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libtspi1-0.3.14-lp152.6.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for armv7hl

Name: libtspi1 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 0.3.14 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.6.1 Build date: Fri May 29 21:19:30 2020
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: armbuild01
Size: 390500 Source RPM: trousers-0.3.14-lp152.6.1.src.rpm
Summary: TSS (TCG Software Stack) access daemon for a TPM chip
The trousers package provides a TSS implementation through the help of
a user-space daemon, the tcsd, and a library  Trousers aims to be
compliant to the 1.1b and 1.2 TSS specifications as available from the
Trusted Computing website

The package needs the /dev/tpm device file to be present on your
system. It is a character device file major 10 minor 224, 0600 tss:tss.






* Mon May 25 2020 Matthias Gerstner <>
  - fix a potential tss user to root privilege escalation when running tcsd
    (bsc#1164472). To do this run tcsd as the 'tss' user right away to prevent
    badly designed privilege drop and initialization code to run.
  - add bsc1164472.patch: additionally harden operation of tcsd when running as
    root. No longer follow symlinks in /var/lib/tpm. Drop gid to tss main group.
    require /etc/tcsd.conf to be owned by root:tss mode 0640.
* Tue Nov 26 2019
  - Fix a local symlink attack problem with the %posttrans scriptlet
    (bsc#1157651, CVE-2019-18898). A rogue tss user could have used this attack
    to gain ownership of arbitrary files in the system during
    installation/update of the trousers package.
* Tue Oct 30 2018
  - fix wrong installation of{auth,noauth} into /var/lib/tpm. These
    files are only sample files that *can* be used to fake that ownership was
    already taken by trousers, when other TPM stacks did that already. These
    files should not be there by default. Therefore install them into
    /usr/share/trousers instead, to allow the user to use them at his own
    discretion (fixes bsc#1111381).
  - implement a backup and restore logic for /var/lib/tpm/* to
    prevent removal of validly stored trousers state during update.
* Sun Jan 01 2017
  - Update to version 0.3.14 (see ChangeLog) (FATE#321450)
* Fri May 06 2016
  - Check for user/group existence before attempting to add them,
    and remove error suppression from these calls.
  - Avoid runtime dependency on systemd, the macros can all deal with
    its absence.
* Fri Jun 19 2015
  - Force GNU inline semantics, fixes build with GCC5
* Thu Apr 02 2015
  - Cleanup spec-file with spec-cleaner
  - Update prerequires
  - Use systemd unit file
    * replace tcsd.init with tcsd.service
* Tue Jun 03 2014
  - updated to trousers 0.3.13 (bnc#881095 LTC#111124)
    - Changed exported functions which had a name too common, to avoid
    - Assessed daemon security using manual techniques and coverity
    - Fixed major security bugs and memory leaks
    - Added debug support to run tcsd with a different user/group
    - Daemon now properly closes sockets before shutting down
    * TROUSERS_0_3_12
    - Added new network code for RPC, which supports IPv6
    - Users of client applications can configure the hostname of the tcsd
      server they want to connect through the TSS_TCSD_HOSTNAME env var
      (only works if application didn't set a hostname in the context)
    - Added disable_ipv4 and disable_ipv6 config options for server
  - removed trousers-wrap_large_key_overflow.patch: upstream
  - removed trousers- solved upstream now
* Wed Mar 19 2014
  - trousers-wrap_large_key_overflow.patch: Do not wrap keys larger than
    2048 bit, as the space on the TPM is limited to that amount. (bnc#868933)
* Tue Jan 14 2014
  - Updated to trousers
    - license changed to BSD-3-Clause
    - various bug and manpage fixes
  - trousers-0.3.10.diff renamed and rebased to trousers-



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