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dar-doc-2.6.15-1.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for i586

Name: dar-doc Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.6.15 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Sat Sep 18 14:27:33 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host: old-atreju4
Size: 1515738 Source RPM: dar-2.6.15-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Documentation for dar
Documentation package for dar






* Mon Jun 07 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 2.6.15
    * fixed error message formatting error leading message to contain
      garbage in place of system error information.
    * fixing bug (internal error) met while trying restoring files and
      dirs without sufficient write permission on the destination
      directory tree to perform the operation.
    * adding minor feature to avoid restoring Unix sockets (-au)
    * fixing dar-catalogue.dtd
  - Update to version 2.6.14
    * fixed bug met when removing slices of an old backup located on
      a remote sftp server
    * fixed bug in cache layer met when writing sliced backup to a
      remote ftp or sftp repository
    * enhancement to the -[ and -] options to work as expected when
      "DOS" formatted text file is provided as a file listing.
  - Drop outdated Provides / Obsoletes, RPM will automatically detect
    new dependency of linking packages, as long as -devel package
    does not get renamed or packages use dlopen and manually require it
* Fri Dec 18 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Enable curl and rsync support
* Wed Dec 16 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - update to 2.6.13:
    - fixed compilation warning in testing routine (outside libdar and dar)
    - due to change in autoconf, the --sysconfdir path (which defaults to
      ${prefix}/etc) was read as an empty string, leading dar to look for
      darrc system file at the root of the filesystem (/darrc)
    - fixed bug that should occur in extremely rare conditions (it has been
      discover during 2.7.0 validation process): compression must be used,
      no ciphering, no hashing, file changed at backup time or had a poor
      compression ratio, was not saved at slice boundary, the previous
      entry had an EA saved but no FSA or an unchanged FSA. In such
      conditions are all met, dar tries to resave the file in place, but
      partially or totally overwites the EAs of the previous entry leading
      to archive testing to fail for these EA (though the archive could be
      finished without error).
    - fixed bug met when case insensitive mask is requested (-an option)
      and locale of file to restore or backup is not the one the dar binary
      is run with.
* Wed Sep 16 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - update to 2.6.12:
    - fixed regression met in 2.6.11 when generating encrypted
    - fixing bug in dar_manager libdar part, met when the two oldest
      entries for a file are recorded as unchanged (differential
    - fixed typo in dar_manager man page
    - updated lax mode to ignore encryption flag found in header
      and trailer
    - fixed two opposite bugs in strong encryption code that
      annihilated each other, by chance
    - fixing bug met when merging an archive an re-compressing
      the data with another algorithm that gives a less good result,
      this condition lead the merging operation to fail
      reporting a CRC mismatch
    - improving archive header code to cope with unknown flags
* Mon Aug 17 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 2.6.10:
    - update the configure script to handle some undocumented --enable-*
      options that existed but were not expected to be used.
    - fixed spelling in darrc comments
    - fixed bug in dar_split that could occur in very rare conditions
    - fixed EA support build failure due to what seems to be a change
      in Linux kernel header
    - fixed symbol conflict with s_host of in.h on omniOS platform
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 2.6.9
    * too many changes to list, see ChangeLog file
  - Drop dar-use-libc-xattr.patch (fixed upstream)
  - Drop Group tag
  - Spec cleanup
* Wed Jan 24 2018
  - fix build for Factory
  - update to version 2.5.14
    (relevant parts from upstream)
    - made libgcrypt built-in memory guard be initialized before obtaining
      ligcrypt version, to respect libgcrypt usage (but no problem was seen
      nor reported about this inconsistency)
    - fixed syntax error in XML listing output (EA_entry and Attributes
    - fixed bugs in dar_split: cygwin support, filedescriptors were not
      explicitly closed at end of execution, allocating buffer on heap
      rather than in the stack for better size flexibility, avoiding buffer
      size to be greater than SSIZE_MAX.
    - added -s option to dar_split in order to disable the by default SYNC
      write that was used and which caused poor performance. To keep the
      same behavior as the older dar_split (and its poor performances) you
      need now using -s option.
    - dar_split enhancement: added call to syncfs before closing the file
      descriptor in split_output mode
    - fixed bug in dar_split that was did not lead dar_split to completely
      fulfill an device before asking for user to change the media when
      used in split_output mode, this was sometimes leading dar reporting
      file as corrupted at dar_split at media boundary.
    - added feature in dar_split to show the amount of data written since
      the last media change
    - added -az option to automatically nullify negative dates returned from
      the system in the archive under creation (filesystem is not modified)
    - included the birthtime (HFS FSA) into the negative dates handling
    - modified behavior: dar now fails upon unknown option instead of warning
      the option is unknown and thus ignored
    - fixed missing throw in tools.cpp (exception condition was not reported)
    - dar now aborts if a line exceeding 20479 bytes is met in a listing file
    - fixed bug in file listing (-[ option) leading some directories and their
      content to be excluded in a somehow rare condition
    - improved behavior when dar reads a negative date. Instead of aborting
      it now asks the user if it can substitute such value by zero
    - improved behavior when dar is asked to read an archive located in a
      directory that does not exist. DUC file passed to -E option is now
      properly run in that case too and has the possibility for example to
      create that directory and download requested file
    - minor feature: displays the archive header which is never ciphered and
      aborts. This feature is activated while listing archive content and
      adding the -aheader option. This brings the side effect to invert two
      lines in the archive summary (dar -l archive -q) "catalogue size" and
      "user comment".
    - adding date format info for -w option in "dar_manager -h" usage help
    - fixed several mistakes in tools.cpp leading compilation to fail under
      certain environments
    - fixed bug in the filtering mechanism relying on file listing (-[ and
    - ] options) that could not find an entry in the listing upon certain
      condition leading a file not being excluded as requested or not
      included as requested
    - fixed bug: -r option (only more recent overwriting policy) was
      considering a file to be more recent when it had the exact same date as
      the file in place.
    - updating documentation about requirements for compiling dar from sources
    - fixed bug: bug met when restoring of a file that has the immutable
      flag set. Dar/libdar failed restoring such file in the context of
      differential/incremental backup. The fix consists of the removal of the
      immutable flag from filesystem before restoring the new version of the
      file's data, then setting back the immutable flag afterward.
    - updating FAQ with description of the way dar uses lzo compression
      compared to the lzop program
    - fixed bug: aborting an archive was leading to an unreadable archive in
      direct mode, most of the time when strong encryption was used
    - minor new feature: added two flavors of lzo algorithm: lzop-1 and lzop-3
      in order to match compression levels 1 and 3 of the lzop command
    - fixed bug: merging operation could wrongly melt different unrelated hard
      linked inodes when merging using an archive which results from a previous
      merging operation.
    - fixed bug: aborting an archive was sometimes leading to an unreadable
      archive in direct mode (was readable only in --sequential-read mode)
    - fixed bug: libgpgme was only present at linking time of final binaries
      (dar, dar_slave, dar_xform, dar_manager, dar_cp, dar_split), not at
      linking time of libdar, which caused problem under Linux Rosa distro
      where the "no-undefined" flag is passed to the linker.
    - minor new feature: -ay option has been added to display sizes in bytes
      instead of the default which uses the largest possible unit (Kio, Mio,
      and so on.)
* Thu Mar 09 2017
  - Edited %files to clear unpackaged files builderror in
* Thu Jan 05 2017
  - Update to version 2.5.8:
    * support for lzma compression
    * improved backwards api compatibility
    * For extensive list of changes from 2.4.20 to 2.5.8 see provided
      CHANGES file
  - Packaging cleanups and dependencies update
* Mon Dec 21 2015
  - Update to 2.4.20
    * fixed display bug in dar_manager met when using -o option and
    adding options for dar that does not exist for dar_manager
    (like -R option)
    * reactivating disabled (by mistake) optimization for some
    read-only dar manager database operations
    * fixing compilation issue with dar against gcc 4.9.2
    * fixing syntax error in dar_manager message
    * fixing bug that avoided creating an archive at the root of the
  - Changes for 2.4.19
    * fixed missing quote in dar_par.dcf which is called by the par2
    * fixed bug in dar_manager's -u option, not displaying most
    recent files of an archive when they have been marked as
    removed in a more recent archive of the same dar_manager
    * fixed bug met while restoring in sequential read mode a file
    having several copies (was modified at the time it was saved
    and retry-on-change was set).
* Sat Sep 19 2015
  - Update to 2.4.18
    * Initial Vector used for strong encryption was set with
      pseudo-random data generated using SHA1 message digest and
      blowfish cipher, which are not available when ligcrypt is
      running in FIPS mode. Since 2.4.18 we now use SHA256 and AES256
      for IV assignment in order to have libdar compatible with FIPS
      mode. For data encryption nothing changes: the cipher specified
      (-K, -J, -$ options on CLI) are used as before.
    * fixing bug met when performing archive isolation in
      sequential-read mode, If an archive corruption or truncated
      archive leads an inode to not have its CRC readable, dar aborts
      and issues a BUG report.
* Sat Mar 07 2015
  - Use SOURCE instead of %{_sourcedir}/%{name}.changes
* Tue Mar 03 2015
  - Add changelog to sources (necessary for _DATE_ and _TIME_
    macros substitution removal)
* Sun Mar 01 2015
  - Cleanup spec-file with spec-cleaner
  - Use url for source
  - Add gpg signature
  - Get rid of _DATE_ and _TIME macros
  - Update to 2.4.17
    * fixing issue when case insensitive comparison was requested
      and invalid wide char for the current local was met in a
      filename. In such situation the corresponding file was never
      saved before (considering a filesystem error for that file),
      while now the ASCII case insensitivity is used as fallback.
* Sun Jan 18 2015 Led <>
  - update to version 2.4.16
    * Extensive changelog can be found in Changelog file
  - drop dar-2.4.14-fix-bashisms.patch (fixed in package itself)
* Sun Nov 16 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in example scripts
  - add patches:
    * dar-2.4.14-fix-bashisms.patch
* Thu Jun 26 2014
  - update to version 2.4.14
    * Extensive changelog can be found in Changelog file
  - drop dar-DARWIN.patch (fixed in package itself)
* Sat Jun 14 2014
  - Drop unused patch dar.diff. Is replaced by sed in spec.
* Mon Jun 02 2014
  - Also drop libattr from the -devel package requires
* Mon Jun 02 2014
  - dar-use-libc-xattr.patch  extended attribute functions
    live in glibc, since approx 10 years and have to be used
    instead of those in libattr whenever the rest of its api is
    not used.
* Mon Aug 19 2013
  - fix build with old gettext (SLE 11)
* Mon Aug 19 2013
  - enforce and test for dynamic linking. (bnc#835318)
* Mon Jun 03 2013
  - update to version 2.4.10
    * Extensive changelog can be found in Changelog file
  - enable lzo compression support
  - enable strong encryption support via gcrypt
  - rename lib package to follow so name change
* Mon Jul 09 2012
  - license update: SUSE-GPL-2.0+-with-openssl-exception
    The developers of dar included a special exception to link against
* Fri Jul 06 2012
  - Remove libdar Requires from the devel package: it's not needed.
    Note: this did not cause any issue, as libdar4 provide libdar as
    a symbol.
  - Package AUTHORS COPYING NEWS TODO ChangeLog as normal %doc files,
    without copying them around first.
  - Rename libdar-4 subpackage to libdar4, following the SLPP. Change
    the rpm group of libdar to System/Libraries.
  - Create a -lang package, which is Recommended by libdar. This
    actually helps in the future when libdar5 would ever come out.
    Currently, due to the language files being part of the library
    package, it would be impossible to install multiple versions.
  - Pass --disable-static to configure: no need to build it. And as
    a result, we also do not have to delete it in install again.
  - Add fdupes BuildRequires and use it in %install to link the same
    files together.
  - Run spec-cleaner.
* Fri Jul 06 2012
  - Add dar-DARWIN.patch: Fix the generation of the installed
    config.h header. Our autotools create a which also
    contains #ifned _DARWIN_*, which is matched by the upstream grep
    command, but the matching #endif is not matched... See discussion
    and debug on
* Sun Sep 18 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
    (cf. packaging guidelines)
  - Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
* Tue Aug 02 2011
  - Fix filelist.
* Fri Sep 03 2010
  - Build for dar 2.3.10
  -from 2.3.6 to 2.3.7:
  - fixed bug in dar_manager
  - fixed a bug in the statistics calculus of dar_manager
  - fixed mistake in API tutorial
  - fixed bug in the file filtering based on listing file ( -[ option )
  - fixed typo and spelling errors in documentation
  - from 2.3.7 to 2.3.8:
  - fixed bug concerning elastic buffers used beside strong encryption
  - added some speed optimizations
  - from 2.3.8 to 2.3.9:
  - very little optimization of the reading process of EA
  - added -q option to dar
  - added licensing exception to allow distribution of dar beside OpenSSL library
  - Bug fix: during archive diff (only), dar restore atime of file in the backup
    instead of file in the system before opening it for reading.
  - from 2.3.9 to 2.3.10:
  - fixed bug in displaying dates [SF 2922417]
  - enhanced pseudo-random number generation used in dar
* Tue Jan 13 2009
  - remove static libraries and "la" files
* Sat Feb 02 2008
  - Do not build test programs statically.
* Thu Jan 31 2008
  - Remove check for old distribution.
  - Remove duplicate files.
  - Do not package .la files.
  - Do not build dar-static to workaround glibc pthread linkage
* Fri Jan 25 2008
  - fix open call with O_CREAT and without mode
* Fri Nov 09 2007
  - add missing #include
* Tue Nov 06 2007
  - fix building
  - fix rpmlint errors
* Thu Nov 01 2007
  - compile with gcc 4.3
* Thu Nov 01 2007
  - update to 2.3.6
  - changed displayed message when adding a hard link to an archive while
    performing a differential backup
  - added back the possibility to use old blowfish implementation (bfw cipher)
  - integrated optimization patch from Sonni Norlov
  - updated Swedish translation by Peter Landgren
  - updated French translation
  - fixed broken Native Language Support in 2.3.x (where x<5)
    from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6
  - fixed in src/dar_suite (removed "/" after $(DESTDIR))
  - fixed bug in regex mask building when not using ordered masks
  - fixing bug that led dar_manager to report no error while some files failed
    to be restored due to command-line for dar being too large.
  - fixed bug met when user aborts operation while dar is finalizing archive creation [SF #1800507]
  - fixed problem with execvp when dar_manager launches dar
* Fri Jul 06 2007
  - update to version 2.3.4
    * fixes a weakness in blowfish encryption (#289994)
    * hard link handling bugfix (2.3.3)
  - rename libdar package to libdar-4
* Sun Jun 17 2007
  - avoid string compare with char literal
* Mon Apr 02 2007
  - add libzz2-devel to BuildRequires
  - fix dependencies of -devel package
* Sat Mar 31 2007
  - add zlib-devel BuildRequires
* Tue Jan 16 2007
  - adding strong encryption support
  - build with extended attributes support again (broken configure check)
* Tue Jan 09 2007
  - update to version 2.3.2 again (kdar seems to be dead and is dropped)
* Tue Nov 14 2006
  - initialize variable (#188286)
* Tue Oct 17 2006
  - remove upx require
* Sun Sep 10 2006
* Mon Jul 10 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Mon Jul 10 2006
  - Go back to version 2.2.6 since the only user of dar does not build
    with the new dar package.
* Thu May 18 2006
  - update to version 2.3.0 with lots of new features.
  - added user_interaction::pause2() method
  - added the snapshot feature
  - added the Cache Directory Tagging detection feature
  - adapted Wesley's patch for a pkgconfig for libdar
  - added -[ and -] options (file selection from file listing)
    Important consequence for libdar user programs:
    the fs_root argument is now expanded to full absolute path inside libdar,
    thus the mask you will give for path inclusion/exclusion (the "subtree" argument)
    will be used against full absolute path of files under consideration
    for the operation. Assuming you have fs_root=tmp/A and the current
    directory is /tmp, your mask will be used against strings like
    /var/tmp/A/some/file. (instead of tmp/A/some/file as in the previous API
    version). Things are equal if the fs_root is given an absolute path.
  - changed archive format to "05". Due to complete review of EA management.
  - upon some signal reception, dar aborts the backup nicely, producing a
    completely formatted archive will all the file saved so far. This archive can
    be take as reference for a further backup to continue the operation at a later
  - dar_manager aborts properly upon certain signal reception (do not let the database
    partially updated).
  - dar_slave and dar_xform now recognize when a slicename is given in place of a basename
  - reviewed thread_cancellation (API change) for it be possible to cancel several thread at the same time
  - prevent some dead-lock situation that can occur when a signal is received inside a critical section
  - dar_cp, dar_xform and dar_slave also abort nicely upon signal reception
  - dar_manager can now restore files based on a given date (not always the most recent version)
  - dar_manager now has an interactive mode (-i option)
  - change in API, the warning() method need not be overwritten, but the new protected method
    inherited_warning() must be inherited in its place (same function, same prototype
    as the original warning() method).
  - dar_manager features are now part of libdar. API has been completed with theses new features
  - added the "last_slice" context (%c with -E option) when creating an archive
  - dar now check a file has not been modified while it was reading it, if so it reports a warning and returns a specific exit code
  - remove included gettext from the package (it is more a source of conflict with external gettext and if somebody needs internationalization better is to install libintl/gettext on its own).
  - added George Foot feedback about the good backup practice sort guide.
  - added -e option to dar_manager
  - added the progressive_report feature in the API
  - dar can now pause every N slice where N >= 1
  - integrated Dave Vasilevsky's patch to support Extended Attributes and file forks under MacOS X
  - added method in API for external program be able to list dar_manager databases, their file contents and the statistics
  - added the merge/sub-archive feature
  - remove [list of path] from command line (-g option is now mandatory)
  - added regex expression in filters (-ar/-ag options)
  - added -ak option
  - added the --comparison-field option (extension of the --ignore-owner option aka -O option)
  - added the -af option (backup files more recent than a given date, others are keept as already saved)
  - dar now take care that an escape character can be sent when pressing the arrow keys and avoid considering them in this situation
  - dar will no refuse to abort if user presses escape when dar asks the user to be ready to write to a new slice
  - adapted Wesley Legette's patch for an xml archive listing
  - added 'InRef' status for EA (same meaning as the one for file's data)
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Sat Jan 21 2006
  - 2.2.6 update
* Mon Jan 16 2006
  - 2.2.5 update
* Mon Sep 26 2005
  - make libdar-devel package require base package
* Mon Jul 25 2005
  - fix build
* Fri Jul 15 2005
  - 2.2.2 update
* Mon Apr 25 2005
  - fix compile on 64bit with gcc 4
* Mon Apr 11 2005
  - update to version 2.2.1
* Mon Jan 31 2005
  - update to version 2.2.0
    * thread safe lib
* Wed Nov 17 2004
  - update to version 2.1.5
    * gcc 3.4 support, -O1 workaround isn't needed anymore
* Thu Jul 15 2004
  - update to version 2.1.4
    * fixes ACL support (#42966)
* Sun Mar 07 2004
  - update to version 2.1.1
* Wed Feb 11 2004
  - update to final 2.1.0 version
* Sun Feb 08 2004
  - update to version 2.1.0_pre5
  - optimise only with -O1, that fixes all missing symbol problems ...
* Tue Jan 13 2004
  - update to version 2.1.0_pre2
  - fix compile issues
* Fri Jan 09 2004
  - support and require UPX compression on ia32
* Mon Jan 05 2004
  - initial package of version 2.0.4



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