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openldap2-2.4.46-lp150.8.3.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 updates for aarch64

Name: openldap2 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.4.46 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.8.3.1 Build date: Thu Sep 27 16:20:01 2018
Group: Productivity/Networking/LDAP/Servers Build host: obs-arm-2
Size: 4590630 Source RPM: openldap2-2.4.46-lp150.8.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: An open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
OpenLDAP is a client and server reference implementation of the
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol v3 (LDAPv3).

The server provides several database backends and overlays.






* Fri Aug 17 2018
  - Fix slapd segfaults in mdb_env_reader_dest
    with patch 0016-Clear-shared-key-only-in-close-function.patch
* Tue Apr 24 2018
  - bsc#1085064 Packaging issues have been discovered around the which has been corrected:
    - the spec file was wrongly configured, therefore the script has
    never been called
    - the script should create the symlinks first, as slapcat is
    useless on a system which is already affected.
* Fri Apr 06 2018
  - bsc#1085064 Add script "" which
    which removes the configuration item olcModulePath in cn=config
    which is after upgrade from SLE12 to SLE15 holds inappropriate
    information. If the cn=config is being used on a system, the
    conflicting items in slapd.conf are ignored, despite of it, the
    backend DB configuration section has been also commented out in
    the default slapd.conf.
    In case of correct cn=config (the olcModulePath has been already
    removed), the script stops without touching anything.
* Fri Mar 23 2018
  - Upgrade to upstream 2.4.46 release
  - removed obsolete back-port patches:
    * 0013-ITS-8692-let-back-sock-generate-increment-line.patch
    * 0016-ITS-8782-fix-cancel-memleak.patch
    OpenLDAP 2.4.46 Release (2018/03/22)
    Fixed libldap connection delete callbacks when TLS fails to start (ITS#8717)
    Fixed libldap to not reuse tls_session if TLS hostname check fails (ITS#7373)
    Fixed libldap cross-compiling with OpenSSL 1.1 (ITS#8687)
    Fixed libldap OpenSSL 1.1.1 compatibility with BIO_method (ITS#8791)
    Fixed libldap MozNSS CA certificate hash matching (ITS#7374)
    Fixed libldap MozNSS with PEM certs when also using an NSS cert db (ITS#7389)
    Fixed libldap MozNSS initialization (ITS#8484)
    Fixed libldap GnuTLS with GNUTLS_E_AGAIN (ITS#8650)
    Fixed libldap memory leak with cancel operations (ITS#8782)
    Fixed slapd Eventlog registry key creation on 64-bit Windows (ITS#8705)
    Fixed slapd to maintain SSF across SASL binds (ITS#8796)
    Fixed slapd syncrepl deadlock when updating cookie (ITS#8752)
    Fixed slapd syncrepl callback to always be last in the stack (ITS#8752)
    Fixed slapd telephoneNumberNormalize when the value is spaces and hyphens (ITS#8778)
    Fixed slapd CSN queue processing (ITS#8801)
    Fixed slapd-ldap TLS connection timeout with high latency connections (ITS#8720)
    Fixed slapd-ldap to ignore unknown schema when omit-unknown-schema is set (ITS#7520)
    Fixed slapd-mdb with an optimization for long lived read transactions (ITS#8226)
    Fixed slapd-meta assert when olcDbRewrite is modified (ITS#8404)
    Fixed slapd-sock with LDAP_MOD_INCREMENT operations (ITS#8692)
    Fixed slapo-accesslog cleanup to only occur on failed operations (ITS#8752)
    Fixed slapo-dds entryTTL to actually decrease as per RFC 2589 (ITS#7100)
    Fixed slapo-syncprov memory leak with delete operations (ITS#8690)
    Fixed slapo-syncprov to not clear pending operation when checkpointing (ITS#8444)
    Fixed slapo-syncprov to correctly record contextCSN values in the accesslog (ITS#8100)
    Fixed slapo-syncprov not to log checkpoints to accesslog db (ITS#8607)
    Fixed slapo-syncprov to process changes from this SID on REFRESH (ITS#8800)
    Fixed slapo-syncprov session log parsing to not block other operations (ITS#8486)
    Build Environment
    Fixed Windows build with newer MINGW version (ITS#8697)
    Fixed compiler warnings and removed unused variables (ITS#8578)
    Fixed ldapc++ Control structure (ITS#8583)
    Delete stub manpage for back-ldbm (ITS#8713)
    Fixed ldap_bind(3) to mention the LDAP_SASL_SIMPLE mechanism (ITS#8121)
    Fixed ldap.conf(5) to note SASL_MECH/SASL_REALM are no longer user-only (ITS#8818)
    Fixed slapd-config(5) typo for olcTLSCipherSuite (ITS#8715)
    Fixed slapo-syncprov(5) indexing requirements (ITS#5048)
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - Use %license (boo#1082318)
* Mon Dec 11 2017
  - added 0016-ITS-8782-fix-cancel-memleak.patch
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - Add openldap-r-only.dif so that openldap2's own tools also
    link against libldap_r rather than libldap.
  - Make libldap equivalent to libldap_r (like Debian) to avoid
    crashes in threaded programs which unknowingly get both
    libraries inserted into their process image.
    [rh#1370065, boo#996551]
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - use existing groups instead of inventing new ones
* Mon Sep 18 2017
  - added 0012-ITS8051-sockdnpat.patch
* Wed Sep 06 2017
  - updated 0014-ITS-8714-Send-out-EXTENDED-operation-message-from-back-sock.patch
* Fri Aug 18 2017
  - Added OpenLDAP new feature implementing OpenLDAP ITS#8714
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - added overlay trace to package openldap2-contrib
* Wed Jul 12 2017
  - Upgrade to upstream 2.4.45 release
  - removed obsolete 0010-Enforce-minimum-DH-size-of-1024.patch
    and  0012-use-system-wide-cert-dir-by-default.patch
  - added 0013-ITS-8692-let-back-sock-generate-increment-line.patch
    for supporting modify increment operations with back-sock
  - added overlay addpartial to package openldap2-contrib
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Remove legacy daemon control that was used to migrate from SLE 11
    to 12. (bsc#1038405)
* Tue Jun 06 2017
  - There is no change made about the package itself, this is only
    copying over some changelog texts from SLE package:
  - bug#976172 owned by openldap2 - missing
  - bug#916914 owned by VUL-0: CVE-2015-1546:
    openldap2: slapd crash in valueReturnFilter cleanup
  - [fate#319300](
  - [CVE-2015-1545](
  - bug#905959 owned by L3-Question: Are multiple
    "Connection 0" in a Multi Master setup normal ?
  - [CVE-2015-1546](
  - bug#916897 owned by VUL-0: CVE-2015-1545:
    openldap2: slapd crashes on search with deref control and empty attr list
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Drop binutils requirement; the code using /usr/bin/strings has
    been dropped in openSUSE:Factory/openldap2 revision 112.
* Sat Feb 18 2017
  - Remove superfluous insserv PreReq.
* Thu Nov 10 2016
  - Introduce patch 0012-use-system-wide-cert-dir-by-default.patch
    to let OpenLDAP read system wide certificate directory by
    default and avoid hiding the error if user specified CA location
    cannot be read (bsc#1009470).
* Fri Oct 14 2016
  - Add more details in the comments of slapd.conf concerning
    file permission and StartTLS capability.
* Thu Jun 23 2016
  - Test for user/group existence before trying to add them.
    Summary spello update.
* Thu Jun 16 2016
  - Move schema files into tarball addonschema.tar.gz:
    ldapns.ldif ldapns.schema rfc2307bis.ldif rfc2307bis.schema
    yast.ldif yast.schema
  - Package previously missing schema files in LDIF format:
    amavisd-new.ldif dhcp.ldif dlz.ldif dnszone.ldif samba3.ldif
    sudo.ldif suse-mailserver.ldif (bsc#984691)
  - Fix a minor issue in schema2ldif script that led to missing
    attribute in the generated LDIF.
* Tue May 17 2016
  - Enable build flag LDAP_USE_NON_BLOCKING_TLS to fix bsc#978408.
* Thu Feb 25 2016
  - Move ldap.conf into libldap-data package, per convention.
* Sun Feb 21 2016
  - Move ldap.conf out of shlib package again, they are not allowed
    there for obvious reasons (conflict with future package).
* Thu Feb 18 2016
  - Build password strength enforcer as an implementation of ppolicy
    password checker, introducing:
    (Implements fate#319461)
* Thu Feb 18 2016
  - Remove redundant -n openldap2- package name prefix.
* Mon Feb 08 2016
  - Remove openldap2-client.spec and openldap2-client.changes
    openldap2.spec now builds client utilities and libraries.
    Thus is removed.
  - Move ldap.conf and its manual page from openldap2-client package
    to libldap-2_4-2 package, which is more appropriate.
  - Use RPM_OPT_FLAGS in build flags.
  - Macros dealing with old/unsupported distributions are removed.
  - Remove 0002-slapd.conf.dif and install improved slapd.conf from
    new source file slapd.conf.
  - Install slapd.conf.olctemplate to assist in preparing slapd.d
    for OLC.
  - Be explicit in sysconfig that by default openldap will use
    static file configuration.
  - Add the following schemas in LDIF format:
    * rfc2307bis.ldif
    * ldapns.ldif
    * yast.ldif
  - Other minor clean-ups in the spec file.
* Mon Feb 08 2016
  - Use optflags when building
* Sat Feb 06 2016
  - Upgrade to upstream 2.4.44 release with accumulated bug fixes.
  - Specify source with FTP URL
  - Removed obsolete 0012-openldap-re24-its8336.patch
* Mon Jan 25 2016
  - Relabel patch 0011-Enforce-minimum-DH-size-of-1024.patch
    into 0010-Enforce-minimum-DH-size-of-1024.patch
* Tue Dec 08 2015
  - Upgrade to upstream 2.4.43 release with accumulated bug fixes.
  - Still build on SLES12
  - Loadable backend and overlay modules are now installed
    into arch-specific path %{_libdir}/openldap
  - All backends and overlays as modules for smaller memory footprint
    on memory constrained systems
  - Added extra package for back-sock
  - Consequent use of %{_rundir} everywhere
  - Rely on upstream ./configure script instead of any other
    macro foo
  - Dropped linking with libwrap
  - Dropped 0004-libldap-use-gethostbyname_r.dif because this
    work-around for nss_ldap is obsolete
  - New sub-package openldap2-contrib with selected contrib/ overlays
  - Replaced addonschema.tar.gz with separate schema sources
  - Updated ldapns.schema from recent slapo-nssov source tree
  - Added symbolic link to slapd executable in /usr/sbin/
  - Added more complex example configuration file
  - Set OPENLDAP_START_LDAPI="yes" in /etc/sysconfig/openldap
  - Set OPENLDAP_REGISTER_SLP="no" in /etc/sysconfig/openldap
  - Added patch for OpenLDAP ITS#7796 to avoid excessive
    "not index" logging:
  - Replaced openldap-rc.tgz with single source files
  - Added soft dependency (Recommends) to cyrus-sasl
  - Added soft dependency (Recommends) to cyrus-sasl-devel
    to openldap2-devel
  - Added patch for OpenLDAP ITS#8336 (assert in liblmdb):
  - Remove obsolete patch 0001-build-adjustments.dif
* Wed Dec 02 2015
  - Introduce patch 0010-Revert-Revert-ITS-8240-remove-obsolete-assert.patch
    to fix CVE-2015-6908. (bsc#945582)
  - Introduce patch 0011-Enforce-minimum-DH-size-of-1024.patch
    to address weak DH size vulnerability (bsc#937766)
* Mon Nov 30 2015
  - Introduce patch 0009-Fix-ldap-host-lookup-ipv6.patch
    to fix an issue with unresponsive LDAP host lookups in IPv6 environment.
* Fri Oct 09 2015
  - Remove OpenLDAP 2.3 code and patches from build source.
    Compatibility libraries for OpenLDAP 2.3 are built in package:
    Removed source files:
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - Upgrade to upstream 2.4.42 release with accumulated bug fixes.
* Tue Jul 21 2015
  - Upgrade to upstream 2.4.41 release with accumulcated bug fixes and stability improvements.
    * Add patch 0008-In-monitor-backend-do-not-return-Connection0-entries.patch
    * Remove already applied patch 0008-ITS-7723-fix-reference-counting.patch
    * Remove already applied patch 0009-gcc5.patch
    (Implements fate#319301)
* Thu Feb 19 2015
  - Add 0009-gcc5.patch to pass -P to the preprocessor in configure checks
    for Berkeley DB version
* Wed Nov 26 2014
  - binutils is required for "strings" utility invocation in %pre
  - Remove SLE10 definitions
* Sun Oct 12 2014
  - Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
* Mon Sep 22 2014
  - Add baselibs.conf to sources list
* Wed Sep 10 2014
  - Do not bypass output of useradd and groupadd
* Tue Sep 02 2014
  - sanitize release line in specfile
* Wed Jul 16 2014
  - segfault on certain queries with rwm overlay (bnc#846389)
* Fri Jun 06 2014
  - enable systemd slapd service if SysV ldap was enabled (bnc#881476)
* Tue May 13 2014
  - use %_rundir if available, otherwise /var/run
* Wed Apr 23 2014
  - move systemd requires to server package
* Tue Feb 18 2014
  - Fix systemd service installation
* Sun Feb 16 2014
  - use configure macro also for building the 2.3.37 version
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - Remove PidFile from service definition
  - Update to 2.4.39
    * Fixed libldap MozNSS crash (ITS#7783)
    * Fixed libldap memory leak with SASL (ITS#7757)
    * Fixed libldap assert in parse_passwdpolicy_control (ITS#7759)
    * Fixed libldap shortcut NULL RDNs (ITS#7762)
    * Fixed libldap deref to use correct control
    * Fixed liblmdb keysizes with mdb_update_key (ITS#7756)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config olcDbConfig modification (ITS#7750)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb to bail out of search if config is paused (ITS#7761)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb indexing issue with derived attributes (ITS#7778)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb to bail out of search if config is paused (ITS#7761)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb indexing issue with derived attributes (ITS#7778)
    * Fixed slapd-perl to bail out of search if config is paused (ITS#7761)
    * Fixed slapd-sql to bail out of search if config is paused (ITS#7761)
    * Fixed slapo-constraint handling of softadd/softdel (ITS#7773)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov assert with findbase (ITS#7749)
    * Build Environment
      Test suite: Use $(MAKE) for tests (ITS#7753)
    * Documentation
      admin24 fix TLSDHParamFile to be correct (ITS#7684)
* Tue Feb 11 2014
  - Add systemd style service definition
  - FATE#315028 remove memory limit for slapd
  - FATE#315415: LDAP compat packages required for older SLES versions
    For this reson following patches were applied:
* Wed Dec 11 2013
  - Make /etc/sasl2 owned by openldap2.
* Wed Dec 11 2013
  - Update to 2.4.38
    * Fixed liblmdb nordahead flag (ITS#7734)
    * Fixed liblmdb to check cursor index before cursor_del (ITS#7733)
    * Fixed liblmdb wasted space on split (ITS#7589)
    * Fixed slapd for certs with a NULL issuerDN (ITS#7746)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config with empty nested includes (ITS#7739)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl memory leak with delta-sync MMR (ITS#7735)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb to stop processing on dn not found (ITS#7741)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb with indexed ANDed filters (ITS#7743)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb to stop processing on dn not found (ITS#7741)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb dangling reader (ITS#7662)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb matching rule for OlcDbEnvFlags (ITS#7737)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb with indexed ANDed filters (ITS#7743)
    * Fixed slapd-meta from blocking other threads (ITS#7740)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov assert with findbase (ITS#7749)
      Changes in 2.4.37
    * Added liblmdb nordahead environment flag (ITS#7725)
    * Fixed client tools CLDAP with IPv6 (ITS#7695)
    * Fixed libldap CLDAP with IPv6 (ITS#7695)
    * Fixed libldap lock ordering with abandon op (ITS#7712)
    * Fixed liblmdb segfault with mdb_cursor_del (ITS#7718)
    * Fixed liblmdb when converting to writemap (ITS#7715)
    * Fixed liblmdb assert on MDB_NEXT with delete (ITS#7722)
    * Fixed liblmdb wasted space on split (ITS#7589)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config with olcTLSProtocolMin (ITS#7685)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb optimize index updates (ITS#7329)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap chaining with cn=config (ITS#7381, ITS#7434)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap chaning with controls (ITS#7687)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb optimize index updates (ITS#7329)
    * Fixed slapd-meta chaining with cn=config (ITS#7381, ITS#7434)
    * Fixed slapo-constraint to no-op on nonexistent entries (ITS#7692)
    * Fixed slapo-dds assert on startup (ITS#7699)
    * Fixed slapo-memberof to not replicate internal ops (ITS#7710)
    * Fixed slapo-refint to not replicate internal ops (ITS#7710)
      Changes in 2.4.36
    * Added back-meta target filter patterns (ITS#7609)
    * Added liblmdb mdb_txn_env to API (ITS#7660)
    * Fixed libldap CLDAP with uninit'd memory (ITS#7582)
    * Fixed libldap with UDP (ITS#7583)
    * Fixed libldap OpenSSL TLS versions (ITS#7645)
    * Fixed liblmdb MDB_PREV behavior (ITS#7556)
    * Fixed liblmdb transaction issues (ITS#7515)
    * Fixed liblmdb mdb_drop overflow page return (ITS#7561)
    * Fixed liblmdb nested split (ITS#7592)
    * Fixed liblmdb overflow page behavior (ITS#7620)
    * Fixed liblmdb race condition with read and write txns (ITS#7635)
    * Fixed liblmdb mdb_del behavior with MDB_DUPSORT and mdb_del (ITS#7658)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config with unknown schema elements (ITS#7608)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config with loglevel 0 (ITS#7611)
    * Fixed slapd slapi filterlist free behavior (ITS#7636)
    * Fixed slapd slapi control free behavior (ITS#7641)
    * Fixed slapd schema countryString as directoryString (ITS#7659)
    * Fixed slapd schema telephoneNumber as directoryString (ITS#7659)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb to wait for read locks in tool mode (ITS#6365)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb behavior with alias dereferencing (ITS#7577 )
    * Fixed slapd-mdb modrdn and base-scoped searches (ITS#7604)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb refcount behavior (ITS#7628)
    * Fixed slapd-meta binding flag is set (ITS#7524)
    * Fixed slapd-meta with minimal config (ITS#7581)
    * Fixed slapd-meta missing results messages (ITS#7591)
    * Added slapd-meta TCP keepalive support (ITS#7513)
    * Fixed slapo-sssvlv double free (ITS#7588)
    * Fixed slaptest to list -Q option (ITS#7568)
      Changes in 2.4.35
    * Fixed liblmdb mdb_cursor_put with MDB_MULTIPLE (ITS#7551)
    * Fixed liblmdb page rebalance (ITS#7536)
    * Fixed liblmdb missing parens (ITS#7377)
    * Fixed liblmdb mdb_cursor_del crash (ITS#7553)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl updateCookie status (ITS#7531)
    * Fixed slapd connection logging (ITS#7543)
    * Fixed slapd segfault on modify (ITS#7542, ITS#7432)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb to reject undefined attrs (ITS#7540)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache with +/- attrsets (ITS#7552)
      Changes in 2.4.34
    * Fixed libldap connections with EINTR (ITS#7476)
    * Fixed libldap lineno overflow in ldif_read_record (ITS#7497)
    * Fixed liblmdb mdb_env_open flag handling (ITS#7453)
    * Fixed liblmdb mdb_midl_sort array optimization (ITS#7432)
    * Fixed liblmdb freelist with large entries (ITS#7455)
    * Fixed liblmdb to check for filled dirty page list (ITS#7491)
    * Fixed liblmdb to validate data limits (ITS#7485)
    * Fixed liblmdb mdb_update_key for large keys (ITS#7505)
    * Fixed ldapmodify to not core dump with invalid LDIF (ITS#7477)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl for old entries in MMR setup (ITS#7427)
    * Fixed slapd signedness for index_substr_any_* (ITS#7449)
    * Fixed slapd enforce SLAPD_MAX_DAEMON_THREADS (ITS#7450)
    * Fixed slapd mutex in send_ldap_ber (ITS#6164)
    * Added slapd-ldap onerr option (ITS#7492)
    * Added slapd-ldap keepalive support (ITS#7501)
    * Fixed slapd-ldif with empty dir (ITS#7451)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb to reopen attr DBs after env reopen (ITS#7416)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb handling of missing entries (ITS#7483,7496)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb environment flag setting (ITS#7452)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb with sub db slapcat (ITS#7469)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb to correctly work with toolthreads > 2 (ITS#7488,ITS#7527)
    * Fixed slapd-mdb subtree search speed (ITS#7473)
    * Fixed slapd-meta conversion to cn=config (ITS#7525)
    * Fixed slapd-meta segfault when modifying olcDbUri (ITS#7526)
    * Fixed slapd-sql back-config support (ITS#7499)
    * Fixed slapo-constraint handle uri and restrict correctly (ITS#7418)
    * Fixed slapo-constraint with multi-master replication (ITS#7426)
    * Fixed slapo-constraint segfault (ITS#7431)
    * Fixed slapo-deref control initialization (ITS#7436)
    * Fixed slapo-deref control exposure (ITS#7445)
    * Fixed slapo-memberof with internal ops (ITS#7487)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache matching rules for config db (ITS#7459)
    * Fixed slapo-rwm modrdn cleanup (ITS#7414)
    * Fixed slapo-sssvlv maxperconn parameter (ITS#7484)
* Mon Jun 17 2013
  - For now, avoid automatic use of libdb-6_0 by explicitly selecting
    libdb-4_8 as BuildRequire.
* Mon Mar 25 2013
  - Put static libs into openldap2-devel-static and relieve
    openldap2-devel of static-only deps
* Sat Nov 17 2012
  - fix for kernel > 3.0
* Fri Nov 16 2012
  - Fixed initscript to avoid endless loop when no configuration
    is present in /etc/openldap/slapd.d/ (bnc#767464)
  - cleaned up SLES10 buildrequires and dependencies
  - removed support for building on SLES9, didn't work anyway anymore
  - Don't buildrequire krb5-mini on Distributions where it does not
* Fri Oct 26 2012
  - enabled mdb backend
  - Update to 2.4.33
    * Added slapd-meta cn=config support
    * Fixed slapd alock handling on Windows (ITS#7361)
    * Fixed slapd acl handling with zero-length values (ITS#7350)
    * Fixed slapd syncprov to not reference ops inside a lock (ITS#7172)
    * Fixed slapd delta-syncrepl MMR with large attribute values (ITS#7354)
    * Fixed slapd slapd_rw_destroy function (ITS#7390)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap idassert bind handling (ITS#7403)
    * Fixed slapo-constraint with multiple modifications (ITS#7168)
    Changes in 2.4.32:
    * Added slappasswd loadable module support (ITS#7284)
    * Fixed tools to not clobber SASL_NOCANON (ITS#7271)
    * Fixed libldap function declarations (ITS#7293)
    * Fixed libldap double free (ITS#7270)
    * Fixed libldap debug level setting (ITS#7290)
    * Fixed libldap gettime() regression (ITS#6262)
    * Fixed libldap sasl handling (ITS#7118, ITS#7133)
    * Fixed libldap to correctly free socket with TLS (ITS#7241)
    * Fixed slapd config index renumbering (ITS#6987)
    * Fixed slapd duplicate error response (ITS#7076)
    * Fixed slapd parsing of PermissiveModify control (ITS#7298)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb cache hang under high load (ITS#7222)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb alias checking (ITS#7303)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb olcDbConfig changes work immediately (ITS#7338)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap to encode user DN during password change (ITS#7319)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap assertion when proxying to MS AD (ITS#6851)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap monitoring (ITS#7182, ITS#7225)
    * Fixed slapd-perl panic (ITS#7325)
    * Fixed slapo-accesslog memory leaks with sync replication (ITS#7292)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov memory leaks with sync replication (ITS#7292)
* Fri Oct 26 2012
  - add explicit buildrequire on groff - needed to build manuals
* Tue Oct 16 2012
  - buildrequire krb5-mini in openldap2-client to avoid cycle
  - move Summary out of the %if as prepare_spec is confused about
    the license otherwise
* Thu May 10 2012
  - update to 2.4.31
    * Added slapo-accesslog support for reqEntryUUID (ITS#6656)
    * Fixed libldap IPv6 URL detection (ITS#7194)
    * Fixed libldap rebinding on failed connection (ITS#7207)
    * Fixed slapd listener initialization (ITS#7233)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config with olcTLSVerifyClient (ITS#7197)
    * Fixed slapd delta-syncrepl fallback on non-leaf error (ITS#7195)
    * Fixed slapd to reject MMR setups with bad serverID setting
    * Fixed slapd approxIndexer key generation (ITS#7203)
    * Fixed slapd modification of olcSuffix (ITS#7205)
    * Fixed slapd schema validation with missing definitions
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl -c with supplied CSN values (ITS#7245)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb idlcache with only one element (ITS#7231)
    * Fixed slapo-accesslog deadlock with non-logged write ops
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov sessionlog check (ITS#7218)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov entry leak (ITS#7234)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov startup initialization (ITS#7235)
* Mon Apr 23 2012
  - Disabled testsuite for now. Causes problems in the buildserivce
* Tue Mar 06 2012
  - Update to 2.4.30
    * Fixed libldap socket polling for writes (ITS#7167)
    * Fixed liblutil string modifications (ITS#7174)
    * Fixed slapd crash when attrsOnly is true (ITS#7143)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl delete handling (ITS#7052,ITS#7162)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache time-to-refesh handling (ITS#7178)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov loop detection (ITS#6024)
* Mon Feb 27 2012
  - Update to 2.4.29
    * Fixed slapd cn=config modification of first schema element
    * Fixed slapd operation reuse (ITS#7107)
    * Fixed slapd blocked writers to not interfere with pool pause
    * Fixed slapd connection loop connindex usage (ITS#7131)
    * Fixed slapd double mutex unlock via connection_done (ITS#7125)
    * Fixed slapd check order in connection_write (ITS#7113)
    * Fixed slapd slapadd to exit on failure (ITS#7142)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl reference to freed memory
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl to ignore some errors on delete
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl to handle missing oldRDN (ITS#7144)
    * Fixed slapd-monitor compare op to update cached entry
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov with already abandoned operation
  - Included patches from RE24 branch:
    * only poll sockets for write as needed (ITS#7167, bnc#749082)
    * sycnrepl Fixes (ITS#7162)
* Wed Dec 07 2011
  - license update: OLDAP-2.8
    SPDX format (
* Fri Dec 02 2011
  - Update to 2.4.28
    * Fixed back-mdb out of order slapadd (ITS#7090)
    changes in OpenLDAP 2.4.27 Release (2011/11/24):
    * Added slapd delta-syncrepl MMR (ITS#6734,ITS#7029,ITS#7031)
    * Fixed ldapmodify crash with LDIF controls (ITS#7039)
    * Fixed ldapsearch to honor timeout and timelimit (ITS#7009)
    * Fixed libldap endless looping (ITS#7035)
    * Fixed libldap TLS to not check hostname when using 'allow'
    * Fixed slapadd common code into slapcommon (ITS#6737)
    * Fixed slapd backend connection initialization (ITS#6993)
    * Fixed slapd frontend DB parsing in cn=config (ITS#7016)
    * Fixed slapd hang with {numbered} overlay insertion (ITS#7030)
    * Fixed slapd inet_ntop usage (ITS#6925)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config deletion of bitmasks (ITS#7083)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config modify replace/delete crash (ITS#7065)
    * Fixed slapd schema UTF8StringNormalize with 0 length values
    * Fixed slapd with dynamic acls for cn=config (ITS#7066)
    * Fixed slapd response callbacks (ITS#6059,ITS#7062)
    * Fixed slapd no_connection warnings with ldapi
    * Fixed slapd return code processing (ITS#7060)
    * Fixed slapd sl_malloc various issues (ITS#6437)
    * Fixed slapd startup behavior (ITS#6848)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl crash with non-replicated ops (ITS#6892)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl with modrdn (ITS#7000,ITS#6472)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl timeout when using refreshAndPersist
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl deletes need a non-empty CSN (ITS#7052)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl glue for empty suffix (ITS#7037)
    * Fixed slapd results cleanup (ITS#6763,ITS#7053)
    * Fixed slapd validation of args for TLSCertificateFile
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb to build entry DN based on parent DN
    * Fixed slapd-hdb with zero-length entries (ITS#7073)
    * Fixed slapd-hdb duplicate entries in subtree IDL cache
    * Fixed slapo-pcache response cleanup (ITS#6981)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy pwdAllowUserChange behavior (ITS#7021)
    * Fixed slapo-sssvlv issue with greaterThanorEqual (ITS#6985)
    * Fixed slapo-sssvlv to only return requested attrs (ITS#7061)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov DSA attribute filtering for Persist mode
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov when consumer has newer state of our SID
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov crash (ITS#7025)
    * Added missing LDIF form of schema files (ITS#7063)
* Fri Nov 25 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Mon Oct 24 2011
  - ACL changes to the config database only got active after slapd
    restart in certain cases (bnc#716895, ITS#7066).
  - Adjusted default DB_CONFIG to increase max values for locks and
    lock objects (bnc#719803)
  - Fix UTF8StringNormalize overrun on zero-length string
    (bnc#724201, ITS#7059)
* Thu Jul 07 2011
  - Update to 2.4.26
    * Added libldap LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_PACKAGE (ITS#6969)
    * Fixed libldap descriptor leak (ITS#6929)
    * Fixed libldap socket leak (ITS#6930)
    * Fixed libldap get option crash (ITS#6931)
    * Fixed libldap lockup (ITS#6898)
    * Fixed libldap ASYNC TLS setup (ITS#6828)
    * Fixed libldap with missing \n terminations (ITS#6947)
    * Fixed tools double free (ITS#6946)
    * Fixed tools verbose output (ITS#6977)
    * Fixed ldapmodify SEGV on invalid LDIF (ITS#6978)
    * Added slapd extra_attrs database option (ITS#6513)
    * Fixed slapd asserts (ITS#6932)
    * Fixed slapd configfile param on windows (ITS#6933)
    * Fixed slapd config with global chaining (ITS#6843)
    * Fixed slapd uninitialized variables (ITS#6935)
    * Fixed slapd config objectclass is readonly (ITS#6963)
    * Fixed slapd entry response with control (ITS#6899)
    * Fixed slapd with unknown attrs (ITS#6819)
    * Fixed slapd normalization of schema RDN (ITS#6967)
    * Fixed slapd operations cache to 10 op limit (ITS#6944)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl crash with non-replicated ops (ITS#6892)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb with sparse index ranges (ITS#6961)
    * Fixed back-ldap ppolicy updates (ITS#6711)
    * Fixed back-ldap with id-assert (ITS#6817)
    * Fixed various slapo-pcache issues (ITS#6823, ITS#6950,
      ITS#6951, ITS#6953, ITS#6954)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache database corruption (ITS#6831)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov with replicated subtrees (ITS#6872)
  - backported delete support for child entries of overlays from
    master (bnc#704398)
* Tue Mar 29 2011
  - Updated to 2.4.25, important changes:
    * Fixed ldapsearch pagedresults loop (ITS#6755)
    * Fixed tools for incompatible args (ITS#6849)
    * Fixed libldap MozNSS crash (ITS#6863)
    * Fixed slapd add objectclasses in order (ITS#6837)
    * Added slapd ordering for uidNumber and gidNumber (ITS#6852)
    * Fixed slapd segfault when adding values out of order (ITS#6858)
    * Fixed slapd sortval handling (ITS#6845)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb with slapadd/index quick option (ITS#6853)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap chain cn=config support (ITS#6837)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap chain with slapd.conf (ITS#6857)
    * Fixed slapd-meta deadlock (ITS#6846)
    * Fixed slapo-sssvlv with multiple requests (ITS#6850)
    * Fixed contrib/lastbind install rules (ITS#6238)
    * Fixed contrib/cloak install rules (ITS#6877)
* Tue Feb 22 2011
  - Surpress gcc warnings about extra format string arguments for 2.3.x
    built as well.
* Mon Feb 14 2011
  - Updated to 2.4.24, important changes:
    * Added libldap_r,libldap formal concurrency API (ITS#6625,ITS#5421)
    * Added slapadd attribute value checking (ITS#6592)
    * Added slapcat continue mode for problematic DBs (ITS#6482)
    * Added slapd syncrepl suffixmassage support (ITS#6781)
    * Fixed liblber to not close invalid sockets (ITS#6585)
    * Fixed libldap referral chasing (ITS#6602)
    * Fixed libldap leak when chasing referrals (ITS#6744)
    * Fixed slapd acl parsing overflow (ITS#6611)
    * Fixed slapd acl when resuming parsing (ITS#6804)
    * Fixed slapd default config acls with overlays (ITS#6822)
    * Fixed slapd config leak with olcDbDirectory (ITS#6634)
    * Fixed slapd when first acl is value dependent (ITS#6693)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb slapadd -q with glued dbs (ITS#6794)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy don't update opattrs on consumers (ITS#6608)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy to allow userPassword deletion (ITS#6620)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov to send error if consumer is newer (ITS#6606)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov filter race condition (ITS#6708)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov active mod race (ITS#6709)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov to refresh if context is dirty (ITS#6710)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov CSN updates to all replicas (ITS#6718)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov sessionlog ordering (ITS#6716)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov sessionlog with adds (ITS#6503)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov mutex (ITS#6438)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov mincsn check with MMR (ITS#6717)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov control leak (ITS#6795)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov error codes (ITS#6812)
    * For a comprehensive list of changes please consult the CHANGES
  - removed unneeded openSUSE 11.0 specifc patch
* Tue Feb 01 2011
  - slapadd -q could crash for glued bdb/hdb databases
* Wed Jan 19 2011
  - Install the correct schema2ldif script (bnc#665530)
* Wed Jan 05 2011
  - Fixed quotation in init-script to avoid errors when calling it
    from within /etc/openldap/slapd.d/cn=config/ (bnc#660492).
* Fri Nov 12 2010
  - Surpress gcc warnings about extra format string arguments.
  - Split-off openldap2-doc (noarch) package (Admin Guide and IDs)
  - Backported -VVV commandline switch for slapd from HEAD
    (to list enabled static overlays)
  - Build all overlays except syncprov and ppolicy as dynamic modules
    (Fixes bnc#648479, FATE#307837)
  - Added README.dynamic-overlays to point out some details about
    dynamic overlays
  - simplified pie-compile patch and adjusted it to work with
    dynamic overlays
* Tue Oct 05 2010
  - Handle the libdb-4_5 -> libdb-4_8 Version update by opening the
    Databases with DB_RECOVER if a version mismatch is detected.
* Sun Oct 03 2010
  - Do not include Build date and time in binaries, this
    avoids build-compare failures and unhelpful rebuilds/republishes
* Wed Sep 29 2010
  - Don't build 2.3 slapcat anymore for 11.3 and newer. We switch to
    2.4 long ago.
  - Removed automatic 2.3->2.4 migration in %post
  - moved back-sql examples to make rpmlint happy
* Thu Aug 26 2010
  - Fix listener URIs in init script to make SLP registration work
    again (bnc#620389)
* Fri Jul 23 2010
  - Fixed RPM Group and Summary Tags (bnc#624980)
* Thu Jul 01 2010
  - Updated to 2.4.23:
    * Fixed libldap to return server's error code (ITS#6569)
    * Fixed libldap memleaks (ITS#6568)
    * Fixed liblutil off-by-one with delta (ITS#6541)
    * Fixed slapd acls with glued databases (ITS#6468)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl rid logging (ITS#6533)
    * Fixed slapd modrdn handling of invalid values (bnc#612430,
    * Fixed slapd-bdb hasSubordinates computation (ITS#6549)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb to use memcpy instead for strcpy (ITS#6474)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb entry cache delete failure (ITS#6577)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap to return control responses (ITS#6530)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy to use Debug (ITS#6566)
    * Fixed slapo-refint to zero out freed DN vals (ITS#6572)
    * Fixed slapo-rwm to use Debug (ITS#6566)
    * Fixed slapo-sssvlv to use Debug (ITS#6566)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov lost deletes in refresh phase (bnc#606294,
    * Fixed slapo-valsort to use Debug (ITS#6566)
    * Fixed contrib/nssov network.c missing patch (ITS#6562)
  - New subpackage openldap2-back-sql. Contains the SQL backend
    module plus some documentation (bnc#395719)
  - generate Patches from git tree (resulted in all patches being
  - installing binaries without stripping them is done by setting
    the STRIP enviroment variable instead for patching the Makefile
  - Fixed a bug in the syncprov overlay which could lead to not
    replicate delete Operations (ITS#6555, bnc#606294)
  - BuildRequires cleanup
* Thu Jul 01 2010
  - LDAP clients could crash the server by submitting a specially
    crafted LDAP ModRDN operation.  (bnc#612430, ITS#6570)
  - Delete Operations happening during the "Refresh" phase of
    "refreshAndPersist" replication failed to replicate under
    certain circumstances (bnc#606294, ITS#6555)
* Mon May 10 2010
  - Create /var/run/slapd on demand. /var/run might be mounted on
* Thu Apr 15 2010
  - fix build dependency cycle for -client package with openslp
* Wed Mar 17 2010
  - Fixed quotation in sed expression to escape ldapi path in init
* Tue Mar 16 2010
  - Removed obsolete hunk from openldap2.dif
  - Remove ldap.conf patch to use saner default for Certificate
    verification (bnc#575146)
* Sat Feb 13 2010
  - Add fix for stricter fortification checks of GCC 4.5.
* Thu Jan 07 2010
  - Updated to 2.4.21:
    * Fixed liblutil for negative microsecond offsets (ITS#6405)
    * Fixed slapd global settings to work without restart (ITS#6428)
    * Fixed slapd looping with SSL/TLS connections (ITS#6412)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl freeing tasks from queue (ITS#6413)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl parsing of tls defaults (ITS#6419)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl uninitialized variables (ITS#6425)
    * Fixed slapd-config Adds with Abstract classes (ITS#6408)
    * Fixed slapo-dynlist behavior with simple filters (ITS#6421)
    * Fixed slapd-ldif access outside database directory (ITS#6414)
    * Fixed slapo-translucent with back-null (ITS#6403)
    * Fixed slapo-unique criteria checking (ITS#6270)
  - removed some obsolete RPM dependencies
  - Added missing tags to init script to silence rpmlint warnings
* Thu Dec 10 2009
  - Fixed an issue in back-config's objectclass inheritence code that
    could cause the server to fail to start or to spin in an endless
    loop (bnc#558059,ITS#6408)
  - default the tls_reqcert parameter of a syncrepl config to
    "demand" as documented even if other tls_ options are absent
    (bnc#558397, ITS#6319)
  - apply changes to the global size and timelimits to all database
    that don't specify limits themself. (bnc#562184, ITS#6428)
* Mon Nov 30 2009
  - Update to 2.4.20 (fate#306593), most important fixes since 2.4.19
    * Fixed liblber embedded NUL values in BerValues (ITS#6353)
    * Fixed libldap sasl buffer sizing (ITS#6327,ITS#6334)
    * Fixed libldap uninitialized return value (ITS#6355)
    * Fixed libldap unlimited timeout (ITS#6388)
    * Added slapd handling of hex server IDs (ITS#6297)
    * Fixed slapd checks of str2filter (ITS#6391)
    * Fixed slapd configArgs initialization (ITS#6363)
    * Fixed slapd db_open with connection_fake_init (ITS#6381)
    * Fixed slapd with embedded \0 in bervals (ITS#6378,ITS#6379)
    * Fixed slapd inclusion of ac/unistd.h (ITS#6342)
    * Fixed slapd sl_free to better reclaim memory (ITS#6380)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl deletes in MirrorMode (ITS#6368)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl to use correct SID (ITS#6367)
    * Fixed slapd tls_accept to retry in certain cases (ITS#6304)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb cache corruption (ITS#6341)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb entry cache (ITS#6360)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov checkpoint conversion (ITS#6370)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov deadlock (ITS#6335)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov out of order changes (ITS#6346)
  - Added switch to enable/disable testsuite (%run_test_suite)
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - Added schema2ldif tool to openldap2-client subpackage
* Wed Sep 23 2009
  - Changed permissions on /var/run/slapd to a saner default for
    ldapi:/// (bnc#536729)
* Wed Sep 09 2009
  - libldap's check of the hostname against the TLS Certificate's CN
    Attribute did not handle possible NUL bytes in the CN correctly
    and was vulnerable against attacks with spoofed Certificates.
    (bnc#537143, ITS#6239)
* Tue Jul 14 2009
  - Update to 2.4.17. Most important changes:
    * Fixed liblber to use ber_strnlen (ITS#6080)
    * Fixed libldap openssl digest initialization (ITS#6192)
    * Fixed libldap tls NULL error messages (ITS#6079)
    * Added slapd sasl auxprop support (ITS#6147)
    * Added slapd schema checking tool (ITS#6150)
    * Added slapd writetimeout keyword (ITS#5836)
    * Fixed slapd abandon/cancel handling for some ops (ITS#6157)
    * Fixed slapd access setstyle to expand (ITS#6179)
    * Fixed slapd assert with closing connections (ITS#6111)
    * Fixed slapd bind race condition (ITS#6189)
    * Fixed slapd cert validation (ITS#6098)
    * Fixed slapd connection_destroy assert (ITS#6089)
    * Fixed slapd csn normalization (ITS#6195)
    * Fixed slapd errno handling (ITS#6037)
    * Fixed slapd hung writers (ITS#5836)
    * Fixed slapd ldapi issues (ITS#6056)
    * Fixed slapd normalization of updated schema attributes (ITS#5540)
    * Fixed slapd olcLimits handling (ITS#6159)
    * Fixed slapd olcLogLevel with hex levels (ITS#6162)
    * Fixed slapd sending cancelled operations results (ITS#6103)
    * Fixed slapd slapi_entry_has_children (ITS#6132)
    * Fixed slapd sockets usage on windows (ITS#6039)
    * Fixed slapd some abandon and cancel race conditions (ITS#6104)
    * Fixed slapd tls context after changes (ITS#6135)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb adjust dncachesize if too low (ITS#6176)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb crashes during delete (ITS#6177)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb multiple olcIndex for same attr (ITS#6196)
    * Fixed slapd-hdb freeing of already freed entries (ITS#6074)
    * Fixed slapd-hdb entryinfo cleanup (ITS#6088)
    * Fixed slapd-hdb dncache lockups (ITS#6095)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap deadlock with non-responsive TLS URIs (ITS#6167)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy to honor pwdLockout (ITS#6168)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy to return check modules error message (ITS#6082)
    * Added slapo-rwm rwm-drop-unrequested-attrs config option (ITS#6057)
    * Fixed slapo-rwm dn passing (ITS#6070)
    * Fixed slapo-rwm entry free/release (ITS#6058, ITS#6081)
    * Fixed tools returning ldif errors (ITS#5892)
  - Backported fix for failing back-monitor test from HEAD
  - re-enabled some formerly disabled tests from the testsuite
* Mon Jun 29 2009
  - Fixed Summary/Description for -client subpackage
* Thu Jun 25 2009
  - Improved connection check in init script (bnc#510295)
* Mon Jun 15 2009
  - Fixed complilation with newer glibc (2.3.X release needs
    GNU_SOURCE defined as well in getpeerid.c)
* Wed Apr 29 2009
  - gcc 4.4 fixes
* Mon Apr 06 2009
  - Update to 2.4.16. Most important fixes:
    * Fixed libldap segfault in checking cert/DN (ITS#5976)
    * Fixed libldap peer cert double free (ITS#5849)
    * Fixed libldap referral chasing (ITS#5980)
    * Fixed slapd backglue with empty DBs (ITS#5986)
    * Fixed slapd ctxcsn race condition (ITS#6001)
    * Fixed slapd debug message (ITS#6027)
    * Fixed slapd redundant module loading (ITS#6030)
    * Fixed slapd schema_init freed value (ITS#6036)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl newCookie sync messages (ITS#5972)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl hang during shutdown (ITS#6011)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl too many MMR messages (ITS#6020)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl skipped entries with MMR (ITS#5988)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb cachesize handling (ITS#5860)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb with slapcat with empty dn (ITS#6006)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb with NULL transactions (ITS#6012)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap incorrect referral handling (ITS#6003,ITS#5916)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap/meta with broken AD results (ITS#5977)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap/meta with invalid attrs again (ITS#5959)
    * Fixed slapo-accesslog interaction with ppolicy (ITS#5979)
    * Fixed slapo-dynlist conversion to cn=config (ITS#6002)
    * Fixed various slapo-syncprov issues (ITS#5972, ITS#6020,
      ITS#5985, ITS#5999, ITS#5973, ITS#6045, ITS#6024, ITS#5988)
  - Fix building on older openSUSE releases
* Fri Mar 20 2009
  - Update to 2.4.15. Most important changes:
    * Fixed slapd bconfig conversion again (ITS#5346)
    * Fixed slapd behavior with superior objectClasses again (ITS#5517)
    * Fixed slapd RFC4512 behavior with same attr in RDN (ITS#5968)
    * Fixed slapd corrupt contextCSN (ITS#5947)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl order to match on add/delete (ITS#5954)
    * Fixed slapd adding rdn with other values (ITS#5965)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb behavior with unallocatable shm (ITS#5956)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap/meta with entries with invalid attrs (ITS#5959)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache caching invalid entries (ITS#5927)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov csn updates (ITS#5969)
    * Added libldap option to disable SASL host canonicalization (ITS#5812)
    * Fixed libldap chasing multiple referrals (ITS#5853)
    * Fixed libldap setuid usage with .ldaprc (ITS#4750)
    * Fixed libldap deref handling (ITS#5768)
    * Fixed libldap NULL pointer deref (ITS#5934)
    * Fixed libldap peer cert memory leak (ITS#5849)
    * Fixed libldap intermediate response behavior (ITS#5896)
    * Fixed libldap IPv6 address handling (ITS#5937)
    * Fixed libldap_r deref building (ITS#5768)
    * Fixed libldap_r slapd lockup when paused during shutdown (ITS#5841)
    * Fixed slapd acl checks on ADD (ITS#4556,ITS#5723)
    * Fixed slapd acl application to newly created backends (ITS#5572)
    * Fixed slapd bconfig to return error codes (ITS#5867)
    * Fixed slapd bconfig encoding incorrectly (ITS#5897)
    * Fixed slapd bconfig dangling pointers (ITS#5924)
    * Fixed slapd epoll handling (ITS#5886)
    * Fixed slapd glue with MMR (ITS#5925)
    * Fixed slapd listener comparison (ITS#5613)
    * Fixed various syncrepl issues (ITS#5809,ITS#5850, ITS#5843,
      ITS#5866, ITS#5901, ITS#5881, ITS#5935, ITS#5710,
      ITS#5781, ITS#5809, ITS#5798, ITS#5826)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb dncachesize handling (ITS#5860)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb trickle task usage (ITS#5864)
    * Fixed slapd-hdb idlcache with empty suffix (ITS#5859)



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