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libip6tc2-1.8.7-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.4 for armv7hl

Name: libip6tc2 Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 1.8.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri Apr 9 11:32:41 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 26532 Source RPM: iptables-1.8.7-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library for the ip_tables low-level ruleset generation and parsing (IPv6)
libiptc ("iptables cache") is used to retrieve from the kernel, parse,
construct, and load rulesets into the kernel.
This package contains the iptc IPv6 API.




GPL-2.0-only AND Artistic-2.0


* Fri Jan 15 2021
  - Update to release 1.8.7
    * iptables-nft:
    * Improved performance when matching on IP/MAC address prefixes
      if the prefix is byte-aligned. In ideal cases, this doubles
      packet processing performance.
    * Dump user-defined chains in lexical order. This way ruleset
      dumps become stable and easily comparable.
    * Avoid pointless table/chain creation. For instance,
      `iptables-nft -L` no longer creates missing base-chains.
* Sun Nov 01 2020
  - Update to release 1.8.6
    * iptables-nft had pointlessly added "bitwise" expressions to
      each IP address match, needlessly slowing down run-time
      performance (by 50% in worst cases).
    * iptables-nft-restore: Support basechain policy value of "-"
      (indicating to not change the chain's policy).
    * nft-translte: Fix translation of ICMP type "any" match.
* Wed Jun 03 2020
  - Update to release 1.8.5
    * IDLETIMER: Add alarm timer option
    * nft: CT: add translation for NOTRACK
  - Drop iptables-apply-mktemp-fix.patch (seemingly applied)
* Mon Dec 02 2019
  - Update to release 1.8.4
    * Fix for wrong counter format in `ebtables-nft-save -c` output.
    * Print typical iptables-save comments in arptables- and
      ebtables-save, too.
    * xt_owner: add --suppl-groups option
    * Remove support for /etc/xtables.conf
    * Restore support for "-4" and "-6" options in rule lines.
* Mon Sep 30 2019
  - Add Conflicts with iptables-nft = 1.6.2 as during the update to
    iptables 1.8 ip6tables-restore-translate, ip6tables-translate,
    iptables-restore-translate and iptables-translate were moved from
    iptables-nft subpackage (now iptables-backend-nft) to the main
    package. So we need to add a conflict here otherwise we hit file
    conflicts error during the update.
* Fri Sep 06 2019
  - add missing Provides/Obsoletes for the renamed package
    iptables-backend-nft (was iptables-nft)
* Tue May 28 2019
  - Update to new upstream release 1.8.3
    * ebtables: Fix rule listing with counters
    * ebtables-nft: Support user-defined chain policies
  - Remove 0001-include-extend-the-headers-conflict-workaround-to-in.patch
* Wed May 22 2019
  - Add 0001-include-fix-build-with-kernel-headers-before-4.2.patch,
    to fix build with older linux-glibc-devel. [boo#1132821]
* Thu Apr 04 2019
  - Add iptables-1.8.2-dont_read_garbage.patch that fixes a situation
    where 'iptables -L' reads garbage from the struct as the kernel
    never filled it in the bugged case. This can lead to issues like
    mapping a few TiB of memory [bsc#1106751].
* Tue Nov 13 2018
  - Update to new upstream release 1.8.2
    * Fix incorrect handling of various targets and options in
* Tue Oct 23 2018
  - Update to new upstream release 1.8.1
    * New cgroup match revision with reduced memory footprint
* Mon Sep 24 2018
  - note build-time dependency on libnftnl >= 1.1.1
* Tue Sep 04 2018
  - Add missing update-alternatives dependency to Requires(post)
    section. If this is missing the package fails to install properly
    when it is used as build dependency.
* Mon Jul 09 2018
  - Update to new upstream release 1.8.0 and snapshot 1.8.0.g75
    * The ipv6 "srh" match can now match previous/next/last sid
    * CONNMARK target now supports bit-shifting for restore,set
      and save-mark.
    * DNAT now supports shifted portmap ranges.
    * iptables now comes in two backends: legacy and nft.
* Thu May 24 2018
  - Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Mon Mar 12 2018
  - Fix ethertypes ownership, should be %exclude, not %ghost.
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - Resolve conflict with ebtables and obtain ethertypes from new netcfg minor
    version. FATE#320520
* Sat Feb 03 2018
  - Update to new upstream release 1.6.2
    * add support for the "srh" match
    * add randomize-full for the "MASQUERADE" target
    * add rate match mode to the "hashlimit" match
* Thu Jun 22 2017
  - Add iptables-batch-lock.patch: Fix a locking issue of
    iptables-batch which can cause it to spuriously fail when other
    programs modify the iptables rules in parallel (bnc#1045130).
    This can especially affect SuSEfirewall2 during startup.
* Fri Jan 27 2017
  - Update to new upstream release 1.6.1
    * add support for hashlimit rev 2 for higher pps rates
    * add support for cgroup2 path matching
    * translation program for nft
* Fri Dec 18 2015
  - Update to final release 1.6.0
    * Only a build fix, no new significant changes.
* Mon Nov 23 2015
  - Update to new snapshot v1.4.21-367-g9763347 [1.6.0~]
    * -m ah/esp/rt: restore matching "any SPI id" by default
    (they unexpectedly defaulted to --spi 0 rather than --spi ALL)
    * -m cgroup: new module
    * -m dst: make ! --dst-len work
    * -m ipcomp: new module
    * -m socket: add --restore-skmark option
    * -j CT: add support for new zone options
    * -j REJECT: add missing ICMPv6 codes
    * -j TEE: make it possible to delete rules with -D ... -j
    * -j SNAT/DNAT: add randomize-full support



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