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zerofree-1.1.1-1.14 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for i586

Name: zerofree Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.1.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.14 Build date: Sat Sep 18 12:15:02 2021
Group: System/Filesystems Build host: lamb62
Size: 47433 Source RPM: zerofree-1.1.1-1.14.src.rpm
Summary: Utility for ext2,ext3,ext4 filesystems that zeroes out unallocated blocks
zerofree is a utility for ext2,ext3 and ext4 filesystems that
will scan the list of free blocks in a filesystem and fill with
zeroes any blocks that do not already contain zeroes.

This RPM also includes the sparsify utility, which will scan all
files in a filesystem and ensure that they are maximally sparse.






* Thu Jul 05 2018
  - update to 1.1.1:
    * Lift call to ext2fs_free_blocks_count out of loop
    * Add support for 64-bit block numbers
* Fri Jul 08 2016
  - adjust urls to new location
* Thu Jun 16 2016
  - Update to zerofree-1.0.4
    Minor change: use memcmp instead of loop
* Thu Sep 10 2015
  - add zerofree(8) man page (taken from debian)
* Fri Aug 02 2013
  - package COPYING
* Mon Dec 17 2012
  - Update to zerofree-1.0.3
* Mon Jun 04 2012
  - update to zerofree-1.0.2
    Allow non-zero fill value, new option -f <val>
* Mon Jun 04 2012
  - update sparsify.c to fix build errors, download version 2012-05-10
* Sun Dec 12 2010
  - Build with optflags
* Sun Jul 18 2010
  - Turn on SUSE_ASNEEDED magic to fix build.



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