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fence-agents-devel-4.7.0+git.1607346448.17bd8552-lp152.3.12.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 updates for x86_64

Name: fence-agents-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 4.7.0+git.1607346448.17bd8552 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.12.1 Build date: Thu Apr 8 10:12:37 2021
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: cloud132
Size: 4575 Source RPM: fence-agents-4.7.0+git.1607346448.17bd8552-lp152.3.12.1.src.rpm
Summary: Fence Agents for High Availability
Fence agents are device drivers able to prevent computers from
destroying data on shared storage. Their aim is to isolate a
corrupted computer by controlling power, network or storage
configuration. This package provides agents suitable only for




GPL-2.0-only AND LGPL-2.1-only


* Tue Jan 26 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1180518 [15sp3 FEAT] Product-HA / High Availability Extension:
    Add IBM Z LPAR fence agent fence_ibmz to Pacemaker (kvm) (fence-agents)
* Fri Jan 22 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - (bsc#1178343) `fence_gce` updates to be pulled to the SLE versions
    The last update broke fencing in GCE
    * add-upstream patch
  - Update to version 4.7.0+git.1607346448.17bd8552:
    * fence_mpath, fence_scsi: Improve logging for failed res/key get
    * fence_mpath, fence_scsi: Capture stderr in run_cmd()
    * build: depend on config changes to rebuild when running make after running ./configure
    * fence_redfish: Fix typo in help.
    * fence_aws: add support for IMDSv2
* Fri Nov 20 2020
  - (bsc#1178343) `fence_gce` updates to be pulled to the SLE versions
  - Update to version 4.6.0+git.1605185986.7b0f11c1:
    * spec: add pkg-config file, and set version for obsoletes to avoid failing to build on Fedora 33
    * Add pkg-config file
    * fence_scsi: dont write key to device if it's already registered, and open file correctly to avoid using regex against end-of-file
    * fencing: fix run_command() to allow timeout=0 to mean forever
    * fencing: fix to make timeout(s)=0 be treated as forever for agents using pexpect
    * Add a fence_crosslink agent
    * fencing: fix power-timeout when using new disable-timeout parameter
    * spec: make telnet a weak dependency
  - remove patch contained by the update:
    - 0001-Update-fence_aliyun.xml.patch
    - gcp-vpc-move-disable-google-api-cache-discovery.patch
    - fence_vmware_rest-improve-exception-handling-in-send_command.patch
* Thu Apr 30 2020 Peter Varkoly <>
  - Disable cache discovery for "gcp-vpc-move-route" resource agent
  - fence_vmware_rest Failed: 'error' object does not support indexing
  - Included following upstream patch:
* Thu Sep 12 2019 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1150504 - aliyun: Include the latest fixes upstream on the
    Alibaba Cloud fence-agent.
    add patches
* Mon Jul 01 2019 Diego Vinicius Akechi <>
  - White list the aliyun fence agent to get it included and provided
    by the fence-agent package (bsc#1139913)
* Wed Jun 12 2019
  - Split fence_amt_ws into separate package due to licence incompatibility:
    * Apache-2.0 is not compatible with GPL-2.0
  - Update to version 4.4.0+git.1558595666.5f79f9e9:
    * fence_scsi: detect node ID using new format, and fallback to old format before failing
    * fence_rhevm: fix debug encoding issues (bsc#1137314) (CVE-2019-10153)
    * fence_mpath: import ctypes to fix watchdog hardreboot
    * fence_rhevm: add RHEV v4 API support and auto-detection
    * fence_azure_arm: use skip_shutdown feature when available
    * fence_ipmilan: Add ipmitool timeout option
    * fence_redfish: add headers to HTTP methods
    * fence_gce: fix Python 3 encoding issue
    * fence_pve: add support for sending reset command to qemu machines (#261)
    * fencing: improve stdin parse function
    * fence_redfish: backwards compatibility for <ip>:<port>
* Mon Feb 18 2019
  - Update to version 4.2.1+git.1550476590.98767d24:
    * fence_redfish: use "ipport" parameter and improve logging (fate#320898)
    * Changed Encoding to UTF-8 (bsc#1137314) (CVE-2019-10153)
    * fence_redfish: fail when using invalid cert without --ssl-insecure (fate#320898)
    * Removed unnecessary variable assignments to simplify code
    * fence_scsi: watchdog retries support
    * Renamed variable to avoid reusing variable name
    * Replaced default port 443 with default ssl enabled option
    * Changed reboot type to ForceRestart
    * Modify power status check
    * Added run_delay()
    * Updated fence_redfish.xml with make xml-upload (fate#320898)
    * Add new fence agent for Redfish (fate#320898)
    * build: fix issues with newer autoconf versions
    * build: fix if-redirection to make check_used_options run for the agents as intended
    * Fix 'log_expect' in
    * fence_scsi: fix incorrect SCSI key when node ID is 10 or higher
    * fence_openstack: add detection of keystoneauth1 library
    * check_used_options: add Python 3 support, and detect unsupported has_key()-calls
    * fence_openstack: Migrate from keystoneclient to keystoneauth1
    * fence_openstack: fix missing version parameter in novaclient.Client() call
    * fence_openstack: fix configure library detection and add try/except for imports
    * fence_kdump: add validate-all action
    * fence_compute/fence_evacuate: domain parameter fixes to avoid regressions
* Wed Sep 26 2018
  - Update to version 4.2.1+git.1537269352.7b1fd536:
    * fence_vmware_soap: cleanup when receiving SIGTERM
    * fence_cisco_ucs: encode POSTFIELDS
    * Update fence_rcd_serial to correct vendor URL
    * fence_aliyun: correct indentation for *key in help
    * fence_aliyun: list instance names and show up to 100 instances (fate#326557)
    * fence-rhevm: improve error reporting.
    * fence_impilan/fence_ilo_ssh: iLO5-support
    * fence_rhevm: improve indentation and metadata
    * fence_compute/fence_evacuate/fence_rhevm: dont use has_key (not supported in Python 3)
    * fence_rhevm fixing help for plug param
    * fence_kdump: fix strncpy issue
    * fence_evacuate: fix evacuable tag mix issue
* Thu Aug 09 2018
  - Update to version 4.2.1+git.1532964592.3ae5b58e:
    * fence_aliyun: Add Aliyun fence agent. (fate#326557)
    * fence_gce: add power cycle as default method
    * fence_gce: set project and zone as not required
    * fence_gce: add support for stackdriver logging
    * fence_ilo3/fence_ipmilan: show correct default method (onoff) in help
    * fence_mpath: add watchdog support
    * fence_amt_ws: create metadata without agent specific libs
  - Drop obsolete patch:
    * Remove 0002-Build-without-openwsman-installed.patch
* Wed Jun 27 2018
  - Unify source package with SLE 12 and Leap 42:
    * fencing: include timestamps when logging to STDERR and debug file (bsc#1049852)
  - Obsoletes the following patches (SLE 12 and Leap 42):
    * 0001-fence_compute-Only-list-nova-compute-services-when-g.patch
    * 0002-fence_compute-Don-t-list-hypervisors-but-nova-comput.patch
    * 0003-fence_compute-Do-not-override-domain-if-it-is-alread.patch
    * 0004-fence_compute-Fix-handling-of-domain-None.patch
    * 0005-fence_compute-Fix-fix_domain-to-not-return-too-early.patch
    * 0006-fence_compute-Fix-fix_plug_name-when-looking-if-plug.patch
    * 0007-fence_compute-Remove-duplicate-check-for-binary-name.patch
    * 0009-fence_compute-Fix-disabling-force_down-on-node-when-.patch
    * 0010-Make-pywsman-dependency-optional.patch
    * 0011-fencing-include-timestamps-when-logging-to-STDERR-an.patch
* Mon Jun 25 2018
  - Unify spec file for python 2 and 3
  - Enable build for python 2
    * Add 0002-Build-without-openwsman-installed.patch
* Wed Jun 20 2018
  - Update to version 4.2.1+git.1529316875.1a39345b:
    * fence_vmware_soap: fix Python 3 suds issue
    * Added python-novaclient and python-keystoneclient in
    * novaclient 1.1 depcrecated, so making changes for novaclient
    * Python keystoneclient also included to pacify CI
    * Changed travis to include pythomn-novaclient
    * Fencing Agent for Openstack
    * fence_scsi: fix python3 encoding error #206
    * fence_ipmilan: add missing fence_ilo3 and fence_ilo4 metadata
    * fence_scsi: match device names using re.MULTILINE to avoid duplicating names in /var/run/cluster/
    * fence_gce: use default credentials from googleapiclient
    * run_command: fix Python 3 encoding issue
  - Drop merged patches:
    * Remove 0002-fence_gce-fix-regression-missing-import-googleapicli.patch
    * Remove 0003-fence_gce-fix-regression-missing-import-oauth2client.patch
    * Remove 0004-fence_gce-use-default-credentials-from-googleapiclie.patch
    * Remove 0005-run_command-fix-Python-3-encoding-issue.patch
  - Enable GCE fence agent for all targets (fate#325539) (bsc#1088358)
  - Enable fence_openstack agent (bsc#1097803)
* Thu May 17 2018
  - run_command: fix Python 3 encoding issue (bsc#1082871)
  - fence_gce: use default credentials from googleapiclient
  - fence_gce: fix regression - missing import oauth2client.client
  - fence_gce: fix regression - missing import googleapiclient.discovery
  - Add 0002-fence_gce-fix-regression-missing-import-googleapicli.patch
  - Add 0003-fence_gce-fix-regression-missing-import-oauth2client.patch
  - Add 0004-fence_gce-use-default-credentials-from-googleapiclie.patch
  - Add 0005-run_command-fix-Python-3-encoding-issue.patch
* Thu Apr 26 2018
  - Update to version 4.0.25+git.1524215631.8f9c770a:
    * fence_gce: Write error messages to log (fate#325539) (bsc#1088358)
    * fence_azure_arm: fix subscriptionId from metadata (bsc#1090995)
    * fence_scsi: fix plug-parameter and keep support for nodename to avoid regressions
* Wed Apr 25 2018
  - Disable Google Compute Engine support unless openSUSE (fate#325539) (bsc#1088358)
* Wed Apr 11 2018
  - Update to version 4.0.25+git.1523367910.7473fab7:
    * Add fence_gce: Google Compute Engine fence support (fate#325539) (bsc#1088358)
    * Low: fence_scsi: Remove period from cmd string
    * fence_compute/fence_evacuate: revert to old parameters
    * fence_azure_arm: implement network-fencing (w/library from @MSSedusch)
    * fence_mpath: Correction of command line which argument is not correctly recognized
    * Mid: fence_docker: Exclude slashes from the list.
    * fence_pve : choose vm type either lxc or qemu
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - Update to version 4.0.25+git.1518188333.853850c3:
    * heuristics_ping: fix for python3 TypeError
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - Update to version 4.0.25+git.1516265527.7ab202cf (bsc#1074000):
    * fence_ilo3: default to onoff
    * fence_compute: Add support for keystone v3 authentication
    * fence_ilo_ssh: fix hard reset
    * fence_vmware_rest: new agent
* Tue Nov 21 2017
  - Recommend openwsman-python3, not python-openwsman (bsc#1069137)
* Wed Nov 01 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.25+git.1509350522.8d6f8530 (bsc#1065966):
    * Use Python 3 for all scripts
    * compute: Fix unfencing and ensure fencing occurs in partial up/down states
    * compute: Split out evacation functionality
    * compute: Handle differences in Nova API argument passing
    * fence_zvm: fix "uintptr_t" undeclared
    * fence_ifmib: fix README typo(s)
  - Add patch:
    * 0001-Use-Python-3-for-all-scripts-bsc-1065966.patch
  - Remove merged patches:
    * 0001-fence_compute-Only-list-nova-compute-services-when-g.patch
    * 0002-fence_compute-Don-t-list-hypervisors-but-nova-comput.patch
    * 0003-fence_compute-Do-not-override-domain-if-it-is-alread.patch
    * 0004-fence_compute-Fix-handling-of-domain-None.patch
    * 0005-fence_compute-Fix-fix_domain-to-not-return-too-early.patch
    * 0006-fence_compute-Fix-fix_plug_name-when-looking-if-plug.patch
    * 0007-fence_compute-Remove-duplicate-check-for-binary-name.patch
    * 0009-fence_compute-Fix-disabling-force_down-on-node-when-.patch
* Sat Sep 09 2017
  - Move to python3
* Tue Aug 29 2017
  - Remove deprecated agents
    * Remove fence_ovh
    * Remove fence_drac
    * Remove fence_vmware_soap
  - Drop build dependency on python-suds
  - Update package description
* Mon Aug 28 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.25+git.1501671877.7bae40a0:
    * fence_ipmilan: add target support
    * Explicitly use version 3 of the oVirt API
    * fence_rhevm: fix "--api-path must not have an argument" issue
    * Convert URLs passed to pycurl to ASCII
    * fence_vbox: Add support for host on MacOS
    * fence_vbox: Add support for Windows host
    * fence_compute: fix to avoid breaking nova
    * fence_ipmilan: fix target support
    * fence_vmware_soap: fix for selfsigned certificate
    * fence_ipmilan: Add support for hexadecimal format of Kg key
    * fence_azure_arm: fix hardcoded path
    * fence_azure_arm: remove release/build info
    * fence_ipmilan: Fix inconsistency between help and manual page (defalt for --method)
    * fence_scsi: add FIPS support
    * fence_ipmilan: fix indentation
    * fencing_snmp: fix timemout typo
  - Drop outdated patch:
    * 0010-Make-pywsman-dependency-optional.patch
* Tue Feb 14 2017
  - Downgrade some agent-specific dependencies to recommends (bsc#1025149)
    * Add 0010-Make-pywsman-dependency-optional.patch
* Wed Feb 01 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.25+git.1485179354.eb43835:
    * Ironic fence agent
    * fencing: Add --quiet option to disable logging to stderr
    * fence_powerman: fix typo in option powerman-path
    * fence_cisco_ucs: Commands sent to Cisco UCS are changed to
  - Drop merged patch:
    * Remove 0008-Fix-travis.patch
* Thu Dec 01 2016
  - Update to version 4.0.24+git.1480563949.e67fcd4:
    * fence_azure_arm: add fencing agent for Azure Resource Manager
    * fence_lpar: Add support for IVM
    * fence_lpar: Handle exceptions when invalid output is read
    * fence_zvmip: Update XML metadata
    * fence_compute: fix ConnectionError by using full module name
    * fence_powerman: add fence agent for powerman
    * Suppress InsecureRequestWarning when ssl_insecure is given
    * compute: Correctly handle installations without tagged flavours
    * compute: Use the best available nova API version
    * compute: correctly implement 'on' when the force-down API call is available
    * compute: Correctly identify when the nodename already includes the supplied domain
    * compute: Ensure we can connect to nova when fixing the plug name
    * compute: Simpler check for nova force down compatibility
  - Rebase and remove merged patches:
    * Remove 0001-fence_compute-Create-nova-client-with-API-2.11.patch
    * Remove 0002-fence_compute-Keep-compatibility-with-python-novacli.patch
    * Remove 0003-fence_compute-Only-list-nova-compute-services-when-g.patch
    * Remove 0004-fence_compute-Don-t-list-hypervisors-but-nova-comput.patch
    * Remove 0005-fence_compute-Do-not-override-domain-if-it-is-alread.patch
    * Remove 0006-fence_compute-Fix-use-of-undefined-variable.patch
    * Remove 0007-fence_compute-Fix-fix_domain-to-not-return-too-early.patch
    * Remove 0008-fence_compute-Fix-fix_plug_name-when-looking-if-plug.patch
    * Add 0001-fence_compute-Only-list-nova-compute-services-when-g.patch
    * Add 0002-fence_compute-Don-t-list-hypervisors-but-nova-comput.patch
    * Add 0003-fence_compute-Do-not-override-domain-if-it-is-alread.patch
    * Add 0004-fence_compute-Fix-handling-of-domain-None.patch
    * Add 0005-fence_compute-Fix-fix_domain-to-not-return-too-early.patch
    * Add 0006-fence_compute-Fix-fix_plug_name-when-looking-if-plug.patch
    * Add 0007-fence_compute-Remove-duplicate-check-for-binary-name.patch
    * Add 0008-Fix-travis.patch
* Fri Aug 26 2016
  - Update to version 4.0.24:
    * Improve obtaining status on Cisco UCS devices
    * Fix issues with symlink installations
    * Fix documentation for fence_scsi and fence_mpath
* Thu Jun 30 2016
  - Update to version 4.0.23:
    * A lot of changes in fence_compute (OpenStack compute instance)
    * Obtain status of nodes from Cisco UCS correctly
    * New fence agent for AMT using openwsman
    * Python3 support
    * Fence agent for PVE can be used by non-root users
    * Parallel building and testing of fence agents
    * Fix occasional failures of APC fence agent
  - Updated fence_compute patch set:
    - Add 0001-fence_compute-Create-nova-client-with-API-2.11.patch
    - Add 0002-fence_compute-Keep-compatibility-with-python-novacli.patch
    - Add 0003-fence_compute-Only-list-nova-compute-services-when-g.patch
    - Add 0004-fence_compute-Don-t-list-hypervisors-but-nova-comput.patch
    - Add 0005-fence_compute-Do-not-override-domain-if-it-is-alread.patch
    - Add 0006-fence_compute-Fix-use-of-undefined-variable.patch
    - Add 0007-fence_compute-Fix-fix_domain-to-not-return-too-early.patch
    - Add 0008-fence_compute-Fix-fix_plug_name-when-looking-if-plug.patch
    - Add 0009-fence_compute-Fix-disabling-force_down-on-node-when-.patch
    - Remove 0001-fence_compute-Add-insecure-command-line-argument.patch
    - Remove 0002-fence_compute-Add-region-name-command-line-argument.patch
    - Remove 0003-fence_compute-Create-nova-client-with-API-2.11.patch
    - Remove 0004-fence_compute-Fix-disabling-force_down-on-node-when-.patch
    - Remove 0005-fence_compute-Evacuate-instances-on-all-tenants.patch
    - Remove 0006-fence_compute-On-list-don-t-list-hypervisors-but-nov.patch
    - Remove 0007-fence_compute-Only-list-nova-compute-services-when-g.patch
    - Remove 0008-fence_compute-Deprecate-the-domain-option.patch
* Mon Feb 22 2016
  - Update to version 4.0.22+git.1455008135.15c5e92:
    + fence_cisco_ucs: Obtain status of device from different endpoint
    + fence_cisco_ucs: Add --missing-as-off
  - Backport fence_compute (fate#320346) (bsc#964748)
  - Patches for fence_compute (fate#320346) (bsc#964748)
    - fence_compute: Add --insecure command line argument
    - fence_compute: Add --region-name command line argument
    - fence_compute: Create nova client with API 2.11
    - fence_compute: Fix disabling force_down on node when action is on
    - fence_compute: Evacuate instances on all tenants
    - fence_compute: On list, don't list hypervisors but nova-compute services
    - fence_compute: Only list nova-compute services when getting status
    - fence_compute: Deprecate the domain option
  - Add 0001-fence_compute-Add-insecure-command-line-argument.patch
  - Add 0002-fence_compute-Add-region-name-command-line-argument.patch
  - Add 0003-fence_compute-Create-nova-client-with-API-2.11.patch
  - Add 0004-fence_compute-Fix-disabling-force_down-on-node-when-.patch
  - Add 0005-fence_compute-Evacuate-instances-on-all-tenants.patch
  - Add 0006-fence_compute-On-list-don-t-list-hypervisors-but-nov.patch
  - Add 0007-fence_compute-Only-list-nova-compute-services-when-g.patch
  - Add 0008-fence_compute-Deprecate-the-domain-option.patch
* Wed Jan 27 2016
  - Package fence_dummy in fence-agents-devel package
  - Clean up package
* Wed Jan 13 2016
  - Update to 4.0.22:
    * New fence agent for VirtualBox
    * A lot of changes in fence_compute (OpenStack)
    * Re-enable fence_zvm
    * Support for APC firmware v6.x
    * Add hard-reboot option for fence_scsi_check script
    * Add option for setting Docker Remote API version
    * Fix HP Brocade fence agent (timeout settings, deprecated options)
    * New action 'diag' for fence_ipmi
* Mon Oct 12 2015
  - Update to 4.0.21:
    * Documentation of new actions in manual pages is improved
    * Tests were improved and Travis CI is now used for every push
    * fence_virsh has new option --missing-as-off to support older XEN hosts
    * fence_ilo(2) now automatically attempts to use TLS1.0 if it is not
      possible to connect via SSLv3
    * fence_mpath re-create SCSI keys after reboot, monitoring of devices
      were improved too
* Tue Aug 11 2015
  - Update to 4.0.20:
    * In some cases password string was expected twice what lead to 'Unable
      to login'
    * New fence agent fence_rcd_serial for DYI fence device (look at ; thanks to Sam McLeod)
    * Fence_pve should default to SSL (thanks to Thomas Lamprecht)
    * Fixes nroff error for fence_virsh (thanks to Adrian Vondendriesch)
    * Improve monitoring for fence_scsi
    * Fixes for devices which do not have port and obtaining status is not
    * fence_ipmilan no longer print password to debug info
    * Possibility to do force-ON even if device is already ON
    * Possibility to declare that device does not have ON or OFF (usually
      only reboot works)
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - Update to 4.0.19:
    * New fence agent for Nova compute machines (thanks to Andrew
      Beekhof and Fabio)
    * Fixed issues with whitespaces in few fence agents (thanks to
      Christoph Berg)
    * User of RHEV-M can have less privileges with updated
      fence_rhevm (thanks to Rik Theys)
    * Verbose output now captures also text before command prompt is
    * Support for HP Integrity Superdome X was added to fence_hpblade
      (thanks to Han Pilmeyer)
    * Fence agent for IBM z/VM now uses API that require less resource
      of device
* Wed Jun 10 2015
  - Update to 4.0.18:
    * fence_scsi has now implemented action 'monitor'
      (thanks to John Ruemker)
    * fence_scsi is now able to unfence devices added later
      (thanks to John Ruemker)
    * simplification of code thanks to auto-generation of help texts
    * when 'name' is entered on STDIN instead of 'name=value', warning
      is generated
* Tue Apr 07 2015
  - Update to 4.0.17:
    * HP iLO2 with firmware 2.27 has broken implementation of TLS negotation
      and SSLv3 is disabled by default (POODLE attack). Options --tls1.0
      (tls1.0 on stdin) was added to force using TLS v1.0. This options allows
      users to use that firmware with fence agents.
    * Fence agent for AMT password was not put correctly into environment.
    * Fix login process on bladecenter where 'last login' can occur in
      message of the day what mislead fence agent.
    * Cipher for fence_ipmilan was previously set to 0. It was found out
      that this not good default value, we will use default value (3) of
      ipmitool instead.
* Mon Mar 09 2015
  - Update to 4.0.16:
    * fence_kdump has implemented 'monitor' action that check if local node
      is capable of working with kdump
    * path to smnp(walk|get|set) can be set at runtime
    * new operation 'validate-all' for majority of agents that checks if
      entered parameters are sufficient without connecting to fence
      device. Be aware that some checks can be done only after we receive
      information from fence device, so these are not tested.
    * new operation 'list-status' that present CSV output (plug_number,
      plug_alias, plug_status) where status is ON/OFF/UNKNOWN
* Mon Feb 09 2015
  - Update to 4.0.15:
    * Tripp Lite PDUs are now supported by fence_tripplite_snmp (symlink to
    * Default values in metadata sometimes differ to those actually used,
      this is fixed now
    * improvements in testing
  - Remove patch: 0001-Avoid-problem-with-broken-make-variable-expansion.patch
* Wed Jan 07 2015
  - Update to 4.0.14:
    * fence_zvmip for IBM z/VM is rewritten to Python
    * new fence agent for Emerson devices
    * fix invalid default ports for fence_eps and fence_amt
    * properly escape XML in other fields of metadata
    * a lot of refactoring and cleaning
* Mon Dec 15 2014
  - Update to 4.0.13:
    * new fence agent based on mpathpersist that offers better handling of
      multipath devices
    * improve support of fence_ilo_ssh on older firmwares
    * required packages are also required by autoconf during build time
    * fence_zvm now supports action 'monitor' (thanks to Neale Ferguson)
    * introduce --gnutlscli-path --sudo-path --ssh-path and --telnet-path;
      they are no longer hard-coded
    * order of XML parameters or options in --help is more stable now
    * fence_cisco_ucs did not set protocol prefix correctly with
    - -ssl-(in)secure
    * logging to syslog now works correctly also with \x00 as input
  - Add patch: 0001-Avoid-problem-with-broken-make-variable-expansion.patch
* Thu Oct 16 2014
  - Update to 4.0.12:
    * new up-to-date wiki page with STDIN / command line arguments
    * Fence agent fence_pve now supports --ssl-secure and --ssl-insecure
    (check certificate or not)
    * Fence agent for RHEV-M supports cookie based authentication
    * improvements in build system
    * Fix issue with regular expression in fence_rsb
    * Fix uninitialized EOL in fence_wti
  - Remove backported patches:
    - 0001-fence_brocade-Add-support-for-list-action.patch
    - 0002-fencing-Monitor-is-not-working-correctly-without-lis.patch
    - 0003-fence_apc_snmp-Add-support-for-firmware-6.x.patch
    - 0004-fence_zvm-Add-support-for-on-and-status.patch
    - 0005-fence_zvm-Add-current-XML-metadata-to-test-suite.patch
    - 0006-build-Fix-automake-files-so-make-distcheck-works.patch
    - 0007-fencing-Add-new-options-ssl-secure-and-ssl-insecure.patch
    - 0008-tests-Update-XML-metadata-of-fence-agents.patch
    - 0009-fence_cisco_ucs-fence_vmware_soap-Logout-has-to-be-p.patch
    - 0010-fence_zvm-Fixes-for-better-upstream-inclusion.patch
    - 0011-fence_zvm-Add-support-for-on-improve-documentation.patch
    - 0012-fence_rhevm-Use-https-prefix-also-with-ssl-secure-an.patch
    - 0013-fence_apc-shell-timeout-was-used-instead-of-power-ti.patch
    - 0014-fence_rsb-Fix-62d90e3a0827fcdc5be632bdf4103d3c08b396.patch
    - 0015-fence_wti-Fix-invalid-eol.patch
    - 0016-fence_pve-Add-support-for-ssl-secure-and-ssl-insecur.patch
* Mon Oct 13 2014
  - Backport security and bug fixes (bnc#900879) (CVE-2014-0104)
    - fence_rhevm: Use https:// prefix also with --ssl-secure and --ssl-insecure
    - fence_apc: --shell-timeout was used instead of --power-timeout
    - fence_rsb: Fix 62d90e3a0827fcdc5be632bdf4103d3c08b39622
    - fence_wti: Fix invalid "eol"
    - fence_pve: Add support for --ssl-secure and --ssl-insecure
  - Added patches:
    - 0012-fence_rhevm-Use-https-prefix-also-with-ssl-secure-an.patch
    - 0013-fence_apc-shell-timeout-was-used-instead-of-power-ti.patch
    - 0014-fence_rsb-Fix-62d90e3a0827fcdc5be632bdf4103d3c08b396.patch
    - 0015-fence_wti-Fix-invalid-eol.patch
    - 0016-fence_pve-Add-support-for-ssl-secure-and-ssl-insecur.patch



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