and __after_morecore_hook malloc hooks and the default
      implementation __default_morecore have been deprecated
    * The hesiod NSS module has been deprecated and will be removed in a
      future version of glibc
    * CVE-2016-10228: An infinite loop has been fixed in the iconv program when
      invoked with the -c option and when processing invalid multi-byte input
    * CVE-2020-10029: Trigonometric functions on x86 targets suffered from stack
      corruption when they were passed a pseudo-zero argument
    * CVE-2020-1752: A use-after-free vulnerability in the glob function when
      expanding ~user has been fixed.
    * CVE-2020-6096: A signed comparison vulnerability in the ARMv7 memcpy and
      memmove functions has been fixed
  - riscv-syscall-clobber.patch, ldbl-96-rem-pio2l.patch,
    long-double-alias.patch: Removed
  - bsc#1027496
  - bsc#1162930
  - bsc#1166106
  - bsc#1167631
  - bsc#1167939
  - bsc#1194785, jsc#SLE-18195
  - bsc#1200855
  - bsc#1201560
  - bsc#1201640
  - bsc#1207571
  - jsc#SLE-13520
* Tue Jun 23 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - long-double-alias.patch: Fix build with GCC 10 when long double = double
  - nscd-gc-cycle.patch: nscd: bump GC cycle during cache pruning
    (bsc#1171878, BZ #26130)
* Mon May 18 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - glibc-nsswitch-usr.diff: read /usr/etc/nsswitch.conf if
    /etc/nsswitch.conf does not exist
  - Install default nsswitch.conf in /usr/etc
  - Don't install gai.conf in /etc
* Mon Apr 20 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Split off %lang_package
* Thu Mar 12 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - riscv-syscall-clobber.patch: riscv: Avoid clobbering register parameters
    in syscall
  - ldbl-96-rem-pio2l.patch: Avoid ldbl-96 stack corruption from range
    reduction of pseudo-zero (CVE-2020-10029, bsc#1165784, BZ #25487)
* Tue Feb 18 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - nsswitch.conf: comment out initgroups setting, so that it defaults to
    the group setting (bsc#1164075)
* Thu Feb 13 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - fix-locking-in-_IO_cleanup.patch: update to latest version
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to glibc 2.31
    * The GNU C Library now supports a feature test macro _ISOC2X_SOURCE to
      enable features from the draft ISO C2X standard
    * The <math.h> functions that round their results to a narrower type now
      have corresponding type-generic macros in <tgmath.h>
    * The function pthread_clockjoin_np has been added, enabling join with a
      terminated thread with a specific clock
    * New locale added: mnw_MM (Mon language spoken in Myanmar).
    * The DNS stub resolver will optionally send the AD (authenticated data) bit
      in queries if the trust-ad option is set via the options directive in
      /etc/resolv.conf (or if RES_TRUSTAD is set in _res.options)
    * The totalorder and totalordermag functions, and the corresponding
      functions for other floating-point types, now take pointer arguments to
      avoid signaling NaNs possibly being converted to quiet NaNs in argument
    * The obsolete function stime is no longer available to newly linked
      binaries, and its declaration has been removed from <time.h>
    * The gettimeofday function no longer reports information about a
      system-wide time zone
    * If a lazy binding failure happens during dlopen, during the execution of
      an ELF constructor, the process is now terminated
  - malloc-info-whitespace.patch, riscv-vfork.patch,
    prefer-map-32bit-exec.patch, backtrace-powerpc.patch,
    ldconfig-dynstr.patch: Removed.
  - bsc#1157893
  - bsc#1163184
  - fate#325815, fate#325879, fate#325880, fate#325881, fate#325882
  - fate#325962
* Tue Jan 21 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - backtrace-powerpc.patch: Fix array overflow in backtrace on PowerPC
    (CVE-2020-1751, bsc#1158996, BZ #25423)
  - Drop support for pluggable gconv modules (bsc#1159851)



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