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ipmctl- RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 updates for x86_64

Name: ipmctl Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.3.1 Build date: Wed Jun 10 11:37:04 2020
Group: System/Management Build host: goat17
Size: 3393975 Source RPM: ipmctl-
Summary: Utility for managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules
Utility for managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules
Supports functionality to:
* Discover PMMs on the platform.
* Provision the platform memory configuration.
* View and update the firmware on PMMs.
* Configure data-at-rest security on PMMs.
* Monitor PMM health.
* Track performance of PMMs.
* Debug and troubleshoot PMMs.






* Mon Apr 20 2020
  - Enable creation (and packaging) of man-pages.  [bsc#1158619]
* Wed Mar 13 2019
  - Update to version v01.00.00.3440.
    - Support more than 16 sockets.  [FATE#327556, FATE#327573, bsc#1123735]
    - Fix flashing FW of DCPMM modules. [bsc#1128830, bsc#1134253, FATE#327773]
    (For detailed changes see 'ChangeLog.xz')
  - Update SafeC dependency (as used in 3440).
  - Refresh patch(es)
* Tue Jan 29 2019
  - Update to v01.00.00.3402.
    Switch to release tarball, no content changes.
  - Improve spec-file.
* Mon Jan 21 2019
  - Update to v01.00.00.3394+.  [FATE#326756, FATE#326917, FATE#326918]
    [bsc#1116404, bsc#1091108]
    Mandatory for current hard- and firmware.
    (For detailed changes see 'ChangeLog.xz')
  - Integrate SafeC dependency in contrib.
  - Fix remaining unconditional calls to python/python2.  [bsc#1111020]
  - Drop obsoleted patch(es).
* Wed Oct 17 2018
  - Improve ipmctl-fix-SLE12-build.patch to produce position
    independent executables.
* Wed Oct 10 2018
  - Remove hard build dependency on python2.  [bsc#1111020]
* Fri Aug 10 2018
  - Update to v01.00.00.3102.  [FATE#325527]
    (Last release without "SafeC" dependency.)
  - Refresh ipmctl-fix-SLE12-build.patch.
  - Incorporate spec-file improvements proposed by mpluskal.
* Sun Jul 29 2018
  - Add bullets to what is a bullet list in the description.
* Fri Jun 22 2018
  - Fix build failure on SLE12-SP4.  [FATE#325527]
* Fri Jun 08 2018
  - Release v01.00.00.3091
* Fri Jun 01 2018
  - Release v01.00.00.3083
* Wed May 30 2018
  - Initial release v01.00.00.3072



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