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fprintd-0.8.0-lp152.3.3 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for armv7hl

Name: fprintd Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 0.8.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.3 Build date: Thu Feb 6 00:22:52 2020
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: armbuild02
Size: 129418 Source RPM: fprintd-0.8.0-lp152.3.3.src.rpm
Summary: D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access
D-Bus service to access fingerprint readers.






* Thu Apr 05 2018
  - Update to version 0.8.0
    * Lockdown the daemon to minimise potential security issues
    * Don't wake up readers when there's no enrolled fingerprints
* Fri Feb 03 2017
  - Update to version 0.7.0
    * Fix crash in the daemon when cancelling PAM conversation
    * Fix build warnings and update translations
* Sun Feb 08 2015
  - Update to version 0.6.0:
    + Fix warning in fprintd.pod file.
    + Reduce logging during normal operation.
    + Fix eventfd leak in PAM module.
    + List possible values for finger when enrolling.
    + Fix possible crash in fprintd-verify.
    + Fix listing and deleting fingerprints when there's more than
      one reader available.
  - Drop fprintd.pod-syntax.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashism in postun script
* Thu Sep 11 2014
  - added baselibs.conf as source to specfile
* Thu Sep 11 2014
  - drop rpmlintrc
* Tue Feb 04 2014
  - added baselibs.conf
* Tue Feb 04 2014
  - activate obsoletes for pam_fprint as yast2-fingerprint-reader
    (which this was waiting for) has been dropped half a year ago
* Sat Nov 16 2013
  - Change systemd BuildRequires to pkgconfig(systemd) so that
    configure actually finds the dependency. This fixes an issue on
    systemd-based systems where the fprintd dbus service is not
    starting because it's referencing the non-existing fprintd
    systemd service. Fix bnc#850807.
  - Add %pre/%post/%preun/%postun sections to register systemd
  - Add %{?systemd_requires} to the dependencies.
* Sat Sep 21 2013
  - Update to version 0.5.1
    + Add support for 147e:2020 to upeke2 driver
    + Fix possible race condition, and cancellation in uru4000 driver
    + Add Microsoft keyboard to the suspend blacklist
    + Plenty of build fixes
  - Changes from version 0.5.0:
    + New VFS300/VFS301 driver
    + New AES2550/AES2810 drivers
    + New AES1660 driver
    + New AES2660 driver
    + New DigitalPersona URU4500 driver
    + Avoid empty capture and improve image contrast in the AES2501 and AES2550 drivers
    + Update upektc driver, add support for Eikon Touch 300
    + Fix UrU4000 image capture on ARM
    + Fix power control path for newer kernels
    + Move udev rules to the correct directory
    + Don't print duplicated udev rules
    + Include udev rules in the tarball
    + Allow disabling of udev rules for cross-compiling
    + Add driver names in the generated rules
  - Adhere to guidelines
  - Fixed self-obsoletion RPMlint warnings
  - Added openSUSE license reminder to spec file
  - Added fprintd.pod-syntax.patch to fix a syntax error during build.



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