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nasm-2.14.02-lp151.3.3.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 updates for x86_64

Name: nasm Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 2.14.02 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.3.3.1 Build date: Mon Jul 6 14:06:31 2020
Group: Development/Languages/Other Build host: lamb52
Size: 2958493 Source RPM: nasm-2.14.02-lp151.3.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Netwide Assembler (An x86 Assembler)
NASM is a prototype general-purpose x86 assembler. It can currently output
several binary formats, including ELF, a.out, Win32, and OS/2.






* Sat Nov 30 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Convert changes file to proper UTF-8 format: new
    version of RPM are getting strict in interpreting files.
* Tue Mar 05 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 2.14.02:
    * Fix crash due to multiple errors or warnings during the code generation pass if a list file is specified.
    * Create all system-defined macros defore processing command-line given preprocessing directives (-p, -d, -u, --pragma, --before).
    * If debugging is enabled, define a __DEBUG_FORMAT__ predefined macro. See section 4.11.7.
    * Fix an assert for the case in the obj format when a SEG operator refers to an EXTERN symbol declared further down in the code.
    * Fix a corner case in the floating-point code where a binary, octal or hexadecimal floating-point having at least 32, 11, or 8 mantissa digits could produce slightly incorrect results under very specific conditions.
    * Support -MD without a filename, for gcc compatibility. -MF can be used to set the dependencies output filename. See section 2.1.7.
    * Fix -E in combination with -MD. See section 2.1.21.
    * Fix missing errors on redefined labels; would cause convergence failure instead which is very slow and not easy to debug.
    * Duplicate definitions of the same label with the same value is now explicitly permitted (2.14 would allow it in some circumstances.)
    * Add the option --no-line to ignore %line directives in the source. See section 2.1.33 and section 4.10.1.
    * Changed -I option semantics by adding a trailing path separator unconditionally.
    * Fixed null dereference in corrupted invalid single line macros.
    * Fixed division by zero which may happen if source code is malformed.
    * Fixed out of bound access in processing of malformed segment override.
    * Fixed out of bound access in certain EQU parsing.
    * Fixed buffer underflow in float parsing.
    * Added SGX (Intel Software Guard Extensions) instructions.
    * Added +n syntax for multiple contiguous registers.
    * Fixed subsections_via_symbols for macho object format.
    * Added the --gprefix, --gpostfix, --lprefix, and --lpostfix command line options, to allow command line base symbol renaming. See section 2.1.28.
    * Allow label renaming to be specified by %pragma in addition to from the command line. See section 6.9.
    * Supported generic %pragma namespaces, output and debug. See section 6.10.
    * Added the --pragma command line option to inject a %pragma directive. See section 2.1.29.
    * Added the --before command line option to accept preprocess statement before input. See section 2.1.30.
    * Added AVX512 VBMI2 (Additional Bit Manipulation), VNNI (Vector Neural Network), BITALG (Bit Algorithm), and GFNI (Galois Field New Instruction) instructions.
    * Added the STATIC directive for local symbols that should be renamed using global-symbol rules. See section 6.8.
    * Allow a symbol to be defined as EXTERN and then later overridden as GLOBAL or COMMON. Furthermore, a symbol declared EXTERN and then defined will be treated as GLOBAL. See section 6.5.
    * The GLOBAL directive no longer is required to precede the definition of the symbol.
    * Support private_extern as macho specific extension to the GLOBAL directive. See section 7.8.5.
    * Updated UD0 encoding to match with the specification
    * Added the --limit-X command line option to set execution limits. See section 2.1.31.
    * Updated the Codeview version number to be aligned with MASM.
    * Added the --keep-all command line option to preserve output files. See section 2.1.32.
    * Added the --include command line option, an alias to -P (section 2.1.18).
    * Added the --help command line option as an alias to -h (section 3.1).
    * Added -W, -D, and -Q suffix aliases for RET instructions so the operand sizes of these instructions can be encoded without using o16, o32 or o64.
  - Drop no longer needed 9f45a77f4.patch
  - Enable LTO
  - Cleanup spec file
* Thu Mar 15 2018
  - Modernise spec file with spec-cleaner
* Thu Mar 15 2018
  - New upstream version 2.13.03:
    * Add flags:
    * Add VPCLMULQDQ instruction
    * elf: Add missing dwarf loc section
    * documentation updates
  - 9f45a77f4.patch: fixes compilation with gcc8 (bsc#1084631)
* Wed Jan 24 2018
  - New upstream version 2.13.02:
    * Fix generation of PEXTRW instruction.
    * Fix smartalign package which could trigger an error during
    optimization if the alignment code expanded too much due to
    optimization of the previous code.
    * Fix a case where negative value in TIMES directive causes
    panic instead of an error.
    * Fix the incorrect generation of VEX-encoded instruction
    when static mode decorators are specified on scalar instructions,
    losing the decorators as they require EVEX encoding.
    * Fix generation of dependency lists.
    * Fixes macro calls that have the wrong number of arguments
      (bsc#1073796, CVE-2017-17810)
    * Fixes Heap-based buffer overflow allows related to a strcpy
      in paste_tokens (bsc#1073798, CVE-2017-17811)
    * Fixes Heap-based buffer over-read in the function detoken()
      (bsc#1073799, CVE-2017-17812)
    * Fixes Use-after-free in the pp_list_one_macro function
      (bsc#1073803, CVE-2017-17813)
    * Fixes Use-after-free in do_directive
      (bsc#1073808, CVE-2017-17814)
    * Fixes Illegal address access in is_mmacro()
      (bsc#1073818, CVE-2017-17815)
    * Fixes Use-after-free in pp_getline
      (bsc#1073823, CVE-2017-17816)
    * Fixes Use-after-free in pp_verror
      (bsc#1073829, CVE-2017-17817)
    * Fixes Heap-based buffer over-read related to a while loop in
      paste_tokens (bsc#1073830, CVE-2017-17818)
    * Fixes Illegal address access in the function find_cc
      (bsc#1073832, CVE-2017-17819)
    * Fixes Use-after-free in pp_list_one_macro
      (bsc#1073846, CVE-2017-17820)
    * Fixes illegal address access in thefunction paste_tokens()
      (bsc#1058013, CVE-2017-14228)
  - memory_fixes.patch: changes upstreamed and removed.
* Tue Jul 25 2017
  - memory_fixes.patch: Fix usage-after-free and buffer overflow
    bugs (bsc#1047925, bsc#1047936, CVE-2017-11111, CVE-2017-10686)
  - Restrict %fdupes to manpage directory
  - Enable unit tests in %check target
* Tue May 23 2017
  - Update to version 2.13.01:
    * Fix incorrect output for some types of FAR or SEG references in
      the obj output format, and possibly other 16-bit output formats.
    * Fix the address in the list file for an instruction containing
      a TIMES directive.
    * Fix error with TIMES used together with an instruction which
      can vary in size, e.g. JMP.
    * Fix breakage on some uses of the DZ pseudo-op.
  - Changes for 2.13.00:
    * Support the official forms of the UD0 and UD1 instructions.
    * Allow self-segment-relative expressions in immediates and
    * Handle a 64-bit origin in NDISASM.
    * NASM can now generate sparse output files for relevant output
      formats, if the underlying operating system supports them.
    * Fix a number of bugs related to AVX-512 decorators.
    * Fix the {z} decorator on AVX-512 VMOVDQ* instructions.
    * Add new warnings for certain dangerous constructs which never
      ought to have been allowed.
    * Fix the EVEX (AVX-512) versions of the VPBROADCAST, VPEXTR, and
      VPINSR instructions.
    * Support contracted forms of additional instructions.
    * Fix Codeview malformed compiler version record.
    * Add the CLWB and PCOMMIT instructions.
    * Add the %pragma preprocessor directive for soft-error
    * Add the RDPID instruction.
  - Drop doc subpackage
* Fri Jul 08 2016
  - Update to version 2.12.02:
    * Fix preprocessor errors, especially %error and %warning, inside
      if statements.
    * Fix relative relocations in 32-bit Mach-O.
    * More Codeview debug format fixes.
    * If the MASM PTR keyword is encountered, issue a warning. This
      is much more likely to indicate a MASM-ism encountered in NASM
      than it is a valid label.
    * This warning can be suppressed with -w-ptr, the [warning]
      directive (see section 2.1.24) or by the macro definition
      %idefine ptr %??.
    * When an error or a warning comes from the expansion of a
      multi-line macro, display the file and line numbers for the
      expanded macros.
    * Macros defined with .nolist do not get displayed.
    * Add macros ilog2fw() and ilog2cw() to the ifunc macro package.
      See section 5.4.1.
  - Changes for version 2.12.01:
    * Portability fixes for some platforms.
    * Fix error when not specifying a list file.
    * Correct the handling of macro-local labels in the Codeview
      debugging format.
    * Add CLZERO, MONITORX and MWAITX instructions.
  - Drop no longer needed nasm_change_unused.patch
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - new nasm_change_unused.patch to avoid PowerPC build error
* Tue Mar 01 2016
  - Update to 2.12
    * Major fixes to the macho backend (section 7.8); earlier
      versions would produce invalid symbols and relocations on a
      regular basis.
    * Support for thread-local storage in Mach-O.
    * Support for arbitrary sections in Mach-O.
    * Fix wrong negative size treated as a big positive value passed
      into backend causing NASM to crash.
    * Fix handling of zero-extending unsigned relocations, we have
      been printing wrong message and forgot to assign segment with
      predefined value before passing it into output format.
    * Fix potential write of oversized (with size greater than
      allowed in output format) relative relocations.
    * Portability fixes for building NASM with LLVM compiler.
    * Add support of Codeview version 8 (cv8) debug format for win32
      and win64 formats in the COFF backend, see section 7.5.3.
    * Allow 64-bit outputs in 16/32-bit only backends. Unsigned
      64-bit relocations are zero-extended from 32-bits with a
      warning (suppressible via -w-zext-reloc); signed 64-bit
      relocations are an arror.
    * Line numbers in list files now correspond to the lines in the
      source files, instead of simply being sequential.
    * There is now an official 64-bit (x64 a.k.a. x86-64) build for
  - Changes for 2.11.09
    * Fix potential stack overwrite in macho32 backend.
    * Fix relocation records in macho64 backend.
    * Fix symbol lookup computation in macho64 backend.
    * Adjust .symtab and .rela.text sections alignments to 8 bytes
      in elf64 backed.
    * Fix section length computation in bin backend which leaded in
      incorrect relocation records.
  - Update build dependencies
* Tue Feb 24 2015
  - Build doc package as noarch
  - Use fdupes to remove duplicates
  - Update to 2.11.08
    * Fix section length computation in bin backend which leaded in
      incorrect relocation records.
    * Add a warning for numeric preprocessor definitions passed via
      command line which might have unexpected results otherwise.
    * Add ability to specify a module name record in rdoff linker
      with -mn option.
    * Increase label length capacity up to 256 bytes in rdoff
      backend for FreePascal sake, which tends to generate very
      long labels for procedures.
    * Fix segmentation failure when rip addressing is used in macho64
    * Fix access on out of memory when handling strings with a
      single grave. We have sixed similar problem in previous
      release but not all cases were covered.
    * Fix NULL dereference in disassembled on BND instruction.
  - Changes for 2.11.07
    * Fix 256 bit VMOVNTPS instruction.
    * Fix -MD option handling, which was rather broken in previous
      release changing command line api.
    * Fix access to unitialized space when handling strings with
      a single grave.
    * Fix nil dereference in handling memory reference parsing.
* Sat Feb 21 2015
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
  - Update project url
  - Switch to .xz source
  - Update to 2.11.06:
    * Add support for the Intel AVX-512 instruction set:
    * 16 new, 512-bit SIMD registers. Total 32 (ZMM0 ~ ZMM31)
    * 8 new opmask registers (K0 ~ K7). One of 7 registers (K1 ~ K7)
      can be used as an opmask for conditional execution.
    * A new EVEX encoding prefix. EVEX is based on VEX and provides
      more capabilities: opmasks, broadcasting, embedded rounding and
      compressed displacements.
    * Add support for ZWORD (512 bits), DZ and RESZ.
    * Add support for the MPX and SHA instruction sets.
    * Better handling of section redefinition.
    * Generate manpages when running 'make dist'.
    * Handle all token chains in mmacro params range.
    * Support split [base,index] effective address:
    * for more details see



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