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drbd-9.0.22~1+git.fe2b5983-lp152.2.12.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 updates for x86_64

Name: drbd Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 9.0.22~1+git.fe2b5983 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.2.12.2 Build date: Wed Apr 21 15:13:19 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host: cloud121
Size: 46164 Source RPM: drbd-9.0.22~1+git.fe2b5983-lp152.2.12.2.src.rpm
Summary: Linux driver for the "Distributed Replicated Block Device"
DRBD is a distributed replicated block device. It mirrors a block
device over the network to another machine. Think of it as networked
raid 1. It is a building block for setting up clusters.






* Fri Mar 26 2021 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1183970, disconnect when invalid dual primaries
    Add patch disconnect-invalid-two-primaries.patch
* Tue Nov 03 2020 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1178388, build error with -Wreturn-type
    Add patch fix-err-of-wrong-return-type.patch
* Tue Mar 10 2020 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1166298, Update to drbd-9.0.22-1
    * introduce locking to avoid connection retries when UUIDs or
    relevant flags change during the exchange of this data
    * improve serialization of events after loosing a primary
    * fix a constraint in sanitize state that can caused a promote to be
    deliced by some other node
    * fix a case of a false positive detection of a split brain condition
    * allow a resync target to switch to the resync source with less
    bits out of sync
    * fix bitmap UUID after resync to use current UUID from self rather
    than sync source
    * fix pushing bitmap UUID into history when changed
    * fix regression introduced with 9.0.20, that can cause a missed
    resync after a reconciliation resync
    * fix regression introduced with 9.0.20, that can cause a missed
    resync after a promote on a diskless node
    * fix UUID handling in case a node promotes during (a short)
    reconciliation resync
    * fix removing of a diskless node when quorum is enabled
* Tue Feb 25 2020 nick wang <>
  - Update to drbd-9.0.21-1, require coccinelle >= 1.0.8
    * fix compat for write same on linux 4.9 and the Debian users
    * fix kernel compat for linux 4.8 and 4.9; this mainly affected Debian
    users; The symptoms where slow resync and resync getting stuck always at
    the same point
    * enable resync of lost and re-created backing devices (think lost node) when
    the backing device was thinly provisioned and its current uuid is pre-set
    to a 'day0 UUID' (by LINSTOR); that works by copying a unused bitmap slot
    which tracks all changes since day 0
    * fix attach when bitmap is on PMEM; before it was set to
    'all blocks out-of-sync' upon attach
    * avoid doing reconciliation resync multiple times by updating the
    resync target's dagtag after if completed successfully
    * return disk-state from Outdated to UpToDate when it loses connection
    while in WFBitMapT and we have a stable and UpToDate peer
    * new option --force-resync flag can be passed to new-current-uuid, that
    can be used to trigger initial resync without touching the role
  - Remove upstream drbd-update-resync-target-s-dagtag.patch
  - Modify patch suse-coccinelle.patch to adopt spaas
* Fri Jan 03 2020 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1159786, fix build issue against v5.5
    add patch without_pr_warning.patch
* Thu Dec 26 2019 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1159333, back port patch for duplicate resync.
    add patch drbd-update-resync-target-s-dagtag.patch
* Mon Dec 16 2019 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1158446, fix metadata limit due to 64k page size of ppc64le.
    add patch drbd-fix-zero-metadata-limit-by-page-size-misaligned.patch
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Richard Brown <>
  - Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)
* Fri Oct 11 2019 nick wang <>
  - Update to drbd-9.0.20-1
    * fix a case of false split brain detection if a diskless node promotes
    multiple times, by aligning the rules for generating a new current-UUID
    on a diskless nodes with them on a node with disk
    * check if we still have quorum by exchanging a drbd-ping with peers
    before creating new current UUID after loosing one peer
    * fix after weak handling to not interfere with reconciliation resyncs
    * retry connect when one of the relevant flags changes during UUID exchange
    * fix reconciliation resync if one of the secondary got an current-UUID update
    * fix resync to make progress after it was paused by an other resync operation
    * fix false split-brains when a resync source changes current-UUID during
    resync operation
    * fix restore of D_OUTDATED when the resource first only attached and
    then the peer objects are created (in contrast to the usual, new-peer,
    attach, connect)
    * abort creating new current-UUID when writing to meta-data fails in
    the moment where the new-current-UUID should be written
    * removed DRBD marking itself as read-only when secondary; this flag
    was exposed using the BLKROGET ioctl; that should be left to user-land
    use; recent KVM checks that flag, and does not dare auto-promote when
    set by DRBD
    * fix a small memory-leak when creating peer devices
    * fix a possible information leak of kernel memory that pads net-link packets
    * completing implications of "allow-remote-read=no"; i.e.  when not to
    create a new-current-UUID as read-write access to the data set was lost;
    also fail both reads and writes if reads are no longer possible
    * new option value "rr-conflict=retry-connect"; that helps in scenarios with
    quorum where stopping a service takes longer than a temporarily network
    outage and DRBD's reconnect
    * code cleanups, introduced enums for remaining magic numbers
    * new kernel-backward-compatibility framework based on spatch/coccinelle,
    replacing an unmaintainable moloch of C preprocessor hell; Merged the
    complete kernel-compat submodule
    * ships with pre-computed compat-patches for main distros' kernels; in case
    an other kernel is found it tries to use local spatch, if that is not
    installed the build process tries to use a LINBIT hosted web service
    to create the compat patch ("spatch-as-a-service").
    * compat with up to Linux-5.3-rc2
  - Modify patch suse-coccinelle.patch to adopt spaas
* Fri Sep 20 2019 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1151579, fix collinelle default path and always trigger in obs
    Add patch suse-coccinelle.patch
* Tue Sep 17 2019
  - bsc#1146117, disallow dual primaries when not configured.
    Modify patch rely-on-sb-handles.patch
* Tue Sep 10 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Restore higher summary specifity.
  - Drop old-age %clean, %defattr.
* Mon Sep 09 2019 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1149945, update to 8e93a5d93 (drbd-9.0 branch)
    * Coccinelle support
    * compat with up to Linux-5.3
  - Remove patch compat_no_bioset_initialized.patch
* Fri Jul 19 2019
  - Update to 9.0.19-1
    * check on CAP_SYS_ADMIN instead of CAP_NET_ADMIN for certain operations
    * fix detection of unstable resync
    * fix possible stuck resync when resync started from an other secondary
    and later continued from a primary
    * fix NULL dereference with disk-timeout enabled; was introduced in 9.0.9
    * retry connect when own current UUID changes during UUID exchange
    * fix quorum tie-breaker diskless logic for settings other than "majority"
    * disable quorum tie-breaker for 0 voters
    * fix dax_direct_access() error return check
    * fix resync stuck at near completion; bug was intorduces with 9.0.17
    * unblock IO when on-quorum-lost policy is changed (suspend -> io-error)
    * introduce allow-remote-read configuration option; set it to "no" for
    DR links you only want to write, but never read
    * only complain about UUID changes during initial handshake
* Tue May 28 2019
  - Upgrade to 9.0.18-1
    * Fix an IO deadlock under memory pressure
    * Fix disconnect timing in case the network connection suddenly
    drops all packets
    * Fix some misbehavior that surfaced with Ahead/Behind
    * Fix potential spinlock deadlock in IRQ
    * Minor fixes: forget-peer, _rcu iterators
    * Quickly stop resync during AHEAD/BEHIND by introducing new
    packet for that purpose.
    * The quorum feature can now use the connectivity to
    the majority of Diskless nodes as tiebreaker
    * Access meta-data using DAX if it is on persistent memory
    (NVDIMM or PMEM); For write intense workloads this is a x2 to x4 speedup!
  - Remove patch fix-make-error.patch since merged into upstream(46e8e3fc)
* Fri Mar 22 2019
  - Upgrade to 9.0.17-1
    * Fix UUID handling of a diskless primary that has not peer with
    usable data may not touch the current UUID
    * Fix resync-after dependencies; cross-resource dependencies
    and missing resources
    * Fix resync when the sync source suddenly connects to a more recent
    data set via an other connection and becomes sync target on that
    other connection; pause first resync; fix wrong display of negative
    resync progress percentage in this case
    * Fix volume numbers between 32767 and 65534
    * Fix the data integrity implementation; it was broken since drbd-9.0
    and reported only false positives
    * Fix for a corner-case when a promote action happens concurrently with
    a reconciliation resync
    * Improve resync code to be able to fully utilize fast storage
    backend devices and fast networks with resync traffic; as a side
    effect the settling time of the resync controller got shorter in
    for most cases
    * Show in the user-visible message who the opener is if if demote/down
    fails doe to someone holding a drbd device open
    * docker file for a "load drbd module container" and allow to disable
    user-mode-helpers, which is necessary for this container
  - Add patch fix-make-error.patch for build error of make against TW.
* Thu Jan 10 2019
  - bsc#1118732, split brain handles malfunction when 2 primaries.
  - Add patch rely-on-sb-handlers.patch
* Mon Dec 10 2018
  - bsc#1118841, kernel compatible issue.
    Have bioset_init but no bioset_initialized
  - Add patch compat_no_bioset_initialized.patch
    Remove patch compat_have_mempool_init.patch
* Wed Nov 21 2018
  - bsc#1116820, kernel compatible issue of sle15sp1
  - Add patch compat_have_mempool_init.patch
* Fri Oct 26 2018
  - bsc#1115606, Update to 9.0.16-1
    * Fix regression (introduced with 9.0.15) in handling request timeouts
    * Fix a possible distributed loop when establishing a connection
    * Fix a corner case in case a resync "overtakes" an other one
    * Fix clearing of the PRIMARY_LOST_QUORUM flag
    * Check peers before generating new current UUID after loosing a node
    * In case the locally configured address of a connection is not
    available keep on retrying until it comes back
* Mon Jul 23 2018
  - Update to 9.0.15-1
    * fix tracking of changes (on a secondary) against the lost disk of a
    primary and also fix re-attaching in case the disk is replaced
    * fix live migrate of VMs on DRBD when migrated to/from diskless nodes
    * fix an IO deadlock in DRBD when the activity log on a secondary runs
    * fix hanging demote after IO error followed by attaching the disk
    again and the corresponding resync
    * fix DRBD dopping connection after an IO error on the secondary node
    * improve details when online changing devices from diskless to with
    disk and vice versa. (Including peers freeing bitmap slots)
    * new module parameter to disable support for older protocol versions
    * improve details when online changing devices from diskless to with disk
    * remove no longer relevant compat tests
    * expose openers via debugfs
    * optimize IO submit code path
    * compat for v4.18 kernel
* Thu May 03 2018
  - Update to 9.0.14-1
    * fix regression in 9.0.13: call after-split-brain-recovery
    handlers no auto-recovery strategies (not even the default:
    disconnect) would be applied, nodes would stay connected
    and all nodes would try to become the source of the resync.
    * fix spurious temporary promotion failure: if after Primary
    loss failover happened too quickly, transparently retry internally.
    * fixup recently introduced P_ZEROES to actually work as intended
    * fix online-verify to account for skipped blocks; otherwise,
    it won't notice that it has finished, apparently being stuck
    near "100% done"
    * expose more resync and online-verify statistics and details
    * improve accounting of "in-flight" data and resync requests
    * allow taking down an already useless minor device during "down",
    even if it is (temporarily) opened by for example udev scanning
    * fix for a node staying "only" Consistent and not returning
    to UpToDate in certain scenarios when fencing is enabled
    * fix data generation UUID propagate during resync
    * compat for upstream kernels up to v4.17
* Sun Apr 08 2018
  - bsc#1090167, Update to 9.0.13-1
    * abort a resync if a resync source becomes weakly and the sync
    targetis a neighbor of the primary
    * fix UUID handling with multiple diskless nodes
    * When a data-set gets into contact with an all diskless cluster,
    make sure to either set it to "Consistent" or reject the attach
    * correctly handle when a node that was marked as intentional
    diskless should get a disk
    * fix outdating of weakly connected nodes
    * made returning from Ahead to SyncSource more reliable
    * fix a hard to trigger deadlock in the receiver
    * fix online resize in the presence of two or more diskless nodes
    * fix online add of volumes to diskless nodes when it already has
    established connections
    * Set the SO_KEEPALIVE socket option on data sockets
    * automatically solve a specific split brain when quorum is enabled
    * Compat: Added support for kernels up to v4.15.x
    * new wire packet P_ZEROES a cousin of P_DISCARD, following the
    kernel as it introduced separated BIO ops for writing zeros
    and discarding
    * compat workaround for two RHEL 7.5 idiosyncrasies regarding
    refcount_t and struct nla_policy
  - Remove patch support-timer-setup.patch. Upstream fix 74b1cbb274
* Sun Feb 11 2018
  - bsc#1080458, enable build with kernel-rt on x86_64.
  - bsc#1080459, support build against 4.15.0.
    setup_timer() change to timer_setup()
  - Add patch support-timer-setup.patch
* Wed Jan 24 2018
  - bsc#1077318, Update to 9.0.12
    * Fix a race condition in the device_open code path that can cause an
    internal counter to go negative
  - Update to 9.0.11
    * Fix bug in compat code: Without this fix large bios are not split.
* Wed Dec 06 2017
  - bsc#1074169, Update to 9.0.10-1
    * Fix resync of two secondary nodes in the presence of
    a 3rd node that is primary (maybe with disk or diskless);
    Fixed the race condition that caused the resync to sometimes not terminate
    * Improve connection behavior with autopromote enable one node Primary and
    udev present.
    * Fix in memory alignment of DRBD's struct bio.
    * Improve the quorum implementation, so that is works nicely with for the
    purpose of replacing fencing with quorum in a Pacemaker setup.
    * Ensure compatibility with upstream Linux kernel 4.14
  - Remove patch reproducible.patch
* Fri Nov 17 2017
  - bsc#1068587, add build request libelf-devel to build.
* Wed Oct 11 2017
  - bsc#1062749, disable buildrt against SLE15 x86_64 temporarily.
    This change will be removed when rt is ready.
* Fri Oct 06 2017
  - bsc#1061981, update to 9.0.9
    * fix occasionally forgotten resyncs in installations where
    diskless primaries are present.
    * fix an issue that causes unexpected split-brain upon connect.
    * in a cluster with a diskless primary, when a server goes away,
    and is not outdated, outdate it upon reconnect.
    * fix update of exposed data UUID on diskless primaries.
    * fix a possible OOPS when in a debug message regarding bitmap
    * fix discard bigger than 1MiB
    * fix left over bits in bitmap on SyncSource after resync
    * fix peers becoming unexpectedly displayed as D_OUTDATED at the
    end of a resync
    * fix a race between auto promote and auto demote of multiple volumes
    in a single resource
    * Speed up down of many resources by using call_rcu() instead
    of synchronize_rcu()
    * Make it compatible with the soon to be released 4.13 kernel
  - Modify reproducible.patch since part of the patch is merged
* Wed Jul 19 2017
  - Add reproducible.patch to sort file lists (boo#1041090)
    and to override build date (boo#1047218) to fix build-compare
* Wed Jun 14 2017
  - bsc#1045473, update to 9.0.8
    fix a race condition between adding connections and receiving data
    fix a OOPS on a diskfull node when a request from a diskless node
    fix a distributed deadlock when doing a discard/write-same burst
    fix an issue with diskless nodes adopting wrong current UUIDs
    fix wrongly rejected two-phase-state transactions
    fix initial resync, triggered by "--force primary"(regression 9.0.7)
    Speed-up AL-updates with bio flags REQ_META and REQ_PRIO
    Merged changes from 8.4.10 and with that compatibility with Linux-4.12
  - Remove patch fix-initial-sync-stop.patch
  - Fix the license to GPL-2.0+
* Thu May 25 2017
  - bsc#1038852, fix initial sync not triggered
    add patch fix-initial-sync-stop.patch
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - Update to 9.0.7
    Using 9.0.7rc2 for upgrading from rc1...
  - bsc#1028124, fix kernel compat
  - Fix a potenial split brain
  - Change the drbd-utils requirement to 8.9.11
* Fri Mar 24 2017
  - Update to 9.0.7rc1
  - various fixes to the 2-phase-commit online resize
    fix fencing and disk state trasition and from consistent, necessary
    for crm-fence-peer
    fix calculation of authoritative nodes
    Quorum to avoid data divergence, an alternative to fencing
    Compat with Linux 4.10
  - Remove patch drbd_wrapper-Blank-out-WRITE_SYNC-warning-for-new-ke.patch
  - Add fix-resync-finished-with-syncs-have-bits-set.patch for bsc#1025089
  - Including the compatible fix of bsc#1031299
* Mon Mar 06 2017
  - Compability fixes for SLE12 SP3 (bsc#993388, FATE#321732)
  - Add patch drbd_wrapper-Blank-out-WRITE_SYNC-warning-for-new-ke.patch
* Thu Feb 16 2017
  - bsc#1025585, upgrade to 9.0.6
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - Excluded openSUSE from RT KMP build (bsc#1005578)
* Sat Nov 19 2016
  - Enabled RT KMP build (bsc#1005578)
* Mon Oct 24 2016
  - bsc#1006176, compat with kernel 4.8 with 9.0.5
* Mon Oct 24 2016
  - Upgrade 9.0.2 to 9.0.5
  - Remove patch compat-4.7-9902af79-i_mutex.patch
    Remove patch compat-4.7-fe8fb75e-blk_queue_write_cache.patch
    Remove patch compat-4.7-50225243-kill-nla_put_u64.patch
    Remove patch compat-4.7-1dee3f59-align-nla-u64.patch
    Remove patch drbd-buildcompare.patch
    Remove patch kernel-4.5-compat.patch
    Remove patch temp.patch
* Wed Jun 08 2016
  - bsc#983633, upgrade to ver9.0.2 to build against kernel 4.6/4.7
  - Add patch compat-4.7-9902af79-i_mutex.patch
  - Add patch compat-4.7-fe8fb75e-blk_queue_write_cache.patch
  - Add patch compat-4.7-50225243-kill-nla_put_u64.patch
  - Add patch compat-4.7-1dee3f59-align-nla-u64.patch
* Fri Apr 08 2016
  - Compat with kernel 4.5
  - Add patch kernel-4.5-compat.patch
* Mon Mar 07 2016
  - Remove timstamp from binaries
    Add patch drbd-buildcompare.patch
* Mon Mar 07 2016
  - Update to release drbd-9.0.1
  - Depend on drbd-utils >= 8.9.6
* Mon Nov 30 2015
  - Update to released drbd-9.0.0
  - Remove patch 0001-Support-zeroout-device-in-initial-sync.patch
  - Remove patch update-to-8.4.6-5.patch
  - Remove patch rename-GFP_WAIT-to-GFP_RECLAIM.patch
  - Remove patch new-bio-struct.patch
* Fri Nov 20 2015
  - BSC#955968, support GFP_RECLAIM in kernel4.4
  - Add rename-GFP_WAIT-to-GFP_RECLAIM.patch
* Thu Oct 22 2015
  - BSC#950477, support new bio struct in kernel4.3
  - Add new-bio-struct.patch
* Fri Oct 16 2015
  - BSC#950477, update to 8.4.6-5 to fix bdi congested.
  - Rename 0001-drbd-Support-zeroout-device-in-initial-sync.patch
    to 0001-Support-zeroout-device-in-initial-sync.patch
  - Add update-to-8.4.6-5.patch
* Fri Sep 25 2015
  - BSC#947460, add rcdrbd symlink.
* Wed Aug 19 2015
  - Fate#317940, merge patch set into one patch.
  - Support zeroout/discard-devices instead of zap-devices
  - New feature flag FF_DISCARD
  - Add patch 0001-drbd-Support-zeroout-device-in-initial-sync.patch
  - Remove old patch set:
    Patch 0000-cover-letter-fate317940.patch
    Patch 0001-drbd-Fix-the-wrong-logic-of-moving-history.patch
    Patch 0002-drbd-Add-options-zap_devices-to-new-current-uuid.patch
    Patch 0003-drbd-A-function-to-zero-out-drbd-backing-device.patch
    Patch 0004-drbd-New-packet-P_ZERO_OUT.patch
    Patch 0005-drbd-Functions-to-notify-peer-node-to-start.patch
    Patch 0006-drbd-Wapper-for-zeroing-out-device-by-worker.patch
    Patch 0007-drbd-Flags-for-background-drbd-device-work.patch
    Patch 0008-drbd-Function-to-work-with-packet-P_ZERO_OUT.patch
    Patch 0009-drbd-Receive-zero-out-command-from-peer-node.patch
    Patch 0010-drbd-Handle-new-current-uuid-zap-devices.patch
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - BSC#939778. Add obsolete of old packages and a description for
    KMP package.
  - Require kernel-source-rt for RT.
* Mon Jul 20 2015
  - Fate#317940. Speed up initial sync by supporting zero out
    Patch 0000-cover-letter-fate317940.patch
    Patch 0001-drbd-Fix-the-wrong-logic-of-moving-history.patch
    Patch 0002-drbd-Add-options-zap_devices-to-new-current-uuid.patch
    Patch 0003-drbd-A-function-to-zero-out-drbd-backing-device.patch
    Patch 0004-drbd-New-packet-P_ZERO_OUT.patch
    Patch 0005-drbd-Functions-to-notify-peer-node-to-start.patch
    Patch 0006-drbd-Wapper-for-zeroing-out-device-by-worker.patch
    Patch 0007-drbd-Flags-for-background-drbd-device-work.patch
    Patch 0008-drbd-Function-to-work-with-packet-P_ZERO_OUT.patch
    Patch 0009-drbd-Receive-zero-out-command-from-peer-node.patch
    Patch 0010-drbd-Handle-new-current-uuid-zap-devices.patch
  - Delete useless patch init-script-fixes.diff
  - ExcludeArch i586 and s390, since user space split into
* Fri Apr 17 2015
  - Update to 8.4.6
  - With DRBD module version 8.4.5, we split out the management tools
    into their own repository. Started out as "drbd-utils version
    8.9.0". To manage DRBD 8.4.5 kernel modules and above, want
    drbd-utils >= 8.9.0
  - fix failing of user space helpers since kernel 3.13. This bug is
    known as 'out of mem, failed to invoke fence-peer helper'
  - fix connection timeouts for resources with multiple volumes
  - fix an issue with DRBD on linux software raid by properly
    remapping bi_bdev
  - fix a (hard to trigger) race condition between promoting to primary
    an connection handshake. In case the bug was hit the Primary got
    stuck in WFBitmapS connection state
  - Fix a NULL deref when resuming IO on a diskless primary
  - Fix compile issues with uncommon architectures
  - improvements to asender performance. With high end backing storage
    and networking equipment you may see IOPS improvements between
    25% to 50%.
  - Highest number on a single drbd seen by LINBIT so far: 160000 IOPS
  - backport of events2 and status commands from drbd9. This allows
    to be DRBD9 compatible starting with this release, and to get used
    to DRBD9 compatible status reporting
  - support for lsblk in drbd
  - Update to 8.4.5
  - fix potential BUG_ON in mempool_alloc for older kernels (<2.6.23)
  - fix cornercase of resync finished detection
  - fix drbd_ldev_destroy to run exactly once and in worker context
  - fix spurious detach/disconnect: don't announce WRITE_SAME
  - fix NULL pointer deref in blk_add_request_payload
  - (DISCARD/TRIM handling in sd)
  - fix regression: potential NULL pointer dereference
  - fix regression: potential list corruption
  - fix regression: potential deadlock in adm functions (drbdsetup)
  - fix regression: /sbin vs /usr/sbin in scripts
  - fix race stopping the worker thread
  - new debugfs presence expose oldest requests and other details
  - userspace moved to own repository
  - linux 3.13 and 3.14 compatibility
  - improve adaptive resync controler
  - reduce bitmap IO during resync
  - allow write-ordering policy to be bumped up again
  - trigger tcp_flush_pending_frames() for PING/PING_ACK
  - fix potential segfault in drbdadm adjust
  - drbdsetup improvements: fix netlink socket buffers; detect
    modprobe failure



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