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libzypp-17.30.2-1.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libzypp Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 17.30.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri Jun 17 21:51:14 2022
Group: System/Packages Build host: lamb08
Size: 10989513 Source RPM: libzypp-17.30.2-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library for package, patch, pattern and product management
libzypp is the package management library that powers applications
like YaST, zypper and the openSUSE/SLE implementation of PackageKit.

libzypp provides functionality for a package manager:

  * An API for package repository management, supporting most common
    repository metadata formats and signed repositories.
  * An API for solving packages, products, patterns and patches
    (installation, removal, update and distribution upgrade
    operations) dependencies, with additional features like locking.
  * An API for commiting the transaction to the system over a rpm
    target. Supporting deltarpm calculation, media changing and
    installation order calculation.
  * An API for browsing available and installed software, with some
    facilities for programs with an user interface.






* Wed Jun 15 2022
  - appdata plugin: Pass path to the repodata/ directory inside the
    cache (bsc#1197684)
  - zypp-rpm: flush rpm script output buffer before sending
  - version 17.30.2 (22)
* Mon May 30 2022
  - PluginRepoverification: initial version hooked into
    repo::Downloader and repo refresh.
  - Immediately start monitoring the download.transfer_timeout.
    Do not wait until the first data arrived. (bsc#1199042)
  - singletrans: no dry-run commit if doing just download-only.
  - Work around cases where sat repo.start points to an invalid
    solvable.  May happen if (wrong arch) solvables were removed
    at the  beginning of the repo.
    (fixes #388)
  - version 17.30.1 (22)
* Fri Mar 25 2022
  - ZConfig: Update solver settings if target changes (bsc#1196368)
  - version 17.30.0 (22)
* Mon Mar 21 2022
  - Fix possible hang in singletrans mode (bsc#1197134)
  - Do 2 retries if mount is still busy.
  - version 17.29.7 (22)
* Mon Mar 14 2022
  - Fix package signature check (bsc#1184501)
    Pay attention that header and payload are secured by a valid
    signature and report more detailed which signature is missing.
  - Retry umount if device is busy (bsc#1196061, closes #381)
    A previously released ISO image may need a bit more time to
    release it's loop device. So we wait a bit and retry.
  - Fix serializing/deserializing type mismatch in zypp-rpm
    protocol (bsc#1196925)
  - Fix handling of ISO media in releaseAll (bsc#1196061)
  - Hint on common ptf resolver conflicts (bsc#1194848)
  - version 17.29.6 (22)
* Thu Feb 24 2022
  - Hint on ptf<>patch resolver conflicts (bsc#1194848)
  - version 17.29.5 (22)
* Tue Feb 08 2022
  - Fix handling of redirected command in-/output (bsc#1195326)
    This fixes delays at the end of zypper operations, where
    zypper unintentionally waits for appdata plugin scripts to
  - version 17.29.4 (22)
* Tue Feb 01 2022
  - Public header files on older distros must use c++11
  - Fix exception handling when reading or writing credentials
  - version 17.29.3 (22)
* Thu Jan 20 2022
  - Fix Legacy include (bsc#1194597)
  - version 17.29.2 (22)
* Mon Jan 10 2022
  - Fix broken install path for parser compat headers (fixes #372,
  - RepoManager: remember exec errors in exception history
  - version 17.29.1 (22)
* Thu Dec 23 2021
  - Use the default zypp.conf settings if no zypp.conf exists
  - Fix wrong encoding of iso: URL components (bsc#954813)
  - Handle armv8l as armv7hl compatible userland.
  - Introduce zypp-curl a sublibrary for CURL related code.
  - zypp-rpm: Increase rpm loglevel if ZYPP_RPM_DEBUG is set.
  - Save all signatures associated with a public key in its
  - version 17.29.0 (22)
* Thu Nov 11 2021
  - Disable logger in the child after fork (bsc#1192436)
  - version 17.28.8 (22)
* Thu Nov 04 2021
  - Check log writer before accessing it (fixes #355, bsc#1192337)
  - Save locks: Update an existing locks changed comment string.
  - Allow uname-r format in purge kernels keepspec (fixes
  - version 17.28.7 (22)
* Mon Oct 18 2021
  - Zypper should keep cached files if transaction is aborted
    Singletrans mode currently does not keep files around if the
    transaction is aborted. This patch fixes the problem.
  - Require a minimum number of mirrors for multicurl (bsc#1191609)
  - Use procfs to detect nr of open fd's if rlimit is too high
    Especially in a VM iterating over all possible fd's to close open
    ones right before a exec() slows down zypper unnecessarily. This
    patch uses /proc/self/fd to iterate over open fd's in case rlimit
    is above 1024.
  - po: Fix some lost '%' signs in positional args (bsc#1191370)
  - RepoManager: Don't probe for plaindir repo if URL schema is
    plugin: (bsc#1191286)
  - version 17.28.6 (22)
* Mon Oct 04 2021
  - Downloader does not respect checkExistsOnly flag (bsc#1190712)
    A missing check causes zyppng::Downloader to always download full
    files even if the checkExistsOnly flag is set. This patch adds
    the missing logic.
  - Fix kernel-*-livepatch removal in purge-kernels (bsc#1190815)
    The kernel-*-livepatch packages are supposed to serve as a stable
    handle for the ephemeral kernel livepatch packages. See
    FATE#320268 for details. As part of the kernel live patching
    ecosystem, kernel-*-livepatch packages should not block the
    purge-kernels step.
  - version 17.28.5 (22)
* Fri Sep 17 2021
  - Make sure to keep states alives while transitioning
  - May set techpreview variables for testing in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf.
    If environment variables are unhandy one may enable the desired
    techpreview in zypp.conf as well:
  - version 17.28.4 (22)
* Fri Sep 03 2021
  - CMake/spec: Add option to force SINGLE_RPMTRANS as default for
    zypper (fixes #340)
  - Make sure singleTrans is zypper-only for now.
  - Do not double check signatures and keys (bsc#1190059)
  - version 17.28.3 (22)
* Tue Aug 31 2021
  - Workaround Bug 1189788: Don't allow ZYPP_SINGLE_RPMTRANS=1 on a
    not UsrMerged Tumbleweed system.
  - version 17.28.2 (22)
* Mon Aug 23 2021
  - Fix crashes in logging code when shutting down (bsc#1189031)
  - version 17.28.1 (22)
* Mon Jul 26 2021
  - Rephrase vendor conflict message in case 2 packages are
    involved (bsc#1187760)
    This covers the case where not the packages itself would change
    its vendor, but replaces a package from a different vendor.
  - Fix solver jobs for PTFs (bsc#1186503)
  - spec: switch to pkgconfig(openssl)
  - Show key fpr from signature when signature check fails
    Rpm by default only shows the short key ID when checking the
    signature of a package fails. This patch reads the signatures
    from the RPM headers and replaces she short IDs with the key
    fingerprints fetched from the signatures.
  - Implement alternative single transaction commit strategy.
    This patch adds a experimental commit strategy that runs all
    operations in a single rpm transaction, speeding up the execution
    a lot.
  - Use ZYPP_MEDIANETWORK=1 to enable the experimental new media
  - Implement zchunk download, refactor Downloader backend.
  - Fix purge-kernels fails with kernels from Kernel:HEAD
    There recently was a change in the kernel package naming scheme
    in regards to rc kernels. Since kernel upstream uses characters
    in the version that are not allowed in rpm versions a "-rc" was
    previously replaced with ".rc" which broke sorting by version, to
    fix this issue it was replaced with "~rc", which unfortunately
    broke the purge-kernels logic. This patch makes sure purge-kernel
    does apply the same conversion.
  - version 17.28.0 (22)
* Thu Jun 10 2021
  - Enhance XML output of repo GPG options (fixes openSUSE/zypper#390)
    In addition to the effective values, add optional attributes
    showing the raw values actually present in the .repo file.
    (raw_gpgcheck, raw_repo_gpgcheck, raw_pkg_gpgcheck)
  - Link all executables with -pie (bsc#1186447)
  - Ship an empty /etc/zypp/needreboot per default (fixes #311, jsc#PM-2645)
    If packages want to trigger the reboot-needed hiint upon installation
    they may provide 'installhint(reboot-needed)'.
    Builtin packages triggering the hint without the provides are
    only kernel and kernel-firmware related.
  - Add Solvable::isBlacklisted as superset of retracted and ptf
    packages (bsc#1186503)
  - Fix segv if ZYPP_FULLOG is set (fixes #317)
  - version 17.27.0 (22)
* Tue Jun 01 2021
  - Work around download.o.o broken https redirects.
  - Allow trusted repos to add additional signing keys (bsc#1184326)
    Repositories signed with a trusted gpg key may import additional
    package signing keys. This is needed if different keys were used
    to sign the the packages shipped by the repository.
  - MediaCurl: Fix logging of redirects.
  - Use 15.3 resolver problem and solution texts on all distros.
  - $ZYPP_LOCK_TIMEOUT: Let negative values wait forever for the
    zypp lock (bsc#1184399)
    Helps boot time services like 'zypper purge-kernels' to wait for
    the zypp lock until other services using zypper have completed.
  - Fix purge-kernels is broken in Leap 15.3 (bsc#1185325)
    Leap 15.3 introduces a new kernel package called
    kernel-flavour-extra, which contain kmp's. Currently kmp's are
    detected by name ".*-kmp(-.*)?" but this does not work which
    those new packages. This patch fixes the problem by checking
    packages for kmod(*) and ksym(*) provides and only falls back to
    name checking if the package in question does not provide one of
  - Introduce zypp-runpurge, a tool to run purge-kernels on
  - version 17.26.0 (22)
* Wed Apr 28 2021
  - Properly handle permission denied when providing optional files
  - Fix service detection with cgroupv2 (bsc#1184997)
  - version 17.25.10 (22)
* Thu Apr 22 2021
  - Add missing includes for GCC 11 (bsc#1181874)
  - Fix unsafe usage of static in media verifier.
  - Solver: Avoid segfault if no system is loaded (bsc#1183628)
  - MediaVerifier: Relax media set verification in case of a single
    not-volatile medium (bsc#1180851)
  - Do no cleanup in custom cache dirs (bsc#1182936)
  - ZConfig: let pubkeyCachePath follow repoCachePath.
  - version 17.25.9 (22)
* Wed Feb 24 2021
  - Try to provide a mounted /proc in --root installs (bsc#1181328)
    Some systemd tools require /proc to be mounted and fail if it's
    not there.
  - Enable release packages to request a releaxed suse/opensuse
    vendorcheck in dup when migrating. (bsc#1182629)
  - version 17.25.8 (22)
* Wed Feb 17 2021
  - Patch: Identify well-known category names (bsc#1179847)
    This allows to use the RH and SUSE patch categrory names
    (recommendedi = bugfix) and (optional = feature = enhancement).
  - Add missing includes for GCC 11 compatibility. (bsc#1181874)
  - Fix %posttrans script execution (fixes #265)
    The scripts are execuable. No need to call them through 'sh -c'.
  - Commit: Fix rpmdb compat symlink in case rpm got removed.
  - Repo: Allow multiple baseurls specified on one line (fixes #285)
  - Regex: Fix memory leak and undefined behavior.
  - Add rpm buildrequires for test suite (fixes #279)
  - Use rpmdb2solv new -D switch to tell the location ob the
    rpmdatabase to use.
  - BuildRequires:  libsolv-devel >= 0.7.17.
  - version 17.25.7 (22)
* Tue Jan 12 2021
  - Rephrase solver problem descriptions (jsc#SLE-8482)
  - Adapt to changed gpg2/libgpgme behavior (bsc#1180721)
  - Multicurl backend breaks with with unknown filesize (fixes #277)
  - version 17.25.6 (22)
* Fri Dec 11 2020
  - Fix lsof monitoring (bsc#1179909)
  - version 17.25.5 (22)
* Thu Dec 03 2020
  - Prevent librpmDb iterator from accidentally creating an empty
    rpmdb in / (repoened bsc#1178910)
  - Fix update of gpg keys with elongated expire date (bsc#1179222)
  - needreboot: remove udev from the list (bsc#1179083)
  - Prefer /run over /var/run.
  - version 17.25.4 (22)
* Fri Nov 27 2020
  - RepoManager: Carefully tidy up the caches. Remove non-directory
    entries. (bsc#1178966)
  - RpmDb: If no database exists use the _dbpath configured in rpm.
    Still makes sure a compat symlink at /var/lib/rpm exists in case
    the configures _dbpath is elsewhere. (bsc#1178910)
  - Url: Hide known password entries when writing the query part
    (bsc#1050625 bsc#1177583, CVE-2017-9271)
  - adapt testcase to change introduced by libsolv#402.
  - RepoManager: Force refresh if repo url has changed (bsc#1174016)
  - RepoInfo: ignore legacy type= in a .repo file and let RepoManager
    probe (bsc#1177427, Fixes openSUSE/zypper#357).
  - version 17.25.3 (22)
* Wed Oct 07 2020
  - Bump version to force rebuild against a fixed libsolv.
    (bsc#1177238, bsc#1177275)
  - version 17.25.2 (22)
* Fri Sep 25 2020
  - Fix bsc#1176902: When kernel-rt has been installed, the
    purge-kernels service fails during boot.
  - Use package name provides as group key in purge-kernel
    (bsc#1176740 bsc#1176192)
    kernel-default-base has new packaging, where the kernel uname -r
    does not reflect the full package version anymore. This patch
    adds additional logic to use the most generic/shortest edition
    each package provides with %{packagename}=<version> to group the
    kernel packages instead of the rpm versions.
    This also changes how the keep-spec for specific versions is
    applied, instead of matching the package versions, each of the
    package name provides will be matched.
  - version 17.25.1 (22)
* Fri Sep 18 2020
  - RepoInfo: Return the type of the local metadata cache as
    fallback (bsc#1176435)
  - VendorAttr: Fix broken "suse,opensuse" equivalence handling.
    Enhance API and testcases. (bsc#1174918)
  - Update docs regarding 'opensuse' namepace matching.
  - New solver testcase format.
  - Link against libzsd to close libsolvs open references
    (as we link statically)
  - BuildRequires:  libsolv-devel >= 0.7.15.
  - version 17.25.0 (22)
* Fri Aug 28 2020
  - VendorAttr: Const-correct API and let Target provide its
    settings (bsc#1174918)
  - Support buildnr with commit hash in purge-kernels (bsc#1175342)
    This adds special behaviour for when a kernel version has the
    rebuild counter before the kernel commit hash.
  - Improve Italian traslation of the "breaking dependencies"
    message (bsc#1173529)
  - Make sure reading from lsof does not block forever (bsc#1174240)
  - Just collect details for the signatures found (fixes #229)
  - version 17.24.2 (22)
* Thu Jul 16 2020
  - Fix bsc#1174011 auth=basic ignored in some cases (bsc#1174011)
    Proactively send credentials if the URL specifes '?auth=basic'
    and a username.
  - ZYPP_MEDIA_CURL_DEBUG: Strip credentials in header log (bsc#1174011)
  - version 17.24.1 (22)
* Tue Jul 14 2020
  - Completey rework the purge-kernels algorithm (fix bsc#1173106)
    The new code is closer to the original perl script, grouping the
    packages by name before applying the keep spec.
  - Set ZYPP_RPM_DEBUG=1 to capture verbose rpm command output
    (implements #228)
  - version 17.24.0 (22)
* Fri Jun 26 2020
  - Fix core dump with corrupted history file (bsc#1170801)
  - version 17.23.8 (22)
* Tue Jun 23 2020
  - Enable zchunk metadata download if libsolv supports it.
  - version 17.23.7 (22)
* Thu Jun 04 2020
  - Revert "Enable zchunk on SLE-15-SP2".
  - version 17.23.6 (22)
* Wed May 27 2020
  - Enable zchunk on SLE-15-SP2.
  - Older kernel-devel packages are not properly purged (bsc#1171224)
  - doc: enhance service plugin example.
  - version 17.23.5 (22)
* Thu Apr 09 2020
  - Get retracted patch status from updateinfo data (jsc#SLE-8770)
    libsolv injects the indicator provides into packages only.
  - remove 'using namespace std;' (bsc#1166610, fixes #218)
  - Online doc: add 'Hardware (modalias) dependencies' page
    (fixes #216)
  - version 17.23.4 (22)
* Wed Mar 25 2020
  - Add HistoryLogReader actionFilter to parse only specific
  - version 17.23.3 (22)
* Fri Mar 20 2020
  - RepoVariables: Add safe guard in case the caller does not own a
    zypp instance.
  - Enable c++17. Define libyzpp CXX_STANDARD in ZyppCommon.cmake.
  - version 17.23.2 (22)
* Mon Mar 02 2020
  - Fix package status computation regarding unneeded, orphaned, recommended
    and suggested packages (broken in 17.23.0) (bsc#1165476)
  - version 17.23.1 (22)
* Fri Feb 21 2020
  - Log patch status changes to history (jsc#SLE-5116)
  - Allow to disable all WebServer dependent tests when building. OBS
    wants to be able to get rid of the nginx/FastCGI-devel build
    requirement. Use 'rpmbuild --without mediabackend_tests' or
  - version 17.23.0 (22)
* Fri Feb 07 2020
  - update translations
  - Replace mongoose/webrick with nginx in test suite.
    This patch makes use of nginx to replace the current WebServer
    mongoose implementation. Also adds support for registering
    callback functions for certain URL requests via FCGI, making it
    possible to mock HTTP responses and test more complex HTTP setups.
  - boost: Fix deprecated auto_unit_test.hpp includes.
  - Disable zchunk on Leap-15.0 and SLE15-* while there is no libzck.
  - Fix decision whether to download ZCHUNK files.
    libzypp and libsolv must both be able to read the format.
  - version 17.22.1 (22)
* Thu Jan 23 2020
  - yum::Downloader: Prefer zchunk compressed metadata if libvsolv
    supports it.
  - BuildRequires:  libsolv-devel >= 0.7.11.
  - version 17.22.0 (22)
* Mon Jan 20 2020
  - Selectable: Fix highestAvailableVersionObj if only retracted
    packages are available. Avoid using retracted items as candidate
  - version 17.21.0 (20)
* Thu Dec 19 2019
  - BuildRequires:  libsolv-devel >= 0.7.10.
  - RpmDb: Become rpmdb backend independent (jsc#SLE-7272)
  - RpmDb: Close API offering a custom rpmdb path
    It's actually not needed and for this to work also libsolv needs
    to support it. You can sill use a librpmDb::db_const_iterator to
    access a database at a custom location (ro).
  - Remove legacy rpmV3database conversion code.
  - version 17.20.0 (20)
* Wed Dec 11 2019
  - MediaCurl: assert cookie file has mode 0600 (bsc#1158763, CVE-2019-18900)
  - version 17.19.0 (12)
* Mon Dec 09 2019
  - dup: fix removing orphaned packages dropped by to-be-installed
    products (bsc#1155819)
  - version 17.18.1 (12)
* Thu Dec 05 2019
  - Resolver: add solution actions for SOLVER_SOLUTION_BLACK
  - Solvable: add isRetracted and isPtf attributes.
  - version 17.18.0 (12)
* Thu Nov 28 2019
  - Introduce PurgeKernels class (bsc#1155198)
    Adds libzypp API to mark all obsolete kernels according to the
    existing purge-kernel script rules.
  - Add solver jobs for retracted packages and ptfs.
    Support for ptf packages and retract ed patches.
  - Do not enforce 'en' being in RequestedLocales (bsc#1155678)
    If the user decides to have a system without explicit language
    support he may do so.
  - Pass correct posttrans script argument (fixes #190)
  - BuildRequires:  libsolv-devel >= 0.7.8.
  - version 17.17.0 (12)
* Tue Oct 29 2019
  - Expose new libsolv API via C++ counterparts
  - BuildRequires:  libsolv-devel >= 0.7.7
  - version 17.16.0 (12)
* Fri Oct 18 2019
  - Fix empty metalink downloads if filesize is unknown (bsc#1153557)
  - Recognize riscv64 as architecture
  - Fix installation of new header file (fixes #185)
  - zypp.conf: Introduce `solver.focus` to define the resolvers general
    attitude when resolving jobs. (bsc#1146415)
  - New container detection algorithm for zypper ps (bsc#1146947)
  - version 17.15.0 (12)
* Thu Sep 26 2019
  - Revert "Use CURL_HTTP_VERSION_2TLS if available" (bsc#1146027)
  - doc: add service example using variables
  - Fix build with rpm >= 4.15 (fixes #172)
  - version 17.14.1 (12)
* Mon Aug 05 2019
  - PublicKey::algoName: supply key algorithm and length
  - version 17.14.0 (12)
* Thu Jul 25 2019
  - MediaCurl: Fix leaking filedescriptors (bsc#1116995)
  - commit: Run file conflict check on dry-run (best with download-only)
  - commit: do not remove orphan products if the .prod file is owned by
    a package (bsc#1139795)
  - version 17.13.0 (12)
* Tue May 28 2019
  - Drop unused InterProcessMutex class and test
  - Drop unused WebpinResult class and test
  - Give posttrans script a parameter of 0 (issue #168)
  - Use CURL_HTTP_VERSION_2TLS if available (fixes #141)
  - version 17.12.0 (12)
* Thu Apr 04 2019
  - Enhance scanning /sys for modaliases (bsc#1130161)
  - version 17.11.4 (9)
* Tue Apr 02 2019
  - Prevent SEGV if the application sets an empty TextLocale (bsc#1127026)
* Mon Apr 01 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Fix build with CMake >= 3.14.0:
    Starting with CMake 3.14, EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL now spreads from
    directories to targets. 'make -C someSubdir' when 'someSubdir'
    uses the 'EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL' keyword does nothing. (gh/libzypp#libzypp#165)
* Thu Mar 21 2019
  - KeyManager: Work around bsc#1127220 [libgpgme] no error upon
    incomplete import due to signal received.
  - MediaCurl: add hint to check SCC for an expired regcode on
    http error 403 (bsc#965786)
  - version 17.11.3 (9)
* Mon Feb 25 2019
  - Correctly handle exceptions when verifying the medium (bsc#1065022)
  - Only write type field when probing (bsc#1114908)
  - Don't blame user on TargetAbortedException (bsc#978193)
  - version 17.11.2 (9)
* Thu Jan 31 2019
  - CheckAccessDeleted: Suppress reporting `/memfd:` pseudo files
  - MediaCurl: improve reporting https->http redirection errors
  - Prevent SEGV if the application sets an empty TextLocale
  - Url: don't force printing an empty authority if the schema does not
    allow authority at all
  - Try to the missing rpmDB compat symlink in case the rpm package got
    deleted (bsc#1122471)
  - version 17.11.1 (9)
* Fri Jan 11 2019
  - PoolItemBest: Optionally prefer not locked packages (for bsc#1113296)
  - ui::Selectable: add `hasLocks` to indicate a partially locked
    item (for bsc#1113296)
  - version 17.11.0 (9)



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