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i3status-rust-0.33.1-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: i3status-rust Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.33.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri May 31 11:35:42 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 16082607 Source RPM: i3status-rust-0.33.1-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Feature-rich and resource-friendly replacement for i3status, written in Rust
i3status-rs is a feature-rich and resource-friendly replacement for i3status,
written in pure Rust. It provides a way to display "blocks" of system
information (time, battery status, volume, etc) on the i3 bar. It is also
compatible with sway.




APSL-2.0 AND GPL-3.0-or-later AND MPL-2.0 AND Apache-2.0 AND (Apache-2.0 OR MIT) AND CC-BY-3.0 AND CC-BY-SA-4.0 AND (Artistic-1.0-Perl OR GPL-1.0-or-later) AND BSL-1.0 AND (Apache-2.0 OR BSL-1.0) AND CC0-1.0 AND (GPL-2.0-or-later OR MIT) AND HPND AND ISC AND Zlib AND BSD-2-Clause AND BSD-3-Clause AND Unicode-DFS-2016


* Fri May 31 2024 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to 0.33.1:
    * Memory: add zram, zswap support
    * Music: allow asymmetric seek steps
    * Time: snap seconds to the multiple of interval
    * Privacy(Pipewire): fix status bar freezing
    * Privacy(v4l): change device scan method
    * Kdeconnect: fix device_id parameter
    * AMD GPU: better error message on device not found
* Fri May 31 2024 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to 0.33.0:
    * Kdeconnect: removed hide_disconnected option and connected formatting flag
    * cpu: Add critical_info/warning_info/info_info options
    * Kdeconnect: add format_disconnected and format_missing options
    * Toggle: allow customizing state/theming when on/off by adding state_on and state_off options
    * Disk Space: add support for TiB, GiB, MiB and KiB in alert_unit
    * Add new privacy block which can detect if your webcam, screen/monitor, microphone, or audio monitor is being captured by another application. Note: only webcams that use v4l can be detected by default, enable the pipewire to monitor the use of the other listed kinds of media.
    * Add new packages block which supports apt, dnf, and pacman/aur
* Fri May 31 2024 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to 0.32.3:
    * Weather: add zip option for OpenWeatherMap
    * Weather: add format_alt option
    * Weather: implement forecast
    * Music: add format_alt
    * Apt: added config option ignore_updates_regex to filter the list of updates
    * Time: add basic support for non Gregorian calendars (#1968).
    * Xrandr: support multiple outputs
    * Fail if click handler config refers to unknown button.
    * Weather: location placeholder now works with if autolocate is enabled
* Fri May 31 2024 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to 0.32.2:
    * Weather: Add icons for night, separated icons for Fog/Mist from Cloudy.
    * icons: Add new set of emoji icons.
    * Fix "update = true" click event handling for some blocks (e.g. pacman).
* Tue Sep 19 2023 Lubos Kocman <>
  - License correction based on legaldb review
* Tue Sep 05 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to 0.32.1:
    * Weather(metno): stop using an API which was terminated on August 31, 2023. The functionality of the block is not affected, but all i3status-rust versions older than 0.32.1 will be unable to use weather service.
* Tue Sep 05 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to 0.32.0
    * Update default memory format.
    * Fix inconsistent rounding in .eng() formatter.
    * AMD GPU: select device automatically if device is not set.
* Fri Aug 04 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.9:
    * Add missing default net_cellular icon progression in the "none" icon set.
    * Removed unused default icons in the "none" icon set.
    * Defer icon lookup until formatting (see #1774)
* Fri Jun 30 2023
  - Update to version 0.31.8:
    * v0.31.8
    * update
    * update inotify code not to use deprecated fns
    * update deps (fixes build on latest nightly)
    * switch to upstream git zbus
    * use is_some_and(..) instead of map_or(false, ..)
    * build(deps): bump openssl from 0.10.54 to 0.10.55
    * update README
    * Temporarily switch to a fork of zbus
    * v0.30.7
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.8:
    * Music block now functions properly when a player name contains -.
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.7:
    * Maildir: Support glob expansions in inboxes (for example, this now works: inboxes = ["~/Maildir/account1/*"]).
    * Battery(sysfs): Handle the case when charge rate is lower than current power usage.
    * Keyboard layout: Add support for keyboard layout variant to setxkbmap driver.
    * Blocks that make web requests will now do 3 retries before displaying an error.
    * Blocks can now recover from "Failed to render full text" errors.
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.6:
    * Support custom separators in rotating text. Example: format = " $title.str(max_w:30, rot_interval:0.2, rot_separator:' - ') |".
    * Battery(sysfs): calculate battery level based on {charge,energy}_{now,full} instead of kernel-provided capacity (see #1906).
    * Text formatting now operates on graphemes instead of "chars". This means that symbols like "a̐" are now processed correctly.
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.5:
    * Net: do not consider IPs with scope host or lower.
    * Net: Define an "active" interface as an interface with 1) state UP or 2) state UNKNOWN but has an IP. Previously only part 1) was considered.
    * Net: add inactive_format.
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.4:
    * Update Cargo.lock.
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.3:
    * Kdeconnect: Add connectivity report (cell network)
    * Add vertical option for bar formatting (▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇)
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.2:
    * Vpn: add mullvad driver.
    * Don't require block = "..." to be the first field.
    * Battery: automatically recover from some errors.
    * Sound: automatically reconnect to pulseaudio server when connection fails.
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.1:
    * Update material-nf icon set for Nerd Fonts v3.
    * Temperature: the icon now reflects the max temperature (material-nf icon set only).
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.31.0:
    * Sound: mappings_use_regex now defaults to true.
    * block = "..." is now required to be the first field of block configs. However, an error in a block's config will not break the entire bar.
    * Battery: added charging_format config option.
    * Net: fix missing_format option.
    * Backlight: fix "calibright config error".
    * The default release profile no longer strips the binary.
    * Added release-debug-info profile.
* Wed Apr 19 2023
  - Update to version 0.30.7:
    * update crossbeam-channel (0.5.7 is yanked)
    * update
    * formatting: try to fix rounding in .eng() (#1858)
    * update
    * docs: fix some manpages by disabling texmath extension
    * docs: rearrange sound docs to match other blocks
    * update
    * sound: add active_port_mappings, hide active_port when not available
    * custom: set child's stdin to null
    * move some docs from readme to
* Wed Apr 19 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.30.7
  - Added:
    * Backlight: Add regex device name matching, and display/control more than one monitor with the same block.
    * Backlight: Add missing_format option.
    * Sound: add mappings_use_regex option which makes the block treat mappings as regexps. Defaults to false.
    * Sound: add $active_port placeholder and active_port_mappings option.
  - Changed
    * Kdeconnect: do not fail if notifications are not available.
    * Fix a panic when formatting a number as tebibytes.
    * Custom: set command stdin to null. This prevents custom commands from stealing click events.
    * Fix some rounding errors in .eng formatter.
* Wed Apr 19 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.30.6
  - Added:
    * New block: vpn: Shows the current connection status for VPN networks. Currently only nordvpn is supported (#1725).
    * Padding character of eng formatter is now configurable. For example, $volume.eng(pad_with:0) will render as 05% instead of  5%.
    * Bluetooth: added battery_state config option which allows to customize block's color in relation to device battery level (#1836).
    * Bluetooth: added $battery_icon placeholder (#1837).
    * Time: Right click on the block to reverse cycle between timezones (#1839).
  - Changed
    * TNet: the WiFi icon now reflects the signal strength (material-nf icon set only).
    * TApt: now works on systems with non-English locales (#1843).
    * TNotify: support latest SwayNotificationCenter version.
* Wed Apr 19 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.30.5
  - Added:
    * New block amd_gpu: display the stats of your AMD GPU.
    * Battery: filter battery selection by model (#1808).
    * External_ip: allow forcing legacy (v4) IP (#1801).
  - Changed
    * Backlight: improve ddcci interactions (#1770).
    * Battery: fix the default device for UPower driver.
    * Custom: support shell expansions in watch_files.
    * Custom_dbus: fix default format.
    * merge_with_next block option now works with non-native separators, and also fix color of separators.
    * Hueshift: step now actually maxes at 500 (#1827)
    * Fix --help page.
    * config,theme,icons: do not look for files relative to the CWD
* Wed Mar 08 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to version 0.30.4
  - Added:
    * Time: timezone can now be set to a list of values. Click on the block to cycle between timezones.
  - Fixed:
    * Net: prefer the default device when multiple devices match the regex.
    * Cpu: fix panic on systems which do not report CPU frequency.
    * Bluetooth: change block color based on battery level.
    * Memory: consider ZFS arc cache as available memory.
    * Backlight: reconnect after monitor sleeps.
    * Nvidia GPU: display unavailable stats as zeros instead of failing.
    * Bluetooth: correctly display battery level even if it is not available instantly.
    * Net: get SSID from NL80211_BSS_INFORMATION_ELEMENTS (makes SSID available on Linux kernel 5.19 and newer).
    * Backlight: fallback to sysfs on systems which don't use systemd-logind.
    * Do not require config file to have a .toml extension.
* Tue Feb 28 2023
  - Update to version 0.30.3:
    * v0.30.3
    * make pomodoro usable again
    * Update
    * Update
    * readme: list all possible `button` values
    * setting a click handler without action disables default action
    * net: do not panic if ip addr has wrong length
    * Fix typos (#1738)
    * music: fix typo for 'play' and 'preferred' (#1754)
    * net: select first available local ip
* Tue Feb 28 2023 Dawid Adam <>
  - Update to 0.30.3
    * New service_status block: monitor the state of a (systemd) service.
    * New tea_timer block: a simple timer.
    * When blocks error they no longer take down the entire bar. Instead, they now enter error mode: "X" will be shown and on left click the full error message will be shown in the bar.
    * apt block has new ignore_phased_updates option. (#1717)
    * battery now supports empty_threshold to specify below which percentage the battery is considered empty, and empty_format to use a custom format when the battery is empty.
    * battery now supports not_charging_format config option. (#1685)
    * custom_dbus block can now be used more than once in your config.
    * custom block has new config option persistent which runs a command in the background and updates the block text for each received output line.
    * focused_window block now supports most wlroots-based compositors.
    * music block now supports controlling and displaying the volume for individual players (#1722)
    * music block now has interface_name_exclude and improved playerctld support (#1710)
    * net block now supports regex for device (#1601)
    * notify block now has support for SwayNotificationCenter via driver = "swaync" (#1662)
    * weather block now supports using as an info source (#1577)
    * More blocks now support format option (custom, custom_dbus, hueshift, maildir, notmuch, pomodoro, time, uptime)
    * Some blocks now have debug logs which can be enabled like so: RUST_LOG=block=debug i3status-rs where "block" is the block name.
    * Default click actions for blocks can now be remapped (#1686)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.22.0
    * Battery: remove allow_missing config option (#1461 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Temperature: sysfs driver removed
    * Net block: configurable graph_up/down formatting (#1457 by @veprolet)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.10
    * Expand paths (e.g. ~->$HOME, just like in shell) for many blocks (#1453 by @Henriquelay)
    * Battery: fix availability check for some devices with sysfs driver (#1456 by @ferdinandschober)
    * Battery: fallback to charge_level if capacity cannot be calculated (#1458 by @ferdinandschober)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update 0.21.9
    * New "awesome6" icon set
    * Music: players option can now accept a list of names (#1452 by @meryacine)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.8
    * Net: WiFi information should be more reliable now (e7e2836f)
    * Battery: fix missing battery detection for sysfs driver (24f432f)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.7
    * Icons can now be overriden per block with icons_overrides (97a66195f16469a4011a1521fb991bbe943196b6)
    * Battery: be more efficient by enumerating devices less often (#1437 by bim9262)
    * Net: use bss signal if wifi signal info is incomplete (4f11d68b1d5147fe2b5285d68653e7091f44f628)
    * Sound: check DEVICE_FORM_FACTOR property to determine icons (#1438 by kevinmos)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.6
    * Hueshift: Add wl-gammarelay driver (#1421 by bim9262)
    * Battery: prefer system batteries (BATx/CMBx) when doing auto discovery (3db119a5a2dd12a65a499377cf849d418bfee308)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.5
    * Add if_command field to block config to allow conditional enabling of blocks on startup (#1415 by LordMZTE)
    * Battery: revert to previous default device discovery behaviour (d6fbfd06cc4d078efccb1c559e7eb934d36ffe7a)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.4
    * Battery: fix issues with finding battery device paths (#1417 by @bim9262)
    * Battery: better default values for device (c6824727020090bf6eb59cd3bf6f4de0f10179fa)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.3
    * Temperature: use libsensors bindings instead of sensors binary (#1375 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Hueshift: do not leave zombies (#1411 by @Naarakah)
    * Time: reflect timezone changes (72a7284)
    * Watson: fix automatic updates (0b810cb and 0b810cb)
    * Temperature: sysfs driver will be removed in a future release.
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.2
    * dd dracula theme (#1408 by @welcoMattic)
    * attery block: Fix UPower property type mismatch (#1409 by @bim9262)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.21.0
    * New block: rofication (#1356 by @cfsmp3)
    * New block: external_ip (#1366 by @cfsmp3)
    * Xrandr block: new option format (it overrides icons and resolution options which are now deprecated) (ca86a97)
    * Battery block: add new apcupsd driver (#1383 by @bim9262)
    * Battery block: enable allow_missing for the UPower driver (#1378 by @bim9262)
    * KeyboardLayout: add support for the xkb-switch keyboard layout reader (#1386 by @roguh)
    * Sound block: fix headphones indicator (#1363 by @codicodi)
    * Sound block: named PulseAudio devices now work as expected (#1394 by @bim9262)
    * NetworkManager block: escape SSID (#1373 by @nzig)
    * Taskwarrior block: use inotify to get instant changes (you will need to set data_location option if taskwarrior is configured to use a custom data directory) (#1374 by @cfsmp3)
    * Battery block: fix spacing (#1389 by @bim9262)
    * Hueshift block: replace killall with pkill (#1398 by @stelcodes)
    * Xrandr block: icon and resolution will be removed in a future release. Use format instead.
    * Memory block: icons will be removed in a future release. Set icons_format = "" to disable icons.
    * Maildir block: icon will be removed in a future release. Set icons_format = "" to disable icons.
    * Notmuch block: no_icon will be removed in a future release. Set icons_format = "" to disable icons.
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.20.7
    * Backlight block: new options minimum, maximum, cycle for toggling min/max brightness on click or on scrolll (#1349 by @Vanille-N)
    * Focused Window block: add format string (#1360 by @cfsmp3)
    * icons: Add missing bat_not_available icon (#1361 by @ram02z)
    * Docker block: colour errors using Critical state (#1360 by @cfsmp3)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.20.6
    * Custom block: new watch watch_files option that uses inotify to trigger the block to update when one or more specified files are seen to have been modified (#1325 by @BrendanBall)
    * CustomDBus block: new initial_text option to set the text shown up until the first update is received
    * Hueshift block: added support for wlsunset (#1337 by @DerVerruckteFuchs)
    * IBus block: no longer crashes the bar if IBus reports that there is no global engine set on first startup
    * Music block: the default text icons are now pango escaped and should cause no errors with i3bar
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.20.5
    * New DNF block for Fedora (#1311 by @sigvei)
    * Docker block: allow non-default docker socket files (#1310 by @JTarasovic)
    * Sound block: add option to automatically change icon based on output device type (#1313 by @codicodi)
    * Hueshift block: fix sluggishness by updating widget text on interactions (#1320 by @JohnDowson)
    * Music block: fix long standing issue where block tandomly stops updating (#1327 by jamesmcm)
    * Nvidia block: fix nvidia block falling behind on lines from nvidia-smi (#1296 by @ZachCook)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.20.4
    * Github block: new config options critical, warning, info, good to colour the block for different notifications (#1286 by @ZachCook)
    * Temperature block: new driver config option with the option to choose a new backend using sysfs to grab temp info instead of lm_sensors (#1286 by @ZachCook)
    * Battery/Kdeconnect block: add more battery icons. For the new battery icons you will need to update your icon files, otherwise it will fallback to the previous icons. (#1282 by @freswa)
    * Nvidia block: only run nvidia-smi once instead of spawning a new instance for each update (#1286 by @ZachCook)
    * Weather block: escape spaces in internally generated URL (#1289 by @rbuch)
    * bat_half, bat_quarter, bat_three_quarters are likely to be removed in a future release.
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.20.3
    * Net block: fix SSID escape code decoding (#1274 by @GlasOSkar)
    * NetworkManager block: update DBus interface for newer verisons of NM (#1269 by @mailhost)
    * Pomodoro block: fix crash causing by pause icon typo (#1295 by @GladOSkar)
    * Temperature block: fix fallback for users with old versions of lm-sensors (#1281 by @freswa)
    * Icons: Fix material-nf icons that caused some blocks to render backwards (#1280 by @freswa)
    * Themes: Add ability to unset colors using overrides (#1279 by @GlasOSkar and @MaxVerevkin)
    * Themes: Fix alternating tint for the slick theme (#1284 by @MaxVerevkin)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.20.2
    * Battery block: find battery by default instead of hardcoding "BAT0" (#1258 by @orvij)
    * Batter block: new full_threshold option for batteries that don't reach 100% (#1261 by @GladOSkar)
    * CPU block: add boost format key for displaying CPU boost status (#1152 by @indlin)
    * Custom block: better error message (#1233 by @jespino)
    * Memory block: Count ZFS arc cache to cache to exclude from used memory (#1227 by @GladOSkar)
    * Pacman block: fix invocation of fakeroot/pacman command (#1241)
    * Pacman block: fix default format string (#1240 by @GladOSkar)
    * Pomodoro block: Allow notify-send as a notification method
    * Fixed missing net block icons for the material icon theme (#1244 by @K4rakara)
    * Formatter: allow hiding unit prefixes. For example, "{key;_K}" will set the min unit prefix to "K" but hides it from showing.
    * Formatter: allow spaces between the value and unit/prefix. For example, "{key; K*b}" results in "value Kb" and "{key; _K*b}" results in "val b".
    * Add short_text support (#1207 by @GladOSkar)
    * Pomodoro block: Icons are no longer hardcoded. New icons: pomodoro_started, pomodoro_stopped, pomodoro_paused, pomodoro_break have been added to the icon themes in the repo, so you must update your icon theme files if it is not done by your package manager. (#1264)
    * Pomodoro block: use_nag and nagbar_path will be removed in a future release. Use notifier and notifier_path instead.
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.20.1
    * Fixed config error messages showing in swaybar but not in i3bar (#1224 by @jthomaschewski)
    * Fixed pacman block crash due to stderr output of pacman itself (#1220 by @mpldr)
    * Custom block example list has been created and documented (#1223 by @GladOSkar)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.20.0
    * These have been moved out into files instead of being hardcoded in the Rust source. The following folders are checked in this order: first $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/i3status-rust/<icons|themes>, next $HOME/.local/share/i3status-rust/<icons|themes>, finally /usr/share/i3status-rust/<icons|themes>. If installing manually via cargo, you will need to copy the files to an appropriate location (an script is provided which does this). If installing via the AUR on Arch Linux, the package will install the files to /usr/share/i3status-rust/<icons|themes> for you, so you do not need to do anything (this should also be true for other distros assuming the package maintainer has packaged i3status-rust correctly).
    * Per block theme overrides have been renamed from color_overrides to theme_overrides (this was previously undocumented but has since been mentioned in
    * Formatting for all blocks using format strings has been overhauled to allow users to customise how numbers and strings are displayed, which was not possible previously. Due to this some blocks may now display slightly differently to previous versions and have been documented below. Refer to the formatting documentation to get more information on the new formatting options.
    * CPU Utilization block: Due to an overhaul of our internal code, the per_core option has been removed. The same configuration can be achieved using the new {utilization<n>} format keys.
    * Battery and Disk Space blocks: The {bar} format key has been removed in favor of the new bar formatter. For example, to make the Battery block display the current percentage as a 6 character bar with 100% as the max value, set the format string as so: format = "{percentage:6#100}.
    * Disk Space block: The {unit} format key has been removed since the unit of {free} and similar format keys don't rely on unit configuration option anymore.
    * Maildir block: this is now optional and must be enabled at compile time (#1103 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Memory block: all old format keys have been removed, refer to the table below for more details.
    * Net block: use_bits, speed_min_unit, speed_digits and max_ssid_width configuration options have been removed and require manual intervention to fix your config. speed_min_unit is replaced by the min prefix formatter. max_ssid_width is replaced by the max width formatter.
    * Net block: partially moved from calling external commands to using the netlink interface, which may not work on BSD systems (#1142 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Networkmanager block: max_ssid_width config option has been removed, but the bevaviour can be restored using the max width formatter. For example, max_ssid_width = 10 is now achieved with ap_format = "{ssid^10}".
    * Sound block: max_width config option has been removed, but the bevaviour can be restored using the max width formatter.
    * Speedtest block: bytes, speed_min_unit and speed_digits configuration options have been removed in favour of the new format string formatter. For example, to replicate bytes=true; speed_min_unit="M", speed_digits=4 use format = "{speed_down:4*B;M}{speed_up:4*B;M}"
    * Disk Space block: the alias has been deprecated in favour of using format and may be removed in a future release.
    * Backlight block: new invert_icons config option for people using coloured icons (#1098 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Net block: new format_alt option to set an alternative format string to switch between when the block is clicked (#1063 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Nvidia block: new "Power Draw" option (#1154 by @quintenpalmer)
    * Sound block: new {output_description} format key to show the PulseAudio device description
    * Speedtest block: new format configuration option to customize the output of the block.
    * Temperature block: add fallback for older systems without JSON support (#1070 by @ammgws)
    * Weather block: new config option to set display language, and new format key {weather_verbose} to display textual verbose description of the weather, e.g. "overcast clouds" (#1169 by @halfcrazy)
    * SIGUSR2 signal can now be used to reload i3status-rust in-place without restarting i3/swaybar (#1131 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * New compile time feature debug_borders for debugging spacing issues (#1083 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * New "material-nf" icon set (#1095 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * New icons_format config option for overriding icon formatting on a per-block basis (#1095 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Music block: fix on_collapsed_click which was broken in a previous release (#1061 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Net block: print "N/A" when trying to get ssid or signal strength using wired connections instead of erroring out (#1068 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Networkmanager block: avoid duplicate device with VPN connections (#1099 by @ravomavain), fix cases where connections would not update (#1119 by TilCreator)
    * Sound block: fix spacing for empty format strings (#1071 by @ammgws)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.14.7
    * Bug fix release for compile error on 32bit systems
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.14.6
    * Fixes bug with loading config from file introduced in 0.14.4 (and also present in 0.14.5)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.14.5
    * Fixes crash on i3 introduced in 0.14.5
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.14.4
    * Due to a bugfix in the CPU block, when using the {frequency} and {utilization} format key specifiers, "GHz" and "%" will be appended within the format keys themselves so there is no need to write them in your format string anymore.
    * Battery block config option show has been deprecated in favour of format (deprecated since at least v0.10.0 released in July 2019)
    * Battery block config option upower has been deprecated in favour of device (deprecated since at least v0.10.0 released in July 2019)
    * CPU Utilization block config option frequency has been deprecated in favour of format (deprecated since at least v0.10.0 released in July 2019)
    * Network block config options ssid, signal_strength, bitrate, ip, ipv6, speed_up, speed_down, graph_up, graph_down have been deprecated in favour of format (deprecated since v0.14.2 released in October 2020)
    * Pacman block format key {count} has been deprecated in favour of {pacman} (deprecated since v0.14.0 released in June 2020)
    * Taskwarrior block config option filter_tags has been deprecated in favour of filters (since v0.14.4 - this release)
    * on_click option is now available for all blocks (#1006 by @edwin0cheng)
    * Github block: new option to hide block when there are no notifications (#1023 by @ammgws)
    * Hueshift block: add support for gammastep (#1027 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Pacman block: new option to hide block when up to date (#982 by @ammgws)
    * Taskwarrior block: support multiple filters with new filters option (#1008 by @matt-snider)
    * Fix config error when using custom themes (#968 by @ammgws)
    * Fix microphone icons in awesome5 (#1017 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Make blocks using http more resilient (#1011 by @simao)
    * Various performance improvements/optimisations (#1033, #1039 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Bluetooth: monitor device availability to avoid erroring out block (#986 by @ammgws)
    * CPU block: fix "{frequency}" format in per-core mode (#1031 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * KDEConnect block: support new version of kdeconnect (v20.12.* and above)
    * KeyboardLayout block: support both {variant} and {layout} when using the sway driver (#1028 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Music block: handle case when metadata is unavailable (#967 by @ammgws), add workaround for playerctl (#973 by @ammgws), various other bugfixes (see #972)
    * Net block: fix overflow panic (#993 by @ammgws), better autodiscovery (#994 by @ammgws), fix issues with parsing JSON output (#998 by @ammgws), speed_min_unit is now correctly handled (#1021 by @MaxVerevkin), allow Unicode SSIDs to be displayed correctly (#995 by @2m)
    * Speedtest block: use speed_digits to format ping as well (#975 by @GladOSkar), speed_min_unit is now correctly handled (#1021 by @MaxVerevkin)
    * Xrandr block: do not leave zombie processes around (#990 by @ammgws)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.14.3
    * New Apt block for keeping tabs on pending updates on Debian based systems (#943 by @ammgws)
    * New Notify block for controlling/monitoring your notification daemon's do-not-disturb status
    * KeyboardLayout block: add variant format specifier for localebus (#940 by @ammgws)
    * Music block: implement format string (#949 by @ammgws), allow right click to cycle between available players (#930 by @ammgws)
    * Implement per-block colour overrides (#947 by @ammgws)
    * New "native" and "semi-native" themes (#938 by @GladOSkar)
    * Add git commit hash to version output (#915 by @ammgws)
    * Replace uuid dependency with just getrandom (#921 by @ammgws)
    * Fix alternating tint behaviour (#924 by @ammgws, #927 by @GladOSkar)
    * Fix panic when no icon exists for Diskspace, KDEConnect blocks (#908, #910 by @ammgws)
    * Fix spacing for Battery, Sound & NetworkManager blocks (#923 from @Stunkymonkey)
    * Battery block: clamp 'time remaining' values to something more realistic (#912 by @ammgws)
    * KeyboardLayout block: fix crash on sway (#918 by @gdamjan, #939 by @ammgws)
    * Music block: completely overhaul update mechanism (#906 by @ammgws)
    * Net block: do not error out when arrays are empty (#926 by @ammgws)
    * Xrandr block: remove hardcoded icons (#911 by @ammgws)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.14.2
    * New Hueshift block (#802 by @AkechiShiro)
    * Backlight block: add nonlinear brightness control via new root_scaling option (#882 by @dancek)
    * Battery block: add allow_missing_battery option (#835 by @Nukesor)
    * Bluetooth block: add hide_disconnected option to hide block when device is disconnected (#858 by @ammgws)
    * CPU block: add on_click option (#813 by @Dieterbe)
    * Custom block: add signal support (#822 by @Gelox), add hide_when_empty option to hide block when output is empty (#860 by @ammgws), add shell option to set the shell used (#861 by @ammgws)
    * CustomDBus block: allow setting the icon and state (#757 by @jmgrosen)
    * Disk Space block: add format string option (#714 by @jamesmcm)
    * IBus block: add format string option (#765 by @ammgws)
    * Music block: add dynamic_widthoption (#787 by @UnkwUsr), add on_click (#817 by @Dieterbe), add hide_when_empty option (#892 by @ammgws), add interface_name_exclude option (#888 by @ammgws)
    * Net block: add format string option (#738 by @gurditsbedi)
    * NetworkManager block: add regex filters for interface names (#781 by @omertuc)
    * Sound block: add support for input devices (#740 by @remi-dupre), and new max_vol config option (#796 by @ammgws)
    * Temperature block: add inputs whitelist (#811 by @arraypad), add scale option (#895 by @rjframe)
    * Time block: add locale option (#863 by @ammgws)
    * Fix spacing for inline widgets (#866 from @DCsunset)
    * Fix spacing for plain theme (#894 by @Stunkymonkey)
    * Battery block: add full_format to show text when battery is full (#785 by @DCsunset)
    * Custom block: ensure command and cycle are actually mutually exclusive (#899 by @ammgws)
    * Focusedwindow block: fix panic under sway (#792, #793 by @ammgws)
    * IBus block: fix logic for finding dbus address (#759 by @ammgws)
    * KDEConnect block: fix panic (#743 by @v0idifier)
    * Load block: fix cpu count (#859 by @ammgws)
    * Music block: only respond to left clicks (#862 by @ammgws), allow scrolling to seek forward/backward (#873 by @ammgws)
    * Net block: sed awk grep removal (#758 by @themadprofessor, #825 by @hlmtre), fix regex parsing (#821 by @Dieterbe), fix logic for hide_inactive/hide_missing (#897 by @GladOSkar)
    * NVidia block: fix panics (#771 by @themadprofessor, #807, #846 by @ammgws)
    * Pacman block: fix regex logic (#804 by @PicoJr)
    * TaskWarrior block: don't count deleted items (#788 by @HPrivakos)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.14.0
    * New KDEConnect block (#717 by @ammgws)
    * New CustomDBus block (#687 by @ammgws)
    * New Network Manager block (#641 by @kennylevinsen). This block existed previously but was undocumented until it was overhauled completely by @kennylevinsen)
    * New Taskwarrior block (#600 by @flying7eleven)
    * New GitHub block (#425 by @jlevesy)
    * Keyboard Layout block now supports sway (#670 by @ammgws), and also has a new format config option (#593 by @thiagokokada)
    * IBus block now allows mapping of displayed engine to user configured value (#576 by @ammgws)
    * Weather block now supports humidity and apparent (Australian Apparent Temperature) format specifiers (#640 by @ryanswilson59, @ammgws). Location can now also be set by name rather than ID using the new place option (#635 by @ammgws). Alternatively, the location can be guessed from your current IP address (#690 by @ammgws)
    * Focused Window block new show_marks option to show marks instead of title (#532 by @ammgws)
    * Net and Speedtest blocks now take speed_min_unit and speed_digits parameters to format speeds (#704, #707 by @GladOSkar, @ammgws).
    * Net block ssid config option now supports iwctl and wpa_cli (#625, #721 by @ammgws). Can now show bitrate for wired devices (#612 by @ammgws). New ipv6 option (#647 by @ammgws)
    * Pacman block now supports a critical_updates_regex parameter to control block state (#613 by @PicoJr), and now supports AUR as well (#658 by @PicoJr)
    * Music block has a new smart_trim config option (#654 by @jgbyrne). Artist/title separator can now be customised with the separator option (#655 by @ammgws)
    * Sound block now supports a format parameter (#618 by @jedahan). Along with that a format qualifier output_name was added which will show the name of the sink whose volume is being reported (#712 by @ammgws). ALSA driver: new device and natural_mapping options (#622 by @ammgws)
    * CPU block now has per_core support for {frequency}, {utilization} (@grim7reaper)
    * Block interval config can now take "once" in order to run blocks only one time (#684 by @PicoJr)
    * Update font awesome icons to version 5 (#619 by @carloabelli)
    * Add support for progress bars to some blocks (#578 by @carloabelli)
    * Themes can now be read from standalone files (#611 by @atheriel & @PicoJr)
    * New command line option --never-pause which will ignore any attempts by i3 to pause the bar when hidden/full-screen (#701 by @ammgws)
    * If no config file path is supplied then we default to XDG_CONFIG_HOME/i3status-rust
    * Net block fixed to support ppp vpn (#570 by @MiniGod). Device is now auto selected by default (#626 by @ammgws). Fixed error in use_bits calculation (#704 by @ammgws). Use /sys/class/net//carrier instead of operstate in is_up() (#605 by @happycoder97, @ammgws)
    * Music block artist parsing from metadata fixed (#561 by @Riey)
    * Fix panics for blocks without update intervals (#582 by @ammgws)
    * Nvidia block: make threshold configurable, swap idle/good (#615 by @ammgws). Also fixed utilisation to have a fixed width (#566 by @TheJP)
    * Backlight block now reads from actual_brightness as per kernel docs (#631 by @ammgws), with a special case for amdgpu backlights which don't follow the spec (#643 by @ammgws)
    * Battery block now has a fallback for determining power consumption (#653 by @ammgws), and the time remaining is now only displayed when useful (#591 by @debugloop)
    * Time block fixed to only register left mouse button clicks (#628 by @ammgws)
    * Toggle block fixed to only toggle if command exited successfully (#648 by @ammgws)
    * Fix missing icons for bat_half in the none theme (#719 by @varunkashyap)
    * Fix panic in CPU block if >32 CPUs present (#639 @snicket2100)
    * Fix panic in Memory block when wrong placeholder given (#616 by @ammgws)
    * Fix missing good_bg and good_fg theme overrides (#630 by @carloabelli)
    * Unified handling of stdin and stdout to prevent broken pipe errors (#594 by @Celti)
    * Travis CI will now run clippy for all features and targets (#682 by @rotty)
    * Dependent crates have been updated to their latest versions (#729 by @ammgws, @ignatenkobrain)
    * Document info, good, warning, critical parameters for the Battery block (@ammgws)
    * Document interval for Notmuch, Uptime blocks (@ammgws)
    * Fix error in Pomodoro block docs (#646 by @kAworu)
    * Add (#649 by @PicoJr)
    * Adds a man page #556
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update 0.13.1
    * Dependent crates have been updated to their latest versions to make downstream packaging easier. This will become part of the normal release process in the future. (#540 by @rotty, #551 by @atheriel)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.13.0
    * The Net block now takes a use_bits parameter to display speeds in bit-based instead of byte-based units. (#496 by @hlmtre)
    * The Pacman block now supports a format parameter. (#473 by @ifreund)
    * The top-level config now takes a scrolling parameter that can be used to turn on "natural" mouse scrolling in the bar. (#494 by @bakhtiyarneyman)
    * The Brightness block will now fall back to using D-Bus for changing the brightness if it cannot modify it via sysfs. (#499 by @majewsky)
    * The Bluetooth block now allows for setting a text label parameter to keep track of devices. (#528 by @jeffw387)
    * Fixes a panic that could sometimes manifest when restarting Pulseaudio. (#484 by @ammgws)
    * Fixes errors in the Pango markup we generate. (#518 by @ammgws)
    * Fixes a potential panic when the Focused Window block was the only one in the configuration. (#535 by @ammgws)
    * Fixes potential issues due to not ignoring stdin and stdout when spawning child processes. (#530 by @Celti)
    * Improvements to the spacing around icons and IP addresses in the Net block. (#505 and #507 by @ammgws)
    * Bumps several dependencies to fix security issues and reduce the number of transitive dependencies, which should improve build times. (#491, #492, #493, #510, #523 by @ammgws)
    * Updates the installation documentation for Fedora. The project is now in the official repos! (#488 by @tim77)
    * Simplifies the udev rule in the Brightness block docs. (#481 by @hellow554)
    * Fixes a typo in the theme documentation. (#485 by @peeweep)
    * Adds mention in the documentation that the Focused Window block is compatible with Sway. (#497 by @NilsIrl)
    * Adds documentation for the optional Notmuch mail block. (#527 by @ammgws)
    * Travis CI will now compile the project with all features enabled, which would have caught several bugs long ago. (#539 by @rotty)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.12.0
    * The keyboard layout block now has a kbddbus driver. (#451 by @sashomasho)
    * Adds a new Pomodoro block. (#453 by @ghedamat)
    * Fixes a panic in the iBus block due to the use of Perl regex features. (#443 by @ammgws)
    * Wireguard devices are now correctly identified as VPNs in the net block. (#419 by @vvrein)
    * Fixes more 32-bit build issues (e.g. for armv6 and i686). (#449 and #450 by @jcgruenhage)
    * We now enforce cargo fmt on the codebase and in Travis CI. (#457 by @atheriel and @kennylevinsen, #474 by @ifreund)
    * Improves parsing of setxkbmap output. (#458 by @sashomasho)
    * Improvements to character width calculations in the rotating text widget. (#437 by @ammgws)
    * Adds Fedora, NixOS, and Void Linux installation info to the README. (@tim77 and @atheriel)
    * The Font Awesome icons now use bat_quarter and bat_three_quarters for battery ranges. (#393 by @Ma27)
    * Adds documentation for hide_missing and hide_inactive in the net block. (#476 by @bascht)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Update to 0.11.0
    * Adds a new Docker block, which can display information about containers overseen by the Docker daemon. (#413 by @jlevesy)
    * Adds a new Notmuch block for querying information from a Notmuch mail database. This block is currently an optional feature and must be enabled with cargo build --features notmuch. (#215 by @bobthemighty and @atheriel)
    * The Weather block will now obey the OPENWEATHERMAP_API_KEY and OPENWEATHERMAP_CITY_ID environment variables. (#410 by @nicholasfagan)
    * The Net block can now display wifi signal strength. (#418 by @bnjbvr)
    * The project now has improved crate metadata, a proper file, and will put release notes in a file. (by @atheriel)
    * Updates the nix crate to fix broken builds on aarch64 with musl libc (#402).
    * Fixes builds on i686. (#406 by @Gottox)
    * Fixes a potential crash due to missing wind speed or direction in the Weather block. (#407 by @bramvdbogaerde).
    * Fixes omission of UPower batteries that do not have a battery_ prefix. (#423 by @freswa)
    * Fixes our use of now-deprecated dynamic trait and range syntax language features. (#428 by @duac)
    * Prunes some transient dependencies. (#434 by @ohk2kt3t4 and @ammgws)
    * Fixes our use of a deprecated flag in our rustfmt configuration. (#438 by @ammgws)
    * Internal refactoring to reduce merge conflicts when adding new blocks. (by @atheriel)
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dawid Respondek <>
  - Initial release



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