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python310-gpg-1.23.2-4.2 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: python310-gpg Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.23.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 4.2 Build date: Sat Feb 17 12:20:39 2024
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: reproducible
Size: 1314490 Source RPM: gpgme-1.23.2-4.2.src.rpm
Summary: Python 3.10 bindings for GPGME, a library for accessing GnuPG
GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) is a library designed to make access to GnuPG
easier for applications. It provides a high-level crypto API for
encryption, decryption, signing, signature verification, and key

This package contains the bindings to use the library from Python 3.10 applications.




GPL-3.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Sat Feb 17 2024 Ben Greiner <>
  - Update gpgme-D545-obsolete-distutils.patch with upstream's
    changes (but use pip instead of python-build for wheel building)
  - Change from in-place build to out-of-place build in order to
    reflect upstream's build setup (See D545)
  - Don't replace distutils in 15.X
* Sat Jan 06 2024 Ben Greiner <>
  - Python 3.12 has dropped distutils
    * Build require python-setuptools instead
    * Drop old gpgme-D545-python310.patch
    * Replace with gpgme-D545-obsolete-distutils.patch
* Tue Dec 05 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Make libgpgmepp-devel provide its CMake target file
* Wed Nov 29 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.23.2:
    * Preserve more specific existing failure code.  [T6575]
    * qt: Start dirmngr with gpgconf to avoid multiple instances. [T6833]
    * qt: On Windows, use UTF-8 when logging the error text.  [T5960]
    * qt: Remove left-over partial files more persistently.  [T6584]
    * qt: Use a temporary file name when creating signed or encrypted
      archives. [T6721]
    * qt: Build Qt 6 bindings with -fPIC if requested or Qt 6 was built
      with this flag. [T6781]
    * Notes:
    - qt: DefaultKeyGenerationJob     DEPRECATED.
    * Release-info:
* Mon Oct 30 2023 Andreas Stieger <>
  - update to 1.23.1:
    * fixes for other platforms
* Wed Oct 25 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.23.0:
    * Support GPGME_ENCRYPT_ALWAYS_TRUST also for S/MIME. [T6559]
    * New keylist mode GPGME_KEYLIST_MODE_WITH_V5FPR. [T6705]
    * New key capability flags has_*. [T6748]
    * gpgme-tool: Support use of Windows HANDLE. [T6634]
    * qt: Support refreshing keys via WKD. [T6672]
    * qt: Handle cancel in changeexpiryjob. [T6754]
    * Remove patches fixed upstream:
    - gpgme-qt-tests-Fix-build-in-source-directory.patch
    - gpgme-build-Suggest-out-of-source-build.patch
* Sat Sep 23 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Use GCC 12 for building the Qt6 library on Leap 15. The
    default compiler is too old.
  - Use '%{without xxx}' rather than '!%{with xxx}' in spec file
* Sat Sep 23 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Use GCC 12 for building the Qt6 library. The default compiler
    is too old.
  - Use '%{without xxx}' rather than '!%{with xxx}' in spec file
* Tue Aug 22 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Fix builds with qt and qt6 [T6673]:
    * qt,tests: Fix build in source directory. Include Qt binding
      sources before C++ binding sources and C sources. This fixes
      the problem that the debug.h in the C sources was found before
      the one in the Qt bindings.
    * build: Suggest out-of-source build. Suggest to run configure
      from a build subdirectory.
    * Add patches:
    - gpgme-qt-tests-Fix-build-in-source-directory.patch
    - gpgme-build-Suggest-out-of-source-build.patch
* Tue Aug 22 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.22.0:
    * Prevent wrong plaintext when verifying clearsigned signature.
    * Return bad data error instead of general error on unexpected data.
    * Take care of offline mode for all operations of gpgsm engine.
    * Prepare the use of the forthcoming libassuan version 3.
    * New configure option --with-libtool-modification.
    * cpp: Expose gpgme_decrypt_result_t.is_mime.
    * qt: Clean up after failure or cancel of sign/encrypt archive operation.
    * qt: Add setInputEncoding to QGpgMe::EncryptJob.
    * qt: Make toLogString helper public.
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.21.0 release:
    - qt: EncryptJob::setInputEncoding           NEW.
    - qt: DecryptionResult::isMime               NEW.
    - qt: toLogString                            NEW.
* Thu Aug 03 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Run testsuite in qemu build
* Mon Jul 10 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.21.0
    * Extended gpgme_op_encrypt, gpgme_op_encrypt_sign, and gpgme_op_sign
      to allow writing the output directly to a file. [T6530]
    * Extended gpgme_op_decrypt and gpgme_op_verify to allow reading the
      input data directly from files. [T6530]
    * For key signing and uid revoking allow an empty user id. [rMfbc3963d62]
    * Pass an input-size-hint also to the gpgsm engine. [T6534]
    * qt: Allow writing the created archives directly to a file. [T6530]
    * qt: Allow reading the signed/encrypted archive to decrypt
      or verify directly from a file. [T6530]
    * qt: Qt Jobs working with QIODeviceDataProvider now properly
      handle input-size hints and progress for files larger.
      2^32 bytes in 32 bit builds. [T6534]
    * cpp: Error::isCanceled now also returns true for error code
    * python: Fix wrong use of write. [T6501]
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.20.0 release:
    - cpp: Data::setFlag                            NEW.
    - cpp: Data::setSizeHint                        NEW.
    - qt: Job::startIt                              NEW.
    - qt: DecryptVerifyArchiveJob::setInputFile     NEW.
    - qt: DecryptVerifyArchiveJob::inputFile        NEW.
    - qt: EncryptArchiveJob::setRecipients          NEW.
    - qt: EncryptArchiveJob::recipients             NEW.
    - qt: EncryptArchiveJob::setInputPaths          NEW.
    - qt: EncryptArchiveJob::inputPaths             NEW.
    - qt: EncryptArchiveJob::setOutputFile          NEW.
    - qt: EncryptArchiveJob::outputFile             NEW.
    - qt: EncryptArchiveJob::setEncryptionFlags     NEW.
    - qt: EncryptArchiveJob::encryptionFlags        NEW.
    - qt: SignArchiveJob::setSigners                NEW.
    - qt: SignArchiveJob::signers                   NEW.
    - qt: SignArchiveJob::setInputPaths             NEW.
    - qt: SignArchiveJob::inputPaths                NEW.
    - qt: SignArchiveJob::setOutputFile             NEW.
    - qt: SignArchiveJob::outputFile                NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setSigners         NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::signers            NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setRecipients      NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::recipients         NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setInputPaths      NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::inputPaths         NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setOutputFile      NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::outputFile         NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setEncryptionFlags NEW.
    - qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::encryptionFlags    NEW.
* Fri Apr 21 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.20.0:
    * On Windows, the gettext functions provided by gpgrt are switched
      into utf8 mode, so that all localized texts returned by GpgME or
      gpgrt, e.g. the texts for error codes are now UTF-8 encoded. [T5960]
    * Key::canSign now returns false for OpenPGP keys without signing
      (sub)key. [T6456]
    * The new macOS Homebrew location is now by default supported. [T6440]
    * Fix regression in 1.19.0.
    * Fix invocation of gpgtar on Windows.
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.19.0 release:
    - gpgme_subkey_t              EXTENDED: New field 'can_renc'.
    - gpgme_subkey_t              EXTENDED: New field 'can_timestamp'.
    - gpgme_subkey_t              EXTENDED: New field 'is_group_owned'.
    - cpp: Subkey::canRenc        NEW.
    - cpp: Subkey::canTimestamp   NEW.
    - cpp: Subkey::isGroupOwned   NEW.
    - cpp: Key::canReallySign     DEPRECATED.
    * Release-info:
* Tue Apr 11 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Add a Qt6 flavor to build Qt6 bindings
  - Use %ldconfig_scriptlets
* Mon Mar 20 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.19.0:
    * New context flag "no-auto-check-trustdb". [T6261]
    * Optionally, build QGpgME for Qt 6
    * Support component "gpgtar-name" in gpgme_get_dirinfo. [T6342]
    * Extended gpgme_op_encrypt*, gpgme_op_encrypt_sign*, and
      gpgme_op_sign* to allow creating an encrypted and/or signed
      archive. [T6342]
    * Extended gpgme_op_decrypt*, gpgme_op_decrypt_verify*,
      and gpgme_op_verify* to allow extracting an encrypted and/or
      signed archive. [T6342]
    * cpp: Handle error when trying to sign expired keys. [T6155]
    * cpp: Support encryption flags ThrowKeyIds, EncryptWrap, and
      WantAddress. [T6359]
    * cpp, qt: Fix building with C++11.  [T6141]
    * qt: Fix problem with expiration dates after 2038-01-19 on 32-bit
      systems  when adding an existing subkey to another key. [T6137]
    * cpp: Allow setting the curve to use when generating ECC keys
      for smart cards. [T4429]
    * qt: Extend ListAllKeysJob to allow disabling the automatic
      trust database check when listing all keys. [T6261]
    * qt: Allow deferred start of import jobs. [T6323]
    * qt: Support creating and extracting signed and encrypted
      archives. [T6342]
    * Rebase gpgme-suse-nobetasuffix.patch
    * Remove patches upstream:
    - gpgme-D546-python310.patch
    - gpgme-1.18.0-T6137-qt_test.patch
    - python311.patch
* Fri Mar 10 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - drop python2 subpackage handling. we do not support python 2.x
    anymore, and if we would it would happen via singlespec
* Mon Jan 23 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update upstream keyring:
* Sat Jan 21 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - add python311.patch to build language bindings for python 3.11
* Tue Nov 08 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - Add gpgme-suse-nobetasuffix.patch
    * remove "-unknown" suffix from version string
    * boo#1205197
* Thu Aug 18 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - gpgme 1.18.0
    * New keylist mode to force refresh via external methods
    * The keylist operations now create an import result to report the
      result of the locate keylist modes
    * core: Return BAD_PASSPHRASE error code on symmetric decryption
    * cpp, qt: Do not export internal symbols anymore
    * cpp, qt: Support revocation of own OpenPGP keys
    * qt: The file name of (signed and) encrypted data can now be set
    * cpp, qt: Support setting the primary user ID
    * python: Fix segv(NULL) when inspecting contect after exeception
  - includes changes from version 1.17.1:
    * qt: Fix a bug in the ABI compatibility of 1.17.0
  - includes changes from 1.17.0:
    * New context flag "key-origin"
    * New context flag "import-filter"
    * New export mode to export secret subkeys
    * Detect errors during the export of secret keys
    * New function gpgme_op_receive_keys to import keys from a keyserver
      without first running a key listing
    * Detect bad passphrase error in certificate import
    * Allow setting --key-origin when importing keys
    * Support components "keyboxd", "gpg-agent", "scdaemon", "dirmngr",
      "pinentry", and "socketdir" in gpgme_get_dirinfo
    * Under Unix use poll(2) instead of select(2), when available.
    * Fix results returned by gpgme_data_* functions
    * Support closefrom also for glibc
      (drop upstream gpgme-use-glibc-closefrom.patch
    * cpp,qt: Add support for export of secret keys and secret subkeys.
    * cpp,qt: Support for adding existing subkeys to other keys
    * qt: Extend ChangeExpiryJob to change expiration of primary key
      and of subkeys at the same time
    * qt: Support WKD lookup without implicit import
    * qt: Allow specifying an import filter when importing keys
    * qt: Allow retrieving the default value of a config entry
  - drop patches included upstream
    * gpgme-1.16.0-Use-after-free-in-t-edit-sign-test.patch
    * gpgme-1.16.0-t-various-testSignKeyWithExpiration-32-bit.patch
  - add patches to fix tests:
    * gpgme-1.18.0-T6137-qt_test.patch
* Fri Dec 24 2021 Ben Greiner <>
  - Add patches to support building bindings packages for
    Python 3.10
    * gpgme-D545-python310.patch --
    * gpgme-D546-python310.patch --
* Thu Aug 05 2021 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Fix build with glibc 2.34: [bsc#1189089]
    * Use glibc's closefrom.
    * Add gpgme-use-glibc-closefrom.patch
* Wed Jul 07 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - gpgme 1.16.0:
    * New context flag "cert-expire"
    * New data flags "io-buffer-size" and "sensitive"
    * cpp,qt: Add support for trust signatures
    * qt: Add support for flags in LDAP server options
    * qt: Fix too high memory consumption due to QProcess
    * qt: Do not set empty base DN as query of keyserver URL
    * qt: Extend SignKeyJob to create signatures with expiration date
    * python: New optional parameter filter_signatures for decrypt
  - run all tests again
  - add patches to fix tests:
    * gpgme-1.16.0-Use-after-free-in-t-edit-sign-test.patch
    * gpgme-1.16.0-t-various-testSignKeyWithExpiration-32-bit.patch
* Thu Mar 25 2021 Ben Greiner <>
  - Can't assume non-existence of python38 macros in Leap.
    Test for suse_version instead. Only Tumbleweed has and needs the
    python_subpackage_only support.
* Tue Jan 12 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - gpgme 1.15.1:
    * Fix a bug in the secret key export
    * Make listing of signatures work if only secret keys are listed
    * qt: Avoid empty "" signature notations
    * python: Fix key_export functions
  - remove deprecated texinfo macros



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