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libndctl6-64.1-lp152.7.6.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for ppc64le

Name: libndctl6 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 64.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.7.6.1 Build date: Wed Oct 14 23:06:39 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-power9-06
Size: 307227 Source RPM: ndctl-64.1-lp152.7.6.1.src.rpm
Summary: Management library for "libnvdimm" subsystem devices (Non-volatile Memory)
Utility library for managing the "libnvdimm" subsystem, which defines
a kernel device model and control message interface for platform
NVDIMM resources like those defined by the ACPI 6.0 NFIT (NVDIMM
Firmware Interface Table).






* Fri Aug 28 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Suppress ENXIO when processing all namespaces (jsc#SLE-13321, bsc#1175851, ltc#187867).
    + ndctl-namespace-Suppress-ENXIO-when-processing-all-n.patch
* Tue Jul 14 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Clarify documentation about filtering options (bsc#1173861)
    + ndctl-Documentation-clarify-bus-dimm-region-filtering.patch
    + ndctl-Documentation-refactor-bus-options-into-its-own-incl.patch
    + ndctl-Documentation-use-includes-in-more-ndctl-command-pag.patch
* Fri Apr 03 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ndctl/namespace: Skip zero namespaces when processing all namespaces
    (bsc#1167861, bsc#1165509, ltc#182068).
    + ndctl-namespace-skip-zero-namespaces-when-processing.patch
  - Refresh patch to upstream version:
* Tue Mar 03 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ndctl/test: Relax dax_pmem_compat requirement (bsc#1159523)
    + ndctl-test-Relax-dax_pmem_compat-requirement.patch
  - Add -fcommon flag on Tumbleweed (boo#1160286).
  - Fix 'ndctl enable-namespace all' fails trying to enable idle namespaces
    (bsc#1165509 ltc#182068).
    + ndctl-namespace-Fix-enable-namespace-error-for-seed-.patch
* Fri Nov 08 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ndctl/dimm: Fix init-labels success reporting (bsc#1156308 ltc#181441).
    + ndctl-dimm-Fix-init-labels-success-reporting.patch
  - Refresh patches with upstream status:
* Fri Oct 18 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Refresh patches with upstream status:
* Wed Aug 21 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Refresh patches with upstream status:
* Mon Aug 19 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ndctl/namespace: Handle 'create-namespace' in label-less mode (bsc#1145471 ltc#179886).
    + ndctl-namespace-Handle-create-namespace-in-label-less-mode.patch
* Mon Aug 19 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ndctl: Use the same align value as original namespace on reconfigure (bsc#1145577 ltc#178224).
    + ndctl-Use-the-same-align-value-as-original-namespace-on-reconfigure.patch
  - ndctl/lib: Fix duplicate bus detection (bsc#1145573 ltc#180249).
    + ndctl-ndctl-lib-Fix-duplicate-bus-detection.patch
* Fri Aug 16 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ndctl/list: Introduce region capability objects (bsc#1145772 ltc#178159).
    + ndctl-list-Introduce-region-capability-objects.patch
* Tue Aug 13 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ndctl, check: Ensure mmap of BTT sections work with 64K page-sizes (bsc#1145421 ltc#176079).
    + ndctl_check_Ensure_mmap_of_BTT_sections_work_with_64K_page-sizes.patch
* Tue Mar 05 2019 
  - Update to version 64.1 (bsc#1127799):
    * ndctl: release v64.1
    * ndctl: fix ndctl linking with libkeyutils
    * ndctl: Fix building in the absence of keyutils
* Mon Feb 04 2019
  - Update to version 64 (bsc#1123024):
    * ndctl: release v64
    * ndctl, load-keys: fix a resource leak in load_dimm_keys()
    * libndctl: fix a couple of theoretical buffer overruns
    * ndctl, keys: fix a resource leak in verify_kek()
    * ndctl, keys: fix a memory leak in dimm_create_key()
    * ndctl, rpmbuild: Add a dummy readme file to ndctl_keysdir
    * ndctl, bash-completion: add helpers for security commands
    * ndctl: allow for a 'secure erase' using the master passphrase
    * ndctl: master phassphrase management support
    * ndctl: add a wait-overwrite command
    * ndctl: add an overwrite option to 'sanitize-dimm'
    * ndctl: add a load-keys command and a modprobe config
    * ndctl: add a unit test to exercise security operations
    * ndctl: add a sanitize-dimm command
    * ndctl: add a freeze-security command
    * ndctl: add passphrase management commands
    * ndctl: add a Theory of Operation document for security commands
    * ndctl: add support for displaying the security state
    * remove obsolete Group tag
    * remove obsolete ldconfig scriptlets
    * libndctl: fix bb iterator leak in namespaces
    * ndctl: Add supported_alignments to the JSON output
    * ndctl/namespace: Make the create-namespace JSON output non-verbose
    * ndctl: Add alignment to the namespace JSON output
    * ndctl/namespace: Validate alignment from the {pfn|dax} seed
    * ndctl/namespace: Use seed alignment as the default
    * ndctl/namespace: Check for seed namespaces earlier
    * libndctl: Use the supported_alignment attribute
    * libndctl: Fix the failure interpretation for status translations
    * daxctl: Add bash-completion
    * ndctl, Documentation: Allow for Makefile variables in Documentation
    * Documentation: Update copyright
    * daxctl: Opt-in to /sys/bus/dax ABI
    * daxctl: Support the /sys/bus/dax ABI
    * ndctl/build: Fix config.h dependency
    * ndctl, rpm: Mark monitor.conf as a configuration file
    * ndctl: Introduce ndctl/config.h
    * ndctl/init-labels: Fix label slot accounting per UEFI 2.7
    * ndctl: clean up usage of ndctl_cmd_submit
    * ndctl, monitor: switch to ndctl_cmd_submit_xlat
    * ndctl, inject-smart: switch to ndctl_cmd_submit_xlat
    * libndctl, intel: Add infrastructure for firmware_status translation
    * libndctl: ignore ENXIO in ndctl_namespace_delete
    * ndctl, monitor: use type=simple instead of type=forking
    * ndctl/monitor: Kill usage of ndctl/lib/private.h
    * ndctl/monitor: Drop vasprintf usage
    * ndctl/monitor: Fix / cleanup log_file()
    * ndctl/monitor: Unify definition of default monitor configfile path
    * ndctl/monitor: Drop 'struct ndctl_ctx *' casts
    * ndctl, daxctl: Add type-safety to command harness
    * ndctl, daxctl: Split builtin.h per-command
    * ndctl: recover from failed namespace creation
    * ndctl, build: Define HAVE_UUID
    * ndctl: fix zero-labels to handle firmware error properly
    * test, dsm-fail: Cleanup leftover debug
    * test, device-dax: Fix intermittent poison handling failures
    * Drop upstreamed patch:
    - 0001-ndctl-monitor-use-type-simple-instead-of-type-forkin.patch
* Tue Jan 08 2019
  - Use Type=simple instead of Type=forking for service (bsc#1120931)
    + 0001-ndctl-monitor-use-type-simple-instead-of-type-forkin.patch
* Thu Dec 13 2018
  - Enable ppc64le build (FATE#326817)
* Thu Nov 08 2018
  - Fix rpmbuild failure on SLE12 SP4
* Mon Oct 08 2018
  - Update to version 63 (FATE#326198):
    * ndctl: release v63
    * ndctl, monitor: in daemon mode, exit successfully if no DIMMs are found
    * ndctl, monitor: fix the severity of "daemon started" message
    * libndctl: set errno for routines that don't return an error status
    * ndctl, check-labels: correct check-labels message wording
    * ndctl: Revert "ndctl: Create ndctl udev rules for dirty shutdown"
    * ndctl: Revert "ndctl, intel: Fallback to smart cached shutdown_count"
    * ndctl, lib: Add dirty-shutdown-count retrieval helper
    * util/json: add a util_namespace_badblocks_to_json() helper
    * util/json: Add comments around re-checking the UTIL_JSON_MEDIA_ERRORS flag
    * util/json: fix an error check for region resource
    * ndctl, lib: add APIs for retrieving namespace badblocks
    * ndctl, lib: refactor badblocks retrieval routines
    * ndctl, test: add a new unit test pfn metadata error clearing
    * ndctl, spec: Use pkgconfig for systemd
    * ndctl, build: Introduce --with-{bash,systemd}
    * ndctl: Suppress command errors if fallback exists
    * ndctl, namespace: rework namespace action accounting
    * ndctl, destroy-namespace: check for an already-zeroed info block
    * ndctl, test: add UUID_LIBS for list_smart_dimm
    * ndctl, docs: Use asciidoctor by default
    * ndctl, list: fix the verbosity level formatting in the man page
    * ndctl, monitor: Fix formatting for --log in the man page
    * ndctl, autoconf: include sys/mman.h for MAP_SYNC
* Thu Oct 04 2018
  - Revert to version 61.2 (bsc#1110425)
* Thu Aug 23 2018
  - Update to version 62 (FATE#326529):
    * ndctl: release v62
    * ndctl: Work around kernel memory corruption
    * ndctl, udev: fix a resource leak in save_unsafe_shutdown_count
    * ndctl: fix potential null dereference in the smart error handler
    * ndctl, fix revision update checks
    * ndctl: Add 'list' verbose options
    * ndctl, test: fix a resource leak in check_smart_threshold
    * ndctl, test: fix a potential null pointer dereference in 'ndctl test'
    * libndctl: fix a resource leak in ndctl_dimm_get_{{event_}flags, health}
    * ndctl: fix a resource leak in submit_get_firmware_info
    * ndctl, inject: fix a resource leak in ndctl_namespace_get_clear_unit
    * ndctl, monitor: add [Install] Section to systemd unit file of ndctl-monitor
    * ndctl, monitor: add timestamp and pid to log messages in log_file()
    * ndctl, monitor: set default log destination to syslog if "--daemon" is specified
    * ndctl, monitor: fix the lack of detection of invalid path of log file
    * ndctl, intel: Fallback to smart cached shutdown_count
    * ndctl: Create ndctl udev rules for dirty shutdown
    * ndctl, list: add alarm_enable_<field> to list
    * ndctl, test: add a new unit test for max_available_extent namespace
    * ndctl, documentation: Clarify the dimm id for ndctl list d option
    * ndctl, tests: add a new unit test for inject-smart
    * ndctl, inject-smart: continue in spite of errors for uninject-all
    * ndctl, monitor: add [--verbose] option to emit extra debug messages
    * ndctl, monitor: Fix duplicate prefix in monitor.log
    * ndctl, inject-smart: add an interface to inject ctrl-temperature
    * ndctl: Use max_available_extent for namespace
    * ndctl, test/monitor: fix inject-smart field in test_filter_dimmevent
    * ndctl, test: remove the firmware image file before the test end
    * ndctl inject-smart: add an option to uninject smart fields
    * ndctl, inject-smart: Fix man page to match the current behavior
    * ndctl: deprecate undocumented short-options
    * ndctl, documentation: document the label-version option for init-labels
    * ndctl, monitor: fix a resource leak in parse_monitor_event
    * Documentation, create-namespace: clarify fsdax wording
    * ndctl, monitor: improve error reporting throughout monitor.c
    * ndctl, monitor: Fix memory leak in monitor_event
    * ndctl, monitor: fix memory leak in read_config_file
    * ndctl, monitor: Add a config-file section to the man page
    * ndctl, monitor: fix the lack of detection of invalid dimm-events
    * ndctl, bash-completion: add completion for ndctl-monitor
    * ndctl, test: add a new unit test for monitor
    * ndctl, documentation: add man page for monitor
    * ndctl, monitor: add the unit file of systemd for ndctl-monitor service
    * ndctl, monitor: add main ndctl monitor configuration file
    * ndctl, monitor: add a new command - monitor
    * ndctl, test: convert remaining tests to use test/common
    * ndctl, test: fix tests for the array vs object listing fix
    * ndctl list: always output array without --human
    * ndctl: simplify JSON print flag handling
    * ndctl: add an API to check support for smart injection
    * contrib/do_abidiff: make the build more robust
    * ndctl: Remove dependency on linker garbage collection
    * ndctl, test: fix timeouts in device-dax
    * ndctl, test: Fix return code
    * libndctl: fix the uninject-error API actually injecting errors
    * ndctl, test: add start/wait scrub to injection tests
    * ndctl: Add
    * Documentation: add a newline in namespace Theory of Operations
    * util/strbuf.h: include sys/types.h for ssize_t definition.
    * ndctl, test: check availability of MAP_SYNC for poison test
    * ndctl: release v61
    * ndctl, list: add controller temperature threshold and alarm
    * ndctl, test: remove an unused variable assignment
    * ndctl, Documentation: Add namespace 'theory of operation'
    * ndctl: add a test file to .gitignore
    * ndctl, test: cleanup test scripts
    * ndctl, test: Add NFIT_TEST_BUS[01] variable and some helper funtions to common
    * ndctl, test: Update tests for capacity vs namespace-label locking
    * ndctl, test: Disable poison tests for now
    * ndctl, test: Update libndctl test for controller temperature valid
    * ndctl, contrib: Add helper scripts for new release
    * ndctl, list: Add controller temperature
    * ndctl: Update for code blocks
    * ndctl, test: cleanup test scripts
    * ndctl, test: add common helper functions for test scripts
    * ndctl: autoconf detect BUS_MCEERR_AR
    * test: Add device-dax MADV_HWPOISON test
    * ndctl, util: add OPTION_FILENAME to parse_opt_type
    * ndctl: add an api for getting the ars_status overflow flag
    * ndctl, ars: don't invalidate the user-provided command
    * ndctl: refactor validation of the ars_status command
    * ndctl, list: display the 'map' location in listings
    * ndctl, test: fix to work with label support
    * test: add a MADV_HWPOISON test
    * ndctl: hide null uuids
    * ndctl: fix libtool versioning
    * ndctl: warn on variables declared after statement
    * ndctl: remove warnings when -O0 is used with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
    * configure: add -Wunused-result and -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 to cflags
    * libndctl, test: fix a couple of unchecked returns
    * libndctl: improve debug prints in wait_for_scrub_completion
    * libndctl: fix potential buffer overflow in write_cache APIs
    * ndctl, filter: fix "keyword 'all' is ignored" in util_<obj>_filter()
    * ndctl, inject-error: add a --saturate option
    * libndctl, inject: add 'v2' APIs for inject and uninject
    * libndctl, inject: inject fewer bytes per block by default
    * libndctl, ars: add an API to retrieve clear_err_unit
    * Documentation: add asciidoctor-extensions.rb to .gitignore
    * Documentation: Add the support for asciidoctor
    * Documentation: fix title and section markers
    * ndctl: fix ABI breakage due to rename of fw_info_get_updated_version
    * ndctl, filter: refacor util_<obj>_filter() to support multiple space-seperated arguments
    * ndctl, documentation: add inject-smart to the Makefile
* Fri Jun 22 2018
  - Drop 'v' from pkgconfig-version (breaks 'ipmctl') (FATE#325527)
* Wed May 02 2018
  - Update to version 60.1 (FATE#322885):
    * ndctl: release v60.1
    * ndctl: fix ABI breakage due to rename of fw_info_get_updated_version
    * ndctl, documentation: add inject-smart to the Makefile
    * ndctl: release v60
    * ndctl, bash-completion: add completion for {start,wait}-scrub commands
    * ndctl, util: add a raw_uuid field to namespace listings
    * ndctl: fix ordering of closing vs invalidating flush_fd
    * ndctl: fix libdaxctl memory leak
    * ndctl: add support in libndctl to provide deep flush
    * ndctl, test: fix vs new ARS rework
    * ndctl, scrub: add {wait,start}-scrub helper utilities
    * ndctl: add new START and WAIT actions
    * ndctl, scrub: add ndctl_bus_start_scrub()
    * ndctl, scrub: report the bus scrub state in 'ndctl list'
    * ndctl, scrub: fix ndctl_bus_wait_for_scrub_completion()
    * ndctl: complete move to "fsdax" and "devdax"
    * ndctl, read-labels: fix json reference counting
    * ndctl: export ndctl.h
    * ndctl, test: add write_cache testing to libndctl
    * libndctl: Add APIs for query and control of write_cache
    * ndctl: fix ndctl_persistence_domain declaration
    * ndctl, fix skipping for missing modules
    * ndctl: replace direct errno prints with strerror strings
    * ndctl, inject-smart: fix usage of strerror(errno)
    * ndctl, check: fix a few error returns
    * ndctl: Add support for get bus and region persistence domain
    * ndctl: fail NUMA filtering when unsupported
    * ndctl, documentation: update copyright
    * ndctl: complete removal of daxctl io
    * ndctl: fix input/output size for Intel firmware update DSM
    * ndctl, sysfs: null terminate buffer on error
    * ndctl, list: fix namespace json object parenting
    * ndctl. test: fix module-taint sanity-check
    * ndctl, documentation: remove '...' from label-options.txt
    * ndctl, docs: cleanup the man page for create-namespace
    * ndctl: removing daxctl io
    * libndctl.sym: move new interfaces since v59 to a new section
    * ndctl, list: fix sector_size listing
    * ndctl: merge firmware-update into dimm.c as another dimm operation
    * ndctl: add check for update firmware supported
    * ndctl, bash-completion: add completion for --numa-node
    * ndctl: add filtering based on numa node
    * ndctl: add numa_node support for regions
    * ndctl: don't print erroneous namespace numa_nodes
    * ndctl, tests: post-test cleanup
    * ndctl, test: add a unit test for partition rescanning
    * ndctl, create-namespace: fix minimum alignment detection
    * ndctl, list: refactor core topology walking into util_filter_walk()
    * ndctl, firmware-update: kill usage of flock() in verify_fw_file()
    * ndctl, test: kill usage of fallocate in
    * ndctl, test: skip btt-pad compat test on pre-4K capable kernels
    * ndctl, test: fix dpa-alloc for kernels with 4M min size
    * ndctl, log: add support for LOG_NOTICE messages
    * ndctl, test: explicitly request namespace size
    * ndctl, test: fix stale json in
    * ndctl, test: fix tests that use error injection on older kernels
    * ndctl: add test files to .gitignore
    * ndctl: tests must use local ndctl
    * ndctl, update: remove the check for !cmd when dereferencing it
    * ndctl, update: fix uninitialized variable warnings
    * ndctl, inject-smart: cleanup uninitialized variable warnings
    * ndctl, configure: add -Wmaybe-uninitialized to cflags
    * ndctl: add option to list firmware information for a DIMM
    * ndctl: adding unit test for enable ack shutdown count
    * ndctl: add support for acknolwedge shutdown count enable
    * ndctl, smart: fix threshold temperature helper
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - Update to version v59.2 (FATE#322885):
    * ndctl: add ndctl_encode_smart_temperature()
    * ndctl: add a new command - inject-smart
    * ndctl, bash-completion: Add bash completion for inject-smart
    * ndctl: Add CONFIG_DEV_DAX_PMEM=m to
    * ndctl: add info about CONFIG_X86_PMEM_LEGACY to
    * ndctl: release v59
    * ndctl: fallback to sysconf for PAGE_SIZE
    * ndctl: release v59.1
    * ndctl, hugetlb: skip, don't fail
    * ndctl, firmware: fix kernel version check
* Tue Jul 25 2017
  - Upstream version v57.1 (FATE#322885)
    - libndctl-add-support-for-the-msft-family-of-dsm-functions.patch
    This release incorporates the capabilities of the 4.12 kernel. Major
    highlights include the new 'ndctl check-namespace' utility to check and
    repair btt instances, new option to 'ndctl list' to enumerate device
    relative error offsets, and support for the "JEDEC Byte-Addressable
    Energy-Backed Interface NVDIMM" SMART health format.
      ndctl check-namespace: check and repair a btt instance
      ndctl list: new '--media-errors' option
      ndctl list: add acpi 6.1 dimm health state flags
      ndctl write-labels: new command to deploy data to dimm label areas
      blk-exhaust: validate aliased pmem vs blk capacity accounting
      daxdev-errors: error injection and clearing for device-dax
      device-dax-fio: i/o traffic sanity check for device-dax
      label-compat: regression test for interleave-set-cookie compatibility
      ndctl_dimm_has_notifications: acpi 6.1 health-state notification flag
      ndctl_dimm_failed_map: acpi 6.1 map failure flag
      ndctl_region_get_resource: region resource base address
      ndctl_region_get_{first,next}_badblock: media error enumeration
      ndctl_namespace_disable_safe: check for busy block device before disable
      ndctl_namespace_is_active: check if namespace is enabled or claimed
* Mon May 22 2017
  -  Add support for MSFT family DSM functions (bsc#1040158)
    + libndctl-add-support-for-the-msft-family-of-dsm-functions.patch
* Wed Mar 01 2017
  - Upstream version v56 (fate#321506)
    This release incorporates the capabilities of the 4.10 kernel. Major
    highlights include the new 'daxctl' utility and its 'list' command, as
    well as several usability tweaks and cleanups to 'ndctl
    create-namespace' and 'ndctl list'.
      ndctl list: add support for filtering by namespace mode
      daxctl list: generically list device-dax instances in a platform
      ndctl create-namespace: reconcile namespace size against interleave-width
      test: sanity check the unit test kernel modules befor running tests
      device-dax: extend it to test 4K and 1G alignments in addition to 2M
      multi-pmem: check namespace deletion cleanup
      ndctl_{pfn,dax}_has_align: detect kernels that lack the align attribute
      ndctl_{set,get}_private_data: attach private data to a library context
      daxctl_region_get_size: retrieve the total dax region size
      daxctl_region_get_align: retrieve the physical alignment of the region
      daxctl_region_get_{first,next}: enable listing of device-dax regions
* Sun Oct 23 2016
  - Upstream version v55
    This release incorporates the capabilities of the 4.9 kernel. Major
    highlights include support for retrieving the health status of HPE
    NVDIMMs, and new label manipulation / validation commands.
      list: add HPE NVDIMM health reporting
      init-labels: initialize a namespace-label index-block
      check-labels: validate a namespace-label index-block
      create-namespace: fix crash when target region disabled
      bash-completion: add {en,dis}able-dimm and {check,init}-labels support
      dsm-fail: check that namespaces stay disabled when label DSMs fail
      multi-pmem: validate pmem-region sub-division support
      libndctl: add btt-size check
      libndctl: test health event notification support
      device-dax: validate "invalidate on shutdown" behavior of dax devices
      device-dax: validate direct-i/o to device-dax mappings
      device-dax: check kernel fix for file offset to phys offset translation
      device-dax: check kernel fix for crash when reading /proc/<pid>/smaps
      clear: check kernel fix for making cleared badblocks stay cleared
      daxctl_region_get_available_size: new, in support of dax sub-division
      daxctl_region_get_devname: new, in support of dax sub-division
      daxctl_region_get_dev_seed: new, in support of dax sub-division
      ndctl_dimm_get_health_eventfd: new, fires upon firmware health event notification
      ndctl_cmd_cfg_read_get_size: new, simplifies label manipulation routines
      ndctl_dimm_get_available_labels: fix error return value to be ULONG_MAX
      ndctl_region_get_available_size: fix error return value to be ULLONG_MAX
      ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_cfg_{read,write}: fix to not overflow label area size
* Mon Aug 15 2016
  - Update to v54
    This release incorporates the capabilities of the 4.8 kernel.  Updates
    to the unit tests make up the bulk of this release to account for kernel
    commit 1ee6667cd8d1 "libnvdimm, pfn, dax: fix initialization vs
    autodetect for mode + alignment".
      list: add device-dax information
      list: add btt size information
      create-namespace: fix handling of invalid sector sizes
      create-namespace: static analysis fixes
      bash-completion: namespace completion enhancements
      libndctl: updates for pfn and dax autodetect changes
      libndctl: new gates for running against older kernels
      device-dax: new
      pcommit: remove, the pcommit instruction has been deprecated
      ndctl_dimm_get_manufacturing_date: new
      ndctl_dimm_get_manufacturing_location: new
      ndctl_btt_get_size: new
      ndctl_cmd_unref: fix, accepts NULL input
* Tue Jun 21 2016
  - Fix rpmbuild failure on factory
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Update to v53.1 (FATE#319859)
    This release incorporates the capabilities of the 4.7-rc1 kernel (most
    prominently in that kernel 'Device DAX', DAX error handling, and
    third-party DSM support).  The ndctl updates include:
    New commands / options:
      bash completion for ndctl commands
      DIMM SMART data retrieval (ndctl list --dimms --health)
      ndctl destroy-namespace
      ndctl read-labels
    New tests:
      DAX error handling unit test (
    Command fixes:
      ndctl list
      ndctl create-namespace
    New apis:
* Wed Apr 27 2016
  - NVDIMM is not defined for any CPU architecture other than x86_64 at the
* Sun Apr 24 2016
  - RPM group and description update
* Wed Mar 30 2016
  - Update to v52
    This release incorporates the capabilities of the 4.6 kernel (most
    prominently 'clear poison' support), and adds the below features and
    New apis:
    Api fixes:
    ndctl_bus_cmd_new_ars_status - output buffer sizing fix
    ndctl_bus_cmd_new_ars_status - input validation
    ndctl_cmd_ars_in_progress - invalidate state after checking
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - Update to v51
    This release reworks spec file generation to use automated tarballs
    generated by github for each annotated tag. It also includes a couple of
    minor fixes.
* Wed Feb 03 2016
  - Update to v50
    This release incorporates the capabilities of the 4.5 kernel,
    and adds the below features and fixes:
    New apis:
    New utility commands:
    help (man pages)
    Api fixes:
    ndctl_{namespace|btt}_foreach crash fix
    ndctl_namespace_delete no longer errors on "io" namespaces
    miscellaneous static analysis fixes
    Utility command fixes:
    {en|dis}able-{namespace|region} return code
* Thu Sep 10 2015
  - updates for the new versioning scheme introduced with v47
  - synchronized the spec file with the one produced by contrib/genspec
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - cleaned up spec file. added licenses. added make check
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - Management library for "libnvdimm" subsystem devices (Non-volatile Memory)



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