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retroarch-freeworld-1.9.0-4.fc35 Cross-platform, sophisticated frontend for the libretro API. Freeworld version. linux/armv7hl
retroarch-freeworld-assets-1.9.0-4.fc35 Assets files for retroarch-freeworld linux/noarch
retroarch-freeworld-database-1.9.0-4.fc35 Database files (cheatcode, content data, cursors) for retroarch-freeworld linux/noarch
retroarch-freeworld-filters-1.9.0-4.fc35 Audio and video filters for retroarch-freeworld linux/armv7hl
rfpkg-1.26.3-6.fc35 RPM Fusion utility for working with dist-git linux/noarch
rfpkg-minimal-0.4.2-1.fc35 Fork of fedpkg-minimal for RPM Fusion linux/noarch
rfpkgdb-cli-2.15.0-0.9rc2.fc35 A CLI for pkgdb linux/noarch
rpmfusion-free-appstream-data-34-2.fc34 Appstream metadata for the RPM Fusion free repository linux/noarch
rpmfusion-free-obsolete-packages-34-1.fc35 A package to obsolete retired packages from rpmfusion-free linux/noarch
rpmfusion-free-release-35-1 RPM Fusion (free) Repository Configuration linux/noarch
rpmfusion-free-release-rawhide-35-1 RPM Fusion Rawhide free repo definitions linux/noarch
rpmfusion-free-release-tainted-35-1 RPM Fusion free Tainted repo definition linux/noarch
rpmfusion-packager-0.7.2-2.fc35 Tools for setting up a rpmfusion maintainer environment linux/noarch
rtmpdump-2.4-20.20190330.gitc5f04a5.fc35 Toolkit for RTMP streams linux/armv7hl
ruby-libopenshot-0.2.5-10.fc35 Ruby bindings for libopenshot linux/armv7hl

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