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fd-9.0.0-2.2 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: fd Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 9.0.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Sat Dec 23 11:57:37 2023
Group: Productivity/File utilities Build host: reproducible
Size: 5154318 Source RPM: fd-9.0.0-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: An alternative to the "find" utility
fd is an alternative to GNU find. It features:

* Colorized terminal output (similar to ls).
* The search is case-insensitive by default. It switches to
  case-sensitive if the pattern contains an uppercase character.
* By default, ignores patterns from .gitignore, and ignores hidden
  directories and files.
* Supports regular expressions and Unicode awareness.
* A parallel execution similar to GNU Parallel is available.




Apache-2.0 AND MIT


* Sat Dec 23 2023 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - require rust >= 1.70.0 for clap_lex dependency
* Tue Dec 19 2023
  - Update to version 9.0.0:
    * Performance has been significantly improved, both due to optimizations
      in the underlying ignore crate (#1429), and in fd itself (#1422, #1408, #13620).
      Benchmarks results show gains of 6-8x for full traversals of smaller directories
      (100k files) and up to 13x for larger directories (1M files).
    * The default number of threads is now constrained to be at most 64. This should
      improve startup time on systems with many CPU cores. (#1203, #1410, #1412, #1431)
    * New flushing behavior when writing output to stdout, providing better performance
      for TTY and non-TTY use cases, see #1452 and #1313.
    * Support character and block device file types, see #1213 and #1336
    * Breaking: .git/ is now ignored by default when using --hidden / -H, use --no-ignore
      / -I or --no-ignore-vcs to override, see #1387 and #1396
    * Fix NO_COLOR support, see #1421
    * Fixed documentation typos, see #1409
* Sat Oct 21 2023
  - Update to version 8.7.1:
    * -1 properly conflicts with the exec family of options.
    * --max-results overrides -1
    * --quiet properly conflicts with the exec family of options. This
      used to be the case, but broke during the switch to clap-derive
    * --changed-within now accepts a space as well as a "T" as the
      separator between date and time (due to update of chrono dependency)
    * Many dependencies were updated
    * Some documentation was updated and fixed
* Mon Feb 27 2023
  - Update to version 8.7.0:
    * Bump dependencies
    * Add flag --no-require-git to always respect gitignore files
    * Skip an executable test if running as root
    * updates for windows platform
    * Fix logic for when to read global ignore file
    * Add Upcoming release to changelog
* Sat Jan 14 2023
  - Update to version 8.6.0:
    * New --and <pattern> option to add additional patterns that must also be matched.
    * Added --changed-after as alias for --changed-within, to have a name consistent with --changed-before.
    * Breaking: On Unix-like systems, --type executable now additionally checks if the file is executable by the current user,
    * Fix completion generation to not include full path of fd command
    * Fix build error if completions feature is disabled
    * Fix --owner, --threads/j option value parsing
* Wed Nov 02 2022
  - Update to version 8.5.0:
    - Features
    - --type executable/-t now works on Windows, see #1051 and #1061
    - Bugfixes
    - Fixed differences between piped / non-piped output. This changes fds behavior back to what we
    - had before 8.3.0, i.e. there will be no leading ./ prefixes, unless --exec/-x,
    - --exec-batch/-X, or --print0/-0 are used. --strip-cwd-prefix can be used to strip that
    - prefix in those cases. See #1046, #1115, and #1121
    - fd could previously crash with a panic due to a race condition in Rusts standard library
    - (see rust-lang/rust#39364). This has been fixed by switching to a different
    - message passing implementation, see #1060 and #1146
    - fds memory usage will not grow unboundedly on huge directory trees, see #1146
    - fd returns an error when current working directory does not exist while a search path is
    - specified, see #1072
    - Improved "command not found" error message, see #1083 and #1109
    - Preserve command exit codes when using --exec-batch, see #1136 and #1137
    - Changes
    - No leading ./ prefix for non-interactive results, see above.
    - fd now colorizes paths in parallel, significantly improving performance, see #1148
    - fd can now avoid stat syscalls even when colorizing paths, as long as the color scheme doesn't
    - require metadata, see #1148
    - The statically linked musl versions of fd now use jmalloc, leading to a significant performance
    - improvement, see #1062
    - Other
    - Added link back to GitHub in man page and --help text, see #1086
    - Major update in how fd handles command line options internally, see #1067
* Wed Jun 08 2022
  - Update to version 8.4.0:
    * Update documentation of --batch-size feature
    * Fix (pointless) clippy suggestion
    * Use cross to build x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu binaries to relax glibc requirements
    * Use minimal toolchain for clippy runs
    * exec: Execute batches before they get too long
    * remove description of --batch-size flag from EXAMPLES subsection
    * Limit nix features
    * Update help text and man page
    * Make -u idempotent
    * Match against reference instead of value
    * modification skeleton
    * make DirEntry Ord
    * add actual path separator value to config
    * Fix mistakes from resolving conflicts
    * Error out if no args provided to --exec or --exec-batch
    * Use full names in
    * Group together output from multi exec commands
    * Add  description of multiple --exec to man page
    * Fix clippy lints
    * Support multiple `--exec` instances
    * Looks like the COPR repo is no longer maintained
    * Fix missing clap feature
    * Fix some clippy warnings
    * More prominently document that fd uses regex by default
    * convert to path instead of cloning in batch exec
    * rename module entry -> dir_entry
    * append trailing slash to folders
    * send DirEntries to output instead of just path
* Tue Apr 05 2022 William Brown <>
  - Automatic update of vendored dependencies
  - Correct _service to use the obs_scm generated tar
* Sat Jan 29 2022
  - Update to version 8.3.2:
    * Add temporary version of logo
    * Bump version to v8.3.2
    * Add clippy run in CI/CD
    * Add tavianator sponsoring link
    * Bump MSRV to 1.54
    * Upgrade to clap 3.0
    * Add CHANGELOG entry
    * Change test_opposing to be less flaky.
    * Update normpath to 0.3.2 to fix issue #931
* Fri Jan 07 2022 Avindra Goolcharan <>
  - remove service files
* Thu Jan 06 2022
  - Update to version 8.3.1:
    - Bugfixes
    - Stop implying --no-ignore-parent when --no-vcs-ignore is supplied, see #907, #901, #908 (@tmccombs)
    - fd no longer waits for the whole traversal if the only matches arrive within max_buffer_time, see #868 and #895 (@tavianator)
    - --max-results=1 now immediately quits after the first result, see #867 (@tavianator)
    - fd -h does not panic anymore when stdout is closed, see #897
    - Changes
    - Disable jemalloc on FreeBSD, see #896 (@xanderio)
    - Updated man page, see #912 (@rlue)
    - Updated zsh completions, see #932 (@tmccombs)
* Mon Nov 29 2021
  - Update to version 8.3.0:
    * Update usage section
    * Bump version
    * Update CHANGELOG for v8.3
    * Update dependencies
    * Use non-sync channel
    * squash! Add buffering to stdout when it's not a terminal
    * Add entry for buffering to CHANGELOG
    * Add buffering to stdout when it's not a terminal
    * Modify example to a realistic use case
    * Add an example of the -X option using rg
* Tue Sep 28 2021 William Brown <>
  - Replace rust-packaging with cargo-packaging



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