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drbd-utils-9.6.0-lp151.2.9.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 updates for x86_64

Name: drbd-utils Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 9.6.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.9.1 Build date: Fri Sep 25 20:06:23 2020
Group: Productivity/Clustering/HA Build host: cloud126
Size: 1834195 Source RPM: drbd-utils-9.6.0-lp151.2.9.1.src.rpm
Summary: Distributed Replicated Block Device
Drbd is a distributed replicated block device. It mirrors a block
device over the network to another machine. Think of it as networked
raid 1. It is a building block for setting up clusters.






* Fri Sep 04 2020 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1176065, fail to get master id from cib xml in fence handler
    Add patch crm-fence-peer-pacemaker2-issue2.patch
* Thu Mar 12 2020 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1166200 ,fix crm-fence-peer regex issue with pacemaker 2.
    Add patch crm-fence-peer-pacemaker2.patch
    Modify patch cibadmin-return-code-convert.patch with upstream ver
* Fri Sep 20 2019 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1145296, fix the wrong return code with cib_apply_diff
    Add patch cibadmin-return-code-convert.patch
* Tue Oct 30 2018
  - bsc#1115606. Update to new upstream release 9.6.0
    * usage-count: also count notty users if possible.
    * drbd-overview: remove it, we have drbdtop/drbdmon. saves all the Perl deps.
    * drbdmon: update frequency limiting, debug log for drbdevents, use
    * drbdsetup show: on 9 allow json output.
    mainly used in our CI, don't expect a stable field names yet.
    * drbdsetup satus: on 9 fix json output to not include NaN/Infinity
    * allow higher resync rates: first customers hit a limit. this requires an
    updated kernel module as well (e.g., 9.0.16)
    * init: fix some 8-only leftovers (sh-b-pri), sanitize the retry logic
    * doc: document various 9 features that got forgotten (e.g., quorum-lost)
    * build: various small fixes that popped up while playing with meson
  - Remove patch: skip_sh-b-pri_in_v9.patch fix in ace704aac
* Mon Jul 23 2018
  - Update to 9.5.0
    * drbdmon: allow to start in problems view (--problems)
    * drbdadm,v9: fix always failing stacked handlers from kernel
    * drbdadm,v9: adjust now hands over the information that a
    diskfull->diskless change was intentional.
    * drbdadm,v9: adjust verifies now IPs
  - Remove patch: fix_call_khelper_with_stack.patch in 60ec9fa68
* Thu May 10 2018
  - Update to 9.4.0
    * drbdmeta: don't exit with negative return codes
    * usage counts: only register if we know driver version
    * drbdsetup,v9: expose detailed verify/resync statistics
    * drbdsetup,v9,json: saner types for client/peer-client/quorum
    on --json
    * drbdsetup,v9: expose client/peer-client in status if !isatty()
  - Including fix for SLE12SP3:
    bsc#1064402, remove hardcoded local5 of logfacility
    bsc#1037109, drbdmeta does not propagate full bitmap
* Sun Apr 08 2018
  - bsc#1090167, Update to 9.3.1
    * update to Japanese man pages
    * fixes for stacking in drbd-9.0
    * fixes for proxy support in drbd-9.0
    * fix adjusting --bitmap=no peer to diskfull
    * VCS: typos and fixes for stacked resources
  - Remove upstream patch Fix-no-bitmap-allocate-for-stacked-res.patch
  - Remove upstream patch Support-pass-force-to-dump-md.patch
  - Remove patch fix-segfault-up-stacked-resource.patch with
    upstream fix 74b1cbb274
  - drbdadm v84: fixup for disable-write-same
  - Fix IPv4 & IPv6 address comparisons for 'drbdadm adjust'
* Mon Feb 05 2018
  - bsc#1077176, pass the string to backend.
  - bsc#1058770, fix kernel trace while starting
    sync stacked drbd
  - Add patch Fix-no-bitmap-allocate-for-stacked-res.patch
  - Add patch Support-pass-force-to-dump-md.patch
* Mon Jan 22 2018
  - bsc#1076936, from
    Reproducible builds support merged in upstream, but
    the changes in spec is lost.
* Wed Dec 06 2017
  - bsc#1074169, Update to 9.2.0
    * Japanese man pages
    * initial vertias cluster agent support
    * quorum integration (including agents)
    * improve drbd9 (mesh)/drbd-proxy integration
    * pull fixups from 9.1.1 branch
    * switch to github
    * drbdmon: page naviagation
    * debian: add mount as dependency
* Mon Oct 16 2017
  - bsc#1061145, fencing is moved from disk secion to net
    Add move_fencing_from_disk_to_net_in_example.patch
  - bsc#1061147, skip running drbdadm sh-b-pri in drbd9
    Add skip_sh-b-pri_in_v9.patch
* Fri Sep 01 2017
  - Update to 9.1.0
    * allow events2 --now polling
    * fix ambiguous inheritance for peer-device-options
    * fixup fallback path for BLKZEROOUT for older kernels
    * fix v9 proxy support
    * modernized XEN scripts
    * reproducible builds support
    * create-md --force for v8.4 (for compat to v9)
    * fix cstate output
    * resize: give resize more time (same as attach)
    * drbdmon: peer-device status, version info, node name
    * "drbdadm status" for v8.4
    * set peer-device-options only once
  - Remove Update-block-drbd-script-to-support-xen.patch
* Fri Aug 25 2017
  - fate#323392, enable drbdmon which imported in 8.9.10
* Fri Aug 11 2017
  - bsc#1052352, support block drbd for legacy format.
  - Add Update-block-drbd-script-to-support-xen.patch
* Tue Jul 25 2017
  - bsc#1048671, Fix handler called from kernel always invalid
    for stacking resource
  - Add fix_call_khelper_with_stack.patch
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Update to v9.0.0
    * drbd udev: fix inconsistent inheritance of implicit volumes
    * Fix regressions of the out-of-the-box DRBD 8.4 experience
    * DrbdMon: can now focus on "problem" resources
    * v9: support new option on_no_quorum
    * drbdadm: fix segfaults, improve error reporting
    * adjust: fix deleting unrelated peer(s) on "adjust resource:specific-peer"
    * drbdmeta create-md/convert: fix check for existing external meta-data
  - Merged into upstream, remove Pass-md_index-information-to-detect_md.patch
* Thu Apr 27 2017
  - bsc#1032074, fix Inconsistent metadata after upgrade
  - Add Pass-md_index-information-to-detect_md.patch
    * will be merged into upstream in v8.9.12
* Tue Apr 04 2017
  - Update to v8.9.11
    * No source changes from v8.9.11rc1
* Tue Apr 04 2017
  - Disable quorum in default configuration (bsc#1032142)
  - Add 0001-Disable-quorum-in-default-configuration-bsc-1032142.patch
* Fri Mar 24 2017
  - Update to v8.9.11rc1
  - OCF resource agent and crm-fence-peer for drbd9
    introduce quorum support
    JSON output fixes
    set bitmap to 0 on metadata creation
  - Remove patch support-drbd9-ra.patch
    Remove patch initialize-node-id-when-create-md.patch
  - Corresponding user space change of bsc#1031299
* Wed Mar 22 2017
  - Update to v8.9.10 for drbd9.0.6 and drbdmanage
  - new drbdmon tool
    drbdadm parser got faster
    send SIGKILL to childs if parent drbdadm dies
    compat fixes for linux kernel
* Mon Feb 20 2017
  - Remove obsolete Requires for pre/post install sections
* Tue Feb 14 2017
  - bsc#1025585, update to v8.9.8
  - Remove patch zeroout-discard-devices.patch
    Remove patch service-mod.patch
* Tue Dec 06 2016
  - bsc#1006105, initialize node id when creating md.
  - Add patch initialize-node-id-when-create-md.patch
* Wed Aug 03 2016
  - bsc#990834, remove the warning with experimental.
  - Add warning when using multiple nodes.
* Wed Jun 29 2016
  - bsc#986215, fix segfault of up a DRBD9 stacked resource.
  - Add patch fix-segfault-up-stacked-resource.patch
* Wed Jun 29 2016
  - bsc#986784, fix DRBD9 stacked resource could not started by RA.
* Fri Apr 08 2016
  - bsc#972886, add pkg-config as build requirement to ensure udev's
    rules directory will be detected at build time
* Mon Mar 14 2016
  - fate#320495. Support ha resource agent of drbd9.
    Add patch support-drbd9-ra.patch
* Mon Mar 07 2016
  - bsc#955177, fence when another node pacemaker shutdown.
    add patch fence-after-pacemaker-down.patch
* Mon Mar 07 2016
  - Update to v8.9.6
    * Call "drbdsetup resize" only as often as necessary on
      "drbdadm resize"
    * Disconnect connection first on single path deletion from connection
    * Add unfence-peer handler
    * Fix "drbdadm adjust" for proxy configurations
* Tue Feb 23 2016
  - bsc#967753. Fix different udev rules folder in Leap and openSUSE.
* Thu Dec 24 2015
  - Update to v8.9.5
    * add support for new disk option
      'rs-discard-granularity' (module v8.4.7)
    * add support for new disk option
      'discard-zeroes-if-aligned' (module v8.4.7)
    * add support for v9 "path" commands
    * doc improvements/corrections
    * improvements to drbd ocf resource agent
      and pacemaker "constraint based fencing"
    * drbd-overview improvements
    * Add an autoconf switch for building without man pages
    * Fix compatibility with the musl C library
    * Introduce the concept of paths within a connection to
      the config file; add support for paths to drbdadm adjust
    * Allow multiple connection-mesh statements within one resource
    * Document peer-device-options on the drbd-9.0 man pages
    * increase the lower boundary for al-extents from 7 to 67;
      drbdadm clamps al-extents to 67 implicitly if you configures
      something lower than 67
    * Document the events2 command on the drbd-8.4 man page
    * Fix environment variables for handlers
    * Rewrite the parser for configure options; Reuse the data
      structures describing drbdsetup options
    * No longer try to set peer-device-options with the connect
      or attach commands; Only do it with the up and attach commands
    * Fixed issues with stderr messages might go into arbitrary FDs
    * Allow recursive includes; drbdadm includes each config
      file only once
    * Fix parsing cut-off proxy sections
    * When converting 8.4 to 9.0 meta-data produce meta-data the drbd9
      kernel driver will accept
    * Obey max-peers for all volumes when creating meta-data
    * Do not re-register at when the module is not
      loaded when drbdadm is invoked
* Tue Nov 03 2015
  - BSC#949045. Remove execute of drbd.service.
  - Add patch service-mod.patch
* Wed Aug 19 2015
  - Fate#317940. Support zeroout/discard instead of zap-devices
  - Add patch zeroout-discard-devices.patch
  - Remove zap-devices-xml.patch and zap-devices.patch
* Thu Jul 23 2015
  - Add Patch zap-devices-xml.patch and zap-devices.patch
    for user space entrance to zap-devices of new-current-uuid.
  - Patch fix-libdir-in-Makefile.patch
* Fri Apr 17 2015
  - Upgrade to released v8.9.2 for Fate#317940
    * change systemd unit file: basically just call the init script
    * make some previously hardcoded timeouts configurable
    * drbdadm: New command peer-device-options
    * drbd 9: Move max_buffers to net_conf
    * drbd 9: Log errors to syslog if stderr is not available
    * init script: fixes for stacked resources
    * fix regression corner cases in bitmap size calculation
    * allow create-md to initialize peer-max-bio-size to 1M
    * drbd 9: make transport selectable
    * fix aggregating drbdsetup / drbdmeta exit statii
    * some documentation fixes (content and build)
    * added direct-connect command
    * incompatible drbd-9 metadata format change. use: node_id as index for
      peer_md instead of the bitmap_index
    * drbdadm/meta/usage_cnt: ensure output is visible
    * drbdsetup: fix arguments for all commands expecting a peer_device
    * exit codes: redefine E_USAGE to 1 (not 3)
    * some build changes
    * init script: on start, first try to load the module
    * drbdsetup events2: Improve how timestamps are assigned
    * udev rules (symlinks in /dev/by-res and by-disk) got fixed
    * Fixed upper limit for drbd-8.4 activity log entries
    * many fixes to drbdadm adjust and proxy commands for drbd-9
    * rhcs_fence: Do not invoke fence agents in parallel, rewrite in bash
    * drbdsetup events2 is now also available in drbd-8.4 (backported from
    * reorganized the repository have common code for drbd-9, drbd-8.4
      and drbd-8.3 only once
    * Fix drbd.ocf for resources without volume 0
* Wed Feb 18 2015
  - Upgrade to v8.9.2rc2 with _service file for latest git
* Wed Dec 17 2014
  - modify spec to set %attr(700,root,root) to %{_sysconfdir}/xen explicitly
    to avoid mismatch with xen-tools/xen-xend-tools.
* Fri Nov 21 2014
  - add to drbd-utils.spec
    Obsoletes: drbd < 8.4.5
* Fri Nov 07 2014
  - Delete requires for drbd-kmp for drbd driver is built in kernel
    since 8.4.5



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