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policycoreutils-3.5-6.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: policycoreutils Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 3.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 6.1 Build date: Sun Oct 29 05:29:14 2023
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: s390zl28
Size: 277989 Source RPM: policycoreutils-3.5-6.1.src.rpm
Summary: SELinux policy core utilities
policycoreutils contains the policy core utilities that are required
for basic operation of a SELinux system.  These utilities include
load_policy to load policies, setfiles to label filesystems, newrole
to switch roles, and run_init to run /etc/init.d scripts in the proper

(Security-enhanced Linux is a feature of the kernel and some
utilities that implement mandatory access control policies, such as
Type Enforcement, Role-based Access Control and Multi-Level






* Wed Oct 25 2023 Hu <>
  - Add reproducible-build.patch to make the output of "sepolicy manpage"
    deterministic (bsc#1216452)
* Fri Oct 06 2023 Filippo Bonazzi <>
  - Move dbus configuration file to /usr/share instead of /etc
* Fri Jul 21 2023 Filippo Bonazzi <>
  - Add policycoreutils-rpmlintrc to suppress spurious rpmlint warnings
* Tue Jul 18 2023 Filippo Bonazzi <>
  - Fix newrole debuginfo broken by mistaken 'noarch'
* Mon Jul 10 2023 Filippo Bonazzi <>
  - Add GUI and DBUS subpackages
    * Remove files now provided in upstream tarballs:
    - Drop system-config-selinux.png
    - Drop system-config-selinux.desktop
    - Drop system-config-selinux.pam
    - Drop system-config-selinux.console
    - Drop selinux-polgengui.desktop
    - Drop selinux-polgengui.console
  - Refactor spec file
    * Remove empty sandbox package definition
* Thu Jun 29 2023 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Only recommend policycoreutils-devel. The requires causes build issues
    and this can be used with a policy from a different source
  - Required fixed python3-selinux, not version dependend sub-packages
* Mon Jun 26 2023 William Brown <>
  - Recommend setools-console as these cli tools compliment policycoreutils
    for analysis and debugging of policy issues
* Mon Jun 26 2023 William Brown <>
  - Add requires for policycoreutils-devel for selinux-policy-devel as
    policycoreutils-devel requires this
* Wed Jun 21 2023 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Adjust python requirement for newer SLES versions
* Mon Jun 19 2023 Filippo Bonazzi <>
  - Add Leap compatibility symlinks between /usr/sbin and /sbin (bsc#1210482)
  - Refresh GPG keyring
* Tue May 09 2023 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Add python-wheel build dependency to build correctly with latest
    python-pip version.
* Fri Feb 24 2023 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Update to version 3.5
    * fixfiles: Unmount temporary bind mounts on SIGINT
    * Lots of smaller changes
  - Refreshed get_os_version.patch
  - Drop chcat_handle_missing_translations.patch, is upstream
  - Add additional BuildRequires for python
  - Added additional developer key (Jason Zaman)
  - Add requires for python3-distro for the devel package
* Mon Dec 19 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Use %_pam_vendordir
* Fri Dec 16 2022 Stefan Schubert <>
  - Error in spec file: No "config" tag in "/usr/ should be used.
* Fri Dec 09 2022 Stefan Schubert <>
  - Migration PAM settings to /usr/etc: Saving user changed
    configuration files in /etc and restoring them while an RPM
* Mon Jul 25 2022 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Add recommends for ausearch binary (bsc#1201043)
* Wed Jun 22 2022 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Handle missing translations properly in chcat. Added
    chcat_handle_missing_translations.patch (bsc#1200752)
* Tue Jun 21 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Build and package translations for python-utils (boo#1200752).
* Mon May 09 2022 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Update to version 3.4
    * fixfiles: Use parallel relabeling
  - Refreshed patches
    * get_os_version.patch
    * run_init.pamd.patch
* Wed Apr 20 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Fix file list: package ru/man8/sepolgen.8 only in the devel
    package (was in devel and main).
* Thu Nov 25 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - finish UsrMerge (bsc#1191089)
* Wed Nov 24 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Add run_init.pamd.patch to adjust to SUSE pam setup. Removed
    run_init_use_pam_keyinit.patch and included it in the new patch
* Thu Nov 11 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Update to version 3.3
    * Lots of fuzzing fixes
    * `fixfiles -C` doesn't exclude /dev and /run anymore
    Refreshed get_os_version.patch
* Tue Mar 09 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Update to version 3.2
    * Tools using sepolgen, e.g. audit2allow, print extended permissions in
    * sepolgen sorts extended rules like normal ones
    * `setfiles` doesn't abort on labeling errors
  - Refreshed get_os_version.patch
* Thu Sep 10 2020 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Add get_os_version.patch
    get_os_version is implemented in a very RH/Fedora specific way.
    Ensure that it returns a valid string for SUSE by changing the
    default. Also remove the RH specific logic when generating HTML
    versions of the SELinux documentation
* Wed Jul 29 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Align more with Fedora spec file to get rid of python dependencies
    in the core system
    - create new python-utils sub-package
    - move some tools to devel sub-package
  - Cleanup dependencies
* Fri Jul 17 2020 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Proper default permissions for newrole (4755)
* Tue Jul 14 2020 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Update to version 3.1
    * New `setfiles -E` option - treat conflicting specifications as errors, such
      as where two hardlinks for the same inode have different contexts.
    * `setsebool -V` reports errors from commit phase
    * matchpathcon related interfaces are deprecated
    * New `restorecon -x` option which prevents it from crossing file system
    * boundaries.
    * `sepolgen-ifgen` parses a gen_tunable statement as bool
    * Removed Requires for python3-ipy as the ipaddress module is used. No
      requires for python-ipaddress as it's assumed this is used only on recent
    * Drop chcat_join.patch, is upstream
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Pass the right value for LIBEXECDIR to make / make install
    instead of trying to move the file around post install. This
    caters for the planned change of libexecdir to change from
    /usr/lib to /usr/libexec by injecting the right value no matter
* Fri May 29 2020 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Move pp binary to libexec directory instead of lib
* Mon Mar 09 2020 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Dropped Recommends: for %{name}-lang and %{name}-devel. Not
    allowed by openSUSE guidelines
* Tue Mar 03 2020 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Update to version 3.0
    * fixfiles: Fix "verify" option
    * fixfiles: Fix [-B] [-F] onboot
    * fixfiles: Force full relabel when SELinux is disabled
    * semodule: Enable CIL logging
    * semanage: Add support for DCCP and SCTP protocols
    * semanage: Do not use default s0 range in "semanage login -a"
    * semanage: Document DCCP and SCTP support
    * semanage: Improve handling of "permissive" statements
    * semanage: fix moduleRecords.customized()
    Refreshed chcat_join.patch
* Thu Feb 27 2020 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Ship working pam config for newrole (bsc#1163020)
  - Recommend policycoreutils-devel to have perm_map file available
* Wed Feb 19 2020 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Package perm_map as it's used by audit2* tools



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