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apache2-prefork-2.4.33-lp151.8.18.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 updates for aarch64

Name: apache2-prefork Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 2.4.33 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.8.18.1 Build date: Thu Oct 22 12:13:53 2020
Group: Productivity/Networking/Web/Servers Build host: obs-arm-8
Size: 746680 Source RPM: apache2-2.4.33-lp151.8.18.1.src.rpm
Summary: Apache 2 "prefork" MPM (Multi-Processing Module)
"prefork" MPM (Multi-Processing Module)

This MPM is basically the one that Apache 1.3.x used. It warrants the
maximum stability because each server runs in its own process. If a
process dies it will not affect other servers.






* Mon Aug 31 2020 Jacek Tomasiak <>
  - gensslcert: add -a argument to override default SAN value
* Tue Aug 11 2020
  - security update
  - added patches
    fix CVE-2020-11984 [bsc#1175074], mod_proxy_uwsgi info disclosure and possible RCE
    + apache2-CVE-2020-11984.patch
    fix CVE-2020-11993 [bsc#1175070], CVE-2020-9490 [bsc#1175071]
    + apache2-mod_http2-1.15.14.patch
* Tue Apr 14 2020
  - added patches
    mod_proxy_ajp: Add "secret" parameter to proxy workers to implement
    legacy AJP13 authentication. CVE-2020-1938 [bsc#1169066]
    + apache2-parameter-secret-proxy-workers.patch
* Mon Apr 06 2020
  - security update
  - added patches
    fix CVE-2020-1927 [bsc#1168407], mod_rewrite configurations vulnerable to open redirect
    + apache2-CVE-2020-1927.patch
    fix CVE-2020-1934 [bsc#1168404], mod_proxy_ftp use of uninitialized value
    + apache2-CVE-2020-1934.patch
* Tue Jan 28 2020
  - Fix for SG#56598, bsc#1162027:
    * apache2-mod_ssl-clear-error-before-certificate-chain-load.patch
* Mon Jan 20 2020
  - apache2-devel now provides httpd-devel [bsc#1160100]
* Fri Nov 08 2019
  - use %license [bsc#1156171]
* Thu Aug 22 2019
  - security update
  - added patches
    CVE-2019-9517 [bsc#1145575], CVE-2019-10082 [bsc#1145741], CVE-2019-10081 [bsc#1145742]
    + apache2-mod_http2-1.15.4.patch
* Mon Aug 19 2019 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - security update
    * mod_http2, read-after-free in h2 connection shutdown (CVE-2019-10082, [bsc#1145741])
    * mod_http2, memory corruption on early pushes (CVE-2019-10081, [bsc#1145742])
    * mod_http2, DoS attack by exhausting h2 workers. (CVE-2019-9517, [bsc#1145575])
    * mod_rewrite potential open redirect (CVE-2019-10098, [bsc#1145738])
    * mod_remoteip: Stack buffer overflow and NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2019-10097, [bsc#1145739])
    * Limited cross-site scripting in mod_proxy error page (CVE-2019-10092, [bsc#1145740])
  - added patches
    + apache2-http2-security-issues.patch
    + apache2-CVE-2019-10092.patch
    + apache2-CVE-2019-10097.patch
    + apache2-CVE-2019-10098.patch
* Mon May 13 2019
  - revive apache-22-24-upgrade [bsc#1134294] (internal)
  - added sources
    + apache-22-24-upgrade
* Wed Apr 03 2019
  - security update
  - added patches
    CVE-2019-0211 [bsc#1131233]
    + apache2-CVE-2019-0211.patch (thanks to Simotek)
    CVE-2019-0220 [bsc#1131241]
    + apache2-CVE-2019-0220.patch
    CVE-2019-0217 [bsc#1131239]
    + apache2-CVE-2019-0217.patch
    CVE-2019-0197 [bsc#1131245], CVE-2019-0196 [bsc#1131237]
    + apache2-mod_http2-1.14.1.patch
* Wed Feb 27 2019
  - added patches
    fix [bsc#1125965]
    + apache2-mod_http2-issue-167.patch
* Thu Jan 24 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - security update
    * CVE-2018-17189 [bsc#1122838]
      + apache2-mod_http2-1.11.4.patch
    * CVE-2018-17199 [bsc#1122839]
      + apache2-CVE-2018-17199.patch
* Wed Jan 09 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - do not create sysconfig.d when already exists [bsc#1121086]
* Mon Oct 01 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - security update:
    * CVE-2018-11763 [bsc#1109961]
      + apache2-mod_http2-1.11.0.patch
* Mon Oct 01 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - consider also patterns in APACHE_CONF_INCLUDE_DIRS as documentation
    says (patch Juergen Gleiss)
* Tue Jul 31 2018
  - security update:
    * CVE-2018-1333 [bsc#1101689]
      + apache2-mod_http2-1.10.20.patch
* Fri Jul 20 2018
  - security update:
    * CVE-2018-8011 [bsc#1101688]
      (in case we will enable (now experimental) mod_md in the future)
      + apache2-mod_md-1.1.15.patch
* Mon Mar 26 2018
  - SSLProtocol TLSv1.2 [bsc#1086854]
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - updated to 2.4.33:
    * ) core: Fix request timeout logging and possible crash for error_log hooks.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_slomem_shm: Fix failure to create balancers's slotmems in Windows MPM,
      where children processes need to attach them instead since they are owned
      by the parent process already.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) ab: try all destination socket addresses returned by
      apr_sockaddr_info_get instead of failing on first one when not available.
      Needed for instance if localhost resolves to both ::1 and
      e.g. if both are in /etc/hosts.  [Jan Kaluza]
    * ) ab: Use only one connection to determine working destination socket
      address.  [Jan Kaluza]
    * ) ab: LibreSSL doesn't have or require Windows applink.c.  [Gregg L. Smith]
    * ) htpasswd/htdigest: Disable support for bcrypt on EBCDIC platforms.
      apr-util's bcrypt implementation doesn't tolerate EBCDIC.  [Eric Covener]
    * ) htpasswd/htdbm: report the right limit when get_password() overflows.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) htpasswd: Don't fail in -v mode if password file is unwritable.
      PR 61631.  [Joe Orton]
    * ) htpasswd: don't point to (unused) stack memory on output
      to make static analysers happy.  PR 60634.
      [Yann Ylavic, reported by shqking and Zhenwei Zou]
    * ) mod_access_compat: Fail if a comment is found in an Allow or Deny
      directive.  [Jan Kaluza]
    * ) mod_authz_host: Ignore comments after "Require host", logging a
      warning, or logging an error if the line is otherwise empty.
      [Jan Kaluza, Joe Orton]
    * ) rotatelogs: Fix expansion of %Z in localtime (-l) mode, and fix
      Y2K38 bug.  [Joe Orton]
    * ) mod_ssl: Support SSL DN raw variable extraction without conversion
      to UTF-8, using _RAW suffix on variable names.  [Joe Orton]
    * ) ab: Fix https:// connection failures (regression in 2.4.30); fix
      crash generating CSV output for large -n.  [Joe Orton, Jan Kaluza]
    * ) mod_proxy_fcgi: Add the support for mod_proxy's flushpackets and flushwait
      parameters. [Luca Toscano, Ruediger Pluem, Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_ldap: Avoid possible crashes, hangs, and busy loops due to
      improper merging of the cache lock in vhost config.
      PR 43164 [Eric Covener]
    * ) mpm_event: Do lingering close in worker(s).  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mpm_queue: Put fdqueue code in common for MPMs event and worker.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_session: Strip Session header when SessionEnv is on.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_cache_socache: Fix caching of empty headers up to carriage return.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) core: For consistency, ensure that read lines are NUL terminated on any
      error, not only on buffer full.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_authnz_ldap: Fix language long names detection as short name.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_proxy: Worker schemes and hostnames which are too large are no
      longer fatal errors; it is logged and the truncated values are stored.
      [Jim Jagielski]
    * ) regex: Allow to configure global/default options for regexes, like
      caseless matching or extended format.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_auth_digest: Actually use the secret when generating nonces. This change
      may cause problems if used with round robin load balancers. PR 54637
      [Stefan Fritsch]
    * ) mod_proxy: Allow setting options to globally defined balancer from
      ProxyPass used in VirtualHost. Balancers are now merged using the new
      merge_balancers method which merges the balancers options.  [Jan Kaluza]
    * ) logresolve: Fix incorrect behavior or segfault if -c flag is used
      [Stefan Fritsch]
    * ) mod_remoteip: Add support for PROXY protocol (code donated by Cloudzilla).
      Add ability for PROXY protocol processing to be optional to donated code.
      See also:
      [Cloudzilla/roadrunner2@GitHub, Jim Jagielski, Daniel Ruggeri]
    * ) mod_proxy, mod_ssl: Handle SSLProxy* directives in <Proxy> sections,
      allowing per backend TLS configuration.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_proxy_uwsgi: Add in UWSGI proxy (sub)module. [Roberto De Ioris,
      Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_proxy_balancer,mod_slotmem_shm: Rework SHM reuse/deletion to not
      depend on the number of restarts (non-Unix systems) and preserve shared
      names as much as possible on configuration changes for SHMs and persisted
      files.  PR 62044.  [Yann Ylavic, Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_http2: obsolete code removed, no more events on beam pool destruction,
      discourage content encoders on http2-status response (where they do not work).
      [Stefan Eissing]
    * ) mpm_event: Let the listener thread do its maintenance job on resources
      shortage.  PR 61979.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mpm_event: Wakeup the listener to re-enable listening sockets.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_ssl: The SSLCompression directive will now give an error if used
      with an OpenSSL build which does not support any compression methods.
      [Joe Orton]
    * ) mpm_event,worker: Mask signals for threads created by modules in child
      init, so that they don't receive (implicitely) the ones meant for the MPM.
      PR 62009. [Armin Abfalterer <a.abfalterer gmail com>, Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_md: new experimental, module for managing domains across virtual hosts,
      implementing the Let's Encrypt ACMEv1 protocol to signup and renew
      certificates. Please read the modules documentation for further instructions
      on how to use it. [Stefan Eissing]
    * ) mod_proxy_html: skip documents shorter than 4 bytes
      PR 56286 [Micha Lenk <micha lenk info>]
    * ) core, mpm_event: Avoid a small memory leak of the scoreboard handle, for
      the lifetime of the connection, each time it is processed by MPM event.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mpm_event: Update scoreboard status for KeepAlive state.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_ldap: Fix a case where a full LDAP cache would continually fail to
      purge old entries and log AH01323. PR61891.
      [Hendrik Harms <hendrik.harms>]
    * ) mpm_event: close connections not reported as handled by any module to
      avoid losing track of them and leaking scoreboard entries.  PR 61551.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) core: A signal received while stopping could have crashed the main
      process.  PR 61558.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_ssl: support for mod_md added. [Stefan Eissing]
    * ) mod_proxy_html: process parsed comments immediately.
      Fixes bug (seen in the wild when used with IBM's HTTPD bundle)
      where parsed comments may be lost. [Nick Kew]
    * ) mod_proxy_html: introduce doctype for HTML 5 [Nick Kew]
    * ) mod_proxy_html: fix typo-bug processing "strict" vs "transitional"
      HTML/XHTML.  PR 56457  [Nick Kew]
    * ) mpm_event: avoid a very unlikely race condition between the listener and
      the workers when the latter fails to add a connection to the pollset.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) core: silently ignore a not existent file path when IncludeOptional
      is used. PR 57585. [Alberto Murillo Silva <powerbsd>, Luca Toscano]
    * ) mod_macro: fix usability of globally defined macros in .htaccess files.
      PR 57525.  [Jose Kahan <jose>, Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_rewrite, core: add the Vary header when a condition evaluates to true
      and the related RewriteRule is used in a Directory context
      (triggering an internal redirect). [Luca Toscano]
    * ) ab: Make the TLS layer aware that the underlying socket is nonblocking,
      and use/handle POLLOUT where needed to avoid busy IOs and recover write
      errors when appropriate.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) ab: Keep reading nonblocking to exhaust TCP or SSL buffers when previous
      read was incomplete (the SSL case can cause the next poll() to timeout
      since data are buffered already).  PR 61301 [Luca Toscano, Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_http2: avoid unnecessary data retrieval for a trace log. Allow certain
      information retrievals on null bucket beams where it makes sense. [Stefan Eissing]
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - Replace SuSEFirewall2 by firewalld II (fate#323460) [bsc#1083492]
* Mon Feb 05 2018
  - build mod_http2 also for 42.3
* Fri Feb 02 2018
  - remove NameVirtualHost from documentation [bsc#1078557]
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - for older distros, still use SuSEFirewall2 [bsc#1071548c#7]
* Mon Jan 29 2018
  - Replace SuSEFirewall2 by firewalld (fate#323460)
* Wed Dec 20 2017
  - build brotli module
* Wed Dec 20 2017
  - Do not requires w3m, only recommends it.
* Tue Dec 19 2017
  - do not build with nghttp2 for SLE-12-SP3
* Fri Dec 15 2017
  - which was split after SLE11
* Sun Nov 26 2017
  - Add which and w3m as dependencies. poo#28406
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Mon Nov 20 2017
  - APACHE_MODULES now contains authn_core in default configuration
* Wed Oct 18 2017
  - updated to 2.4.29:
    * ) mod_unique_id: Use output of the PRNG rather than IP address and
      pid, avoiding sleep() call and possible DNS issues at startup,
      plus improving randomness for IPv6-only hosts.  [Jan Kaluza]
    * ) mod_rewrite, core: Avoid the 'Vary: Host' response header when HTTP_HOST
      is used in a condition that evaluates to true. PR 58231 [Luca Toscano]
    * ) mod_http2: v0.10.12, removed optimization for mutex handling in bucket
      beams that could lead to assertion failure in edge cases.
      [Stefan Eissing]
    * ) mod_proxy: Fix regression for non decimal loadfactor parameter introduced
      in 2.4.28.  [Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_authz_dbd: fix a segmentation fault if AuthzDBDQuery is not set.
      PR 61546.  [Lubos Uhliarik <luhliari>]
    * ) mod_rewrite: Add support for starting External Rewriting Programs
      as non-root user on UNIX systems by specifying username and group
      name as third argument of RewriteMap directive.  [Jan Kaluza]
    * ) core: Rewrite the Content-Length filter to avoid excessive memory
      consumption. Chunked responses will be generated in more cases
      than in previous releases.  PR 61222.  [Joe Orton, Ruediger Pluem]
    * ) mod_ssl: Fix SessionTicket callback return value, which does seem to
      matter with OpenSSL 1.1. [Yann Ylavic]
* Tue Oct 17 2017
  - gensslcert:
    * set also SAN [bsc#1045159]
    * drop -C argument, it was not mapped to CN actually
    * consider also case when hostname does return empty string or
      does not exist [bsc#1057406]
    * do not consider environment ROOT variable
* Fri Oct 06 2017
  - updated to 2.4.28:
    * ) SECURITY: CVE-2017-9798 (
      Corrupted or freed memory access. <Limit[Except]> must now be used in the
      main configuration file (httpd.conf) to register HTTP methods before the
      .htaccess files.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) event: Avoid possible blocking in the listener thread when shutting down
      connections. PR 60956.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_speling: Don't embed referer data in a link in error page.
      PR 38923 [Nick Kew]
    * ) htdigest: prevent a buffer overflow when a string exceeds the allowed max
      length in a password file.
      [Luca Toscano, Hanno Böck <hanno hboeck de>]
    * ) mod_proxy: loadfactor parameter can now be a decimal number (eg: 1.25).
      [Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_proxy_wstunnel: Allow upgrade to any protocol dynamically.
      PR 61142.
    * ) mod_watchdog/mod_proxy_hcheck: Time intervals can now be spefified
      down to the millisecond. Supports 'mi' (minute), 'ms' (millisecond),
      's' (second) and 'hr' (hour!) time suffixes. [Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_http2: Fix for stalling when more than 32KB are written to a
      suspended stream.  [Stefan Eissing]
    * ) build: allow configuration without APR sources.  [Jacob Champion]
    * ) mod_ssl, ab: Fix compatibility with LibreSSL.  PR 61184.
      [Bernard Spil <brnrd>, Michael Schlenker <msc>,
      Yann Ylavic]
    * ) core/log: Support use of optional "tag" in syslog entries.
      PR 60525. [Ben Rubson <ben.rubson>, Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_proxy: Fix ProxyAddHeaders merging.  [Joe Orton]
    * ) core: Disallow multiple Listen on the same IP:port when listener buckets
      are configured (ListenCoresBucketsRatio > 0), consistently with the single
      bucket case (default), thus avoiding the leak of the corresponding socket
      descriptors on graceful restart.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) event: Avoid listener periodic wake ups by using the pollset wake-ability
      when available.  PR 57399.  [Yann Ylavic, Luca Toscano]
    * ) mod_proxy_wstunnel: Fix detection of unresponded request which could have
      led to spurious HTTP 502 error messages sent on upgrade connections.
      PR 61283.  [Yann Ylavic]
* Thu Oct 05 2017
  - suexec binary moved to main package [bsc#1054741]
* Tue Oct 03 2017
  - do not call and do not ship apache-22-24-upgrade [bsc#1042037]
* Mon Jul 24 2017
  - make the package runable on non systemd systems
    + deprecated-scripts-arch.patch
* Mon Jul 17 2017
  - updated to 2.4.27:
    * ) COMPATIBILITY: mod_lua: Remove the undocumented exported 'apr_table'
      global variable when using Lua 5.2 or later. This was exported as a
      side effect from luaL_register, which is no longer supported as of
      Lua 5.2 which deprecates pollution of the global namespace.
      [Rainer Jung]
    * ) COMPATIBILITY: mod_http2: Disable and give warning when using Prefork.
      The server will continue to run, but HTTP/2 will no longer be negotiated.
      [Stefan Eissing]
    * ) COMPATIBILITY: mod_proxy_fcgi: Revert to 2.4.20 FCGI behavior for the
      default ProxyFCGIBackendType, fixing a regression with PHP-FPM. PR 61202.
      [Jacob Champion, Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_lua: Improve compatibility with Lua 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3.
      PR58188, PR60831, PR61245. [Rainer Jung]
    * ) mod_http2: Simplify ready queue, less memory and better performance. Update
      mod_http2 version to 1.10.7. [Stefan Eissing]
    * ) Allow single-char field names inadvertantly disallowed in 2.4.25.
      PR 61220. [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) htpasswd / htdigest: Do not apply the strict permissions of the temporary
      passwd file to a possibly existing passwd file. PR 61240. [Ruediger Pluem]
    * ) core: Avoid duplicate HEAD in Allow header.
      This is a regression in 2.4.24 (unreleased), 2.4.25 and 2.4.26.
      PR 61207. [Christophe Jaillet]
  - drop upstreamed patch:
    * httpd-2.4.12-lua-5.2.patch (see upstream's PR#58188 for details)
* Wed Jul 12 2017
  - Adjust dependencies for rename apr/apr-util packages
* Tue Jun 20 2017
  -  remove /usr/bin/http2 symlink only during apache2 package
    uninstall, not upgrade [bsc#1041830]
* Mon Jun 19 2017
  - updated to 2.4.26: This release of Apache is a security, feature,
    and bug fix release. For details, see
  - refreshed patches:
    . httpd-2.4.12-lua-5.2.patch
    . httpd-2.4.x-fate317766-config-control-two-protocol-options.diff
  - removed patches (upstreamed)
    . httpd-cache-forward-http-proxy.patch
    . httpd-cache-revert-svn1773397.patch
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - server-tunning.conf: MaxClients was renamed to MaxRequestWorkers
  - gensslcert: use hostname when fqdn is too long [bsc#1035829]
* Fri May 19 2017
  - remove apache-doc and apache-example-pages obsoletes/provides
* Thu Mar 16 2017
  - PreRequire user wwwrun and group www
* Tue Mar 07 2017
  - start_apache2: include individual sysconfig.d files instead of
    sysconfig.d dir, include sysconfig.d/include.conf after httpd.conf
    is processed [bsc#1023616]
* Thu Feb 23 2017
  - revert an attempt to fix PR 60458
    + httpd-cache-revert-svn1773397.patch
* Tue Feb 21 2017
  - fix caching of forward proxy
    + httpd-cache-forward-http-proxy.patch
* Sat Feb 18 2017
  - Don't require insserv if we don't need it.
* Tue Jan 10 2017
  - Added new HTTP2 option to sysconfig to ease enabling http2
  - Added new protocols.conf which is included globally
  - Enable http2 also for Leap 42.2+ and SLE12_SP2+
* Mon Jan 02 2017
  - update to 2.4.25: fixed several security issues (CVE-2016-8740,
    CVE-2016-5387, CVE-2016-2161, CVE-2016-0736, CVE-2016-8743), many
    fixes and improvements of mod_http2 and other modules; see CHANGES
    for full change log
  - verify tarball: added httpd*.bz2.asc, apache2.keyring and remove
* Fri Dec 09 2016
  - fix build with new systemd
    + amended httpd-2.4.3-mod_systemd.patch
* Fri Dec 02 2016
  - Replace mixed indentation with predominant style.
* Tue Sep 13 2016
  - add NotifyAccess=all to service file [bsc#980663]
* Fri Aug 05 2016
  - Remove the omc xml config. It is useless nowdays
* Fri Aug 05 2016
  - readd the support of multiple entries in APACHE_ACCESS_LOG
* Tue Jul 12 2016
  - add httpd-2.4.x-fate317766-config-control-two-protocol-options.diff
    Introduces directives to control two protocol options:
    * HttpContentLengthHeadZero - allow Content-Length of 0 to be
      returned on HEAD
    * HttpExpectStrict - allow admin to control whether we must
      see "100-continue"
    [bsc#894225], [fate#317766]
* Wed Jul 06 2016
  - version 2.4.23
    * Fixes CVE-2016-4979 [bsc#987365]
    * mod_proxy_hcheck was missing due to upstream bug.
    * mod_proxy_fdpass needs explicit configure line now.
    * Full list of changes:
* Wed Jul 06 2016
  - Remove pkgconfig(libsystemd-daemon). Nowadays pkgconfig(libsystemd)
    is enough and replaces all libsystemd-* libs which are obsolete.
* Thu May 26 2016
  - remove Alias= from [Install] of the template service
* Wed May 18 2016
  - remove unneded httpd-2.4.17-debug-crash.patch
* Mon May 09 2016
  - start apache services after remote-fs [bsc#978543]
* Thu May 05 2016
  - removed note about ulimits in sysconfig file [bsc#976711]
* Mon May 02 2016
  - do not build mod_http2 for 13.2
* Mon Apr 11 2016
  - Update to version 2.4.20 (2.4.19 was never released)
    * Drop httpd-2.4.18-missing-semicolon.patch now upstream
  - Big changelog available, see: for details.
* Mon Apr 04 2016
  - enable authnz_fcgi module
* Mon Dec 14 2015
  - fix build for SLE_11_SP4:
    + httpd-2.4.18-missing-semicolon.patch
* Sat Dec 12 2015
  - Update to version 2.4.18
    * drop 2.4.17-protocols.patch in upstream.
  - Change list too long to mention here see: for details.
* Mon Dec 07 2015
  - systemd: Set TasksMax=infinity for current systemd releases.
    The default limit of 512 is too small and prevents the creation of
    new server processes. Apache has its own runtime/harcoded limits.
* Thu Dec 03 2015
  - fix crash when for -X
    + httpd-2.4.17-debug-crash.patch
* Mon Nov 23 2015
  - add a note: FollowSymLinks or SymLinksIfOwnerMatch is neccessary
    for RewriteRule in given dir [bnc#955701]
* Fri Nov 06 2015
  - restart apache once after the rpm or zypper transaction
  - drop some old compat code from %post
* Thu Nov 05 2015
  - 2.4.17-protocols.patch from upstream http2 module:
    * master conn_rec* addition to conn_rec
    * improved ALPN and Upgrade handling
    * allowing requests for servers whose TLS configuration is compatible
    to the SNI server ones
    * disabling TLS renegotiation for slave connections
* Wed Nov 04 2015
  - LogLevel directive into correct config file, thanks Michael Calmer
    for the fix [bsc#953329]
* Mon Oct 26 2015
  - do not build mod_http2 for older distros than 13.2 for now (nghttp2
    does not build there)
* Mon Oct 26 2015
  - Include directives really into /etc/apache2/sysconfig.d/include.conf,
    fix from Erik Wegner [bsc#951901]
* Wed Oct 21 2015
  - gensslcert: CN now defaults to `hostname -f` [bnc#949766]
    (internal), fix help [bnc#949771] (internal)
* Sun Oct 18 2015
  -  Update to 2.4.17
  - Enable mod_http2/ BuildRequire nghttp2
  - MPMs: Support SO_REUSEPORT to create multiple duplicated listener
    records for scalability
  - mod_ssl: Support compilation against libssl built with OPENSSL_NO_SSL3
  - For more changes see:
* Mon Oct 12 2015
  - start_apache2: reintroduce sysconfig.d, include it on
    command line (not in httpd.conf) instead of individual directives
    [bnc#949434] (internal), [bnc#941331]
* Thu Aug 13 2015
  - Fixup libdir in installed files
* Tue Aug 11 2015
  - fix Logjam vulnerability: change SSLCipherSuite cipherstring to
    disable export cipher suites and deploy Ephemeral Elliptic-Curve
    Diffie-Hellman (ECDHE) ciphers. Adjust 'gensslcert' script to
    generate a strong and unique Diffie Hellman Group and append it
    to the server certificate file [bnc#931723], [CVE-2015-4000]
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - add reference upstream bug#58188 along httpd-2.4.12-lua-5.2.patch
* Mon Jul 20 2015
  - update to 2.4.16
    * changes
    * remove the following patches (fixed in 2.4.16)
    * httpd-2.4.x-mod_lua_websocket_DoS.patch
    * httpd-2.4.12-CVE-2015-0253.patch
    * update httpd-2.4.12-lua-5.2.patch
* Sat Jul 18 2015
  - add patch: httpd-2.4.12-lua-5.2.patch
    * lua_dump introduced a new strip option in 5.3, set it to 0
      to get the old behavior
    * luaL_register was deprecated in 5.2, use luaL_setfuncs and
      luaL_newlib instead
    * luaL_optint was deprecated in 5.3, use luaL_optinteger instead
    * lua_strlen and lua_objlen wad deprecated in 5.2, use lua_rawlen
* Thu Jul 16 2015
  - change Provides: from suse_maintenance_mmn = # to
* Wed Jul 15 2015
  - apache2 Suggests:, not Recommends: apache2-prefork; that means
    for example, that `zypper in apache2-worker` will not pull
    apache2-prefork also
  - installing /usr/sbin/httpd link:
    * do not try to install it in '%post <MPM>' when apache2 (which
      includes /usr/share/apache2/script-helpers) is not installed
      yet (fixes installation on 11sp3)
    * install it in '%post' if apache2 is installed after
      apache2-<MPM> to be sure it is there
* Tue Jul 14 2015
  - access_compat shared also for 11sp3
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - apache2-implicit-pointer-decl.patch renamed to
    httpd-implicit-pointer-decl.patch to align with other
    patches names
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - apachectl is now wrapper to start_apache2; therefore, it honors
    HTTPD_INSTANCE variable, see README-instances.txt for details
    + httpd-apachectl.patch
    - httpd-2.4.10-apachectl.patch
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - a2enmod/a2dismod and a2enflag/a2disflag now respect
    HTTPD_INSTANCE=<instance_name> environment variable, which can be
    used to specify apache instance name; sysconfig file is expected
    at /etc/sysconfig/apache2@<instance_name>
    (see README-instances.txt for details)
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - provides suse_maintenance_mmn symbol [bnc#915666] (internal)
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - credits to Roman Drahtmueller:
    * add reference to /etc/permissions.local to output of %post if
      setting the permissions of suexec2 fails
    * do not enable mod_php5 by default any longer
    * httpd-2.0.49-log_server_status.dif obsoleted
    * apache2-mod_ssl_npn.patch removed because not used
    * include mod_reqtimeout.conf in httpd.conf
    * added cgid-timeout.conf, include
      it in httpd.conf
  - fix default value APACHE_MODULES in sysconfig file
  - %service_* macros for apache2@.service
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - reenable 690734.patch, it should be upstreamed by the author
    (Adrian Schroeter) though
    + httpd-2.4.9-bnc690734.patch
    - httpd-2.2.x-bnc690734.patch
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - drop startssl from start_apache2
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - allow to run multiple instances of Apache on one system
    [fate#317786] (internal)
    * distributed httpd.conf no longer includes sysconfig.d, nor this
      directory is shipped. httpd.conf includes loadmodule.conf and
      global.conf which are former sysconfig.d/loadmodule.conf and
      sysconfig.d/global.conf for default /etc/sysconfig/apache2
      global.conf and loadmodule.conf are not included when
      sysconfig variables could have been read by start_apache2
      startup script (run with systemd services). Therefore, when
      starting server via /usr/sbin/httpd, sysconfig variables
      are not taken into account.
    * some not-maintained scripts are moved from
      /usr/share/apache2 to /usr/share/apache2/deprecated-scripts
    * all modules comment in sysconfig file is not generated
    * added README-instances.txt
    * removed Sources:
    * added Sources:
* Thu Jun 25 2015
  - add SSLHonorCipherOrder directive to apache2-ssl-global.conf
  - adopt SSLCipherSuite directive value from SLE12
  - remove default-vhost-ssl.conf and default-vhost.conf from
    /etc/apache2. These two files are not (!) read by the
    configuration framework, but are named *.conf, which is
    misleading. The files are almost identical with the vhost
    templates in /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/. The two templates there do
    it right because they are not named *.conf and are not sourced
    either. apache's response with no explicit (eg. default, vanilla)
    configuration is contained in /etc/apache2/default-server.conf.
    * remove apache2-README.default-vhost as there are no
      default-vhost* files anymore.
* Thu Jun 25 2015
  - apache2.service: We have to use KillMode=mixed for the
    graceful stop, restart to work properly.
* Thu Jun 11 2015
  - dropped 2.0 -> 2.2 modules transition during upgrade
    * apache-20-22-upgrade renamed to apache-22-24-upgrade
  - apache-*-upgrade script is called in %posttrans now [bnc#927223]
* Tue Jun 09 2015
  - fix find_mpm to echo mpm binary
* Tue Jun 02 2015
  - apache2.service: Only order us after and but not pull the units in.
  - apache2.service: SSL requires correct system time to
    work properly, order after
* Tue May 26 2015
  - align filenames with upstream names (and add compat symlinks)
  - find_httpd2_includes renamed to find_httpd_includes
* Mon May 25 2015
  - access_compat now built as shared and disabled by default
  - amend config to use also old syntax when access_compat is
  - added apache2-README-access_compat.txt
  - added apache-find-directive script
  - see [bnc#896083] and its duplicates
* Mon May 11 2015
  - add httpd-2.4.12-CVE-2015-0253.patch to fix SECURITY: CVE-2015-0253
    ( core: Fix a crash introduced in with ErrorDocument
    400 pointing to a local URL-path with the INCLUDES filter active,
    introduced in 2.4.11. PR 57531. [Yann Ylavic]
* Tue May 05 2015
  - simplify apache2.logrotate, use sharedscripts [bnc#713581]
* Tue May 05 2015
  - remove curly brackets around format sequence "%y" in
    `stat --format="%{y}" %{SOURCE1}` that caused an incorrect
    evaluation. Add escaping to proper spec-cleaner processing in
    the future
* Thu Apr 09 2015
  - remove 'exit 0' from the %post section in the specfile that was
    placed here incorrectly and caused that the rest of the %post
    section couldn't be executed.
* Thu Apr 09 2015
  - /etc/init.d/apache2 reload -> systemctl reload apache2.service
    in apache2.logrotate [bnc#926523]
* Mon Mar 30 2015
  - authz_default -> authz_core in sysconfig.apache2/APACHE_MODULES
* Tue Mar 10 2015
  - Add Requires(post) apache2 to the subpackage -worker, -event and
    - prefork: their respective post scriptlets execute
    /usr/share/apache2/get_module_list, which is shipped as part of
    the main package. This script has the side-effect to call
    find_mpm, which in turn creates the corresponding /usr/sbin/httpd2
* Thu Feb 26 2015
  - Patched get_module_list to ensure proper SELinux context for
* Wed Feb 25 2015
  - Pname -> name variable reduction
  - Try to fix sle11 build
* Wed Feb 25 2015
  - Version bumpt o 2.4.12:
    * ) mpm_winnt: Accept utf-8 (Unicode) service names and descriptions for
      internationalization.  [William Rowe]
    * ) mpm_winnt: Normalize the error and status messages emitted by service.c,
      the service control interface for Windows.  [William Rowe]
    * ) configure: Fix --enable-v4-mapped configuration on *BSD. PR 53824.
      [ olli hauer <ohauer>, Yann Ylavic ]
* Wed Feb 25 2015
  - Exit cleanly on end of the post and cleanup the update detection
  - Remove Apache.xpm as it ain't used
* Wed Feb 25 2015
  - Cleanup init/unit decision making and provide just systemd service
    on systemd systems
* Wed Feb 25 2015
  - Deprecate realver define as it is equal to version.
  - Explicitely state MPM mods to ensure we don't lose some bnc#444878
* Wed Feb 25 2015
  - Pass over spec-cleaner, there should be no actual technical
    change in this just reduction of lines in the spec
* Mon Feb 23 2015
  - add httpd-2.4.x-mod_lua_websocket_DoS.patch to fix mod_lua bug
    where a maliciously crafted websockets PING after a script calls
    r:wsupgrade() can cause a child process crash
    [CVE-2015-0228], [bnc#918352].
* Tue Feb 03 2015
  - in rc.apache2 was wrong [bnc#898193]
* Mon Jan 19 2015
  - httpd-2.4.3-mod_systemd.patch find libsystemd-daemon
    with pkg-config, this is the only correct way, in current
    versions sd_notify is in libsystemd and in old products
    in libsystemd-daemon.
* Fri Jan 16 2015
  - remove obsolete patches
    * httpd-2.4.10-check_null_pointer_dereference.patch
    * httpd-event-deadlock.patch
    * httpd-2.4.x-bnc871310-CVE-2013-5704-mod_headers_chunked_requests.patch
    * httpd-2.4.x-bnc909715-CVE-2014-8109-mod_lua_handling_of_Require_line.patch
* Fri Jan 16 2015
  - Apache 2.4.11
    * ) SECURITY: CVE-2014-3583 (
      mod_proxy_fcgi: Fix a potential crash due to buffer over-read, with
      response headers' size above 8K.  [Yann Ylavic, Jeff Trawick]
    * ) SECURITY: CVE-2014-3581 (
      mod_cache: Avoid a crash when Content-Type has an empty value.
      PR 56924.  [Mark Montague <mark>, Jan Kaluza]
    * ) SECURITY: CVE-2014-8109 (
      mod_lua: Fix handling of the Require line when a LuaAuthzProvider is
      used in multiple Require directives with different arguments.
      PR57204 [Edward Lu <Chaosed0>]
    * ) SECURITY: CVE-2013-5704 (
      core: HTTP trailers could be used to replace HTTP headers
      late during request processing, potentially undoing or
      otherwise confusing modules that examined or modified
      request headers earlier.  Adds "MergeTrailers" directive to restore
      legacy behavior.  [Edward Lu, Yann Ylavic, Joe Orton, Eric Covener]
    * ) mod_ssl: New directive SSLSessionTickets (On|Off).
      The directive controls the use of TLS session tickets (RFC 5077),
      default value is "On" (unchanged behavior).
      Session ticket creation uses a random key created during web
      server startup and recreated during restarts. No other key
      recreation mechanism is available currently. Therefore using session
      tickets without restarting the web server with an appropriate frequency
      (e.g. daily) compromises perfect forward secrecy. [Rainer Jung]
    * ) mod_proxy_fcgi: Provide some basic alternate options for specifying
      how PATH_INFO is passed to FastCGI backends by adding significance to
      the value of proxy-fcgi-pathinfo. PR 55329. [Eric Covener]
    * ) mod_proxy_fcgi: Enable UDS backends configured with SetHandler/RewriteRule
      to opt-in to connection reuse and other Proxy options via explicitly
      declared "proxy workers" (<Proxy unix:... enablereuse=on max=...)
      [Eric Covener]
    * ) mod_proxy: Add "enablereuse" option as the inverse of "disablereuse".
      [Eric Covener]
    * ) mod_proxy_fcgi: Enable opt-in to TCP connection reuse by explicitly
      setting proxy option disablereuse=off. [Eric Covener] PR 57378.
    * ) event: Update the internal "connection id" when requests
      move from thread to thread. Reuse can confuse modules like
      mod_cgid. PR 57435. [Michael Thorpe <mike>]
    * ) mod_proxy_fcgi: Remove proxy:balancer:// prefix from SCRIPT_FILENAME
      passed to fastcgi backends. [Eric Covener]
    * ) core: Configuration files with long lines and continuation characters
      are not read properly. PR 55910. [Manuel Mausz <manuel-as>]
    * ) mod_include: the 'env' function was incorrectly handled as 'getenv' if the
      leading 'e' was written in upper case in <!--#if expr="..." -->
      statements. [Christophe Jaillet]
    * ) split-logfile: Fix perl error:  'Can't use string ("")
      as a symbol ref while "strict refs"'. PR 56329.
      [Holger Mauermann <mauermann>]
    * ) mod_proxy: Prevent ProxyPassReverse from doing a substitution when
      the URL parameter interpolates to an empty string. PR 56603.
    * ) core: Fix -D[efined] or <Define>[d] variables lifetime accross restarts.
      PR 57328.  [Armin Abfalterer <a.abfalterer>, Yann Ylavic].
    * ) mod_proxy: Preserve original request headers even if they differ
      from the ones to be forwarded to the backend. PR 45387.
      [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_ssl: dump SSL IO/state for the write side of the connection(s),
      like reads (level TRACE4). [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_proxy_fcgi: Ignore body data from backend for 304 responses. PR 57198.
      [Jan Kaluza]
    * ) mod_ssl: Do not crash when looking up SSL related variables during
      expression evaluation on non SSL connections. PR 57070  [Ruediger Pluem]
    * ) mod_proxy_ajp: Fix handling of the default port (8009) in the
      ProxyPass and <Proxy> configurations.  PR 57259.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mpm_event: Avoid a possible use after free when notifying the end of
      connection during lingering close.  PR 57268.  [Eric Covener, Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_ssl: Fix recognition of OCSP stapling responses that are encoded
      improperly or too large.  [Jeff Trawick]
    * ) core: Add ap_log_data(), ap_log_rdata(), etc. for logging buffers.
      [Jeff Trawick]
    * ) mod_proxy_fcgi, mod_authnz_fcgi: stop reading the response and issue an
      error when parsing or forwarding the response fails. [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) mod_ssl: Fix a memory leak in case of graceful restarts with OpenSSL >= 0.9.8e
      PR 53435 [tadanori <tadanori2007>, Sebastian Wiedenroth <wiedi>]
    * ) mod_proxy_connect: Don't issue AH02447 on sockets hangups, let the read
      determine whether it is a normal close or a real error. PR 57168. [Yann
    * ) mod_proxy_wstunnel: abort backend connection on polling error to avoid
      further processing.  [Yann Ylavic]
    * ) core: Support custom ErrorDocuments for HTTP 501 and 414 status codes.
      PR 57167 [Edward Lu <Chaosed0>]
    * ) mod_proxy_connect: Fix ProxyRemote to https:// backends on EBCDIC
      systems. PR 57092 [Edward Lu <Chaosed0>]
    * ) mod_cache: Avoid a 304 response to an unconditional requst when an AH00752
      CacheLock error occurs during cache revalidation. [Eric Covener]
    * ) mod_ssl: Move OCSP stapling information from a per-certificate store to
      a per-server hash. PR 54357, PR 56919. [Alex Bligh <alex>,
      Yann Ylavic, Kaspar Brand]
    * ) mod_cache_socache: Change average object size hint from 32 bytes to
      2048 bytes.  [Rainer Jung]
    * ) mod_cache_socache: Add cache status to server-status.  [Rainer Jung]
    * ) event: Fix worker-listener deadlock in graceful restart.
      PR 56960.
    * ) Concat strings at compile time when possible. PR 53741.
    * ) mod_substitute: Restrict configuration in .htaccess to
      FileInfo as documented.  [Rainer Jung]
    * ) mod_substitute: Make maximum line length configurable.  [Rainer Jung]
    * ) mod_substitute: Fix line length limitation in case of regexp plus flatten.
      [Rainer Jung]
    * ) mod_proxy: Truncated character worker names are no longer fatal
      errors. PR53218. [Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_dav: Set r->status_line in dav_error_response. PR 55426.
    * ) mod_proxy_http, mod_cache: Avoid (unlikely) accesses to freed memory.
      [Yann Ylavic, Christophe Jaillet]
    * ) http_protocol: fix logic in ap_method_list_(add|remove) in order:
    - to correctly reset bits
    - not to modify the 'method_mask' bitfield unnecessarily
      [Christophe Jaillet]
    * ) mod_slotmem_shm: Increase log level for some originally debug messages.
      [Jim Jagielski]
    * ) mod_ldap: In 2.4.10, some LDAP searches or comparisons might be done with
      the wrong credentials when a backend connection is reused.
      [Eric Covener]
    * ) mod_macro: Add missing APLOGNO for some Warning log messages.
      [Christophe Jaillet]
    * ) mod_cache: Avoid sending 304 responses during failed revalidations
      PR56881. [Eric Covener]
    * ) mod_status: Honor client IP address using mod_remoteip. PR 55886.
      [Jim Jagielski]
    * ) cmake-based build for Windows: Fix incompatibility with cmake 2.8.12
      and later.  PR 56615.  [Chuck Liu <cliu81>, Jeff Trawick]
    * ) mod_ratelimit: Drop severity of AH01455 and AH01457 (ap_pass_brigade
      failed) messages from ERROR to TRACE1.  Other filters do not bother
      re-reporting failures from lower level filters.  PR56832.  [Eric Covener]
    * ) core: Avoid useless warning message when parsing a section guarded by
      <IfDefine foo> if $(foo) is used within the section.
      PR 56503 [Christophe Jaillet]
    * ) mod_proxy_fcgi: Fix faulty logging of large amounts of stderr from the
      application.  PR 56858.  [Manuel Mausz <manuel-asf>]
    * ) mod_proxy_http: Proxy responses with error status and
      "ProxyErrorOverride On" hang until proxy timeout.
      PR53420 [Rainer Jung]
    * ) mod_log_config: Allow three character log formats to be registered. For
      backwards compatibility, the first character of a three-character format
      must be the '^' (caret) character.  [Eric Covener]
    * ) mod_lua: Don't quote Expires and Path values. PR 56734.
      [Keith Mashinter, <kmashint yahoo com>]
    * ) mod_authz_core: Allow <AuthzProviderAlias>'es to be seen from auth
      stanzas under virtual hosts. PR 56870. [Eric Covener]
* Mon Jan 12 2015
  - Redone lost patch to fix boo#859439
    + service reload can cause log data to be lost with logrotate
    under some circumstances: remove "-t" from service reload.
* Thu Jan 08 2015
  - Fix URL syntax in various files
* Mon Dec 29 2014
  - fix IfModule directive around SSLSessionCache [bnc#842377c#11]
* Mon Dec 15 2014
  - added httpd-2.4.x-bnc871310-CVE-2013-5704-mod_headers_chunked_requests.patch
    to fix flaw in the way mod_headers handled chunked requests. Adds
    "MergeTrailers" directive to restore legacy behavior
    [bnc#871310], [CVE-2013-5704].
* Fri Dec 12 2014
  - added httpd-2.4.x-bnc909715-CVE-2014-8109-mod_lua_handling_of_Require_line.patch
    that fixes handling of the Require line when a LuaAuthzProvider is
    used in multiple Require directives with different arguments
    [bnc#909715], [CVE-2014-8109].
* Fri Dec 05 2014
  - fixed start at boot for ssl and encrypted key [bnc#792309]
* Sat Nov 29 2014 Led <>
  - fix shebang in start_apache2 script that contains bash-specific
* Thu Nov 27 2014
  - small improvement of ssl instructions [bnc#891813]
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in post scripts
* Fri Nov 07 2014
  - added httpd-2.4.10-check_null_pointer_dereference.patch to avoid
    a crash when Content-Type has an empty value [bnc#899836],
* Fri Oct 31 2014
  - httpd-event-deadlock.patch:  Fix worker-listener
    deadlock in graceful restart.
* Sat Oct 18 2014 Led <>
  - httpd-2.1.9-apachectl.dif renamed to httpd-2.4.10-apachectl.patch
    and updated (fixed bashism).
* Thu Oct 16 2014
  - drop (turned off) itk mpm spec file code as mpm-itk is now
    provided as a separate module, not via patch
    (see and [bnc#851229])
* Mon Oct 13 2014
  - enable mod_imagemap [bnc#866366]



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