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torbrowser-apparmor-profile-0.3.6-1.3 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: torbrowser-apparmor-profile Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.3.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Thu Jun 15 09:16:06 2023
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: lamb56
Size: 9184 Source RPM: torbrowser-launcher-0.3.6-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Apparmor profile for Tor Browser
This package provides the apparmor profiles to safeguard against
a Tor network compromise.






* Wed Dec 14 2022 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 0.3.6:
    * Tor Browser 12.0 no longer uses locales, so the download URL
      and local path have changed
  - Drop torbrowser-launcher-gui-move-argtype.patch: upstreamed.
* Wed Aug 24 2022 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Add torbrowser-launcher-gui-move-argtype.patch: Ensure arguments
    to gui-move are integers, not floats (boo#1202693,
* Tue May 24 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Do not recommend lang package: the lang package has smarter
    supplements in place.
* Tue Jan 11 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - add python-rpm-macros
* Sat Dec 11 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - update to 0.3.5:
    * fix refreshing Tor Browser signing key in Flatpak package
  - drop torbrowser-launcher-pt_BR-po-file-end-string.patch
* Sat Jun 19 2021 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 0.3.4:
    * Ship with latest version of the Tor Browser Developers OpenPGP
      public key.
    * Add several translations.
    * Various small bug fixes.
  - Drop torbrowser-launcher-fix-distro-name.patch: distro name
    detection fixed upstream, thus hack no longer needed.
  - Add torbrowser-launcher-pt_BR-po-file-end-string.patch: Fix
    missing quotation marks at the end of str line in pt_BR
    translation file; patch taken from upstream merge request
* Wed Oct 07 2020 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 0.3.3:
    * Switch to Web Key Directory to refresh signing key from, because everything is broken.
    * Use proper version comparison now that Tor Browser 10.0 is
    * Fix DNS leak when downloading over Tor.
    * Various bug fixes, as well as AppData and AppArmor fixes.
  - Drop tor-browser-developers.asc key: fixed by update.
  - Drop patches incorporated or otherwise fixed upstream:
    * torbrowser-launcher-apparmor-fixes.patch.
    * torbrowser-launcher-version-check-fix.patch.
  - New BuildRequires and Requires: python3-packaging,
  - New Requires: xmessage: one of zenity, kdialog, or xmessage is
    required and we choose xmessage as a minimal requirement in case
    neither of the first two are installed in the system already.
  - Rename source file into %{name}-%{version} format.
* Sat Sep 26 2020 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update Tor Browser public key from upstream (again).
* Wed Sep 23 2020 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Add new key from upstream tor-browser as source and overwrite
    bundled key in tarball with this
  - Add torbrowser-launcher-version-check-fix.patch: Fix version
    checking with torbrowser 10.0+; patch taken from upstream PR
    (not yet merged) [gh#micahflee/torbrowser-launcher#499].
  - Add further fixes to torbrowser-launcher-apparmor-fixes.patch
    to enable bundled libstdc++ to be mapped; fixes taken from
    pending upstream PR (gh#micahflee/torbrowser-launcher#503).
* Wed Mar 11 2020 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Add torbrowser-launcher-apparmor-fixes.patch Fix apparmor file
    so that it doesn't hinder actually running the browser, patch
    taken from upstream commits
    (gh#micahflee/torbrowser-launcher#443, boo#1162284).
  - Use %autosetup to set up build directory.
* Fri Feb 28 2020 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Switch Parsley and PySocks requires to python3 versions.



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