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libica4-4.3.0-1.3 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: libica4 Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 4.3.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Mon Jan 29 08:52:34 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 382098 Source RPM: libica-4.3.0-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Library interface for the IBM Cryptographic Accelerator
This package contains the interface library routines used by IBM
modules to interface with the IBM eServer Cryptographic Accelerator






* Mon Jan 29 2024 Nikolay Gueorguiev <>
  - Upgrade libica to version 2.3.0 (jsc#PED-5446)
    * New API function ica_allow_external_gcm_iv_in_fips_mode
    * Bug fixes
* Fri Oct 06 2023 Nikolay Gueorguiev <>
  - Upgrade to version 4.2.3 (jsc#PED-5446)
    * Add OPENSSL_init_crypto in libica constructor
    * Remove deprecated ioctl Z90STAT_STATUS_MASK
    * Bug fixes
* Tue May 23 2023 Nikolay Gueorguiev <>
  - Upgrade to version 4.2.2 (jsc#PED-3277, jsc#PED-3276)
    - [UPDATE] syslog msgs only in error cases
    - [UPDATE] don't count statistics in fips power-on self tests
    - [PATCH] various fixes and some new tests
* Fri Apr 28 2023 Otto Hollmann <>
  - Remove file /etc/libica/openssl3-fips.cnf - we don't support FIPS yet
* Thu Apr 27 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Prefix /etc/libica with %dir to ensure we don't package
    unversioned files in libica4, as otherwise we violate SLPP.
* Thu Apr 27 2023 Otto Hollmann <>
  - Add /etc/libica directory into %files section.
* Fri Feb 17 2023 Nikolay Gueorguiev <>
  - Upgrade to version 4.2.1 (jsc#PED-2872)
    - [PATCH] fix regression opening shared memory
* Mon Jan 16 2023 Marcus Meissner <>
  - Upgrade to version 4.2.0 (jsc#PED-581, bsc#1202365).
    - [FEATURE] Display build info via icainfo -v
    - [FEATURE] New API function ica_get_build_version()
    - [FEATURE] Display fips indication via icainfo -f
    - [FEATURE] New API function ica_get_fips_indicator()
    - [FEATURE] New API function ica_aes_gcm_initialize_fips()
    - [FEATURE] New API function ica_aes_gcm_kma_get_iv()
    - [FEATURE] New API function ica_get_msa_level()
    - [PATCH] icainfo: check for malloc error when getting functionlist
* Tue Oct 11 2022 Mark Post <>
  - Upgrade to version 4.1.1 (jsc#PED-581, bsc#1202365).
    - [PATCH] Fix aes-xts multi-part operations
      [PATCH] Fix make dist
    - [FEATURE] FIPS: make libica FIPS 140-3 compliant
      [FEATURE] New API function ica_ecdsa_sign_ex()
      [FEATURE] New icainfo output option -r
    - [PATCH] Various bug fixes
  - Removed the following obsolete files:
* Mon Sep 12 2022 Mark Post <>
  - Upgraded to version 4.0.3 (jsc#PED-581, jsc#PED-621, jsc#PED-629)
    - [PATCH] Reduce the number of open file descriptors
    - [PATCH] Various bug fixes
    - [PATCH] Various bug fixes
    - [PATCH] Various bug fixes
    - [PATCH] Compute HMAC from installed library
    - [UPDATE] NO_SW_FALLBACKS is now the default for
      [UPDATE] Removed deprecated API functions including tests
      [UPDATE] Introduced 'const' for some API function parameters
      [FEATURE] icastats: new parm -k to display detailed counters
  - Replaced libica-sles15sp2-FIPS-hmac-key.patch with an updated
    version named libica-sles15sp5-FIPS-hmac-key.patch.
  - Updated the libica-rpmlintrc file to suppress warnings about the
    libica-cex hmac files being hidden.
  - Updated the spec file to properly both obsolete and provide two
    older versions of the package.
* Tue Oct 19 2021 Mark Post <>
  - Upgrade to version 3.9.0 (jsc#SLE-18454, jsc#SLE-18564)
    - [FEATURE] Add support for OpenSSL 3.0
    - [FEATURE] icainfo: new parm -c to display available EC curves
  - Replaced the obsolete PreReq: %fillup_prereq
    with                  Requires(post): %fillup_prereq
    in the spec file.
* Mon Jun 07 2021 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Update to version 3.8.0 (jsc#SLE-18334)
    - [FEATURE] provide libica-cex module to satisfy special security requirements
    - [FEATURE] FIPS: enforce the HMAC check
  - Remove upstreamed patches:
    - libica-sles15sp2-FIPS-add-SHA3-KATs-to-fips_powerup_tests.patch
    - libica-sles15sp2-FIPS-skip-SHA3-tests-if-running-on-hardware-without-.patch
    - libica-sles15sp2-Zeroize-local-variables.patch
  - Remove patches obsoleted by upstrea developent:
    * FIPS: Find libica from phdrs.
    - libica-sles15sp2-FIPS-use-full-library-version-for-hmac-filename.patch
    * FIPS: enforce the hmac check
    - libica-sles15sp2-FIPS-fix-inconsistent-error-handling.patch
  - Fix up tests and hmac generation
    + libica-FIPS-make-it-possible-to-specify-fipshmac-binary.patch
  - Remove obsolete attributes from filelists



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