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numbat-1.12.0-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: numbat Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.12.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Mon Jun 17 08:04:54 2024
Group: Productivity/Scientific/Physics Build host: reproducible
Size: 6490820 Source RPM: numbat-1.12.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Statically typed programming language for scientific computations
Numbat is a statically typed programming language for scientific computations
with first class support for physical dimensions and units.




Apache-2.0 OR MIT


* Mon Jun 17 2024 Andrea Manzini <>
  - Update to version 1.12.0
    * Add support for struct/record types (see documentation)
    * Extended number formatting
    * Function decorators
    * Added random function
    * Random distribution sampling
    * Add NaN, inf, is_nan and is_infinite
    * Add function to solve quadratic equations
    * Add element(…) function for retrieving properties of chemical elements
    * Implement 'Never' type (!)
    * Fix callables in binary operators
    * Add jansky and solar flux unit
    * Add "darcy" unit
    * Add yuan as renminbi alias
    * Add permille unit
    * Tokenize three periods as ellipsis (not just unicode character …)
    * style: status badge for CICD in
    * Do some minor cleanup in
    * feat: nicer error messages during development
    * Bump iana-time-zone to no longer use a yanked package
    * Fix formatting issue in
    * Fix clippy lints
    * Proper subtyping rules for Never type
* Thu Mar 21 2024 Soc Virnyl Estela <>
  - Update to version 1.11.0
    * Don't autocomplete opening paren after function call that follows //
    * Enhance the help command to print info about a given unit
    * Allow let definitions to have decorators
    * Add metadata to physics/constants.nbt
    * Parser: disallow aliases decorators on let statements to have prefix info
    * Rename "help <keyword>" command to "info"
    * Tweak how units are formatted in the `info` command
    * Introduce DType::is_scalar function
    * Special case scalar values in the info command
    * Cleanup info <variable> output
    * Add integration tests for new info command
    * Add support for the info command into numbat-wasm
    * Add U+2126 OHM SIGN as a short alias for the `ohm` unit
    * Wait for background currency fetch thread to finish before exiting
    * Only prefetch currency info when using the interactive repl
    * Unflatten the Config/MainConfig struct
    * WIP:  Initial support for DateTime types
    * Apply review suggestions
    * Add new datetime functions and related tests
    * Add tentative impl for timezone conversion
    * Better TypeErrors when dealing with DateTimes
    * Add tab-completion for timezones
    * Update numbat-wasm/Cargo.lock
    * Include "local" in the list of all timezones for completion
    * Move datetime functions out of core and into their own module
    * Replace a bool flag in BinaryOperatorForDate with an enum with more meaningful names
    * Replace a panic with an unreachable
    * Throw a runtime error if the provided timezone is unknown
    * Minor things for datetime handling
    * In the tabcompletion code for timezones, recognize other conversion operators
    * Remove Expression::DateTime from the AST as this wasn't actually used/needed
    * Fix string interpolation for datetimes
    * Update/clarify comments
    * Further small fixups, from codereview
    * Switch to a new "subsec_nanos" function from chrono
    * Allow tz conversion using any string type
    * Add #[track_caller] annotation to some panicy VM functions
    * Add "UTC" variable
    * Numbat PPA for Ubuntu and derivatives
    * Add info about architecture for PPA and AUR
    * Add only existing modules to imported_modules list
    * Enable using both script and expression cli arguments
    * Remove explicit 'ControlFlow::Break(ExitStatus::Succes)' case.
    * Add '-i' option to enter interactive session after executing script or expression
    * Skip serializing 'enter_repl'
    * Update .lock file
    * Add Rydberg constant
    * Only show suggestions for really simple factors
    * Show readable type in incompatible dim. errors
    * Set upper break for scientific notation to 6
    * Web: Add HTML formatter
    * Add build script
    * Invert order of 'could not be infered' errors
    * Proper error for wrong non-dtype argument
    * Hide some options in short -h text
    * Fix wasm version
    * Add meta data for mathematical constants
    * More complete @name/@url annotations for constants
    * Add newline for info <unit>
    * Add indentation for WASM version
    * Add documentation
    * Encode '(' and ')' in URLs
    * Formatting
    * Add CODATA 2018 values of physics constants
    * Add U+3BC variants of greek mu
    * Minor improvement in comments
    * Improve binomial coeffient example using logical operators
    * Improve 'booleans' example
    * Update syntax example to include logical operators
    * Add logical ops to operator precedence table
    * Fix markdown for logical 'or'
    * Unicode input feature
    * Avoid poisoned Lazy instance by moving potential panic outside
    * Update CI file
    * Fix path to modules/ directory for tests
    * Disable windows x86_64 build
    * Add basic hex conversion
    * Use 'inspect'ion tool to auto-generate list of units
    * Remove NPM/Node dependency
    * Add wasm stage
    * Make attohttpc dependency optional, shrink WASM size from 1.3 MiB to 800 KiB
    * Re-enable WASM tests
    * Initial version of blog post
    * Updates
    * Section on types
    * Update
    * More updates
    * Add og metadata
    * Add .htaccess
    * Minor update
    * Minor updates
    * Restore prelude
    * Remove build-pkg script
    * Re-enable x86_64 Windows CI build
    * Remove noopener, noreferrer
    * Combine both accepts_prefix conditions into one
    * Also use correct prefix for derived units
    * Do not allow short prefixes for 'year'
    * Meta-data for light second
    * Remove DateOperationResult
    * Remove TODO
    * Add ability to hide 'private' functions and variables
    * Full simplify before function calls
    * Human-readable time durations
    * Use local timezone, not local UTC offset
    * parse_datetime: relaxed formats
    * Add timezone parsing
    * Add documentation for datetime handling
    * Use tropical years as 'year' unit
    * Update to mdbook v0.4.37
    * Date and time documentation updates
    * Add 'bin' and 'oct', closes #289
    * Fix clippy suggestions
    * Fix formatting
    * Initial work on function types
    * First working version!
    * Minor updates
    * Initial type checks for function references
    * Allow FFI targets in function references, conversion functions
    * Better implementation of base conversion functions
    * Add proper parser errors
    * Resolve TODOs, better errors
    * Resolve TODOs
    * Add typechecker tests
    * Allow f()() syntax
    * Rename to_celsius/to_fahrenheit
    * Re-enable suggestions for function names
    * Rename
    * Add page about conversion functions
    * Formatting
    * Embed timezone conversion into conversion-function framework
    * Conversion function clarifications
    * Rename parse_datetime => datetime
    * Bump numbat-exchange-rates version
    * White background for Numbat icon
    * Add outline for icon
    * Remove outdated logo files
    * Fix str_replace implementation
    * Add `date` and `today`
    * Add 'time' function
    * Do not add opening paren when completing conversion functions
    * Always embed modules
    * Move HtmlFormatter to core
    * Format datetime values using datetime(…) function
    * Make to_markup more flexible
    * Store datetimes with fixed offset
    * Runtime error for wrong format specifiers
    * Add tests for datetime runtime errors, fix RFC2822 panic
    * Always return specified offset/tz from datetime(…)
    * Update book/src/
    * Minor installation page fixes
    * Improve documentation around ad-hoc units
    * Disallow dimensionless base units
    * Add imperial volume units
    * Move the create_dir_all call to get_history_path
    * Add CanonicalName struct
    * Use CanonicalName struct on UnitIdentifier
    * Use correct AcceptsPrefix for units on bytecode_interpreter
    * Fix pretty printing long units with long prefixes
    * Change Unit#new_base to receive CanonicalName
    * make link in GitHub Corner open in a new tab
    * refactor: remove div's deprecated align attribute (#311)
    * refactor: remove unnecessary borrows
    * refactor: remove unnecessary type conversions
    * refactor: remove unnecessary calls to `format!`
    * refactor: remove unnecessary `.clone()` calls
    * refactor: replace strings with single characters
    * style: simplify string search in src/
    * refactor: remove unnecessary `to_string` calls
    * refactor: remove reference that's unnecessary
    * refactor: wrap result of `cmp` for `PartialOrd`
    * refactor: remove manual impl. of `Option::map`
    * refactor: readability improvement with `is_empty`
    * feat: create prerequisite directories for history if they don't exist, already
    * Correct minor grammar mistake
    * Fix minor typo
    * Don't hide `--no-config` flag
    * Support subscript characters in identifiers
    * Add some units
    * Bump dependencies
    * Use default allocator instead of wee_alloc in numbat-wasm
    * Add desktop file and Numbat icons to assets
    * Recommend installing desktop files and icons when relevant
    * Improve unterminated string interpolation error
    * Minor capitalization fixes
    * Add Chimera Linux installation instructions
    * Add SVG icon and more PNG icon sizes to assets
    * Includes icons and desktop file in build artifacts
    * Make the trailing errors skip all characters until the end of the lines to avoid throwing duplicated errors for the same character
    * tokenize the logical operators
    * Add the parser and interpreter without tests
    * add parser tests
    * fix typechecking bug and improve error message
    * add interpreter tests on the error messages
    * simplify binop parsing
    * Added the ThermalTransmittance dimension
    * Change parse error to unterminated string
    * Add misc unit: ampere-hours
* Sat Nov 18 2023 Soc Virnyl Estela <>
  - Initial package for numbat 1.8.0



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