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java-21-openjdk-headless- RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: java-21-openjdk-headless Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Sat Dec 16 07:57:01 2023
Group: Development/Languages/Java Build host: s390zl29
Size: 193240611 Source RPM: java-21-openjdk-
Summary: OpenJDK 21 Runtime Environment
The OpenJDK 21 runtime environment without audio and video support.




Apache-1.1 AND Apache-2.0 AND GPL-1.0-or-later AND GPL-2.0-only AND GPL-2.0-only WITH Classpath-exception-2.0 AND LGPL-2.0-only AND MPL-1.0 AND MPL-1.1 AND SUSE-Public-Domain AND W3C


* Thu Dec 14 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Modified patch:
    * fips.patch
      + use the system crypto-policies provided configuration file
      by default (bsc#1218061)
* Fri Oct 27 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Set priority and make it the preferred JDK
* Wed Oct 25 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Upgrade to upstream tag jdk-21.0.1+12 (October 2023 CPU)
    * Security fixes:
      + JDK-8286503: Enhance security classes
      + JDK-8308204: Enhanced certificate processing
      + JDK-8309966, CVE-2023-22081, bsc#1216374: Enhanced TLS
      + JDK-8312248: Enhanced archival support redux
      + JDK-8314649: Enhanced archival support redux
      + JDK-8317121, CVE-2023-22025, bsc#1216339: vector_masked_load
      instruction is moved too early after JDK-8286941
    * Other changes:
      + JDK-8240567: MethodTooLargeException thrown while creating a
      jlink image
      + JDK-8284772: GHA: Use GCC Major Version Dependencies Only
      + JDK-8293114: JVM should trim the native heap
      + JDK-8296581: Better system proxy support
      + JDK-8297856: Improve handling of Bidi characters
      + JDK-8299658: C1 compilation crashes in
      + JDK-8302017: Allocate BadPaddingException only if it will be
      + JDK-8303815: Improve Metaspace test speed
      + JDK-8304954: SegmentedCodeCache fails when using large pages
      + JDK-8307766: Linux: Provide the option to override the timer
      + JDK-8308042: [macos] Developer ID Application Certificate not
      picked up by jpackage if it contains UNICODE characters
      + JDK-8308047: java/util/concurrent/ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor/
      / timed out and also had jcmd pipe errors
      + JDK-8308184: Launching java with large number of jars in
      classpath with java.protocol.handler.pkgs system property set
      can lead to StackOverflowError
      + JDK-8308474: DSA does not reset SecureRandom when initSign is
      called again
      + JDK-8308609: java/lang/ScopedValue/
      fails with "-XX:-VMContinuations"
      + JDK-8309032: jpackage does not work for module projects
      unless --module-path is specified
      + JDK-8309088: security/infra/java/security/cert/
      /CertPathValidator/certification/ fails
      + JDK-8309214: sun/security/pkcs11/KeyStore/
      / fails after 8301154
      + JDK-8309475: Test java/foreign/ fails: a
      problem with msync (aix)
      + JDK-8309502: RISC-V: String.indexOf intrinsic may produce
      misaligned memory loads
      + JDK-8309591: Socket.setOption(TCP_QUICKACK) uses wrong level
      + JDK-8309746: Reconfigure check should include
      + JDK-8309889: [s390] Missing return statement after calling
      jump_to_native_invoker method in
      + JDK-8310106:
      .getHandshakeProducer() incorrectly checks handshakeConsumers
      + JDK-8310171: Bump version numbers for 21.0.1
      + JDK-8310211: serviceability/jvmti/thread/GetStackTrace/
      /getstacktr03/ failing
      + JDK-8310233: Fix THP detection on Linux
      + JDK-8310268: RISC-V: misaligned memory access in
      String.Compare intrinsic
      + JDK-8310321: make JDKOPT_CHECK_CODESIGN_PARAMS more verbose
      + JDK-8310586: ProblemList java/lang/ScopedValue/
      / with virtual threads on
      + JDK-8310687: JDK-8303215 is incomplete
      + JDK-8310873: Re-enable locked_create_entry symbol check in
      runtime/NMT/ for RISC-V
      + JDK-8311026: Some G1 specific tests do not set -XX:+UseG1GC
      + JDK-8311033: [macos] PrinterJob does not take into account
      Sides attribute
      + JDK-8311160: [macOS, Accessibility] VoiceOver: No
      announcements on JRadioButtonMenuItem and JCheckBoxMenuItem
      + JDK-8311249: Remove unused MemAllocator::obj_memory_range
      + JDK-8311285: report some fontconfig related environment
      variables in hs_err file
      + JDK-8311511: Improve description of NativeLibrary JFR event
      + JDK-8311592: ECKeySizeParameterSpec causes too many
      exceptions on third party providers
      + JDK-8311682: Change milestone to fcs for all releases
      + JDK-8311862: RISC-V: small improvements to shift immediate
      + JDK-8311917: MAP_FAILED definition seems to be obsolete in
      + JDK-8311921: Inform about MaxExpectedDataSegmentSize in case
      of pthread_create failures on AIX
      + JDK-8311923: fails on RISC-V
      + JDK-8311926: java/lang/ScopedValue/
      takes 9mins in tier1
      + JDK-8311955: c++filt is now ibm-llvm-cxxfilt when using xlc17
      / clang on AIX
      + JDK-8311981: Test gc/stringdedup/
      / timed
      + JDK-8312127: FileDescriptor.sync should temporarily increase
      + JDK-8312180: (bf) MappedMemoryUtils passes incorrect
      arguments to msync (aix)
      + JDK-8312182: THPs cause huge RSS due to thread start timing
      + JDK-8312394: [linux] SIGSEGV if kernel was built without
      hugepage support
      + JDK-8312395: Improve assertions in growableArray
      + JDK-8312401: SymbolTable::do_add_if_needed hangs when called
      in InstanceKlass::add_initialization_error path with
      requesting length exceeds max_symbol_length
      + JDK-8312489: Increase jdk.jar.maxSignatureFileSize default
      which is too low for JARs such as WhiteSource/Mend unified
      agent jar
      + JDK-8312525: New test runtime/os/
      / is failing: did not see the
      expected RSS reduction
      + JDK-8312535: MidiSystem.getSoundbank() throws unexpected
      + JDK-8312555: Ideographic characters aren't stretched by
      AffineTransform.scale(2, 1)
      + JDK-8312573: Failure during CompileOnly parsing leads to
      + JDK-8312585: Rename DisableTHPStackMitigation flag to
      + JDK-8312591: GCC 6 build failure after JDK-8280982
      + JDK-8312619: Strange error message when switching over long
      + JDK-8312620: WSL Linux build crashes after JDK-8310233
      + JDK-8312625: Test serviceability/dcmd/vm/
      failed: RSS use increased
      + JDK-8312909: C1 should not inline through interface calls
      with non-subtype receiver
      + JDK-8312976: MatchResult produces
      StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for groups outside match
      + JDK-8312984: javac may crash on a record pattern with too few
      + JDK-8313081: MonitoringSupport_lock should be unconditionally
      initialized after 8304074
      + JDK-8313248: C2: setScopedValueCache intrinsic exposes
      nullptr pre-values to store barriers
      + JDK-8313262: C2:  Sinking node may cause required cast to be
      + JDK-8313307: java/util/Formatter/ fails on some
      + JDK-8313312: Add missing classpath exception copyright header
      + JDK-8313323: javac -g on a java file which uses unnamed
      variable leads to ClassFormatError when launching that class
      + JDK-8313402: C1: Incorrect LoadIndexed value numbering
      + JDK-8313428: GHA: Bump GCC versions for July 2023 updates
      + JDK-8313576: GCC 7 reports compiler warning in bundled
      freetype 2.13.0
      + JDK-8313602: increase timeout for
      + JDK-8313626: C2 crash due to unexpected exception control flow
      + JDK-8313657: com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection.cleanup does not
      close connections on SocketTimeoutErrors
      + JDK-8313676: Amend TestLoadIndexedMismatch test to target
      intrinsic directly
      + JDK-8313678: SymbolTable can leak Symbols during cleanup
      + JDK-8313691: use close after failing os::fdopen in vmError
      and ciEnv
      + JDK-8313701: GHA: RISC-V should use the official repository
      for bootstrap
      + JDK-8313707: GHA: Bootstrap sysroots with --variant=minbase
      + JDK-8313752: InstanceKlassFlags::print_on doesn't print the
      flag names
      + JDK-8313765: Invalid CEN header (invalid zip64 extra data
      field size)
      + JDK-8313796: AsyncGetCallTrace crash on unreadable
      interpreter method pointer
      + JDK-8313874: JNI NewWeakGlobalRef throws exception for null
      + JDK-8313901: [TESTBUG] test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/codecache/
      / fails with
      + JDK-8313904: [macos] All signing tests which verifies
      unsigned app images are failing
      + JDK-8314020: Print instruction blocks in byte units
      + JDK-8314024: SIGSEGV in
      PhaseIdealLoop::build_loop_late_post_work due to bad immediate
      dominator info
      + JDK-8314063: The socket is not closed in
      Connection::createSocket when the handshake failed for LDAP
      + JDK-8314117: RISC-V: Incorrect VMReg encoding in
      + JDK-8314118: Update JMH devkit to 1.37
      + JDK-8314139: TEST_BUG: runtime/os/
      / could fail on machine
      with large number of cores
      + JDK-8314144: gc/g1/ihop/ fails due to
      extra concurrent mark with -Xcomp
      + JDK-8314216: Case enumConstant, pattern compilation fails
      + JDK-8314262: GHA: Cut down cross-compilation sysroots deeper
      + JDK-8314423: Multiple patterns without unnamed variables
      + JDK-8314426: runtime/os/ is failing on
      slow machines
      + JDK-8314501: Shenandoah: sun/tools/jhsdb/heapconfig/
      / fails
      + JDK-8314517: some tests fail in case ipv6 is disabled on the
      + JDK-8314618: RISC-V: -XX:MaxVectorSize does not work as
      + JDK-8314656: GHA: No need for Debian ports keyring
      installation after JDK-8313701
      + JDK-8314679: SA fails to properly attach to JVM after having
      just detached from a different JVM
      + JDK-8314730: GHA: Drop libfreetype6-dev transitional package
      in favor of libfreetype-dev
      + JDK-8314850: SharedRuntime::handle_wrong_method() gets called
      too often when resolving Continuation.enter
      + JDK-8314960: Add Certigna Root CA - 2
      + JDK-8315020: The macro definition for LoongArch64 zero build
      is not accurate.
      + JDK-8315051: jdk/jfr/jvm/ fails with
      non-JVMCI GCs
      + JDK-8315534: Incorrect warnings about implicit annotation
* Wed Oct 18 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Compiler flags to realign stack on ix86 (bsc#1214790)
* Thu Sep 21 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * reproducible-properties.patch
      + use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for timestamp in properties files if
      it is set
* Tue Sep 19 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Initial packaging of OpenJDK 21 release
  - Highlight of changes to OpenJDK 17 LTS
    * Additions
      + HotSpot JVM
      JEP-422: Linux/RISC-V Port (19)
      ° Garbage Collectors
      JEP-439: Generational ZGC (21)
      ° Serviceability
      JEP-451: Prepare to Disallow the Dynamic Loading of Agents (21)
      + Language
      JEP-441: Pattern Matching for switch (21)
      JEP-440: Record Patterns (21)
      + Libraries
      JEP-444: Virtual Threads (21)
      ° Collections
      JEP-431: Sequenced Collections (21)
      ° Cryptography
      JEP-452: Key Encapsulation Mechanism API (21)
      ° I/O
      JEP-400: UTF-8 by Default (18)
      ° Networking
      JEP-418: Internet-Address Resolution SPI (18)
      JEP-408: Simple Web Server (18)
      ° Reflection & Method Handles
      JEP-416: Reimplement Core Reflection with Method Handles (18)
      + Tools
      ° JavaDoc
      JEP-413: Code Snippets in Java API Documentation (18)
    * Preview & Incubating
      + Language
      JEP-430: String Templates (Preview) (21)
      JEP-445: Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods (Preview) (21)
      JEP-443: Unnamed Patterns and Variables (Preview) (21)
      + Libraries
      JEP-442: Foreign Function & Memory API (Third Preview) (21)
      JEP-446: Scoped Values (Preview) (21)
      JEP-453: Structured Concurrency (Preview) (21)
      JEP-448: Vector API (Sixth Incubator) (21)
    * Deprecations
      + HotSpot JVM
      JEP-449: Deprecate the Windows 32-bit x86 Port for Removal (21)
      + Libraries
      JEP-421: Deprecate Finalization for Removal (18)



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