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mhvtl-kmp-default-1.70_release+862.561d4d5b473f_k5.18.6_1-1.4 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: mhvtl-kmp-default Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.70_release+862.561d4d5b473f_k5.18.6_1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Sat Jun 25 14:09:35 2022
Group: System/Kernel Build host: lamb28
Size: 87571 Source RPM: mhvtl-1.70_release+862.561d4d5b473f-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Virtual Tape Library kernel module
This is the kernel module package for the mhvtl Virtual Tape &
Library package.

This works in conjunction with the user-land commands and libraries
to enable tape emulation.

The vtl module is a stripped-down derivative of the scsi_debug kernel
module, plus a character device "back end" to pass the SCSI commands
through to user-space daemons.






* Fri Jun 03 2022
  - Update to version 1.70_release+862.561d4d5b473f, to fix a build
    issue (include of genhd.h fails, since the include file is
    gone now):
    * Standardise using -m <barcode>
    * kernel/ use $KDIR for the kernel build directory
    * Add include guard to generated config.h
    * kernel: Re-work compat symbols detection
    * vtlcart: Replace calls to creat() with calls to open()
    * mhvtl.spec: Bump version to 1.7
    * systemd device config: touch up error logging
    * systemd device config: Dummy-spit if we can't find the config file
    * CodeQL
    * SEND_DIAGNOSTICS: Check for valid MAM structure size and CRC sanity checks
    * Makefile: Fix path to mhvtl-utils.spec
    * etc/Makefile: run bash scripts using bash, not sh
    * device-conf-generator: Drop path qualifier from comment
    * Makefile: add new file to 'tar' target missed in previous commit
    * Makefile infrastructure: fix passing variables
    * Makefile: Correctly pass top-level variables
    * Build process was failing if not following a clean
    * LTO media: Set Encryption capable bit for LTO6, 7 & 8 media
    * Fix issue with too many bytes returned on short block read
    * Add script to check CRC32C & RS-CRC
    * Handle systemd directory paths correctly.
    * Handle our queue command correctly
    * Add new preload_tape to git ignore
    * Remove duplicate def of systemd generator dir.
    * Handle sysfs_emit correctly
    * Make preload_tape a link to dump_tape
    * Silence compiler complaints about string too long
    This removed these patches (no longer needed):
    * mhvtl-fix-systemd-generator-dir.patch
    * mhvtl-handle-systemd-location-correctly-for-generator.patch
    * mhvtl-kernel-module-fix-queuecommand-arg-change.patch
    * mhvtl-kernel-module-fix-sysfs_emit-decl.patch
    And added (not yet upstream):
    * mhvtl-fix-removal-of-genhd-h.patch
* Tue Jan 18 2022
  - Update to version 1.64_release+835.6beb0aa01437, to fix factory
    build issues:
    * Fix compiler warning regarding c99 standard
    * DIV: Compare CRC32C in big-endian format
    * Handle missing drive slots in config file.
    * mhvtl.spec: Add preload_tape to the RPM spec file
    * Proactively log different CRC seeding options if LBP writes fail
    * vtllibrary: Handle library_contents.xx file with missing storage slot sequences
    * mhvtl.ko: Fix return type of sysfs_emit()
    * DIV: Improve reporting of LBP support
    * DIV: Update RS-CRC seed to that in the 'test_crc'
    * ssc: Log drive feature list
    * DIV: Reduce log noise from LBP function if not enabled
    * Update default library generation to LTO6 & LTO8 drives
    * mhvtl.ko: Update to use sysfs_emit() rather than scnprintf
    * DIV: Write block of data on LBP mis-compare.
    * DIV: Set INQUIRY 'protect' bit if LBP is supported.
    * Vagrant: Add ability to set headless/gui VM as argument
    * DIV: Adding VPD page D5h
    * DIV: Add LBP checking on write path
    * Refactor check for no compression
    * DIV: Add support for LBP in read path
    * DIV: Add Mode Page Control Data Protection (0a/f0)
    * DIV: Compile time sanity check on CRC routines
    * DIV: Add Reed-Solomon CRC
    * Vagrant: Yet another typo
    * Vagrant: Fix typo in network settings
    * Vagrant: Update to include an IP on the internal network
    * Config scripts: Don't rely on execute bit being set
    * Vagrant: Cleanup to make a little more robust
    * Vagrant install file: whte space cleanup and add st driver for Ubuntu
    * kernel Makefile: Add tape_util.o to list of files to cleanup
    * tape_util: Fix compiler warning regarding strncpy length.
    * Makefile: Add a rule for 'tape_util.o'
    * mhvtl.ko: Bump kernel version to 0.18.31 / 2021-11-19
    * mhvtl.ko: flush_kernel_dcache_page function retired
    * make clean: Forgot about tape_util.o
    * mhvtl.ko: Add ability to specify kernel version in build
    * Add vagrant instructions and fix centos installation in vagrant
    * Begin to add support for VERIFY_6 op code
    * vtlcart: Clean up formatting of 'dump_tape'
    * Rename FIXED to FIXED_BLOCK - description of 'fixed' was ambiguous
    * preload_tape: Handle media EOM in a more user-friendly way
    * preload_tape: Fix sense_buffer global vs local clash
    * mhvtl.spec: Silence vtl media files
    * Remove temporary files in 'make clean'
    * default tape emulation: Add missing media types
    * Remove stale email address from man pages.
    * preload_tape: Add a man page entry
    * preload_tape: Close out the data with a filemark.
    * Add new utility 'preload_tape'
    * Move writeBlock() to mhvtl_io.c
    * Code consolidation: readBlock() to mhvtl_io.c
    * Add LTO6 and 7 to man pages as valid cartridge types
    * Add: Tape media Code reference. Fix SDLT code
    * Comment code : media_type vs medium_density_code
    * White-spcae cleanup
    * device-conf-generator: respect MHVTL_CONFIG_PATH
    * Typo: replace spaces with tabs in comment
    * Add: Comment to hp_ultrium.c re: LTO8 and LTO6 compatibility
    * Remove LTO6 read ability from LTO8 tapes
    * Change LTO7 Number of Tracks to correct value
    * Remove erroneous trailing white-space from INSTALL
    * Improve a debug log entry to make it more readable
    * Improve tape load/unload handling
    * Doc: Fix VTLlibrary man page error. Fix: man page typo T10Kb -> T10KB
    * Add: Update instructions on sg3-utils name
    * Fix: Incorrect sg3_util package name in install instructions
    * Fix spelling of 'debugging'
    * mhvtl.ko: Bump kernel module version to 0.18.30 / 20211007
    * mhvtl.spec: Updated so it will build on CentOS 8
    * Update Changelog for difference since 1.6-3 release
    * systemd: Update Makefile to include systemd install path
    * OOM: /proc/<pid>/oom_adj is deprecated. Using oom_score_adj.
    * mhvtl.ko: Update function names with 'mhvtl_' prefix
    * Update kernel /sys/ location to suit new pseudo name space
    Added four patches not yet upstream (but submmtted soon):
    * mhvtl-kernel-module-fix-queuecommand-arg-change.patch
    * mhvtl-kernel-module-fix-sysfs_emit-decl.patch
    * mhvtl-handle-systemd-location-correctly-for-generator.patch
    * mhvtl-fix-systemd-generator-dir.patch
* Thu Oct 07 2021 Lee Duncan <>
  - Remoed the "BuildRequires: lzo-devel" line from the SPEC file,
    since this dependence was removed with upstream commit
    c327afb77cff ("Remove dependency on external lzo packages").
* Mon Oct 04 2021 Lee Duncan <>
  - Fix failing OBS build, since it doesn't like empty DB files
    being installed as part of the package. The DB-creation
    script was copied from the Makefile (under "make install") to
    a SPEC-file "%post" script.
* Fri Sep 17 2021 Lee Duncan <>
  - Updated to upstream version 1.63_release+759.35ddb48e5262,
    so that it will compile on latest (5.14 kernel). Changes:
    * mhvtl.ko: Remove reference to DRIVER_SENSE (fixes our build)
    * mhvtl.ko: reinstate HAVE_UNLOCKED_IOCTL
    * mhvtl.ko: Compile on RH using 4.18 kernels
    * Handle scsi_host_template removal of unchecked_isa_dma.
    Removing previously-needed patch:
    * Handle-scsi_host_template-removal-of-unchecked_isa_d.patch
* Fri Jul 09 2021
  - Update to version 1.63_release+754.ff8861da60c9:
    * Use bounce buffer if tape block size is larger than request buffer
    * dump_tape: Fix segfault due to local variable conflict
    * Fix typos in mktape man page
    * Fix routine to extract barcode from string
    * Correcting minor typos.
    * Undo previous edits to LTO-7 media density
    * Security Protocol OUT: Fix null pointer check
    * Update LTO-8 media denisty codes
    * small adjustment in the emulation of the ts3100 library
    * Update for 1.6_3_release
    * mktape: Set default version string based from MHVTL_VERSION
    * mhvtl.ko: Bump kernel version
    * mhvtl.ko: Initialise outstanding op struct before adding to list
    * mhvtl.ko: Bump kernel module version string
    * mhvtl.ko: Limit number of outstanding queued commands
    * Add kernel file_inode() commit ID as comment
    * mhvtl.ko: Bump kernel module version string
    * mhvtl.ko: Use _safe version of list_for_each_entry
    * mhvtl.ko: Simplify file_inode()
    * mhvtl.ko: Correct compiler warning about printf var sizes
    * mhvtl.ko: Log errors if they occur
    * mhvtl.ko: bump kernel module version
    * mhvtl.ko: kernel module oops on PPC
    * mhvtl.ko: bump kernel module version
    * Increase default kmem_cache bounce buffer size to 64k
    * mhvtl.ko: Define SG_SEGMENT_SZ only if not defined
    * Fix spelling of retrieving
    * Exclude __builtin_cpu_supports() on non x86_64 CPU types
    * fix wording
    * rename log.h to avoid generic name conflict
    * rename scsi.h to avoid generic name conflict
    * rename list.h to avoid generic name conflict
    * Rename tapeLoaded to load_status
    * Use ccan version of crc32c
    * Fix startup script
  - Also, remove patch (no longer needed, fixed upstream):
    * mhvtl-fix-ppc-Makefile.patch
    And add a patch: to handle an issue submitted upstream
    but not yet integrated:
    * Handle-scsi_host_template-removal-of-unchecked_isa_d.patch
* Thu Oct 29 2020 Lee Duncan <>
  - Added "-DHAVE_UNLOCKED_IOCTL" to kernel module build in SPEC file
* Mon Jun 22 2020 Cristian Rodríguez <>
  -Do not Require insserv or fillup which are no longer needed
* Fri Nov 15 2019 Lee Duncan <>
  - Fix some builds of ppc and arm that were failing to compile
    the dump_tape command. This adds the patch:
    * mhvtl-fix-ppc-Makefile.patch
* Sat Nov 09 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Use the correct macro for systemd generator directory
* Mon Nov 04 2019 Lee Duncan <>
  - Change install of systemd generatos to /usr/lib/systemd/...
    instead of /usr/libexec/systemd/..., which does not yet exist,
    to fix build issue
* Sun Oct 06 2019
  - Update to version 1.62_release:
    * Update the 1.6.2 tarball name
    * Update spec file for 1.6-2 release
    * mhvtl.ko: Bump module version to reflect white-listed buffer work
    * mhvtl.ko: Use white-listed buffer to copy data to/from kernel space
    * Bump kernel module version
    * mhvtl.ko: scsi_host_template changed block .ioctl
    * mhvtl.ko: Remove useless printk("\n")
    * Reformat KERNEL_VERSION() to make happier
    * Bump kernel module version
    * Fix kernel build SUBDIR going away post 5.3
    * mhvtl.ko: Fix compile on 5.0+ kernels
    * mhvtl.ko: Bump version number due to serial_number change
    * mhvtl.ko: Remove dependency on scsi mid layer serial_number
    * Remove dead code
    * Only build symlink paths for tape devices
    * Silence another gcc error regarding snprintf
    * Silence another gcc error regarding snprintf
    * Make sure target buffer is large enough
    * Use systemd-path to query mhvtl-device-conf-generator path
    * Change Vagrantbox for Centos to one that is  publicly available.
    * Remove lzo from the install script and added -g to lsscsi
    * Add Vagrant file with install script for testing
    * Revert "Correct yet another /usr -> / path - this time for systemd etc stuff"
    * Correct yet another /usr -> / path - this time for systemd etc stuff
    * Correct systemd-generator default path
    * Fix path to modprobe
    * Ubuntu/Debian need the systemd-generators install in /lib not /usr/lib
    * Sample script to build /dev/tape/by-path/ entries
    * Add test for root user on install
    * Update Change log and spec file for 1.6-1_release
    * Add CRC check on read path
    * Update dump_tape to understand CRC32
    * Add CRC32 to each block write
    * Add libcrc32c routines
    * Add additional field to reflect if tape in drive
    * Move true/false values into single bit field
    * Allow to override build date with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
    * dump_tape: Fix off-by-one reading argv[]
    * Improve SCSI cdb logging format from kernel module
    * Fix typo for mktape in make_vtl_media
    * Simplify building of mktape
    * Clean up white space formatting in source
    * A very basic script to show how to setup LIO iSCSI via pscsi driver
    * Fix a media unload race condition
    * Force shared library and systemd refresh on install
    * bump kernel module version string.
    * Remove use of "use_clustering" in our kernel driver.
    * Correct mhvtl-load-modules.service dependencies.
    This results in replacing mhvtl-1.60_release.tar.xz with
    mhvtl-1.62_release.tar.xz, and removing two patches, no
    longer needed. Removed:
    * mhvtl-systemd-load-modules-cleanup.patch
    * mhvtl-remove-use-of-use_clustering.patch
    Also, updated SPEC-file %build and %install make commands to pass
    in systemd generator directory.
* Sat Mar 30 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Reduce dependency on systemd. Make use of %make_install.
* Thu Mar 28 2019 Lee Duncan <>
  - Update to upstream version 1.60_release from 1.55_release
    * Switch to systemd from init scripts (see bsc#1116023)
    * Create virtual media on post install
    * Update version to 1.6 with introduction of systemd support
    * Don't overwrite config files by default
    * Replace SuSE rpm macros with systemctl command for RPM install/uninstall
    * Update systemd-generators dir based on variable
    * Include ChangeLog in tar ball as time/date string in man pages depend on it
    * Corrected time/date stamp in spec change log
    * Set correct shared lib path
    * Remove empty double quotes in service tmeplates
    This replaces mhvtl-1.53_release.tar.xz with mhvtl-1.60_release.tar.gz,
    This change updates the SPEC file, and itremoves both patches,
    no longer needed:
    * mhvtl-set-lib64-correctly.patch
    * mhvtl-suse-patches.diff.gz
    For kernels 5.0 and newer, this patch was added to patch the KMP:
    * mhvtl-remove-use-of-use_clustering.patch
    And to cleanup systemd dependencies, added:
    * mhvtl-systemd-load-modules-cleanup.patch
    Both of these patches will be submitted upstream, as well.



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