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ntpsec-doc-1.1.7-lp151.2.3.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 updates for armv7hl

Name: ntpsec-doc Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 1.1.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.3.1 Build date: Tue Oct 15 12:03:01 2019
Group: Unspecified Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 2507400 Source RPM: ntpsec-1.1.7-lp151.2.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Documentation for ntpsec
Documentation files generated from asciidoc for ntpsec.






* Mon Oct 14 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update the unit install commands wrt bsc#1153841
* Mon Oct 14 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update to 1.1.7 bsc#1153841:
    * The numeric literal argument of the 'time1' fudge option on a clock
      can now have one or more letter suffixes that compensate for era
      rollover in a GPS device.  Each "g" adds the number of seconds in a
      1024-week (10-bit) GPS era. Each "G" adds the number of seconds in a
      8192-week (13-bit) GPS era.
    * The neoclock4x driver has been removed, due to the hardware and the
      vendor having utterly vanished from the face of the earth.
    * The NTS ALPN negotiation sequence has been modified for improved
      interoperability with other NTS implementations.
    * NTS key rotation now happens every 24 hours.  It used to rotate
      every hour to enable testing of recovery from stale cookies.
  - Remove merged patch ntpsec-1.1.6-update-waf.patch
  - Enable documentation build
* Sat Aug 17 2019 Antoine Belvire <>
  - Fix build on Tumbleweed:
    * Add ntpsec-1.1.6-update-waf.patch (picked from upstream).
    * Disable LTO.
  - Actually remove ntp.firewall from sources.
* Thu Jul 11 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Do not install susefirewall2 service anymore
  - Update to 1.1.6:
    * Fixes to NTS server list.
    * Add ALPN for the NTS server, as required by the NTP draft.
* Mon Jul 01 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update to 1.1.4 should fix bsc#1138728:
    * NTS is now implemented
    * Lots of fixes and cleanups to PPS
    * Lots of minor cleanups
* Wed Jan 16 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update requirement check for gpsd to less strict one
* Wed Jan 16 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update to 1.1.3 bsc#1122131 CVE-2019-6445 bsc#1122132
    CVE-2019-6442 bsc#1122134 CVE-2019-6444 bsc#1122144
    * Lots of typo fixes, documentation cleanups, test targets.
* Sun Oct 14 2018 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Version update to 1.1.2:
    * Use data minimization on client requests
    * Support AES-128-CMAC for authentication
* Fri Jun 29 2018
  - Update to 1.1.1:
    * Log timestamps now include the year.  This is useful when
      investigating bugs involving time-setting and -g.
    * Many internal cleanups to clear the way for upcoming major features.
      They should generally not be user visible.  Refer to the git-log if
      you are interested.
* Thu Mar 29 2018
  - Version update to 1.1.0:
    * Digests longer then 20 bytes will be truncated.
    * We have merged NTP Classic's fix for CVE-2018-7182.
    * we have dropped support for Broadcast servers.  We had kept it for
      older desktop operating systems listening on the local network
      broadcast domain, a use case that is now no longer in use at sane
      enviroments, and no longer necessary for modern desktop OSs.
    * It is now possible to unpeer refclocks using a type/unit specification
      rather than a magic IP address.  This was the last obligatory use of
      magic IP addresses in the configuration grammar.
    * OpenBSD has been removed from the list of supported platforms for
      ntpd. It will be restored if and when its clock API supports drift
      adjustment via ntp_adjtime() or equivalent facility.
    * Mac OS X support has been dropped pending the implementation of
    * A bug that caused the rejection of 33% of packets from Amazon time
      service has been fixed.
* Tue Nov 28 2017
  - Switch to python3
* Fri Nov 24 2017
  - Update to version 1.0.0 instead of git snapshot:
    * mostly contains all the previously mentioned stuff nothing else
* Sat Nov 11 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20171109.2d88a7d84:
    * Remove two unnecessary functions.
    * Changed MIB system to use seperate read/write callbacks
    * Boolification.
    * Nuke ifdefs for O_NONBLOCK and O_NOCTTY
    * Drop use of pthread_addr
    * Fixes instructions for disabling Apple NTP.
    * Added MIB coverage
    * Address GitLab issue #407: ntpdig/ntptime fails against some servers
    * Removed obsolete MIB tree-list converters
    * Changed ntpsnmpd to use the new MIB tree system
    * Added walkMIBTree generator to replace previous MIB tree handlers
    * Squelch a compiler warning.
    * Address GitLab issue #406: ntpd build fails: ...
    * Bump the minor version number.
    * New syntax: unpeer clock <type> [unit <number>]
    * In the config parser, factor out type/unit lookup into addr_from_typeunit()...
    * No point in removing individual generic-driver modes...
    * endian.h does not suffice, as there are no 64-bit primitives.
    * Dead-code removal.
    * Move some TOSO items that didn't land pre-1.0.
    * Remove obsolete TODO items.
    * De-dummyified several OIDs
    * Added option to put a space between the value and unit in unitify()
    * Typos in comments
    * Some pep8/pyflakes cleanup
    * First Mode 6 - SNMP contact
    * Removed redundant, and non-coherent getNextOID() function from getOID()
    * Added and used sendErrorPacket() method
    * Added AgentX sessionID error check and response
    * Added slots for agentx write callbacks
    * Cleaned up and updated comments
    * Expanded error checking for SNMP
    * branch change
    * Python 3 fix for test error
    * Changed error handling in decode_packet to return remaining data
    * Documentation fix
    * Added doc files for ntpsnmpd
    * Added ntpsnmpd in prototype state.
    * Fully split SNMP uint32 vs int32 handlers
    * Correct SNMP INTEGER value to be signed
    * Changed new tests to only use assertEqual
    * Added >= and <= comparison functions to OID class
    * MIB tree/lists now have callback fields
    * pep8/pyflakes fixes
    * MIB tree/flat conversion functions now use OIDs instead of tuples
    * PEP8: W291 trailing whitespace
    * Move humanlogtime() to msyslog.c since it's only used there
    * Added list conversion for Python 3 compatability
    * Added MIB tree flattening and inflation functions
    * Removed unused function humantime()
    * In devel, turn release into a script generator.
    * update NEWS file for new work
    * version 1.0.0
    * Fixes for release machinery.
    * Removed temp debugging statement, changed constants to be 32-bit safe
    * Added temporary debugging message to test_util (re:bug #404)
    * Fixed test_summary to properly test last_sync field.
    * Fixed test bug on Cent 6 32bit, also SyncPacket formatting typo
    * Remove s historical remnant in the documentation.
    * Added documentation and fixes for float tests
    * Restored missing decimal fix, changed relevant tests to be float aware
    * Restored previously removed tests, fixed math problem.
    * Removed unnecessary tests that failed
    * Banish GCC 6 warnings.
    * Updated comments to document sys.stdout.encoding being fake news
    * Possible fix for ntpq unicode issue
  - Rename python subpackage to python2
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20171002.c79bc6271:
    * Fix a comment that became incorrect after the autonomy change.
    * Fix GitLab issue #378: Misc warnings on RasPi
    * Address GitLab issue #380: ntpq should not terminate with a traceback
    * Attempt to suppress some compiler warnings.
    * Don't build with -Wcast-align
    * Fully disable -Wcast-align.
    * Suppress another useless warning.
    * Abandon -Wsign-conversion, it's too flaky to be useful.
    * -Wsign-conversion is unreasonably difficult to stamp out.
    * Revert "Attempt to suppress some compiler warnings."
    * Restore build under clang.
    * Finish rationalization of config block copy.
    * Thinko fix.
    * Trial implementation/docs of RFE: Add fudge option to server config
    * Added tests for missing values in __parse_varlist
    * Fixed broken test for cook()
    * Added missing tests for several functions
    * Explain a scenario in which bias configuration might be useful.
    * Don't scale the bias report - use units of seconds.
    * Addtress GitLab issue #381: simple mathematics
    * Fixed / completed test for NTPStats.__init__()
    * Change prettydate() to always emit UTC, for reproducibility.
    * Fixes tests for cook() to match new prettydate()
    * Address GitLab issue #383: ntpq: invalid file argument ignored
    * Grammar
    * Fix spelling of "received"
    * Typo fix.
    * Suppress a false-positive Coverity warning.
    * branch change
    * Finished tests for
    * Revert "branch change", a temporary commit I forgot to rebase.
    * Finished tests for (for real this time)
    * pep8/pyflakes fixes to tests
    * Formatting fixes for
    * Formatting fixes for
    * Update NEWS file.
    * Fix a linkcheck warning.
    * Update idex-ignores.
    * Typo fix.
    * Removed ntpq packet dump comment from TODO because obsolete.
    * refclock_nmea: check snprintf() return codes.
    * refclock_nmea: fix a typo, and a long line.
    * refclock_nmea: provisional fix for issue #62.
    * Documentation updates.
    * Doc polishing.
    * Spelling/typos
    * ntpq: do not query for bcastdelay removed in Dec 2016.
    * Tore NTPStats.__init__() method into 3 separate methods, adjusted tests
    * refclock_nmea: report device actually opened.
    * refclock_nmea: add logging of NMEA PPS device name.
    * refclock_nmea: remove trailing whitespace.
    * refclock_nmea: better logging of NMEA open fail.
    * refclock_ntpsec: missing braces...
    * Address GitLab issue #388: Remove 'register' keyword
    * refclock_nmea: set jitter high on NMEA timeout.
    * Docs: add tally code to ntpq and ntpmon doc.
    * ntp_proto: once a PPS got selected, it never got unselected!
    * Attempted fix of trimble logging
    * refclock_trimble: invalid UTC offset doesn't mean invalid packet
    * refclock_trimble: fix classic bug 2659
    * refclock_trimble: build Praecis SPSTAT message response in trimble_io
    * refclock_trimble: use timecode packet's timestamp
    * refclock_trimble: check serial parity
    * refclock_trimble: require event polling for non-Thunderbolt receivers
    * refclock_trimble: remove unused and unnecessary code
    * refclock_trimble: improved debugging messages
    * refclock_trimble: fix leap-scheduled detection, simplify polling
    * refclock_trimble: add Thunderbolt holdover and stored position check
    * refclock_trimble: configurable event trigger method
    * refclock_trimble: print a debug message when no packets were decoded
    * refclock_trimble: remove redundant debug messages
    * refclock_trimble: fix for classic bug 1075
    * refclock_trimble: improve 'no packets detected' message
    * refclock_trimble: set dispersion
    * refclock_trimble: use the median filter
    * refclock_trimble: add log message topic labels
    * refclock_trimble: check tcesetattr and ioctl results at startup
    * refclock_trimble: pass 4-digit year through refclock_process()
    * refclock_trimble: update documentation
    * refclock_trimble: time2 sets holdover duration limit
    * refclock_trimble: compat. with 'attempted fix of trimble logging'
    * refclock_trimble: fix 'attempted fix of trimble logging'
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Fix generic refclock logging.
    * Reduce memory usage by removing an unneeded strdup().
    * Note that the TrueTime 468-DC mode is obsolete.
    * Address GitLab issue #390: Need log message when the clock is stepped
    * ntp.d: change .ntpd extention to .conf.
    * In TrueTime driver, remove last remnants of OMEGA support.
    * In TrueTime driver, remove GOES support (sats shut down in 2005).
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Remove Magnavox driver.
    * Typo fix.
    * Remove unused PLATFORM_OPENBSD config symbol.
    * Remove unecessary estrdup() in NMEA refclock initialization.
    * Note that on some HP-GPS devices the era can be reset.
    * Mitigation strategy for clock rollovers.
    * Markup fixes for generic clock driver HOWTO.
    * In clock_sample(), prevent jitter from zeroing if all samples are bad.
    * Use poll iburst in the sample config files; it works now.
    * Typo fixes.
    * Revise and update example config files.
    * Address GitLab issue #392: combine /etc/ntp.d and /etc/ntp-conf.d
    * Bugfix: enable reading config directory when there's no ntp.conf,
    * Log all time steps (GitLab issue #390)
    * Documentation polishing.
    * More documentation polishing.
    * tests now work with Python 3
    * tests now work with Python 3, fixed missing future division import
    * Documentation polishing.
    * refclock_trimble: fixes for debug print, comments, documentation
    * Use ISO8061-format dates.
    * ntpviz: add decode of PPS(x) refclock name
    * ntpviz: add decode of NMEA(x) refclock names.
    * Disables useless pyembed check and setup.
    * Fixes incorrect Python library install locations.
    * Fixes Python in-tree build setup.
    * Suppresses wafhelpers .pyc files.
    * Adds cleanup for incorrect Python library installs.
    * Removes all PYTHONPATH references.
    * Adds build-time warning when PYTHONPATH is set.
    * Fixes misleading ntploggps error when GPSD not installed.
    * Removes execute permissions from client and test sources.
    * Repair the option tester.
    * Renove a magic link obsolesced by PYTHONPATH changes.
    * Fixed problem with python3 and python3.6 versions
    * tests/ now gets ntpq from $build/main/ntpclients
    * Restore accidentally removed creation of a magigic ntp/ link.
    * ntpviz: Add Python 2.6 compatibily fix.
    * ntpviz: Python 2.6 has no collections.Counter(), use defaultdict()
    * ntpsweep: fix crash dump on Python 2.6.
    * Adds test program to list Pythons and some of their parameters.
    * ntpleapfetch: do not wait forever to read the remote leapfile.
    * ntpleapfetch: allow sha1sum or shasum to be used.
    * ntpleapfetch: It is only an error if the program does not continue.
    * ntpleapfetch: fix chmod/chown on CentOS
    * Fix for packet tests so they can run wiithout a tty
    * Fix for missing socket.EAI_NODATA on FreeBSD
    * Python library files don't need to be executable in the build tree
    * Modify FixConfig to apply PREFIX to Python library paths.
    * Changed OIDs to be classes instead of dicts
    * Transplanted OID comparison function into OID class
    * Converted Search Ranges to a class
    * Converted Varbinds into a class
    * Rearrangement of some functions, and pep8/pyflakex cleanup
    * AgentX code and tests now work in python 3.
    * Run python tests using gitlab ci IFF python >= 2.7
    * Fixes unicode bug under python 3
    * Removed obsolete comment regarding removal of IO wrappers
    * Removed some single use variables from stringfiltcooker
    * Changed unnecessesarily snarky and factually inaccurate comment.
    * Restored IO wrapper for OSX ascii streams.
    * Restored comment describing stream wrappers
    * Remove 15 instances of make_wrapper(), none where ever used.
    * ntpq: no need  to translate input, all input is ascii.
    * ntpwait: remove unused/unneeded UTF-8 stuff.
    * make-leap-seconds: remove latin-1 and UTF-8 cruft.
    * ntpq: force utf-8 output in Python3.
    * ntpq: remove debug print()
    * Added python 2 utf-8 output enforcer
    * ntpq: only import codecs on python2.
    * Added function to replace UTF-8 units with ASCII-safe versions
    * Changed ntpmon to detect the unicode-refusing encoding and compensate
    * Removed forgotten debugging statement
    * Generalized previous ntpmon fix to any non-UTF-8 encoding
    * Fixed ntpmon unsupported locale bug
    * Updated ntpmon documentation to include known unicode bug
    * Removed forgotten debugging statement
    * Possible fix for unicode/locale bug
    * Added test for deunicode_units
    * Added comments to some utility functions
    * Added/adjusted comments in agentx
    * Mostly resolve and document FHS conformance issue.
    * Moved makeflags function from to
    * Changed decode_pduheader to use makeflags()
    * Added, tested, and put to use new flagbyte functions
    * Typos in docs/driver_nmea.txt
    * Polish library path resolution and docs.
    * In the release script, isolate a parameter.
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Address GitLab issue #402: ntpdig: no fraction of seconds
* Wed Sep 06 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170906.6b1b54aee:
    * Rationalize a configuration-block copy.
    * Remove an obfuscatory macro.
    * Address Gitlab issue #376: Need a symlink from ./tests/pylib/ntp
    * Force struct pkt to maximum alignment on the host machine.
    * Address GitLab issue #375: ntpd terminates unexpectedly
    * It would be nice to put the NULL guard on the right line.
    * Ignore ntp symlink at the third level as well
    * docs/rollover.txt: Fix headers.
    * Add python3 gitlab ci target
    * Address GitLab issue #379: seccomp crashes ntpd
    * Correct seccomp whitelist change in previous commit.
* Wed Sep 06 2017
  - Conflict and provide ntp-daemon instead of ntp directly
* Tue Sep 05 2017
  - Fix silently obsoleting ntp wrt bsc#1055821
* Tue Sep 05 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170905.2bd5e61d6:
    * Too many members named 'count'. Distinguish one. No logic changes.
    * Address GitLab issue #367: reslist counting wrong rule
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Create and document topic labels for log messages.
    * Added tests for Authenticator()
    * Added tests for maic contents of
    * pylint: import print_function from future for python2/3
    * pylint: remove unnecessary parenthesis
    * Added tests for Packet(), tweaked Packet to not use magic number.
    * TODO update - we now have a pointer to Debian packaging metadata.
    * Add script useful for timing ntpd startup
    * Fix for iburst on DNS for both server and pool
    * Added tests for SyncPacket, tweaked SyncPacket
    * Added tests and tweaks for ControlPacket()
    * Address GitLab issue #237: documentation refclock pps missing unit description
    * Address GitLab issue #368: warning on openbsd 6.0 with gcc 4.2.1
    * Address GitLab issue #399: ntpq config command is config-from-file
    * Fix a minor glitch in processing of config_from_file...
    * Improve the ntpq help display.
    * Typo fix.
    * This is the spec file and README for creating an RPM package
    * Comment polishing.
    * Remove references to .refclockd extension, since that plan has been dropped.
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Expanded tests to test error handling.
    * Added aliases for frequently used objects
    * Moved slicedata() from to
    * Pythonized __parse_varlist()
    * Added comments and removed forgotten debugging statements
    * Removed excess parentheses from former C macros
    * Fixed scrambled data storage in SyncPacket()
    * Changed multiplications by powers of 2 to shifts
    * Fixed error in posix_to_ntp: it recieves floats so it can't shift
    * Removed unused argument idx for ControlPacket.stats()
    * ControlPacket() now consistently uses extension, not data
    * Moved slicedata() test to, expanded test for edge cases
    * Rewrote dump_hex_printable() to be pythonic
    * In pylib/, refactor DNS lookup caching...
    * Fixed mis-named variable
    * Fixed string error in __parse_varlist
    * Address GitLab issue #370: ntpq :config
    * Cleaned up IfstatsSummary.summary() a bit
    * Updated comments in __parse_varlist()
    * Update phone number for USNO Colorado Springs, CO
    * Fixed scrambled unit abbreviations
    * Replaced magic number for keyid with MAX_KEYID
    * Replaced decimal with hex number for better semantics.
    * Address GitLab issue #371: ntpq ugly traceback
    * Updare to porting guidelines.
    * Narrow our depenency on nonstandard code.
    * Comment polishing.
    * Revert "Comment polishing." and "Narrow our depenency on nonstandard code."
    * More thoughts on NTPv5.
    * Changed incorrect if to elif
    * Adjusted parentheses in __validate_packet version test
    * Added tests for and f8dot3. Bugfix in f8dot3.
    * Simplify passing configuration data to the peer-creation logic.
    * Added tests for Cache(), Cache() now deletes expired entries.
    * Necessary followup on previous commit.
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Platform-support update.
    * Moved generally useful test jigs into
    * Added test for canonicalize_dns(), added necessary support to test jigs.
    * Fix comment glitches.
    * New documentation page om rollover problems
    * Added stub test for termsize()
    * Added separator comments for PeerStatusWord.__init__()
    * Removed redundant assignments from PeerStatusWord.__init__()
    * Swapped positions of reachable/unreachable assignments to match magic numbers
    * Added tests for PeerStatusWord
    * Removed clk_wander_threshold from PPM_VARS
    * Added tests for cook()
    * Allow refclock sample processing to use 4-digit year timestamps.
    * Documentation followup on the autonomy fix.
    * More followup on the autonomy change.
    * Added test for termsize()
    * Fixed test for rfc3339() to handle python3
    * Simpler version of autonomy code - avoid CLOSETIME clipping.
    * Restructure the peer block to keep the peerctl structure intact.
    * Ensure that all members of a command-line configuration block are zeroed.
    * Address GitLab issue #374: ntpmon crash with Server error code BADASSOC
    * Added test for MRUSummary()
    * Added test for ReslistSummary()
    * Added test for IfstatsSummary()
    * Fixed broken test for ReslistSummary()
    * Fix signedness glitches.
    * Add an overflow warning.
    * Fix brown0paper-bag bug in clocktime computation.
    * Added tests for PeerSummary()
    * Show the actual C compiler/ld flag name in the configure output
    * ./waf distclean is a built-in command, not a sub-type of build
* Fri Aug 18 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170817.d22a11af7:
    * ntpmon: make MRUSummary() dynamic on terminal width, not hard 79.
    * Partially address GitLab #212: waf needs some tlc
    * Address GitLab issue #322: ntpwait should not terminate...
    * Fix example to remove unsupported syntax.
    * Dispel murkiness about the configurator restrict operation.
    * Document a corber case in the behavior of ntpq -n.
    * Address GitLab issue #277: 32 bit OS warnings
    * Implement generation of CMAC keys for draft-ietf-ntp-mac-01.
    * Record in NEWS that AES-CMAC authentication hashes are supported.
    * Document new features.
    * Don't duplicate the keyboard error handler in ntpwait.
    * Address Gitlab issue #355: ntpq traceback on macOS
    * Deal with the fact that unqualified except catches SystemExit.
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Revert broken CMAC implementation
    * Address GitLab issue #58: GPSD_JSON doc does not match the code.
    * Remove mislrading comments.
    * Address GitLab issue #274: functions fail to inline
    * Drop support for OS X 10.11.  Apple screwed this pooch too many different ways.
    * Eliminate u_int, u_short, u_long. u_char homebrew types.
    * Fix GitLab issue #357: mrulist crashes
    * Address GitLab issue #214: waf "host" part of the build doesn't use our CFLAGS
    * Replace an obsolete BDism: (caddr_t) becomes (void *).
    * Minor changes to reduce dependence of Linuxisms and glibcisms.
    * Replace deprecated usleep(3) with POSIX-compliant nanosleep(2).
    * Document the assumptions behind our C dialect switches better.
    * ntpwait: fix issues #358, return exit(2) on control-C
    * Address GitLab issue #314: Forward-confirmed reverse DNS
    * Address GitLab issue #359: Warning on Solaris with gcc in msyslog.c
    * Document a minor limitation of ntpq :config.
    * Add a warning that ntp.d support is unstable.
    * Add pointer to Debian packaging metadata.
    * Address GitLab issue #314: Forward-confirmed reverse DNS
    * Make ntpwait in verbose mode report seconds elapsed to fix.
    * Address GitLab issue #361: Warnings in ntp_loopfilter.c on Solaris...
    * Address GitLab issue #356: reverse function for restrict
    * Note that "config" and ":config" are now synpnymous under ntpq.
    * Fix fatal error in config-directory code.
    * Due to an obscure feature of ntpq syntax, config can't be mapped to :config...
    * In ntpq, repair a bug in the interpretation of :config.
    * Address remaing part of GitLab issue #348: unpeer failing on invalid hostname.
    * Armor ntpwait's report of time to sync against NTP clock stepping, if we can.
    * Add "Caveat for Crossbuilders" to INSTALL.
    * Python 3 has no type long.
    * Fix bad interaction between memory allocation code and restrict mode field.
    * Python 3 has no type basestring.
    * Another fix on Python 3 missing basestring and unicode()
    * ntpmon: more unicode() removals.
    * Document why our kuge for in-place testing fails under Python 3.
    * ntpmon: Python 3 fix, remove uneeded/broken UTF-8 conversion.
    * ntpwait: fix for Python3, %.1f time precision, pep8
    * Typo
    * PEP8 cleanup
    * In pylib/, use monoclock() for DNS timeouts.
    * Fix typo in comment
    * Address GitLab issue #365: linking fails on OSX 10.13 with Xcode 9
    * Implement unrestrict with address and no flags to remove a rule.
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Document no-flag case of unrestrict.
    * Documentation polishing.
    * Partially address Gitlab issue #270: Loss of precision in step_systime()
    * Remove repeated words in comment
    * Added tests for
    * Follow up on doubletime_t change.
    * Restore incrementing of some counters lost in the rotocol refactor.
    * Avoid a core dump due to null peer during pool query.
    * Avoid a Coverity warning.
    * Address Gitlab issue $312: pyc generated files do not have...
    * Ripped packet validation code out of getresponse into its own method.
    * pep8/pyflakes tweaks
* Thu Aug 10 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170810.8273a59ac:
    * Added /* SPECIAL DEBUG */ token to lines previously missed
    * Solaris: Start to fix a893edc7fa5fdf05b7558c46b2e83db9c7a0881b
    * libisc: remove code in $ifdef __hpux
    * SO_TIMESTAMP, comment that macOS uses this packet option.
    * libisc: Condition isc_netaddr_fromin6() and isc_netaddr_islinklocal()
    * libisc: move libisc/net.c to libntp/isc_net.c
    * libisc: move libisc/error.c to libntp/isc_error.c
    * libisc: move libisc/interfaceiter.c to libntp/isc_interfaceiter.c
    * libisc: p00f!
    * waf: remove uused variable srcnode.
    * Merge 3 #ifdef __linux sections
    * remove some stray spaces.
    * remove isc_mem.h and the sily macors it had.
    * Merge refidsmear.h into net_fp.h
    * move gpstolfp.c back into libparse
    * Fixed logging bug in ntpq
    * LISTs: remove 4 unused macros, comment out unused debug code.
    * SHM: change implicit casts to explicit: (enum segstat_t)
    * Sandbox: comment on odd Apple behavior.
    * Change netof() to netof6().  IPv6 only.
    * restrict: Ignore CIDR in restrict address.
    * Replace "uint" with "unsigned int"
    * Typo
    * Properly set compatibility defines for Solaris
    * Update capitalization of macOS to use new official style
    * Update devel/TODO
    * Add waf quirks to devel/TODO
    * ntpq interactive switch shot by firing squad for redundancy
    * More work on devel/TODO
    * restrict: add CIDR notation.
    * restrict: add short explanation of address/cidr notation.
    * restrict: oddly restrict is documented two places.
    * sandbox: add missing shmdt.
    * Updated incompatibilities with info about ntpq -i option.
    * Fix for "not in address table!", Issue #338
    * Drop support for SO_BINTIME
    * resrict: fix format warnings.
    * More tweaks to devel/TODO
    * An observation about performance.
    * Make sure NTP_API is defined before checking the value
    * docs, bsp, and info are not implemented waf commands
    * seccomp: add a missing Gentoo ARM syscall.
    * seccomp: improve mmap comment.
    * seccomp: Make the #ifdef match the macro.
    * Fix problems with ntpq debugging flags.
    * Fixed missing information and incorrect formatting in ntpq docs.
    * Fixed incorrect formatting fix
    * Fix errors in ntpq argument handling and docs.
    * Updated ntpq options description paragraph to reflect modern ntpq.
    * ntpq now attempts to display srcadr if talking to NTPclassic
    * Rename of ntpq long option log-to-file to logfile (same as ntpd)
    * Add CentOS 6/7 jobs to GitLab CI pipeline
    * Add Debian Wheezy to GitLab CI
    * Add Fedora 24/25 to GitLab CI
    * Generate documentation via GitLab pages
    * Add ntpq packet dump to devel/TODO
    * Add decimal gai error code to printout
    * Fix for Issue #340, 100% CPU and segfaults
    * Fixed missing address/hostname for pools that return "::"
    * Partial fix for ntpmon crash
    * Fixed ntpq debug command to not open a logfile on its own.
    * Added logfile command to ntpq. Same function as -l option.
    * Updated ntpq docs to reflect new logfile option.
    * Remove last_ttl from struct endpt
    * add packaging/ directory
    * Add SUSE .spec file from open build service
    * Added agentx library and tests
    * Fixed ntpq usage message: still had a reference to the -i option.
    * Add prlimit64 to seccomp list
    * Added response error codes
    * Changed ntpdig -p option to poll servers instead of limit server count
    * ntpdig now properly accepts -g/--gap option
    * Changed ntpdig -g to accept milliseconds, matching docs.
    * AgentX x-coders now return dicts instead of unreadable tuple-forrests
    * Added detection for cropped packets to decode_packet()
    * Moved read_append() definition out of loop
    * Adjusted sleep behavior to be more logical
    * Remove stray semicolon in NS_PER_MS macro
    * decode_searchrange_list can now handle lists without a null-OID terminator
    * Fixes for searchrangelist, functions that use them, and tests
    * Changed packet representation to classes.
    * Added packetVars() and tests
    * AgentX packets now have working __repr__ function, and tests
    * rv: Always put space between flash code and flag names
    * Added compareOID function and tests
    * removed unneeded panens, make some indents standard (4 spaces).
    * Fix more unstandard indents.
    * A slightly tigher test for mode 6 data.
    * Added little endian tests for all PDUs
    * Added little endian tests where missing
    * Added test_pducore test helper, tests are now shorter and more complete
    * f8dot4() now supports Nan, and fewer returns.
    * Fix sometimes not-initialized estdisp
    * Address GitLab issue #330: no common notation for refclock
    * Address GitLab issue #261: mru minage/maxage docs look incorrect
    * Address GitLab issue #325: man ntpwait incomplete - exit status 2
    * More input validation for PeerSummary.summary()
    * Decode all(?) 'variables' sent to PeerSummary.session()
    * Fix line too long for pep8
    * Improve decode of rec and reftime.
    * Tidy up an indent.
    * Decode stratum only once
    * PeerSummary.summary(): make sure all vars are intialized
    * prettyinterval(): do not crash on bad input
    * test variables['refid'] exists before using
    * ntpmon: pep8 tweaks
    * ntpq: sort imports
    * ntpq: pep8 cleanup
    * ntpdig: fix pep8 nit
    * ntpkeygen: fix pep8 nit
    * Added dolog and tests
    * Add comments to unit strings
    * Add wideremote to MRUSummary, like PEERSummary.
    * Make f8dot3() not crash on bad input.
    * Have f8dot4() and f8dot3() use string constants for signals.
    * ntpmon: allow 'h' in addition to '?' to display help screen.
    * More hardening for f8dot3() and f8dot4().
    * ntpmon: rearrange peer detail a bit
    * ntpmon: fix line overflow of version line
    * ntpmon: make w tottle MRUSumary too
    * Add ntp.util.stringfile() to pretty print filt*
    * remove commas from ntpmon detail display.
    * ntpmon detail, remove more commas.
    * ntpmon: more detail view cleanup.
    * ntpmon: fix overflow on version line
    * Fixed severe oversite in dolog() and tests
    * Logconversion
    * Address Gitlab issue #327: documentation refclock pps missing unit description
    * Address GitLab issue #285: Configure tests fail with old version of ld
    * Address GitLab issue #326: Motorola GPSes reporting that it's 13 Oct 1997.
    * Note in NTPsec changes file that restruct accepts CIDR notation.
    * Fleshed out ntpmon's logging abilities
    * Fixed packet log dump to repr() the data instead of vomiting
    * Try 4 times to get Nonce.  Don't give up on first failure.
    * INSTALL: typo.
    * ntpmon detail mode styling
    * Revert an attempted but failed workaround for a build bug on old OS X.
    * Upgrade to waf 1.9.13.
* Sun Jul 02 2017
  - Add HUP call in logrotate postrotate. Thanks to Hall Murray for
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Enable more options and refclocks by default
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Add conflict even to utils package to make factory bot happy
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170607.7c0008c91:
    * Address GitLab issue #316: "ntpd" dies unexpected unpeering a refclock
    * Address GitLab issue #322: ntpwait should not terminate with a traceback at SIGINT
    * Fix for issue #334 - restrictions using ephemeral copy of address.
    * Another try at fixing issue #334
    * Fix for Issue #335 (-Wsign-conversion)
    * Fix for Issue #339 (-Wsign-conversion)
* Fri May 26 2017
  - Fixup wording in description.
* Fri May 26 2017
  - Add conflicts and provides to allow it to live in Tumbleweed
* Thu May 25 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170525.464804153:
    * Catch ntp.packet.ControlException in ntpwait
    * ntpdig: Use python's built-in UTC offset variables since they handle DST
    * Remove duplicate check for enabling of leap smear option
    * libntp: make ntpcal_ntp64_to_date() static
    * libntp: make ntpcal_days_in_months() static
    * libntp: remove unused function: ntpcal_daysplit_to_date()
    * libntp: remove unused function: ntpcal_daysec_to_tm()
    * libntp: make get_ostime() static.
    * libntp:  add missing static to atexit_ssl_cleanup()
    * libntp: remove unused finction sockaddr_masktoprefixlen()
    * libntp: move convertRefIDToLFP() into tests/libntp, make static.
    * libntp: remove unused function ntp_be16enc()
    * libntp: remive unused function ntp_be32enc()
    * libntp: remove unused function ntp_be64enc()
    * waf: show loccount in .waf help
    * libntp: Move +ymd2yd() into ntp_calendar.c.
    * libntp: make errno_to_str() and addto_syslog() static.
    * libntp: make mvfprintf(0 static
    * libntp: remove unused mfprintf()
    * libntp: move msnprintf() to tests.  It was only a test helper.
    * tests: rearrange to eliminate an #ifndef.
    * libntp: move mstolfp() to be a test local.
    * libntp: remove emalloc() which has been commented out for a while.
    * libntp: remove unused ntp_gettime().
    * libntp: make auth_moremem() static.
    * libntp: move atolfp() to a static in tests.
    * libparse: remove unused get_mbg_svno()
    * libparse: make get_mbg_health() static
    * libparse: make get_mbg_cfg() static.
    * libparse: make get_mbg_tgps() static.
    * libparse: make get_mbg_tm(0 static
    * libparse: remopve unused get_mbg_ttm()
    * libparse: remove unused get_mbg_synth()
    * libparse: remove unused get_mbg_tzdl()
    * libparse: add missing prototype for get_mbg_comparam().
    * libparse: remove unused get_mbg_tzname()
    * libparse: remove unused get_mbg_portparam()
    * libparse: remove unused get_mbg_comparam()
    * libparse; remove unused -get_mbg_eph()
    * libparse: remove unused get_mbg_alm()
    * libparse: remove unused get_mbg_iono()
    * libparse: make parse_restart() static.
    * libparse: remove unused parse_iopps()
    * combine two copis of days_per_year() into one.
    * libparse: remove unused syn_simple()
    * libparse: make pps_simple() static.
    * libparse: remove unused pps_zero()
    * libparse: make implicit cast into explicit one.
    * libparse: make 2 implicit conversions explcit.
    * libntp: maike implicit conversion explicit.
    * remove uslelss extern keytype_from_text()
    * remove unused typedef and extern: pset_tod_using set_tod_using()
    * ntpd: remove unused rereadkeys() and ntp_exit()
    * ntpd: remove redudnat (void) cast on function returning void.
    * remove two uneeded externs: octtoint() and ranp2()
    * remove unused extern: clockname()
    * libntp: make  syslog_fname and syslog_abs_fname static.
    * remove two unused externs: ntp_tty_setup(), ntp_tty_ioctl()
    * remove TTY define from header, put in the one place it is used.
    * remove unused trimble_scmds[]
    * libparse: remove unused array, and wrong file comment.
    * remove unused extern: get_free_recv_buffer_alloc()
    * mbg_gps166: remove lots of unused cruft.
    * ascii.h: remove many unused defines.
    * mbg_gps166: remove unused SYNTH stuff.
    * mbg_gps166: remove unused header cruft.
    * mbg_gps166: remove unused macro
    * ntp_assert: remove Calypso support.
    * tests; remove duplicate is_leapyear()
    * ntpd.h: remove unused define.
    * ntp_control: make ctlsysstatus() static.
    * ntpd.h: remove unused define.
    * ntp_io: remove unused interface_enumerate()
    * ntp_io: make findbcastinter() static.
    * ntp_io: don't duplicate latoa(pif) & localaddrtoa(pif)
    * ntpd.h: remove unused sys_clocktime
    * ntp_peer: make peer_reset() static
    * ntpd.h: remove unused extern process_packet()
    * ntp_proto: make clock_select() and leapsec static. Remove leapdif.
    * ntp_proto: make sys_maxdist static, remove unused extern clear()
    * ntp_control: make auth_timereset static, move reset_auth_stats()
    * ntpd.h: remove unused extern record_crypto_stats()
    * ntp_config: make cfg_tree_history static.
    * ntp_control: make a bunch of counters static.
    * ntp_loopfilter: make clock_minstep, clock_panic, and pll_status static.
    * ntp_loopfilter: make state and ext_enable static.
    * ntpd.h: remove unused extern last_time
    * ntp_monitor: make mru_alloc static
    * ntp_peer: make several variables static.
    * ntp_peer: make several variables static.
    * ntp_proto: make several variables static, and remove an unused one.
    * ntp_io: make blockMask static.
    * ntp_scanner: make conf_file_sum static.
    * ntpd.h: remove 3 unused externs.
    * ntpd.c: make droproot, user, group and chrootdir static.
    * ntp_dns: remove unused define.
    * ntp_proto: make some definitions static. remove 2 unused.
    * ntp_peer: make ntohl_fp() static.
    * change isleap_4() to is_leapyear().
    * ntp_control: make a define static.
    * ntp_time: make a define static.
    * ntp.h: remove unused INADDR_NTP
    * ntp_io: remove unused sau_from_netaddr()
    * ntp_refclock: make refclock_setup() local.
    * clk_meinberg: make MBG_EXTENDED static.
    * replace duplicate S_PER_DAY with SECSPERDAY.
    * replace duplicate S_PER_H with SECSPERHR.
    * tests: remove yet another different leap year test.
    * tests/calendar: fix coverity leak.
    * tests: remove unused check_y2k, add those tests into calendar test.
    * tests: don't test parse_to_unixtime() if no refclocks.
    * ntpfrob: fix incorrect coverity override of real problem.
    * keyword-gen: make some functions static.
    * keyword-gen: fix memory leak, remove coverity overrides.
    * ntpfrob: FreeBSD and NetBSD fail to define PPS_API_VERS publicly.
* Sun May 21 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170521.fdb63ab2a:
    * Add droproot support type to the configure summary report
    * Check for libseccomp via pkg-config first, then fall back to a direct search
* Sat May 20 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170519.9b296f50d:
    * libparse: add get_msb_ushort(), with tests.
    * tests: use the right get_msb_*short()
    * change "(unsigned short)getshort()' to get_msb_ushort()
    * binio: move 2 private "static short getshort()" into one lib function.
    * tests: add test for getmsb_short()
    * remove pointless casts of (unsigned char*) to (unsigned char *).
    * Peers display with raw address no longer forces 80 chars on wide terminals
    * dolfptoa: fix a 32 bit warning that showed on RasPi.
    * leapsec_query: removea 32-bit warning.
    * process_control; silence a warning on 32-bit RasPi.
    * process_control: fix two 32-bit warnings about signed-ness.
    * onceore: remove pointless cast from long to ulong to long.
    * refclock_jjy: convert several implicit casts to explicit.
    * refclock_trimble: fix bad cast to (ulong).
    * ntp_control: change implicit cast to explicit.
    * refclock_oncore: change implicit cast to explicit.
    * refclock_generic: change implicit cast to explcit.
    * refclock_generic: change incorrect cast: sizeof not ulong.
    * refclock_neoclock: chjange implicit casts to explicit.
    * refclock_magnavox: change implicit acst top explicit.
    * sht: change implicit cast to explicit.
    * ntp_proto: Change several implicit casts to explicit.
    * ntp_loopfilter: change implicit cast to explicit.
    * refclock_shm: Change 4 implicit casts to explicit.
    * ntp_proto: Change two implicit acsts to explcit.
    * tests: fix type of free_recvbuffs()
    * tests: change some implicit casts to explicit.
    * If seccomp was requested but can't be found during configure, fail.
    * seccomp now crashes if it doesn't work
    * Added -a and -k options to ntpq.
    * Added missing docs for new ntpq options.
    * atolfp: fix a potential unintended sign conversion.
    * hextolfp: fix a ptotential unintended sign conversion.
    * refclock_gpsd: tv_nsec is long, not utin32_t.
    * refclock_jjy: fix two sign conversion warnings.
    * Typo in ntpq docs
    * tests: time_t is not uint32_t.
    * net_fp: remove two unused macros.
    * jitter: fix signed, and unsigned, mixup
    * refclock_generic: fix overagressive cast.
    * refclock_generic: make some implicit casts explicit.
    * tests: fix signed/unsigned confusion.
    * refclock_gpsd: stop some unsigned/signed shuffling.
    * refclock_generic: make an implicit cast explicit.
    * Remove package hints for libcap2
    * ntpviz: add skewness and kurtosis stats.
* Mon May 15 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170515.aadc83545:
    * ntpmon: Add "-n"/"--numeric" option
    * Fixed division by zero error in ntpmon
    * refclock_nmea: fix 4800 baud
    * mrulist: Fix "kod" and "limited" error "Unknown parameter"
    * mrulist: Make "resall" and "resany" hex instead of decimal
    * ntptime: fix dumb macro name:  NS_PER_MS_FLOAT -> NS_PER_US_FLOAT
    * Added encoding definitions to python files
    * mrulist: Fix "sort=addr"/"sort=-addr" in Python 3
    * Remove now unused python import
    * pep8 fixes for ntpkeygen
    * Fixed ntpq ifstat bug #280
    * Address GitLab issue #289: ntpfrob/tickadj broken (warnings)...
    * Fix a reversed conditionalization.
    * Address GitLab issue #274: functions fail to inline
    * Address GitLab issue #276: Tarball should include pre-built man pages
    * Partially revert: cfe5c7122cc6905365a9d1396be6abd5ba59ff69
    * Tweak for getting started after DNS lookup works.
    * Fix dtolft() on NetBSD, issue 264
    * Simplify FDF_RoundTrip
    * packet auth: remove undocumented DEFFAULT_NTPKEYS.
    * waf: pep8 fixes  pythonize-header
    * waf: fix minor pep8 nits.
    * waf: minor pep8 fixes in wscript's.
    * waf: several minor pep8 fixes in wscript's.
    * ntpviz: minor pep8 tweaks
    * tests: minor pep8 tweaks.  BTW, this test has existing failures...
    * Hack to dance around bug in older Bison.  Issue 287
    * Address GitLab issue #296: compiler warning (gcc 7.0.1): lfpfunc.c
    * Address GitLab issue #294: compiler warning (gcc 7.0.1): refclock_neoclock
    * Address GitLab issue 295: compiler warning (gcc 7.0.1): ntp_loopfilter.c
    * Fixes formatting error, and makes ifstats less brittle.
    * waf: move alignment warnings back to --enable-debug-warnings
    * Fix warning in refclock_oncore on FreeBSD
    * Remove unused ENABLE_DNS_RETRY
    * Address GitLab issue #263: Catchall for ntpq/ntpmon units problems
    * mrufail: explain how to get mu on old xterm.
    * waf: improve test for unsupported CC flags.
    * waf: Add conditional -Wimplicit-fallthrough to --enable-debug-warnings.
    * xterm/utf-8: explain need for LANG=en_US.utf8
    * Fixed unicode errors in tests.
    * Fix crash if NMEA driver can't open /dev/gpsx, Issue #299
    * waf: add a test for nanotime(), for old macOS
    * FALLTHRU: another test for issue #295
    * Enable gcc:7 CI checks
    * Handle more than ten interfaces in __ordlist().
    * FALLTHRU: yet another try at pacifying gcc 7.1
    * Fixed type bug in
    * ifstats: fix dropping of valid interfaces.  Fixes #298
    * LIB_BUFLENGTH: gcc complained that 128 was too short, increased to 192.
    * Revert "LIB_BUFLENGTH: gcc complained that 128 was too short, increased to 192."
    * sLog: 2nd try at fixing #293, make log buffers bigger.
    * reflock_jjy: remove un-needed -1's on snprintf().
    * FALLTHRU: llvm 8.0.0 does not understand __attribute__ ((fallthrough))
    * FALLTHRU: try again, sadly gcc doc is inconsistent on the magic foo.
    * FALLTHRU: fix issue #295, warnings on implicit fallthrough
    * Changed ifstats en flag to be more robust
    * Adjusted ifstats header spacing
    * Patch from Takao abe adapted - prevents Coverity warnings.
    * Documentation corrections from Takao Abe.
    * FALLTHRU: only gcc > 6 understands __attribute__((fallthrough))
    * Address Coverity CID 161765: Integer handling issues (SIGN_EXTENSION).
    * Fix resource leaks in directory-walking code.
    * Revert "Address Coverity CID 161765: Integer handling issues (SIGN_EXTENSION)."
    * Added guards to command line args that take ints. Added guard function.
    * Missed one!
    * waf: add check to help().
    * tests: add tests for get_lsb_long().
    * tests: add tests for get_lsb_short().
    * tests: add tests for get_msb_short)( and get_msb_long().
    * tests: remove incorrect comment
    * binio: remove 6 unused macros, 2 were broken.
    * tests/binio: fix 2 tests, and comment them out.
    * binio: change get_lsb_ulong() to get_lsb_int32()
    * binio: remove unused, and broken, get_msb_long().
    * binio: remove unused put_lsb_long()
    * binio: remove unused put_msb_short().
    * binio: remove unused put_msb_long()
    * binio: rename get_lsb_short() to get_lsb_int16()
    * tests: add tests for get_lsb_uint16() and get_lsb_uint32().
    * binio: simplify get_lsb_int16(), all tests pass.
    * tests: add tests for put_lsb_short()
    * binio: rename put_lsb_short(,long() to put_lsb_uint16(,uint16_t)
    * refclock_generic: change getshort() to remove pointless castings.
    * Test results of test-options by running --version
    * Tweak to mru list allocation doc
    * Tweak warning messages when --enable-seccomp won't work
    * Address Coverity CID 161762: Out-of-bounds read (OVERRUN)
    * Address Issue #303: ntpq shell command unknown.
    * Remove the Jupiter/Zodiac driver.  It cannot have worked since August 1999.
    * Add inline help in ntpq for "units" subcommand
    * Remove the shell command from ntpq.
    * Simplify ntpq's do_EOF and do_exit functions
    * Add peer depricated message
    * Tweak comment in ntp_monitor, Issue #281
    * Implement ENABLE_DNS_LOOKUP
    * DNS bug fixing/cleanups
    * Typo
    * Add message when closing lots of files
    * Update seccomp to work on ARM
    * seccomp additions for Arch Linux, Issue #275
* Tue May 02 2017
  - Fix path to ntpd in provided unit file
* Tue May 02 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170429.dcab3ef9b:
    * Add a pivot-related bug warning.
    * Typo fix.
    * Add warnings about GPS wraparound.
    * Revision of GPS rollover warning.
    * ntpviz: change ppt to ‰ (millage symbol).
    * ntpviz: glossary tweak.
    * ntpviz: better define mu and some other items.
    * ntpviz: comment typo
    * Fix typos
    * add GPS pivot entry to docs/ntpspeak.txt
    * Fixed error in ntpq manpage
    * Lexically split waf's cross compiling flags
    * Cross-compiler also needs it's arguments split lexically...
    * Fix typos in comments
    * PEP8 fixes for calc_tickadj
    * PEP8 fixes for
    * Update a few more references ":config" -> "config"
    * Add ntpq's ":config" -> "config" to the list of incompatible changes
    * Stop using VCS_BASENAME since we really want the name of the project
* Tue Apr 25 2017
  - Adjust the spec for the bugfixes included upstream
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170425.f7104e3b9:
    * systime: Fix comparing a double to zero.
    * ntp_loopfilter: fix 4 comparisons of double to zero.
    * ntp_conrol: fix comparing double to zero
    * ntp_loopfilter: fix comparing double to zero.
    * ntp_proto: fix comparing a double to zero.
    * ntp_scanner: fix a double compared to zero.  Add fixme.
    * magnavox: fix last two compare of double to a number.
    * waf: -Wfloat-equal warning always on, no warnings now.
    * waf: comment out: -Wbad-function-cast
    * Rename EPOCH to BUILD_EPOCH to reduce ambiguity
    * Remove an incorrect assertion from devel/packagers.txt.
    * Eliminate wafhelpers.util
    * PEP8 fixes
    * Remove obsolete text.
    * libisc/error: add two attribute((format)) tags.
    * waf: remove -Wmissing-format-attribute
    * Load waf's gnu_dirs module and use it for installation target directories
    * Fixed warnings in ntpd/ntp_signd.c when ENABLE_MSSNTP is on
    * Move wafhelpers/ into wscript
    * PEP8: indent to 4 spaces
    * Eliminate parse_version() function
    * We already import os, no need to import os.path.exists()...
* Sat Apr 22 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170422.4162ff742:
    * Typo
    * Fix typo in etc/ntplogtemp.service
    * waf: define EPOCH=[build-date], for reproducable builds.
    * ntpcal_get_build_date: now uses EPOCH.
    * ntp_calendar: add missing return.
    * magnavox: remove last __DATE__.
    * EPOCH: remove all mention of __DATE__ and __TIME__
    * EPOCH: add URL to reproduceable build information.
    * Fix const warning from FreeBSD
    * ntpviz: When Peer Offsets has more than 6 peers, place key below graph.
    * libisc: mark two functions attribute const
    * lib_srtbuf: note where an attribute const fails
    * waf: remove annoying warning: -Wsuggest-attribute=const
    * ntp_filegen: mark one attribute pure.
    * ntp_leapsec: mark function attribute pure
    * refclock_trimble: mark one function static and attribute pure
    * libisc/assertions: fix possibly uninit variable.
* Wed Apr 19 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170419.bfac46769:
    * Mark alt text for the ntpsec logo image as "alt"
    * Address issue #268: Waf uses current date and time breaking repro builds
    * Added poll to clock variables
    * Add step for testing cx_Freeze to devel/pre-release.txt
    * Remove useless load of bison in waf
    * Tweak ntpq/peers printout to handle new DNS
    * Restore cross-era interoperability via pivoting timestamps on build data.
    * New systemd units to run NTPviz data gathering and graphing.
    * DNS reworking was not 10 years ago.
    * check_sanity() is now used in only 1 place. No need to keep it separate.
    * Add Debian Jessie to the list of GitLab Pipeline targets
    * Fixed lack of 4th digit in unitless display.
    * Nailed missing clockvar units bug to the wall.
    * Add configure-time warning about 32-bit time_t.
* Sat Apr 15 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170415.e3c051e3e:
    * Allow exit if no DNS ntp_seccomp
    * Attempt to address Gitlab issue #257: Warnings with clang 8...
    * Add sodium installation to buildprep where needed.
    * Improvements for systemd support from Tomáš Chvátal.
    * Add instructions for setting up boot-time startup to INSTALLL...
    * Address issue #239: pylib/ should get key file location by reading ntp.conf
    * Fixed ntpmon crash when detail mode active and peers display hidden
    * Fix typos/grammar
    * Revert "Add sodium installation to buildprep where needed."
* Thu Apr 13 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170413.25a240c2e:
    * tests/decodenetnum: test for /etc/services and port names.
* Thu Apr 13 2017
  - Add netcfg dependency to fix tests
  - Also require the netcfg as without it some operations won't work
* Thu Apr 13 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170413.c3e3769f9:
    * Unit bug fixes
    * waf: Prepend, anot append, computed CFLAGS.
    * decodenetnum(): return more error codes.
    * tests/leapsec: stop mising bools and ints
* Thu Apr 13 2017
  - Switch to git snapshot for now as we debug issues with upstream
  - Update to version 0.9.7+git20170412.f0451c5a8:
    * libntp: fix format signs.
    * fix format signedness.
    * ntp_control: fix format signed-ness
    * test/lfpfunc: make sure printf works on 32-bit.
    * oncore: fix format signed-ness
    * refclock_mode: fix format signed-ness
    * jupiter: fix format signed-ness
    * Formatting function changeover and associated fixes.
    * refcklock_nmea: fix numerous format sin problems.
    * Fix two format sign warnings.
* Thu Apr 13 2017
  - Do not use %license macro so we install on 42.1
* Wed Apr 12 2017
  - BuildRequire xsltproc
* Wed Apr 12 2017
  - Use internal waf so we can build on older distributions
* Wed Apr 12 2017
  - Enable gdb debugoutputs
* Sun Apr 09 2017
  - Enable mdns
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Switch to python2 as python3-gpsd does not exist (by upstream)
    and we need those binaries to work
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Require python3-gps for ntploggps
* Thu Apr 06 2017
  - Fix python shebangs
  - Try to make pps-tools-devel included for hi-precision
* Thu Apr 06 2017
  - Update buildrequirements
* Thu Apr 06 2017
  - Add config from the ntp package ntp.conf
  - Split the python module and utils using it to separate pkgs
* Wed Apr 05 2017
  - Restrict version on the waf that is needed to build this
* Wed Apr 05 2017
  - Inherit items from ntp.spec:
    * Add systemd services
    * Add logrotate file
    * Add firewall file
  - Enable testsuite (always returns 0 atm, 2 tests failing)
  - Create ntp user the same way as normal ntp does
* Wed Apr 05 2017
  - Version update to 0.9.7
  - Cleanup the deps a bit
  - Use system waf
* Mon Feb 13 2017
  - update to 0.9.6
* Wed Dec 07 2016
  - Initial build.



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