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python310-click-8.1.3-1.4 RPM for noarch

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Name: python310-click Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 8.1.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Sat Feb 18 18:32:45 2023
Group: Development/Languages/Python Build host: lamb07
Size: 688100 Source RPM: python-click-8.1.3-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: A wrapper around optparse for command line utilities
Click is a Python package for creating command line interfaces
in a composable way with as little code as necessary.  It's the "Command
Line Interface Creation Kit". It is configurable, and comes with
defaults out of the box.






* Sun Jun 05 2022 Arun Persaud <>
  - specfile
    * require python >= 3.7
  - update to version 8.1.3:
    * Use verbose form of "typing.Callable" for "@command" and
      "@group". :issue:`2255`
    * Show error when attempting to create an option with
      "multiple=True, is_flag=True". Use "count" instead.
  - changes from version 8.1.2:
    * Fix error message for readable path check that was mixed up with
      the executable check. :pr:`2236`
    * Restore parameter order for "Path", placing the "executable"
      parameter at the end. It is recommended to use keyword arguments
      instead of positional arguments. :issue:`2235`
  - changes from version 8.1.1:
    * Fix an issue with decorator typing that caused type checking to
      report that a command was not callable. :issue:`2227`
  - changes from version 8.1.0:
    * Drop support for Python 3.6. :pr:`2129`
    * Remove previously deprecated code. :pr:`2130`
      + "Group.resultcallback" is renamed to "result_callback".
      + "autocompletion" parameter to "Command" is renamed to
      + "get_terminal_size" is removed, use "shutil.get_terminal_size"
      + "get_os_args" is removed, use "sys.argv[1:]" instead.
    * Rely on :pep:`538` and :pep:`540` to handle selecting UTF-8
      encoding instead of ASCII. Click's locale encoding detection is
      removed.  :issue:`2198`
    * Single options boolean flags with "show_default=True" only show
      the default if it is "True". :issue:`1971`
    * The "command" and "group" decorators can be applied with or
      without parentheses. :issue:`1359`
    * The "Path" type can check whether the target is executable.
    * "Command.show_default" overrides "Context.show_default", instead
      of the other way around. :issue:`1963`
    * Parameter decorators and "@group" handles "cls=None" the same as
      not passing "cls". "@option" handles "help=None" the same as not
      passing "help". :issue:`#1959`
    * A flag option with "required=True" requires that the flag is
      passed instead of choosing the implicit default
      value. :issue:`1978`
    * Indentation in help text passed to "Option" and "Command" is
      cleaned the same as using the "@option" and "@command"
      decorators does. A command's "epilog" and "short_help" are also
      processed. :issue:`1985`
    * Store unprocessed "", "epilog" and "short_help"
      strings. Processing is only done when formatting help text for
      output. :issue:`2149`
    * Allow empty str input for "prompt()" when
      "confirmation_prompt=True" and "default=""". :issue:`2157`
    * Windows glob pattern expansion doesn't fail if a value is an
      invalid pattern. :issue:`2195`
    * It's possible to pass a list of "params" to "@command". Any params
      defined with decorators are appended to the passed params.
    * "@command" decorator is annotated as returning the correct type if
      a "cls" argument is used. :issue:`2211`
    * A "Group" with "invoke_without_command=True" and "chain=False"
      will invoke its result callback with the group function's return
      value. :issue:`2124`
    * "to_info_dict" will not fail if a "ParamType" doesn't define a
      "name". :issue:`2168`
    * Shell completion prioritizes option values with option prefixes
      over new options. :issue:`2040`
    * Options that get an environment variable value using
      "autoenvvar_prefix" treat an empty value as "None", consistent
      with a direct "envvar". :issue:`2146`
* Sun Mar 27 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 8.0.4:
    * ``open_file`` recognizes ``Path("-")`` as a standard stream, the
      same as the string ``"-"``. :issue:`2106`
    * The ``option`` and ``argument`` decorators preserve the type
      annotation of the decorated function. :pr:`2155`
    * A callable default value can customize its help text by overriding
      ``__str__`` instead of always showing ``(dynamic)``. :issue:`2099`
    * Fix a typo in the Bash completion script that affected file and
      directory completion. If this script was generated by a previous
      version, it should be regenerated. :issue:`2163`
    * Fix typing for ``echo`` and ``secho`` file argument.
* Sat Oct 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 8.0.3:
    * Fix issue with ``Path(resolve_path=True)`` type creating invalid
      paths. :issue:`2088`
    * Importing ``readline`` does not cause the ``confirm()`` prompt to
      disappear when pressing backspace. :issue:`2092`
    * Any default values injected by ``invoke()`` are cast to the
      corresponding parameter's type. :issue:`2089, 2090`
    * ``is_bool_flag`` is not set to ``True`` if ``is_flag`` is ``False``.
    * Bash version detection is locale independent. :issue:`1940`
    * Empty ``default`` value is not shown for ``multiple=True``.
    * Fix shell completion for arguments that start with a forward slash
      such as absolute file paths. :issue:`1929`
    * ``Path`` type with ``resolve_path=True`` resolves relative symlinks
      to be relative to the containing directory. :issue:`1921`
    * Completion does not skip Python's resource cleanup when exiting,
      avoiding some unexpected warning output. :issue:`1738, 2017`
    * Fix type annotation for ``type`` argument in ``prompt`` function.
    * Fix overline and italic styles, which were incorrectly added when
      adding underline. :pr:`2058`
    * An option with ``count=True`` will not show "[x>=0]" in help text.
    * Default values are not cast to the parameter type twice during
    * Options with ``multiple`` and ``flag_value`` use the flag value
      instead of leaving an internal placeholder.
* Mon Aug 30 2021 John Vandenberg <>
  - Add runtime dependency on importlib-metadata on Python 3.6
* Sat Jun 19 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - update to 8.0.1:
    way too many changes to be listed here, see:
* Thu Aug 20 2020 John Vandenberg <>
  - Add runtime dependency on setuptools
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 7.1.2:
    Revert applying shell quoting to commands for ``echo_with_pager``
    and ``edit``. This was intended to allows spaces in commands, but
    caused issues if the string was actually a command and arguments, or
    on Windows. Instead, the string must be quoted manually as it should
    appear on the command line. :issue:`1514`
* Tue Mar 31 2020 Marketa Calabkova <>
  - Update to 7.1.1
    * Fix ``ClickException`` output going to stdout instead of stderr.
    * Fix PyPI package name, "click" is lowercase again.
    * Fix link in ``unicode_literals`` error message. :pr:`1151`
    * Add support for colored output on UNIX Jupyter notebooks.
    * Operations that strip ANSI controls will strip the cursor hide/show
      sequences. :issue:`1216`
    * Remove unused compat shim for ``bytes``. :pr:`1195`
    * Always return one of the passed choices for ``click.Choice``
      :issue:`1277`, :pr:`1318`
    * Handle ``env MYPATH=''`` as though the option were not passed.
    * It is once again possible to call ``next(bar)`` on an active
      progress bar instance. :issue:`1125`
    * ``open_file`` with ``atomic=True`` retains permissions of existing
      files and respects the current umask for new files. :issue:`1376`
    * Fix ``TypeError`` raised when using bool flags and specifying
      ``type=bool``. :issue:`1287`
    * Newlines in option help text are replaced with spaces before
      re-wrapping to avoid uneven line breaks. :issue:`834`
    * ``MissingParameter`` exceptions are printable in the Python
      interpreter. :issue:`1139`
    * Fix how default values for file-type options are shown during
      prompts. :issue:`914`
    * Option help text that is wrapped adds an extra newline at the end to
      distinguish it from the next option. :issue:`1075`
    * Consider ``sensible-editor`` when determining the editor to use for
      ``click.edit()``. :pr:`1469`
    * Arguments to system calls such as the executable path passed to
      ``click.edit`` can contains spaces. :pr:`1470`
    * Add ZSH completion autoloading and error handling. :issue:`1348`
    * ZSH completion escapes special characters in values. :pr:`1418`
    * Add completion support for Fish shell. :pr:`1423`
    * Decoding bytes option values falls back to UTF-8 in more cases.
    * Make the warning about old 2-arg parameter callbacks a deprecation
      warning, to be removed in 8.0. This has been a warning since Click
      2.0. :pr:`1492`
* Mon Oct 14 2019 Matej Cepl <>
  - Replace %fdupes -s with plain %fdupes; hardlinks are better.
* Sat Dec 22 2018
  - update to version 7.0:
    * Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.3.
    * Wrap ``click.Choice``'s missing message.
    * Add native ZSH autocompletion support.
    * Document that ANSI color info isn't parsed from bytearrays in
      Python 2.
    * Document byte-stripping behavior of ``CliRunner``.
    * Usage errors now hint at the ``--help`` option.
    * Implement streaming pager.
    * Extract bar formatting to its own method.
    * Add ``DateTime`` type for converting input in given date time
    * ``secho``'s first argument can now be ``None``, like in ``echo``.
    * Fixes a ``ZeroDivisionError`` in ``ProgressBar.make_step``, when the
      arg passed to the first call of ``ProgressBar.update`` is 0.
    * Show progressbar only if total execution time is visible.
    * Added the ability to hide commands and options from help.
    * Document that options can be ``required=True``.
    * Non-standalone calls to ``Context.exit`` return the exit code,
      rather than calling ``sys.exit``.
    * ``click.getchar()`` returns Unicode in Python 3 on Windows,
      consistent with other platforms.
    * Added ``FloatRange`` type.
    * Added support for bash completion of ``type=click.Choice`` for
    ``Options`` and ``Arguments``.
    * Only allow one positional arg for ``Argument`` parameter
    * Add ``case_sensitive=False`` as an option to Choice.
    * ``click.getchar()`` correctly raises ``KeyboardInterrupt`` on "^C"
      and ``EOFError`` on "^D" on Linux.
    * Fix encoding issue with ``click.getchar(echo=True)`` on Linux.
    * ``param_hint`` in errors now derived from param itself.
    * Add a test that ensures that when an argument is formatted into a
      usage error, its metavar is used, not its name.
    * Allow setting ``prog_name`` as extra in ``CliRunner.invoke``.
    * Help text taken from docstrings truncates at the ``\f`` form feed
      character, useful for hiding Sphinx-style parameter documentation.
    * ``launch`` now works properly under Cygwin.
    * Update progress after iteration.
    * ``CliRunner.invoke`` now may receive ``args`` as a string
      representing a Unix shell command.
    * Make ``Argument.make_metavar()`` default to type metavar.
    * Add documentation for ``ignore_unknown_options``.
    * Add bright colors support for ```` and fix the reset
      option for parameters ``fg`` and ``bg``.
    * Add ``show_envvar`` for showing environment variables in help.
    * Avoid ``BrokenPipeError`` during interpreter shutdown when stdout or
      stderr is a closed pipe.
    * Document customizing option names.
    * Disable ``sys._getframes()`` on Python interpreters that don't
      support it.
    * Fix bug in test runner when calling ``sys.exit`` with ``None``.
    * Clarify documentation on command line options.
    * Fix crash on Windows console.
    * Fix bug that caused bash completion to give improper completions on
      chained commands.
    * Added support for dynamic bash completion from a user-supplied
    * Added support for bash completions containing spaces.
    * Allow autocompletion function to determine whether or not to return
      completions that start with the incomplete argument.
    * Fix option naming routine to match documentation and be
    * Fix path validation bug.
    * Add test and documentation for ``Option`` naming: functionality.
    * Update doc to match arg name for ``path_type``.
    * Raw strings added so correct escaping occurs.
    * Fix 16k character limit of ``click.echo`` on Windows.
    * Overcome 64k character limit when writing to binary stream on
      Windows 7.
    * Add bool conversion for "t" and "f".
    * ``NoSuchOption`` errors take ``ctx`` so that ``--help`` hint gets
      printed in error output.
    * Fixed the behavior of Click error messages with regards to Unicode
      on 2.x and 3.x. Message is now always Unicode and the str and
      Unicode special methods work as you expect on that platform.
    * Progress bar now uses stderr by default.
    * Add support for auto-completion documentation.
    * Allow ``CliRunner`` to separate stdout and stderr.
    * Fix variable precedence.
    * Fix invalid escape sequences.
    * Fix ``ResourceWarning`` that occurs during some tests.
    * When detecting a misconfigured locale, don't fail if the ``locale``
      command fails.
    * Add ``case_sensitive=False`` as an option to ``Choice`` types.
    * Force stdout/stderr writable. This works around issues with badly
      patched standard streams like those from Jupyter.
    * Fix completion of subcommand options after last argument
    * ``_AtomicFile`` now uses the ``realpath`` of the original filename
      so that changing the working directory does not affect it.
    * Fix incorrect completions when defaults are present
    * Add copy option attrs so that custom classes can be re-used.
    * "x" and "a" file modes now use stdout when file is ``"-"``.
    * Fix missing comma in ``__all__`` list.
    * Clarify how parameters are named.
    * Stdout is now automatically set to non blocking.
    * Do not set options twice.
    * Move ``fcntl`` import.
    * Fix Google App Engine ``ImportError``.
    * Better handling of help text for dynamic default option values.
    * Fix ``get_winter_size()`` so it correctly returns ``(0,0)``.
    * Add test case checking for custom param type.
    * Allow short width to address cmd formatting.
    * Add details about Python version support.
    * Added deprecation flag to commands.
    * Fixed issues where ``fd`` was undefined.
    * Fix formatting for short help.
    * Document how ``auto_envvar_prefix`` works with command groups.
    * Don't add newlines by default for progress bars.
    * Use Python sorting order for ZSH completions.
    * Document that parameter names are converted to lowercase by default.
    * Subcommands that are named by the function now automatically have
      the underscore replaced with a dash. If you register a function
      named ``my_command`` it becomes ``my-command`` in the command line
    * Hide hidden commands and options from completion.
    * Fix absolute import blocking Click from being vendored into a
      project on Windows.
    * Fix issue where a lowercase ``auto_envvar_prefix`` would not be
      converted to uppercase.
  - Drop patch merged upstream



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