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proj-9.3.0-1.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: proj Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 9.3.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Thu Nov 2 20:53:35 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host: i04-ch1b
Size: 9477444 Source RPM: proj-9.3.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Cartographic projection software
This package offers the commandline tools for performing respective
forward and inverse transformation of cartographic data to or from cartesian
data with a wide range of selectable projection functions.






* Thu Nov 02 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version 9.3.0 and data to 1.15:
    * for detailed list of changes see provided NEWS file
* Thu Jun 08 2023 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 9.2.1 and data to 1.14:
    * for detailed list of changes see provided NEWS file
* Thu Mar 16 2023 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 9.2.0 and data to 1.13:
    * for detailed list of changes see provided NEWS file
* Thu Feb 02 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - fix license declaration
* Sat Dec 03 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 9.1.1:
    * Implement alterGeodeticCRS and stripVerticalComponent for DerivedProjected (#3482)
    * Various improvements to handling of DerivedProjectedCRS (#3482, #3477 , #3342 , #3319, #3317)
    * Add missing <cstdint> includes (#3459)
    * cs2cs: better validate value of -W option (#3453)
    * DatabaseContext::lookForGridInfo(): fix caching of filenames and set correct URLs (#3448)
    * Database: register in grid_alternatives grids from PROJ-data that have no corresponding transformation
      record (#3446)
    * cass projection: fix forward computation of easting (#3433)
    * Implement Geographic/Vertical Offset conversions (#3413)
    * vandg projection: handle +over to extend the validity domain outside of |lon|>180deg (#3427)
    * eqdc projection: avoid floating point division by zero in non-nominal case (#3415)
    * createOperations(): fix issues when transforming between Geog3D and DerivedGeog3D CRS with
      Geographic3D offsets method (#3411)
    * VerticalCRS::_isEquivalentTo(): do not consider VerticalCRS and DerivedVerticalCRS as equivalent (#3408)
    * cct and cs2cs: Avoid problems when encountering UTF-8 BOM` characters at
      beginning of input files (#3395)
    * createFromUserInput(): Improved lookup when approximate name is provided (#3371)
    * projinfo / cs2cs : auto promotion to 3D of CRS specified by name (#3367)
    * findsOpsInRegistryWithIntermediate(): make it work when source/target geodetic CRS has no known
    * createOperations(): emulate PROJ < 6 behavior when doing geocentric <–> geographic transformation
      between datum with unknown transformation (#3361)
    * Fix issue when transforming from/into a WKT2 Bound VerticalCRS with a ‘Geographic3D to GravityRelatedHeight’ method (#3355)
    * proj_normalize_for_visualization(): take into account FORCE_OVER property from source operation
    * Link geodtest against libm when available (#3341)
* Sun Nov 13 2022 Predrag Ivanović <>
  - * Update to 9.1.0:
    * Database: update to EPSG v10.074 (#3273)
    * Update ESRI objects to version 3.0.0 (#3257)
    * Add Svalbard geoid grid no_kv_arcgp-2006-sk to grid alternatives (#3292)
    * Added French grid fr_ign_RAF20 to grid alternatives (#3228)
    * PROJ pipeline generator: recognize opposite Helmert transformations using a different convention (#3265)
    * Introduce PROJ_DATA` environment variable to deprecate PROJ_LIB (#3253)
    * projinfo: fix crash on –list-crs when proj.db cannot be opened (#3290)
    * WKT parser: fix issue when parsing some WKT1 with Hotine_Oblique_Mercator_Azimuth_Center and ignoring rectified_grid_angle (#3280)
    9.0.1 Release Notes
    * Update to EPSG 10.064 (#3208)
    * Add OGC:CRS84h (WGS 84 longitude-latitude-height) (#3155)
    * Increase MAX_ITER so Mollweide forward projection works near the poles (#3082)
    * Fix wrong results with SQLite 3.38.0 (#3091)
    * Fix issue when transforming from/to BoundCRS of 3D CRS with non-Greenwich prime meridian, created from WKT (#3098)
    * Fix issues with WKT of concatenated operations (#3105)
    * unitconvert: round to nearest date when converting to yyyymmdd (#3111)
    * Fix comparison of GeodeticRefrenceFrame vs DynamicGeodeticReferenceFrame (#3120)
    * Fix datum names when importing from PROJ4 crs strings (affects some transformations using geoidgrids) (#3129)
    * Deal with PARAMETER["EPSG code for Interpolation CRS",crs_code] (#3149)
    * ITRF2014: fix ITRF2014:ITRF88,ITRF94 and ITRF96 definitions (#3159)
    * WKT import: deal with Projected CRS that is a mix of WKT1:GDAL / WKT1:ESRI (#3189)
    * createOperations(): fix/improve result of ‘BD72 + Ostend height’ to ‘WGS84+EGM96 height’ (#3199)
    * WKT import: correctly deal with absence of Latitude_Of_Origin parameter in WKT1 ESRI with Stereographic projection (#3212)
    * PROJJSON parser: do not error out if a datum ensemble member is unknown in the database (#3223)
    9.0.0 Release Notes
    * Support for the autotools build system has been removed (#3027) See RFC7 for details:
    * ESRI projection engine db to version 12.9 (#2943)
    * EPSG v10.054 (#3051)
    * Vertical grid files for PL-geoid-2011, Polish geoid model (#2960)
    * Belgian geoid model hBG18 to grid alternatives (#3044)
    * Add new option to proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() method to force +over on transformation operations (#2914)
    * Implement Geographic3D to Depth/Geog2D+Depth as used by ETRS89 to CD Norway depth (#3010)
    * Use external gtest by default when possible (#3035)
    * CMake: make BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON the default even on Windows (#3042)
    * Fix extremely long parsing time on hostile PROJ strings (#2968)
    * Better deal with importing strings like +init=epsg:XXXX +over (#3055)
    * Fix importing CRS definition with +proj=peirce_q and +shape different from square or diamond (#3057)
  - Packaging changes:
    * Switch to cmake build
    * Add nlohmann_json-devel as BuildReq
* Fri Jan 21 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 8.2.1:
    * BoundCRS WKT import: fix setting of name
    * PROJStringFormatter::toString
    * Ensure CApi test are cross-platform
    * createOperations(): do not stop at the first operation in the PROJ namespace
      for vertical transformations
    * createOperationsCompoundToCompound(): fix null pointer dereference when
      connection to proj.db doesn't exist.
    * Fix windows.h conflict with Criterion::STRICT
    * Cache result of proj_get_type() to help for performance of
    * createOperations(): improvement for "NAD83(CSRS) + CGVD28 height" to
    * WKT1 import: correctly deal with missing rectified_grid_angle
    * Fix and additional options for Peirce Quincuncial projections
    * Fix build with Intel C++ compiler
* Fri Nov 26 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update 8.2.0:
    * Added the S2 projection (#2749)
    * Added support for Degree Sign on input (#2791)
    * ESRI WKT: add support for import/export of (non interrupted)
      Goode Homolosine (#2827)
    * Make filemanager aware of UWP Win32 API (#2831)
    * Add proj_create_conversion_pole_rotation_netcdf_cf_convention() to
      address netCDF datasets using a pole rotation method (#2835)
    * Emit better debug message when a grid isn't found (#2838)
    * Add support for GeodeticCRS using a Spherical planetocentric
      coordinate system
    * PROJJSON: support additional properties allowed in id object (version,
    authority_citation, uri) for parity with WKT2:2019 (#2850)
    * Database layout modified to include "anchor" field to geodetic_datum and
    vertical_datum tables, consequently database layout version is increased
    * proj_factors(): accept P to be a projected CRS (#2868)
    * Add IAU_2015 CRS definitions (#2876)
    * CRS::extractGeodeticCRS(): implement for DerivedProjectedCRS (#2877)
    * Added proj_trans_bounds() (#2882)
    * Add fallback strategy for tinshift transform to use closest triangle for
      points not in any (#2907)
    * Database: update to EPSG v10.038 (#2910)
    * Fix O(n^2) performance patterns where n is the number of steps of
      a pipeline (#2820)
    * Detect ESRI WKT better in certain circumstances (#2823)
    * Fix performance issue on pipeline instanciation of huge (broken)
      pipelines (#2824)
* Sun Oct 24 2021 D. Berge <>
  - Update to version 8.1.1 (data version: 1.7)
    * EPSG Database updated to version 10.028 (#2773)
    * Include algorithm header file to avoid build errors on Alpine Linux (#2769)
    * CMake: fix installation of executables on iOS (#2766)
    * Associate extents to transformations of CRS's that include GEOIDMODEL (#2769)
    * Logging: avoid some overhead when logging is not enabled (#2775)
    * ortho: remove useless and invalid log trace (#2777)
    * CMake: remove external nlohmann_json from INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES target (#2781)
    * reateOperations(): fix SourceTargetCRSExtentUse::NONE mode (#2783)
    * GeoTIFF grid reading: perf improvements (#2788)
    * Conversion::createUTM(): avoid integer overflow (#2796)
    * Inverse laea ellipsoidal: return PROJ_ERR_COORD_TRANSFM_OUTSIDE_PROJECTION_DOMAIN
      when appropriates (#2801)
    * Make sure that proj_crs_promote_to_3D returns a derived CRS (#2806)
    * createOperations(): fix missing deg<-->rad conversion when transforming with a
      CRS that has a fallback-to-PROJ4-string behaviour and is a BoundCRS of a
      GeographicCRS (#2808)
    * WKT2 import/export: preserve PROJ.4 CRS extension string in REMARKS[] (#2812)
    * BoundCRS: accept importing/exporting in WKT2 and PROJJSON the
      scope/area/extent/id attributes (#2815)
    * ConcatenatedOperation::fixStepsDirection(): fix bad chaining of steps when
      inverse map projection is involved in non-final step (#2819)
* Sat Oct 23 2021 D. Berge <>
  - Update to version 8.1.0 (data version: 1.7)
    * Version 8.1.0
    - Update to EPSG v10.027 (#2751)
    - Decrease DB size by using WITHOUT ROWID tables (#2730) (#2647)
    - Add a ANALYZE step during proj.db creation allowing for
      faster lookups (#2729)
    - Added a PROJ.VERSION metadata entry (#2646)
    - Added NGO48 (EPSG:4273) to ETRS89 (EPSG:4258) triangulation-based
      transformation (#2554)
    - Additions to the norwegian NKG2020 transformation (#2548)
    - ESRI projection database updated to version 12.8 (#2717)
    - Added proj_get_geoid_models_from_database() function that returns a list of
      geoid models available for a given CRS (#2681)
    - Added proj_get_celestial_body_list_from_database that returns a list
      of celestial bodies in the PROJ database (#2667)
    - Added proj_get_celestial_body_name() (#2662)
    - proj_trans/cs2cs: If two operations have the same accuracy,
      use the one that is contained within a larger one (#2750)
    - Share SQLite database handle among all contexts (#2738)
    - Add proj/internal/mutex.hpp as compat layer for mingw32 for std::mutex (#2736)
    - projsync: make it filter out files not intended for the current version (#2725)
    - Improvements related to DerivedVerticalCRS using Change Unit and
      Height/Depth reversal methods (#2696)
    - Update internal nlohmann/json to 3.9.1, and add a CMake option to
      be able to use external nlohmann/json (#2686)
    - createFromUserInput(): change name of CRS built from URN combined references to match
      the convention of EPSG projected CRS (#2677)
    - Parse compound id with two authorities, like ESRI:103668+EPSG:5703 (#2669)
    - Added projinfo option --list-crs (supports --area) (#2663)
    - Added support for hyperbolic Cassini-Soldner (#2637)
    - Added capability to get SQL statements to add custom CRS in the database (#2577)
    - Fix 'Please include winsock2.h before windows.h' warning with msys (#2692)
    - Minor changes to address lint in geodesic.c (#2752)
    - BoundCRS::identify(): avoid incompatible transformation for
      WKT1 / TOWGS84 export (#2747)
    - proj_create(): do not open proj.db if string is a PROJ string,
      even if proj_context_set_autoclose_database() has been set (#2735)
    - Fix export of transformation to PROJ string in a particular situation
      where CompoundCRS are involved (#2721)
    * Version 8.0.1
    - Database: update to EPSG v10.018 (#2636)
    - Add transformations for CHGeo2004, Swiss geoid model (#2604)
    - Additions to the norwegian NKG2020 transformation (#2600)
    - pj_vlog(): fix buffer overflow in case of super lengthy error message (#2693)
    - Revert "proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj(): do not use PROJ_SPATIAL_CRITERION_PARTIAL_INTERSECTION
      if area is specified" (#2679)
    - UTM: error out when value of +zone= is not an integer (#2672)
    - getCRSInfoList(): make result order deterministic (by increasing auth_name,
      code) (#2661)
    - createOperation(): make sure no to discard deprecated operations if the
      replacement uses an unknow grid (#2623)
    - Fix build on Solaris 11.4 (#2621)
    - Add mapping of ESRI Equal_Area projection method to EPSG (#2612)
    - Fix incorrect EPGS extent code for EPSG:7789>EPSG:4976 NKG transformation (#2599)
    - fix wrong capitalization of CHENyx06_ETRS.gsb (#2597)
    - createOperations(): improve handling of vertical transforms when
      when compound CRSs are used (#2592)
    - CRS::promoteTo3D(): propagate the extent from the 2D CRS (#2589)
    - createFromCRSCodesWithIntermediates(): improve performance when there is
      no match (#2583)
    - Fix proj_clone() to work on 'meta' coordinate operation PJ* objects that
      can be returned by proj_create_crs_to_crs() (#2582)
      PROJ_AT_LEAST_VERSION macros (#2581)
    - Make proj_lp_dist() and proj_geod() work on a PJ* CRS object (#2570)
    - Fix gcc 11 -Wnonnull compilation warnings (#2559)
    - Fix use of uninitialized memory in gie tests (#2558)
    - createOperations(): fix incorrect height transformation between 3D promoted RGF93 and CH1903+ (#2555)
    * Version 8.0.0
    - With the release of PROJ 8 the proj_api.h API is finally removed.
    - Several improvements has been made to the command line utilities.
    - Public header file proj_api.h removed (#837)
    - Improved accuracy of the Mercator projection (#2397)
    - Copyright statement wording updated (#2417)
    - Allow cct to instantiate operations via object codes or names (#2419)
    - Allow @filename syntax in cct (#2420)
    - Added geocentric->topocentric conversion (+proj=topocentric) (#2444)
    - Update GeographicLib to version 1.51 (#2445)
    - Added option to allow export of Geographic/Projected 3D CRS
      in WKT1_GDAL (#2450)
    - Added --area and --bbox options in cs2cs to restrict candidate
      coordinate operations (#2466)
    - Added build time option to make PROJ_LIB env var tested last (#2476)
    - Added --authority switch in cs2cs to control where coordinate operations
      are looked for. C API function proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() updated
      accordingly (#2477)
    - Error codes revised and exposed in the public API (#2487)
    - Added --accuracy options to projinfo. C API function
      proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() updated accordingly (#2488)
    - Added proj_crs_is_derived() function to C API (#2496)
    - Enabled linking against static cURL on Windows (#2514)
    - Updated ESRI CRS database to 12.7 (10.8.1/2.6) (#2519)
    - Allow a WKT BoundCRS to use a PROJ string transformation (#2521)
    - Update to EPSG v10.015 (#2539)
    - Default log level set to PJ_LOG_ERROR (#2542)
    - CMake installs a pkg-config file proj.pc, where supported (#2547)
    - Do not restrict longitude to [-90;90] range in spherical transverse Mercator
      forward projection (#2471)
    - createOperations(): fix Compound to Geog3D/Projected3D CRS with non-metre ellipsoidal height (#2500)
    - Avoid error messages to be emitted log level is set to PJ_LOG_NONE (#2527)
    - Close database connection when autoclose set to True (#2532)
* Sat Jan 23 2021 Libor Pechacek <>
  - Replace proj-datumgridwith proj-data. Proj-datumgrid is no
    longer maintained and the stale data make pyproj self-tests fail Proj-data is
    distributed in per-location subpackages.
* Thu Jan 07 2021 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 7.2.1
    * Add metadata with the version number of the database layout (#2474)
    * Split coordinateoperation.cpp and test_operation.cpp in several parts (#2484)
    * Update to EPSG v10.008 (#2490)
    * Added the NKG 2008 and 2020 transformations in proj.db (#2495)
    * And several bugfixes - see provided NEWS for details
* Wed Nov 04 2020 Libor Pechacek <>
  - Update to version 7.2.0:
    * Command line tools
    - Add multi-line PROJ string export capability, and use it by
      default in projinfo (unless --single-line is specified)
    * Coordinate operations
    - +proj=col_urban projection, implementing a EPSG projection
      method used by a number of projected CRS in Colombia
    - +proj=tinshift for triangulation-based transformations
    - Added ellipsoidal formulation of +proj=ortho (#2361)
    * Database
    - Update to EPSG 10.003 and make code base robust to dealing
      with WKT CRS with DatumEnsemble (#2370)
    - Added Finland tinshift operations (#2392)
    - Added transformation from JGD2011 Geographic 3D to JGD2011
      height using GSIGEO2011 (#2393)
    - Improve CompoundCRS identification and name morphing in
      VerticalCRS with ESRI WKT1 (#2386)
    - Added OGC:CRS27 and OGC:CRS83 CRS entries for NAD27 and
      NAD83 in longitude, latitude order (#2350)
    * API
    - Added temporal, engineering, and parametric datum
      PJ_TYPE enumerations (#2274)
    - Various improvements to context handling (#2329, #2331)
    - proj_create_vertical_crs_ex(): add a ACCURACY option to
      provide an explicit accuracy, or derive it from the grid
      name if it is known (#2342)
    - proj_crs_create_bound_crs_to_WGS84(): make it work on
      verticalCRS/compoundCRS such as EPSG:4326+5773 and
      EPSG:4326+3855 (#2365)
    - promoteTo3D(): add a remark with the original CRS
      identifier (#2369)
    - Added proj_context_clone (#2383)
    * Bug fixes
    - Avoid core dumps when copying contexts in certain scenarios
    - proj_trans(): reset errno before attemptying a retry with a
      new coordinate operation (#2353)
    - PROJJSON schema corrected to allow prime meridians values
      with explicitly stating a unit (degrees assumed) (#2354)
    - Adjust createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible() and operation
      filtering (for POSGAR 2007 to WGS84 issues) (#2357)
    - createOperations(): several fixes affecting NAD83 ->
      NAD83(2011) (#2364)
    - WKT2:2019 import/export: handle DATUM (at top level object)
      with PRIMEM
    - WKT1_ESRI: fix import and export of CompoundCRS (#2389)
* Tue Sep 15 2020 Libor Pechacek <>
  - Update to version 7.1.1:
    * Updates
    - Added various Brazillian grids to the database #2277
    - Added geoid file for Canary Islands to the database #2312
    - Updated EPSG database to version 9.8.15 #2310
    * Bug fixes
    - WKT parser: do not raise warning when parsing a WKT2:2015 TIMECRS
      whose TIMEUNIT is at the CS level, and not inside #2281
    - Parse '+proj=something_not_latlong +vunits=' without +geoidgrids as a
      Projected3D CRS and not a compound CRS with a unknown datum #2289
    - C API: Avoid crashing due to missing SANITIZE_CTX() in entry points
    - CMake build: Check "target_clones" before use #2297
    - PROJ string export of +proj=krovak +czech: make sure we export
      +czech... #2301
    - Helmert 2D: do not require a useless +convention= parameter #2305
    - Fix a few spelling errors ("vgridshit" vs. "vgridshift") #2307
    - Fix ability to identify EPSG:2154 as a candidate for
      'RGF93_Lambert_93' #2316
    - WKT importer: tune for Oracle WKT and 'Lambert Conformal Conic' #2322
    - Revert compiler generated Fused Multiply Addition optimized routines
  - Changelog for 7.1.0
    * New projections:
    - Add square conformal projections from libproject:
      Adams Hemisphere in a Square
      Adams World in a Square I
      Adams World in a Square II
      Pierce Quincuncial
    - Adams Square II: map ESRI WKT to PROJ string, and implement iterative
      inverse method (#2157)
    - Added IGH Oceanic View projection (#2226)
    - Add wink2 inverse by generic inversion of forward method (#2243)
    * Database:
    - Update to EPSG 9.8.12, ESRI 10.8.1 and import scope and remarks for
      c-nversion (#2238) (#2267)
    - Map the Behrman projection to cae when converting ESRI CRSes (#1986)
    - Support conversion of Flat_Polar_Quartic projection method (#1987)
    - Register 4 new Austrian height grids (see OSGeo/PROJ-data#13) and
      handle 'Vertical Offset by Grid Interp-lation (BEV AT)' method
    - Add ESRI projection method mappings for Mercator_Variant_A,
      Mercator_Variant_B and Transverse_Cylindrical_Equal_Area and vari-us
      grid mappings (#2020) (#2195)
    - Map ESRI Transverse_Mercator_Complex to Transverse Mercator (#2040)
    - Register grids for New Caledonia (see OSGeo/PROJ-data#16) (#2051)
    - Register NZGD2000 -> ITRF96 transformation for NZGD2000 database
    - Register geoid file for UK added
      (see https://github.c-m/OSGeo//PROJ-data/pull/25() (#2250)
    - Register Slovakian geoid transformations with needed code changes
    - Register Spanish SPED2ETV2 grid for ED50->ETRS89 (#2261)
    * API:
    - Add API function proj_get_units_from_database() (#2065)
    - Add API function proj_get_suggested_operation() (#2068)
    - Add API functions proj_degree_input() and proj_degree_output() (#2144)
    - Moved proj_context_get_url_endpoint &
      proj_context_get_user_writable_directory fr-m proj_experimental.h to
      proj.h (#2162)
    - createFromUserInput(): allow compound CRS with the 2 parts given by
      names, e.g. 'WGS 84 + EGM96 height' (#2126)
    - createOperations(): when converting CompoundCRS<-->Geographic3DCrs,
      do not use discard change -f ellipsoidal height if a Helmert
      transformation is involved (#2227)
    - proj_list_units() deprecated, superceeded by
    - proj_list_angular_units() deprecated, superceeded by
    * Optimizations:
    - tmerc/utm: add a +algo=auto/evenden_snyder/poder_engsager parameter
    - Extended tmerc (Poder/Engsager): speed optimizations (#2036)
    - Approximate tmerc (Snyder): speed optimizations (#2039)
    - pj_phi2(): speed-up computation (and thus inverse ellipsoidal
      Mercator and LCC) (#2052)
    - Inverse cart: speed-up computation by 33% (#2145)
    - Extended tmerc: speed-up forward path by ~5% (#2147)
    * Various:
    - Follow PDAL's CMake RPATH strategy (#2009)
    - WKT import/export: add support for WKT1_ESRI VERTCS synta (#2024)
    - projinfo: add a --hide-ballpark option (#2127)
    - gie: implement a strict mode with (#2168)
    - Allow importing WKT1 COMPD_CS with a VERT_DATUM[Ellipsoid,2002]
    - Add runtime checking that sqlite3 is >= 3.11 (#2235)
    * Bug fixes
    - createOperations(): do not remove ballpark transformation if there
      are only grid based -perations, even if they cover the whole area of
      use (#2155)
    - createFromProjString(): handle default parameters of '+krovak
      +type=crs', and handle +czech correctly (#2200)
    - ProjectedCRS::identify(): fix identification of EPSG:3059 (#2215)
    - Database: add a 'WGS84' alias for the EPSG:4326 CRS (#2218)
    - Fixes related to CompoundCRS and BoundCRS (#2222)
    - Avoid 2 warnings about missing database indices (#2223)
    - Make projinfo --3d --boundcrs-to-wgs84 work better (#2224)
    - Many fixes regarding BoundCRS, CompoundCRS, Geographic3D CRS with
      non-metre units (#2234)
    - Fix identification of (one of the) ESRI WKT formulations of EPSG:3035
    - Avoid using deprecated and removed Windows API function with Mingw32
    - normalizeForVisualization(): make it switch axis for EPSG:5482
      (RSRGD2000 / RSPS2000) (#2256)
    - Fix access violation in proj_context_get_database_metadata (#2260)
    - Fail gracefully when calling API functions with invalid input (#2272)
* Sun Jun 14 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 7.0.1:
    * Database: update to EPSG v9.8.9
    * Make tests independent of proj-datumgrid
    * Add missing projection property tables
    * Avoid crash when running against SQLite3 binary built with -DSQLITE_OMIT_AUTOINIT
    * createOperations(): fix wrong pipeline generation with CRS that has +nadgrids= and +pm=
    * Fix bad copy&replace pattern on HEALPix and rHEALPix projection names
    * createUnitOfMeasure(): use full double resolution for the conversion factor
    * Update README with info on PROJ-data
    * utm/ups: make sure to set errno to PJD_ERR_ELLIPSOID_USE_REQUIRED if es==0
    * data/ remove bashism
    * ProjectedCRS::identify(): tune it to better work with ESRI WKT representation of EPSG:2193
    * Fix build with gcc 4.8.5
    * Autotools/pkg-conf: Define datarootdir
    * cs2cs: don't require +to for '{source_crs} {target_crs} filename...' syntax
    * CMake: fix bug with find_package(PROJ) with macOS
    * ESRI WKT import / identification: special case for NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Colorado_North_FIPS_0501 with Foot_US unit
    * EngineeringCRS: when exporting to WKT1_GDAL, output unit and axis
    * Use jtsk03-jtsk horizontal grid from CDN
    * CMake: prefer to use use PROJ_SOURCE_DIR and PROJ_BINARY_DIR
    * Fix wrong grids file name in esri.sql
    * Fix identification of projected CRS whose name is close but not strictly equal to a ESRI alias
    * Fix working of Helmert transform between the horizontal part of 2 compoundCRS
    * Database: fix registration of custom entries of grid_transformation_custom.sql for geoid grids
    * ESRI_WKT ingestion: make sure to identify to non-deprecated EPSG entry when possible
    * Make sure that importing a Projected 3D CRS from WKT:2019 keeps the base geographic CRS as 3D
    * createOperations(): improve results of compoundCRS to compoundCRS case
    * hgridshift/vgridshift: defer grid opening when grid has already been opened
    * Resolve a few shadowed declaration warnings
    * ProjectedCRS identification: deal with switched 1st/2nd std parallels for LCC_2SP
    * Fix Robinson inverse projection
    * createOperations(): do not remove ballpark transformation if there are only grid based operations, even if they cover the whole area of use
    * createFromCoordinateReferenceSystemCodes(): 'optimization' to avoid using C++ exceptions
    * Ingestion of WKT1_GDAL: correctly map 'Cylindrical_Equal_Area'
    * Add limited support for non-conformant WKT1 LAS COMPD_CS[]
    * PROJ4 string import: take into correctly non-metre unit when the string looks like the one for WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercator
    * io.hpp: avoid dependency to proj_json_streaming_writer.hpp
    * Fix support of WKT1_GDAL with netCDF rotated pole formulation
* Tue Mar 31 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 7.0.0:
    * Added new file access API to proj.h #866
    * Updated the name of the most recent version of the WKT2 standard from
      WKT2_2018 to WKT2_2019 to reflect the proper name of the standard (#1585)
    * Improvements in transformations from/to WGS 84 (Gxxxx) realizations and
      vertical <--> geog transormations #1608
    * Update to version 1.50 of the geodesic library (#1629)
    * Promote proj_assign_context to proj.h from proj_experimental.h (#1630)
    * Add rotation support to the HEALPix projection (#1638)
    * Add c function proj_crs_create_bound_vertical_crs() (#1689)
    * Use Win32 Unicode APIs and expect all strings to be UTF-8 (#1765)
    * Improved name aliases lookup (#1827)
    * CMake: Employ better use of CTest with the BUILD_TESTING option (#1870)
    * Grid correction: fix handling grids spanning antimeridian (#1882)
    * Remove legacy CMake target name "proj" #1883
    * projinfo: add --searchpaths switch (#1892)
    * Add +proj=set operation to set component(s) of a coordinate to a fixed
      value (#1896)
    * Add EPSG records for 'Geocentric translation by Grid Interpolation (IGN)'
      (gr3df97a.txt) and map them to new +proj=xyzgridshift (#1897)
    * Remove 'null' grid file as it is now a special hardcoded case in grid
      code (#1898)
    * Add projsync utility (#1903)
    * Make PROJ the CMake project name #1910
    * Use relative directory to locate PROJ resource files (#1921)
* Mon Mar 09 2020 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Update to 6.3.1:
    * Updates
    - Update the EPSG database to version 9.8.6
    - Database: add mapping for gg10_smv2.mnt and gg10_sbv2.mnt French grids
    - Database: add mapping for TOR27CSv1.GSB
    * Bug fixes
    - Fix wrong use of derivingConversionRef() that caused issues with use of
      +init=epsg:XXXX by GDAL (affecting R spatial libraries) or in MapServer
    - fix exporting CoordinateSystem to PROJ JSON with ID
    - projinfo: use No. abbreviation instead of UTF-8 character (#1828)
    - CompoundCRS::identify(): avoid exception when horiz/vertical part is a
    - createOperations(): fix dealing with projected 3D CRS whose Z units != metre
    - WKT1_GDAL export: limit datum name massaging to names matching EPSG (#1835)
    - unitconvert with mjd time format: avoid potential integer overflow
      (ossfuzz 20072)
    - ProjectedCRS::identify(): fix wrong identification of some ESRI WKT linked
      to units
    - Database: add a geoid_like value for proj_method column of grid_alternatives,
      fix related entries and simplify/robustify logic to deal with EPSG
      'Geographic3D to GravityRelatedHeight' methods
    - Fix ingestion of +proj=cea with +k_0 (#1881)
    - Fix performance issue, affecting PROJ.4 string generation of EPSG:7842
    - Fix identification of ESRI-style datum names starting with D_ but without
      alias (#1911)
    - cart: Avoid discontinuity at poles in the inverse case (#1906)
    - Various updates to make regression test suite pass with gcc on i386 (#1906)
  - Changleog from 6.3.0:
    * Updates
    - Database: tune accuracy of Canadian NTv1 file w.r.t NTv2 (#1812)
    - Modify verbosity level of some debug/trace messages (#1811)
    - projinfo: no longer call createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible() for WKT1:GDAL
    - proj_trans: add retry logic to select other transformation if the best one
      fails. (#1809)
    - BoundCRS::identify(): improvements to discard CRS that aren't relevant
    - Database: update to IGNF v3.1.0 (#1785)
    - Build: Only export symbols if building DLL (#1773)
    - Database: update ESRI entries with ArcGIS Desktop version 10.8.0 database
    - createOperations(): chain operations whose middle CRSs are not identical but
      have the same datum (#1734)
    - import/export PROJJSON: support a interpolation_crs key to geoid_model
    - Database: update to EPSG v9.8.4 (#1725)
    - Build: require SQLite 3.11 (#1721)
    - Add support for GEOIDMODEL (#1710)
    - Better filtering based on extent and performance improvements (#1709)
    * Bug fixes
    - Horizontal grid shift: fix issue on iterative inverse computation when
      switching between (sub)grids (#1797)
    - createOperations(): make filtering out of 'uninteresting' operations less
      aggressive (#1788)
    - Make EPSG:102100 resolve to ESRI:102100 (#1786)
    - ob_tran: restore traditional handling of +to_meter with pj_transform() and
      proj utility (#1783)
    - CRS identification: use case insensitive comparison for authority name
    - normalizeForVisualization() and other methods applying on a ProjectedCRS: do
      not mess the derivingConversion object of the original object (#1746)
    - createOperations(): fix transformation computation from/to a CRS with
      +geoidgrids and +vunits != m (#1731)
    - Fix proj_assign_context()/pj_set_ctx() with pipelines and alternative coord
      operations (#1726)
    - Database: add an auxiliary concatenated_operation_step table to allow
      arbitrary number of steps (#1696)
    - Fix errors running gie-based tests in Debug mode on Windows (#1688)



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