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ibus-hangul-1.5.2~git20181223.10c4795-lp152.2.3.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for aarch64

Name: ibus-hangul Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 1.5.2~git20181223.10c4795 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.2.3.1 Build date: Fri Mar 5 08:53:38 2021
Group: System/I18n/Korean Build host: armbuild04
Size: 216946 Source RPM: ibus-hangul-1.5.2~git20181223.10c4795-lp152.2.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: The Hangul engine for IBus input platform
The Hangul engine for IBus platform. It provides Korean input method from






* Mon Mar 01 2021 Marguerite Su <>
  - add "Requires: ibus" (boo#1174103)
* Sun Feb 24 2019
  - update to version 1.5.2~git20181223.10c4795:
    * Add test code for UString
    * Implement preedit mode option
    * Implement IBusEngine::set_capabilities method
    * Listen to 'use-event-forwarding' option change event
    * Fix event processing priority for hanja conversion
    * Fix interger overflow on h_ibus_text_get_substring()
    * Add AppStream metainfo
    * setup: Add window "destroy" event handling
    * Add Escape to off-keys default value
  - changes in 1.5.1
    * correct more spacings
    * correct capitalization of setup labels
    * check if ibus and ibus config is running
    * fix wrong space order problem
    * add disable-latin-mode option
    * setup: set GLib app name explicitly
    * setup: fix PyGI warnings
    * reparent IBusHangulEngine from IBusEngineSimple to handle Compose key
    * migrate IBusConfig to GSettings
    * add use-event-forwarding option
    * setup: Don't use GtkDialog
    * intialized local variable as NULL
    * update initial_input_mode on GSettings "changed"
  - use python3
  - add python3-gobject as Requires (boo#1124568)
* Thu Oct 23 2014
  - update version 1.5.0
    * Add latin input mode. so you can input latin characters without
      changing input method engine.
    * Allow hangul mode to be toggled
    * Python3 compatibility
* Sun Jan 27 2013
  - update to 1.4.2
    * Use Gobject Introspection
    * GNOME Control Center integration
    * Miscellaneous bug fixes
* Mon Oct 01 2012
  - Use %{_lib} for the installation path
* Wed Jul 18 2012
  - Fix the installation path of setup program for ppc as well
* Sun Jun 10 2012
  - update to 1.4.1
    * Handle exceptions properly in ibus-setup-hangul
    * Update icon files
    * Support ibus icon symbol feature
* Tue Mar 20 2012
  - update to 1.4.0
    * Require ibus 1.4
    * Add desktop menu for ibus-setup-hangul
    * Add an option for automatic reordering
    * Add an option for a word preedit text
    * Update MS IME compatible symbol table
    * Use surrounding text feature on converting to hanja
* Thu Dec 01 2011
  - add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Wed Oct 12 2011
  - Fix build with ibus-1.4, the patch taken from Fedora (bnc#723591)
  - Fix the installation path of setup program



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