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glibc-devel-2.26-lp150.11.6.4 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 updates for armv7hl

Name: glibc-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.26 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.11.6.4 Build date: Sat Jul 21 05:53:22 2018
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: armbuild21
Size: 2864023 Source RPM: glibc-2.26-lp150.11.6.4.src.rpm
Summary: Include Files and Libraries Mandatory for Development
These libraries are needed to develop programs which use the standard C




BSD-3-Clause AND LGPL-2.1+ AND SUSE-LGPL-2.1+-with-GCC-exception AND GPL-2.0+


* Wed Jun 13 2018
  - i386-memmove-sse2-unaligned.patch: Fix SSE2 memmove issue when crossing
    2GB boundary (CVE-2017-18269, bnc#1094150, BZ #22644)
  - realpath-ssize-max-overflow.patch: Fix overflow in path length
    computation (CVE-2018-11236, bsc#1094161, BZ #22786)
  - glibc-fix-avx512-mempcpy.patch: replace with upstream version
* Tue May 22 2018
  - Use %license also for COPYING and COPYING.LIB (bsc#1082318)
* Fri May 18 2018
  - Add glibc-fix-avx512-mempcpy.patch as quick fix for mempcpy
    buffer overwrite in memmove-avx512-no-vzeroupper.S for Knights
    Landing CPUs (CVE-2018-11237, bnc#1094154, bnc#1092877, BZ #23196)
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Readd nis to netgroup and automount nss config (bsc#1088860)
* Tue Mar 27 2018
  - res-send-enomem.patch: Fix crash in resolver on memory allocation
    failure (bsc#1086690, BZ #23005)
* Tue Feb 27 2018
  - Use %license (bsc#1082318)
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - stack-guard-size-accounting.patch: Fix stack guard size accounting
    (bsc#1074208, BZ #22637)
  - libgcc-rtld-now.patch: Open with RTLD_NOW during
    pthread_cancel (bsc#1074208, BZ #22636)
* Tue Feb 20 2018
  - Mark source0 as nosource in non-main source rpms
* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - Add systemtap-headers to BuildRequires.
  - Add --enable-systemtap to configure arguments. (fate#324969,
* Mon Feb 05 2018
  - memalign-overflow.patch: Fix integer overflows in internal memalign and
    malloc functions (CVE-2018-6485, CVE-2018-6551, bsc#1079036, BZ #22343,
    BZ #22774)
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - fix-locking-in-_IO_cleanup.patch: Skip locked files during exit
    (bsc#1070491, BZ #15142)
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - Avoid duplicate source rpm
* Mon Jan 22 2018
  - getcwd-absolute.patch: make getcwd(3) fail if it cannot obtain an
    absolute path (CVE-2018-1000001, bsc#1074293, BZ #22679)
* Tue Jan 02 2018
  - dl-init-paths-overflow.patch: Count components of the expanded path in
    _dl_init_path (CVE-2017-1000408, CVE-2017-1000409, bsc#1071319, BZ
    [#22607], BZ #22627)
  - fillin-rpath-empty-tokens.patch: Check for empty tokens before dynamic
    string token expansion (CVE-2017-16997, bsc#1073231, BZ #22625)
* Wed Dec 13 2017
  - tst-tlsopt-powerpc.patch: fix tst-tlsopt-powerpc (bcn#1070419)
  - powerpc-hwcap-bits.patch: Update HWCAP for powerpc (bnc#1070420)
  - malloc-tcache-check-overflow.patch: Fix integer overflow in malloc when
    tcache is enabled (CVE-2017-17426, bnc#1071479, BZ #22375)
* Tue Dec 12 2017
  - Add _multibuild
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - glob64-s390.patch: no compat glob64 on s390
  - noversion.tar.bz2: remove unused source
* Thu Oct 26 2017
  - x86-64-dl-platform.patch: Don't set GLRO(dl_platform) to NULL (BZ #22299)
* Thu Oct 26 2017
  - spawni-assert.patch: Fix improper assert in Linux posix_spawn (BZ
* Mon Oct 23 2017
  - math-c++-compat.patch: Add more C++ compatibility (BZ #22296)
  - malloc-tcache-leak.patch: Fix tcache leak after thread destruction (BZ
  - falkor-memcpy-memmove.patch: Optimized implementation of memcpy/memmove
    for Qualcomm Falkor
  - aarch64-cpu-features.patch: Fix glibc.tune.cpu tunable handling
  - nss-files-large-buffers.patch: Avoid large buffers with many host
    addresses (BZ #22078)
  - sysconf-uio-maxiov.patch: Fix missing definition of UIO_MAXIOV (BZ
  - glob-tilde-overflow.patch: Fix buffer overflows with GLOB_TILDE
    (CVE-2017-15670, CVE-2017-15671, CVE-2017-15804,
    bsc#1064569. bsc#1064580, bsc#1064583, BZ #22320, BZ #22325, BZ #22332)
  - dl-runtime-resolve-xsave.patch: Use fxsave/xsave/xsavec in
    _dl_runtime_resolve (BZ #21265)
* Tue Oct 10 2017
  - nscd-libnsl.patch: Remove reference to libnsl from nscd (bsc#1062244)
* Mon Oct 09 2017
  - Drop glibc-obsolete
  - glibc-2.3.90-noversion.diff: remove
  - reinitialize-dl_load_write_lock.patch: remove
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - nss-compat.patch: Move nss_compat from nis to nss subdir and install it
  - nsswitch.conf: switch back to compat for passwd, group, shadow
* Thu Sep 28 2017
  - assert-pedantic.patch: Suppress pedantic warning caused by statement
    expression (BZ #21242, BZ #21972)
  - math-c++-compat.patch: Add more C++ compatibility (BZ #22235)
  - getaddrinfo-errno.patch: Fix errno and h_errno handling in getaddrinfo
    (BZ #21915, BZ #21922)
  - resolv-conf-oom.patch: Fix memory handling in OOM situation during
    resolv.conf parsing (BZ #22095, BZ #22096)
  - dynarray-allocation.patch: Fix initial size of dynarray allocation and
    set errno on overflow error
  - nearbyint-inexact.patch: Avoid spurious inexact in nearbyint (BZ #22225)
* Mon Sep 25 2017
  - math-c++-compat.patch: add more C++ compatibility (BZ #22146)
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Remove rpcsvc/yppasswd.* from glibc-devel
  - ld-so-hwcap-x86-64.patch: add x86_64 to hwcap (bsc#1056606, BZ #22093)
* Thu Aug 31 2017
  - eh-frame-zero-terminator.patch: Properly terminate .eh_frame (BZ #22051)
* Thu Aug 31 2017
  - Disable obsolete libnsl and NIS support
  - remove-nss-nis-compat.patch: remove nis and compat from default NSS
  - nsswitch.conf: Likewise
* Tue Aug 29 2017
  - math-c++-compat.patch: Do not use __builtin_types_compatible_p in C++
    mode (BZ #21930)
* Thu Aug 17 2017
  - Add iconvconfig to baselibs.conf (bsc#1051042)
* Thu Aug 10 2017
  - resolv-context-leak.patch: Fix leaks of resolver contexts
  - dl-runtime-resolve-opt-avx512f.patch: Use _dl_runtime_resolve_opt only
    with AVX512F (BZ #21871)
  - libpthread-compat-wrappers.patch: Don't use IFUNC resolver for longjmp
    or system in libpthread (BZ #21041)
* Wed Aug 02 2017
  - Update to glibc 2.26
    * A per-thread cache has been added to malloc
    * Unicode 10.0.0 Support
    * Improvements to the DNS stub resolver
    * New function reallocarray, which resizes an allocated block (like
      realloc) to the product of two sizes, with a guaranteed clean failure
      upon integer overflow in the multiplication
    * New wrappers for the Linux-specific system calls preadv2 and pwritev2
    * posix_spawnattr_setflags now supports the flag POSIX_SPAWN_SETSID, to
      create a new session ID for the spawned process
    * errno.h is now safe to use from C-preprocessed assembly language on all
      supported operating systems
    * On ia64, powerpc64le, x86-32, and x86-64, the math library now implements
      128-bit floating point as defined by ISO/IEC/IEEE 60559:2011 (IEEE
      754-2008) and ISO/IEC TS 18661-3:2015
    * The synchronization that pthread_spin_unlock performs has been changed to
      now be equivalent to a C11 atomic store with release memory order to the
      spin lock's memory location
    * The DNS stub resolver no longer performs EDNS fallback
    * res_mkquery and res_nmkquery no longer support the IQUERY opcode
    * The _res_opcodes variable has been removed from libresolv
    * <string.h> no longer includes inline versions of any string functions,
      as this kind of optimization is better done by the compiler
    * The nonstandard header <xlocale.h> has been removed
    * The obsolete header <sys/ultrasound.h> has been removed
    * The obsolete signal constant SIGUNUSED is no longer defined by <signal.h>
    * The obsolete function cfree has been removed
    * The stack_t type no longer has the name struct sigaltstack
    * The ucontext_t type no longer has the name struct ucontext
    * On S/390 GNU/Linux, the constants defined by <sys/ptrace.h> have been
      synced with the kernel
    * Linux kernel 3.2 or later is required at runtime, on all architectures
      supported by that kernel
    * The DNS stub resolver limits the advertised UDP buffer size to 1200 bytes,
      to avoid fragmentation-based spoofing attacks (CVE-2017-12132)
    * LD_LIBRARY_PATH is now ignored in binaries running in privileged
      AT_SECURE mode to guard against local privilege escalation attacks
    * Avoid printing a backtrace from the __stack_chk_fail function since it
      is called on a corrupt stack and a backtrace is unreliable on a
      corrupt stack (CVE-2010-3192)
    * A use-after-free vulnerability in clntudp_call in the Sun RPC system
      has been fixed (CVE-2017-12133)
    * fate#322258, fate#321513, fate#322453
  - fts-symbol-redirect.patch, glibc-resolv-reload.diff, glibc-2.2-sunrpc.diff,
    i686-memchr-sse.patch, ld-hwcap-mask-suid.patch, ld-library-path-suid.patch,
    sunrpc-use-after-free.patch, test-math-vector-sincos-aliasing.patch,
    tunables-bigendian.patch: Removed
* Tue Jul 25 2017
  - Fix RPM group
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - s390-elision-enable-envvar.patch: enable TLE only if
    GLIBC_ELISION_ENABLE=yes is defined (fate#322271)
* Wed Jun 21 2017
  - ld-hwcap-mask-suid.patch: Ignore and remove LD_HWCAP_MASK for AT_SECURE
    programs (BZ #21209)
  - ld-library-path-suid.patch: Completely ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH for
    AT_SECURE=1 programs (CVE-2017-1000366, bsc#1039357, BZ #21624)
* Wed Jun 14 2017
  - Remove glibc-cpusetsize.diff, no longer useful
* Wed May 31 2017
  - fts-symbol-redirect.patch: Fix symbol redirect for fts_set (bsc#1041123,
    BZ #21289)
* Mon May 29 2017
  - test-math-vector-sincos-aliasing.patch: Fix test-math-vector-sincos.h
* Mon May 29 2017
  - add-locales.patch: renamed from glibc-2.3.locales.diff.bz2, drop en_BE
    locales (bsc#1039502)
* Tue May 23 2017
  - Remove glibc-testsuite.patch, no longer relevant
* Mon May 22 2017
  - Use multibuild feature
  - Remove obsolete
  - glibc.rpmlintrc: remove obsolete entries
  - Use %tmpfiles_create in nscd postin
* Wed Mar 29 2017
  - i686-memchr-sse.patch: Fix i686 memchr overflow calculation
    (bsc#1031021, BZ #21182)
  - sunrpc-use-after-free.patch: Avoid use-after-free read access in
    clntudp_call (BZ #21115)
  - Build testsuite with gdb and python-pexpect to enable more tests
* Wed Feb 08 2017
  - tunables-bigendian.patch: Fix getting tunable values on big-endian (BZ
* Sun Feb 05 2017
  - Update to glibc 2.25
    * The feature test macro __STDC_WANT_LIB_EXT2__, from ISO/IEC TR
      24731-2:2010, is supported to enable declarations of functions from that
    * The feature test macro __STDC_WANT_IEC_60559_BFP_EXT__, from ISO/IEC TS
      18661-1:2014, is supported to enable declarations of functions and macros
      from that TS.
    * The feature test macro __STDC_WANT_IEC_60559_FUNCS_EXT__, from ISO/IEC TS
      18661-4:2015, is supported to enable declarations of functions and macros
      from that TS.
    * The nonstandard feature selection macros _REENTRANT and _THREAD_SAFE are
      now treated as compatibility synonyms for _POSIX_C_SOURCE=199506L.
    * The inclusion of <sys/sysmacros.h> by <sys/types.h> is deprecated.
    * New <fenv.h> features from TS 18661-1:2014 are added to libm: the
      fesetexcept, fetestexceptflag, fegetmode and fesetmode functions, the
      femode_t type and the FE_DFL_MODE and FE_SNANS_ALWAYS_SIGNAL macros.
    * Integer width macros from TS 18661-1:2014 are added to <limits.h>:
      <stdint.h>: INT8_WIDTH, UINT8_WIDTH, INT16_WIDTH, UINT16_WIDTH,
    * New <math.h> features are added from TS 18661-1:2014:
    - Signaling NaN macros: SNANF, SNAN, SNANL.
    - Nearest integer functions: roundeven, roundevenf, roundevenl, fromfp,
      fromfpf, fromfpl, ufromfp, ufromfpf, ufromfpl, fromfpx, fromfpxf,
      fromfpxl, ufromfpx, ufromfpxf, ufromfpxl.
    - llogb functions: the llogb, llogbf and llogbl functions, and the
      FP_LLOGB0 and FP_LLOGBNAN macros.
    - Max-min magnitude functions: fmaxmag, fmaxmagf, fmaxmagl, fminmag,
      fminmagf, fminmagl.
    - Comparison macros: iseqsig.
    - Classification macros: iscanonical, issubnormal, iszero.
    - Total order functions: totalorder, totalorderf, totalorderl,
      totalordermag, totalordermagf, totalordermagl.
    - Canonicalize functions: canonicalize, canonicalizef, canonicalizel.
    - NaN functions: getpayload, getpayloadf, getpayloadl, setpayload,
      setpayloadf, setpayloadl, setpayloadsig, setpayloadsigf, setpayloadsigl.
    * The functions strfromd, strfromf, and strfroml, from ISO/IEC TS 18661-1:2014,
      are added to libc.
    * Most of glibc can now be built with the stack smashing protector enabled.
    * The function explicit_bzero, from OpenBSD, has been added to libc.
    * On ColdFire, MicroBlaze, Nios II and SH3, the float_t type is now defined
      to float instead of double.
    * On x86_64, when compiling with -mfpmath=387 or -mfpmath=sse+387, the
      float_t and double_t types are now defined to long double instead of float
      and double.
    * The getentropy and getrandom functions, and the <sys/random.h> header file
      have been added.
    * The buffer size for byte-oriented stdio streams is now limited to 8192
      bytes by default.
    * The <sys/quota.h> header now includes the <linux/quota.h> header.
    * The malloc_get_state and malloc_set_state functions have been removed.
    * The “ip6-dotint” and “no-ip6-dotint” resolver options, and the
      corresponding RES_NOIP6DOTINT flag from <resolv.h> have been removed.
    * The "ip6-bytestring" resolver option and the corresponding RES_USEBSTRING
      flag from <resolv.h> have been removed.
      RES_BLAST defined in the <resolv.h> header file have been deprecated.
    * The "inet6" option in /etc/resolv.conf and the RES_USE_INET6 flag for
      _res.flags are deprecated.
    * DNSSEC-related declarations and definitions have been removed from the
      <arpa/nameser.h> header file, and libresolv will no longer attempt to
      decode the data part of DNSSEC record types.
    * The resource record type classification macros ns_t_qt_p, ns_t_mrr_p,
      ns_t_rr_p, ns_t_udp_p, ns_t_xfr_p have been removed from the
      <arpa/nameser.h> header file because the distinction between RR types and
      meta-RR types is not officially standardized, subject to revision, and
      thus not suitable for encoding in a macro.
    * The types res_sendhookact, res_send_qhook, re_send_rhook, and the qhook
      and rhook members of the res_state type in <resolv.h> have been removed.
    * For multi-arch support it is recommended to use a GCC which has
      been built with support for GNU indirect functions.
    * GDB pretty printers have been added for mutex and condition variable
      structures in POSIX Threads.
    * Tunables feature added to allow tweaking of the runtime for an application
    * A new version of condition variables functions have been implemented in
      the NPTL implementation of POSIX Threads to provide stronger ordering
    * A new version of pthread_rwlock functions have been implemented to use a more
      scalable algorithm primarily through not using a critical section anymore to
      make state changes.
    * On ARM EABI (32-bit), generating a backtrace for execution contexts which
      have been created with makecontext could fail to terminate due to a
      missing .cantunwind annotation.  (CVE-2016-6323)
    * The DNS stub resolver functions would crash due to a NULL pointer
      dereference when processing a query with a valid DNS question type which
      was used internally in the implementation. (CVE-2015-5180)
  - Enable stack protector if part of %optflags
  - startcontext-cantunwind.patch: Removed
  - cpuid-assertion.patch: Removed
* Thu Oct 13 2016
  - cpuid-assertion.patch: Don't assert on older Intel CPUs (BZ #20647)
* Wed Oct 05 2016
  - glibc-2.3.3-nscd-db-path.diff: Move persistent nscd databases to
  - glibc-2.3.90-langpackdir.diff: simplify
* Tue Aug 02 2016
  - Update to glibc 2.24
    * The minimum Linux kernel version that this version of the GNU C Library
      can be used with is 3.2
    * The pap_AN locale has been deleted
    * The readdir_r and readdir64_r functions have been deprecated
    * The type `union wait' has been removed
    * A new NSS action is added to facilitate large distributed system
    * The deprecated __malloc_initialize_hook variable has been removed from
      the API
    * The long unused localedef --old-style option has been removed
    * nextupl, nextup, nextupf, nextdownl, nextdown and nextdownf are added
      to libm
    * An unnecessary stack copy in _nss_dns_getnetbyname_r was removed
    * Previously, getaddrinfo copied large amounts of address data to the
      stack, even after the fix for CVE-2013-4458 has been applied,
      potentially resulting in a stack overflow.  getaddrinfo now uses a
      heap allocation instead (CVE-2016-3706)
    * The glob function suffered from a stack-based buffer overflow when it
      was called with the GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC flag and encountered a long file
      name (CVE-2016-1234)
    * The Sun RPC UDP client could exhaust all available stack space when
      flooded with crafted ICMP and UDP messages (CVE-2016-4429)
    * The IPv6 name server management code in libresolv could result in a
      memory leak for each thread which is created, performs a failing
      naming lookup, and exits (CVE-2016-5417)
  - startcontext-cantunwind.patch: mark __startcontext as .cantunwind
    (bsc#974800, BZ #20435)
  - Removed patches:
    * 0001-Updated-translations-for-2.23.patch
    * 0002-Regenerate-libc.pot-for-2.23.patch
    * 0003-Regenerated-configure-scripts.patch
    * 0004-x86_64-Set-DL_RUNTIME_UNALIGNED_VEC_SIZE-to-8.patch
    * 0005-Add-fts64_-to-sysdeps-arm-nacl-libc.abilist.patch
    * 0006-Don-t-use-long-double-math-functions-if-NO_LONG_DOUB.patch
    * 0007-NEWS-2.23-Fix-typo-in-bug-19048-text.patch
    * 0008-Update-NEWS.patch
    * 0009-sln-use-stat64.patch
    * 0010-Add-sys-auxv.h-wrapper-to-include-sys.patch
    * 0011-mips-terminate-the-FDE-before-the-return-trampoline-.patch
    * 0012-Use-HAS_ARCH_FEATURE-with-Fast_Rep_String.patch
    * 0013-Mention-BZ-19762-in-NEWS.patch
    * 0014-Define-_HAVE_STRING_ARCH_mempcpy-to-1-for-x86.patch
    * 0015-Or-bit_Prefer_MAP_32BIT_EXEC-in-EXTRA_LD_ENVVARS.patch
    * 0016-Fix-resource-leak-in-resolver-bug-19257.patch
    * 0018-resolv-Always-set-resplen2-out-parameter-in-send_dg-.patch
    * 0019-S390-Save-and-restore-fprs-vrs-while-resolving-symbo.patch
    * 0020-S390-Extend-structs-La_s390_regs-La_s390_retval-with.patch
    * 0021-CVE-2016-3075-Stack-overflow-in-_nss_dns_getnetbynam.patch
    * 0022-configure-fix-test-usage.patch
    * 0023-Suppress-GCC-6-warning-about-ambiguous-else-with-Wpa.patch
    * 0024-nss_db-Propagate-ERANGE-error-if-parse_line-fails-BZ.patch
    * 0025-getnameinfo-Do-not-preserve-errno.patch
    * 0026-getnameinfo-Refactor-and-fix-memory-leak-BZ-19642.patch
    * 0027-getnameinfo-Reduce-line-length-and-add-missing-comme.patch
    * 0028-getnameinfo-Avoid-calling-strnlen-on-uninitialized-b.patch
    * 0029-getnameinfo-Return-EAI_OVERFLOW-in-more-cases-BZ-197.patch
    * 0030-hesiod-Remove-RCS-keywords.patch
    * 0031-hesiod-Always-use-thread-local-resolver-state-BZ-195.patch
    * 0032-hesiod-Avoid-heap-overflow-in-get_txt_records-BZ-200.patch
    * 0033-malloc-Remove-NO_THREADS.patch
    * 0034-Fix-malloc-threaded-tests-link-on-non-Linux.patch
    * 0035-malloc-Run-fork-handler-as-late-as-possible-BZ-19431.patch
    * 0036-malloc-Remove-malloc-hooks-from-fork-handler.patch
    * 0037-malloc-Add-missing-internal_function-attributes-on-f.patch
    * 0038-nss_dns-Fix-assertion-failure-in-_nss_dns_getcanonna.patch
    * 0039-nss_dns-Validate-RDATA-length-against-packet-length-.patch
    * 0040-resolv-nss_dns-Remove-remaining-syslog-logging-BZ-19.patch
    * 0041-nss_dns-Check-address-length-before-creating-addrinf.patch
    * 0042-nss_dns-Skip-over-non-PTR-records-in-the-netent-code.patch
    * 0043-resolv-Always-set-resplen2-out-parameter-in-send_vc-.patch
    * 0044-tst-audit4-tst-audit10-Compile-AVX-AVX-512-code-sepa.patch
    * 0045-Fix-tst-audit10-build-when-mavx512f-is-not-supported.patch
    * 0046-tst-audit10-Fix-compilation-on-compilers-without-bit.patch
    * 0047-strfmon_l-Use-specified-locale-for-number-formatting.patch
    * 0048-glob-Simplify-the-interface-for-the-GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC-.patch
    * 0049-CVE-2016-1234-glob-Do-not-copy-d_name-field-of-struc.patch
    * 0050-ldconfig-Do-not-remove-stale-symbolic-links-with-X-B.patch
    * 0051-Report-dlsym-dlvsym-lookup-errors-using-dlerror-BZ-1.patch
    * 0052-Fix-tst-dlsym-error-build.patch
    * 0053-Remove-trailing-newline-from-date_fmt-in-Serbian-loc.patch
    * 0054-Revert-Report-dlsym-dlvsym-lookup-errors-using-dlerr.patch
    * 0055-CVE-2016-3706-getaddrinfo-stack-overflow-in-hostent-.patch
    * 0056-Fix-strfmon_l-Use-specified-locale-for-number-format.patch
    * clntudp-call-alloca.patch
    * glibc-memset-nontemporal.diff
    * nis-initgroups-status.patch
    * nscd-gc-crash.patch
    * robust-mutex-deadlock.patch
    * strncat-avoid-array-bounds-warning.patch
* Wed Jun 29 2016
  - strncat-avoid-array-bounds-warning.patch: Avoid array-bounds warning for
    stncat on i586 (BZ #20260)
  - Update glibc.keyring
  - Unset MALLOC_CHECK_ during testsuite run
* Thu Jun 23 2016
  - nsswitch.conf: Add fallback to files for passwd and group to prepare for
    libnsl removal.
* Wed Jun 22 2016
  - nis-initgroups-status.patch: Return proper status from
    _nss_nis_initgroups_dyn (bsc#984269, BZ #20262)
  - robust-mutex-deadlock.patch: Fix generic __lll_robust_timedlock_wait to
    check for timeout (bsc#985170, BZ #20263)
* Thu Jun 09 2016
  - nscd-gc-crash.patch: Fix nscd assertion failure in gc (bsc#965699, BZ
* Mon May 30 2016
  - clntudp-call-alloca.patch: do not use alloca in clntudp_call
    (CVE-2016-4429, bsc#980854, BZ #20112)
* Wed May 11 2016
  - Import patches from 2.23 branch
  - CVE-2016-3075 CVE-2016-1234 CVE-2016-3706 bsc#973164 bsc#969727
  - resolv-mem-leak.patch: renamed to
  - no-long-double.patch: renamed to
  - glibc-gcc6.patch: renamed to
* Mon May 09 2016
  - glibc-c-utf8-locale.patch: fix bad standard in LC_IDENTIFICATION categories
  - glibc-2.3.locales.diff.bz2: likewise
* Mon Apr 25 2016
  - glibc-gcc6.patch: Suppress GCC 6 warning about ambiguous 'else' with
    - Wparentheses
* Mon Apr 11 2016
  - Add compatibility symlinks for LSB 3.0 (fate#318933)
* Mon Mar 21 2016
  - powerpc-elision-enable-envvar.patch: enable TLE only if
    GLIBC_ELISION_ENABLE=yes is defined (bsc#967594, fate#318236)
* Tue Mar 15 2016
  - ldd-system-interp.patch: Restore warning about execution permission, it
    is still needed for noexec mounts (bsc#915985)
* Tue Mar 08 2016
  - Add C.UTF-8 locale (see
    and rh#902094 . Added with glibc-c-utf8-locale.patch.
  - Add glibc-disable-gettext-for-c-utf8.patch to disable gettext for
    C.UTF-8 same as C locale.
* Mon Mar 07 2016
  - Move %install_info_delete to %preun
  - crypt_blowfish-1.3.tar.gz.sign: Remove, the sign key is no longer
* Tue Feb 23 2016
  - no-long-double.patch: Don't use long double functions if NO_LONG_DOUBLE
* Mon Feb 22 2016
  - Update to glibc 2.23 release.
    * Unicode 8.0.0 Support
    * sched_setaffinity, pthread_setaffinity_np no longer attempt to guess
      the kernel-internal CPU set size
    * The fts.h header can now be used with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
    * getaddrinfo now detects certain invalid responses on an internal
      netlink socket
    * A defect in the malloc implementation, present since glibc 2.15 (2012)
      or glibc 2.10 via --enable-experimental-malloc (2009), could result in
      the unnecessary serialization of memory allocation requests across
    * The obsolete header <regexp.h> has been removed
    * The obsolete functions bdflush, create_module, get_kernel_syms,
      query_module and uselib are no longer available to newly linked
    * Optimized string, wcsmbs and memory functions for IBM z13.
    * Newly linked programs that define a variable called signgam will no
      longer have it set by the lgamma, lgammaf and lgammal functions
  - Removed patches:
    * dont-remove-nodelete-flag.patch
    * openat64-readd-o-largefile.patch
    * mntent-blank-line.patch
    * opendir-o-directory-check.patch
    * strcoll-remove-strdiff-opt.patch
    * ld-pointer-guard.patch
    * tls-dtor-list-mangling.patch
    * powerpc-lock-elision-race.patch
    * prelink-elf-rtype-class.patch
    * vector-finite-math-aliases.patch
    * powerpc-elision-adapt-param.patch
    * catopen-unbound-alloca.patch
    * strftime-range-check.patch
    * hcreate-overflow-check.patch
    * errorcheck-mutex-no-elision.patch
    * refactor-nan-parsing.patch
    * send-dg-buffer-overflow.patch
    * isinf-cxx11-conflict.patch
    * ibm93x-redundant-shift-si.patch
    * iconv-reset-input-buffer.patch
    * tzset-tzname.patch
    * static-dlopen.patch
* Thu Feb 18 2016
  - isinf-cxx11-conflict.patch: Fix isinf/isnan declaration conflict with
    C++11 (bsc#963700, BZ #19439)
* Wed Feb 17 2016
  - tls-dtor-list-mangling.patch: Harden tls_dtor_list with pointer mangling
    (BZ #19018)
  - prelink-elf-rtype-class.patch: Keep only ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_{PLT|COPY} bits
    for prelink (BZ #19178)
  - vector-finite-math-aliases.patch: Better workaround for aliases of
    * _finite symbols in vector math library (BZ# 19058)
  - powerpc-elision-adapt-param.patch: powerpc: Fix usage of elision
    transient failure adapt param (BZ #19174)
  - catopen-unbound-alloca.patch: Fix unbound alloca in catopen
    (CVE-2015-8779, bsc#962739, BZ #17905)
  - strftime-range-check.patch: Add range check on time fields
    (CVE-2015-8776, bsc#962736, BZ #18985)
  - hcreate-overflow-check.patch: Handle overflow in hcreate (CVE-2015-8778,
    bsc#962737, BZ #18240)
  - errorcheck-mutex-no-elision.patch: Don't do lock elision on an error
    checking mutex (bsc#956716, BZ #17514)
  - refactor-nan-parsing.patch: Refactor strtod parsing of NaN payloads
    (CVE-2014-9761, bsc#962738, BZ #16962)
  - send-dg-buffer-overflow.patch: Fix getaddrinfo stack-based buffer
    overflow (CVE-2015-7547, bsc#961721, BZ #18665)
  - powerpc-lock-elision-race.patch: renamed from
* Mon Feb 15 2016
  - Add audit-devel and libcap-devel to BuildRequires, for use by nscd
* Thu Nov 26 2015
  - reinitialize-dl_load_write_lock.patch: Reinitialize dl_load_write_lock
    on fork (bsc#958315, BZ #19282)
* Wed Nov 18 2015
  - resolv-mem-leak.patch: Fix resource leak in resolver (bsc#955647, BZ #19257)
  - tzset-tzname.patch: Force rereading TZDEFRULES after it was used to set
    DST rules only (BZ #19253)
* Mon Oct 26 2015
  - glibc-2.3.90-noversion.diff: use stat64
* Mon Oct 19 2015
  - ld-pointer-guard.patch: Always enable pointer guard (CVE-2015-8777,
    bsc#950944, BZ #18928)
* Mon Oct 12 2015
  - strcoll-remove-strdiff-opt.patch: Remove incorrect STRDIFF-based
    optimization (BZ #18589)
* Thu Oct 08 2015
  - iconv-reset-input-buffer.patch: Fix iconv buffer handling with IGNORE
    error handler (BZ #18830)
* Wed Sep 30 2015
  - new patch [BZ #18743] PowerPC: Fix a race condition when eliding a lock
* Thu Sep 24 2015
  - nss-files-long-lines-2.patch: Properly reread entry after failure in
    nss_files getent function (bsc#945779, BZ #18991)
* Wed Sep 16 2015
  - fnmatch-collating-elements.patch: Fix fnmatch handling of collating
    elements (BZ #17396, BZ #16976)
* Mon Sep 07 2015
  - opendir-o-directory-check.patch: Fix opendir inverted o_directory_works
  - static-dlopen.patch: Static dlopen default library search path fix
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - mntent-blank-line.patch: Fix memory corruption w/blank lines
* Mon Aug 10 2015
  - dont-remove-nodelete-flag.patch: Don't remove DF_1_NODELETE flag from
    all loaded objects on failed dlopen
  - openat64-readd-o-largefile.patch: Readd O_LARGEFILE flag for openat64
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - Update to glibc 2.22 release.
    * Cache information can be queried via sysconf() function on s390
    * A buffer overflow in gethostbyname_r and related functions performing DNS
      requests has been fixed.  (CVE-2015-1781)
    * The time zone file parser has been made more robust against crafted time
      zone files
    * A powerpc and powerpc64 optimization for TLS, similar to TLS descriptors
      for LD and GD on x86 and x86-64, has been implemented.
    * Character encoding and ctype tables were updated to Unicode 7.0.0
    * Added vector math library named libmvec
    * A new fmemopen implementation has been added with the goal of POSIX
    * The header <regexp.h> is deprecated, and will be removed in a future
    * bsc#905313 bsc#920338 bsc#927080 bsc#928723 bsc#931480 bsc#939211
      bsc#940195 bsc#940332 bsc#944494 bsc#968787
  - Patches from upstream removed
    * htm-tabort.patch
    * o-tmpfile.patch
    * memcpy-chk-non-SSE2.patch
    * pthread-mutexattr-gettype-kind.patch
    * powerpc-software-sqrt.patch
    * static-tls-dtv-limit.patch
    * threaded-trim-threshold.patch
    * resolv-nameserver-handling.patch
    * nss-separate-state-getXXent.patch
    * aarch64-sigstksz.patch
    * heap-top-corruption.patch
    * pthread-join-deadlock.patch
* Mon Jul 27 2015
  - pthread-join-deadlock.patch: Use IE model for static variables in, and rtld (bsc#930015, BZ #18457)
* Wed Jul 22 2015
  - glibc-nodate.patch: fix verification of timestamp
* Tue Jul 21 2015
  - also filter out -fstack-protector-strong
* Mon Jun 22 2015
  - getaddrinfo-ipv6-sanity.diff: Remove.  It breaks services that start
    before IPv6 is up (bsc#931399)
  - glibc-2.3.locales.diff.bz2: Remove sh_YU locales, fix currency for en_BE.
* Tue Jun 09 2015
  - Add /usr/include/gnu/lib-names-.*.h to baselibs
  - pthread-join-deadlock.patch: Don't require rtld lock to store static TLS
    offset in the DTV (bsc#930015, BZ #18457)
  - heap-top-corruption.patch: Do not corrupt the top of a threaded heap if
    top chunk is MINSIZE (BZ #18502)
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - threaded-trim-threshold.patch: Fix regression in threaded application
    malloc performance (bsc#915955, BZ #17195)
* Thu Apr 02 2015
  - aarch64-sigstksz.patch: Increase MINSIGSTKSZ and SIGSTKSZ (BZ #16850)
* Mon Mar 30 2015
  - powerpc-software-sqrt.patch: Fix powerpc software sqrt (BZ #17964, BZ
  - nss-separate-state-getXXent.patch: Separate internal state between
    getXXent and getXXbyYY NSS calls (CVE-2014-8121, bsc#918187, BZ #18007)
  - static-tls-dtv-limit.patch: Fix DTV race, assert, DTV_SURPLUS Static TLS
    limit, and nptl_db garbage (bsc#919678, BZ #17090, BZ #17620, BZ #17621,
    BZ #17628)
* Mon Mar 09 2015
  - resolv-nameserver-handling.patch: Replace with simpler version with more
* Mon Mar 02 2015
  - memcpy-chk-non-SSE2.patch: Fix __memcpy_chk on non-SSE2 CPUs
* Tue Feb 24 2015
  - resolv-nameserver-handling.patch: Rewrite handling of nameserver
    configuration in resolver
* Thu Feb 12 2015
  - htm-tabort.patch: Fix TABORT encoding for little endian
* Mon Feb 09 2015
  - Update to glibc 2.21 release.
    * A new semaphore algorithm has been implemented in generic C code for all
    * Added support for TSX lock elision of pthread mutexes on powerpc32,
      powerpc64 and powerpc64le
    * Optimized strcpy, stpcpy, strchrnul and strrchr implementations for
    * i386 memcpy functions optimized with SSE2 unaligned load/store
    * New locales: tu_IN, bh_IN, raj_IN, ce_RU
    * The obsolete sigvec function has been removed
    * CVE-2015-1472 CVE-2015-1473 CVE-2012-3406 CVE-2014-9402
      CVE-2014-7817 bsc#864081 bsc#906371 bsc#909053 bsc#910599 bsc#916222
  - Patches from upstream removed
    * ifunc-x86-slow-sse4.patch
    * pthread-mutex-trylock-elision.patch
  - o-tmpfile.patch: Fix value of O_TMPFILE for architectures with
    non-default O_DIRECTORY (BZ #17912)
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - Update to crypt_blowfish 1.3.
    * Add support for the $2b$ prefix.
  - ifunc-x86-slow-sse4.patch: Fix misdetected Slow_SSE4_2 cpu feature bit
    (BZ #17501)
* Mon Sep 08 2014
  - Update to glibc 2.20 release.
    * Reverted change of ABI data structures for s390 and s390x
    * Support for file description locks is added to systems running the
      Linux kernel
    * Optimized strchr implementation for AArch64
    * The minimum Linux kernel version that this version of the GNU C Library
      can be used with is 2.6.32
    * Running the testsuite no longer terminates as soon as a test fails
    * The am33 port, which had not worked for several years, has been removed
      from ports.
    * The _BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE feature test macros are no longer
      supported; they now act the same as _DEFAULT_SOURCE (but generate a
    * Optimized strcmp implementation for ARMv7
    * Added support for TX lock elision of pthread mutexes on s390 and s390x
    * All supported architectures now use the main glibc sysdeps directory
      instead of some being in a separate "ports" directory
    * The NPTL implementation of POSIX pthreads is no longer an "add-on"
    * Locale names, including those obtained from environment variables (LANG
      and the LC_* variables), are more tightly checked for proper syntax
    * On x86-64, the dynamic linker's lazy-binding support is now compatible
      with application code using Intel MPX instructions
    * CVE-2013-7423 bsc#915526 bsc#934084 bsc#973010
  - Patches from upstream removed
    * nss-dns-memleak.patch
    * sin-sign.patch
    * pldd-wait-ptrace-stop.patch
    * nscd-track-startup-failures.patch
    * powerpc-opt-power8.patch
    * check-pf-alloca.patch
    * getaddrinfo-uninit-result.patch
    * ppc64-copysign.patch
    * nextafterl-ibm-ldouble.patch
    * ibm-long-double-math.patch
    * ibm-long-double-frexpl.patch
    * aarch64-setcontext.patch
    * nss-nis-stack-use.patch
    * psfaa.patch
    * nss-files-long-lines.patch
    * setlocale-directory-traversal.patch
    * dt-ppc64-num.patch
    * ppc64le-profiling.patch
    * s390-revert-abi-change.patch
    * disable-gconv-translit-modules.patch
    * resolv-dont-ignore-second-answer.patch
    * iconv-ibm-sentinel-check.patch
  - Remove sprof.1, and mtrace.1, now included in the man-pages package
* Tue Sep 02 2014
  - iconv-ibm-sentinel-check.patch: Fix crashes on invalid input in IBM
    gconv modules (CVE-2014-6040, bnc#894553, BZ #17325)
* Tue Aug 26 2014
  - disable-gconv-translit-modules.patch: Disable gconv transliteration
    module loading (CVE-2014-5119, bnc#892073, BZ #17187)
* Mon Aug 11 2014
  - pthread-mutexattr-gettype-kind.patch: Filter out
    PTHREAD_MUTEX_NO_ELISION_NP bit in pthread_mutexattr_gettype
    (bnc#888131, BZ #15790)
* Thu Jul 31 2014
  - ppc64le-profiling.patch: fix profiling for ppc64le (bnc#889601, BZ
  - s390-revert-abi-change.patch: replace with upstream patch, switches
    default symbol version back to old version (bnc#887228)
* Mon Jul 28 2014
  - ibm93x-redundant-shift-si.patch: Avoid redundant shift character in
    iconv output at block boundary (bnc#886416, BZ #17197)
* Thu Jul 24 2014
  - s390-revert-abi-change.patch: revert back to pre-2.19 layout of jmp_buf
    and ucontext_t on s390 (bnc#887228)
* Tue Jul 22 2014
  - dt-ppc64-num.patch: Correct DT_PPC64_NUM (bnc#887169, BZ #17153)
* Mon Jul 14 2014
  - setlocale-directory-traversal.patch: Directory traversal in locale
    environment handling (CVE-2014-0475, bnc#887022, BZ #17137)
  - Remove the ppc64le check-abi workaround, no longer needed
* Mon Jun 23 2014
  - nss-files-long-lines.patch: Don't ignore too long lines in nss_files
    (bnc#883217, BZ #17079)
  - Remove locale.1, localedef.1 and iconvconfig.8 manpages, now included in
    the man-pages package (bnc#880703)
  - manpages.patch: update
* Mon Jun 16 2014
  - psfaa.patch: copy filename argument in posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen
    (CVE-2014-4043, bnc#882600, BZ #17048)
* Wed May 28 2014
  - glibc-memset-nontemporal.diff: Speedup memset on x86_64
    (bnc#868622, BZ #16830)
* Thu May 15 2014
  - add non-elision-enabled libpthread
* Mon May 12 2014
  - nss-nis-stack-use.patch: fix unbound stack use in NIS NSS module (BZ
* Wed May 07 2014
  - getaddrinfo-uninit-result.patch: fix parsing of getai result for
    IPv6-only request (bnc#876521)
* Thu Apr 17 2014
  - ibm-long-double-frexpl.patch: Correct IBM long double frexpl
    (bnc#872573, BZ #16740, BZ #16619)
* Tue Apr 15 2014
  - ibm-long-double-math.patch: Remove faulty assembler implementations of
    ceil, nearbyintl, roundl for IBM long double (bnc#873457, BZ #16701, BZ
    [#16706], BZ #16707)
* Tue Apr 15 2014
  - Use /run for nscd instead of /var/run.
* Mon Apr 07 2014
  - pthread-mutex-destroy.patch: Remove
  - pthread-mutex-trylock-elision.patch: Properly handle forced elision in
    pthread_mutex_trylock (bnc#865968, BZ #16657)
* Thu Apr 03 2014
  - nextafterl-ibm-ldouble.patch: Correct IBM long double nextafterl
    (bnc#871637, BZ #16739)
* Tue Apr 01 2014
  - Readd dependency on to nscd.service (bnc#868422)
  - Make the nscd service part of the nss-lookup and nss-user-lookup targets
  - Move _constraints back to main package and update it
* Tue Apr 01 2014
  - ppc64-copysign.patch: Fix ppc64le copysign overwriting parent stack
    frame (BZ #16786)
  - aarch64-setcontext.patch: Fix aarch64 setcontext clobbering alternate
    signal stack (BZ #16629)
* Mon Mar 31 2014
  - powerpc-opt-power8.patch: readd POWER8 implementation of isnan,
    isinf, finite with fix for little endian (bnc#871353)
  - pthread-mutex-destroy.patch: Skip checks in pthread_mutex_destroy when
    doing elision (bnc#865968)
* Sat Mar 29 2014
  - powerpc-opt-power8.patch: remove broken POWER8 implementation of isnan,
    isinf, finite; fix missing static symbols
  - glibc-2.14-crypt.diff: update for file renaming
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - check-pf-alloca.patch: remove use of alloca while collecting interface
* Tue Mar 25 2014
  - abort-no-flush.patch: Don't close or flush stdio streams on abort (BZ
  - fix-locking-in-_IO_cleanup.patch: always do locking when accessing
    streams (bnc#796982, BZ #15142)
  - resolv-dont-ignore-second-answer.patch: don't ignore second answer from
    nameserver if the first one was empty (bnc#767266, BZ #13651)
  - ldd-system-interp.patch: Never try to execute the file in ldd
    (CVE-2009-5064, bnc#677787, BZ #16750)
* Mon Mar 24 2014
  - check-pf-alloca.patch: Account for alloca use when collecting interface
    addresses (bnc#785041, BZ #16002)
* Mon Mar 24 2014
  - powerpc-opt-power8.patch: two more POWER8 optimisations (bnc#866711,
* Thu Mar 20 2014
  - getaddrinfo-uninit-result.patch: Fix use of half-initialized result in
    getaddrinfo when using nscd (bnc#867636, BZ #16743)
* Thu Mar 20 2014
  - Remove dependency on from nscd.service again (bnc#86422)
* Wed Mar 19 2014
  - powerpc-opt-power8.patch: GLIBC Optimizations For POWER8 Hardware
    (bnc#866711, fate#315443)
* Tue Mar 18 2014
  - Make sure nscd is started after (bnc#868422)
  - nscd-track-startup-failures.patch: properly track startup failures in
    nscd and mark nscd.service as forking (BZ #16639)
* Thu Mar 06 2014
  - Add services and netgroup persistent caches to nscd file list
* Wed Feb 26 2014
  - sin-sign.patch: Fix sign of input to bsloww1 (BZ #16623)
  - pldd-wait-ptrace-stop.patch: Update from upstream
* Mon Feb 24 2014
  - nss-dns-memleak.patch: fix memory leak in nss-dns (bnc#863499)
  - Don't build glibc-{extra,info,i18ndata,obsolete} and nscd for i686
* Mon Feb 10 2014
  - Bump minimum kernel to 3.0
* Sun Feb 09 2014
  - Update to glibc 2.19 release
* Thu Feb 06 2014
  - Update to glibc 2.18.90 ee7cc3853761:
    * More bug fixes
    * SystemTap probes for slow multiple precision fallback paths of
      transcendental functions have been introduced.
    * Preliminary documentation about Multi-Thread, Async-Signal and
      Async-Cancel Safety has been added.
    * Change powerpc64le start ABI to 2.17
  - Add /usr/local/lib64 to on all lib64 platforms
  - Enable profile build for aarch64
  - ppc64le-abilist.patch: Removed
* Wed Jan 08 2014
  - make pwdutils a real buildrequire
    Requires(pre) are used during builds, but don't trigger rebuilds.
    But to create clearly defined bootstrap projects, it's essential
    to know what packages are required for others. So move this requires
    to build to a buildrequire
* Tue Jan 07 2014
  - Update to glibc 2.18.90 94c8a4bc574c:
    * More bug fixes
    * Slovenian translations for glibc messages have been contributed by the
      Translation Project's Slovenian team of translators.
* Thu Dec 19 2013
  - Update to glibc 2.18.90 83f5c32d21f7:
    * Support for STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols added for ppc64
    * A new feature test macro _DEFAULT_SOURCE is available
    * The _BSD_SOURCE feature test macro no longer enables BSD interfaces
      that conflict with POSIX.  The libbsd-compat library (which was a
      dummy library that did nothing) has also been removed.
    * Added support for version-3 tz format files
  - i686-no-sse42-strstr.patch: Removed
* Tue Dec 10 2013
  - Update to glibc 2.18.90 aeb95445d128:
    * More bug fixes
    * Support for STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols added for ppc32/power4+
    * The public headers no longer use __unused nor __block
    * Support for PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI
  - ppc64le-abilist.patch: ABI lists for PowerLE
* Mon Nov 25 2013
  - Update to glibc 2.18.90 bd12ab55c05e:
    * New locales: ak_GH, anp_IN, ar_SS, cmn_TW, hak_TW, lzh_TW, nan_TW, pap_AW,
      pap_CW, quz_PE, the_NP.
    * Substantially revised locales: gd_GB, ht_HT
    * The LC_ADDRESS field was updated to support country_car for almost all
      supported locales.
    * ISO 1427 definitions were updated.
    * ISO 3166 definitions were updated.
    * The localedef utility now supports --big-endian and --little-endian
      command-line options to generate locales for a different system from that
      for which the C library was built.
    * Binary locale files now only depend on the endianness of the system for
      which they are generated and not on other properties of that system.
    * ISO 639 definitions were updated for Chiga (cgg) and Chinese (gan, hak, czh,
      cjy, lzh, cmn, mnp, cdo, czo, cpx, wuu, hsn, yue).
    * SystemTap probes for malloc have been introduced.
    * Support for powerpc64le has been added.
    * The soft-float powerpc port now supports e500 processors.
  - Remove upstreamed patches:
  - Remove obsolete patches:
* Wed Oct 30 2013
  - getaddrinfo-overflow.patch: Fix stack overflow due to large AF_INET6
    requests (CVE-2013-4458, bnc#847227)
* Mon Oct 21 2013
  - Remove SSE4.2 implementation of strstr for x86-32 (bnc#843464)
* Mon Oct 14 2013
  - Depend on gcc defaults for base powerpc optimisations (bnc#844824)
* Fri Oct 11 2013
  - Enable ports addon for m68k and adapt file list
  - m68k-Scrt1.patch: Use PIC for Scrt1.o
* Thu Sep 19 2013
  - nscd-server-user.patch: run nscd as user nscd (fate#314673)
* Thu Sep 12 2013
  - malloc-overflows.patch: Fix integer overflows in malloc (CVE-2013-4332,
* Wed Sep 11 2013
  - fcntl-o-tmpfile.patch: Add O_TMPFILE to <fcntl.h> (bnc#837965)
  - strcoll-overflow.patch: Update to latest version
* Tue Aug 13 2013
  - Update to glibc 2.18 release
    * No source change
  - strcoll-overflow.patch: fix buffer overflow in strcoll (CVE-2012-4412,
  - readdir_r-overflow.patch: fix readdir_r with long file names
    (CVE-2013-4237, bnc#834594)
* Tue Aug 06 2013
  - Update to glibc 2.17.90 85891acadf1b:
    * CVE-2013-2207 Incorrectly granting access to another user's pseudo-terminal
      has been fixed by disabling the use of pt_chown (Bugzilla #15755).
      Distributions can re-enable building and using pt_chown via the new configure
      option `--enable-pt_chown'.  Enabling the use of pt_chown carries with it
      considerable security risks and should only be used if the distribution
      understands and accepts the risks.
    * CVE-2013-0242 Buffer overrun in regexp matcher has been fixed (Bugzilla
    * CVE-2013-1914 Stack overflow in getaddrinfo with many results has been
      fixed (Bugzilla #15330).
    * Add support for calling C++11 thread_local object destructors on thread
      and program exit.  This needs compiler support for offloading C++11
      destructor calls to glibc.
    * Improved worst case performance of libm functions with double inputs and
    * Support for priority inherited mutexes in pthread condition variables on
      non-x86 architectures.
    * Optimized string functions for AArch64.  Implemented by Marcus Shawcroft.
    * Optimized string functions for ARM.  Implemented by Will Newton and
      Richard Henderson.
    * Added a benchmark framework to track performance of functions in glibc.
    * New <math.h> macro named issignaling to check for a signaling NaN (sNaN).
      It is based on draft TS 18661 and currently enabled as a GNU extension.
    * On Linux, the clock function now uses the clock_gettime system call
      for improved precision, rather than old times system call.
    * Added new API functions pthread_getattr_default_np and
      pthread_setattr_default_np to get and set the default pthread
      attributes of a process.
    * Added support for TSX lock elision for pthread mutexes on i386 and x86-64.
      This may improve lock scaling of existing programs on TSX capable systems.
    * Support added for AT_HWCAP2 (to coincide with Linux kernel 3.10
      availability).  Implemented by Ryan S. Arnold.
    * Support added for POWER8 platform.  Implemented by Ryan S. Arnold.
  - Remove upstreamed patches:
  - Rediff all remaining patches
  - Reenable stackguard randomization on arm
  - Recognize ppc64p7 arch to build for power7
  - Remove all ABI extensions from libcrypt
  - cbrtl-ldbl-96.patch: fix cbrtl for ldbl-96
* Wed Jul 31 2013
  - i686-strcasecmp-fallback.patch: fix fallback in i686
  - nonascii-case.patch: also test strncasecmp
  - pldd-wait-ptrace-stop.patch: fix pldd not to leave process stopped after
    detaching (bnc#819383)
* Mon Jul 22 2013
  - disable-pt-chown.patch: disable use of pt_chown (CVE-2013-2207,
  - nonascii-case.patch: fix strcasecmp in tr_TR.ISO-8859-9 locale
  - glibc-2.14-crypt.diff: fix incomplete dependencies for libowcrypt
* Thu Jul 04 2013
  - crypt_blowfish-gensalt.patch: separare crypt_gensalt into its own
    library libowcrypt, remove crypt_rn and crypt_ra (fate#314945)
  - glibc-2.14-crypt-versioning.diff, glibc-fix-check-abi.patch,
    glibc-crypt-badsalttest.patch: folded into glibc-2.14-crypt.diff
  - crypt_blowfish-const.patch: constify crypt_blowfish
  - crypt_blowfish-1.2-sha.diff: refresh
* Fri Jun 28 2013
  - add compat symlink also for armv6hl
  - remove deprecated armv7l
* Wed Jun 19 2013
  - rely on systemd-rpm-macros instead of the full thing
* Mon Jun 17 2013
  - nscd-netgroup.patch: Fix handling of netgroup cache in nscd (bnc#819524)
* Mon Jun 10 2013
  - glibc-bindresvport-blacklist.diff: Renamed from
    glibc-2.3.90-bindresvport.blacklist.diff; fix resource leaks
  - Remove glibc-armhf-compat.patch
* Mon May 20 2013
  - aarch64-sigsetjmp.patch: Fix sigsetjmp on aarch64
* Sat May 18 2013
  - Fix file list for glibc-utils
* Thu May 16 2013
  - big5-hkscs-update.patch.bz2: Update BIG5-HKSCS charmap to HKSCS-2008
  - digits-dots.patch: Fix parsing of numeric hosts in gethostbyname_r
  - nss-database.patch: Properly cache the result from looking up the nss
    database config
  - strptime-W-week.patch: Properly handle %W in strptime
  - printf-overrun.patch: Revert problematic fixes for [BZ #11741]
  - glibc-aarch64-lib64.patch: Replace with upstream version
  - arm-ld-so-cache.patch: ARM: Support loading unmarked objects from cache
  - rtlddir.patch: Add support for rtld directory different from slib
  - regexp-overrun.patch: Fix buffer overrun in regexp matcher
    (CVE-2013-0242, bnc#801246)
  - getaddrinfo-overflow.patch: Fix stack overflow in getaddrinfo with many
    results (CVE-2013-1914, bnc#813121)
* Thu May 16 2013
  - When testsuite run fails make all test output available
* Tue May 07 2013
  - Fix check for XEN build in glibc_post_upgrade
* Sun Apr 14 2013
  - Do not order nscd after
* Mon Mar 04 2013
  - Fix crypt ABI for aarch64
* Thu Feb 28 2013
  - manpages.patch:
    Remove debianisms from manpages (bnc#805054)
* Mon Feb 18 2013
  - Update crypt ABI for aarch64
  - glibc-aarch64-lib64.patch:
    Use lib64 for aarch64 and add link for /lib/
  - Don't build profiling libraries for aarch64
* Tue Feb 05 2013
  - Move _constraints file to glibc-testsuite only
* Sun Feb 03 2013
  - build with ports enabled on aarch64
* Thu Jan 31 2013
  - Obsolete unscd to migrate back to nscd.
* Thu Jan 31 2013
  - looks like testsuite runs only on kvm, so add _constraint
    (actually it does not build on xen, but I can't constraint that)
* Thu Jan 24 2013
  - Don't run testsuite in parallel
  - Fail if testsuite fails
  - Disable crypt/badsalttest test
* Tue Jan 08 2013
  - add _constraints file to make sure glibc-testsuite only builds on big
    hosts. Otherwise it's running out of memory and stalls
* Thu Dec 27 2012
  - Set bugurl to
* Tue Dec 25 2012
  - Update to glibc 2.17 release (git id c758a6861537):
    * bump version number
    * update translations
* Tue Dec 18 2012
  - Move glibc-utils subpackage to own specfile and enable programs that
    require libgd
  - Filter GLIBC_PRIVATE symbols
  - Don't stop at first error in testsuite run
* Mon Dec 17 2012
  - Split off glibc-testsuite package
* Fri Dec 14 2012
  - Build profile and locale packages for i686 as well.
* Wed Dec 12 2012
  - Update to 4641d57e1e00:
    * Updated translations
    * bug fixes
* Mon Dec 10 2012
  - pthread-cond-timedwait-i486.patch:
    Extend i486 pthread_cond_timedwait to use futex syscall with absolute
  - nscd-short-write.patch:
    Properly check for short writes when sending the response in nscd
* Sat Dec 08 2012
  - Update to 56e7d3ad5c2f:
    * Bugfixes
    * Fix warnings building glibc
  - Remove upstreamed patch glibc-revert-fseek-on-fclose.diff
* Mon Dec 03 2012
  - Remove nosegneg i686 library, it's only used for a 32-bit Xen
    hypervisor (not for a 32-bit guest running under 64-bit hypervisor),
    and since the 32-bit Xen hypervisor is not part of openSUSE anymore,
    it is unneeded (bnc#789607).
* Mon Dec 03 2012
  - Suppress error message from systemctl in %post -n nscd (bnc#792333)
* Sat Dec 01 2012
  - Update to f638872ab422:
    Fix regression introduced with last update in sunrpc code
    Fix assertion failure in resolver
    Bug fixes
  - Remove upstreamed patch glibc-resolv-assert.diff
* Fri Nov 30 2012
  - Update to c93ec1f091ec:
    Warn about unsupported DT_FLAGS_1 flags
    Add Interlingua locale
    Bug fixes
* Thu Nov 29 2012
  - Remove obsolete patches:
* Wed Nov 28 2012
  - Update to e3c6aa3a5848:
    * Fix powerpc64 make abi check failure
    * bugfixes
  - Install nscd.socket to new /usr location
* Wed Nov 28 2012
  - Reenable multi-arch on ppc ppc64
* Tue Nov 27 2012
  - Update to de2fd463b1c0:
    Various bugfixes including:
    * Fix fwrite bug causing grep etc testsuite failure
    * sotruss: fix argument parsing
    * Check supported DF_1_XXX bits
    Add new locales niu_NU and niu_NZ
  - Refresh patch glibc-revert-fseek-on-fclose.diff
* Sat Nov 24 2012
  - Remove nscd init script, use systemd files.
* Fri Nov 23 2012
  - Fix getaddrinfo-ipv6-sanity.diff to apply again.
* Tue Nov 20 2012
  - Update to f59cba71d848:
    * Various bug fixes
    * Add new locales szl_PL, ayc_PE, nhn_MX, doi_IN, mni_IN, sat_IN.
    * Remove patch glibc-compiled-binaries.diff since getconf can not be
    * Refresh patch glibc-2.3.90-bindresvport.blacklist.diff
* Sun Nov 11 2012
  - Update to current glibc 2.17 development snapshot (git 7e2bd01fcf3c):
    * Upstream changes:
      + ports is now part of main tarball
      + Add port to ARM AArch64
      + New function secure_getenv
      + Systemtap static probes
      + The `clock_*' suite of functions (declared in <time.h>) is now
      available directly in the main C library.
      + The `crypt' function now fails if passed salt bytes that violate the
      specification for those values.  On Linux, the `crypt' function will
      consult /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled to determine if "FIPS mode" is
      enabled, and fail on encrypted strings using the MD5 or DES algorithm
      when the mode is enabled.
      + Optimzations and bug fixes
    * remove upstream patches malloc-check-size.patch,
      glibc-2.16-getaddrinfo-buffer.patch, sparc-bind-now.patch,
    * Remove now obsolete patch glibc-gai-private4.diff
    * Refresh patches glibc-2.14-crypt.diff, glibc-2.14-crypt-versioning.diff,
      glibc-fix-check-abi.patch, nss-db-path.patch, glibc-2.3.90-noversion.diff,
    * Disable patches glibc-compiled-binaries.diff, getaddrinfo-ipv6-sanity.diff
      and glibc-gai-private4.diff.
    * Use git id instead of ChangeLog date in version output (patch glibc-version.diff)
    * Enable multi-arch on all architectures that support it.
* Wed Nov 07 2012
  - Avoid shell comment leaking into %post.
* Thu Oct 25 2012
  - Update to glibc 2.16 c3b96f90c9c1:
    - Fix missing _mcount@GLIBC_2.0 on powerpc32 (replaces
      patch glibc-2.16-ppc32-mcount.patch)
  - Drop patch glibc-elf-localscope.diff, fixed upstream in 2.16
    in a different way.
* Tue Oct 09 2012
  - Fix malloc_usable_size (swo#1349, bnc#745247) (patch
  - Update to current glibc 2.16 (git a5cfcf08ffaa):
    * fix fma detection
    * Don't parse %s format argument as multibyte string
    * Use size_t instead of int for internal variables in glob
    * Properly handle fencepost with MALLOC_ALIGN_MASK
* Sat Oct 06 2012
  - make glibc-devel-<baselib> require glibc-<baselib> just
    like glibc-devel
* Fri Sep 28 2012
  - Fix crash in relocation on sparc with bind-now (swo#14376)
    (patch sparc-bind-now.patch).
* Thu Sep 27 2012
  - Fix check-abi on more architectures (bnc#780696), patch by Jan
    Engelhardt (updated patch glibc-fix-check-abi.patch).
* Tue Sep 04 2012
  - Move pt_chown to %{_libexecdir} so that baselibs can find it.
  - Do create hardlinks to getconf so that baselibs use the correct binary
    and getconf -v works (obsoletes patch glibc-2.8-getconf.diff).
* Tue Aug 28 2012
  - Update to da1f43196321, major changes:
    * Fix strtod integer/buffer overflow (bso#14459).
    * Fix segmentation fault in strncasecmp for i686.
    * Translation updates
* Tue Jul 24 2012
  - Fix _mcount on PowerPC32.
* Sat Jul 21 2012
  - Enable parallel build for some more cases.
* Fri Jul 20 2012
  - Update to glibc 2.16 release.
    * update version numbers
    * Documentation updates
  - Update manpages from Debian, includes new man pages for
    locale.1, mtrace.1, gencat.1 iconvconfig.8.
  - Remove getent.1 man page, use the one from man-pages.
* Fri Jul 20 2012
  - Update to glibc 2.16 trunk (git id 416bf844227d):
    * Fix check-abi for arm
    * Refresh some patches.
    * remove merged patches
    * mainly lots of bug fixes
    * Support for ISO C11
    * full details in NEWS file
* Fri Jul 20 2012
  - Add commit 10f62770e115d9f (glibc-sparc-fxstatat64.diff) from
    upstream to resolve rpmlint-induced packaging abort due to
    (previously) "no-return-in-nonvoid"
  - Add xz as explicit BuildRequires for openSUSE_12.1
* Thu Jul 19 2012
  - Do package on SPARC as well
* Tue Jul 17 2012
  - Add makeinfo as build requires to be able to generate the info
* Wed Jul 04 2012
  - Add glibc-2.16-getaddrinfo-buffer.patch to not use a too small
    buffer for dns queries on 64-bit systems (bso#14307,bso#13904).
  - Fix getaddrinfo-ipv6-sanity.diff (bnc#767125).
* Mon Jul 02 2012
  - Backport *context patch for ARM from 2.16, so we have a working libpth
* Thu Jun 28 2012
  - Remove not anymore existing nscd.socket.
* Thu Jun 28 2012
  - Update to glibc 2.15-branch (git id 725b8ee08aff):
    * Fix regression in cosh (bso#14273)
* Wed Jun 27 2012
  - Testsuite is ok to fail on arm
* Tue Jun 26 2012
  - Update to glibc 2.15 branch (git id b640404bd8c9):
    * Fix fmod implementation that returned NaN for some values.
    * Fix strcase_cmp_l x86 multiarch implementation.
    * Remove glibc-2.15-avx2.patch, merged now.
* Thu Jun 21 2012
  - Fix Bogus FP exception on underflow for exp(double)  (bnc#767956)
* Mon Jun 18 2012
  - Remove nscd.socket since nscd does not support socket
* Wed Jun 13 2012
  - Build power3 libs on 32-bit PowerPC (bnc#765165).
* Wed May 23 2012
  - Update to current git of glibc 2.15 branch:
    * obsoletes glibc-2.16-avx.patch,
    * Fixes for math functions.
* Wed May 23 2012
  - Fix first_weekday for tr_TR locale (tr_TR.patch)
* Wed May 16 2012
  - Fix confstr use of local buffer outside its extent
* Wed May 09 2012
  - Split out glibc-armhf-compat.patch from armhf-ld-so.patch.
  - Run nscd in the foreground with systemd (glibc-nscd-foreground-patch)
* Tue May 08 2012
  - Refresh glibc-2.16-avx.patch and handle FMA4.
* Thu May 03 2012
  - Fix dynamic linker name for ARMv5.
* Thu Apr 26 2012
  - Fix mcheck (optimization problem with gcc 4.7)
* Wed Apr 25 2012
  - Also check for armv7hl.
* Wed Apr 25 2012
  - provide old on armv7, not catched by find.provides
* Sun Apr 22 2012
  - gcc 4.7 does not build crt files properly on powerpc64, backport
    patch from upstream to handle this
* Fri Apr 20 2012
  - Disable patch x86-cpuid-level2.patch, this should be fixed in
    valgrind now.
* Thu Apr 19 2012
  - Reorder patches, refresh to apply cleanly with -p1.
* Wed Apr 18 2012
  - Build profiled libs only for base.
  - Cleanup patches.
  - Remove glibc-2.14-fix-ctors.patch, we have proper support in
    binutils now.
* Tue Apr 17 2012
  - The dynamic linker for armv7 hardware float is called
    /lib/ Provide symlink for old location.
* Tue Apr 17 2012
  - Build for power4 only, don't support power3 anymore.
  - Add option to build glibc a bit more quickly for testing purposes.
  - Remove disabled patch glibc-revert-netlink-cache.patch.
  - Start renumbering patches.
* Mon Apr 16 2012
  - Do not build locales and profile for i686 since we only ship
    the base and glibc-devel packages.
* Fri Apr 13 2012
  - Fix check-abi to succeed.
  - Use feof_unlocked in glibc-2.3.90-bindresvport.blacklist.diff.
  - Make x86 to be elf/check-localplt clean again
  - Refresh some patches to apply without fuzz.
* Fri Apr 06 2012
  - Disable building with as-needed since it breaks glibc
    (testsuite will fail, even if testsuite does not use as-needed)
* Thu Apr 05 2012
  - Another fix for dynamic linking.
* Thu Apr 05 2012
  - Properly fix dl_lookup_x crash (glibc-fix-noload.patch), disable
* Mon Apr 02 2012
  - Fix building on Armv5 (glibc-add-arm-dependency-libmemusage.patch)
* Thu Mar 29 2012
  - Fix crash when nscd is not running (bnc#741021) properly
    and disable patch glibc-revert-netlink-cache.patch
* Fri Mar 23 2012
  - Fix path for nss_db (bnc#753657).
* Thu Mar 22 2012
  - Fix LD_PROFILE invocation.
* Wed Mar 21 2012
  - Fix cycle detection in loading of dynamic objects.
* Wed Mar 14 2012
  - Update getaddrinfo-ipv6-sanity.diff (bnc#684534).
* Fri Mar 02 2012
  - vfprintf: validate nargs and maybe allocate from heap (bnc#747768)
* Tue Jan 31 2012
  - Fix checks for AVX (patch glibc-2.16-avx.patch)
* Tue Jan 31 2012
  - Use Linux 2.6.32 on x86_64 as oldest supported kernel
* Tue Jan 31 2012
  - Fix relocation ordering to fix ifunc crash (bnc#740109).
* Sun Jan 29 2012
  - set abi back to gnueabi for ARM (regression from Jan 12)
* Wed Jan 18 2012
  - Update license strings in spec file.
* Mon Jan 16 2012
  - Split up new subpackage glibc-extra and move makedb with its
    dependency on libselinux to it. (bnc#741525)
  - Use lua script for verifyscript to not have a dependency on bash
* Thu Jan 12 2012
  - Disable netlink caching (bnc#741021).
* Thu Jan 12 2012
  - Use _target_cpu instead of _build and _host. This makes the
    i686 library really build for i686.
* Tue Jan 10 2012
  - Remove all math ifuncs on x86-64.
* Tue Jan 10 2012
  - Remove math ifuncs that cause crashes in apache2 and
    gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders-64 (bnc#740109) for now
  - nscd needs the same glibc version, add require.
* Mon Jan 09 2012
  - Fix realloc usage in vfscanf (glibc-2.16-scanf.patch)
  - Fix getcontext on powerpc 32-bit (glibc-ppc-getcontext.patch)
* Wed Jan 04 2012
  - Remove patch glibc-2.3.4-gb18030-big5hkscs.diff.bz2 and
    replace it by gb18030.patch.bz2 (synced with Fedora 16)
* Tue Jan 03 2012
  - Compile unwind-dw2-fde-glibc.c with -fno-strict-aliasing
    (patch glibc-strict-aliasing.diff)
  - Build on i686 a separate library for usage under Xen.
* Tue Jan 03 2012
  - Only use -mno-tls-direct-seg-refs on 32-bit x86, it's not needed
    on x86-64.
* Tue Jan 03 2012
  - Cleanup spec file:
    - experimental malloc is not experimental anymore and only option
      (drop patch glibc-malloc-arena-max.diff)
    - remove obsolete configure flags
* Tue Jan 03 2012
  - Update to 2ba92745c36e:
    - Update copyright years
    - Fix miscompilation of posix/regex_internal.c with GCC 4.7.
* Tue Jan 03 2012
  - Revert pthread-cond-wait change for now since it causes hangs
    (patch pthread-cond-wait-revert.patch).
* Mon Dec 26 2011
  - Update to c0da14cdda1f (glibc-ports: 8a70b2dcabbf):
    - new locales
    - many bugfixes
    - glibc 2.15
    - obsoletes tzfile-corruption-fix.patch,
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - Do not mention the buildtime anymore to make build-compare work.
* Mon Dec 19 2011
  - Fix timezone loader overflow (bnc#735850,CVE-2009-5029) (patch
* Mon Dec 05 2011
  - Update to 52ad36a21973 (glibc-ports: 4a40b38f6355):
    * fix many warnings
    * bugfixes
    * obsolete patches glibc-strict-aliasing.diff and
* Tue Nov 29 2011
  - fix printf with many args and printf arg specifiers (bnc#733140)
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - Updated glibc-ports-2.14.1.tar.bz2 from
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - Create glibc-devel-static baselibs (bnc#732349).
* Thu Nov 17 2011
  - Remove duplicated locales from glibc-2.3.locales.diff.bz2
* Tue Nov 15 2011
  - nscd now monitors resolv.conf, so simplify glibc-2.4.90-nscd.diff
    patch and re-enable it
  - Adjust and re-enable glibc-2.3.3-nscd-db-path.diff
* Tue Nov 15 2011
  - Update to 09f93bd3d6b1:
    - Clean up internal fopen uses to always use close-on-exec
    - Optimized strcasecmp and strncasecmp for SSSE3 and SSE4.2 on x86-32
    - bugfixes
* Mon Nov 14 2011
  - accept kernel 3.x
* Tue Nov 08 2011
  - make glibc-static provide versioned
* Tue Nov 08 2011
  - fix building with ports again:
    * ifuncs tracing backport requires adjustments
  - avoid using asynchronous-unwind-tables only during configure,
    but still built the library with unwind tables enabled
  - replace arm build hack with a proper solution
* Mon Nov 07 2011
  - update glibc-ports to 2.14.1:
    * Align the constant pool in start.S to 4 bytes.
    * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/arm/eabi/internal_sendmmsg.S: New.
  - Fix unwinding crash when using clone()
* Wed Nov 02 2011
  - Update to d35dce5213b3:
    - caching of network information for getaddrinfo
    - bugfixes
* Sat Oct 29 2011
  - Update to 21b64b153631:
    - various bugfixes
* Thu Oct 27 2011
  - Update to 804791474dc1:
    - more libm optimizations
  - Remove AMD libm routines due to new upstream libm optimizations
    and interfaces.
  - Fix build on x86.
* Mon Oct 24 2011
  - Update to a201fbcf9cc3:
    - More libm optimizations
    - Optimize wcslen, strnlen
* Thu Oct 20 2011
  - Ignore failure of chkstat (bnc#725145).
* Wed Oct 19 2011
  - Provide glibc-static from glibc-devel-static to make packaging
    easier. glibc-static is the Fedora name.
* Tue Oct 18 2011
  - Update to glibc head 99ce7b04edf1:
    - Optimize many libm functions
    - Optimize access to isXYZ and toXYZ tables
    - Optimized memcmp and wmemcmp for x86-64 and x86-32
    - Add parameter annotation to modf
    - Support optimized isXXX functions in C++ code
    - Optimized memchr, memrchr, rawmemchr for x86-32
    - Add nscd netgroupcache
  - Disable libm-x86-64.diff.bz2 since it needs changes following the
    libm optimzations.
* Mon Oct 17 2011
  - Remove fma, fmaf from libm-x86-64.diff.bz2, they are not accurate
* Tue Oct 11 2011
  - Update to current git 4f2b767fef50
    * Correctly reparse group line after enlarging the buffer
    * 2.14.1 release
* Mon Oct 10 2011
  - Fix tracing with ifuncs.
* Tue Oct 04 2011
  - cross-build: use %__cc, %__cxx, %_build, %_host
  - mipsel: install ports, disable FP
* Fri Sep 30 2011
  - avoid build failure on %%arm
* Thu Sep 29 2011
  - Update to 68577918437e:
    * Obsoleted patches: glibc-gconvcache-s390.diff,
      glibc-2.15-getsysstats-speedup.patch, glibc-2.13-warnings.fix,
      glibc-fix-rwlock-stack-imbalance.patch, glibc-2.15-vsyscall.patch,
* Thu Sep 29 2011
  - just use %arm for right arm architectures
* Tue Sep 27 2011
  - Update to 2.14 git version 8bd683657e8a, it contains backports from
    glibc trunk:
    + Avoid race between {,__de}allocate_stack and __reclaim_stacks
      during fork
  - Add glibc-2.14-fix-ctors.patch to run ctors (bnc#717671), gcc 4.6
    optimized these away.
* Mon Sep 26 2011
  - don't use -fasynchronous-unwind-tables on arm, it breaks the build
* Thu Sep 22 2011
  - fix ports build
* Thu Sep 22 2011
  - don't enforce armv5tel for all arm architectures anymore
  - armv8l architecture does not exist
* Tue Sep 20 2011
  - Cleanup spec file: remove some tags
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - move usr.sbin.nscd apparmor profile back to apparmor-profiles package
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - Update to 2.14 git version 69c1dfc1a796, it contains backports from
    glibc trunk:
    + Fix setxid race handling exiting threads
    + Fix cfi directives in x86-64 and i386 code
    + Fix scope handling during dl_close
    + Fix spurious nop at start of __strspn_ia32
    + Correct cycle detection during dependency sorting
    + Fix fopen (non-existing-file, "re") errno (Obsoletes patch
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - Fix assertion error in res_query.c, triggered by Firefox
* Wed Sep 07 2011
  - Avoid usage of vsyscalls inside glibc.
* Tue Sep 06 2011
  - Prefer real syscalls instead of vsyscalls on x86-64 outside
* Mon Sep 05 2011
  - Do not not trigger an abort when an i586 Intel CPU is running the
    i686 library, as valgrind does. [bnc#681398]
* Mon Sep 05 2011
  - Readd vdso support.
  - Add patch to relocate objects in dependency order, this fixes the
    vdso support.
* Sat Sep 03 2011
  - Revert last change, it caused some breakage. [bnc#715854]
* Thu Sep 01 2011
  - Add support for new vdso (3.1 kernel) and only then
    for vsyscall which is not anymore in 3.1 kernel
    (patch glibc-2.15-vsyscall.patch)
* Thu Aug 25 2011
  - use symbol version OW_CRYPT_1.0 for the Owl extensions
    (crypt_r[an], crypt_gensalt.*)
  - refactor sha2 gensalt patch
  - document sha2 hashes in man page
* Mon Aug 22 2011
  - Update AppArmor profile of nscd [bnc#647718]
* Fri Aug 19 2011
  - Fix fopen("non-existing-file", "re") errno [bnc#713146].
* Thu Aug 18 2011
  - Mark glibc-info, glibc-html and glibc-i18ndata as noarch packages.
* Wed Aug 17 2011
  - Fix crash (access-after-free) in dl_lookup_x.  [bnc#703140]
* Wed Aug 17 2011
  - Enhance rpmlintrc to ignore shlib policy violation.
  - Remove obsolete patches glibc-fnmatch-multibyte.diff,
    glibc-2.3.1.localedef.diff, glibc-2.10-nscd-nostack.diff.
* Wed Aug 17 2011
  - Update to current 2.14 branch: Various bugfixes.
    Remove upstreamed patches missing-include-build-fix.diff,
    glibc-2.14-res_send.patch, glibc-dl-fxstatat64.patch)
* Wed Aug 17 2011
  - Revert removal of sunrpc code (patch glibc2.14-revert-sunrpc-removal.patch).
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - Revert seeking on fclose, incomplete implementation of POSIX
    behaviour can confuse current users.  [bnc #711829]
    (patch glibc-revert-fseek-on-fclose.diff)
* Fri Jul 22 2011
  - fix signature of sha2 functions
* Thu Jul 21 2011
  - Disable rewriting ::1 to for /etc/hosts entries.
    (bnc#684534, bnc#706719)
    (patch glibc-fix-double-loopback.diff)
* Wed Jul 20 2011
  - install crypt_blowfish man pages
* Tue Jul 19 2011
  - Back to old glibc-2.2-sunrpc.diff for now.
* Tue Jul 19 2011
  - update crypt_blowfish to version 1.2 (bnc#700876)
    * due to the signedness bug fix 2a hashes are incompatible with
      previous versions if the password contains 8bit chracters!
    * libcrypt now exports crypt_gensalt
* Fri Jul 15 2011
  - Update to glibc 2.14:
    * The RPC implementation in libc is obsoleted.  Old programs keep working
    but new programs cannot be linked with the routines in libc anymore.
    Programs in need of RPC functionality must be linked against TI-RPC.
    The TI-RPC implementation is IPv6 enabled and there are other benefits.
    * Various bugfixes, new locales, new linux kernel interfaces.
    * New program sotruss to traces calls through PLTs
    * Removed the following obsoleted patches: glibc-2.6-configure.diff,
      glibc-disable-backward-memcpy.diff, glibc-static-memcpy.diff,
      glibc-zarch-longlong.diff, glibc-bso-12454.diff,
  - Build without -fno-strict-aliasing.
* Tue Jul 12 2011
  - Remove ppc-atomic.diff after discussion with glibc PPC experts
    since it does not bring any real benefit.
* Thu Jul 07 2011
  - Update glibc-2.2-sunrpc.diff with newer patch from sourceware
    bugzilla (bs#bso#5379).
* Wed Jul 06 2011
  - enable glibc-2.8-getconf.diff again to fix build failure
* Tue Jul 05 2011
  - Add systemd configuration for nscd.
* Tue Jul 05 2011
  - Remove glibc-statfs64-ia64.diff since current ia32el has the bug
  - Remove glibc-ppc64-vdso-time.diff (bnc#590216).
* Mon Jul 04 2011
  - Further cleanup of to remove duplicate directories
    and allow override of system directories (bnc#671725)
  - Fix futex bug (added patch glibc-fix-rwlock-stack-imbalance.patch
    from sourceware bug #12403).
* Fri Jul 01 2011
  - Remove glibc-2.10.99-ia64-include.diff, it's not needed anymore.
  - Disable obsolete patches glibc-fnmatch-multibyte.diff,
    glibc-2.10-nscd-nostack.diff, glibc-2.3.1.localedef.diff
  - Add glibc-2.13-localedef.patch to fix alignment problem.
  - Adjust glibc-version.diff, FLOATING_STACKS variable is obsolete.
* Thu Jun 30 2011
  - Remove old ARM patches as it's unclear why those are needed and arm
    support is anyhow broken according to comments here and in spec
* Thu Jun 30 2011
  - Back to kernel 2.6.16 as minimal kernel version.
* Tue Jun 28 2011
  - Only apply glibc-statfs64-ia64.diff on SLE but not on openSUSE.
* Mon Jun 27 2011
  - Disable exp_malloc on PPC platforms for now since it caused a
    build failure.
* Mon Jun 27 2011
  - Update glibc-x86-bits-sigcontext.patch with version accepted
  - Add glibc-2.15-getsysstats-speedup.patch to "Fix Linux
    sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_[CONF|ONLN]) performance problem"
  - Fix warning about potential array subscript out of bounds
  - Fix some rpmlint warnings.
* Tue Jun 21 2011
  - Cleanup spec file, change PreReqs.
  - Remove obsolete patches:,
    glibc-suse-note.diff, glibc-2.3-regcomp.diff.
  - Rename glibc-2.3-SuSE.diff to glibc-testsuite.patch, remove obsolete
* Mon Jun 20 2011
  - Enhance rpmlintrc.
  - move summary,license and group out of the not-ppc if (by Marcus
* Mon Jun 20 2011
  - Remove PreReq on permissions to avoid a cycle that gives leads to
    an uninstallable system (bnc#700925).
  - Fix <bits/sigcontext.h> on x86 - fixes scpm compilation
* Fri Jun 17 2011
  - Cleanup list, move kde directories to
    kdelibs3 (bnc#671725).
* Fri Jun 17 2011
  - Do not package memusage and memusagestat since they require
    lib-gd and that grows the build cycle.
* Thu Jun 16 2011
  - Fix handling of shared library preloading.
* Thu Jun 16 2011
  - Fix getaddrinfo IPv6 code (bnc#684534).
  - Split up glibc-devel-static subpackage (bnc#655261).
* Thu Jun 16 2011
  - Reorder library list (bnc#671725).
* Wed Jun 15 2011
  - Split up package glibc-utils with some debugging tools, add memusage
    and memusagestat programs
  - Fix compile warnings.
  - Silence some rpmlint warnings.
  - Remove obsolete patches glibc-2.3.2-revert_tcsetattr.diff,
    glibc-2.8-clone.diff, glibc-nptl-2.4-nofixsyscallnr.diff
  - Cleanup spec file.
  - Use new permission handling for pt_chown.
  - Build without -fno-strict-aliasing.
* Mon Jun 06 2011
  - Fix typos in /etc/gai.conf (bnc#651912).
* Fri Jun 03 2011
  - Use 2.6.5 as oldest supported kernel on all archs besides x86 and
    x86-64 (reverting partially a change).
* Fri May 27 2011
  - Remove patches that are not needed anymore:
    * glibc-selinux.diff
    * glibc-check-native-missing-include.diff
    * glibc-2.3.3-execstack.diff
  - Disable the following patches, they look obsolete by now but leave them
    in to easy enable them again:
    * glibc-2.3-SuSE.diff
    * glibc-2.3-regcomp.diff
    * glibc-2.8-clone.diff
    * glibc-2.3.2-revert_tcsetattr.diff
  - Do not package glibc-obsolete with empty directory on archs that
    don't need it.
* Thu May 26 2011
  - Add glibc-static-memcpy.diff to fix static compiles.
* Wed May 25 2011
  - Run on kernel 2.6.32 or newer only - and optimize thus.
  - Enable malloc implementation that is be less memory efficient
    but higher performing in multi-threaded programs.
  - Use --enable-bind-now to avoid lazy binding in
* Wed May 25 2011
  - Add glibc-bso-12454.diff to not create assert running dynamic linker
    in some cases.
  - Disable backwards memcpy for x86-64.
* Wed May 25 2011
  - Add glibc-dl-signal-error.diff to not crash the dynamic linker
    if dependencies are missing.
* Mon May 23 2011
  - Update longlong.h from GCC sources.  Fixes s390 build with -mzarch.
* Fri May 20 2011
  - Fix obsoletes and provides.
  - Update to glibc 2.13
  - Drop ld-prelink-unique.diff, it is part of 2.13.
* Tue Feb 22 2011
  - Fix potential removal of required local scope from shared objects
    marked as NODELETE [bnc#657627]
* Thu Feb 03 2011
  - Upgrade to latest release/2.11/master - glibc-2.11.3-b72646ad0c41
    - Random assortion of bugfixes, some #defines for new kernels
  - Retired patches:
    - glibc-2.11.3-bnc658509.diff
    - glibc-2.11.3-bso12397.diff
    - glibc-sparc64-fxstat.diff
  - Remove the NSS hack of opening modules using RTLD_DEEPBIND.
    This was useful for nss_ldap, since some applications used a different
    LDAP library with clashing symbol names. However, it also created
    many headaches, especially with the NSS modules not respecting
    malloc() overrides. Now, sssd is used by default for LDAP resolutions
    and we can therefore safely get rid of the hack. [bnc#477061]
  - Remove the currently disabled AMD string function overrides.
    Benchmarking did not unearth any differences that would make
    convincing case for keeping the functions with all the associated
    maintenance headaches; AMD does not recommend keeping their custom
    versions of the functions either.
  - Introduce MALLOC_ARENA_MAX and M_ARENA_MAX support [bnc#659090]
  - Fixed stack unwinding past glibc _fini function (proper showing
    of destructor backtraces) [bnc#585879]
  - Fix gconv cache generation on s390 [bnc#592944]
  - Add missing iconvconfig for refreshing gconv.cache to glibc-locale %post
  - Fixed stack corruption in *printf() with large number of positional
    specifiers [bnc#666179]
* Fri Jan 28 2011
  - Fix ENOSYS detection for mkdirat.  [bso#12397]
* Thu Dec 09 2010
  - Drop restrict qualifiers from memmove and bcopy fortify wrappers.
* Tue Nov 30 2010
  - Upgrade to glibc-2.11.3
    - Just few more bugfixes since the latest upgrade
* Tue Nov 16 2010
  - Remove explicit support for nss SPLIT_GROUPS setting; glibc from
    2.11 on should handle this automagically.
* Mon Nov 15 2010
  - Upgrade to latest release/2.11/master - glibc-2.11.2-dd2fde461e30
    - Candidate tree for glibc-2.11.3
    - Multitude of various bug fixes
* Mon Nov 15 2010
  - Enable multi-arch routines support for ppc, ppc64, i686 and x86_64.
    Temporarily, AMD-optimized string routines are disabled. We will
    selectively re-enable them after some more careful benchmarking
    in the next few days.
    Note: In this glibc version, multi-arch routines DO NOT include
    the controversial backwards-copy memcpy().
* Wed Oct 27 2010
  - Fix missing hconf setup in nscd - this meant `multi on` in
    /etc/host.conf was ignored when nscd was used, breaking e.g.
    resolving of multi-AF records in /etc/hosts [bnc#572188]
  - Fix two LD_AUDIT security vulnerabilities: spurious $ORIGIN expansion
    and missing setuid library check when running as setuid [bnc#646960]
* Mon Sep 13 2010
  - Fix build in manual with make 3.82.
* Sun Sep 12 2010
  - Work around shortest-stem feature in make 3.82+ (patch
* Wed Jul 07 2010
  - Fix NIS-compat initgroups routine to work reliably over multiple
    invocations [bnc#607064]
* Thu Jul 01 2010
  - SPARC: restore fxstat functionality in sparc64 mode
* Sat Jun 26 2010
  - Use %_smp_mflags
* Fri Jun 11 2010
  - Upgrade to latest release/2.11/master - glibc-2.11.2-21580967038a
    - Fix buggy x86 CPU family and model check
    - Fix sunrpc error condition handling
    - Fix crash on unresolved weak symbol reference
* Tue Jun 01 2010
  - Fix ldconfig -r failing on aux cache [bnc#609345]
* Thu May 20 2010
  - Upgrade to glibc-2.11.2 (f2020c64596a)
    - Virtually no changes since previous revision, just official tag
* Wed May 12 2010
  - Upgrade to latest release/2.11/master - glibc-2.11.1-6d270188ef3f
    - This contains considerable amount of bugfixes cherrypicked from
      the master branch, slated to become glibc-2.11.2 soon with little
      further changes
* Mon May 10 2010
  - Add a hint about /etc/host.conf mdns option removal to the parser
    error reporting [bnc#569273]
* Tue May 04 2010
  - Handle /var/run on tmpfs
* Mon Apr 26 2010
  - Remove stale resolv.dynamic.diff patch file
* Thu Apr 22 2010
  - for powerpc32 build a generic library and also a power4 library
    to allow older 32bit powerpc to work. bnc#596271
* Tue Apr 20 2010
  - Consider private IPv4 addresses as global-scope in gai.conf [bnc#597616]
* Wed Mar 24 2010
  - Fix get_nprocs() large CPU count handling [bnc#590665]
* Tue Mar 23 2010
  - Fix interference of STB_GNU_UNIQUE and prelink [bnc#586979]
  - Make time() use VDSO on PPC64 [bnc#590216]
  - Make pthread_cond_timedway() use VDSO on PPC64 [bnc#590517]
* Thu Mar 18 2010
  - Add PreReq for cat to glibc-locale [bnc#588997]
* Thu Mar 18 2010
  - Fix /etc/resolv.conf change detection for multi-threaded applications
    (by Sebastian Kienzl)
* Fri Mar 05 2010
  - Fix spurious mapping from lowercase sharp s to uppercase sharp S
    which is less standard and causes problems for ISO encodings [bnc#541773]
* Mon Mar 01 2010
  - Fix spurious overflow messages on some R_X86_64_PC32 relocations,
    patch by Richard Guenther [bnc#583019]
* Wed Feb 24 2010
  - Fix assertion failures within valloc(), patch by Michael Matz
* Wed Feb 17 2010
  - S/390: Disable two UTF conversion instructions due to the hardware
    mishandling some error conditions in the input stream [bnc#579871]
* Mon Feb 15 2010
  - Further fix previous power5 fix
* Sun Feb 14 2010
  - avoid spurious differences in nscd on rebuilds.
* Thu Feb 11 2010
  - Fix another upgrade problem on power5 and older - correctly remove
    the old optimized libraries; found out by [bnc#563978]
* Fri Feb 05 2010
  - Final fix for memchr() overflow on IA64 provided by upstream
* Thu Jan 28 2010
  - Fix another memchr() overflow on IA64; another known one still
    remains a mystery [bnc#567516]
* Wed Jan 27 2010
  - Remove now-obsolete powerpc-cpu addon usage [bnc#572819]
  - Fix statfs64() on IA64 in 32-bit mode ia32el [bnc#534828]
* Tue Jan 26 2010
  - Fix upgrade from previous distributions on power5 and older [bnc#563978]
* Mon Jan 25 2010
  - ignore power6, power7 and cell specific Power CPU optimizations
    on openSUSE.
* Tue Jan 19 2010
  - Disable AMD-optimized strncmp() on x86_64 that is getting miscompiled
    by the assembler [bnc#540647]
* Mon Jan 18 2010
  - Upgrade to latest release/2.11/master - glibc-2.11.1-11c19d374bd4
    - Just trivial changes - version bump to 2.11.1, NIS-related
      resolver fixes, ELF lookup race, .h typo fix and regcomp
      out-of-memory handling miss
    - Few more bugfixes, weekday updated in three locales
  - Retired patches:
* Mon Dec 14 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as a source
* Fri Dec 11 2009
  - libnldbl_nonshared is only built for sparc32
* Tue Dec 08 2009
  - package libnldbl_nonshared for SPARC
* Fri Nov 20 2009
  - Upgrade to latest release/2.11/master - glibc-2.11-1bc1954c7357:
    - This snapshot is slated to become 2.11.1 if all goes well
    - Mix of fixes for various recently found out issues
  - Retired patches:
  - [IA64] Fix memchr() on mmap(MAP_SHARED) boundary [fix lighttpd crashes]
  - Again use as default nameserver in case of empty
    /etc/resolv.conf [bnc#473308]
* Thu Nov 19 2009
  - Add 623 and 664 to /etc/bindresvport.blacklist to fix problems with
    port conflict on some IPMI network cards [bnc#513961]
  - Allow external additions to /usr/share/locale/locale.alias and
    /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules, required for the SAP-locales package.
  - Add delimiter in front of external additions to locale/gconv lists
  - Remove AMD-provided strlen(), upstream is faster.
  - Keep .symtab and .strtab for all glibc-related .so libraries [FATE#307090]
  - [ppc,ppc64] Enable optimized builds for power7; no separate power4, power5
    builds are generated anymore, instead default glibc is built for power4
    at least, tuned for power5 execution [FATE#307021]
  - Large clean-up of the specfile
* Fri Nov 13 2009
  - Upgrade to Git HEAD as of 20091105 - glibc-2.11-13f6812ffb5b:
    * New interfaces: execvpe, pthread_sigqueue, mkstemps, mkstemps64, mkostemps,
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * Checking version of longjmp added that fails if an uninitialized stack
      frame would be created.  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * STT_GNU_IFUNC is now supported in static executables.
      Implemented by H.J. Lu.
    * STT_GNU_IFUNC implemented for PPC by Alan Modra.
    * New optimized string functions for x86-64: strstr, strcasestr, memcmp,
      strcspn, strpbrk, strspn, strcpy, stpcpy, strncpy, strcmp (SSE2, SSE4.2),
      strncmp (SSE2, SSE4.2), strchr (SSE4.2), strrchr (SSE4.2).
      Contributed by H.J. Lu.
      strlen, rawmemchr, strcmp (SSSE3), strncmp (SSSE3).
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * New optimized string functions for x86: strlen, strcspn, strspn, strpbrk,
      strstr, strcasestr.
      Contributed by H.J. Lu.
    * Support for fma instruction in AVX on x86-64.
      Implemented by H.J. Lu and Ulrich Drepper.
    * AVX support in x86-64 auditing support in
      Implemented by H.J. Lu.
    * STB_GNU_UNIQUE support added.
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * Implement second fallback mode for optimized DNS lookup for even more
      broken environments.  If two requests from the same port are not
      handled correctly close the socket and open a new one before sending
      the second request.  The 'single-request-reopen' option in /etc/resolv.conf
      can be used to select this mode right away, instead of rediscovering the
      necessity is every process again.
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * New resolver flag RES_USE_DNSSEC to enable use of verified lookup.
      Implemented by Adam Tkac.
    * Optimized iconv conversions for S390x.
      Implemented by Andreas Krebbel.
    * Using condvars with PI mutexes is now more efficient due to kernel
      support for requeueing to PI futexes.  NPTL support added for x86-64.
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * New locales: ps_AF, my_MM
  - Retired patches:
  - Made ifunc compile on IA64 using patch by H.J.Lu
  - Fixed compilation on PPC Cell
  - Lowered utmp locking timeout from 30s to 10s to be compatible
    with upstream
  - Allow external additions to /usr/share/locale/locale.alias and
    /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules, required for the SAP-locales package.
  - Remove AMD-provided strlen(), upstream is faster.
  - ARM is currently non-functional
* Fri Nov 13 2009
  - Rediff patches to apply with fuzz 0
* Sat Sep 19 2009
  - Update to glibc-2.10.1-44dbdf3777 of glibc/pb-stable.git glibc-2.10-branch
    (Still the same source is used for glibc-ports.) - random minor fixes
* Fri Sep 18 2009
  - add /etc/apparmor.d to the nscd file list
* Mon Sep 14 2009
  - define _filter_GLIBC_PRIVATE so that our glibc is not marked to
    provide these symbols [bnc#468748]
  - Fix exception behaviour of various libm functions by AMD optimized
    for x86_64 [bnc#487576]
* Tue Sep 08 2009
  - Provide the /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.nscd file [bnc#535467]
  - Blowfish: Enable BF_SCALE even on x86_64
* Sat Sep 05 2009
  - Raise utmp locking timeout from 1s to 30s to ensure logins get recorded
    even on heavily loaded systems [bnc#486631]
  - Fix invalid pointer handling in some nscd assertions and the code to send
    data to the client [bnc#513617]
  - Radically trim down the Blowfish support patch - keeps only crypt_blowfish
    from the original OWL patch, but does the rest within the current glibc
    crypt infrastructure [bnc#529495]
* Wed Aug 26 2009
  - make patch0 usage consistent
* Thu Aug 20 2009
  - Update to glibc-2.10.1-aa152ec6ad of release/2.10/master branch
    (Still the same source is used for glibc-ports.) - random minor fixes
    * REVERTED invalid fix of broken locking within nscd [bnc#510788]
  - Fix nscd handling of zero negative timeout for some databases
* Thu Jul 16 2009
  - Update to glibc-2.10.1-4253a1e0b2 of glibc/pb-stable.git glibc-2.10-branch
    (Still the same source is used for glibc-ports.) - random minor fixes
    * Fix broken locking within nscd [bnc#510788]
  - Fix compilation with 2.6.30 kernel headers on IA64
* Wed Jun 17 2009
  - Fix a dead-lock introduced by the bnc#509398 fix
  - Update to glibc-2.10.1-d0f6ed789f of glibc/pb-stable.git glibc-2.10-branch
    (Still the same source is used for glibc-ports.) - random minor fixes
* Fri Jun 12 2009
  - Update to glibc-2.10.1-9cf557216c of glibc/pb-stable.git glibc-2.10-branch
    (Still the same source is used for glibc-ports.)
    * Fix 100% CPU usage by Java apps because of bad futex calls [bnc#509096]
* Mon Jun 08 2009
  - Fix race condition in the mcheck free() hook [bnc#509398]
* Thu Jun 04 2009
  - Remove temporary revert of a namespace leakage cleanup in glibc-2.8
* Fri May 22 2009
  - Update to glibc-2.10.1-e38af591a8 of glibc/pb-stable.git glibc-2.10-branch
    maintained by me at; contains backports of various bugfixes.
    (Still the same source is used for glibc-ports.)
  - Stop using separate tarball for nptl.
  - Add ARM support, pulling in glibc-ports snapshot when compiling for ARM.
* Fri May 15 2009
  - Add support for multiple group records for a single group
    when using nss_compat (configurable in /etc/default/nss) [bnc#480991]
* Sun May 10 2009
  - Update to 2009051021, glibc-2.10.1:
    * Add missing cacheinfo entry for a recent Intel processor
    * Fix ABI issue with the gshadow interface
* Sun May 10 2009
  - Upgrade to CVS HEAD as of 2009051010 - glibc-2.10:
    * DNS IPv4-IPv6 lookup changed back to parallel version; with broken DNS
      servers (the case e.g. for many ADSL users), you may experience long
      timeouts, once for each process (but eventually your request will be
      resolved) - the solution is to run nscd (default on SUSE) and/or
      put 'options single-request' in /etc/resolv.conf.
    * New interfaces: preadv, preadv64, pwritev, pwritev64, malloc_info
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * New Linux interfaces: accept4, fallocate, fallocate64.
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * Correct declarations of string function when used in C++ code.  This
      could lead to compile errors for invalid C++ code.
    * XPG7/POSIX 2008 compilation environment.  Many GNU-specific functions are
      now in POSIX.
    * New POSIX 2008 interface: psiginfo
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * New ISO C++1x interfaces: quick_exit, at_quick_exit
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * Support for selecting between multiple function definitions at runtime
      using STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols.  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * The libcrypt library can now use the hash function implementations in
      NSS.  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * The malloc implementation can be compiled to be less memory efficient
      but higher performing in multi-threaded programs.
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * New locales: nan_TW@latin, ks_IN
    * Faster strlen, strchr, strchrnul, strrchr, memchr, and rawmemchr for x86-64.
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * Extended printf hook support.  It is possible to use user-defined types
      and extend existing format specifiers.
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
    * Handling for group shadow files has been added.
      Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
  - Retired:
  - Several other modified
* Fri Apr 17 2009
  - Fix defaulting to localhost in case of no nameserver entries
    in /etc/resolv.conf [bnc#473308]
* Mon Mar 23 2009
  - Add missing libc_hidden_builtin_def (memcmp) to
    glibc-2.3.3-amd64-string.diff.  Fixes build with GCC 4.4.



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