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kio-5.32.0-5.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 42.3 updates for armv7hl

Name: kio Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.3
Version: 5.32.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.1 Build date: Tue Nov 7 20:13:14 2017
Group: System/GUI/KDE Build host: obs-arm-5
Size: 4509004 Source RPM: kio-5.32.0-5.1.src.rpm
Summary: Network transparent access to files and data
This framework implements almost all the file management functions you
will ever need. In fact, the KDE file manager (Dolphin) and the KDE
file dialog also uses this to provide its network-enabled file management.






* Thu Nov 02 2017
  - Add fix-handling-of-KCookieAdvice_AcceptForSession.patch to
    fix the "Accept For Session" cookie setting that was not properly
    respected (boo#1049975, kde#386325)
* Mon Oct 30 2017
  - Add Always-reserve-space-for-icons.patch to fix file name
    overlapping with the icon in the file dialog if the generic
    fallback icon is used (kde#372207)
* Tue Aug 22 2017
  - Add Really-rate-limit-INF_PROCESSED_SIZE-messages.patch to avoid
    high CPU load during file copies (kde#383843, boo#1016920,
  - Add KDesktopPropsPlugin-create-destination-dir.patch to fix
    modifying applications' .desktop files in the "Edit File Type"
    dialog if the corresponding directory doesn't exist in
    ~/.local/share/ (boo#1000946)
* Tue Aug 15 2017
  - Add fix-applying-special-file-attributes.patch to fix modifying
    advanced permissions in the file/folder properties dialog
    (boo#978935, kde#365795)
* Sat Jul 01 2017
  - Add upstream patches to prevent /tmp getting filled up because
    full directories are copied to it when generating folder previews
    for remote locations and the trash (kde#208625, boo#969768)
    * PreviewJob-clean-up-empty-temp-file-when-get-fails.patch
    * PreviewJob-skip-remote-directories.patch
* Thu Jun 08 2017
  - Add upstream patch to support running PIE binaries (kde#350018):
    * 0001-Identify-PIE-binaries-application-x-sharedlib-as-exe.patch
* Wed Apr 12 2017
  - Add enable-natural-sorting-in-KDirSortFilterProxyModel.patch to
    use natural sorting by default in the KDE file dialog and
    gwenview, configurable via the "NaturalSorting" option in
    kdeglobals (boo#1033668, kde#343452)
* Mon Mar 20 2017
  - Drop sanitize-url-for-proxy.patch, merged upstream
* Sun Mar 19 2017
  - Update to 5.32.0
    * New feature release
    * For more details please see:
  - Changes since 5.31.0:
    * Too many changes to list here
    * Commit translations from l10n-kf5
    * Cookies KCM: disable "delete" button when there is no current item
    * Use the new shared library exported by KDocTools
    * Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.32.0 release.
    * Sanitize URLs before passing them to FindProxyForURL
    * make sure the cancel action is last
    * kio_help: use doOutputBuffer and simplify unicodeError
    * rename support: emit proper URL in FileRenamed
    * fix rename support: keep trashId rather than expecting it as input
    * remote: remove unused include
    * remote: remove redundant check
    * remote: rename kded module to allow co-installability with plasma-workspace <= 5.9
    * remote: use QUrl::fromLocalFile()
    * remote: just check if file exists
    * remote: use QDir::mkpath() to create the remoteview folder
    * remote: drop
    * remote: use same debug category as other slaves
    * remote: use json protocol
    * remote: don't redefine TRANSLATION_DOMAIN
    * remote: slots -> Q_SLOTS
    * Import remote ioslave from plasma-workspace
    * Fix TODO. We depend on Qt 5.3 by now
    * kio_trash: implement renaming of toplevel files and dirs
    * [PreviewJob] Remove maximum size for local files by default
    * allow to add application actions on an open menu
    * Port another use of QDateTime to QElapsedTimer. With proper / 1000 this time :)
    * Fixup previous commit to slave.cpp, divide by 1000 was missing.
    * [autotest] KTcpSocketTest was racy and leaky => simplify, fix.
    * Port from QDateTime::currentDateTime() to QElapsedTimer
    * Upgrade KF5 version to 5.32.0.
    * Fix double export in already-exported class
    * deprecate DrawFrame, as discussed in
* Wed Mar 01 2017
  - Add patch to fix security issue with proxy configuration (boo#1027520)
    * sanitize-url-for-proxy.patch
* Thu Feb 09 2017
  - Update to 5.31.0
    * For more details please see:
* Sun Jan 08 2017
  - Update to 5.30.0
    * For more details please see:
* Sun Dec 04 2016
  - Update to 5.29.0
    * Ported to categorized logging
    * Fix compilation against WinXP SDK
    * Allow uppercase checksums matching in Checksums tab
    * Never stretch the last (=date) column in the file dialog
    * Import and update kcontrol docbooks for code in kio from
      kde-runtime master
    * [OS X] make KDE's trash use the OS X trash
    * SlaveBase: add documentation about event loops and
      notifications and kded modules
    * For more details please see:
* Sat Nov 05 2016
  - Update to 5.28.0
    * Fix HTTP date format sent by kio_http to always use the C locale
    * KACL: fix memory leaks detected by ASAN
    * Fix memory leaks in KIO::Scheduler, detected by ASAN
    * Removed duplicate clear button (kde#369377)
    * Fix editing autostart entries when /usr/local/share/applications
      doesn't exist (kde#371194)
    * [KOpenWithDialog] Hide TreeView header
    * Sanitize the symlink name buffer size (kde#369275)
    * Properly finish DropJobs when triggered is not emitted
    * ClipboardUpdater: fix another crash on Wayland (kde#359883)
    * ClipboardUpdater: fix crash on Wayland (kde#370520)
    * Support non integer scale factors in KFileDelegate (kde#366451)
    * kntlm: Distinguish between NULL and empty domain
    * Don't show overwrite dialog if file name is empty
    * kioexec: use friendly filenames
    * Fix focus ownership if url is changed before showing the widget
    * Major performance improvement when turning previews off in the
      file dialog (kde#346403)
    * For more details please see:
* Sun Oct 09 2016
  - Update to 5.27.0
    * Fix KIO slaves using only tls1.0
    * Fix ABI break in kio
    * KFileItemActions: add addPluginActionsTo(QMenu *)
    * Show copy buttons only after checksum has been calculated
    * Add missing feedback when computing a checksum (kde#368520)
    * Fix KFileItem::overlays returning empty string values
    * Fix launching terminal .desktop files with konsole
    * Classify nfs4 mounts as probablySlow, like nfs/cifs/..
    * KNewFileMenu: show New Folder action shortcut (kde#366075)
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop upstreamed 0001-Fix-kio-using-only-tls1.0.patch and
* Sun Oct 09 2016
  - Add 0001-Fix-kio-using-only-tls1.0.patch
* Wed Oct 05 2016
  - Added Fix-launching-terminal-desktop-files-with-konsole.patch
    (kde#368949, boo#1003125)
* Tue Sep 06 2016
  - Update to 5.26.0
    * KPropertiesDialog: remove warning note from docu,
      the bug is gone
    * [test program] resolve relative paths using QUrl::fromUserInput
    * KUrlRequester: fix error box when selecting a file and
      reopening the file dialog
    * Provide a fallback if slaves don't list the . entry
    * Fix creating symlink over "desktop" protocol
    * KNewFileMenu: when creating symlinks use KIO::linkAs
      instead of KIO::link
    * KFileWidget: fix double '/' in path
    * KUrlRequester: use static connect() syntax, was inconsistent
    * KUrlRequester: pass window() as parent for the QFileDialog
    * Avoid calling connect(null, .....) from KUrlComboRequester
    * For more details please see:
* Mon Aug 08 2016
  - Remove workaround to install "Create New" templates as actual
    files, the issues with using the embedded resource are fixed in
* Sun Aug 07 2016
  - Update to 5.25.0
    * Qt >= 5.5 is now required
    * Fix KIO::linkAs() to work as advertised, i.e.
      fail if dest already exists
    * Fix KIO::put("file:///path") to respect the umask (kde#359581)
    * Fix KIO::pasteActionText for null dest item and for empty URL
    * Add support for undoing symlink creation
    * GUI option to configure global MarkPartial for KIO slaves
    * Fix MaxCacheSize limited to 99 KiB
    * Add clipboard buttons to checksums tab
    * KNewFileMenu: fix copying template file from embedded resource
    * KNewFileMenu: Fix creating link to application (kde#363673)
    * KNewFileMenu: Fix suggestion of new filename when file
      already exist in desktop
    * KNewFileMenu: ensure fileCreated() is emitted for
      app desktop files too
    * KNewFileMenu: fix creating symlinks with a relative target
    * KPropertiesDialog: simplify button box usage,
      fix behavior on Esc
    * KProtocolInfo: refill cache to find newly installed protocols
    * KIO::CopyJob: port to qCDebug
      (with its own area, since this can be quite verbose)
    * KPropertiesDialog: add Checksums tab
    * Clean url's path before initializing KUrlNavigator
    * For more details please see:
* Wed Jul 06 2016
  - Update to 5.24.0
    * KIO: add SlaveBase::openPasswordDialogV2 for better error
      checking, please port your kioslaves to it
    * Fix KUrlRequester opening file dialog in wrong directory
    * Fix unsafe KDirModelDirNode* casts
    * Add cmake option KIO_FORK_SLAVES to set default value
    * ShortUri filter: fix filtering of mailto:user@host
    * Add OpenFileManagerWindowJob to highlight file within a folder
    * KRun: add runApplication method
    * Add soundcloud search provider
    * Fix an alignment issue with the OS X native "macintosh" style
    * For more details please see:
* Mon Jun 06 2016
  - Update to 5.23.0
    * Give clearer error message when KRun(URL) is given a URL
      without scheme (kde#363337)
    * Add KProtocolInfo::archiveMimetypes()
    * Use selected icon mode in file open dialog sidebar
    * kshorturifilter: fix regression with mailto: not prepended
      when no mailer is installed
    * For more details please see:
* Sat May 07 2016
  - Update to 5.22.0 (boo#980066)
    * kurlnavigatortoolbutton.cpp - use buttonWidth in paintEvent()
    * New file menu: filter out duplicates (e.g. between .qrc and
      system files) (kde#355390)
    * Fix error message on startup of the cookies KCM
    * Remove kmailservice5, it can only do harm at this point
    * Fix KFileItem::refresh() for symlinks. The wrong size, filetype
      and permissions were being set
    * Fix regression in KFileItem: refresh() would lose the file type,
      so a dir became a file (kde#353195)
    * Set text on QCheckbox widget rather than using a separate label
    * Don't enable acl permissions widget if we don't own the file
    * Fix double-slash in KUriFilter results when a name filter is set
    * KUrlRequester: add signal textEdited (forwarded from QLineEdit)
    * For more details please see:
* Mon Apr 04 2016
  - Update to 5.21.0 (boo#974793)
    * FavIconsCache: sync after write, so other apps see it,
      and to avoid crash on destruction
    * Fix many threading issues in KUrlCompletion
    * Fix crash in rename dialog (360488)
    * KOpenWithDialog: improve window title and description text
    * Allow for better cross-platform deployment of io slaves by
      bundling protocol info in plugin meta data
    * Upgrade Qt version requirement to 5.4.0
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop upstreamed 0001-Fix-crash-in-rename-dialog.patch
* Thu Mar 17 2016
  - Added 0001-Fix-crash-in-rename-dialog.patch (kde#360488)
* Sun Mar 06 2016
  - Update to 5.20.0 (boo#970856)
    * Fix KIO app-slave connection breaking if appName contains
      a '/' (kde#357499)
    * Try multiple authentication methods in case of failures
    * help: fix mimeType() on get()
    * KOpenWithDialog: show mimetype name and comment in "Remember"
      checkbox text (kde#110146)
    * A series of changes to avoid a directory relist after a file
      rename in more cases (kde#359596)
    * http: rename m_iError to m_kioError
    * kio_http: read and discard body after a 404 with errorPage=false
    * kio_http: fix mimetype determination when URL ends with '/'
    * FavIconRequestJob: add accessor hostUrl() so that konqueror
      can find out what the job was for, in the slot
    * FavIconRequestJob: fix job hanging when aborting due to
      favicon too big
    * FavIconRequestJob: fix errorString(), it only had the URL
    * KIO::RenameDialog: restore preview support, add date and
      size labels (kde#356278)
    * KIO::RenameDialog: refactor duplicated code
    * Fix wrong path-to-QUrl conversions
    * Use kf5.kio in the category name to match other categories
    * For more details please see:
* Fri Feb 12 2016
  - Install "Create New" templates to %{_kf5_sharedir}/templates/ as
    a workaround until kde#356198 is fixed (boo#963680)
* Sat Feb 06 2016
  - Update to 5.19.0 (boo#967668)
    * New class FavIconRequestJob in new lib KIOGui,
      for favicons retrieval
    * Fix KDirListerCache crash with two listers for an empty
      dir in the cache (kde#278431)
    * Make Windows implementation of KIO::stat for file:/ protocol
      error out if the file doesn't exist
    * Don't assume that files in read-only dir can't
      be deleted on Windows
    * Fix .pri file for KIOWidgets: it depends on KIOCore,
      not on itself
    * Repair kcookiejar autoload, the values got
      swapped in 6db255388532a4
    * Make kcookiejar accessible under the dbus
      service name org.kde.kcookiejar5
    * kssld: install DBus service file for org.kde.kssld5
    * Provide a DBus service file for org.kde.kpasswdserver
    * [kio_ftp] fix display of file/directory
      modification time/date (boo#960500, kde#354597)
    * [kio_help] fix garbage sent when serving static files
    * [kio_http] Try NTLMv2 authentication if the
      server denies NTLMv1
    * [kio_http] fix porting bugs which broke caching
    * [kio_http] Fix NTLMv2 stage 3 response creation
    * [kio_http] fix waiting until the cache cleaner
      listens to the socket
    * kio_http_cache_cleaner: don't exit on startup if
      cache dir doesn't exist yet
    * Change DBus name of kio_http_cache_cleaner so it
      doesn't exit if the kde4 one is running
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop upstreamed patches: fix-kcookiejar-autoload.patch and
* Sun Jan 24 2016
  - Added fix-kcookiejar-autoload.patch to fix the swapped values
    for the autoload.
* Thu Jan 07 2016
  - Added kio_ftp-fix-display-of-modification-time-date.patch: fixes
    display of file/directory modification time in kio_ftp
    (boo#960500, kde#354597)
* Sat Jan 02 2016
  - Update to 5.18.0
    * Fix kiod for Qt 5.6's threaded dbus: messageFilter must wait
      until the module is loaded before returning
    * Change the error code when pasting/moving into a subdirectory
    * Fix emptyTrash blocked issue
    * Fix wrong button in KUrlNavigator for remote URLs
    * KUrlComboBox: fix returning an absolute path from urls()
    * kiod: disable session management
    * Add autocompletion for '.' input which offers all hidden
      files/folders* (kde#354981)
    * ktelnetservice: fix off by one in argc check
    * For more details please see:
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to 5.17.0
    * Cookie dialogue: make it work as intended
    * Fix filename suggestion changing to something random when
      changing save-as mimetype.
    * Register DBus name for kioexec (kde#353037)
    * Update KProtocolManager after configuration change.
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop upstreamed register-dbus-name-for-kioexec.patch
* Fri Nov 27 2015
  - Added register-dbus-name-for-kioexec.patch: prevent klauncher
    from freezing and displaying an error message when opening
    documents (boo#924764, kde#353037)
* Sun Nov 08 2015
  - Update to 5.16.0 (boo#955067)
    * Save proxy url with correct scheme
    * Ship the "new file templates" in the kiofilewidgets library using
      a .qrc (kde#353642)
    * Properly handle middle click in navigatormenu
    * Make kio_http_cache_cleaner deployable in application
    * KOpenWithDialog: Fix creating desktop file with empty mimetype
    * Read protocol info from plugin metadata
    * Allow local kioslave deployment
    * Add a .protocol to JSON converted
    * Fix double-emit of result and missing warning when listing hits
      an inaccessible folder (kde#333436)
    * Preserve relative link targets when copying symlinks.
    * Using suitable icons for default folders in the user home
    * Add an interface which allow plugin to show custom overlay icons
    * Make KNotifications dep in KIO (kpac) optional
    * Make doctools + wallet optional
    * Avoid kio crashes if no dbus server is running
    * Add KUriFilterSearchProviderActions, to show a list of actions
      for searching some text using web shortcuts
    * Move the entries for the "Create New" menu from
      kde-baseapps/lib/konq to kio (kde#349654)
    * Move konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop from kde-baseapps to kio
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop 0001-Move-konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop-from-kde-baseapps-t.patch
    and 0001-Move-the-entries-for-the-Create-New-menu-from-kde-ba.patch,
* Mon Oct 05 2015
  - Update to 5.15.0
    * KFileWidget: parent argument should default to 0 like in
      all widgets.
    * Make sure the size of the byte array we just dumped into the
      struct is big enough before calculating the targetInfo,
      otherwise we're accessing memory that doesn't belong to us
    * Fix Qurl usage when calling QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory()
    * Refresh Solid's device list before querying in kio_trash
    * Allow trash: in addition to trash:/ as url for listDir
      (calls listRoot) (kde#353181)
    * KProtocolManager: fix deadlock when using EnvVarProxy.
    * Don't try to find X11 on WIN32
    * KBuildSycocaProgressDialog: use Qt's builtin busy indicator.
    * KBuildSycocaProgressDialog: run kbuildsycoca5 with QProcess.
    * KPropertiesDialog: fix for ~/.local being a symlink,
      compare canonical paths
    * Add support for network shares in kio_trash (kde#177023)
    * Connect to the signals of QDialogButtonBox, not QDialog
    * Cookies KCM: update DBus names for kded5
    * Use JSON files directly instead of kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json()
    * For more details please see:
* Sun Oct 04 2015
  - Added 0001-Move-konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop-from-kde-baseapps-t.patch
    (kde#350769) and 0001-Move-the-entries-for-the-Create-New-menu-from-kde-ba.patch
* Tue Sep 08 2015
  - Update to 5.14.0
    * Use Q_OS_WIN instead of Q_OS_WINDOWS
    * Make KDE_FORK_SLAVES work under Windows
    * Disable installation of desktop file for ProxyScout kded module
    * Provide deterministic sort order for
    * Show custom folder icons again (kde#350612)
    * Move kpasswdserver from kded to kiod
    * Fix porting bugs in kpasswdserver
    * Remove legacy code for talking very very old versions
      of kpasswdserver.
    * KDirListerTest: use QTRY_COMPARE on both statements,
      to fix race showed by CI
    * KFilePlacesModel: implement old TODO about using trashrc
      instead of a full-blown KDirLister.
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop show-custom-folder-icons-sgain.patch, merged upstream
* Tue Aug 18 2015
  - Added show-custom-folder-icons-sgain.patch (kde#350612)
* Tue Aug 04 2015
  - Update to 5.13.0
    * The Qt version requirement has been bumped from 5.2 to 5.3
    * Debug output has been ported to categorized output, for less
      noise by default
    * Docbook documentation has been reviewed and updated
    * Kill unneeded QUrl wrappers
    * For more details please see:
* Sun Jul 05 2015
  - Update to 5.12.0
    * For more details please see:
* Sun Jun 07 2015
  - Update to 5.11.0
    * Do not try to complete users and assert when prepend is non-empty.
    * Use KPluginLoader::factory() when loading KIO::DndPopupMenuPlugin
    * Fix deadlock when using network proxies (kde#346214)
    * Fixed KIO::suggestName to preserve file extensions
    * Kick off kbuildsycoca4 when updating sycoca5.
    * KFileWidget: Don't accept files in directory only mode
    * KIO::AccessManager: Make it possible to treat sequential
      QIODevice asynchronously
    * For more details please see:
* Sun May 03 2015
  - Update to 5.10.0
    * Added KPropertiesDialog::KPropertiesDialog(urls) and
    * Asynchronous QIODevice-based data fetch for KIO::storedPut and
    * Fix conditions with QFile::rename return value (kde#343329)
    * Fixed KIO::suggestName to suggest better names (kde#341773)
    * kioexec: Fixed path for writeable location for kurl
    * Store bookmarks only in user-places.xbel (kde#345174)
    * Duplicate RecentDocuments entry if two different files
      have the same name
    * Better error message if a single file is too large for
      the trash (kde#332692)
    * Fix KDirLister crash upon redirection when the slot calls openURL
    * For more details please see:
* Sat Apr 04 2015
  - Update to 5.9.0
    * Enable KPropertiesDialog to show free space information of
      remote file systems as well (e.g. smb)
    * Fix KUrlNavigator with high DPI pixmaps
    * Make KFileItemDelegate handle non default devicePixelRatio
      in animations
    * For more details please see:
  - Split the core modules/daemons/libraries into core subpackage;
    based on upstream KIOCORE_ONLY build option, which only concerns
    the buildsystem, not the code (i.e. no ifdefs)
  - Add kio_help-fallback-to-kde4-docs.patch: allow kio_help to see
    into kde4 documentation
* Mon Mar 16 2015
  - Add missing requires to devel subpackage: kcoreaddons-devel,
    kconfig-devel and kitemviews-devel
  - Drop unneeded kcrash-devel BuildRequires
* Sat Mar 07 2015
  - Update to 5.8.0
    * Deprecate UDSEntry::listFields and add the UDSEntry::fields
      method which returns a QVector without costly conversion.
    * Sync bookmarkmanager only if change was by this process
    * Fix startup of kssld5 dbus service
    * Implement quota-used-bytes and quota-available-bytes from
      RFC 4331 to enable free space information in http ioslave.
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop 0001-sync-bookmarkmanager-only-if-change-was-by-process.patch,
    merged upstream
* Sun Feb 08 2015
  - Update to 5.7.0
    * Fixed crash in jobs when linking to KIOWidgets but only
      using a QCoreApplication
    * Fixed editing web shortcuts
    * Added option KIOCORE_ONLY, to compile only KIOCore and its
      helper programs, but not KIOWidgets or KIOFileWidgets, thus
      reducing greatly the necessary dependencies
    * Added class KFileCopyToMenu, which adds Copy To / Move To"
      to popupmenus
    * SSL-enabled protocols: added support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2
      protocols, remove SSLv3
    * Fixed negotiatedSslVersion and negotiatedSslVersionName to
      return the actual negotiated protocol
    * Apply the entered URL to the view when clicking the button
      that switches the URL navigator back to breadcrumb mode
    * Fixed two progress bars/dialogs appearing for copy/move jobs
    * KIO now uses its own daemon, kiod, for out-of-process services
      previously running in kded, in order to reduce dependencies;
      currently only replaces kssld
    * Fixed "Could not write to <path>" error when kioexec is triggered
    * Fixed "QFileInfo::absolutePath: Constructed with empty filename"
      warnings when using KFilePlacesModel
    * For more details please see:
  - Added 0001-sync-bookmarkmanager-only-if-change-was-by-process.patch,
* Sat Jan 03 2015
  - Update to 5.6.0
    * Add support for .hidden files, for users to hide some files
      from views. (kde#246260)
    * New method KRun::runService, like KRun::run but returns the
      PID of the newly started process.
    * kioexec: fixed many porting bugs, to make it work again
    * KRun::run: fixed porting bug, to make it work again in the
      case where KProcess is used directly
    * KRun: make klauncher runtime dependency optional
    * Fix compilation on MSVC
    * Performance: decrease memory consumption of UDSEntry
    * Actions in popupmenus: in case of multiple mimetypes selected,
      services that support all mimetypes are now added to the menu.
    * New job: KIO::DropJob *KIO::drop(QDropEvent* ev, QUrl destUrl).
      Replaces KonqOperations::doDrop.
    * Restart directory watcher after a failed delete operation
    * Fix false warning about X-KDE-Protocols unused in desktop
      files without that field.
    * Merge various settings modules (KCMs) related to kio,
      into the kio framework.
    * When copying/moving out the trash, make the files writable.
    * KIO::file_move now does the chmod on the destination file
      before emitting result.
    * For more details please see:
* Sat Dec 06 2014
  - Update to 5.5.0
    * Fix Size columns being empty in the KFileWidget detailed views
    * Do not drop ASN passed to KRun when executing desktop files
    * Fix passing of DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID to child process in kioexec
    * Fix compilation with Qt 5.2, which also fixes a race condition
    * KFileItem: cleanup overlay icon usage
    * Implement back/forward side mouse buttons
      to navigate in the history
    * Allow user to cancel out of the certificate
      accept duration dialog box.
    * For more details please see:
  - Added pkgconfig(Qt5X11Extras) BuildRequires
* Sun Nov 02 2014
  - Update to 5.4.0
    * New job KIO::mkpath()
    * New job KIO::PasteJob, handles pasting+dropping URLs and data;
      KIO::paste replaces KIO::pasteClipboard
    * New function KIO::pasteActionText, to handle the paste action
    * When clicking on a script or desktop file in a file manager,
      let the user choose between executing and vieweing as text
    * KUrlRequester: fixing handling of start directory
    * Offer also overwrite option when copying multiple files and
      there is a conflict (regression compared to kdelibs4)
    * KDirLister: do not kill+restart running update jobs.
    * KDirLister: don't emit refreshItems for items that
      haven't changed.
    * Prevent incorrect disk full error messages on mounts where we
      cannot determine the amount of free space.
    * Fix running the file type editor
    * For more details please see:
  - Added kinit Recommends
* Sat Oct 04 2014
  - Update to 5.3.0
    * Now includes kio_trash
    * Add new KIO job, KIO::fileSystemFreeSpace, that allows you to
      get a filesystem's total and available space.
    * kshorturifilter: Remove redundant forward slashes from
      the beginning of an URI
    * Add searchprovider definitions for the qwant search engine
    * File dialog: fix relative paths being turned into HTTP URLs
    * Fix thumbnails for mimetype groups.
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop patches merged upstream:
    0001-Fix-thumbnails-for-mimetype-groups.patch and
* Fri Sep 26 2014
  - Add 0001-Add-new-KIO-job-KIO-fileSystemFreeSpace-that-allows-.patch
    from upstream:  allows you to get a filesystem's total and
    available space.
* Tue Sep 09 2014
  - Update to 5.2.0
    * KIO/KService: now follows the mime-apps spec, for better
      interoperability with gio when it comes to the user's
      preferred and default apps.
    * KIO: new classes EmptyTrashJob and RestoreJob
    * KIO: new functions isClipboardDataCut and setClipboardDataCut.
    * For more details please see:
  - Added 0001-Fix-thumbnails-for-mimetype-groups.patch, fixes thumbnail
    generation for mimetypes with wildcard usage
  - 0002-Fix-relative-paths-being-turned-into-http-urls-by-fr.patch,
    fixes filedialog appening 'http://' on directory change
* Sat Aug 02 2014
  - Update to 5.1.0
    * For more details please see:
  - Drop 0004-When-executing-commands-set-the-working-directory-to.patch,
    0007-fix-kurlrequester-dialog-accept-handling.patch and
    merged upstream
* Fri Jul 11 2014
  - Define kf5_version within package
  - Added patches from upstream:
    0007-fix-kurlrequester-dialog-accept-handling.patch and
* Tue Jul 01 2014
  - Update to 5.0.0
    * Final release of KDE Frameworks 5
    * API improvements and cleanups
    * Buildsystem fixes
    * For more details please see:
* Sun Jun 01 2014
  - Update to 4.100.0
    * API improvements and cleanups
    * Buildsystem fixes
    * For more details please see:
  - Recommend kio-extras5
  - Add baselibs.conf
* Sun May 04 2014
  - Update to 4.99.0
    * API improvements and cleanups
    * Buildsystem fixes
    * For more details please see:
* Sat Mar 29 2014
  - Update to 4.98.0
    * API improvements and cleanups
    * Buildsystem fixes
    * For more details please see:
  - Added kwallet-devel BuildRequires
* Tue Mar 04 2014
  - Update to 4.97.0:
    * Buildsystem fixes
    * For more details please see:
* Sat Feb 08 2014
  - Init kio package



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