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nodejs10-devel-10.16.0-lp151.2.3.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 updates for x86_64

Name: nodejs10-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 10.16.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.3.1 Build date: Wed Aug 7 15:13:44 2019
Group: Development/Languages/NodeJS Build host: build83
Size: 777680 Source RPM: nodejs10-10.16.0-lp151.2.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Files needed for development of NodeJS platforms
This package provides development headers for Node.js.






* Mon Jul 29 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - CVE-2019-13173.patch: fix potential file overwrite via hardlink
    in fstream.DirWriter() function (bsc#1140290, CVE-2019-13173)
* Wed May 29 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - New upstream LTS version 10.16.0
    * deps:
      + upgrade npm to 6.9.0
      + upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1b (for SLE-12 based systems)
      + upgrade libuv to 1.28.0 (for SLE-12 based systems)
      + upgrade to libuv 1.28.0
    * events: add once method to use promises with EventEmitter
    * n-api: mark thread-safe function as stable
    * repl: support top-level for-await-of
    * zlib: add brotli support
  - openssl_1_1_1.patch: dropped, no longer needed
  - fix_ci_tests.patch: drop onion handling in DNS, since this depends
    on 3rd party library
  - versioned.patch: refreshed
* Mon May 06 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - openssl_1_1_1.patch: backport fixes for OpenSSL 1.1.1 (bsc#1134208)
  - Require user/group nobody for npm
* Sun Apr 07 2019 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Add _constraints file to avoid OOM errors
* Fri Apr 05 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - flaky_test_rerun.patch: rework patch to account for tests that
    end with an exception and are not actually re-run...
* Wed Mar 06 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - New upstream LTS version 10.15.3
    * http: fix error check in Execute()
    * stream: fix end-of-stream for HTTP/2
  - fix_ci_tests.patch: refreshed
* Thu Feb 28 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - New upstream LTS version 10.15.2
    * http: Further prevention of "Slowloris" attacks on HTTP and HTTPS
    connections by consistently applying the receive timeout set by
    server.headersTimeout to connections in keep-alive mode.
    (CVE-2019-5737, bsc#1127532)
* Fri Feb 01 2019
  - nodejs.keyring: update keyring to today's list as per
* Fri Feb 01 2019
  - New upstream LTS version 10.15.1
    * tls: throw if protocol too long
  - fix_ci_tests.patch: refreshed
* Mon Jan 07 2019
  - New upstream LTS version 10.15.0
    (still bsc#1112438, FATE#326776, FATE#326919):
    * cli: add --max-http-header-size flag
    * http: add maxHeaderSize property
  - Changes in version 10.14.2
    * deps: upgrade to c-ares v1.15.0
    * child_process: handle undefined/null for fork() args
    * http2: make Http2Settings constructors delegate
    * os: fix memory leak in userInfo()
  - fix_ci_tests.patch: refreshed
* Thu Dec 06 2018
  - New upstream LTS version 10.14.1 (still bsc#1112438, FATE#326776):
    * deps: Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1.0j, fixing
      + Timing vulnerability in DSA signature generation
      (bsc#1113652, CVE-2018-0734)
      + Timing vulnerability in ECDSA signature generation
      (bsc#1113651, CVE-2018-0735)
    * http:
      + Headers received by HTTP servers must not exceed 8192 bytes
      in total to prevent possible Denial of Service attacks.
      (bsc#1117626, CVE-2018-12121)
      + A timeout of 40 seconds now applies to servers receiving
      HTTP headers. This value can be adjusted with
      server.headersTimeout. Where headers are not completely
      received within this period, the socket is destroyed on
      the next received chunk. In conjunction
      with server.setTimeout(), this aids in protecting against
      excessive resource retention and possible Denial of Service.
      (bsc#1117627, CVE-2018-12122)
    * url: Fix a bug that would allow a hostname being spoofed when
      parsing URLs with url.parse() with the 'javascript:' protocol.
      (bsc#1117629, CVE-2018-12123)
* Mon Nov 26 2018
  - flaky_test_rerun.patch: Rerun failing tests in case of flakiness
* Tue Oct 30 2018
  - New upstream LTS 10.13.0: (bsc#1112438, FATE#326776)
    * buffer: fix crash for invalid index types
    * deps: fix wrong default for v8 handle zapping
  - env_shebang.patch: dropped
  - skip_test_on_lowmem.patch: skip some build tests on low-memory
    build machines
* Tue Oct 16 2018
  - node-gyp-addon-gypi.patch: patch fixes (bsc#1094617)
* Sun Oct 14 2018
  - add support for runnign valgrind tests during check, disabled
    by default
  - valgrind_fixes.patch: valgrind fixes
* Thu Oct 11 2018
  - New upstream version 10.12.0:
    * cli:
      + The options parser now normalizes _ to - in all multi-word
      command-line flags, e.g. --no_warnings == --no-warnings
      + Added bash completion for the node binary.
      To generate a bash completion script, run node --completion-bash.
    * crypto:
      + Added support for PEM-level encryption.
      + Added an API asymmetric key pair generation.
    * fs: Added a recursive option to fs.mkdir and fs.mkdirSync.
    * http2:
      + Added support for the ORIGIN frame.
      + Added a 'ping' event to Http2Session that is emitted whenever
      a non-ack PING is received.
      + Updated nghttp2 to 1.34.0. This adds RFC 8441 extended
      connect protocol support to allow use of WebSockets over HTTP/2.
    * module: Added module.createRequireFromPath(filename). This
      new method can be used to create a custom require function that
      will resolve modules relative to the filename path.
    * process: Added a 'multipleResolves' process event that
      is emitted whenever a Promise is attempted to be resolved
      multiple times, e.g. if the resolve and reject functions are
      both called in a Promise executor.
    * url: Added url.fileURLToPath(url) and url.pathToFileURL(path)
    * util:
      + Added the sorted option to util.inspect()
      + Added support for BigInt numbers in util.format()
    * V8 API: A number of V8 C++ APIs have been marked as deprecated
    * Workers:
      + Added debugging support for Workers via DevTools protocol
      + The public inspector module is now enabled in Workers.
  - fix_ci_tests.patch: updated
* Fri Oct 05 2018
  - fix_ci_tests.patch: fix unit tests
* Tue Sep 25 2018
  - New upstream version 10.11.0:
    * fs: Fixed fsPromises.readdir withFileTypes.
    * http2: Added http2stream.endAfterHeaders property.
    * util: Added util.types.isBoxedPrimitive(value).
  - 21257.diff: drop the patch in favour of running node compilation
    by redirecting stdio through a FIFO
  - versioned.patch: refreshed
  - fix_ci_tests.patch: explicity disable doc target in unit tests
* Wed Sep 12 2018
  - New upstream version 10.10.0:
    * child_process: TypedArray and DataView values are now accepted as
      input by execFileSync and spawnSync.
    * coverage: Native V8 code coverage information can now be output to
      disk by setting the environment variable NODE_V8_COVERAGE
      to a directory.
    * deps: The bundled npm was upgraded to version 6.4.1.
    * fs:
      + The methods, fs.readSync, fs.write, fs.writeSync,
      fs.writeFile and fs.writeFileSync now all accept TypedArray and
      DataView objects.
      + A new boolean option, withFileTypes, can be passed to
      fs.readdir and fs.readdirSync. If set to true, the methods
      return an array of directory entries. These are objects that
      can be used to determine the type of each entry and filter them
      based on that without calling fs.stat.
    * http2: The http2 module is no longer experimental.
    * os: Added two new methods: os.getPriority and os.setPriority,
      allowing to manipulate the scheduling priority of processes.
    * process: Added process.allowedNodeEnvironmentFlags. This object
      can be used to programmatically validate and list flags that
      are allowed in the NODE_OPTIONS environment variable.
    * src: Deprecated option variables in public C++ API.
    * vm: Added vm.compileFunction, a method to create new JavaScript
      functions from a source body, with options similar to those of
      the other vm methods.
  - 21257.diff: refresh patch (and make it forward apply)
  - versioned.patch, env_shebang.path: refreshed
* Mon Sep 10 2018
  - 21257.diff: Revert an upstream revert that resulted that stdout
    remaining O_NONBLOCK during build process. This resulted in
    build failures.
* Mon Aug 20 2018
  - New upstream release 10.9.0:
    * buffer:
      + Fix out-of-bounds (OOB) write in Buffer.write() for
      UCS-2 encoding (CVE-2018-12115, bsc#1105019)
      + Fix unintentional exposure of uninitialized memory in
      Buffer.alloc() (bsc#1105018, CVE-2018-7166)
    * deps: Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.2p, fixing:
      + Client DoS due to large DH parameter
      (CVE-2018-0732, bsc#1097158)
      + ECDSA key extraction via local side-channel
    * http: http.get() and http.request() (and https variants)
      now accept three arguments to allow for a URL and options object
* Mon Aug 13 2018
  - New upstream release 10.8.0:
    * deps: upgrade npm to 6.2.0
  - Changes in version 10.7.0:
    * console: The console.timeLog() method has been implemented.
    * http: Added support for passing both timeout and agent options
      to http.request.
    * inspector: Expose the original console API in
    * napi: Added experimental support for functions dealing with
      bigint numbers.
    * process:
      + The process.hrtime.bigint() method has been implemented.
      + Added the --title command line argument to set the process
      title on startup.
    * trace_events: Added process_name metadata.
  - icu_small_grouping.patch: upstreamed
  - versioned.patch, env_shebang.patch: refreshed
  - update Jan's description changes for grammar and merge into git
* Sun Jul 29 2018
  - Ensure neutrality of description.
  - Use %make_install.
* Thu Jul 05 2018
  - New upstream release 10.6.0:
    * dns: An experimental promisified version of the dns module is
      now available. Give it a try with require('dns').promises.
    * fs: fs.lchown has been undeprecated now that libuv supports it.
    * lib: Atomics.wake is being renamed to Atomics.notify in the
      ECMAScript specification (reference). Since Node.js now has
      experimental support for worker threads, we are being proactive
      and added a notify alias, while emitting a warning if wake is used.
    * n-api: Add API for asynchronous functions.
    * util: util.inspect is now able to return a result instead of
      throwing when the maximum call stack size is exceeded during
    * vm: Add script.createCachedData(). This API replaces the
      produceCachedData option of the Script constructor that is
      now deprecated
    * worker: Support for relative paths has been added to the Worker
      constructor. Paths are interpreted relative to the current
      working directory.
  - versioned.patch: refreshed
* Fri Jun 22 2018
  - New upstream release 10.5.0:
    * crypto: Support for crypto.scrypt() has been added
    * fs:
      + APIs that take mode as arguments no longer throw on values
      larger than 0o777
      + BigInt support has been added to fs.stat and fs.watchFile
      + Fix crashes in closed event watchers.
    * worker_threads: multi-threading has been added behind the
    - -experimental-worker flag in the worker_threads module.
      This feature is *experimental* and may receive breaking changes
      at any time.
  - npm_search_paths.patch: Fix typo causing npm to not work
* Wed Jun 13 2018
  - New upstream release 10.4.1:
    * Fixes memory exhaustion DoS: Fixes a bug that increases the
      memory consumed when reading from the network into JavaScript
      using the net.Socket object directly as a stream
      (CVE-2018-7164, bsc#1097537)
    * http2:
      + Fixes Denial of Service vulnerability by updating the
      http2 implementation to not crash under certain circumstances
      during cleanup (CVE-2018-7161, bsc#1097404)
      + Unbundled nghttp2 to fix Denial of Service vulnerability
      (CVE-2018-1000168, bsc#1097401)
    * tls: Fixes Denial of Service vulnerability by updating the TLS
      implementation to not crash upon receiving
      (CVE-2018-7162, bsc#1097538)
* Mon Jun 11 2018
  - New upstream release 10.4.0:
    * deps: update V8 to
    * stream: ensure Stream.pipeline re-throws errors without callback
  - Changes in version 10.3.0:
    * deps: upgrade npm to 6.1.0
    * fs: fix reads with pos > 4GB
    * net: new option to allow IPC servers to be readable and writable
      by all users
    * stream: fix removeAllListeners() for Stream.Readable to work as
      expected when no arguments are passed
    npm_search_paths.patch: no longer override explicitly prefixed etc/
    versioned.patch, env_shebang.patch: refreshed
* Thu May 24 2018
  - New upstream release 10.2.0:
    * addons: Fixed a memory leak for users of AsyncResource and N-API.
    * assert: The error parameter of assert.throws() can now be
      an object containing regular expressions.
    * crypto: The authTagLength option has been made more flexible.
    * esm: Builtin modules now provide named exports in ES6 modules.
    * http: Handling of close and aborted events has been made more
    * module: add --preserve-symlinks-main
    * timers: timeout.refresh() has been added to the public API.
  - fix_ci_tests.patch: refreshed
  - versioned.patch: refreshed
* Wed May 23 2018
  - use gcc7 for SLE12
  - versioned.patch: set node version in environment to 10
  - manual_configure.patch: configure nghttp2 correctly
  - icu_small_grouping.patch: prevents undefined behaviour possibility
* Fri May 11 2018
  - New upstream release 10.1.0:
    * console: make console.table() use colored inspect
    * fs: move fs/promises to fs.promises
    * http: added aborted property to request
    * n-api: initialize a module via a special symbol
    * src: add public API to expose the main V8 Platform
  - Changes in version 10.0.0:
    * Assert:
      + Calling with more than one argument is deprecated.
      + Calling assert.ok() with no arguments will now throw.
      + Calling assert.ifError() will now throw with any argument
      other than undefined or null. Previously the method would throw
      with any truthy value.
    * Async_hooks:
      + Older experimental async_hooks APIs have been removed.
    * Buffer:
      + Uses of new Buffer() and Buffer() outside of the node_modules
      directory will now emit a runtime deprecation warning.
      + Buffer.isEncoding() now returns undefined for falsy values,
      including an empty string.
      + Buffer.fill() will throw if an attempt is made to fill with
      an empty Buffer.
    * Child Process: Undefined properties of env are ignored.
    * console: console.table() method has been added.
    * crypto:
      + The crypto.createCipher() and crypto.createDecipher() methods
      have been deprecated. Please use crypto.createCipheriv() and
      crypto.createDecipheriv() instead.
      + The decipher.finaltol() method has been deprecated.
      + The crypto.DEFAULT_ENCODING property has been deprecated.
      + The ECDH.convertKey() method has been added.
      + The crypto.fips property has been deprecated.
    * deps:
      + V8 has been updated to 6.6
      + npm upgraded to 5.8.0
    * EventEmitter:
      + The method has been added as
      an alias for EventEmitter.prototype.removeListener().
    * File System:
      + The fs/promises API provides experimental promisified
      versions of the fs functions.
      + Invalid path errors are now thrown synchronously.
      + fs.readFile() method now partitions reads to avoid thread
      pool exhaustion.
    * http:
      + Processing of HTTP Status codes 100, 102-199 has been improved.
      + Multi-byte characters in URL paths are now forbidden.
    * N-API: The n-api is no longer experimental.
    * net: The 'close' event will be emitted after 'end'.
    * perf_hooks:
      + The PerformanceObserver class is now an AsyncResource and can
      be monitored using async_hooks.
      + Trace events are now emitted for performance events.
      + The performance API has been simplified.
      + Performance milestone marks will be emitted as trace events.
    * process:
      + Using non-string values for process.env is deprecated.
      + The process.assert() method is deprecated.
    * repl:
      + REPL now experimentally supports top-level await when using
      the --experimental-repl-await flag.
      + The previously deprecated "magic mode" has been removed.
      + The previously deprecated NODE_REPL_HISTORY_FILE environment
      variable has been removed.
      + Proxy objects are shown as Proxy objects when inspected.
    * streams:
      + The 'readable' event is now always deferred with nextTick.
      + A new pipeline() method has been provided for building
      end-to-data stream pipelines.
      + support for async for-await has been added to stream.Readable
    * timers: The enroll() and unenroll() methods have been deprecated
    * tls:
      + The tls.convertNPNProtocols() method has been deprecated.
      + Support for NPN (next protocol negotiation) has been dropped.
      + The ecdhCurve default is now 'auto'.
    * Trace Events:
      + A new trace_events top-level module allows trace event
      categories to be enabled/disabled at runtime.
    * URL: The WHATWG URL API is now a global.
    * Util:
      +[…] type checks have been added.
      + Support for bigint formatting has been added to util.inspect().
  - OpenSSL 1.1.0+ is required.
  - versioned.patch: rebased
* Wed Apr 18 2018
  - New upstream release 9.11.1:
    * deps: Updated ICU to 61.1
    * fs: Emit 'ready' event for ReadStream and WriteStream
    * n-api: Bump version of n-api supported to 3
    * net: Emit 'ready' event for Socket
  - versioned.patch, nodejs-libpath.patch: refreshed
* Thu Apr 05 2018
  - Install license with %license, not %doc (bsc#1082318)
* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - Fix some node-gyp permissions
* Tue Apr 03 2018
  - New upstream release 9.10.1:
    * Security fixes:
      + Fix for inspector DNS rebinding vulnerability
      (bsc#1087463, CVE-2018-7160)
      + Fix for 'path' module regular expression denial of service
      (bsc#1087459, CVE-2018-7158)
      + Reject spaces in HTTP Content-Length header values
      (bsc#1087453, CVE-2018-7159)
    * cluster: Add support for NODE_OPTIONS="--inspect"
    * crypto: Expose the public key of a certificate
    * n-api: Add napi_fatal_exception to trigger an uncaughtException
      in JavaScript
    * path: Fix regression in posix.normalize
    * stream: Improve stream creation performance
    * update bundled OpenSSL for codestreams older than SLE12:SP2
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - New upstream release 9.9.0:
    * assert: From now on all error messages produced by assert in
      strict mode will produce a error diff.
    * crypto: allow passing null as IV unless required
    * fs: support as and as+ flags in stringToFlags()
    * tls: expose Finished messages in TLSSocket
    * tty: Add getColorDepth function to determine if terminal
      supports colors.
    * util: add util.inspect compact option
  - Changes in version 9.8.0:
    * crypto: add cert.fingerprint256 as SHA256 fingerprint
    * http2: Fixed issues with aborted connections
    * loader: --inspect-brk now works properly for esmodules
    * src: make process.dlopen() load well-known symbol
    * trace_events: add file pattern cli option
  - remove any old manpage files in %pre from before update-alternatives
    were used to manage symlinks to these manpages.
* Fri Mar 02 2018
  - New upstream release 9.7.1/9.7.0:
    * deps: libuv updated to 1.19.2
    * src: Add initial support for Node.js-specific post-mortem metadata
    * timers: return value of setImmediate() now has ref() and unref()
    * util: platform-specific error codes now have string representation
  - Changes in version 9.6.0:
    * async_hooks:
      + deprecate unsafe emit{Before,After}
      + rename PromiseWrap.parentId to PromiseWrap.isChainedPromise
    * deps:
      + update node-inspect to 1.11.3
      + ICU 60.2 bump
      + Introduce ScriptOrModule and HostDefinedOptions to V8
    * http: add options to http.createServer() for IncomingMessage and
    * http2: add http fallback options to .createServer
    * https: Adds the remaining options from tls.createSecureContext()
      to the string generated by Agent#getName(). This allows
      https.request() to accept the options and generate unique
      sockets appropriately.
    * inspector: --inspect-brk for es modules
    * lib: allow process kill by signal number
    * module: enable dynamic import
    * n-api: add methods to open/close callback scope
    * src: allow --perf-(basic-)?prof in NODE_OPTIONS
    * vm: add support for es modules
  - gyp_to_python3.patch: attempt to add support for python3.
  - fix_ci_tests.patch, versioned.patch: refreshed
* Tue Feb 13 2018
  - Add Recommends and BuildRequire on python2 for npm. node-gyp
    requires this old version of python for now. This is only needed
    for binary modules.
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - Fix spec file typo
  - Use gcc7 on Leap 42.3
* Thu Feb 01 2018
  - New upstream release 9.5.0:
    * cluster: add cwd to cluster.settings
    * deps: libuv upgraded to 1.19.1
    * n-api: expose n-api version in proces.versions
    * perf_hooks: add performance.clear()
    * stream: avoid writeAfterEnd()
  - Changes in release 9.4.0:
    * async_hooks: deprecate AsyncHooks Sensitive API and
      runInAsyncIdScope. Neither was documented.
    * deps:
      + upgrade nghttp2 to 1.29.0
      + upgrade npm to 5.6.0
    * http2:
      + implement maxSessionMemory
      + add initial support for originSet
      + add altsvc support
      + perf_hooks integration
    * net: remove Socket.prototype.listen
    * repl: show lexically scoped vars in tab completion
    * stream:
      + remove writeableState.length and readableState.length
      + add flow and buffer properties to streams
    * util: allow windcards in NODE_DEBUG variable
    * zlib: add ArrayBuffer support
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - even on recent codestreams there is no binutils gold on s390
    only on s390x
* Wed Jan 10 2018
  - nodejs-sle11-python26-check_output.patch: refreshed
* Fri Dec 22 2017
  - Enable CI tests in %check target
    + fix_ci_tests.patch:
    - DNS queries in buildroots are failing with EAI_AGAIN
    - disable test-module-loading-globalpaths.js - we have
      hardcoded global paths
    + versioned.patch: call versioned node binary for tests
  - node-gyp-addon-gypi.patch: fix typo allowing unit tests to compile
* Fri Dec 15 2017
  - New upstream release 9.3.0:
    * async_hooks:
      + add trace events to async_hooks
      + add provider types for net server
    * console: console.debug can now be used outside of the inspector
    * deps:
      + upgrade libuv to 1.18.0
      + patch V8 to 6.2.414.46
    * module.builtinModules will return a list of built in modules
    * n-api: add helper for addons to get the event loop
    * process:
      + process.setUncaughtExceptionCaptureCallback can now be used
      to customize behavior for --abort-on-uncaught-exception
      + A signal handler is now able to receive the signal code that
      triggered the handler.
    * stream: writable.writableHighWaterMark and
      readable.readableHighWaterMark will return the values the
      stream object with which it was instantiated.
  - Dropped 8334.diff - no longer needed
* Sat Dec 09 2017
  - New upstream release 9.2.1:
    * buffer: buffers allocated with an invalid content will now be
      zero filled
      [ CVE-2017-15897 ]
    * deps/openssl: updated to 1.0.2n (only applies to SLE 12 SP1
      and lower) (bsc#1072322)
      [ CVE-2017-3738 CVE-2017-15896 ]
  - Remove unnecessary curl BuildRequires
  - Enable gold linker on s390x (TW and SLE/Leap 15)
  - Build with bundled ICU if system ICU not available (only applies
    to SLE 11/12 and Leap 42.x)
* Wed Nov 29 2017
  - Change BuildRequires from openssl-devel to libopenssl-1_0_0-devel
    due to Tumbleweed/Leap 15 change to OpenSSL 1.1.0 as default
* Thu Nov 16 2017
  - Update nodejs.keyring based on current Release Team as found on
  - New upstream version 9.2.0
    * crypto: Support building with both OpenSSL 1.1.0
    * fs: fs.realpathSync.native and fs.realpath.native are now exposed
    * process: expose process.ppid
* Mon Nov 13 2017
  - Fix permissions of node-gyp. This should be executable to allow
    building of binary node modules.
* Fri Nov 10 2017
  - New upstream version 9.1.0
    * cli: NODE_OPTIONS now supports the --stack-trace-limit option.
    * http:
      + A 'connect' event handler leak has been fixed.
      + The 103 Early Hints status code is now supported.
  - Changes in upstream version 9.0.0
    * async: Older experimental APIs have been removed.
    * errors: The assignment of static error codes to Node.js errors
    * child_processes: Errors are emitted on process nextTick.
    * domains: The long-deprecated .dispose() method has been removed
    * fs:
      + fs.ReadStream and fs.WriteStream classes now use destroy().
      + module callbacks are now invoked with an undefined context.
    * HTTP/1:
      + 400 Bad Request response will now be sent when parsing fails.
      + Socket timeout will be set when the socket connects.
      + A bug causing the request 'error' event to fire twice is fixed.
      + HTTP clients may now use generic Duplex streams in addition
      to net.Socket.
    * intl: The deprecated Intl.v8BreakIterator has been removed.
    * os: The os.EOL property is now read-only
    * timers: setTimeout() will emit a warning if the timeout is
      larger that the maximum 32-bit unsigned integer.
  - .changes file trimmed to only include changes relative to 9.x
    line. If you would like to see older changes, please see
    nodejs8 package.
  - icu59.patch 0f3e69db.patch: removed empty patches



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