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gawk-5.3.0-1.3 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: gawk Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.3.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Sat Nov 4 18:46:15 2023
Group: Productivity/Text/Utilities Build host: reproducible
Size: 4081881 Source RPM: gawk-5.3.0-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Domain-specific language for text processing
AWK is a domain-specific language designed for text processing and
typically used as a data extraction and reporting tool.

GNU awk is upwardly compatible with the System V Release 4 awk.  It is
almost completely POSIX 1003.2 compliant.






* Sat Nov 04 2023 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Update to 5.3.0:
    * Built-in CSV file parsing (--csv)
    * Support a new \u escape sequence for specifying code points in
      multi-byte encodings
    * Pipe output is buffered if PROCINFO["BUFFERPIPE"] exists
* Sat May 13 2023 Andreas Stieger <>
  - enable profiling
* Tue May 09 2023 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Update to gawk 5.2.2
    * will now diagnose if a heap file was created with a different
      setting of -M/--bignum than in the current invocation and exit
      with a fatal message if so.
    * no longer "leaks" its free list of NODEs in the heap file,
      resulting in much more efficient usage of persistent storage
    * PROCINFO["pma"] exists if the PMA allocator is compiled into
      gawk. Its value is the PMA version.
    * The time extension is no longer deprecated. The strptime()
      function from gawkextlib's timex extension has been added to
    * Better information is passed to input parsers for when they
      want to decide whether or not to take control of a file.
    * The various PNG files are now installed for Info and HTML
    * Bug fixes and developer visible fixes
* Tue Dec 27 2022 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Replace transitional %usrmerged macro with regular version check (boo#1206798)
* Wed Nov 23 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to gawk 5.2.1
    * Issues related to the sign of NaN and Inf values on RiscV have
      been fixed
    * A few issues with the debugger have been fixed.
    * More subtle issues with untyped array elements being passed to
      functions have been fixed.
    * The rwarray extension's readall() function has had some bugs fixed.
    * The PMA allocator is now supported on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux on
  - double-free.patch, pma.patch, nan-sign.patch: Removed
* Sat Sep 24 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - double-free.patch: Yet another fix for Node_elem_new
* Tue Sep 20 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - double-free.patch: Fix Node_elem_new op, replacing upref.patch
  - pma.patch: Replace with upstream solution
  - nan-sign.patch: Fix negative NaN issue on RiscV, replacing
* Tue Sep 13 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - upref.patch: Add missing UPREF
* Mon Sep 05 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Update to gawk 5.2.0
    * Numeric scalars now compare in the same way as C for the relational
      operators. Comparison order for sorting has not changed
    * If the AWK_HASH environment variable is set to "fnv1a" gawk will
      use the FNV1-A hash function for associative arrays
    * There is now a new function, mkbool(), that creates Boolean-typed
    * As BWK awk has supported interval expressions since 2019, they are
      now enabled even if --traditional is supplied
    * The rwarray extension has two new functions, writeall() and readall()
    * The new `gawkbug' script should be used for reporting bugs
    * The manual page (doc/gawk.1) has been considerably reduced in size
    * Gawk now supports Terence Kelly's "persistent malloc" (pma),
      allowing gawk to preserve its variables, arrays and user-defined
      functions between runs
    * Some subtle issues with untyped array elements being passed to
      functions have been fixed
    * Syntax errors are now immediately fatal
  - gawk-5.1.1-Disable-racy-test-in-test-iolint.awk.patch: removed
  - pma.patch: Handle hole bigger than half the address space
  - nan-tests.patch: fix non-portable NaN tests
* Sun Nov 14 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - disable racy iolint tests boo#1192521
    add gawk-5.1.1-Disable-racy-test-in-test-iolint.awk.patch
* Sat Nov 06 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Add readline-devel to enable readline support in the debugger
  - Add mpfr-devel to enable support for MPFR mode
* Sun Oct 31 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - GNU awk 5.1.1
    * asort and asorti now allow FUNCTAB and SYMTAB as the first
      argument if a second destination array is supplied. Similarly,
      using either array as the second argument is now a fatal error.
      Additionally, using either array as the destination for split(),
      match(), etc. also causes a fatal error.
    * The new -I/--trace option prints a trace of the byte codes as
      they are executed.
    * A number of subtle bugs relating to MPFR mode that caused
      differences between regular operation and MPFR mode have been
    * The API now handles MPFR/GMP values slightly differently,
      requiring different memory management for those values.
    * $0 and the fields are now cleared before starting a BEGINFILE
    * Handling of Infinity and NaN values has been improved
    * The "no effect" lint warnings have been fixed up and now behave
      more sanely.
    * The behavior of strongly-typed regexp constants when passed as
      the third argument to sub() or gsub() has been clarified in the
      code and in the manual.
    * Similar to item #4 above, division by zero is now fatal in MPFR
      mode, as it is in regular mode.
* Thu Sep 23 2021 Manfred Schwarb <>
  - remove update-alternatives support, as on linux systems GNU software
      (i.e. gawk in this case) is usually considered the default implementation.
  - use %make macros
* Thu Feb 04 2021 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - fix update-alternatives usage. Needs to be in %postun according to



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