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aria2-1.36.0-lp152.5.6.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for aarch64

Name: aria2 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 1.36.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.5.6.1 Build date: Tue Sep 14 13:06:54 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 321121 Source RPM: aria2-1.36.0-lp152.5.6.1.src.rpm
Summary: Parallelizing Multi-Protocol Utility for Downloading Files
aria2 is a utility for downloading files. It has a segmented
downloading engine in its core. It can download one file from
multiple URLs or multiple connections from one URL. This can be used
to speed up downloads with certain networks. The engine in was
implemented in a single-thread model.

aria2 currently supports HTTP, FTP, and BitTorrent.






* Mon Sep 13 2021 Enrico Belleri <>
  - Update to version 1.36.0
    * Update wslay
    * Fix segfault when time_t is 64bit on 32bit arch
    * Updates the make_bash_completion script to Python3
    * Prevent corrupt downloads after app and/or system crash
    * Reset sessionDownloadLength and sessionUploadLength on download start
* Tue Oct 08 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 1.35.0
    * Drop SSLv3.0 and TLSv1.0 and add TLSv1.3
    * TLSv1.3 support is added for GNUTLS and OpenSSL.
    * Platform: Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL APIs
    * Remove linux getrandom and use C++ stdlib instead
    * Don't send Accept Metalink header if Metalink is disabled
  - Drop no longer needed aria2-CVE-2019-3500.patch
* Wed Jan 09 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Fix CVE-2019-3500 boo#1120488
    * aria2-CVE-2019-3500.patch
  - Move bash completion to better location
* Thu May 17 2018
  - Update to version 1.34.0
    * UnknownLengthPieceStorage: return piece length show something
      in console status when downloading items with unknown content length
    * Fix bug that signal handler does not work with libaria2 when
      aria2::RUN_ONCE is passed to aria2::run().
    * Retry on HTTP 502
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Mon Nov 13 2017
  - Update to version 1.33.1:
    * This release fixes a bug that causes high CPU usage in mingw
* Thu Oct 19 2017
  - Update to version 1.33.0:
    * libaria2: Return last error code from
    * libuv: use pkg-config
    * Add --peer-agent option
    * Add --bt-load-saved-metadata option
    * Don't save control file if --auto-save-interval is 0.
    * Fix infinite loop bug when file is not found
* Fri May 19 2017
  - Version bump to 1.32.0
    * Clarify --max-concurrent-downloads option
    * Fix compile error with toolchain which lacks IPV6_TCLASS
    * Log directed URI in notice log level
    * Spelling and typo fixes
    * Remove unused Android parts
    * Save control file early
    * Update links in Dockerfile.raspberrypi
    * Propagate disk full error on pre-allocation to last error code
* Wed Mar 08 2017
  - Edited %files section to clear unpackaged files builderror in
* Thu Jan 19 2017
  - Version bump to 1.31.0
    * Better error message when local file status cannot be retrieved
    * Fix assertion failure in SimpleRandomizer::getRandomBytes
    * Add option content-disposition-default-utf8
* Sat Dec 17 2016
  - Update to version 1.30.0:
    * Fix bug that --disable-websocket causes build error
    * Fix bug that lower bound of optimize-concurrent-downloads becomes 1
    * Print DHT nodes with -S option
    * Take into account address family when resolving DHT node address
    * Allow block device file to -i option
    * Expand ${HOME} to user's home directory in several options
    * The following options implement this substitution:
    - -ca-certificate
    - --certificate
    - -dht-file-path
    - -dht-file-path6
    - --dir
    - -input-file
    - -load-cookies
    - -log
    - -metalink-file
    - -netrc-path
    - -on-bt-download-complete
    - -on-download-complete
    - -on-download-error
    - -on-download-start
    - -on-download-stop
    - -on-download_pause
    - -out
    - -private-key
    - -rpc-certificate
    - -rpc-private-key
    - -save-cookies
    - -save-session
    - -server-stat-if
    - -server-stat-of
    - -torrent-file
    * Document that libaria2 is not thread safe
  - Fix typos in changelog
* Thu Nov 17 2016
  - Update to version 1.29.0:
    * WinTLS: Fix busy loop on write error
    * Support 1xx non-final response
    * Update wslay
    * Don't download piece which is filtered out (e.g., --select-file)
* Tue Oct 18 2016
  - Update to version 1.28.0:
    * Restore LTLIBINTL in src/
    * Add --keep-unfinished-download-result option
    * Fix -Wexpansion-to-defined warning with clang-3.9
    * Fix bug that file name is not logged with --conditional-get
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - Update to version 1.27.1:
    * Add missing libssl_compat.h to SRCS
  - Changes for version 1.27.0:
    * Fix possible cause of crash if UDP tracker is used
    * Remove custom ftruncate64 for Android
    * The latest NDK versions support ftruncate64, so building a
      local copy of ftruncate64 is no longer needed.
    * Also, the arm and x86 builds of ftruncate64 failed when
      targeting API level 21 or higher, as they include which are not
      present starting from API level 21.
    * Fix typo found by Debian's Lintian
    * Add --save-not-found option
    * Compile with openssl 1.1.0
* Thu Sep 01 2016
  - Update to version 1.26.1:
    * Make assertion hold
* Sun Aug 21 2016
  - Update to version 1.26.0:
    * aria2mon: Replace with local method
    * Reorder a note section in aria2c.rst
    * bash_completion: Add missing options which takes one of
      pre-defined values
    * Replace "/" with "-" in magnet dn name when used as in-memory
      download name
    * Fix Dockerfile.raspberrypi to correctly decompress expat
    * Enable ccache in travis-ci
    * Enable OSX/macOS build for travis
    * Better auto-renaming
    * Log number of items loaded from input file
    * Link external libraries to libaria2 with --enable-libaria2
    * Allow seconds for seed-time (fractional minutes)
  - Drop no longer needed aria2-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch
* Wed Jul 27 2016
  - Trim filler phrases from description.
    Explicitly add BR:pkgconfig so can autocreate
    pkgconfig() symbols.
* Mon Jul 25 2016
  - Update to version 1.25.0:
    * Update third-party libraries for binary releases
    * Send have message without too much delay
    * Also send bitfield rather than have messages if bitfield
      message is equal to or less than the sum of have messages
      which otherwise would be sent.
    * Fix bug that causes bogus EOF connection failure in BitTorrent
    * Fix frequent interested/not interested message transmission
    * Fix frequent choke/unchoke message transmission
    * Try to use available URI if all pooled requests are sleeping
    * Update expat in OSX build
    * aria2mon: Add --secret option
    * Set server status error on network failure in server
      performance profile
    * Disable AI_ADDRCONFIG if no IPv4/IPv6 address is configured for
      any interface
    * Russian manual: Update aria2c.rst
    * Apply --retry-wait on 503 only
    * Ensure that lowest speed check is done even when download speed
      is 0
    * Document that -o is always relative to -d option
    * Allow larger ut_metadata size
    * mingw: Change FD_SETSIZE to 32768
    * Fix compile error on OS X
  - Add aria2-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch
* Sat Jun 18 2016
  - Update to version 1.24.0:
    * BitTorrent: Allow 32KiB request
    * Don't unchoke peer which is not interested in us
    * Fix bug that evaluation of Peer::amChoking is negated
    * Faster seed/download on fast connection
    * Increase DHT task concurrency to 15
    * Fixed mmap failure check with MAP_FAILED flag
    * Added file size overflow check for mmap on 32bit os
    * Use standard percent-encode for tracker request query
    * mingw32: Gain privilege before opening files
    * Restart active download to apply previously not applicable
* Tue May 17 2016
  - Update to version 1.23.0:
    * Simplify cache write
    * Allow subsecond value in ns cookie.txt file's expiry time field
    * Adjust chromium cookie time
    * import-po: iterate on glob, not ls output
    * Add --stderr option to redirect all stdout log output to stderr
    * Add "hide" to --download-result option
    * Fix downloaded metaurl torrent filename
    * Add a little bit of color to have a better visual of important
    * Update README URLs based on HTTP redirects
    * Relocate from to
    * mingw: Defer the falloc warning until falloc is specified by
    * Add bittorrent key to aria2.tellStopped status
    * Addsystem.listNotifications RPC method
    * Report CheckIntegrity info in tellStatus
  - Update download url
* Sat Apr 30 2016
  - Update to version 1.22.0:
    * Add description about possible fragmentation with
    - -file-allocation=trunc.
    * Make single-entry metalink download with multi-file torrent
    * Add all contributor's names in AUTHORS.
    * Ignore floating number in torrent file.
    * Added support for a dynamic management of the number of
      concurrent downloads as a function of the overall bandwidth
      observed. This change adds --optimize-concurrent-downloads
    * Add --stream-piece-selector=random.
* Thu Mar 31 2016
  - Update to 1.21.0
    * SessionSerializer: Fix bug that pause=true is added to wrong
    * Add "following" to aria2.tellStatus response key as reverse
      link for followedBy
    * mingw: Add warning for falloc
    * Update ciphers in AppleTLS
    * OSX: Enable libssh2 and sftp
    * Update OSX dependencies
    * Fix compile error without TLS support
    * Add support for using gnutls system wide crypto policy
  - Update project url
* Sun Mar 06 2016
  - Update to 1.20.0
    * src/ fix colour
    * fix autoreconf error
    * Don't inherit file descriptor to child process
    * Update Russian version documentation
    * Add "seeder" key to tellStatus RPC response
    * WinTLS: Fix hang because of buffered received data
    * Add --max-mmap-limit option
    * mingw: Use SetFileValidData to make --file-allocation=falloc
    * Retry with 504 status code
    * Increase DHT transaction ID from 2 to 4 bytes to avoid conflict
    * Update wslay
    * Add --enable-werror option to configure to enable warning flags
    * Don't modify user variables (e.g., CFLAGS, LIBS, etc)
    * Improve error message when loading pkcs12 file failed
    * Updated dependency and source url's
    * Reduce delay in tracker request
    * Disable IPv6 on non-async NameResolver if configuration wants
    * Fix mysterious 1 second delay with async DNS
    * Fix bug that UDP port was incorrectly used in UDP tracker
      announce request
    * Refactor HttpRequest
    * Send Want-Digest as per RFC 3230
    * Try all found address set to bind sockets with
    - -multiple-interface
    * Replace sourceforge references with
    * Add system.listMethods RPC method
    * Support content-range from non-compliant server
    * Reduce UDP tracker request timeout
    * Apply --retry-wait when retrying after 404
  - Spec file cleanup
    * Dependencies updated
    * Install localised manpages
    * Simplify conditions
* Sun Dec 06 2015
  - Update to 1.19.3
    * Fix bug that pause/unpause seeding torrent prevents new
    downloads from starting
    * Add --bt-enable-hook-after-hash-check option
    * Add --socket-recv-buffer-size option
    * Set the maximum socket receive buffer in bytes. Specifing 0
    will disable this option. This value will be set to socket file
    descriptor using SO_RCVBUF socket option with setsockopt() call.
    * Disable --deferred-input when --save-session is used together
    * base32: decode lowercased characters as well
    * Send the last error message as part of tellStatus RPC response
    * Don't enable mmap if file allocation is disabled
    * Evict timed out pooled socket periodically
    * Don't write control file if content is not changed from
    previous one
    * Remove content-length and content-range if transfer-encoding
    is given
    * Retry after 404 status if --max-file-not-found > 0
  - Build shared library
* Sat Nov 21 2015
  - Update to 1.19.2
    * Fix bug that progress summary is not shown timely
  - Changes for 1.19.1
    * Update
    * Providing some workarounds about CA certificates and standard
    * Return 400 HTTP status code if exception was caught while
    executing RPC method
    * Fix on-download-error is executed even if download succeeded
    * Increase --select-file upper bound to 1m for torrent
    containing lots of files
    * Fix busy loop with --dry-run and 4xx response for URI listed
    in metalink
    * Make LibuvEventPoll compatible with the latest libuv again
    * gnutls: Allow SIGN-RSA-SHA1 for compatibility reason
    * Make script compatible with both Python 2 and 3
    * Make config and cache files conform to XDG
    * ftp, sftp: Fix heap-after-free bug on exception
    * ftp: Fix timeout when reusing FTP connection
  - Update download url
* Mon Aug 03 2015
  - Update to 1.19.0
    * android: Build and link with zlib Previously, we linked with
      zlib shipped with NDK, but it seems this is not part of NDK
      API, and thus could break our app.
    * Allow netrc-path to be specified in the config file Adds
    - -netrc-path to override default .netrc search path.
    * Exit with 32 status code if checksum verification failed
    * Add SFTP support using libssh2 aria2 can now download files
      via sftp protocol: aria2c sftp://.... --ssh-host-key-md option
      is added to specify expected server's fingerprint.
    * Added Dockerfile to cross complile aria2 for RaspberryPI (armhf)
    * multiple interface support for link aggregation Adds
    - -multiple-interface option.  Patch from Sarim Khan
    * Run on-bt-download-complete command when -V reports download
    * Use dedicated DiskWriter in MultiDiskFileAllocationIterator
      We have to use dedicated DiskWriter instead of
      (*entryItr_)->getDiskWriter().  This is because
      SingleFileAllocationIterator cannot reopen file if file is
      closed by OpenedFileCounter.
    * Fix getrandom for system with libc not including errno or
      systems not supporting ENOSYS in the first place.
    * Don't send back rpc-secret option value in
      aria2.getGlobalOption RPC method
    * Make libuv default off
    * Fixed slow RPC response
    * Fix getrandom interface detection
  - Enable ssh suport using libssh2
* Sun Apr 26 2015
  - Add dependency on libuv for current Tumbleweed
  - Remove _DATE_ and _TIME_
* Tue Apr 14 2015
  - update to version 1.18.10:
    * Add encoding specifier to Russian man page
      Fixes GH-341
    * Mingw: Use _wgetenv to get user's home directory
      Fixes GH-342
    * Handle linux getrandom returning EINTR on interrupts/signals
      Fixes GH-336
  - additional changes from 1.18.9:
    * Support HTTP date ending "+0000" as well as "GMT".
      Closes GH-330
    * Revise getRandom facilities
      Closes GH-320
    * Added debug log of all Metalink URLs with final priorities
    * Use gcc-4.9 and android-16 API level for android build
    * Add --bt-force-encryption option
    * TLS: Fix memory leak with OpenSSL
    * Warn about insecure SSL connections.
      Fixed GH-313
    * Add --min-tls-version option
    * LibsslTLSContext: Disable SSLv3 and enable ECDHE cipher suites
    * Add Dockerfile.mingw
    * Fix crash when JSON batch response vector is empty
    * Fix doc: Wrong rpc secret token prefix
    * Add --bt-detach-seed-only option
    * mingw: Use MoveFileExW for better atomic move
    * Work around libintl's vprintf macro messing with
    * Fix crash on OSX when proxy is used
      See GH-275
    * Support Adler32 checksum
* Wed Dec 17 2014
  - Update to version 1.18.8
    + WinTLS: Fix abrupt connection closing and closing in general.
    + Fixes GH-277
    + LibsslTLSSession: Treat 0 from readData as EOF
    + Enable dynamicbase and nxcompat in Windows binaries
    + Fix crash in OpenedFileCounter::ensureMaxOpenFileLimit()
    + The crash happens if PieceStorage and/or DiskAdaptor are not
      initialized in one of active RequestGroups.
    + mingw32: Fix bug that aria2 does not read piped stdin
    + Fix std::length_error when no_proxy is used
    + This is regression introduced in 8cada497.
    + Try to set sane limits for RLIMIT_NO_FILE
      E.g. on OSX the default is 256, which isn't exactly compatible
      with torrent downloads.
      Closes GH-257
    + Delay auth failures instead of PBKDF2
      Closes GH-256
  - Split out language files and recommend the subpackage



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