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nvme-cli-regress-script-1.5-lp150.6.16.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 updates for aarch64

Name: nvme-cli-regress-script Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.6.16.1 Build date: Thu Jun 13 12:22:22 2019
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: obs-arm-1
Size: 2841 Source RPM: nvme-cli-1.5-lp150.6.16.1.src.rpm
Summary: A small script to test the nvme binary for regressions
A small shell script to test the nvme binary for regressions. It requires an
NVMe device for testing purposes. Do NOT use in a production environment.






* Fri May 17 2019 Simon Schricker <>
  - Add script to determine host NQN based on the system UUID
    + 0109-nvme-cli-Add-script-to-determine-host-NQN.patch
  - Update man page of nvme connect-all to list new flags.
    + 0106-nvme-cli-Update-nvme-connect-all-man-page.patch
  - Add new udev rule for NetApp E-Series and adjust udev rule naming
    scheme accordingly. (bsc#1124564)
    + 0107-nvme-cli-add-default-IO-policy-rule-for-NetApp-E-Ser.patch
    + 0108-nvme-cli-Rename-udev-rule-for-ONTAP-controller.patch
* Tue May 14 2019 Simon Schricker <>
  - Nvme flush now determines the namespace id, when not given via -n
    flag. This also fixes a failing test in the regress-script.
    + 0043-flush-Use-device-NSID-if-issuing-through-block-devic.patch
* Thu May 09 2019 Simon Schricker <>
  - remove c99 declaration to be compatible with older compilers.
    + 0041-nvme-vendor-fixup-c99-declaration-in-huawei-plugin.patch
  - rename transport type to bring the discovery log more in line
    with the code, see discussion at (bsc#1126565)
    + 0042-nvme-cli-fix-fc-trtype-string.patch
* Mon May 06 2019 Simon Schricker <>
  - Increase size of ONTAP namespace path variable
    + 0040-nvme-cli-Increase-size-of-ONTAP-namespace-path-varia.patch
  - Fix failing service on devices without fc-hardware (bsc#1133594)
    + 0105-nvme-cli-Check-for-sysfs-interface-before-NVMe-disco.patch
* Thu Apr 11 2019 Simon Schricker <>
  - Add new 'ontapdevices' command and corresponding documentation.
    Requested in (bsc#1131930).
    + 0038-nvme-cli-add-netapp-ontapdevices-command.patch
    + 0039-nvme-cli-add-netapp-ontapdevices-man-page.patch
    + 0104-nvme-cli-Fix-documentation-syntax-and-typo.patch
* Wed Mar 13 2019 Simon Schricker <>
  - Add to allow stopping the parameterized
    services (bsc#1127076). Also change the service type so udevd
    doesn't have to wait for the termination of the service process.
    + 0103-Change-service-to-type-simple.patch
* Tue Feb 12 2019
  - fabrics: allow nr_io/write/poll_queues and queue size to discovery
    + 0034-fabrics-allow-nr_io-write-poll_queues-and-queue-size.patch
  - fabrics: do not use 'queue_size' and 'nr_io_queues' for discovery
    controller (bsc#1111286)
    + 0035-fabrics-do-not-use-queue_size-and-nr_io_queues-for-d.patch
  - fabrics: mask out invalid options during discovery (bsc#1111286)
    + 0036-fabrics-mask-out-invalid-options-during-discovery.patch
  - nvme: Document '-Q' and '-i' for discovery and connect-all
    + 0037-nvme-Document-Q-and-i-for-discovery-and-connect-all.patch
  - Add 71-nvme-iopolicy-netapp.rules (bsc1124564)
    + 0101-71-nvme-iopolicy-netapp.rules-add-default-rules-for-.patch
* Fri Jan 18 2019
  - Add FC-NVMe autoconnect scripts (bsc#1103354)
    + 0100-nvme_fc-auto-connect-scripts.patch
* Thu Nov 08 2018
  - Refresh patch with mainline version
    + 0019-nvme-discover-Retry-discovery-log-if-the-generation-.patch
  - Fix print format specifier for 64-bit (bsc#1113400)
    + 0023-Fix-print-format-specifier-for-64-bit.patch
  - nvme-ana-log: fixup compiler warning in show_ana_log() (bsc#1113400)
    + 0024-nvme-ana-log-fixup-compiler-warning-in-show_ana_log.patch
  - fabrics: make some arguments integers (bsc#1113400)
    + 0025-fabrics-make-some-arguments-integers.patch
  - fabrics: don't fail empty discovery log page (bsc#1105314)
    + 0026-fabrics-don-t-fail-empty-discovery-log-page.patch
  - nvme: commonize subsystems info in a helper (bsc#1105314)
    + 0027-nvme-commonize-subsystems-info-in-a-helper.patch
  - nvme-ioctl: retrieve log pages in 4k chunks (bsc#1105314)
    + 0028-nvme-ioctl-retrieve-log-pages-in-4k-chunks.patch
  - nvme-discover: Re-check generation counter after log page transfer
    + 0029-nvme-discover-Re-check-generation-counter-after-log-.patch
  - nvme: fixup ANA group descriptor offset (bsc#1111384)
    + 0030-nvme-fixup-ANA-group-descriptor-offset.patch
  - nvme: introduce get_nvme_ctrl_attr() (bsc#1113400)
    + 0031-nvme-introduce-get_nvme_ctrl_attr.patch
  - nvme: print out controller state for 'list-subsys' (bsc#1113400)
    + 0032-nvme-print-out-controller-state-for-list-subsys.patch
  - Update 'nvme-list-subsys: Add device name argument and print ANA
    - 0018-nvme-list-subsys-Add-device-name-argument-and-print-.patch
    + 0033-nvme-list-subsys-Add-device-name-argument-and-print-.patch
* Fri Aug 10 2018
  - nvme-discover: Retry discovery log if the generation counter changes
    + 0019-nvme-discover-Retry-discovery-log-if-the-generation-.patch
  - nvme-fabrics: Fix passing "host_traddr" for all transports (bsc#1084379)
    + 0020-nvme-cli-fabrics-Fix-passing-host_traddr-for-all-tra.patch
  - fabrics: write ctrl_loss_tmo to fabrics device on connect (bsc#1084379)
    + 0021-fabrics-write-ctrl_loss_tmo-to-fabrics-device-on-con.patch
  - fabrics: write keep-alive-timeout to fabrics device on connect (bsc#1090568)
    + 0022-fabrics-write-keep-alive-timeout-to-fabrics-device-o.patch
* Tue Aug 07 2018
  - nvme-vendor: Add get_log LSP & LSO fields from 1.3 spec
    + 0007-nvme-vendor-Add-get-log-LSP-LSO-fields-from-1.3-spec.patch
  - nvme-cli: Implement nvme_get_log13 (bsc#1099018)
    + 0008-nvme-cli-Implement-nvme_get_log13.patch
  - nvme-cli: Add support of unsigned long long to json (bsc#1099018)
    + 0009-nvme-cli-Add-support-of-unsigned-long-long-to-json-r.patch
  - nvme-cli: add support of RAE (bsc#1099018)
    + 0010-nvme-cli-add-support-of-RAE.patch
  - nvme-cli: add minimal ana-log page support (bsc#1099018)
    + 0011-nvme-cli-add-minimal-ana-log-page-support.patch
  - nvme-cli: add ana_log documentation (bsc#1099018)
    + 0012-nvme-cli-add-ana-log-documentation.patch
  - nvme-discover: sanitize options
    + 0013-nvme-discover-sanitize-options.patch
  - Fix double free in list_subsys
    + 0014-Fix-double-free-in-list_subsys.patch (bsc#1099018)
  - Log error in case of failure in get_nvme_subsystem (bsc#1099018)
    + 0015-Log-error-incase-of-failure-in-get_nvme_subsystem_in.patch
  - nvme-cli: move print function to nvme-print.c (bsc#1099018)
    + 0016-nvme-cli-move-print-function-to-nvme-print.patch
  - nvme-cli: show partial results if controller fails (bsc#1099018)
    + 0017-nvme-cli-show-partial-results-if-controller-fails-du.patch
  - nvme-list-subsys: Add device name argument and print ANA state
    + 0018-nvme-list-subsys-Add-device-name-argument-and-print-.patch
* Thu Jun 07 2018
  - Add ctrl-loss-tmo to connect-all command (bsc#1084379)
    + 0006-fabrics-add-ctrl-loss-tmo-to-connect-all.patch
* Wed May 02 2018
  - Add keep-alive-tmo option to connect-all command (bsc#1090568)
    + 0005-fabrics-add-option-to-supply-keep-alive-timeout-for.patch
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Add ctrl-loss-tmo option to fabrics connect manpage (bsc#1084379)
    + 0004-Documentation-add-manpage-entry-for-connect-s-ctrl-l.patch
* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - Make log identifier a required parameter (bsc#1086240)
    + 0003-get-log-Make-log-identifier-a-required-parameter.patch
* Tue Feb 13 2018
  - Add NetApp vendor plugin (bsc#1080672)
    + 0001-nvme-cli-add-NetApp-plugin.patch
    + 0002-nvme-cli-add-netapp-smdevices-man-page.patch
* Wed Jan 10 2018
  - Update to version v1.5 (FATE#322735):
    * Remove upstreamed patches:
    - 0001-nvme-Introduce-new-list-subsys-command.patch
    - 0009-fabrics-also-set-queue_size-and-nr_io_queues-on-conn.patch
    * fabrics: also set queue_size and nr_io_queues on connect-all connects
    * nvme-cli: add duplicate_connect parameter support
    * nvme-cli : wdc-plugin Add support for WDC SN100 and SN200 devices.
    * Add AEN decoder helper to get-log
    * Regen documentation
    * Add Nix(OS) install instructions to the README
    * Fix the Markdown code for the Alpine install instructions
    * nvme-cli: make address print format more human-readable
    * intel-nvme: Fix compiler errors and warnings
    * Include sizing data in json output that's already included in the non-json results.
    * Cleanup variable definitions
    * Add command effects log page
    * Increase default format timeout
    * Revert "nvme-cli: add duplicate_connect parameter support"
    * nvme-cli: add duplicate_connect parameter support
    * nvme-cli: fix wrong bitmask in number of rpmb units.
    * nvme-cli: make command description const
    * nvme/id-ns: do not try to get namespace id from non-block device.
    * Fix typo in previous commit
    * Fix long suffix parse on 32-bit machines
    * Nitpicked a printing alignment issue with the id-ns vendor specific field
    * Avoid unnecessary abbreviation.
    * nvme/flush: explicitely close file descriptor
    * Fix memory leak
    * Add 'DEAC' support to write-zeroes command
    * Rebuild documentation
    * nvme-cli: resync nvme.h with the kernel's
    * NVMe-CLI : WDC-Plugin Updated Smart Log Command
    * NVMe-CLI : WDC-Plugin Documentation for Updated Smart Log Command
    * Regenerate documentation
    * nvme-cli: update show_registers_cc() to use nvme.h
    * nvme-cli: replace values of all namespaces with NVME_NSID_ALL
    * nvme-cli: add prints for new HMB identify fields of TP 4002
    * Update get-feature help text
    * Improve code alignment on intel plugin
    * Update intel internal log man page.
    * nvme-cli/intel: Return if arg parsing returns error
    * nvme: add options for write command directives
    * Update documentation
    * Updated the human readable printing for the SGLS field in the id-ctrl command to be compliant with NVMe 1.3
    * nvme: Introduce new 'list-subsys' command
    * nvme-cli: add support to get properties for NVMe over Fabric
    * nvme-cli: support to set the property for NVMe over Fabric
    * Reorder command list
    * Documentation fixes
    * nvme-cli: add support alias command with Firmware Activate
    * nvme-cli: update Firmware Commit with boot partition feature
    * nvme-cli: add command specific status of Firmware Commit
    * Update documentation to use aliases
    * nvme-cli: add prints of boot partition feature to show-regs
    * nvme-cli: Fix small mem leak.
    * Release v1.5
* Thu Dec 14 2017
  - Add list-subs subcommand (bsc#1072813)
    + 0001-nvme-Introduce-new-list-subsys-command.patch
* Tue Oct 24 2017
  - Update descriptions.
* Wed Oct 18 2017
  - Update to version v1.4 (FATE#322735):
    * Fixup Security send/recv to read data from disk
    * Unbreak RPM build after bash completion files were moved in 7e4c7596
    * fabrics: Fix disconnect_by_device from disconnecting instance 0 on error
    * lightnvm: allow to init target on factory mode
    * Fixed problem with security-recv binary output not working correctly
    * nvme-cli: return 0 if disconnect operation with cfg.nqn successfully
    * Fix compile for 32-bit
    * nvme-cli: Fix build on aarch64-linux-android-4.9
    * nvme-cli: Huawei plug-in.
    * nvme-print: Fix line spacing on -H option
    * id-ctrl: remove new lines from json output
    * nvme-list: print empty lists when no devices are present
    * fabrics: add option to override drivers queue depth
    * nvme-cli: nvme-intel implement json output for smart-log
    * nvme-cli: Add parsing support for noiob
    * Fix potential device string truncation
    * fabrics: add option to override drivers queue depth also for connect-all command
    * Regenerate man-pages
    * Release v1.3
    * nvme-print: Free only top-level json objects
    * fix use-after-free in pci.ids parsing
    * nvme-cli: add fields into identify controller data structure
    * nvme-cli: show more fields for id-ctrl
    * nvme-cli: id-ctrl: display additional fields
    * Show help when no or an invalid device is given
    * nvme-cli: add id-ctrl for nvme-huawei plug-in.
    * Fix spelling errors
    * fabrics: add hostid option to connect command
    * nvme-cli: add ns-descs subcommand
    * nvme-cli: Get Feature support for Extended Host Id
    * nvme-cli: Fix typo in Intel plugin and improve generic help text
    * Implement Intel Vendor specific logs
    * nvme-cli: add thermal management fields for smart-log
    * nvme-cli: add temperature sensor fields in json_smart_log
    * nvme-cli: add output-format discription for smart-log
    * Formatting update
    * Regenerate documentation
    * nvme-cli: add error message for nvme list.
    * Fix typo of flbas in nvme_create_max_ns_test
    * Show help for get-ns-id
    * Show help for nvme reset and subsystem-reset
    * nvme-cli: Extended Data Structure in resv-report
    * Update docs
    * resync nvme.h with the kernel nvme.h
    * nvme-cli : add support for sanitize command.
    * nvme-cli : add sanitize command documentation.
    * nvme-cli : add support for retrieving sanitize log.
    * nvme-cli : add sanitize-log command documentation.
    * fix build without libuuid
    * nvme-cli : wdc-plug-in : return on invalid input device.
    * nvme-cli : only print help text and return for nvme list -h option.
    * nvme-cli/list-ns: fix identifying active or allocated namespaces list
    * Fixed get_internal_log to parse the entire nlog and allow selection of specific regions to be parsed.
    * NVMe-CLI Fix Sanitize Command Parameter Types
    * Fix app tag and mask setting
    * Fix app tag field sizes
    * nvme-cli/list: fix when nvme device can not be open
    * nvme-cli/list: change fd returned by open operation from unsigned to signed.
    * Makefile: allow linker override for cross uuid test
    * nvme-cli: fix connecting failure due to invalid uuid format of hostid
    * nvme-cli/fabrics: Add ctrl-loss-tmo param to connect cmd
    * Fixing macro definitions to avoid issues when these are used in expressions
    * nvme-cli: add nvme directive command support
    * nvme-cli: add documentation for directive commands
    * fix for issue 219, show-regs reports AQA.ACQS and AQA.ASQS as bytes
    * nvme-cli: Fix nvme ns desc
    * new bit fields (6, 7, and 8) for OACS from NVMe rev 1.3
    * added new bit field (6) to ONCS from NVMe rev 1.3
    * nvme-cli: Describe action 3 of nvme activate
    * nvme-cli: generate spec-compliant UUID NQNs
    * NVMe-CLI Fixed Status Code check for reset type on fw-activate.
    * Added handling for temperature threshold values below 0C(273K) and removed buffer check for human readable output as Temperature threshold feature does not use Memory Buffer for Attributes
    * Update nvme.c
    * nvme-cli : Add Namespace Rescan Command
    * nvme-cli : Add man documentation files for ns-rescan command.
    * Version 1.4 Release
    * Drop upstream patches:
    - 0001-fabrics-add-option-to-override-drivers-queue-depth.patch
    - 0002-fabrics-add-option-to-override-drivers-queue-depth-a.patch
    - add-missing-nvme_id_crtl-fileds.patch
    - 0003-nvme-cli-show-more-fields-for-id-ctrl.patch
    - 0004-nvme-cli-id-ctrl-display-additional-fields.patch
    - 0005-nvme-cli-add-ns-descs-subcommand.patch
    - 0006-fabrics-add-hostid-option-to-connect-command.patch
    - 0007-nvme-cli-fix-connecting-failure-due-to-invalid-uuid-format.patch
    - 0008-nvme-cli-generate-spec-compliant-uuid-nqns.patch
* Tue Oct 17 2017
  - allow override queue depth and nr io queues on connect-all (bsc#1063462)
    + 0009-fabrics-also-set-queue_size-and-nr_io_queues-on-conn.patch
* Thu Sep 07 2017
  - Generate Spec compliant UUID NQNs (bsc#1057498)
    + 0008-nvme-cli-generate-spec-compliant-uuid-nqns.patch
* Thu Aug 31 2017
  - Fix hostid parsing (bsc#1049272)
    + 0007-nvme-cli-fix-connecting-failure-due-to-invalid-uuid-format.patch
* Fri Jun 30 2017
  - Add hostid option to connect command (bsc#1045293)
    + 0006-fabrics-add-hostid-option-to-connect-command.patch
* Mon Jun 26 2017
  - Create nvme files and directories in /etc/nvme (bsc#1045931 )
* Mon Jun 26 2017
  - Provide nvme ns-descs subcommand (bsc#1038235)
    + 0005-nvme-cli-add-ns-descs-subcommand.patch
* Fri Jun 16 2017
  -  Also re-build documentation on each build (bsc#1037297)
* Wed Jun 14 2017
  - Add NVMe over Fabrics specific id-ctrl fields (bsc#1037293)
    + add-missing-nvme_id_crtl-fileds.patch
    + 0003-nvme-cli-show-more-fields-for-id-ctrl.patch
    + 0004-nvme-cli-id-ctrl-display-additional-fields.patch
* Fri May 12 2017
  - Add possibility to change queue depth at connect time (bsc#1037297)
    + 0001-fabrics-add-option-to-override-drivers-queue-depth.patch
    + 0002-fabrics-add-option-to-override-drivers-queue-depth-a.patch
* Mon Apr 24 2017
  - Update to version v1.2 (FATE#322735 ,bsc#1033410):
    * Include endian.h for byte/host order functions
    * nvme-cli: Add nvme hostnqn generation option
    * nvme.spec/debian: Auto generate host nqn as part of install
    * Documentation: Add entry for gen-hostnqn
    * Regenerate Documentation
    * Fix read/write man pages
    * get-features: Don't try to read the data buffer for sel == 3
    * Documentation: fix location of device reset
    * Regen documentation
    * Remove debian/ directory
    * Remove pyc files generated by 'make test'
    * Moving the bash completion files to the standard
    * lightnvm: default to -1 on lun begin and end
    * nvme-cli: fabrics: Fix to pass "host_traddr" to the kernel driver.
    * nvme-cli: id-ctrl: Fix memory leak for JSON.
    * nvme-cli: id-ns: Fix memory leak for JSON.
    * nvme-cli: error-log: Fix memory leak for JSON.
    * nvme-cli: resv-report: Fix memory leak.
    * nvme-cli: smart-log: Fix memory leak for JSON.
    * nvme-cli: fw-log: Fix memory leak for JSON.
    * nvme-cli: json_add_smart_log(): Fix memory leak for JSON.
    * nvme-cli: smart-log: Allow negative values for temp sensors.
    * Don't print unimplemented sensor
    * Build without uuid
    * get-ns-id: Exit when no device provided.
    * nvme-cli: id-ctrl: Add vendor fields in JSON id-ctrl.
    * nvme-cli: nvme.c: Allow plug-ins to access to output formats and helper.
    * nvme-cli: Western Digital/HGST plug-in.
    * nvme-cli: Western Digital/HGST plug-in documentation.
    * <linux/nvme.h>: Correct NVMF enum values to match NVMe-oF rev 1.0
    * fabrics: Handle space-padded TRSVCID and TRADDR fields
    * nvme-cli: bug-fix: use right file name for perror.
    * move show_intel_smart_log to intel-nvme.c
    * remove json_add_smart_log
    * remove nvme_intel_smart_log
    * move struct nvme_additional_smart_log to intel-nvme.c
    * nvme-cli/format: use existing LBAF if none requested
    * nvme-cli: Release v1.2
* Thu Mar 02 2017
  -  Update to upstream release v1.1 (FATE#322735)
    * This fixes multiple compiler warnings for 32-bit and other environments
      from v1.0, adds more documentation to fabrics, removes the libudev
      dependency entirely from this project, adds a framework for unit testing
      devices, and fixes usage for user defined install paths
* Thu Sep 15 2016
  - Update to upstream release v0.9
    - Remove merged remove-version-from-list.patch
    * New extensions, fabrics support, a bug fixes. The 'list' command
      is liberated from its udev dependency, and no longer requires
      CONFIG_IO_STRICT_DEVMEM be disabled.
* Wed Aug 31 2016
  - Don't map controller registers in 'list' command (boo#986891)
    + remove-version-from-list.patch
* Tue Aug 09 2016
  - Update to upstream release v0.8
    - Remove merged patch 0001-bash-completion-Remove-shebang-line.patch
    * Code re-organized to support new extensions. While these are called
      "plugins", they currently have to be built into the executable. Support
      for dynamically loadable plugins is under consideration.
    * LightNVM is added as a built-in plugin.
    * Intel vendor specific commands and structure decodings are supported
      in a new intel plugin.
    * Support for NVMe-over-Fabrics
    * New output format "json" for a subset of commands that decode returned
    * Lots of various documentation and minor code fixes.
* Wed Jun 01 2016
  - Update to upstream release v0.7
    + 0001-bash-completion-Remove-shebang-line.patch
    Keith writes:
      Just a few minor updates and documentation fixes. There is also a new
      option for passthrough commands that can be used to help detect data
      over/under run.
      Tagging a stable release so we can consider features that bring in other
      transports and third party extensions.
* Wed Apr 13 2016
  - Exclude build on s390x (FATE#319560)
* Fri Mar 18 2016
  - Update to upstream release v0.5
      The v0.4 breakage should all be resolved now. Tagging release
      v0.5, and back to stability.
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - Update to upstream release v0.4
* Mon Feb 15 2016
  - Fix display of version number (boo#966740)
* Thu Feb 11 2016
  - Initial packaging for openSUSE



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