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sysconfig-netconfig-0.85.8-1.1 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: sysconfig-netconfig Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.85.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Nov 10 21:48:50 2021
Group: System/Base Build host: goat07
Size: 174416 Source RPM: sysconfig-0.85.8-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Script to apply network provided settings
This package provides the netconfig scripts to apply network
provided settings like DNS or NIS into system files.






* Mon Nov 08 2021 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - version 0.85.8
  - netconfig: revert NM default policy change change (boo#1185882)
    With the change to the default policy, netconfig with NetworkManager
    as network.service accepted settings from all services/programs
    directly instead only from NetworkManager, where plugins/services
    have to deliver their settings to apply them.
* Tue Jun 08 2021 Wolfgang Frisch <>
  - Link as Position Independent Executable (bsc#1184124).
* Tue Jun 08 2021 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - version 0.85.7
* Mon Apr 26 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - spec: Drop hard dependency on /sbin/ifup
  - spec: Suggest instead of recommend wicked-service
  - spec: Mention that the .spec file is in git as well
* Fri Nov 27 2020 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Also support service(network) provides
* Mon Sep 21 2020 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - version 0.85.6
  - netconfig: execute chrony/helper in /usr/libexec with fallback
    to it's previous location in /usr/lib (boo#1176285)
  - netconfig: only write files like /etc/resolv.conf on content
    change to avoid that e.g. dnsmasq (if running) re-reads the
    /etc/resolv.conf and re-initializes itself (bsc#1176325)
* Tue Jul 21 2020 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - version 0.85.5
  - spec: Fix Requires, use file requires
  - ntp: call chrony helper in background (bsc#1173391)
* Tue Feb 25 2020 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - version 0.85.4
  - Add Upstream First openSUSE Build Service Policy to the spec
* Wed Jan 29 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Mark /etc/yp.conf as %config(noreplace): this is the same as the
    file shipped by ypbind has as mode. In sysconfig we create a
    symlink, in ypbind, the file is actually only owned for
    reference. Having the same modes allows for the bots to do their
    work properly (boo#1159566).
* Wed Jul 24 2019 Reinhard Max <>
  - version 0.85.3
  - boo#1123699: Use systemd's tmpfile mechanism to create the
    symlink infrastructure for resolv.conf and yp.conf early during
* Thu Feb 14 2019
  - version 0.85.2
  - Fixed changes file to mention relevant github pull requests.
  - Removed remaining preun rpm hook from EOL openSUSE versions
  - Merged /var/adm/netconfig move revert from openSUSE:Factory
    causing to not find md5 sums from previous netconfig version
    due to incorrectly merged hook in spec file and trouble on
    transactional systems without writeable /var/lib/netconfig.
    Removed obsoletes revert-var-adm-lib-netconfig-move.patch.
  - Merged rpm spec bash section marks (gh#openSUSE/sysconfig#23)
* Sat Feb 09 2019 Stephan Kulow <>
  - HOTPATCH (to be reverted): revert-var-adm-lib-netconfig-move.patch
* Thu Jan 17 2019
  - version 0.85.1
  - removed modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf, which will be provided by
    the suse-module-tools package instead (boo#1107611). See also:
* Fri Dec 21 2018
  - version 0.85.0
  - netconfig: change to write resolv.conf,yp.conf,forwarders.conf
    to files in /[var/]run/netconfig/ and link in /etc (fate#325872)
  - netconfig: add to update ntp servers in chrony (bsc#1099272) and
    cleaned up to use start-ntpd addserver to update ntpd servers.
  - Remove code to update from openSUSE older than 12.3, which is EOL
  - Move /var/adm/netconfig to /var/lib/netconfig to become more FHS
    conform (gh#openSUSE/sysconfig#18).
* Thu May 17 2018
  - version 0.84.3
  - netconfig: change policy to permit non-NM settings (bsc#1079793)
    As requested and approved by NetworkManager maintainer, the 'auto'
    policy permits now also per interface settings provided by other
    services when NetworkManager is enabled. That is, the auto policy
    resolving has been changed from "STATIC_FALLBACK NetworkManager"
    to "STATIC_FALLBACK * NetworkManager".
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - version 0.84.2
  - spec: revert change to use _fillupdir in update hook from < 0.80
  - merged fixes of the the fillup templates logic and macro in by Marcus Meissner
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Thu Jun 08 2017
  - Make /etc/ppp owned by root:root. The group dialout usage is no
    longer used.
* Mon Apr 10 2017
  - version 0.84.1
  - netconfig: cleanup tmp files (boo#1010760)
    When /var/run/ntp/servers-netconfig has been modified externaly,
    don't try to backup or keep tmp files to show what we would do.
  - netconfig: improve input check for duplicate keys (bsc#1009801)
* Tue Oct 11 2016
  - Remove requires for not needed insserv (bsc#999850)
* Fri Sep 09 2016
  - version 0.84.0
  - netconfig: intoduced a batch mode (bsc#989741)
    It permits to preform multiple modify/remove operations
    and call the effective update at the end of the batch.
  - netconfig: use ntpq, as ntpdc is deprecated (bsc#894889),
    lower sleep lock wait granularity and fix NTP_KEYS parsing
  - Drop the omc svcinfo data as they are not used anymore
  - Run spec-cleaner to remove few obsolete things
  - Drop cvs helper files as we are in git
  - Rename to
* Tue May 31 2016
  - Add a blacklist entry for the ACPI power meter driver (bnc#974373)
* Fri May 20 2016
  - version 0.83.9
  - ppp: install refactored ip-up and related scripts (bsc#865573)
  - removed patches shipped inside of the source archive
    [- 0001-dhcp-network-variables-for-dhcp4-user-class.909307.patch]
    [- 0002-netconfig-use-ntpd.service-on-13.2-boo-930309.patch]
* Tue Jun 09 2015
  - netconfig: use ntpd.service on >13.1 (boo#930309)
    [+ 0002-netconfig-use-ntpd.service-on-13.2-boo-930309.patch]
* Tue May 12 2015
  - sysconfig-netconfig requires /bin/logger, otherwise the following
    happens: wickedd[31]:
    line 44: logger: command not found
* Tue Feb 17 2015
  - dhcp: add variables for handling of DHCPv4 user-class (bsc#909307)
    [+ 0001-dhcp-network-variables-for-dhcp4-user-class.909307.patch]
* Tue Jan 13 2015
  - version 0.83.8
  - netconfig: use domain name from hostname (bnc#912891)
    When there is no dns domain or search list provided (by dhcp),
    but a hostname as FQDN, use it's domain for /etc/resolv.conf
    search list.
  - netconfig: merge NetworkManager settings on -m (bnc#900982)
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - rpm: kill all NetworkManager child processes on migration
    Before we stop (the always running) NetworkManager.service,
    ensure to kill all (child) processes when migrating from the
    NETWORKMANAGER=no variable (bnc#895447).
* Wed Sep 24 2014
  - rpm: fixed SUSE spelling in the spec file (bnc#889002)
* Tue Sep 23 2014
  - version 0.83.7
  - netconfig: create missed /var/run/ntp directory (bnc#892877)
    When the directory does not exists yet, the ntp service is not
    yet started/running and it is even more important to write the
    servers so ntpd can pickup them at start.
  - config: changed NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT to 30 (bnc#889175)
  - config: updated to list new variables in network/dhcp,
    cleanup of ifcfg.template and network/config variables
* Wed May 28 2014
  - version 0.83.6
  - netconfig: fixed manual page to not refer README (bnc#876755)
* Wed May 28 2014
  - version 0.83.5
  - sysconfig/network/config: new default to send gratuitous arp
    Enabled to send gratuitous arp by default, when duplicate IPv4
    check is enabled and were successful (bnc#879911,fate#314399).
  - netconfig: improved troubleshooting capabilities
    variables allowing to run all netconfig calls in debug mode
    and force update of modified files as default. Show service,
    policy resolving info and log the commandline in debug mode.
    Fixed to log info/warnings that were printed to stderr only
    before (bnc#860644, bnc#868323).
* Wed Mar 12 2014
  - version 0.83.4
  - config: check ipv4 duplicates by default (fate#314399)
* Fri Feb 21 2014
  - version 0.83.3
  - Cleaned up comments and obsolete variables in network/dhcp
    and network/config config files (fate#312939,fate#314482).
  - netconfig: just systemctl not init scripts (bnc#864696) as
    all for this version supported systems are using systemd
    which forwards to init scripts as needed.
* Fri Feb 07 2014
  - Remove the blacklist entry for the uas driver (bnc#862397)
* Thu Jan 23 2014
  - version 0.83.2
  - A systemctl status is quite expensive as it (by default) parses
    logs, etc. Use is-active where we need the code only (bnc#859360).
* Fri Jan 17 2014
  - version 0.83.1
  - Install /sbin/service link as /sbin/rcnetwork for compatibility
    with older sysconfig as it is quite often used absolutely.
* Mon Jan 13 2014
  - Use an unconditional rcnetwork symlink to /sbin/service
* Thu Jan 09 2014
  - version 0.83.0
  - Recommend wicked-service instead of sysconfig-network as the
    default network service and drop sysconfig-network. The wicked
    service package provides systemd service files requesting the
    network.service alias at service enable time as well as the
    ifup compatibility scripts using wicked as network backend
  - ifcfg-bonding.5: fixed to use startmode hotplug in slave example
  - Use ZEROCONF_ROUTE=no as new default (fate#314482)
    The NOZEROCONF="yes" variable were double-negated in it's meaning
    and did not reflect what the variable really does (fate#314482).
* Wed Jan 08 2014
  - rcnetwork: use service type oneshot, not forking
    Sometimes, network fails to start / stops itself, because the per
    interface services started inside it, need already started network
    and fail as network did not yet reached started state. This does
    not happen with oneshot network service type (bnc#853908).
* Thu Dec 05 2013
  - version 0.82.1
  - Changed global NOZEROCONF default to "yes" (automatic zeroconf
    route disabled), removed obsolete LINKLOCAL_INTERFACES variable.
    Use NOZEROCONF="no" per interface to enable (fate#314482).
* Thu Dec 05 2013
  - version 0.82.0
  - Dropped udevmountd, the functionalty has been included in systemd
* Tue Nov 05 2013
  - version 0.81.7
  - Skip also systemd redirection for ifdown -o ifplugd (bnc#846031).
  - Fixed to check restorecon existence before calling it as selinux
    is not installed by default (bnc#845792).
* Tue Nov 05 2013
  - fix starting dhcpcd from ifplugd (bnc#846031)
* Tue Oct 29 2013
  - version 0.81.6
  - Merged changes from $OBS/Base:System/sysconfig
* Wed Oct 16 2013
  - blacklist udlfb because only udl can be used with xrandr 1.4
* Mon Oct 14 2013
  - set SELinux label for /dev/.sysconfig after creation (bnc#845792)
    * sysconfig-0.81.5-restore_selinux_context_on_RUN_FILES_BASE.patch
  - use systemctl when possible instead of calling init scripts directly
    * sysconfig-0.81.5-netconfig-use_systemctl.patch
* Wed Oct 02 2013
  - /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf: cleaned up obsolete/dropped
    kernel drivers (bnc#843141,bnc#843169). Thanks to Michal Marek!
    sk98lin: dropped from the kernel in 2.6.26
    stradis: dropped in 2.6.38 (39c3d48)
    eepro100: dropped in 2.6.29 (6b1abba)
    slamr,slusb: no smartlink-softmodem-kmp since 10.3
    ich2rom: rplaced by ichxrom in 2.6.12 (304aa41)
    eth1394: dropped in 2.6.37 (66fa12c)
    uhci: dropped in 2.5.27
    tsdev: removed in 2.6.24 (7009317)
    snd_bt87x: duplicate of snd-bt87x
    clgenfb: replaced by cirrusfb in 2.5.67
    cyblafb: replaced by tridentfb in 2.6.30
    unikey: not in mainline history, 2.4?
    encode-{big5,gb,gbk,jis,kscm}: not in mainline history, 2.4?
    fbcon-{afb,ilbm,iplan2p2,iplan2p4,iplan2p8}: removed in 2.5.51
    fbcon-{cfb2,cfb4,hga,mfb,vga-planes},fbgen: removed in 2.5.51
    fbcon-{mac,vga}: removed in 2.5.28
    vmware: never upstream, no reference in  2.5+
* Wed Oct 02 2013
  - bt878 card causes udevd to complain (bnc#800897)
    Fixed to use 'echo' shell builtin instead /bin/echo
* Fri Sep 27 2013
  - version 0.81.5
  - Fixed to support dummyX interfaces again (bnc#694810)
  - Improved default netconfig dns ranking defaults and man page.
  - Do not set "ap any" for wlags49* wireless driver (bnc#837941)
* Mon Sep 23 2013
  - version 0.81.4
  - Added IgnoreOnIsolate=yes to network@.service (bnc#841315)
    The network@<ifname>.service are marked as PartOf network.service,
    but this one way stop/restart dependency is not propagated on a
    systemctl isolate ("runlevel" change) and the network@ services
    were stopped. Added IgnoreOnIsolate=yes to stop them on network
    service stop only.
* Mon Sep 09 2013
  - version 0.81.3
  - Fixed to reload syslog on hostname changes using systemctl as
    there is no /etc/init.d/syslog script since syslog-service-2.0
  - Added a systemctl guard to rpm post script
* Tue Sep 03 2013
  - version 0.81.2
  - Added otherproviders(/sbin/ifup) conflict to sysconfig-network.
  - Do not stop the network interfaces, but kill the network and all
    network@<ifname> services to kill all dhcp clients on uninstall.
* Wed Aug 28 2013
  - version 0.81.1
  - Initial network and network@ service files to avoid, that systemd
    udevd kills dhcp clients, which where forked from the udev hotplug
    rule and for better control (bnc#821879).
* Fri Aug 16 2013
  - version 0.81.0
  - Initial sysconfig split into udevmountd, sysconfig, -netconfig
    and -network packages, to allow another implementation of the
    /etc/init.d/network and /sbin/ifup scripts.
  - Dropped obsolete README files.
* Wed Aug 14 2013
  - version 0.80.7
  - use mountpoint utility without absolute path
    While on 12.3 there were a /bin/mountpoint, 13.1 moved
    it to /usr/bin/mountpoint without a compatibility link.
    Drop path when calling it, it should work both ways.
    Thanks to Andrey Borzenkov for his patch.
  - rcnetwork: fixed to not drop state while reload
  - netconfig: add /etc/resolv.conf options and sortlist
    Added global network/config NETCONFIG_DNS_RESOLVER_OPTIONS
    and NETCONFIG_DNS_RESOLVER_SORTLIST variables, allowing to
    set /etc/resolv.conf options and sortlist (fate#316048).
* Thu May 16 2013
  - version 0.80.6
  - Merged changes from $OBS/Base:System/sysconfig and SLE-11-SP3.
  - Fixed to set link settings on bonding slaves while enslave.
    Before enslaving a new slave, apply link settings like the MAC
    address or MTU to the slave as required e.g. for fail_over_mac
    active, where the bonding interface is using the MAC of the
    currently active slave (bnc#815025).
  - Fixed to stop dhcp clients and remove IP addresses on not yet
    enslaved bridge ports and bonding slaves. The bridge or bond
    interface has the IP addresses assigned itself instead.
    The port/slave may still have IP addresses, when the IP config
    of an active (ethernet) interface has been moved into a bridge
    or bond config, e.g. while "virsh iface-bridge eth0 br0". There
    is no full ifdown for the port interface to not break the vlans
    (and their bridges) which may refer to the port too (bnc#813148).
* Thu May 16 2013
  - Add forgotten patch sysconfig-0.80.5.patch
* Tue May 07 2013
  - Accommodate poll.tcpip to systemd
* Wed Mar 20 2013
  - Fixed to wait for dhcp/ipv6 under systemd again.
    Fixed regression caused by bnc#785240, bnc#780644 fixes to not
    discard the dhcp/ipv6 dupplicate address detection in progress
    error codes under systemd completely, but wait until dhcp/ipv6
    dad finished or the WAIT_FOR_INTERFACES timeout is reached and
    then discard in the status returned to systemd (bnc#808718).
    It caused failures of other services trying to bind tentative
    IPv6 addresses, e.g. in mixed dhcp4 / static IPv6 setups.
    Thanks to Rolf Eike Beer for the report/tests/debug outputs.
* Mon Mar 04 2013
  - Fixed to create migration marker directory before using it,
    it does not exists e.g. while CD based update (bnc#806989).
* Fri Feb 22 2013
  - version 0.80.5
  - Fixed to use a guarded migration hook from openSUSE < 12.3, that
    disabes the (always enabled before) NetworkManager.service on
    NETWORKMANAGER=no and mask the network.service (provided by the
    /etc/init.d/network script) on NETWORKMANAGER=yes until NM has
    been installed and enabled as network.service (bnc#803058).
* Thu Jan 31 2013
  - version 0.80.4
  - Fixed to use a suffix in ETHTOOL_OPTIONS variable to allow to
    apply every setting (e.g. 'gro off lro off') separately, as the
    ethtool utility stops at first failure and the NIC driver may
    reject settings when the link is not up or they're unsupported.
    Further, added ETHTOOL_UP_RETRY and ETHTOOL_UP_WAIT variables
    to optionally wait after the link has been set up and retry to
    set the ETHTOOL_OPTIONS*. Updated ifcfg(5) man page (bnc#787744)
  - Applied 81-mount.rules fix by Robert Milasan to not mount file
    systems with the noauto flag set (bnc#798641, [SWAMPID 50702]).
* Mon Jan 28 2013
  - version 0.80.3
  - rcnetwork: reworked suspend/resume hooks (bnc#781106)
* Wed Jan 23 2013
  - version 0.80.2
  - rcnetwork: handle also partial -o type|skip options
* Wed Jan 23 2013
  - version 0.80.1
  - rcnetwork: Improved redirection and option handling and cleaned
    up obsolete localfs/remotefs options and network manager hooks.
    Honor SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS variable which can be set to systemctl
    options e.g. --ignore-dependencies while yast2 second stage run
  - Fixed to use dhclient6 in dhcp6_client state variable (bnc#798828).
* Tue Jan 15 2013
  - version 0.80.0
  - Removed the NETWORKMANAGER=yes/no variable from network/config.
    The NetworkManager.service (or other) installs a network.service
    alias link while "systemctl enable" and removes on "disable",
    which masks the network.service provided by /etc/init.d/network.
    Current service has to be stopped while "enable" or "disable".
    The "systemctl -p Id show network.service" is used to query the
    currently enabled network service. It returns either the name
    of the service providing the alias, i.e. NetworkManager.service
    or network.service - when the /etc/init.d/network provides it.
    The /etc/init.d/network script forwards common actions (start,
    stop, ...) to systemd which executes them for the currently
    active network.service. (bnc#764055,bnc#764336,bnc#798348).
  - Adopted /etc/init.d/network, netconfig, ifup to use the service
    Id query instead of NETWORKMANAGER variable, added forwarding.
  - Removed NetworkManager start/stop code from /etc/init.d/network
    and disabled NetworkManager dispatcher hook installation.
  - Added removal of the NETWORKMANAGER variable to spec post-install
* Fri Jan 11 2013
  - Fixed to correctly apply STP constrains also to float time
    values with a 1/100 sec precision (bnc#753387,bnc#794720).
  - Updated bridge documentation link in ifcfg-bridge.5 (bnc#791553).
* Fri Nov 23 2012
  - version 0.76.8
  - Changed rcnetwork to not report dhcp in background to systemd
    (bnc#785240,bnc#780644). You may set DHCLIENT_MODIFY_SMB_CONF
    to "no" in /etc/sysconfig/network/dhcp as the samba/cifs hooks
    make systemctl calls to reload/restart nmb and other services
    which block (systemd deadlock) ifup scripts for a long time.
  - Reverted ifup pre/post and if-up.d/if-down.d scripts processing
    feature in background and removed WAIT_BACKGROUND_JOBS variable
    as it tends to cause unexpected behavior / side effects.
  - Replaced udevrulesdir patch with --with-udevdir configure option.
  - Removed obsolete network-remotefs init script (disabled before).
* Mon Nov 05 2012
  - Added patch (set_new_udevrules_dir.patch) to ensure that the
    udevmountd and the udev rules are installed at the right place
* Thu Nov 01 2012
  - version 0.76.7
  - Start ifup pre/post and if-up.d/if-down.d scripts in background.
    The new network/config variable WAIT_BACKGROUND_JOBS specifies
    the wait limit. Default is 5 secons, 0 disables backgrounding
    and reverts to previous blocking behavior. Attempt to solve the
    issues where interfaces are not come up in time, because some
    hook-script are blocking ifup (bnc#780644).
  - Execute netconfig/ntp-runtime updates in background (bnc#780644).
  - Man-page hint to use STARTMODE=nfsroot when using iSCSI or FCoE.
* Fri Oct 26 2012
  - version 0.76.6
  - Fixed to check and reject too long interface names or names
    with suspect characters, do not wait when creation of virtual
    interface name fails (bnc#784952).
  - Fixed to not report failure while setting unsupported power
    management option in ifup-wireless as the support and features
    depends on the driver (bnc#716652).
  - Fixed ifup-dhcp to not start dhcp clients too early or they may
    be unable to send packets and just increase resend time. Instead,
    load af_packet module early and wait for link ready (bnc#780644).
  - Fixed netconfig/ntp-runtime to not use try-restart as its start
    may block for a while, so just add servers ourself. When ntpd is
    not running (not yet started), the init script will pickup our
    servers later (bnc#780644).
* Thu Sep 27 2012
  - version 0.76.5
  - Added support for NOZEROCONF option to disable zero config route.
* Thu Aug 09 2012
  - version 0.76.4
  - Check before running a script in netcontrol_services (bnc#775281).
* Fri Jul 20 2012
  - Applied patch blacklisting uas driver confirmed by Intel as
    a hopeless case (bnc#770301).
* Thu Jul 19 2012
  - /etc/init.d/network: do not check the renamed-flag when udev
    daemon is not running as in LXC containers. It caused to wait
    until the udev rename finished with a not started network and
    failure result (bnc#771615).
* Mon Jun 11 2012
  - version 0.76.3
  - Fixed ifrenew-dhcp to use built-in dhcpcd --renew (bnc#763533).
  - Moved the X-Systemd-RemainAfterExit LSB tag before Description
    in /etc/init.d/network scripts as workaround for the case that
    a not yet fixed systemd is in use (bnc#763533).
  - Fixed to differentiate ib/ibchild/bond types and stop ib-bond
    interfaces correctly.
* Tue Apr 10 2012
  - version 0.76.2
  - ifup-bridge: apply stp contstrains when STP is on (bnc#753387)
  - ifup-route: fixed use of -4/6 option for ip route (bnc#745252)
    and do not require dummy gateway for ipv4 multicast routes.
  - Added tests to the 77-network.rules rule file if the /sbin/ifup
    and /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/ifup-sysctl exist (bnc#724775),
    disabled script run and updated 81-mount.rules file
    to work with more actual udev versions. Thanks to Robert Milasan,
    who proposed these changes.
* Mon Feb 27 2012
  - In poll.tcpip avoid warnings messages of fetchmail by using the
    owner ship of the system wide configuration file /etc/fechmailrc
    which should be owned by the user and group mail.
* Wed Feb 15 2012
  - version 0.76.1
  - Updated GPL in doc/COPYING, address statements, spec tags.
  - Disabled obsolete network-remotefs as /usr is mounted in initrd
    when needed and we don't need to handle it any more (equivalent
    with a remote /-fs now). More cleanup follows.
  - Always enable boot-wait mode under systemd
  - Improved extradebug to include all args and to log pid.
  - Filter out labeled ipv4 addresses in get_ipv4address used
    to fetch the 1st address from the TUNNEL_DEVICE interface.
    Allows to configure a label for each address that should
    be skipped. Updated ifcfg-tunnel.5 man page. (bnc#741453)
    Thanks to Jon Nelson for his report with a fix proposal!
  - Explicitly disabled posix mode in all bash scripts as we are
    using several features not supported in posix mode (bnc#739338).
  - Fixed ipv6 dad / link ready wait time calculation (1/10 of the
    specified time) and replaced useless up flag check loop with
    link_ready_wait to avoid send errors from dhclient6 (bnc#697929).
  - Added to require vlan, bridge-utils and tunctl packages via spec,
    that are often required in base networking configurations and
    are missed otherwise in 2nd installation stage, that may be
    unable to install them for some reason (bnc#733118).
* Wed Jan 04 2012
  - Fixed incorrect exists_iface_config test in ifprobe
* Mon Dec 19 2011
  - Fixed to quote config / interface variables in ifservices script
    and cleaned up content of the ESSID which gets appended to them
    by NetworkManager dispatcher hook (bnc#735394, CVE-2011-4182).
    Fixed also to return proper exit code 0 in NM dispatcher hooks.
* Mon Dec 05 2011
  - version 0.76.0
  - Do not suggest dhcp6c client from dropped dhcpv6 package
    in ifup-dhcp, marked dhcp6c as deprecated in network/dhcp
    and changed to use dhclient6 as first choice (bnc#734723).
  - Added X-Systemd-RemainAfterExit: true LSB header (bnc#727771)
  - Fixed iBFT support to not use any ifcfg files, added workaround
    for virtio iBFT references (additional path component), try to
    request the iBFT IP-Address in DHCP mode and apply the iBFT DNS
    name servers (when any) via netconfig (bnc#723796).
  - Changed to call ip addr flush in ifdown, but after ip link set
    down as it does not cause ipv6 sysctl tree side effects then
    at least with more recent kernels (bnc#580018,bnc#559170).
* Sun Nov 27 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Fri Oct 21 2011
  - Changed NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT default back to 0 to avoid
    unneeded waiting for NM interfaces at boot (bnc#722304)
* Wed Oct 05 2011
  - version 0.75.4
  - Don't fail when wireless power setting isn't supported
    Thanks to Manuel Stol for the patch (bnc#716652).
  - Cleanup link / dad wait verify flag after status update
* Mon Sep 26 2011
  - Fixed inverted link ready return value test
* Mon Sep 26 2011
  - version 0.75.3
  - Handle changing between ifup and NM with systemd and fixed
    to enable boot flags in /etc/init.d/network while booting
    under systemd (bnc#719214).
  - Wait/check until the end of ipv6 duplicate address detection
    to not cause failures of following services (bnc#697929).
* Thu Sep 08 2011
  - version 0.75.2
  - Added additional state for network-remotefs, so correct status
    is shown after remotefs has been stopped. Stopping localfs,
    stops remotefs when it is started as well (bnc#592270).
  - Use max_bonds=0 bond modprobe option to avoid automatic bond0
    interface creation as we may need a different name.
    Do not set the bond interface link up before enslaving - this
    is not needed by bonding any more with current kernels.
* Mon Sep 05 2011
  - version 0.75.1
  - Warn and ask the user to report a bug when the ifcfg defines the
    INTERFACETYPE variable to override behaviour of ifup: There is a
    bug in ifup when it is required to define it (bnc#711762).
    Improved also variable description in ifcfg.5 manual page.
  - Added missed dhcp4,dhcp6,ibft,none BOOTPROTO values to
    ifcfg.template (bnc#701000).
  - Added WIRELESS_AUTH_MODE='no-encryption' option handling to
    ifup-wireless, because YaST sets it (bnc#648830).
  - Fixed get_depending_ifaces to not return bonding slaves by
    default as it is not required to stop the slaves before the
    bonding master goes down and in fact it may cause a system
    hang, when the slaves are infiniband child interfaces, that
    are deleted while ifdown (bnc#698478).
* Mon Aug 29 2011
  - Fix incorrect systemd detection in disable-NM-under-systemd.patch
* Fri Aug 26 2011
  - Added vpnc to the default list of preferred services for DNS
    ranking (NETCONFIG_DNS_RANKING=auto).
* Thu Aug 25 2011
  - Add disable-NM-under-systemd.patch: don't handle NM startup with
    network initscript when running under systemd.
* Thu Aug 11 2011
  - Fixed to apply wireless power settings and allow any setting as
    defined in the iwconfig(8) manual page.
* Wed Aug 10 2011
  - Do not use -fno-strict-aliasing when not needed
* Thu Aug 04 2011
  - remove /var/lock/subsys references
* Tue Mar 15 2011
  - version 0.75.0
  - Moved 77-network.rules and 81-mount.rules to /lib/udev/rules.d
    as both contain static rules.
  - Fixed spec to use 0600 mode for ifcfg-lo, because of bnc 670871.
  - Send gratuitous arp when new SEND_GRATUITOUS_ARP variable is set
    to yes either in global network/config or in per-interface ifcfg
    file. Fixed to use CHECK_DUPLICATE_IP for ipv4 only (bnc#617373).
  - Enslave a slaves into a bond on hotplug "up" event (bnc#669361).
* Mon Feb 14 2011
  - fixed postinstall script to avoid, that (wireless) ifcfg files
    become world readable while installation because of a fillup
    run; changed to explicitly set 0600 permissions (bnc#670871).
* Tue Jan 25 2011
  - version 0.74.5
  - netconfig: strip trailing dots from domains dns search list
    as added by the dhcp 4.x dhclient(6), to skip duplicates.
* Mon Jan 24 2011
  - Fixed gawk patch to skip - not in dist archive.
* Tue Jan 18 2011
  - Use gawk directly as in our dependencies instead of just awk,
    that is a /etc/alternatives link, that may be broken in rare
    cases (bnc#664726).
  - Fixed typo in doc/ifcfg.5, IPv4 autoip, not IPv6
* Fri Jan 07 2011
  - version 0.74.4
* Wed Jan 05 2011
  - Fix for udevmountd to allow mounting of multipath devices.
    With this and the corresponding multipath-tools patch,
    iscsi mounting works as advertised, both multipathed and
    non-multipathed (bnc#630434).
* Wed Dec 22 2010
  - Fixed ifup-bonding to fail and remove bond when there are no
    active slaves at the end and not on enslave failure (bnc#660774).
* Thu Dec 09 2010
  - version 0.74.3
  - Use iBFT primary or PXE BOOTIF inteface as primary dhcp interface
    (sets the default route and hostname) and the "first up interface
    wins" selection used before as fallback, when there is explicit
    user configuration available. Updated the DHCLIENT_PRIMARY_DEVICE
    variable description, added it also to the global network/dhcp
    config file (bnc#653365).
  - Improved default vlan name scheme docs in ifcfg-vlan.5 man page.
  - Use startmode auto instead of onboot in ifcfg-lo (bnc#533818)
  - Dropped obsolete and confusing etc/modprobe.d/50-ipv6.conf file
    (bnc#632530, bnc#656916).
  - Fixed link_wait scriptname check and ping usage (bnc#644738);
    improved to allow the user to specify the steps.
* Tue Dec 07 2010
  - add a virtual provides for network script
* Thu Nov 11 2010
  - version 0.74.2
  - Adopted to search tunctl in /sbin (bnc#650468)
  - Fixed check if ipv6 is enabled in ifup-dhcp (bnc#616765).
  - Fixed ifplugd-selectif script to use -1 as default carrier
    flag and initialize interface type when unset to correctly
    print wireless instead of cable messages (bnc#637183).
  - Require wpa_supplicant if a wpa_supplicant config is specified
  - Improved ifup-bridge port prio and cost handling.
    lists to skip setting of the port prio or path cost for particular
    ports while setting it for others.
* Tue Sep 14 2010
  - Fixed init flags to not start network in runlevel 2 (bnc#638508).
* Wed Aug 18 2010
  - version 0.74.1
  - Fixed wireless hardware to wext/nl80211 WPA driver mapping.
    Changed to use -Dnl80211,wext by default for untested drivers
    to let the wpa_supplicant fallback to wext when nl80211 is not
    available. Adjusted info message about untested drivers and
    enabled untested driver handling also in case wpa_supplicant
    is not required but the user prefers to use it (bnc#623340,
    [#623676],#624182,#625403,#631283). Thanks to all reporters,
    especially to Larry Finger and Vladimir Botka!
* Tue Jul 20 2010
  - version 0.74.0
  - Changed ifup-wireless to use wext wpa driver for the rt2870sta,
    ipw2200 and ipw2100 wlan adapter driver (bnc#623676,bnc#623340).
* Mon Jul 12 2010
  - Fixed check whether ipv6 is enabled or not in /sbin/ifup-dhcp to
    avoid dhcpv6 client start in case the interface is configured to
    start both, dhcpv4 and dhcpv6 clients (bnc#616765).
* Tue Jun 08 2010
  - version 0.73.7
  - Added writing of name server addresses to /etc/resolv.conf in
    forwarder mode ("bind", "dnsmasq") as fallback for the moments,
    when the local forwarder process is stopped, e.g. during update
    (bnc#607511). Set NETCONFIG_DNS_FORWARDER_FALLBACK=no to revert.
  - Fixed ifup-bonding to not fail, when the bonding already exists
    (bnc#609809) or when bonding options are using numeric arguments
    instead of names (fixes also bnc#572367).
  - Added BONDING_SKIP_REMOVE_WORKAROUND variable allowing to skip
    bonding interface removal in ifdown as workaround for kernel
    modules not reacting correctly to UNREGISTER event (bnc#576355).
  - Updated USERCONTROL variable description (bnc#605853).
  - Removed obsolete (pre 10.3) migration hooks
  - Removed dbus from Required-Start in /etc/init.d/network,
    added earlysyslog to Should-Start
* Tue May 25 2010
  - Use wext wpa driver for the broadcom wl hw driver (bnc#585802).
* Fri May 07 2010
  - version 0.73.6
  - Completed and enabled dhclient6 support.
* Thu Apr 22 2010
  - version 0.73.5
  - Added WIRELESS_WPA_DEBUG_OPTION option with default of -dddt used
    while wpa_supplicant start when DEBUG is set (yes or wireless).
  - Fixed ifup-wireless to use PREFER_WPA_SUPPLICANT=yes when unset
    as specified as default in ifcfg.template.
  - Switched to use the new nl80211 wpa_supplicant driver required to
    support WIRELESS_REGULATORY_DOMAIN by default in the ifup-wireless.
    Can be switched back using WIRELESS_WPA_DRIVER='wext' (bnc#585802).
  - Updated interface type detection checking new sysfs tun_flags for
    tap and the phy80211 link for mac80211 based wireless interfaces.
  - Use git commands when in git repository (show/create ChangeLog)
  - Documented xen routed network setup using sysconfig mechanizms
    in the README.virtualization.
* Mon Apr 12 2010
  - added none option to WIRELESS_POWER and made it default
* Mon Mar 29 2010
  - make the network script cleanup the netconfig scripts on stop,
    so that it doesn't have to be done on boot - where it's much more
* Fri Mar 12 2010
  - version 0.73.4
  - Removed the haldaemon Required-Start/Stop dependency from the
    /etc/init.d/network-remotefs script, NetworkManager dropped it.
  - Added reading of a temporary startmode in ifdown to skip
    stopping of the interface and avoid shutdown problems when
    multipathed iscsi device was mounted (bnc#581259).
  - Do not use own ipoib mode/umcast defaults in ifup-infiniband
    but honor the /etc/sysconfig/infiniband:SET_IPOIB_CM=yes/no
    setting and apply when explicitly requested only (bnc#579555).
  - Fixed ifup-dhcp to check the complete state mark also for
    dhclient, that reports it now too (bnc#585380,bnc#518219).
  - Fixed dhcpcd-hook to call ifup ... -o dhcp (if-up.d/ifservice
    scripts) when dhcpcd reports "complete" configuration instead
    in "up", so also the new hostname is already set (bnc#583800).
  - Fixed to apply (per interface) sysctl settings also in ifup,
    so changes to the configuration have an effect (bnc#494958).
  - Added scripts/link_wait disabled by default, that can be used
    via if-up.d to check whether an interface is ready to use or
    just wait some time in cause of devices that does not report
    the link state correctly (bnc#570935).
  - Fixed ifdown to stop dhcp, flush IPs and set down interfaces
    marked BOOTPROTO=none (slave/ports) or the dhcp clients, ...
    will stay active after a rcnetwork restart when an interface
    configured with dhcp gets reconfigured as a bridge port or a
    bonding slave. Fixed ifstatus to report accurate status codes,
    so rcnetwork does not show red errors for virtual interfaces
    with STARTMODE=off (bnc#581245,bnc#562030).
  - Fixed ifdown-dhcp to remove pid file that can't be cleaned up
    when the client has been killed with -KILL (e.g. nfsroot case)
    and fixed ifdown to not execute ifdown-dhcp twice (bnc#524675).
  - Changed to use expanded option lists for netconfig actions in
    usage text (bnc#569609).
  - Improved netconfig.8 DNS forwarder/static servers documentation
    and yast2 meta tags in network/config file to show the currently
    available settings (bnc#580361,bnc#580506).
  - Filter out loopback addresses from forwarder configs (dnsmasq,
    bind) in NETCONFIG_DNS_FORWARDER!=resolver mode, so they don't
    cause any loop and allow them in /etc/resolv.conf to make it
    possible to get the system running, when the glibc feature to
    use the name server on the local machine gets broken again or
    the user wants ipv4 only (bnc#580361,bnc#549447,bnc#441947).
  - Fixed ifdown-dhcp to release a dhcpv6 lease correctly when
    requested, added a separate DHCLIENT6_RELEASE_BEFORE_QUIT
    variable (bnc#524675).
  - Consider the bind mounted files scenario instead of symlinks
    to a writable location in all netconfig calls to create
    temporary files.
  - Applied patch by
    When no temporary files can be created next to /etc/resolv.conf
    (like /etc/resolv.conf.XXXXXXX), create the temporary file in
    /tmp instead: the root filesystem may be read-only, and
    /etc/resolv.conf may be bind mounted to a writable location.
    Likewise for /etc/yp.conf.
* Wed Feb 17 2010
  - do not require hal, NetworkManager dropped it
* Fri Feb 12 2010
  - Added route proto filter to ifstatus-route to evaluate only
    routes that may have been set by ifup-route and skip routes
    added e.g. by zebra to not to waste CPU for big zebra routing
    tables (bnc#572205). Thanks to Adrian Ban for initial patch!
* Thu Jan 21 2010
  - Fixed ifup-802.1q script to correctly search for the interface
    name of a vlan id in case multiple interfaces are using same
    vlan id. Thanks to Adrian Ban for a correction! (bnc#572186)
* Thu Jan 14 2010
  - version 0.73.3
  - Fixed netconfig module/action exit code propagation (bnc#568398)
  - Applied udevmountd udev rule patch by Ludwig Nussel: don't handle
    crypto devices, boot.crypto does that already (bnc#569942)
  - Fix to allow ifup $tap when it already exists, e.g. created by
    kvm (bnc#557864).
  - Synchronized ifup-dhcp and dhcpcd configuration steps to report
    status after dhcpcd really finished all its steps (bnc#518219).
  - Improved detection if a dhcp client is running, causing ifup-dhcp
    and the network script to report false failures, when the client
    forks at the moment of the check (bnc#562030 and others).
  - Fixed rc option handling in ifup-sysctl, show own name in debug
  - Documented the if-up.d/ndp-proxy and its config file in the
    ifndp-proxy.5, fixed to follow the sysconfig config file name
    conventions (fate#304415).
  - Added ifup-sysctl script applying per interface sysctl settings
    and documented it in the ifsysctl.5 man page (bnc#494958).
* Sun Dec 20 2009
  - enable parallel building
* Fri Dec 04 2009
  - version 0.73.2
  - Fixed to not set WIRELESS_AP at all for wl driver (bnc#555774)
  - Avoid error message, when pcmcia device does not provide its
    vendor/name info via sysfs device/prod_id files (bnc#551640).
  - Allow ifup lo, even NetworkManager is active or it breaks the
    lo setup via /etc/init.d/boot.localnet (bnc#547620,bnc#547928).
  - First implementation of BOOTPROTO=ibft (fate#308283,bnc#542225)
    causing to either start dhcp client or skip any setup -- it is
    already done in the initrd. Intended to use on systems with iBFT
    firmware together with STARTMODE=nfsroot.
  - Documented BOOTPROTO=ibft (fate#308283,bnc#542225), dhcp4 & 6
    and CIDR/IPv6 route notation in ifcfg.6 and routes.5 man pages.
  - Improved network/config and network/dhcp variable documentation
    adding notes, that the NetworkManager and the dhclient started
    by the NetworkManager are not using any sysconfig settings
  - Documented netconfig DNS service ranking (fate#306342).
  - Added racoon to netconfig dns ranking defaults (bnc#550706).
  - Fixed spelling mistake in ifcfg.template (bnc#537428).
  - Fixed typo in convert_persistent_name_rules script causing to
    generate persistent name rules on update, not matching MAC
    address (bnc#546575).
* Wed Nov 11 2009
  - Added ar9170* to wpa_supplicant wext driver mapping (bnc#546561).
* Wed Nov 11 2009
  - version 0.73.1
  - Implemented if-up.d/ndp-proxy plugin required to set proxy-ndp
    (ipv6) and proxy-arp (ipv4) adresses in a xen routed setup
  - Changed to use NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT="30" by default (fate#307610).
  - Improved netconfig update -m filter/usage text (fate#306274),
    improved netconfig usage text to show active modules and module
    groups and to print debug messges about disabled/skipped modules.
  - First implementation of netconfig DNS service ranking allowing
    to specify which service provide preffered, e.g. vpn, and which
    fallback settings, e.g. avahi (fate#306342).
    Cleaned up netconfig.d/nis and ntp-runtime modules, apply policy
    with disabled filename glob expansion.
* Fri Oct 09 2009
  - Fixed support of eth0.VLAN interface name schema as well as custom
    names, documented it in the ifcfg-vlan(5) manual page (bnc#534032,
* Tue Oct 06 2009
  - version 0.73.0
  - Implemented netconfig update -m <module|prefix> filter
* Fri Oct 02 2009
  - Fixed to check for 'iw' utility only when it is required to set
    the wireless regulatory domain (bnc#539669).
* Fri Oct 02 2009
  - Fixed typo in ifstatus causing to return bad code (bnc#542230).
  - Blacklisted mISDN modules in /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - build with -fno-strict-aliasing
* Tue Sep 22 2009
  - Fixed to just reload bind instead of try-restart in netconfig
* Tue Sep 15 2009
  - version 0.72.4
  - Added note to WIRELESS_REGULATORY_DOMAIN variable description in
    /etc/sysconfig/network/config, that it needs the new nl80211 wpa
    driver, that can be enabled using the WIRELESS_WPA_DRIVER ifcfg
    variable on a per interface basis (bnc#537708).
  - Fixed typo in md-on-iscsi-automount 81-mount.rules (bnc#509495).
* Wed Sep 09 2009
  - Implemented support to set the wireless regulatory domain using
    WIRELESS_REGULATORY_DOMAIN network/config variable (fate#305301).
* Thu Sep 03 2009
  - Added check for hostname changes to avoid a syslog reload in
    dhcpcd-hook when it didn't changed (fate#305702,bnc#466198).
  - Fixed waiting for successful connection in NetworkManager in
    the /etc/init.d/network script by removing nm-online's --exit
    option, that caused to exit immediately instead of waiting up
    to NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT seconds, because the NetworkManager has
    been started just now and not ready yet (bnc#515629).
  - Added additional dhcp client specific start options variables
    DHCPCD-, DHCLIENT- and DHCP6C_USER_OPTIONS, enabling the user
    to set custom options in special cases (bnc#524695).
* Thu Aug 13 2009
  - version 0.72.3
  - Updated kernel driver to wpa_supplicant driver name mappings,
    added WIRELESS_WPA_DRIVER ifcfg variable allowing the user to
    specify/override the wpa driver (bnc#477833, bnc#481380).
  - Fixed redirection in ifdown-bonding, remove_bond function.
  - Improved to use faster pgrep in dhcp searching functions
* Wed Aug 12 2009
  - version 0.72.2
  - Marked tap interfaces as supported in rcnetwork localfs flow,
    to start a bridge with tap port in localfs flow (bnc#522225).
  - Fixed spec file to remove the HOTPLUG_CHECK_FILESYSTEMS and
    HOTPLUG_MOUNT_FSTAB variables from /etc/sysconfig/storage
    instead of removing of the complete file (bnc#528759).
  - Disabled installation of obsolete, README.s390,
    getcfg, hwup and modify_resolvconf manual pages. Updated and
    moved README.hwcfg_and_device_initialisation to package docs.
  - Disabled installation of the obsolete hwup script (bnc#483774,
* Wed Aug 12 2009
  - version 0.72.1
  - Fixed netconfig regex checks to work with some non-English (e.g.
    Estonian) locales and to allow spaces in lease file (bnc#488257).
  - Applied fix for the obsolete hwup utility to work with ccwgroup
    (qeth,lcs,ctc) devices on s390x (bnc#483774).
  - Applied patch for udev 81-mount.rules to allow md devices on
    iscsi to automount (bnc#509495).
  - Fixed dhclient6 variable typos in ifup-dhcp (bnc#524691).
  - Improved IFPLUGD_PRIORITY documentation in ifcfg(5) man page.
  - Improved the NETCONFIG_DNS_FORWARDER documentation to list the
    valid settings in netconfig(8) man page (bnc#507979).
  - Fixed scripts/extradebug to avoid huge files it created.
  - Changed is_iface_available() to use interface type only
  - Changed to use /dev/.sysconfig/network instead of the POSIX shm
    path /dev/shm/sysconfig, that may be a dedicated file system
* Tue Jun 30 2009
  - Applied fastboot patch from Moblin:Factory to avoid a sleep.
* Sun Jun 14 2009
  - drop (already unused) libsysfs from build
* Wed Jun 10 2009
  - version 0.72.0
  - Improved to use /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/firewall hook
    link for all optional calls to the firewall script allowing
    the user to point the link to another script. SuSEfirewall2
    provides the script and the link by default (bnc#485450).
  - Improved makefiles and configure script, added more tests.
* Mon May 18 2009
  - Improved ifup -o hotplug to filter by interface type, updated
    77-network.rules udev rule (fate#305947).
* Wed May 13 2009
  - Changed to exit in ifup when network manager is enabled/active.
  - Removed obsolete nm "up" notification and NM_CONTROLLED variable.
* Thu Apr 30 2009
  - Use usleep for more often
* Tue Mar 24 2009
  - version 0.71.15
  - Added /etc/modprobe.d/50-ipv6.conf config (noreplace install)
    with IPv6 enabled by default; added renaming of yast2-network
    created ipv6 file to 50-ipv6.conf in post-install (bnc#485947).
  - Fixed overlapping messages in rcnetwork output (bnc#406887).
  - Fixed ifup-wireless to not set nick by default that breaks
    several drivers (bnc#478513).
  - Fixed ifup-wireless to set ap to 'off' instead to 'any' for
    the madwifi driver that does not support 'any' (bnc#402438).
  - Fixed network scripts to handle dummy interfaces (bnc#436857).
  - Fixed ifroute script parsing of final lines without EOL in
    ifroute files (bnc#467165).
* Mon Mar 09 2009
  - renamed modprobe config to /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf
    (required by new module-init-tools).
* Thu Feb 26 2009
  - ctc device has been renamed to ctcm (bnc#440570)
* Wed Feb 25 2009
  - Fixed to use exact match for networkmanager generation info
    comment in the resolv.conf to avoid discarding of static dns
    setup on update (bnc#471785).
* Mon Feb 23 2009
  - Blacklist chsc_sch module (bnc#478601)
* Fri Feb 20 2009
  - Fixed to use absolute /sbin/modprobe in iucv rule (bnc#440570).
* Fri Feb 20 2009
  - Fixed ifup-dhcp status code in case the "-o rc" option was not
    used, causing e.g. a yast2 internet test failure (bnc#460093).
  - Appended bug number and .diff suffix to patch files without.
* Thu Feb 19 2009
  - Initiate conversion of iucv rules (bnc#440570)
* Fri Feb 06 2009
  - Automount of iSCSI devices doesn't work (bnc#457252)
* Wed Feb 04 2009
  - Fixup zfcp conversion rules (bnc#471400)
* Wed Jan 28 2009
  - Fixed to use ifup-infiniband to setup ibchild type (bnc#423046).
* Tue Jan 27 2009
  - Added openibd to network LSB Should-Start/Stop, so infiniband
    modules are loaded before the network script runs (bnc#469600).
* Mon Jan 26 2009
  - Added additional fb modules to the blacklist (bnc#468964).
* Fri Jan 23 2009
  - version 0.71.14
  - Added obsolete notes to legacy documentation as getcfg.8, hwup.8
    (bnc#464832), updated netconfig diagram.
* Fri Jan 23 2009
  - version 0.71.13
  - Mentioned in network-remotefs init script's LSB description tag,
    that it starts NetworkManager, Wireless, PPP, ... (bnc#463439).
* Fri Jan 23 2009
  - Added cyblafb module to the blacklist (bnc#466280).
* Wed Jan 21 2009
  - Fixed previous patch avoiding new interface types by just
    skipping creations/deletions in ifup-tunnel (bnc#467165).
* Wed Jan 21 2009
  - Fix to not handle sit0,gre0,tunl0 in ifup-tunnel (bnc#467165).
* Tue Jan 20 2009
  - Fixed ifup-tunnel script to modprobe modules (bnc#467165).
  - Fixed ipv6 support in ifup-route script (bnc#467165).
* Thu Jan 15 2009
  - Removed TPM (Trusted Platform Module) kernel modules from
    /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist (bnc#439196)
* Wed Jan 14 2009
  - hwcfg2rules: explicitly disable layer2, and do so after the
    end label to make it work (bnc #442232)
* Thu Jan 08 2009
  - Map obsolete (s390) interface type overrides to eth (bnc#458412).
  - Fixed ifdown-autoip to check if info file exists (bnc#463266).
* Wed Jan 07 2009
  - Fix syntax errors in network init script.
* Fri Dec 19 2008
  - Fixed ifup-dhcp status to match BOOTPROTO settings (bnc#460093).
* Thu Dec 11 2008
  - version 0.71.12
  - Fixed ifup-dhcp to disable dhcp6 client when ipv6 support is
    disabled (complain only when explicitly requested) and avoid
    that /etc/init.d/network reports it as a failure (bnc#355786).
* Thu Dec 11 2008
  - Add 'udevmountd' for automatic mounts of devices from
    /etc/fstab marked with 'nofail' (bnc#457252)
* Mon Dec 08 2008
  - More fixes to conversion of ctc and iucv ifcfg files (bnc#440570)
* Thu Dec 04 2008
  - Fixed conversion of interface names/files using bus a based hw
    description in hwdesc2iface script (bnc#440570, bnc#442232).
* Tue Dec 02 2008
  - Changed to use DHCLIENT_TIMEOUT=0 (infinite timeout) by default,
    updated variable comment (bnc#450917, fate#302402, bnc#447237).
* Tue Dec 02 2008
  - Fixed passing of ip-up script args to ip-up.d scripts (bnc#450772).
* Mon Dec 01 2008
  - Fixed to enable resolv.conf for netconfig when it contains a
    NetworkManager comment and avoid resetting netcofig dns policy
    when the NETWORKMANAGER variable is set to yes (bnc#450332).
  - Fixed exit codes in netcontrol_global_hooks NM hook (bnc#450155).
* Fri Nov 28 2008
  - Fixed ppp/ip-up script to fallback to DNS servers defined in
    the provider description file (bnc#449518).
* Thu Nov 27 2008
  - Added DHCLIENT_USE_LAST_LEASE (-E/--lastlease) dhcpcd option to
    dhcp config and ifup-dhcp script, addopted new DHCLIENT_TIMEOUT
    default 20 and increased WAIT_FOR_INTERFACES to 30 to allow
    dhcpcd to use the old lease in time (fate#302402, bnc#447237).
* Wed Nov 26 2008
  - Fixed obsolete ntp-runtime decription in netconfig.8 (bnc#446545).
  - Fixed rcnetwork remotefs virtual iface start order (bnc#447098).
* Fri Nov 14 2008
  - Update hwcfg2rules script to handle hsi and iucv devices
    correctly (bnc#440570)
* Wed Nov 12 2008
  - Fixed udev 77-network.rules rule to skip ifup hotplug for
    bridge interfaces (bnc#443749).
* Mon Nov 10 2008
  - Removed obsolete creation of /var/run/ntp directory that breaks
    ntp; when ntp is installed the directory exists, otherwise we
    can skip any efforts to configure it (bnc#443326).
* Mon Nov 10 2008
  - Fix to handle multiple bonding slaves correctly (bnc#429858).
* Fri Nov 07 2008
  - version 0.71.11
  - Fixed to avoid stopping dhcp client when dhcp+autoip is used and
    disabled autoip usage in dhcpcd even not configured (bnc#441492).
  - Changed dns to netconfig conversion to import settings without
    to restore of modify_resolvconf backup, since it may break DNS
    in a running system (bnc#434575).
* Thu Nov 06 2008
  - version 0.71.10
  - Implemented converting of NIS related dhcp client variables into
    netconfig variables inclusive ifcfg files (bnc#439870).
  - Improved DNS conversion script to handle ifcfg files (bnc#434575).
  - Fixed more issues with setting NIS domainname (bnc#437725).
  - Updated netconfig documentation and variable comments.
* Wed Nov 05 2008
  - Fix for rcnetwork reload problems to consider new ifcfg files
    in ifprobe and report them as not up-to-date (bnc#438776).
* Thu Oct 30 2008
  - Added check to network init scripts to check if started by yast
    (YAST_IS_RUNNING) and don't enable boot or localfs mode in this
    case (bnc#439915).
* Mon Oct 27 2008
  - version 0.71.9
  - Fixed to fallback to the static (yast2) settings in netconfig+NM
    auto policy when NetworkManager does not provide any (bnc#434575).
  - Fixes to set the NIS domainname correctly (bnc#437725).
  - Fixed typo in netconfig.8 manual page (bnc#438647), updated it.
  - Implemented DNS / modify_resolvconf to netconfig and dhcp client
    NIS update hooks, cleaned up variables (bnc#434575, bnc#437725).
  - Fixed erroneous move of yast2-network WRITE_HOSTNAME_TO_HOSTS
    variable from network/dhcp to network/config while 11.1 beta.
  - Removed commented out/obsolete rc.config related update hooks.
* Tue Oct 21 2008
  - Fixed changes file to use bnc#433780 instead of bnc#428978
* Mon Oct 20 2008
  - Fixed netconfig module error printing bug added while fixing of
    bug 435865 (bnc#436488).
  - Allow nm to modify its settings also while NETWORKMANAGER!=yes;
    happens e.g. during network restart after the config changed.
* Thu Oct 16 2008
  - Fixed to not to execute ifdown-route noiface and ifdown-dhcp all
    during a network-remotefs stop run and improved previous fix to
    skip ifup lo (bnc#433987).
* Thu Oct 16 2008
  - Fix some syntax issues, should fix startup problem in bnc#433987
* Thu Oct 16 2008
  - Fixed netconfig_kv_filter regex braking dhcpcd,... (bnc#435865).
  - Fixed netconfig createtime handling in networkmanager=no case
    (introduced by fix for bnc#428978).
* Mon Oct 13 2008
  - version 0.71.8
  - Fixed netconfig argument and modify action input parsing to
    reject formated invalid input / values (bnc#433780).
  - Fixed ppp/ip-up script to handle ipv6-up/down and trigger an
    firewall reconfiguration; added ipv6 links to rpm file list.
    Thanks to Ludwig Nussel (bnc#426303).
  - Fixed rpm requires adding procps (/bin/ps used to find dhcpc).
* Mon Oct 06 2008
  - Fixed hwdesc2iface to convert or disard only known getcfg hw
    descriptions to not to break e.g. SuSEfirewall2 (bnc#428978).
* Thu Oct 02 2008
  - Changed to use udevadm settle instead of udevsettle
* Mon Sep 29 2008
  - version 0.71.7
* Mon Sep 29 2008
  - Set explicit permisions for netconfig generated files instead
    of prereserveing [wrong] permissions from original (bnc#428458).
  - Improved netconfig check_md5_and_move function to match special
    comments additionally to the data to improve detection of user
    modifications, added matching comments to configuration hints
    and renamed it to netconfig_check_md5_and_move (bnc#428201).
  - Removed incorrect check for empty dns search list skipping the
    generation of the /etc/resolv.conf file (bnc#429132).
* Thu Sep 25 2008
  - Fixed netconfig scripts to avoid seq usage (bnc#285472).
  - Set umask explicitly to 0022 in netconfig to avoid that e.g.
    /etc/resolv.conf gets created with unusual permissions, when
    it didn't existed before.
* Thu Sep 25 2008
  - version 0.71.6
  - Fixed /etc/init.d/network script to exit in localfs flow when
    the networkmanager is active (bnc#425502, bnc#285472).
  - Avoid rpmlint warnings about missed lsb reload action in the
    /etc/init.d/network-remotefs script (bnc#425502).
* Wed Sep 24 2008
  - Removed test hack from supported_on_localfs function...
* Tue Sep 23 2008
  - version 0.71.5
  - Fixed ifup-dhcp to retain spaces DHCLIENT_VENDOR_CLASS_ID and
    other dhcpcd option values (bnc#424356).
  - Fixed typo and improved vlan handling in is_iface_available.
  - Splitted ib interface type into ib and ibchild (e.g. ib0.8001),
    added ib vs. ibchild handling to several functions and the
    /etc/init.d/network script (bnc#423046).
  - Implemented a supported_on_localfs function returning whether an
    interface is supported without a mounted remotefs (/usr on NFS)
    and extended the resolve_iface_startorder function to support an
    optional filter function (e.g. supported_on_localfs).
    Changed LSB tags in /etc/init.d/network script to not to require
    haldaemon and added localfs|remotefs filter parameter allowing to
    split the interface handling. While boot, only localfs interfaces
    are started now. Added network-remotefs script with separate LSB
    tags to start the remotefs depending interfaces later (bnc#425502).
  - Corrected netconfig configuration hint comments that are written
    to the destination files like /etc/resolv.conf (bnc#428201).
* Fri Sep 12 2008
  - new version 0.71.4
  - Improved ifdown-dhcp script and some dhcp related functions.
  - Fixed to allow to disable netconfig modules using -module in
    NETCONFIG_MODULES_ORDER variable; updated documentation.
  - Fixed to follow a /etc/resolv.conf symlink to support a read
    only root-fs in netconfig modules; needs (/bin/)readline.
  - Implemented netconfig.d/dns-dnsmasq module (bnc#401648).
  - Fixed duplicate matching in netconfig.d/nis (bnc#423177).
  - Fixed DHCLIENT_SET_HOSTNAME handling for dhcpcd (bnc#418168).
* Tue Aug 26 2008
  - new version 0.71.3
  - netconfig input format cleanup
* Sun Aug 24 2008
  - initscript: copy *-Start to *-Stop to fix build
* Thu Aug 21 2008
  - new version 0.71.2
  - Implemented dhcpv6 support using dhcp6c client, improved the
    dhclient[v4] support to support multiple interfaces, replaced
    modify_resolvconf by modular netconfig scripts (fate#303618).
  - Moved bondind code into a separate ifup-bonding script
  - Created new ifup-infiniband script to handle ib options and
    create/delete ib child interfaces. Thanks to Moni Shoua for
    his original implementation, suggestions, tests!
  - Cleaned up IPADDR PREFIXLEN NETMASK usage order in ifup
* Wed Aug 06 2008
  - Added recursive resolving of virtual interface start order;
    also breaking rcnetwork reload in some cases (bnc#403968).
* Thu Jul 24 2008
  - new version 0.71.1
  - Improved ifcfg-tunnel.5 manual page, added tun/tap examples,
    changed TUNNEL_SET_PERSISTENT default to 'yes'; non-persistent
    tunnels are not supported yet (fate#302184).
* Mon Jul 21 2008
  - Update hwcfg2rules script to cover all S/390 devices
  - Fix RPM build errors
* Mon Jul 14 2008
  - Fixed typo in ethtool retcode check in ifup (bnc#405434).
* Wed Jun 25 2008
  - Removed sentence about writing of udev rules (bnc#399224),
    added info about module options in /etc/modprobe.conf.local
  - Added check if the dhcpcd client is still running in the
    DHCLIENT_WAIT_AT_BOOT wait loop.
  - Added fix adding -p dhcpcd option to avoid deconfiguration
    of the interface at startup in nfsroot case (bnc#397484)
  - Fixed typo in ifup-tunnel while applying TUNNEL_SET_GROUP
* Thu May 29 2008
  - new version 0.71.0
  - Moved static ip tunnel support to scripts/ifup-tunnel, added
    basic tun/tap support, updated ifcfg-tunnel(5) manual page.
  - Fixes to avoid usage of utilities from /usr, because /usr may
    be mounted via nfs (bnc#285472).
* Fri May 23 2008
  - new version 0.70.8
  - Improved ifup-bridge script reliability and allow that the
    bridge exists, e.g. because created by xen (bnc#378595).
  - Increased DHCLIENT_WAIT_AT_BOOT to 15 and added comment note,
    that RFC 2131 specifies, that the dhcp client should wait a
    random time between one and ten seconds to desynchronize the
    use of DHCP at startup (bnc#390676).
  - Fixed rcnetwork reload to delete [vlan] interfaces when the
    ifcfg file got deleted and honor the -o skip option for the
    non-physical interfaces (bnc#346566).
* Wed May 14 2008
  - new version 0.70.7
  - Removed obsolete NetworkManagerDispatcher and DHCP DBUS Daemon
    handling from /etc/init.d/network script and the NM_DISPATCHER
    variable from network/config (bnc#389156).
  - Updated ntp runtime documentation of DHCLIENT_MODIFY_NTP_CONF
    variable in network/config to /var/run/ntp/servers[.$INTERFACE].
  - Updated persistent interface names documentation in the ifup.8
    manual page and replaced obsolete hwdesc parameter name and
    descriptions with interface in usage messages (bnc#372058).
  - Replaced obsolete TUNNEL_LOCAL_INTERFACE with new TUNNEL_DEVICE
    variable in the ifcfg-tunnel.5 manual page (bnc#384073).
  - Fixed typos in ifcfg.5 and routes.5 manual pages (bnc#384071,
* Fri Apr 18 2008
  - new version 0.70.6
  - Adopted for dhcpcd 3.x update (not option compatible to 1.x)
  - Adopted DHCLIENT_MODIFY_NTP_CONF documentation to new runtime ntp
    configuration feature and lease time cache directory creation in
    ifup-dhcp script (fate#303602).
  - Added to loopback interface to avoid problems with
    programs that check ip addresses on all interfaces, e.g. ntp.
    The address is assigned to the hostname in /etc/hosts
    to keep the hostname usable, even when there is no another
    interface set up yet (bnc#355608).
  - Added patch to remove IP/PREFIXLEN set while "ip link set up" by
    the kernel from loopback before it gets applied inclusive of a
    broadcast address as defined in the ifcfg-lo file (bug #357021).
  - Corrected ifup-wireless fix (see bnc#329280) to set the wireless
    access point address to 'any' in Managed and Ad-Hoc modes only,
    to not to break Master configurations and documented this behavior
    in ifcfg.template file (bnc#379586).
  - Added a guard in ifup-802.1q to avoid false errors in case the
    vlan interface already exists while rcnetwork reload.
  - Fixed bonding interface down trigger to trigger down slaves first
    when bonding interface goes down. Changed the /etc/init.d/network
    script to stop bonding after physical interfaces and avoid to stop
    interfaces twice (fate#303388).
  - Improved NM_CONTROLLED and ETHTOOL_OPTIONS variable description
    in ifcfg.template and NM_CONTROLLED.
  - Improved network script to ignore ifcfg files with well known
    backup extensions (#340891).
* Tue Apr 01 2008
  - remove dir /usr/share/omc/svcinfo.d as it is provided now
    by filesystem
* Tue Jan 29 2008
  - new version 0.70.5
  - minor rpmlint related fixes, recoded changes file to utf8.
  - spell check of manual pages and README files (Bug 349746).
  - rcnetwork: Fixed interface start order to support tunnel on top
    of vlan interfaces by adding a separate vlan interface set (Bug
    [#305333], #343844).
  - rcnetwork: Fixed to add only non-virtual slave interfaces to the
    mandatory interface set (MANDATORY_DEVICES) and wait for them at
    boot time (Bug #354471).
* Thu Jan 17 2008
  - Added README.hwcfg_and_device_initialisation (Bug 2996529)
  - rcnetwork stop now calls ifdown on all interfaces even if service
    network was not active. This may be necessary at installation time.
    (Bug 291641)
  - ifup-dhcp now also returns 'dhcp not finished' in case of dhclient
    (if it did not get a lease before ifup-dhcp terminates) (Bug 334659)
* Fri Dec 21 2007
  - new version 0.70.4
  - Adopted to search for vconfig and ethtool in /sbin as they got
    moved there as a prerequire of /usr on NFS fixes (bug #285472).
  - Fix for arp_ip_target bonding driver option support (bug #306638).
  - Improved interface stop order in rcnetwork (bug #305333, #343844)
    to avoid a permission denied while attempt to remove bond iface
    because a bridge is using it.
* Thu Dec 20 2007
  - ifup-wireless: set access point address (bug #229757)
* Wed Dec 19 2007
  - rcnetwork: Improved start order of interfaces to support for vlans
    on a bonding interface (bug #343844) and the use of all interface
    types in bridges.
* Fri Dec 14 2007
  - new version 0.70.3, includes patch for bug #231042 from STABLE.
  - ifup: changed to test if /proc/sys/net/ipv6 exists instead of the
    wrong use call "sysctl net.ipv6" aborting on 11.0 (bug #347322).
  - Merged sysconfig package changelog in build system and svn
* Fri Dec 14 2007
  - netcontrol_services: fixed parsing output of iwconfig (bug #152071)
* Wed Dec 12 2007
  - Applied fix by Stefan Seyfried to use uptime in the wait for
    interfaces loop instead of date that may change (bug #346559).
* Tue Dec 11 2007
  - Applied dhcpcd-hook patch by Peter Varkoly fixing to log the
    concerned interface name instead of $INTERFACE (bug #305592).
* Wed Nov 28 2007
  - Some small changes on pool.tcpip to reduce conflicts with already
    running fetchmail deamon or MTA (bug #231042).
* Mon Sep 17 2007
  - new version 0.70.2
  - When converting interface configuration files at update look first
    in the persistent iface names udev rule file. Look in sysfs only
    if the first lookup failed. (Bug 293052)
  - When updating also convert hardware descriptions in SuSEfirewall2
    sysconfig file into interface names (Bug 307210)
  - poll.tcpip: accept also upper case portnames (Bug 300980)
* Tue Sep 04 2007
  - new Version 0.70.1
  - Don't call 'ip' if there is no interface, because it would trigger
    automatic module loading. (Bug 199456)
* Fri Aug 10 2007
  - Convert old s390 hwcfg files to udev rules
* Mon Jul 30 2007
  - new version 0.70.0
  - removed /sbin/getcfg (read README.no_more_hardwaredescriptions)
  - enhanced conversion of old configuration names into interface names
    + do conversion in %post and not in rcnetwork
    + skip wlan helper files
    + fixed quoting bug in sed command
    + added variable conversion in ifcfg-* files (bridge ports and such)
  - don't perform update conversion from pre-9.1 (needs fixes)
  - remove superfluous script 'check_configurations'
  - functions: remove getcfg from get_ifplugd_priority() and comments
  - netcontrol_global_hooks: remove getcfg
  - ifup: dbus-send is now in /bin
* Thu Jul 26 2007
  - new version 0.69.5
  - removed /lib/udev/; lets see if we still
    need that hack. If yes it will go also to udev package.
  - added script that creates an example ifservices directory
  - fixed bonding setup
    + use sysfs instead of ifenslave
    + remove slaves before removing master
  - ifup-wireless: always exit if iface is not wireless
  - functions: added get_iface_type() and get_iface_type_from_config()
    These functions determine the type of interfaces independent of
    the interface name.
  - ifup + rcnetwork: use new get_iface_type* functions
  - ifup-bridge:
    + replaced wrong output command
    + wait until bridge is in forwarding state and don't recommend
      increasing DHCLIENT_WAIT_AT_BOOT anymore (Bug 193216)
  - hwup* + hwcfg: Device initialisation is now done completely in
    udev rules. hwcfg-* config files will no longer be used. Since
    old hwcfg-* config files mostly contain default setting, they will
    not be converted in something else.
    + replaced hwup with a small script that can dis/en-able devices
      with sysfs means (unbind + event trigger)
    + removed all hwup helper scripts and config skeletons
* Mon Jul 16 2007
  - removed /lib/udev/ and corresponding udev rule. There will
    be a improved rule in udev package instead.
* Thu Jul 12 2007
  - Removed snd* modules from blacklist (Bug 291252)
  - modify_resolvconf: make reading resolv.conf more robust (Bug 285462)
* Mon Jul 09 2007
  - new version 0.69.0
  - removed getcfg from rcnetwork, ifup and ifup-helper.
  - automatically convert old configuration names into ifcfg-<interface>
    (currently in rcnetwork since YaST is not up to date)
* Fri Jul 06 2007
  - new version 0.61.1
  - Clean up regarding interface renaming:
    + removed PERSISTENT_NAME from scripts, config files and doc
    + fixed handling of "renamed" flag
    + removed outdated README.Persistent_Interface_Names
  - Device initialisation is now done in udev rules directly and hwup
    is no longer called from udev. Removed 80-sysconfig.rules.
* Fri Jun 22 2007
  - ifup-route: make reading file 'routes' more robust (Bug 285125)
  - ifup-dhcp:
    + don't take down other interfaces when setting up one (Bug 282033)
    + improve fix for not taking down to much interfaces (Bug 260073)
  - cleanup of dhcp functions:
    + moved functions from ifup-dhcp to functions
    + made dhcp-interfaces a function and removed the file
    + eliminate my_pidof and my_readlink
  - moved sysconfig variables in sysconfig editor from
    network/hardware/config to network/general (Bug 278612)
  - fixed typo in ifup-bridge (Bug 282668)
  - SuSEfirewall2: (both Bug 283744)
    + don't start it from ifup; Sfw2 now installs script in if-up/
    + avoid multiple Sfw2 runs at network restart
* Thu Jun 21 2007
  - fix changelog entry order
* Thu Jun 21 2007
  - avoid running SuSEfirewall in boot.localnet
* Mon Jun 18 2007
  - Only start network after firewall was setup
* Sun May 06 2007
  - new version 0.61.0
  - remove rename_netiface. Will be replaced by write_net_rules from
    udev package.
  - removed 30-net_persistent_names.rules and moved 31-network.rules
    to 77-network.rules
  - added network name rules conversion script and call it in %post
* Tue Apr 24 2007
  - ifstatus: don't write to syslog by default. Use option 'syslog'
    if you want ifstatus write to syslog. (Bug 261350)
  - ifdown-dhcp: don't take down to much interfaces (Bug 260073)
* Thu Mar 29 2007
  - new version 0.60.7
  - ifup-wireless: do not insist on having wlanctl-ng installed
    (bug 257788)
* Mon Mar 12 2007
  - Only use first interface when looking for interface name based
    configuration names of infiniband interfaces (ib*) (Bug 204098)
* Sat Mar 10 2007
  - support rt2500* class of drivers for WPA
* Mon Feb 19 2007
  - Don't quit if device seems already to be bound to a driver, because
    sometimes we check the wrong device. (Bug 232279)
* Fri Feb 16 2007
  - ifcfg.template: removed duplicate WIRELESS_WPA_PROTO variable
* Sat Feb 03 2007
  - fixed comment of sysconfig variable MODIFY_RESOLV_CONF_DYNAMICALLY
* Tue Jan 30 2007
  - hwup: strip "static-" from hwdesc if needed (Bug 179604)
* Fri Jan 19 2007
  - poll-tcpip: Add support for uucp over ssh tunnel for dynamic IPs
* Thu Jan 18 2007
  - Fixed wrong comment in rename_netiface
  - Fixed quoting of variables *DRIVER* since driver names unfortunately
    may contain spaces. (Bug 234532)
* Fri Jan 12 2007
  - new version 0.60.6
  - Added OMC service Description Document (Fate 301838)
* Wed Dec 20 2006
  - /etc/sysconfig/hardware/hwcfg-static-0 files do not longer need
    to be created [#114088]
* Tue Dec 12 2006
  - Don't create persistent name udev rules for hostapd interfaces.
    (Bug 214962)
  - Don't deal with wlan helper interfaces (wifi*) of type 801.
    (Bug 222529)
* Sun Dec 10 2006
  - new version 0.60.5
  - ifup-dhcp: To make 'ifup-dhcp status' deal with infinite leases as
    handed out by BOOTP servers or misconfigured DHCP servers, we also
    check that case for 'status'. (Bug 192745)
    See changes for 'stop' at Mon Jan 26 18:21:09 CET 2004
  - Fixed handling of 'ficon' interfaces. (Bug 181998)
  - rename_netiface: Don't be confused by two digit interface numbers
    (eth1 was renamed if eth1* existed) (Bug 204964)
* Mon Nov 20 2006
  - new version 0.60.4
  - Removed replacements for pidof, checkproc, killproc again (See
    changes from Wed Oct  4). Instead added improved my_pidof which is
    only used for ifup-dhcp and dhcp-interfaces (Bug 213249, 55370)
* Mon Nov 13 2006
  - Fix syntax error in 80-sysconfig.rules.
* Fri Nov 10 2006
  - Added OSS module opl3sa2 to blacklist (Bug 219758)
* Thu Nov 09 2006
  - trigger firmware hack: check for lower 24 bits of the MAC address
    being zero only, so the hack works for unpatched prism54 driver
    as well
* Wed Nov 08 2006
  - Remove again unused build requires
* Mon Nov 06 2006
  - new version 0.60.3
  - hwup and 80-sysconfig.rules: added 'platform' to the list of
    handled subsystems (Bug 214653)
  - added new sysconfig variable WRITE_HOSTNAME_TO_HOSTS to 'dhcp'
    in /etc/sysconfig/network. This variable is only used from YaST
    (Bug 207392)
* Thu Nov 02 2006
  - udev.rules: added dsl* to the list of interface names for which we
    don't call ifup/down (Bug 211936)
  - rcnetwork: removed message about NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT (Bug 203693)
* Tue Oct 31 2006
  - new version 0.60.2
  - rcnetwork: consider also bridge ports as mandatory interfaces and
      wait for them (Bug 193216)
  - ifcfg-bridge.5: Recommend increasing DHCLIENT_WAIT_AT_BOOT if
      BOOTPROTO=dhcp (Bug 193216)
  - bonding:
    + don't initialize bonding interface a second time (which results
      in wrong error messages) when dhcp client calls ifup for POST_UP
      stuff. (Bug 190093)
    + set interface options twice, because some must be set before and
      some after enslaving devices. (Bug 190377)
* Fri Oct 27 2006
  - new version 0.60.1
  - ifup-wireless: using wext driver back-end for madwifi now
* Tue Oct 24 2006
  - Avoid unneccessary output from sysctl in ifup (Bug 201658)
  - blacklist 82875p_edac. (Bug 213840)
  - added hal and dbus to 'Requires:' in specfile since rcnetwork
    requires these services. (Bug 214652)
* Sat Oct 21 2006
  - Let the checkproc replacement be LSB compliant (b.n.c #213249).
* Mon Oct 09 2006
  - new version 0.60.0
  - use sysfs "subsystem" link instead of deprecated "bus" link
* Wed Oct 04 2006
  - Don't kill ipw3945d at interface remove event (Bug 203688)
  - Don't restrict ETHTOOL_OPTIONS to arguments of '-s'. Also allow
    other options like '-K iface rx on'. (Bug 199682)
  - Add replacements for pidof, checkproc, killproc written in shell
    code, which do not stat executables in /proc/*/*, to prevent
    hangs with disappeared NFS mounts [#55370] [#187175]
* Mon Sep 11 2006
  - fix libsysfs2 port
* Thu Aug 31 2006
  - use libsysfs2 interface
* Thu Aug 17 2006
  - Remove undocumented ifservices.template directory to break down
    build dependencies.
* Mon Jun 26 2006
  - Handle aoa-soundbus subsystem.
* Fri Jun 02 2006
    also rcacpid respects this setting (Bug 180654)
    not for SLED (Bug 162970)
  - 'ifdown-dhcp all' kills dhcp clients with -9, because interfaces
    with STARTMODE=nfsroot must stay up and running. (Bug 176804)
  - ifdown calls ifdown-dhcp even if BOOTPROTO=static. We need this to
    to stop dhcp client after reconfiguration to static ip address
    via YaST (which calls rcnetwork reload). (Bug 179895)
  - eliminated two error messages that occur when interface bonding
    is activated. (Bug 181129)
* Tue May 30 2006
  - Don't load module 'bonding' multiple times but create and delete
    bonding interfaces via sysfs attribute. (Bug 157936)
* Mon May 22 2006
  - fix dhcpcd-hook so that syslog picks up a changed hostname during
    bootup, by reloading syslog. The reload was already being done
    during IP address change ("renew state") but not during "up"
    state. (Bug 160916)
* Thu May 18 2006
  - rcnetwork: quoted two occurrences $OLDPWD to allow spaces in
    directory names. (Bug 174029)
  - added sysconfig variable NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT. If not set to 0, then
    rcnetwork will wait at least this time until a network connection
    has established. (Bug 169632)
  - start NMdispatcher before and stop it after NM itself (Bug 169632)
* Tue May 09 2006
  - fixed a debug message in update script. Show the right sysfs path.
* Fri Apr 28 2006
  - using wrapper script to kill ipw3945d (Bug 170099)
* Thu Apr 13 2006
  - rcnetwork reload now restarts NetworkManager (Bug 162959)
* Wed Apr 05 2006
  - ifcfg.template: documented WIRELESS_WPA_PROTO, WIRELESS_EAP_AUTH,
  - ifcfg.template: fixed two typos
* Thu Mar 30 2006
  - rename_netiface: don't rename vlan interfaces (Bug 160317)
* Mon Mar 27 2006
  - ifup-wireless: do not set default anonymous_identity as it may
    break WPA-EAP TLS connection
  - ifup-wireless: always use iwconfig for zd1211 driven interfaces
    (bug 157503, second try)
* Sun Mar 26 2006
  - new version 0.50.9
  - restricted udev rule for ifup/down: should not be called for
    (Bug 157936)
* Wed Mar 22 2006
  - ifup-wireless: always use iwconfig for zd1211 driven interfaces
    (bug 157503)
* Mon Mar 20 2006
  - new version 0.50.8
  - Fixed udev rule which stops ipw3945d (Bug 159062)
  - hwup now always binds devices that were unbound by hwdown (Bug 159110)
  - start ipw3945d after binding a device to driver ipw3945 (Bug 159062)
  - update hwup.8
  - added interface names ctc* and tr* to the list of handled interfaces
    in rename_netiface (Bug 153712)
* Fri Mar 17 2006
  - new version 0.50.7
  - getcfg: added interfacetype 'osn' to the interface compatibility
    lists. (Bug 158654)
  - removed getcfg-make-hwdesc and getcfg-device, because they never
    worked (properly) (Bug 159008)
  - rcnetwork: If NM is used start/stop also dhcdbd (Bug 159125)
* Mon Mar 13 2006
  - hwup: before trying to load a module finally check both if module
    is lodaded (or compiled in) or if device is attached to the
    driver. (Again bug 154383)
* Mon Mar 13 2006
  - rename_netiface:
    + rule creation might have failed in some cases (Bug 157528)
    + added support for qeth and hsi interfaces on S390 (Bug 153712)
* Sat Mar 11 2006
  - hwdown: Also respect DRIVER==skip when releasing devices (Bug 157412)
* Sat Mar 11 2006
  - hwup should not unbind grouped devices (on s390). Therefore we now
    skip (un)binding devices for busname 'ccw'. (Bug 157412)
  - getcfg does again find configurations for (still) not existing interfaces.
    If failed to do so since fix for bug 152499 (Bug 157081)
* Fri Mar 10 2006
  - new version: 0.50.6
  - getcfg:
    + fixed another segfault (Bug 156940)
      (getcfg failed if a config file ends with '-')
    + fixed endless loop which occured with '-vvv' (Bug 156942)
  - /etc/sysconfig/hardware/config:DRIVER must be empty by default.
    (Bug 157063)
  - hwup now really checks presence of a module instead the driver link
    of the device (Improvement of change from Wed Mar 1 16:55:04 CET 2006)
    (Bug 154383)
* Fri Mar 10 2006
  - ifup-wireless: changed ap_scan default for ipw2100 and
    ndiswrapper (using ap_scan=2 is a bad idea when proto and
    ciphers are unset, bug 128496)
    and WIRELESS_CIPHER_GROUP to allow correct use of
    WIRELESS_AP_SCANMODE=2 (bugs 152291 and 128496)
* Fri Mar 10 2006
  - renamed 31-net_create_names.rules to 31-network.rules and added
    two rules
    + start ipw3945d after ipw3945 was loaded (driver event)
    + terminate ipw3945d on interface removal event
  - also moved rules for ifup/down to 31-network.rules
* Thu Mar 09 2006
  - fixed another segfault in getcfg (Bug 154727)
    ('getcfg lo' failed in s390)
* Wed Mar 08 2006
  - getcfg fails for grouped devices on S/390.
* Thu Mar 02 2006
  - ifup no longer checks for /sbin/ifplugd if STARTMODE!=ifplugd (Bug 154699)
* Wed Mar 01 2006
  - Teach hwup to be happy if a wanted module is already loaded or
    built in the kernel. (Bug 154383)
  - Add bus type 'vio' to list of valid busses in getcfg. (Bug 154289)
  - Skip loading bttv for certain devices without subids (Bug 149588)
* Tue Feb 28 2006
  - ifup: execute post up scripts if called with '-o dhcp' (Bug 154126)
* Mon Feb 27 2006
  - ifup-wireless: prevent ipw3945 from being setup up as wlan-ng
  - ifup-wireless: allow wpa_supplicant for ipw3945 devices
* Tue Feb 21 2006
  - Fix determination of essid in netcontrol_services (Bug 152071)
  - sysconfig.spec: moved rm -Rf $BUILDROOT to %clean
  - Added module stradis to blacklist (Bug 144623)
  - getcfg:
    + again checks for interface id also if there is no devicepath.
      e.g. no device link for an interface. (Bug 152499)
    + fixed segmentation fault, introduced by fix for bug 145778
      (prefix 'static-' should be ignored)
    + fixed another segfault fault which became visible by bugfix 152499
  - STARTMODE=ifplugd: ifup/down will now always start/stop ifplugd if not
    called with -o ifplug (which is used by ifplugd-selectif). (Bug 152824)
* Mon Feb 20 2006
  - Fix modification of sysconfig.config-hardware in .spec.
* Mon Feb 20 2006
  - new version 0.50.5
    Default will be 'no' in SLES and 'yes' else (Bug 148091)
  - hwup does not try to bind a device to a driver if
    - there is no busname
    - DRIVER=skip
    The latter can be set globally if manual binding makes trouble.
  - hwup: removed all occurencies of variables BUS{NAME,ID} because
    there already is HWD_BUS{NAME,ID}.
* Fri Feb 17 2006
  - hwup: Fixed iucv initialisation (#145778)
* Thu Feb 16 2006
  - hwup-{ccw,zfcp,iucv,ctc}: Porting fixes from SLES9
    (#151192 - LTC21703).
* Wed Feb 15 2006
  - ifup-wireless: changed wpa_supplicant backend to 'wext' for
  - ifup-wireless: using AP scanmode 2 by default for ndiswrapper
* Tue Feb 14 2006
  - functions.common: create directory RUN_FILES_BASE (currently
    /dev/shm/sysconfig) if it does not exist (Bug 150828)
  - additional fixes of returnvalues for ifplugd (Bug 140124)
  - add debug helper script 'extradebug' and let normal messages be
    printed to stdout.
* Tue Feb 14 2006
  - ifup-wireless: fixed authmode setting for madwifi (used with
    shared key authentication)
* Mon Feb 13 2006
  - Let ifup store the last used configuration name for an interface
    to make switch to an alternative interface via ifplugd possible
    if the interface is removed. (Bug 150308)
  - Reworked fix for bug 134899 (changes from Fri Nov 25 10:56:31)
    ifup-dhcp does now check if ifup is active on this interface.
  - Fixed returnvalue of ifstatus for certain states. Now rcnetwork
    can better decide if to wait for interfaces configured with
    STARTMODE=ifplugd. (Bug 140124)
  - Added template for ifservices-* directory
  - Added variable MODIFY_RESOLV_CONF_STATIC_DNS (Bug 136844)
  - modify_resolvconf does now change /etc/named.d/forwarders.conf
    instead of /etc/named.conf (Bug 134692)
  - add STARTMODE 'nfsroot' (Bug 150507)
* Tue Feb 07 2006
  - check if NetworkManagerDispatcher is installed before checking if
    it is running. (Bug 148054)
* Mon Feb 06 2006
  - fix invalid blacklist entries
* Mon Feb 06 2006
  - new version 0.50.3
  - getcfg: fixed getting network configurations named type-*
  - Don't consider configurations type-* as mandatory devices
  - Better determination of primary dhcp interfaces (Bug 136239)
* Mon Feb 06 2006
  - config/31-net_create_names.rules: removed wlanconfig call to
    auto-create station interface for Atheros devices (driver does
    it itself now)
* Tue Jan 31 2006
  - added obsolete driver module 'eepro100' to blacklist (Bug 146728)
  - added obsolete driver module 'sk98lin' to blacklist (Bug 146930)
  - renamed script /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher/nm_start_services
    to netcontrol_services
  - added /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher/netcontrol_global_hooks
    that calls all scripts in if-{up,down}.d. It respects variables
* Mon Jan 30 2006
  - new version 0.50.2
  - disabled (un)plug beeps of ifplugd (Bug 145626)
  - status files were moved to from /var/run/sysconfig to
    /dev/shm/sysconfig (17 days ago). Now also routing status files
    moved there. (/var is sometimes not available early enough)
  - made much faster in the no operation case.
* Sun Jan 29 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Fri Jan 27 2006
  - fixed /lib/udev/ It must mount only devices which have a
    line in fstab that contains mount option hotplug. (Bug 145400)
* Tue Jan 24 2006
  - Also set LLADDR if BOOTPROTO=dhcp
  - Also set LLADDR and MTU if BOOTPROTO=autoip
  - Added a note to /e/s/n/config:IFPLUGD_OPTIONS how to make
    ifplugd silent (Bug 145626)
* Mon Jan 23 2006
  - ifup-wireless:
    + do not prefer wpa_supplicant for non-WPA connections
      (bug 129610, 141591)
    + fixed incorrect error message
    + fixed faulty wpa_supplicant.conf generation when WPA-EAP
      is configured
* Mon Jan 23 2006
  - New version 0.50.1
  - simplified Both fsck and mount can deal with links to
    device nodes.
  - Let NetworkManager start services via ifup-services:
    + added /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/nm_dispatcher_services
    + enabled ifstatus-services
    + let ifup-services also look in ifservices-<interface>[-<essid>]
      or just ifservices if ifservices-<config> did not exist
    + made ifup-services a bit more verbose
    + added a paragraph about that in ifservices.5
  - NetworkManager now lives in /usr/sbin. Adapted accordant variables.
  - Add ifcfg variable INTERFACETYPE. It it is unset INTERFACETYPE will
    be taken from getcfg or as fallback from interface name. (Bug 142976)
  - rcnetwork:
    + it did not start netcontrol if NM is not installed. Fixed function
      nm_running() to make this work again.
    + fixed actions stop and start for cases where both NM and NetControl
      are running (by mistake) and when changing between them.
  - sysconfig/{network,hardware}/config are now also handled by fillup
  - ifup assumes NM_CONTROLLED=no for all interface types except eth, tr
    and wlan if NM_CONTROLLED is not set in config file. (Bug 143729)
* Thu Jan 19 2006
  - uncommented ide and input rules in 80-sysconfig.rules
  - check if NM is installed before checking if running (Bug 144032)
* Wed Jan 18 2006
  - Fix insserv network.
* Tue Jan 17 2006
  - added info about ifrenew and ifprobe to manpage ifup.8
* Mon Jan 16 2006
  - ifup/down/status now checks if NetworkManager is running. ifup
    will advise NetworkManager to set up the interface.
    A new variable NM_CONTROLLED can be used to make an interface
    manually controllable by ifup.
  - ignore flag '__NSC__' in autogenerated list of mandatory devices
    in rcnetwork
  - ifstatus returns proper value for interfaces configured with
    STARTMODE=ifplugd. Allows rcnetwork to wait for plugged interfaces.
    (Bug 141554)
  - Added module dpt_i2o to blacklist (Bug 129301)
  - Added script links ifrenew and ifrenew-dhcp. This allows to renew
    a dhcp lease without changing other interface settings (e.g.
    wlan settings). (Bug 143329)
* Mon Jan 16 2006
  - new version 0.50.0
  - hwup: added 'ide' in the list of known subsystem.
  - ifup: enhance output for rcnetwork
  - rcnetwork:
    + source functions.common after evaluation of options to
      make option 'debug' work with new output functions.
      See changeset 1344
    + removed old and unused extra message
    + start NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher from here
      if new variables NETWORKMANAGER and NM_DISPATCHER are set
      suitably. (Bug 135595)
    + added therefore dbus and haldaemon to Required-Start.
  - removed old code that was commented out since long
  - added /lib/udev/ from udev package together with udev rules
    Removed sysconfig variables from sysconfig/storage, because they
    are useless.
* Sun Jan 15 2006
  - getcfg now quotes the content of the listed variables
* Fri Jan 13 2006
  - old output functions now use the new ones (*mesg). From now on
    only the new ones should be used for new code.
  - Removed option 'quiet' from all scripts. Redirect output instead.
* Fri Jan 13 2006
  - hwdown:
    + use right bus id for unbinding from drivers
    + don't exit if device has no driver link
* Tue Jan 10 2006
  - poll-tcpip: if not xntp is running just run ntpdate
* Thu Jan 05 2006
  - rcnetwork: also consider devices with startmode ifplugd mandatory
    (bug 141554)
* Mon Dec 19 2005
  - Version 0.42.0
  - hwup/down: (changes from
    + never unload modules but unbind drivers instead. There
      is also a new variable DRIVER for hwcfg-* files where a driver
      can be specified.
    + return value != 0 if module could not be loaded.
  - New ifcfg-* variable ETHTOOL_OPTIONS: if not empty ifup will call
    ethtool with exactly this options.
* Mon Dec 19 2005
  - Version 0.41.2
* Thu Dec 15 2005
  - added if{down,status}-bridge links (Bug 138436)
  - ifup: call if{down,status}-bridge only if needed (Bug 138436)
* Wed Dec 14 2005
  - getcfg: rewrote split_hwdesc(). No quoting required anymore.
  - Update documentation to reflect the change.
* Mon Dec 12 2005
  - ifup-wireless: Added some more WPA config variables
  - moved all variables from /etc/sysconfig/network/wireless to
  - documented all used WLAN variables in ifcfg.template
  - removed /etc/sysconfig/network/wireless
  - removed partly outdated variables documentation from
    ifcfg-wireless manpage in favour of ifcfg.template documentation
  - set version to 0.41.1
* Thu Dec 08 2005
  - Updated manpages and ifcfg.template
  - Added manpage ifservices (5)
  - Added support for interface bridging inclusive manpage and
    sysconfig metadata (by, bug 44708, feature 2307)
  - suppress 'grep' error messsage in postinstall script (bug 137774)
  - Added 80-sysconfig.rules to package (was in udev before)
* Wed Nov 30 2005
  - ifup-wireless: changed incorrect 'private_key_password' to
    'private_key_passwd' for wpa_supplicant.conf
* Fri Nov 25 2005
  - ifstatus did sometimes report success for an interface while a
    background ifup was just setting up this interface with dhcp.
    Fixed that. (bug 134899)
  - hwup: subsystem input_devices is now input
  - added functions.pnp really to filelist
* Thu Nov 17 2005
  - ifup: removed old workaround for PC-cards
  - functions: made reading specific values from config files more
    robust (where we cannot just source them)
  - added /etc/ssconfig/hardware/scripts/functions.pnp. It loads
    modules based on id attribute since pnp does not have MODALIAS.
* Wed Nov 16 2005
  - Automatically creating ath interface for Atheros WLAN cards
    (bug 133284)
* Thu Nov 03 2005
  - fixed superfluous error message in ifdown-route
    (See bug 87338, comment 38 - 41)
  - added vio to known subsystems in hwup (bug 56865, comment 74)
  - added service isdn to network:should-start and removed no longer
    existing services coldplug and pcmcia (Bug 131741)
* Fri Oct 28 2005
  - added
* Thu Oct 27 2005
  - moved /etc/hotplug/blacklist to /etc/modprobe.d/ and removed
    special blacklist handling from hwup. modprobe will do this job.
  - moved /sbin/rename_netiface and /sbin/
    to /lib/udev
* Thu Oct 27 2005
  - ifup-wireless:
    + Do not prefer wpa_supplicant for prism54 (bug 131007)
    + Fixed fault WPA-PSK handling in wpa_supplicant.conf generation
      (bugs 118157 and 130163)
    + Shut down wpa_supplicant on ifdown even when interface is
      not available anymore (bug 131010)
* Mon Oct 24 2005
  - rcnetwork:
    + return 'failed' if non physical interface (e.g. vlan) could
      not be set up (Bug 128673)
    + make all devices that serve for bonding, vlan or tunnels
      mandatory devices (Bug 95834 - LTC16580)
    + Don't gather the existence from a ifcfg-<interface> file>
      (Bug 128823)
  - ifup-802.1q (vlan): Don't complain if ethernet device is not up.
    Just set it up instead. (Bug 128665)
  - Make rcnetwork restart work better (Bug 129648):
    + ifdown: don't return before ifplugd has terminated
    + functions: get_priority(): exclude comments when grepping for variables
* Fri Oct 21 2005
  - New iproute2 is more strict with the syntax
* Fri Sep 30 2005
  - if the IP address changes, reload syslog [#116466]
* Thu Sep 29 2005
  - fixed changes from Fri Apr 22 12:08:52; vlan interfaces did not
    work anymore since this change (Bug 95556)
* Mon Sep 26 2005
  - Remove comments not only if empty in poll.tcpip
* Fri Sep 09 2005
  - ifup-wireless: removing seperator characters from hex WEP keys
    (bug 116083)
* Tue Sep 06 2005
  - ifup-wireless: changed AP scan mode default for ipw2100 devices
    (bug 115209)
* Tue Sep 06 2005
  - added slamr and slusb to blacklist (bug 115132)
* Mon Sep 05 2005
  - Enhanced the way how to fake ifplugd for wlan interfaces. If no
    cable is plugged rcnetwork did not set up the wlan iface.
  - Don't load modules for PCMCIA bridges if pcmcia=off at bootprompt
  - Added README.Persistent_Interface_Names
  - ifup prints a warning of PERSISTENT_NAME is still used
  - Set USE_SYSLOG back to yes
* Sun Sep 04 2005
  - Spelling fixes.
* Fri Sep 02 2005
  - Do not start ifplugd for wireless devices, assume link status
    'yes' instead (makes WPA configurations in conjunction ifplugd
  - Use timeout defaults of ifplugd instead of using extra long
    ifdown timeout; it is not necessary because ifplugd is not used
    anymore on wireless devices which needed the long timeout
* Thu Sep 01 2005
  - Moved rule for firmware-patch in seperate file and leave
    30-net_persistent_names.rules %config(noreplace) (Bug 114662)
  - Rewrote check for rcnetwork if interfaces are already renamed or
    not. Did not use timestamps this time. (Bug 112909)
* Thu Sep 01 2005
  - ifp-wireless:
    + Do not use wpa_supplicant in case WIRELESS_MODE is not 'Managed'
    + Set PREFER_WPA_SUPPLICANT to 'no' when ndiswrapper
      is detected (bug 113635)
* Thu Sep 01 2005
  - Added tpm* modules to blacklist (bug 113546)
* Mon Aug 29 2005
  - Make sure PATH is exported.
  - Always source config before scripts/functions.
* Mon Aug 29 2005
  version 0.40.4
  - poll-tcpip: rcxntpd has moved to rcntp (bug 113569)
  - Don't call ifup-wireless as an exclusive ifup-<interfacetype> if
    interface name is 'wireless'. (bug 83786)
  - Do not prefer wpa_supplicant if no ESSID is given. (by jg)
  - added /sbin/ as a workaround for
    broken drivers that don't load firmware immediately. This requires
    also modified rules in 30-net*.rules. (bug 113385)
* Sat Aug 27 2005
  - Handle macio subsystem in hwup.
* Fri Aug 26 2005
  version 0.40.3
  - rcnetwork: Timestamps for new interfaces may have future time
    during installation. Therfore we don't skip interfaces at all
    when called from YaST. (bug 112909)
  - Make hwup handle static configurations again (bug 113158)
  - Added ra* interfaces to the list of names that should be made
    persistent via rename_netiface
  - Removed static libs (bug 105815)
  - Changed sysconfig variable LOG_LEVEL to DEFAULT_LOG_LEVEL
* Wed Aug 24 2005
  - Adjust defaults to agree with current defaults.
* Wed Aug 24 2005
  version 0.40.2
  - added missing fb modules to blacklist (bug 106715)
* Mon Aug 22 2005
  version 0.40.1
  - rcnetwork:
    + make 'status' work again (broken since version 0.33)
    + 'reload' does nothing if network was not started
    (both are related to bug 106040)
* Mon Aug 22 2005
  - ifup-wireless:
    fixed print_key function for hex keys (bug 106051)
    using new log message functions
    added support for WEP keys up to 232 bit when entered as ASCII
* Mon Aug 22 2005
  - new version 0.40.0
  - Changed hwup:
    + prepared removal of getcfg
    + restructured first part of hwup that collects information. It
      checks the subsystem and calls specific subsystem functions if
      these are defined. These may be defined in functions.<subsystem>.
    + it now uses new output functions which respect udev loglevel.
    + allow spaces in config file names. Yes, ugly, but pcmcia may need it.
  - added functions.susbsystem.template
  - Add new config variable LOG_LEVEL and mark DEBUG as deprecated in
    hardware/config. Backward compliance: DEBUG==yes ==> LOG_LEVEL=7
  - Also change default of USE_SYSLOG to "no".
  - removed FAILURE_ACTION completely, we will never use that
* Fri Aug 19 2005
  - move static lib and la file to /usr
* Thu Aug 18 2005
  - ifup: removed switch USE_IPV6, because it is silly. (Bug 105436)
  - hardware/scripts/functions: cleaned up
* Wed Aug 17 2005
  - functions.common: added new functions {,err,info,debug}_mesg()
    If not set explicitely via LOG_LEVEL these check the udev loglevel.
  - rename_netiface:
    + removed logging into a file in /tmp (Bug 104606)
    + use mktemp for temporary files
* Tue Aug 16 2005
  - added blacklist from obsolete hotplug package. This file is now
    used by hwup.
  - rpm%post removes old autogenerated device configuration files.
* Thu Aug 11 2005
  - ifup did not use the config from commandline if there was an
    ifcfg-$INTERFACE due to a vlan/bonding workaround.
    Fixed this workaround now.
* Wed Aug 10 2005
  - Changed hack from Mon Aug  8 10:04:13
    rcnetwork now ignores at boottime only interfaces which are so new
    that there is still an instance of ifup running and waiting for
    service network to be activated.
* Mon Aug 08 2005
  - 'rcnetwork reload' now also checks /etc/sysconfig/network/routes.
    (Bug 100126)
  - ifup: removed invalid option from logerror
* Mon Aug 08 2005
  - added hack to enable network interfaces after installetion
* Fri Aug 05 2005
  - rcnetwork: skip ethernet interfaces from /sys/class/net only
      at boot time
* Fri Aug 05 2005
  - fixed timestamps and added missing \ in
  - New version 0.33
* Fri Aug 05 2005
  - hwup: Don't load modules via $MODALIAS unconditionally, but check
      /etc/hotplug/blacklist before. This does not affect modules
      specified in hwcfg-* files.
  - ifup: set MTU before and after the interface is set UP (Bug 94015)
  - added /sbin/rename_netiface and a udev rule to make all eth*, ath*
    and wlan* network interface names persistent. Missing rules for new
    interfaces will be autocreated.
* Fri Aug 05 2005
  - removed obsolete ifup-wireless-wpa
  - ifup-wireless: new variables for hidden ssid support and AP
    scan mode
  - updated ifcfg-wireless man page
* Thu Aug 04 2005
  - getcfg again prints a complete 'export' line. (Bug 97579)
  - added typo fix from Wed Jul 27 to SVN and removed sysconfig-0.32.0.diff
* Thu Jul 28 2005
  - ifup-wireless: fixed typo which broke non-WPA configuration
      when using wpa_supplicant
* Wed Jul 27 2005
  - Fix comment typo.
* Tue Jul 26 2005
  - create ifdown-wireless symlink
* Mon Jul 25 2005
  - ifup-wireless: incorporated ifup-wireless-wpa
  - ifup-wireless: added wpa_supplicant support for non WPA modes
  - ifup-wireless: added multiple network support
* Mon Jul 18 2005
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: added WPA-EAP support
* Mon Jul 11 2005
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: added pidfile command line option to
    wpa_supplicant call
* Mon Jul 11 2005
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: fixed wrong wpa_supplicant.conf generation
    for WPA hex keys
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: support hidden SSID
  - ifup-wireless: added support for shared key authentication with
    madwifi driver
* Thu Jun 23 2005
  - Automatic module loading from hwup if no configuration is found.
* Thu Jun 16 2005
  - ifup-dhcp: explicitely call dhcpcd with -c
    /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/dhcpcd-hook, unless
    DHCLIENT_SCRIPT_EXE is set otherwise, reflecting changed default
    in dhcpcd [#85849]
  - fix neededforbuild, libsysfs is now in package sysfsutils
* Fri Jun 10 2005
  - ifup/down: exit if called with option dhcp but BOOTPROTO!=dhcp. (Bug 85849)
* Thu Apr 28 2005
  - modify_resolvconf: Don't reload lwresd if it is not installed (Bug 80295)
* Mon Apr 25 2005
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: fixed typo breaking ndiswrapper WPA support
* Fri Apr 22 2005
  - ifcfg-bonding.5: new manpage for interface bonding
  - ifup-802.1q: avoid superflouos and misleading error messages
  - ifup, ifup.8: Updated description of options of ifup
  - ifup-route: fixed patch for bug 65557 (from 2005/3/17)
  - ifup:
    + get right config for vlan and bonding interfaces
    + Don't unnecessarily complain when setup bonding interfaces that
      have only labeled v4 addresses (Bug 64489).
      Also allow dhcp with bonding interfaces.
    + Call PRE_DOWN_SCRIPT always, even if BOOTPROTO=dhcp and DHCP!=yes.
      (Bug 61842)
    + If BOOTPROTO=dhcp and dhcp still got no lease then return R_DHCP_BG.
      This lets rcnetwork wait (if interface is mandatory) (Bug 75905)
  - ifdown: Check if there are interfaces which are based upon the
    current and take these down first. This works currently only for
    bonding and vlan (Bug 66945)
  - hwdown:
    + Changed the way we check which module to unload (belongs to bug 59794)
    + Don't unload modules when called from hotplug (Bug 79319)
  - dhcpcd-hook: Don't call ifdown when going down, because PRE_DOWN
    jobs will now be executed directly from first ifdown run (Bug 61842)
* Sat Mar 19 2005
  - Do not leave empty files around with modify_resolvconf [#73841].
* Thu Mar 17 2005
  - ifup-route: don't add a linklocal route if interface has no v4
    adress (Bug 65557)
* Wed Mar 16 2005
  - re-create tarball to change files in the future
* Tue Mar 15 2005
  - rcnetwork: Use $INIT_VERSION to check if we were called from init (Bug 71230)
  - ifup-ppp: unified names for smpppd options variable (Bug 72782)
  - ifup: also change interface name to PERSISTENT_NAME if called with
    '-o rc'. Now rcnetwork restart will change the names and there will
    (hopefully) no more race conditions at boot time (Bug 65497)
* Sun Mar 13 2005
  - modify_resolvconf: exit immediately if /tmp is readonly (Bug 50243)
* Wed Mar 09 2005
  - getcfg: look in /proc/net/wireless if interface is type wlan
  - modify_resolvconf: reload lwresd after resolv.conf has changed
* Mon Mar 07 2005
  - doc/ifcfg-wireless.5: documented WIRELESS_WPA_CONF variable
* Sat Mar 05 2005
  - Echo newline after dhcp info.
* Fri Mar 04 2005
  - ifup-wireless-wpa:
    - fixed support for ipw2x00 devices
    - added support for user supplied wpa_supplicant.conf
* Wed Mar 02 2005
  - Change default of sysconfig variable. New:
    /etc/sysconfig/network/dhcp:DHCLIENT_KEEP_SEARCHLIST=yes (Bug 65982)
* Mon Feb 28 2005
  - ifup-wireless(-wpa): using HWD_INTERFACETYPE_0 instead of
    obsolete HWD_DEVTYPE to check for wlan devices (bug 66009)
* Mon Feb 28 2005
  - fixed function get_ifplugd_priority which got wrong priorities for
    interfaces without a configuration. (Bug 65256)
  - fixed getcfg to find configuration named by interface (Bug 65256)
  - fixed getcfg to find configurations by id for wlan interfaces (Bug 66685)
  - fixed getcfg to properly determine buslist
  - fixed getcfg not to prefer configuration by bus-pci over _more_ specific
    bus-pcmcia or bus-usb configurations.
  - rcnetwork: Don't start lo again if it's already up (Bug 64265)
  - ifup-wireless-wpa now uses HWD_DRIVER to determine driver (Bug 65533)
* Mon Jan 17 2005
  - modify_resolvconf: fix quoting in arguments of eval.
* Tue Jan 11 2005
  - Fix devicepath detection for network devices (#49729).
  - Removed loop while looking for a hwcfg file.
* Mon Jan 10 2005
  - Use error_log() for debugging messages.
  - Fix '-v' to accept numeric arguments.
* Mon Jan 10 2005
  - Do not print debugging output for non-debugging builds (#49643).
* Wed Dec 29 2004
  - version 0.32.0
  - libgetconfig updates (from hare):
    - Major rewrite of get_config_lib. Do avoid scanning wherever
      possible. Old version did not scale properly with many devices.
    - Fixed getcfg for PCMCIA
  - increase libgetconfig's libtool library version to 2:0:1
  - remove the obsolete convenience wrapper /sbin/rcdhclient
* Fri Dec 10 2004
  - ifdown-route does not remove default route if there is still an
    active interface in this subnet (Bug 49123)
  - poll-tcpip: try-restart ntpd or call ntptimeset (Bug 48654)
  - cosmetical changes in ifup-ppp, ifup-dhcp, ifup-skel, functions
* Wed Dec 08 2004
  - make modify_resolvconf work without /usr (Bug 25592)
* Tue Dec 07 2004
  - add -lsysfs only where needed
  - fix missing includes in autoip.c, and in doing so fix the format
    string used in readlink() call
  - convert_for_getconfig:
    - if a hwcfg-static-0 file has been created during system update,
      attach a note about that to the ifcfg files [#40244]
    - add quotes around some variables for the fix of bug 38285
      (parsing of route file), to make parsing more robust in some
      weird configurations (found during testing)
    - run only during package update, not in new installation
* Sat Dec 04 2004
  - fixed handling of status and status files for dsl and modem (Bug 43950)
* Tue Nov 30 2004
  - ifup does not longer create status files for interfaces without
    configuration (Bug 43949)
* Wed Nov 24 2004
  - Fixed getcfg to do a proper reverse-mapping for grouped devices
    on S/390 (#42709).
* Fri Nov 12 2004
  - ifup:
    + set up additional static addresses if BOOTPROTO=dhcp (Bug 47399)
    + POST_*_SCRIPTS are now also executed for ppp interfaces (Bug 44147)
    + Don't check MODE in ifstatus (Bug 48132)
  - ifstatus-dhcp:
    + check if the running dhcp client serves current interface (Bug 48130)
    + skip some output, since ifup also performs check for static
      addresses (Problem was a result of fixing bug 47399)
  - rcnetwork:
    + skip ifcfg*rpm{new,save} when looking for mandatory devices (Bug 48119)
* Mon Nov 08 2004
  - ifdown-dhcp reports an error if interface does not exist, except
    if called with -o hotplug (Bug 47536)
* Tue Nov 02 2004
  - extended getcfg to report the driver name of a device. (Note that
    this name might differ from the module name of the driver module)
  - hwdown tries to unload the module that was really used for a device
    and not that from hwcfg-*. (Bug 44794)
* Wed Oct 27 2004
  - ifup-wireless-wpa:
    - make wpa config file non world-readable (bug 47043)
    - added support for ndiswrapper (bug 47042)
    - checking for already running wpa_supplicant before starting it
    - fixed check for failed driver detection
  - ifup-wireless: removed no-encryption-used warning when WPA-PSK
    is being used
* Fri Oct 01 2004
  - ignore interfaces wifi* in rcnetwork (Bug 46408)
  - add a workaround to get the interface name of hardware descriptions
    like *bus-pcmcia* or *bus-usb* (Bug 46387)
* Fri Oct 01 2004
  - added manpage ifcfg-wireless.5
* Thu Sep 30 2004
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: fixed broken driver detection (bug 46528)
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: added ipw2100 as supported driver (bug 46528)
* Wed Sep 29 2004
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: removed scan_ssid=1 from generated
    wpa_supplicant.conf, as it is not supported by ipw2100 driver
* Tue Sep 28 2004
  - avoid stray output during package update to avoid confusion
* Tue Sep 28 2004
  - When checking if firewall has to be started and when current runlevel
    is undefined (at installation time), then use default runlevel. And
    ifstatus checks if setting up firewall is still in progress (Bug 46043)
  - suppress unimportant messages in ifdown-wireless{,-wpa}
* Sun Sep 26 2004
  - functions: made definition of RUN_FILES_BASE easier and more robust
  - rcnetwork: reload firewall after manual start of service (scpm needs
    that) (Bug 45997)
* Fri Sep 24 2004
  - ifup: don't use 'cardctl ident' to obtain device description of
    PC-Cards, becasue it interferes with 'cardctl eject' (Bug 44290)
* Thu Sep 23 2004
  - ifup-wireless-wpa (this time for real)
    - removed bogus is_iface_up check
    - doing status check only when wpa is configured
    - checking for wpa_cli before calling it
* Mon Sep 20 2004
  - handle update USERCONTROL for dialin network devices (#43650)
* Sat Sep 18 2004
  - modify_resolvconf: handle spaces in the values of the info block,
    e.g. multiple process ids (Bug 45395)
* Fri Sep 17 2004
  - enable UDP checksumming by dhcpcd again; all known issues have
    been resolved [#44670]
* Fri Sep 17 2004
  - made sourcing config files save in all occurences (Bug 42947)
* Thu Sep 16 2004
  - ifup-wireless-wpa:
    - removed bogus is_iface_up check
    - doing status check only when wpa is configured
    - checking for wpa_cli before calling it
* Wed Sep 15 2004
  - poll.tcpip: if sendmail is used throw out client and master
    mail queue (bug #45309)
* Mon Sep 13 2004
  - handle a special case during updates of the routes file (set default
    route to default interface) [#38285]
* Mon Sep 13 2004
  - startscript always waits for mandatory dhcp interfaces until they
    have got a lease, also if they were already started in background
    via hotplug. (Bug 44877)
  - /etc/sysconfig/network/config: changed default options for ifplugd:
    removed '-a' to set interfaces UP by ifplugd. (Bug 45040)
* Thu Sep 09 2004
  - functions:
    + *_cached_config_data(): check if $RUN_FILES_BASE/tmp is
      existing and writeable  (Bug 43943)
  - implemeted module unloading in hwdown (Bug 44794)
* Tue Sep 07 2004
  - ifdown:
    + write a message if there is no interface an we are called manually
      (with hotplug we have to act on non-existing interfaces) (Bug 44576)
    + check earlier if interface is available and don't write status
      files on ifup, if interface does not exist. (Bug 44319)
  - ifup:
    + call ifup-wireless after starting ifplugd (Bug 44765)
    + check if service network was started before starting ifplugd (Bug 44764)
* Tue Sep 07 2004
  - ifup-wireless-wpa: shut down wpa_supplicant even interface is
    not available
* Mon Sep 06 2004
  - disable the recently enabled UDP checksumming by dhcpcd. It
    often doesn't seem to work. [#44670]
* Mon Sep 06 2004
  - rcnetwork: create /var/run/sysconfig/tmp when starting network
    (broken on 2.9.2004: "'-o onboot' now really behaves as if ..."
  - ifprobe: fixed check for down interfaces
* Sat Sep 04 2004
  - Now officially skip support for bootp. (Bug 43299)
  - modem configuration files may now be called ifcfg-modem* (Bug 43651)
    Removed if*-dsl links, because we now call if*-ppp explicitely for
    all pppd based devices.
* Fri Sep 03 2004
  - added new link to ifup: ifprobe
    It checks if configuration for the interface has changed since last
    ifup. Returns 0 if config is up to date.
  - implemented reload in rcnetwork using ifprobe.
* Thu Sep 02 2004
  - Changed meaning of IFPLUGD_OPTIONS: It is not longer for additional
    options but lives in /etc/sysconfig/network/config and contains
    the default options. To be oevrwritten in ifcfg-*
  - Added variable USE_IPV6 (=yes) to /etc/sysconfig/network/config.
    If 'no' then ifup always flushes all ipv6 addresses. (Needed if
    ifplugd needs an interface to be up to detect link beat.)
  - rcnetwork:
    + '-o onboot' now really behaves as if called at runlevel switch
    + don't start interfaces twice when given as argument (Bug 41832)
  - ifdown writes an error message if no config was found (Bug 44576)
  - ifup now calls SuSEfirewall in the second run when BOOTPROTO=dhcp.
    And it does not call firewall if called from rcnetwork. (Bug 44524)
* Tue Aug 31 2004
  - ifup, ifup-wireless, ifup-wireless-wpa: removed WPA stuff from
    ifup-wireless and created ifup-wireless-wpa for WPA functionalty
* Tue Aug 31 2004
  - ifup: Don't call helper scripts in second run (dhcp)
  - ifup-services:
    + renamed directory for rc-links to ifservices-<config name>
    + avoid error message if ifservices-* directory is empty
  - functions:
    + *_cached_config_data(): check if $RUN_FILES_BASE is
      writeable (usually /var/run/sysconfig) (Bug 43943)
    + removed old unused functions and fixed typo
* Mon Aug 30 2004
  - version 0.31.3
  - automatically draw ChangeLog from the source code repository
* Mon Aug 30 2004
  - ifup:
    + added new STARTMODE 'ifplugd'. When set ifup will just start
      ifplugd and exit if called with '-o hotplug' or '-o rc'.
    + added new variable IFPLUGD_OPTIONS to set individual options
      for ifplugd
    + added new variable IFPLUGD_PRIORITY. If set to an positive
      integer this interface will be used alternatively with others
      that have this variable set. This is controlled by ifplugd via
      new script 'ifplugd-selectif'
* Fri Aug 27 2004
  - dhcpcd: calculate UDP checksum on received packets. A new
    variable in /etc/sysconfig/network/dhcp, DHCLIENT_UDP_CHECKSUM,
    controls this behaviour.
* Fri Aug 27 2004
  - added WPA-PSK support
  - prevent WEP keys from being logged (Bug 43966)
* Thu Aug 26 2004
  - split up ifcfg documentation from ifup and updated variable
* Mon Aug 16 2004
  - create ifcfg-modem0 instead of ifcfg-ppp0 during update from pre 8.0
* Mon Aug 09 2004
  - Now version 0.31.2
  - functions: *_cached_config_data(): major changes
    + deal with interface names or configuration names
    + write changes in an atomic way (modify tempfile, move it then)
    + modfifications will have to be commited up to now with
    + updated comments
  - ifup does now write status information to $RUN_FILES_BASE/if-*. To
    achive this we now use an exithook which may be called to set the
    final status and trap exit to finally write this state. Status files
    will now be written per interface and no longer per used configuration.
  - ifdown and ifstatus now use the configuration that was used for ifup
    and only if there is no such information look theirself.
  - ifup-dhcp does always return $R_DHCP_BG when it is waiting for a
    lease, not only when called from rcnetwork.
  - rcnetwork cleans or creates $RUN_FILES_BASE/tmp/
  - default ifcfg-lo now has USERCONTROL=no
* Thu Aug 05 2004
  - modify_resolvconf: Don't delete an empty resolv.conf (Bug 40728)
* Wed Jul 14 2004
  - Fixed setup of wlanng WLAN devices for configurations with
    no WEP encryption
* Mon Jun 28 2004
  - Added hack to recognize IUCV devices (#42212).
* Fri Jun 25 2004
  - Fixed script errors in hwdown-scsi.
* Fri Jun 25 2004
  - Fixed ifcfg for token ring devices (#41174).
* Thu Jun 24 2004
  - rcnetwork: write /var/run/sysconfig/network early to avoid a tiny time
    slot in which interfaces have not been set up at boot time (Bug 39005)
* Wed Jun 23 2004
  - Fixed ifcfg for lcs devices (#40097).
* Mon Jun 21 2004
  - Added 'eth' and 'tr' as aliases for 'ccw' and 'ccwgroup' (#41461)
* Tue Jun 08 2004
  - Added option 'fast' to hwup to avoid calls to getcfg (#40616)
* Mon Jun 07 2004
  - Replaced basename by calls to ${var##*/}.
* Fri Jun 04 2004
  - Add buffer_count to the list of additional options for S/390
* Thu Jun 03 2004
  - Add IP address takeover enabling to S/390 qeth devices (#41570).
  - Add hwdown script for IUCV devices.
* Thu Jun 03 2004
  - Configure additional options for S/390 qeth devices (#41570).
* Tue Jun 01 2004
  - also set MTU if BOTTPROTO=dhcp (bug 41178)
* Tue Jun 01 2004
  - Fixed hwup for S/390 ESCON devices (#41460 - LTC8556)
* Thu May 27 2004
  - Fixed rcnetwork for sure (#41303).
  - removed start-all-dhcp-clients (#38834).
* Thu May 27 2004
  - Fixed ifup-wireless to properly handle empty
    WIRELESS_AUTH_MODE variables
* Thu May 27 2004
  - Fix rcnetwork as per autobuild request.
* Tue May 25 2004
  - ifup: quoted arguments of printf in status section (Bug 39599)
  - modify_resolvconf:
    + add forwarders line to named.conf if there was just a commented
      forwarders line (Bug 40601)
  - rcnetwork:
    + added ip6tnl and mip6mnha to the list of physical interface types,
      so that their configs are ignored when starting network (Bug 40354)
    + Added {start,stop}-all-dhcp-clients (Bug 38834)
  - getcfg: added lcs to device aliases (hare)
* Fri May 14 2004
  - Added lcs to device aliases (#40097).
* Wed May 12 2004
  - Added lcs device configuration
  - Moved README.s390 to doc directory and install it by default.
  - Added missing documentation files doc/Contents and doc/Network.
* Wed May 05 2004
  - Fixed scripts to correctly enable DASD devices (#39841).
  - Updated scripts to check for failures.
* Tue May 04 2004
  - SuSEfirewall2 should be restarted by default on dialin (#39663)
* Thu Apr 29 2004
  - Fixed getcfg to return busname ccw instead of ccwgroup.
  - Updated /etc/sysconfig/hardware/scripts/* to use common functions.
  - Update /etc/sysconfig/hardware/scripts/ to handle
  - Update spec-file to call for upgrade from
    chandev to hwcfg.
* Thu Apr 29 2004
  - ifup: also store relation to configurations with STARTMODE off or manual
  - hwup:
    + unset all variables starting with MODULE before sourcing configuration file.
    + try to get a config via getcfg several times if called by hotplug.
  - getcfg:
    + accept fddi, ctc, iucv, hsi, qeth, escon, myri and xp as
      devtypes in network configuration names
    + if busname is 'ccwgroup' always change it to 'ccw'
* Fri Apr 23 2004
  - rcnetwork skips files ending with ~ in list of configurations taken
    as mandatory devices (Bug 38707)
* Wed Apr 21 2004
  - do not call ifup/ifdown in ip-up; breaks DialOnDemand (#39048)
* Wed Apr 21 2004
  - ifup-wireless:
    - fixed wrong handling of WEP keys with spaces
    - fixed support for multiple WEP keys
    - fixed sharedkey authentication support for wlan-ng devices
* Wed Apr 07 2004
  - documentation fixes: README, hwup.8, ifup.8
* Tue Apr 06 2004
  - documentation fixes:
    - actually install the new man pages [#36722]
    - README: some more lines, but still far from ready
    - hwup.8: - removed some options wich are not implemented
      currently and adapted to current   state of hwup
  - convert_for_getconfig:
    - use configured network driver aliases from old modules.conf to
      create hwcfg-static-0 file, to ensure unchanged interface names
      after system update for backward compatibility [#35445]
* Mon Apr 05 2004
  - rename ifcfg-eth-bus-pcmcia* files to ifcfg-wlan-bus-pcmcia*, if
    they contain WIRELESS_ variables [#38430]
  - fix informative message during logging of routing conversion
* Mon Apr 05 2004
  - ifup: always rename interface if PERSISTENT_NAME is set. Ignore
    startmodes of interface and network for that. (Bug 38313)
  - rcnetwork: when listing failed mandatory interfaces distinguish between
    mandatory devices whithout interface and failed interfaces. (Bug 38273)
  - added manpages for hw* and getcfg*. Started rewriting README (not finished)
* Mon Apr 05 2004
  - convert_for_getconfig [#35445]:
    - add PERSISTENT_NAME suggestion also for DHCP interfaces, since
      it is indeed supposed to work. Improve the added comment about
    - fix replacement of parent device in dsl configurations; do the
      same with ETHERDEVICE in vlan configurations.
    - convert interface names in /etc/sysconfig/network/routes
    - add preliminary code (not used yet) to find and handle
      ifroute-* files
    - convert all ethernet configurations, even if there is only one
    - rename wlan configuration files, that could not be converted to
      mac address / bus id to 'ifcfg-type-wlan'
    - ifcfg-pci-... --> ifcfg-bus-pci-... [#38248]
* Sat Apr 03 2004
  - more work on convert_for_getconfig [#35445]:
    - try to mount sysfs if it is not mounted
    - do not ignore 'unconfigured' NICs -- the UNIQUE string matches,
      and that should be enough to know
    - do not add a suggested persistant name in case of DHCP since it
      doesn't seem to work there
    - for debugging purposes, add a hook to possibly skip the
      conversion during update
    - some informative log messages went only to the screen, not to
      the log
    - retain permissions of ifcfg file when creating it from scratch
* Sat Apr 03 2004
  - gather some info about loaded/configured drivers, for debugging
    and possible later use; improve logging [#35445]
* Sat Apr 03 2004
  - hwup does not longer interpret MODULE_OPTION* and MODULE_UNLOAD* as
    additional MODULE* variables.
  - added messages for better tracking of module loading
* Fri Apr 02 2004
  - more work on convert_for_getconfig [#35445]:
    - convert ethernet configuration to bus location style, or if
      possible, to hardware id style, by looking network cards up in
      hardware database and, if possible, sysfs
    - fix parent id of dsl devices
    - backup old configuration and log update changes
* Fri Apr 02 2004
  - convert_for_getconfig:
    - fix detection of startmode [#38074]
    - for aliases, also add NETWORK NETMASK BROADCAST to the parent
* Fri Apr 02 2004
  - make hwdown a link and not a copy of hwup, also added hwstatus link
    (Bug 37330, 37504)
  - rcnetwork:
    + set up 'dial up' and tunnel interfaces after waiting for mandatory
      interfaces. (Bug 3790)
    + do not add 'dial up' and tunnel interfaces to automaticly derived list of
      mandatory devices
    + removed unnecessary warning from ifup-route (Bug 37307)
    + removed X-UnitedLinux- from Should-St{art,op}
  - improved comment in /etc/sysconfig/network/config:MANDATORY_DEVICES
  - /sbin/ifup:
    + vlan now gets the right configuration at ifdown (Bug 37940)
    + fixed printing device label
  - getcfg-interface: always(!) look in /var/lib/smpppd/ifcfg-<iface>.info if
    there is another interface name (needed for dsl). (Bug 37643)
* Wed Mar 31 2004
  - rcnetwork:
    + when getting MANDATORY_DEVICES from list of available configurations
      skip these with STARTMODE!=onboot
    + derive MANDATORY_DEVICES only when called at runlevel change
* Mon Mar 29 2004
  - getcfg: fixed segfault (Bug 37350)
  - rcnetwork: get interface names for MANDATORY_DEVICES again before each
    status test, because they may change if PERSISTENT_NAME is used (Bug 35731)
  - added link /sbin/hwdown -> hwup (Bug 37330) (
* Mon Mar 29 2004
  - rcnetwork:
    + if MANDATORY_DEVICES is unset then derive it from the list of
      available configurations, excluding lo and bus-{pcmcia|usb} (Bug 35731)
    + enhanced output: write labeling of the device and configuration name
* Sun Mar 28 2004
  - ifup-wireless: cleaned up some checks
  - functions: added load_bond() and changed is_iface_available
  - ifup:
    + rewrote code for bonding interfaces (Bug 28301)
    + new variable TUNNEL_DEVICE for tunnel setup, that can contain
      not only interface names but also hardware descriptions
      (TUNNEL_LOCAL_INTERFACE is now obsolete)
    + ifup now knows the right configuration for already unplugged
      interfaces and stops dhcp client correctly (Bug 36765)
    + don't use chkconfig. It needs perl from /usr/bin. (Bug 36514)
  - ifup-ppp: Don't set variable 'OPTIONS' as usual, because it is used
    for different purpose (Bug 36975)
  - hwup: don't write error message about no configuration if called
    from hotplug (it pollutes the system log) (Bug 36951)
  - rcnetwork status now shows also inactive dial up interfaces (Bug 36963)
* Fri Mar 26 2004
  - Fixed type aliases (#37090)
* Fri Mar 26 2004
  - ifup-route: add link-local route so that we can access rendevous
    hardware after detecting them via mdns/slp
* Mon Mar 22 2004
  - set FIREWALL=yes as default in /etc/sysconfig/network/config (Bug 33442)
* Mon Mar 22 2004
  - getcfg:
    + fixed compilation bugs and uninitialized variables
    + don't try to get type from bus information, only get type for interfaces.
    + if the type is empty then configurations with type match as well, but
      configuration which have also no type match better.
  - hwup
    + will take hardware desscriptions that start with "static" as
      configuration names (needed to set up unrecognizable hardware e.g. ISA)
    + fixed syntax error and messages
* Sun Mar 21 2004
  - rcnetwork:
    + always skip sit0
    + fixed debug output
    + start must not set up 'manual' interfaces, even if called from
      command line (Bug 36131, 35755)
    + respect -o type= properly (Bug 35911)
  - added script check_configurations to check used configuration names
  - fixed command line parsing in some ifup/down-* scripts
  - removed usage of basename/dirname
  - added calls to getcfg-interface where needed
  - fixed name check in ifup-802.1q
  - ifstatus-route does not longer wrongly fail
  - updated ifup-skel
  - getcfg:
    + allow empty types in hardware descriptions, which prevents
      autodetection of the type
    + ignore '0x' in hardware descriptions of type 'vpid' if bus or
      type is pci or pcmcia. Don't ignore '0x' in id.
    + complete bus information for pcmcia devices if only bus info of
      the pcmcia bridge was given and there is a device plugged
    + don't drop multiple bus infos of the same bus type in a row.
      Instead bus information shows complete path from root device
      to leaf device
    + determine the type automatically. If there is an interface
      take it's type, else take the bustype of the device
    + decreased priority of description type 'vpid' to lower then
      interface, because one vpid can match several devices.
  - getcfg-interface:
    + added option '--ifacetype, -i' to set the type of interfaces to
      look for (default is 'net', which includes 'eth', 'wlan', ...)
    + added second method to get interface name
* Mon Mar 15 2004
  - rcnetwork informs which mandatory interfaces failed
  - getcfg-interface don't returns pcmcia_socket* as interface for
    empty pcmcia slots, but fails
* Sun Mar 14 2004
  - renamed getconfig to getcfg
  - changes in rcnetwork:
    + fixed Bug 35586
    + sit* are not physical interfaces
    + add a hack for beta2: Set MANDATORY_DEVICES automatically if empty.
      This has to be removed again!!!!!
    + don't use a message variable for output from ifup. ifup-dhcp does not
      like that.
    + improved output
    - return 'dead' for unconfigured interfaces only if they are mandatory
    - print 'waiting' if ifup returns $R_DHCP_BG (still no address from dhcp)
    - print time to wait for mandatory interfaces
    + set default for WAIT_FOR_INTERFACES to 20
  - changes in ifup
    + when called via hotplug retry getting a configuration several times,
      because cardmgr needs some time to refresh /var/lib/pcmcia/stab
    + improved output to fit better into rcnetwork
  - changes in ifup-dhcp
    + return R_DHCP_BG if called from rcnetwork and still no address
    + changed messages to fit better in rcnetwork
    + reduced default waiting time when booting to 5 secs, because rcnetwork
      itself waits for all mandatory interfaces to be up
  - in dhcpcd-hook: write errors only to syslog
* Fri Mar 12 2004
  - add autoip bootproto, also supports dhcp+autoip
* Wed Mar 10 2004
  - 0.30.3
  - new file /etc/sysconfig/network/ifroute-lo, providing an explicit
    route to the localnet [#34872]
  - getconfig (zoz):
    - added function look_pcmcia_stab(..) which opens
      /var/lib/pcmcia/stab to get information about PC-Cards.
      Because PC-Cards driver do not register in sysfs we have no
      other way to find out the relation between interfaces and
    - changed complete_hwdesc_sysfs() in many places to make hardware
      descriptions "bus-pcmcia*" work for both PC-Cards and CardBus.
  - convert_for_getconfig: ignore ifcfg-lo and add ifcfg-wlan to list
    of interface names that need conversion (poeml)
* Mon Mar 08 2004
  - 0.30.2
  - add script that updates network configuration files. It is run
    when updating from older sysconfig versions (pre 9.1, before
    getconfig was used) (poeml) [#35445]
  - rcnetwork: print unused instead of failed in case of no
    configuration found. (zoz)
  - ifup:
    - quoting message to avoid redirection
    - remove possible error due to race in lock handling (which is
      currently off) (zoz)
  - getconfig: get devicepath from businfo; get interfacepath from
    devicepath; fixed getting businfo from any path
    - added hw property VPIDREV (VendorProductID REVision)
    - allow any number of fields in type vpid. All the rest goes to
    - allow empty fields in vpid. (zoz)
* Mon Mar 08 2004
  - added functionality in getconfig*:
    + added hw property VPIDREV (VendorProductID REVision)
    + allow any number of fields in type vpid. All the rest goes to VPIDREV
    + allow empty fields in vpid.
    + in complete_hwdesc*(): get interfacepath from id (only for class net)
    + in complete_hwdesc*(): get interface from interfacepath
    + in complete_hwdesc*(): get devicepath from businfo
    + in complete_hwdesc*(): get interfacepath from devicepath
  - some minor fixes
* Thu Mar 04 2004
  - fixed rcnetwork restart <interface>
  - removed some unnecessary messages
  - remove locking from ifup
  - some minor fixes and changes in comments
  - rcnetwork: recognize also wlanX and athX as interfaces to
    physical devices
  - network will now be started after coldplug and pcmcia
  - ifup: call ifup/down-services before/after POST_UP/PRE_DOWN Hooks
* Mon Mar 01 2004
  - ifup:
    - added option 'auto'
    - don't set up interfaces in mode auto if network was not started
    - add warning about experimental interface renaming feature (zoz)
  - ifup-route:
    - don't fail if there is no routing config file (zoz)
  - rcnetwork:
    - do not handle some interfaces twice (they were in multiple
    - changed output
    - status() of _no_ interface must not return an error
    - if network is not started, don't report down ifaces as 'dead'.
      Use 'unused' in this case. (zoz)
* Mon Mar 01 2004
  - 0.30.0
  - rcnetwork: rewrite (zoz)
    - We now don't work on all available config files, but on all
      available interfaces. Only modem and tunnel interface names are
      read from configuration names, because they are not always
      present before.
    - Wait some time for interfaces that came up via hotplug in
    - Make success of service network depending on a list of
      mandatory interfaces. All other interfaces are allowed to fail.
    - removed all alias stuff. From now on we only support multiple
      addresses in one config file, but no longer extra alias config
  - ifup: rewrite (zoz)
    - use getconfig to look for configuration
    - lock ifup for the given hardware description
    - recognized STARTMODES: auto==onboot==hotplug, manuall, off
    - rename interface if called by hotplug and PERSISTENT_NAME is set
  - hwup: (zoz/hare)
    - use getconfig
    - load multiple modules
    - call hwup-$DEVTYPE, if explicitely configured (hare)
    - call hooked scripts
    - HOTPLUG=yes indicates that we are called via hotplug agent;
      agents call hwup with '-o hotplug' (hare)
    - added hwdown-* scripts to allow unconfiguration (hare)
    - Update hwup-* to use getconfig variables (hare)
  - ip-up: clean up ip-up, call ifup for POST_UP and PRE_DOWN scripts
  - removed implicit device initialisation in is_iface_available()
  - add /etc/sysconfig/hardware/config (central config file for all
    device-independant settins) (zoz)
  - /etc/sysconfig/network/config: new variable MANDATORY_DEVICES
  - getconfig:
    - always print BUS_N, CONFIG_N and INTERFACE_N
    - print errormessges and usage to stderr
  - libgetconfig
    - look in /etc/sysconfig/hardware and hwcfg per default. For type
      class/net, look in /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-*, otherwise in
    - devpath must no longer terminate with '/'
    - accept devpaths relative to /sys (even if these
      devpaths start with a '/', like in hotplug events)
    - read vendor/device IDs from the device path
    - disable normalisation of busid
    - renamed output variable HWDESC_TYPE to HWDESCTYPE
  - dhcpcd-hook: fixed comment (lnussel)
  - don't ship CVS directories with the tarball
  - replace <> with <>
* Sat Feb 28 2004
  - using lwepgen instead of nwepgen for key generation in
    ifup-wireless (nwepgen does not generate useful 104 bit keys)
* Fri Feb 20 2004
  - Removed hwconfig init-script; it is now done by rccoldplug.
* Thu Feb 12 2004
  - 0.24.1
  - Update skeleton configuration to include the correct scripts;
    Update conversion script to generate proper config files. (hare)
  - getconfig:
    - activated getconfig-interface. It does still not really work
      but print at  least the given interface name. Now it may be
      used in scripts.
    - complete_hwdesc_sysfs(): when looking for buspaths, compare
      also link target with device path, otherwise it might find bus
      devices with the same name but different target.
    - get_configuration(): when comparing bus information, strip
      busnames and busids from root of bustree and try again until
      all busnames/busids are stripped. This way we do not have to
      name the configuration with the whole bustree, if a subtree is
      already unique.
    - added option --multiarg, -m that enables multiple arguments as
      used up to now only for getconfig-make-hwdesc.
    - always normalize businfo. Also normalize businfo in confignames
      for proper comparison. (zoz)
  - ifup-wireless:
    - Asking for package 'wireless-tools' instead of 'pcmcia'
      (wlanctl-ng tool was moved).
    - Using nwepgen tool for key generation Clearing WEP key in any
      case now (otherwise and old key from a former device setup may
      remain) (jg)
  - merge ro's change (moved libsysfs headers)
* Mon Feb 09 2004
  - Update hwup-* scripts to use EVENT env-var.
* Mon Feb 02 2004
  - libsysfs headers have moved
* Thu Jan 29 2004
  - getconfig: usage info added, names renamed, specification of
    hardware descriptions / configuration names changed (zoz)
* Mon Jan 26 2004
  - 0.24.0
  - add shared library lib_getconfig and command line tool getconfig:
    New tool to find best matching configurations for a given
    hardware description.  For details read doc/Specification Section
    "Central Tools" (5.2) (zoz)
  - add udev to neededforbuild (for libsysfs)
  - in %post, run ldconfig
  - use RPM_OPT_FLAGS and -fPIC
  - updated specification
  - ifup-dhcp: To make dhcpcd deal with infinite leases as handed out
    by BOOTP servers or misconfigured DHCP servers, 1) do not use
    startproc in ifup-dhcp since it interprets the not running dhcpcd
    as failure; 2) manually shut down the interface when ifdown-dhcp
    is called, since there is no other way of doing it.  [#7669]
  - merge latest additions from Hannes into CVS
* Tue Jan 20 2004
  - Fixed typo in hardware/scripts/hwup-zfcp.
* Tue Jan 20 2004
  - Update of hwup-ccw; Added configuration of zfcp.
* Fri Jan 09 2004
  - Use only plain files for hwcfg-*.
  - Fix quoting in hwup.
* Thu Dec 11 2003
  - Update to work correctly with ash.
* Thu Dec 04 2003
  - Removed relinking of hwup.
* Thu Dec 04 2003
  - Added hwconfig implementation. Subject to change.
* Thu Nov 13 2003
  - fixed bug in mask2pfxlen: It did not convert to 0
    (Bug 21398)
* Wed Nov 12 2003
  - Added vlan documentation to man ifup (Bug 31193)
* Mon Nov 10 2003
  - scripts/ifup-wireless: Work-around for problems with
    madwifi driver (fixes bug #32761), fix for multiple
    key support for linux-wlanng devices
* Wed Oct 15 2003
  - Don't build as root
  - Setting WIRELESS to "yes" in case interface type is 'wlan
* Tue Sep 23 2003
  - Suppress wireless warning with patch from jg
* Mon Sep 22 2003
  - Typo fix from msvec
* Thu Sep 18 2003
  - Add support for both types of writing gateway adresses in
    ifroute-sitX. From mludvig. [#30934]
* Wed Sep 17 2003
  - Add fix for ifup.8 from mludvig.
* Wed Sep 17 2003
  - Moved code in ifup that stripped ALIAS number from HWDESC some
    lines up where HWDESC is still unmodified. That fixes a loop
    triggered by 'ifup <hwdesc> <iface> -o hotplug doalias' if there
    are alias configurations. (Bug 31048).
  - added debug message if ifup calls itself for alias configuration.
* Tue Sep 16 2003
  - Don't call ifup-route with alias but only with master interface
    (happened with '-o dhcp')
  - LABEL was not set for aliases (alias were set up, but could not
    be seen with ifconfig)
  - ifdown-connection now checks the master interface if called with
    an alias (Same bug we had earlier in ifup-wireless)
* Tue Sep 16 2003
  - write also hwdesc<->mode relations to the cache when
    hwdesc<->interface relation is written. Then remember the mode
    and add it to the recursive ifup call. (Bug 31048)
* Mon Sep 15 2003
  - The ethtool info is slightly different in 2.6, so add fix from
    Gerd Knorr to handle both 2.4 and 2.6 [#30908]
* Mon Sep 15 2003
  - Prevent empty keys from being set for wlan-ng devices
* Mon Sep 15 2003
  - Undo changes between 1.82 and 1.83 partially: If ifup is called
    with '-o rc' and STARTMODE=manual then look for a cached
    interface <-> config relation (= was set up manually before).
    Otherwise leave this interface untouched. (Bug 30763)
* Mon Sep 15 2003
  - Don't ask ethtool for info from unavailable interfaces, because
    tries to 'modprobe' the interface. This results in unnecessary
    error messages at boottime with e.g. dsl interfaces (Bug 30571)
* Mon Sep 08 2003
  - added and fixed some comments
  - added delete_cached_hwdesc_file() to functions
  - ifup: Set INTERFACE="" because it is exported from calling
    hotplug scripts
  - fixed cases in which we try to obtain a HWDESC for an INTERFACE
  - fixed caching of HWDESC <-> INTERFACE relations. Cache them also
    if HWDESC was determined via get_hwdesc()
  - avoid a loop in ifup calling itself recursively: Check if iface
    is really available before callinig ifup
  - remove cached HWDESC <-> INTERFACE relations when ifdown was
    called from hotplug
  - Only use interface alias name as label if no LABEL was set.
* Fri Sep 05 2003
  - dhcpcd-hook: fix the broken debug message "new IP address: )" as
    described in [#29945]
* Wed Sep 03 2003
  - Only move the temporary files if they are there [#29936]
* Mon Sep 01 2003
  - Make it version 0.23.30
* Mon Sep 01 2003
  - Changes in /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/functions:
    + functions *_cached_config_data() now have a additional
      optional argument to set the file prefix (up to now always
      'if-'). Needed to cache not only CONFIG <-> INTERFACE
      releations but also HWDESC <-> INTERAFACE relations when no
      matching configuration could be found. This information will
      be used later with 'rcnetwork restart' if a configuration for
      that HW was created in meantime.
    + made functions {write,delete}_cached_config_data() more
      robust by using a temporary file.
    + write_cached_config_data() does not longer write lines with
      empty values
    + delete_from_cached_config_data() removes new empty files
    + added function grep_cached_hwdesc_data() to get all HWDESC
      <-> INTERFACE relations where HWDESC contains CONFIG.
    + added new functions for determining a hardware description
      from an interface name using ethtool and /var/lib/pcmcia/stab:
      ask_ethtool, grep_pcmcia_stab and get_pcmcia_slot() are just
      helper functions for get_hwdesc().
  - Changes in /sbin/ifup:
    + fixed some comments
    + Use cached CONFIG only if ifup was called with one argument
      (<config>) and if this <config> seems to be an interface name.
    + cache HWDESC <-> INTERFACE relation if no CONFIG was found.
      Only when ifup and if option 'hotplug' was used.
    + Don't set INTERFACE=rc_manual if it already was a available
      interface.  + Search for HWDESC <-> INTERFACE relations if no
      interface was found for an existing CONFIG. Call ifup again
      with all matching HWDESC INTERFACE pairs.
    + delete cached HWDESC <-> INTERFACE relation if there finaly
      is a valid CONFIG <-> INTERFACE relation.
    + Always cache CONFIG <-> INTERFACE releations, even if called
      from rcnetwork.
    + try to get a hardware description with get_hwdesc() if no
      CONFIG <-> HWDESC relation was cached and if option 'hotplug'
      was used.
* Fri Aug 29 2003
  - Fix a warning message issued by the dhcpcd-hook script [#29581]
    when being called without a leaseinfo file specified. This
    happened when a DHCP lease had never acquired before, like during
    the installation, so such a file had not been created. (poeml)
  - ifup: added setting of MTU for 6to4 tunnel interfaces (zoz)
  - ifup: Fixed some error messages and a typo (zoz)
  - non functional change in scripts/functions and rcnetwork:
    - RUN_FILES_BASE now contains only the path (/var/run/sysconfig)
      and no longer the filename prefix 'if-'. Filename prefixes are
      added where $RUN_FILES_BASE is used. (zoz)
* Wed Aug 27 2003
  - Updates from jg:
    o Set default for variable WIRELESS back to "" from "no"
    o Exiting without error now in case we do not have the apropriate
      tools and WIRELESS is not set to "yes" [#29323]
* Mon Aug 25 2003
  - add the /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/dhcpcd-hook script that is
    run by the dhcpcd DHCP client upon interface configuration
    (up/down/new address). dhcpcd-hook in turn runs 'ifup <interface>
    - o dhcp'. Comment in sysconfig.dhcp-network adjusted.
  - make waiting time for dhcp client on bootup configurable [#27780]
  - add documentation about the DHCLIENT_PRIMARY_DEVICE variable,
    and documentation about running multiple DHCP clients
  - add hint about DHCLIENT_CLIENT_ID to the documentation of the
    DHCP sysconfig template
  - add activation metadata to the sysconfig templates [#28960]
* Mon Aug 25 2003
  - Update to version 0.23.29:
    · code to set up interface bonding
    · fix ifup-wireless error message
    · Added hook to is_iface_available();
    · Set MTU _after_ interface link is up
    · Avoid duplicate forwarders in named.conf [#28459]
    · Move /etc/sysconfig/* directories to filesystem package
    · Added auto-detection for wlan devices
    · Get rid of /var/lib/firewall (old personal-firewall cruft) [#28795]
    · Support for tunnel of different type: ipip, gre, sit and 6to4
    · Improved messages for rcnetwork if multiple adresses are configured
    · New option "dhcp" to if* and if*-route:
    - if* will no longer call POST_UP and PRE_DOWN scripts if
      not called with '-o dhcp' (PRE_UP and POST_DOWN are still
    - if* will call POST_UP and PRE_DOWN script and if*-route if
      called with '-o··· dhcp'
    - if*-route will not read /etc/sysconfig/network/routes if
      called with '-o    dhcp'. Only ifroute-* will be used.
      (dhcp client will call 'if* <interface> -o dhcp' when it
      got/lost/renewed a lease. So POST_UP will be executed after
      the interface is really up and configured.)
    · Other small fixes and formatting changes
* Tue Aug 12 2003
  - 'rcnetwork status' was, when using ISC dhclient, showing the wron
    lease from /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.leases. It showed the first one,
    but since the leases file is written like a log, the most current
    lease can be found at the end. Fix this with a patch by Thomas
    Moschny from University of Karlsruhe. [#26566]
  - ifup-802.1q: The vconfig tool lives in /usr/sbin, not /sbin, and
    the previous fix for this was not complete [#26430]
  - fold in Thorsten's change from Jun 11 2003
* Fri Jul 25 2003
  - use absolute path for runlevel in poll.tcpip
* Wed Jun 11 2003
  - Move /etc/sysconfig/* directories to filesystem package
* Fri May 09 2003
  - Ensure correct ordering of the devices [#26432]
* Tue Apr 01 2003
  - 0.23.28:
    · Fold in 8.2 patches
    · It's /usr/sbin/vconfig not /sbin/vconfig
    · Fix ifup man-page FILES section
* Tue Mar 11 2003
  - Add nullglob fix from zoz [#24917]
* Tue Mar 11 2003
  - If there's not IP-address like in the case with DHCP the script did not write a configuration file at all.
    Moved the check for $IPADDR to fix that [#25060]
* Mon Mar 10 2003
  - call insserv with -f if needed
* Mon Mar 10 2003
  - Don't make symlink for pcmcia [#24925]
* Tue Feb 25 2003
  - Fixed bug in ifup: read_cached_config_data() returned empty
    string to INTERFACE and this must not be [#23830]
* Fri Feb 21 2003
  - Add nullglob to avoid errormessages [#23798]
* Thu Feb 20 2003
  - 0.23.27:
    - add meaningful exit codes to /sbin/ifstatus-dhcp (cf. bug
      [#23593]). Before, a call to 'rcnetwork status' would get always
      0 from it, so DHCP interfaces were always "running".
    - sysconfig.dhcp-network: change default of
      DHCLIENT_MODIFY_NIS_CONF to "yes" (cf. bug #23734). The
      reasoning is that the default of DHCLIENT_SET_DOMAINNAME is
      "yes" and it does not make sense if only one of them is active.
* Mon Feb 17 2003
  - Up to 0.23.26 - mostly changes by arvin and zoz
    · functions, ifup - Changed handling runtime information in
      /var/run/sysconfig/if-* to store more info for ppp
    · Removed misleading comment about automatic detection of WLAN
      hardware [#20431]
    · Inform smpppd if we were called via rcnetwork.
* Tue Feb 11 2003
  - Add a script to drop the extraneous eth-pcmcia symlink
* Thu Feb 06 2003
  - Make metadata correct [#23343]
* Wed Jan 22 2003
  - 0.23.25
  - rcnetwork: add a restart-all-dhcp-clients action.
  - ifup-dhcp:
    - find stale pid files and delete them
    - wait until a dhcpcd process is really gone, otherwise an
      'rcnetwork restart' can fail with "dhcpcd already running"
  - modify_resolvconf man page: fix synopsis (-p is not optional)
  - ifup-ppp: fixed status infos (arvin)
* Thu Jan 09 2003
  - Fix ip link list on aliases. [#22826]
* Wed Jan 08 2003
  - Add more sysconfig metadata
* Mon Jan 06 2003
  - better debugging functions
  - clean up some superfluous messages
  - decreased ifstatus verbosity if run from rcnetwork
  - unified man pages
* Tue Dec 10 2002
  - Added sysconfig metadata
* Fri Nov 15 2002
  - adapted ifup-ppp to new smpppd concept (use one daemon per
* Fri Nov 01 2002
  - Cleaned up documentation with regards to old not used IPv6
* Thu Oct 24 2002
  - Add the IPv6 patch from Olaf Kirch and bump version to 0.23.24
* Mon Oct 14 2002
  - ifup-ppp adapted to move of cinternet from /usr/sbin to
    /usr/bin (bug #20841)
* Wed Sep 18 2002
  - Up to 0.23.23: merge all pending patches and re-add README
* Mon Sep 16 2002
  - fixed update of dsl configuration from 7.3 and older
    distributions (bug #19685)
* Tue Sep 10 2002
  - fix an irritating error message in when setting up point-to-point
    To print out the netmask (for other devices) the netmask is
    converted from the prefix length if needed. This used shell
    function (mask2pfxlen) leads to an ugly error message when called
    without argument.
  - fix a wrong usage of "exit" instead of "return" in the other one
    of the netmask<->prefix conversion functions (mask2pfxlen). No
    known breakage so far, but in cases with misconfigured device
    configuration files (missing prefix/netmask) it is likely that
    ifup fails because the script is quit. [#19332]
* Mon Sep 09 2002
  - leave FIREWALL off by default
* Mon Sep 09 2002
  - Add functionality to start the SuSEfirewall2 when interfaces
    are brought up. [#18840]
* Sat Sep 07 2002
  - fix quoting in last change
* Fri Sep 06 2002
  - Use /bin/awk instead of /usr/bin/tr [#19051]
* Fri Sep 06 2002
  - split and enhanced documentation
  - removed obsolete, useless and empty files
  - 0.23.22
* Thu Sep 05 2002
  - Don't modprobe in ifup-wireless. From zoz. [#18755]
* Mon Sep 02 2002
  - Fix typo in specfile, and therefore start network pr. default.
* Fri Aug 30 2002
  - 0.23.21
  - Before the rcnetwork<->ifup interface was cleaned up recently,
    ifstatus <device> returned quite some output when not called
    manually (not from rcnetwork). I added a function
    message_if_not_run_from_rc to be used in those cases where the
    behaviour shall depend on RUN_FROM_RC or not, restoring the old
    behaviour. See bug #18628. (poeml)
  - Fix bug #18156: If rcnetwork is called as ./network from
    /etc/init.d, it bites us that we change dir to
    /etc/sysconfig/network always.  Executing $0 doesn't work
    therefore (used in "restart" et al.). So let's change to $OLDPWD
    in these cases to make it work. (poeml)
* Thu Aug 29 2002
  - Fixes from zoz:
    o INTERFACETYPE was wrong for ifaces with two
      digit numbers. Fixes [#18074] and [#18524]
    o Changed return value for 'status' [#17764]
* Tue Aug 27 2002
  - Do not mention /etc/sysconfig/firewall but instead mention
    /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2. [#18277]
* Mon Aug 19 2002
  - kkeil fixed ip-up.d references the places I forgot.
* Mon Aug 19 2002
  - /etc/ppp/if-{up,down}.d -> /etc/ppp/ip-{up,down}.d
* Mon Aug 19 2002
  - scripts/network: - make 'rcnetwork ... -o quiet' work. So far,
    this option was not effective even though the documentation
    promised it. In fact, ifup and friends were always called with
    option "quiet", while now they get this option only   when it was
    given as argument to rcnetwork (BE_QUIET is unset otherwise).
  - print messages only if "quiet" option was not given (using
    debug() instead of message() for info message)
  - output of data during configuration:
    - add message_n() function, equivalent to echo -n
    - add pfxlen2mask() function to convert a prefix length to a
      netmask. This allows ifup to print the NETMASK even if only the
      prefix length might be given in the config files.
  - so far, an ifcfg-123456abcdef file (MAC-address specific
    configuration) had to be named in lower case letters.  Now it can
    be upper case, too (which allows copy and paste from ifconfig
  - as the documentation mentions the STARTMODE "[on]boot", "boot" is
    now also   recognized.
  - ignore configurations with STARTMODE=off|ignore (--> returning
  - remove the (new and never used) DHCLIENT_RESTART_SERVICES hook --
    this is better handled by dhcpd-*.exe, or by ip-up.d/*
  - make 'rcnetwork restart -o ...' work. So far, options would have
    been interpreted as interface names by the called scripts.
  - replaced mask2pfxlen() function with a 30% faster version
  - don't handle the YP domainname -- it's taken care of in aaa_base
* Sun Aug 18 2002
  - more changes:
    o convert an unlimited number of interfaces, not only _0 _1 _2 _3
    o remove up to 32 instances of IPADDR_, NETDEV_, and IFCONFIG_
      variables from rc.config
    o read mtu from old config and write it as MTU= to ifcfg files
    o Handle YP domainname just in case it's not handled somewhere
    o always source rc.config if present
  - ifup-dhcp:
    o if a pid file for an interface exists but no corresponding
    process is running, delete it to allow dhcpcd to start [#16819]
    o increase waiting time for an address to 15
    o print NETMASK and HOSTNAME in addition to the IP address
    o DHCLIENT_HOSTNAME_OPTION: AUTO may be upper or lower case
  - allow to use MTU and LLADDR as options when setting up a link
  - fix USEPEERDNS for ISDN (#17574)
  - show IP address and netmask/peer when upping a device, except lo
  - extend PreReqs to textutils, fileutils, gawk, /usr/bin/sed
  - version 0.23.20
* Fri Aug 16 2002
  - changes:
    o fix S/390 pointopoint interfaces ctc, escon, iucv and ci:
    - move code shared with ippp/isdn to parse_ifconfig() and
      initialize NETMASK$I in the function head before converting
    o source rc.config if not called with rc.config env by YaST2
    o don't use empty NETMASK and BROADCAST variables
    o remove broken NETWORK variable
    o always put BOOT_MODE at the end
    o remove use of cat to avoid needing textutils
  - add sed and fileutils to PreReqs.
* Mon Aug 12 2002
  - Added comments to the wireless stuff [#17474]
* Fri Aug 09 2002
  - Fix breakage of one to many %dir added before
* Fri Aug 09 2002
  - Folded in ip-{up,down} and poll.tcpip from aaa_base
  - Added directories /etc/ppp/if-{up,down}.d, and support for exe-
    cuting scripts in there [#17534].
* Wed Aug 07 2002
  - Added support for /etc/sysconfig/network/if-{up,down}.d dirs for
    scripts to be executed on up and down of interfaces. [#17463]
    Thanks to Andreas Hasenack <>
* Tue Aug 06 2002
  - New Parameter WAIT_FOR_INTERFACES to wait for interfaces to be
    configured. Default is nowait (empty value)
* Fri Aug 02 2002
  - package Olaf's ifup-802.1q
* Wed Jul 31 2002
  - Add PreReq: for fillup_and_insserv
* Thu Jul 25 2002
  - Fixed rcnetwork restart <dev> [#17107]
* Wed Jul 24 2002
  - fixed selection of provider in ifup-ppp (bug #17167)
* Wed Jul 24 2002
  - Fix syntax in oldnet2new script.
  - Fix configure script and use autoreconf.
* Tue Jul 23 2002
  - Added the insserv call for network.
* Wed Jul 17 2002
  - Added vlan support from Olaf Kich <>
* Wed Jul 10 2002
  - Show the startmode rather than 'skipped'
* Tue Jul 09 2002
  - fixed parsing of /etc/sysconfig/network/config in
    modify_resolvconf script
* Mon Jul 08 2002
  - Start network in runlevel 2 pr. default.
* Mon Jul 08 2002
  - New sysconfig package to sync with CVS
* Mon Apr 15 2002
  - fixed boot order (dsl is now started after eth) (bug #15783)
* Fri Mar 22 2002
  - update old rc.config settings for ippp* and isdn* devices
* Fri Mar 22 2002
  - This package should not own /etc/sysconfig but should own
* Thu Mar 21 2002
  - set have to use set -- $... to set positional parameters (#15271)
* Tue Mar 19 2002
  - Change R_INTERNAL to return 1 instead of the not-allowed 12. One
    is specified as "FAIL : 1 - generic or unspecified error"
    Fixes (Bug #15078)
* Mon Mar 18 2002
  - Make rcnetwork fail nicely on wrong option (Bug #15111)
* Thu Mar 14 2002
  - check for presents of modem0 in wvdial.conf before generating
    ifcfg-ppp0 during update
* Tue Mar 12 2002
  - ifup-route:
    - removed determination of INTERFACETYPE; it was never used
    - treat 5th column in routes and ifroute-* like the first four
      and allow a dash if the type is omitted.
  - config:
    - removed NO_ROUTING_INTERFACETYPES, because it was not used
  - manpages update
  - network:
    - don't drop configuration files which are symlinks when called
    - 'rcnetwork status': accept returnvalue R_BUSY as success;
      ifup-ippp returns R_BUSY if the interface is connected.
      (Bug #14858)
  - ifup-dhcp, sysconfig.dhcp-network
    - add DHCLIENT_SLEEP again, for the real broken devices
  - ifup
    - add missing \ in line 400 (Bug #14823)
    - Don't make PCMCIA link if it exists
  - ifup-ppp
    - added tiny sleep to avoid race condition
* Fri Mar 08 2002
  - Always DHCLIENT_SET_DOWN_LINK=yes for pcmcia ifaces.
* Thu Mar 07 2002
  - Don't save interface names for ppp and dsl ifaces (Bug #14497)
  - Add ifcfg.template
  - Fix the %post way of calling
    correctly (Bug #14600)
* Wed Mar 06 2002
  - fixed converting of modem and dsl config during update
* Wed Mar 06 2002
  - Renamed variables for if*-connection and added an option to have
    verbose output from ifstatus without changing functionality
  - rcnetwork should not kill all interfaces if option type is used
  - Reduce output of 'rcnetwork' (Bug #14496)
* Tue Mar 05 2002
  - corrected postinstall-script
* Tue Mar 05 2002
  - fixed return values of ifup-ppp script
* Mon Mar 04 2002
  - Convert PCMCIA configs during update.
* Mon Mar 04 2002
  - convert modem and dsl config during update (bug #14330)
* Mon Mar 04 2002
  - 0.23.14
  - /usr/bin/logger -> /bin/logger
  - made rc.status aware of the current ACTION. Now it writes the
    right strings for a given error value (Bug #14061)
  - fixed garbled output for rcnetwork status
  - added a INFO to start and stop if any interface was skipped.
  - Default CHECK_DUPLICATE_IP to 'no' (Bug #14280)
  - while trying to get the right configuration file we always used
    the interfacetype derived from the interface argument (if
    available). So we could never call something
    like 'ifup eth-pcmcia tr0'.  Now we use the interfacetype
    derived from the interface argument only if there was no
    interfacetype in the config string.
  - check STARTMODE not only for ifup, but also for ifstatus. One
    would hardly call ifstatus with -o hotplug or -o onboot, but on
    the other side with this change we will get interface
    information for hotplug interfaces from temporary files and can
    report their status too.
  - ignore errors when shutting down an iface (in detail errors
    from 'ip address del/flush' and 'ip link set down'). I only got
    errors at these lines when calling that for an already
    unplugged hotplug device.  (Remember: we must call ifdown even
    for already unplugged devices, to clean up things like modified
    default routes or temporary interface information in
* Thu Feb 28 2002
  - Only put the UNIQUE information in the netconffile if not
    already present
* Tue Feb 26 2002
  - Add option to /etc/init.d/network to allow only certain inter-
    face types to be started (rcnetwork <action> -o type=isdn,ippp)
  - lo was still set down: fixed (it happened in the 'stop anything
    that is still alive' section after the main stopping loop)
  - don't do any special if* calls when config is given as second
  - added some options: [on]boot, hotplug, check, quiet, debug (like
  - added option fake: don't call if*; instead print commands to
  - added option type=<comma sepearted list of iface types> to act
    only on that types of interfaces
* Tue Feb 26 2002
  - version 0.23.13
  - first use SIGTERM then SIGKILL, but only when KILL_CONNECTIONS is
  - use ifuser again. Without it we would kill all connections/nfs
    mounts not only these of current iface
  - improved output of ifstatus-connection
  - added option check for ifstatus: it then returns R_BUSY (10) if
    there are open connections or nfs mounts (needed for pcmcia)
  - return retval from 'ifup alias' calls
  - It's not noarch anymore
* Tue Feb 26 2002
  - version 0.23.12
  - ifdown-connection: - dont check if available or up, because there
    might be connections of already unplugged devices which are
    neither available nor up.
  - fixed message in check section
  - functions: - if ifdown-* is called with -o hotplug, then
    is_iface_available() returns always 0.
  - add option UMOUNT_NFS_WHEN_IFDOWN and comment out ifuser call
    in nfs_check()
* Fri Feb 22 2002
  - version 0.23.11
  - Make ifup more verbose about duplicate IP's
  - is_iface_available returns 0 for ppp* and dsl*
  - fixed wrong case for $ACTION in main loop - don't set up default
    route for noiface, lo, dummy
  - merged 'add|replace' and 'status' loops to one loop and branch to
    this two cases in the middle of the loop.  There were too much
    common code in these two loops.
  - STARTMODE mismatch is not longer logged as an error but as
    message - fixed error when -o doalias but there were no alias
    configs - tweaked CHECK_DUPLICATE error message again
* Wed Feb 20 2002
  - fix return value for isdn interface check
* Mon Feb 18 2002
  - version 0.23.10:
  - ifcfg-*: variable BOOTMODE is now called STARTMODE (fits better).
    Values are onboot, hotplug, or manual. Assume 'manual' when unset.
  - rcnetwork: stop _all_ active devices and kill _all_ DHCP clients
    (not only the configured ones)
  - try to bind routes to an interface
  - is_iface_available considers ippp* and isdn* devices as always
  - ifup-route: add a link named ifstatus-route
* Mon Feb 18 2002
  - Don't do any unique.inf stuff is it is not present ...
  - ifdown-dhcp all will kill all dhcp clients
  - change screen output of rcnetwork start, stop, status
* Mon Feb 18 2002
  - Added a manpage for routes
* Mon Feb 18 2002
  - Moved ppp and dsl scripts from /sbin to the correct place.
  - Added functionality to convert old YaST.inf unique information
    to UNIQUE=
* Mon Feb 18 2002
  - version 0.23.9:
    - add directory /var/run/sysconfig/
    - rcnetwork:
    - fix usage of rc_status (always showed "done")
    - print MESSAGE before the next script gets started
    - ifdown-dhcp:
    - don't rely on a pid file when looking for clients to kill.
    - Make script output depending on whether called by rc script
      or not.
    - config/sysconfig.dhcp-network: 5 is now the default
    - take the chance and convert obsolete iSeries
      device names... veth --> eth (#12583)
* Fri Feb 15 2002
  - version 0.23.8:
    - never stop loopback device when calling rcnetwork directly
    - added variable RUN_FILES_BASE for dynamic configuration of ifup
    - ifup: changed BOOTMODE checking, added IP_OPTIONS
    - scripts/network: changed removal of route stack run-time-files
    - is_iface_available(): It will now only modprobe <interface> if
      called from ifup, because it must not trigger unwanted
      hotplug events (#13178, dhcpcd was started twice)
    - ifup-dhcp and sysconfig.dhcp:
    - add DHCLIENT_REBOOT_TIMEOUT (time that dhcpcd will try to
      reacquire a previous lease
    - DHCLIENT_HOSTNAME_OPTION defaults to "AUTO", reads /etc/HOSTNAME
    - detect whether dhcpcd is already running on the given device
    - unified option handling and return values
* Mon Feb 11 2002
  - new version 0.23.7:
    - make dhcpcd work with multiple interfaces
      (DHCLIENT_PRIMARY_INTERFACE can be set in ifcfg-*; otherwise
      the first device is primary)
    - add DHCP config variables for NIS, NTP, vendor class ID,
      default gateway configuration and DHCLIENT_BIN
    - send hostname option by default (needed for DDNS)
    - move ifdown-connection and ifup-{route,wireless} (and their
      links) from /sbin to /etc/sysconfig/scripts/
* Tue Feb 05 2002
  - Small tweaks, update to 0.23.6
* Tue Feb 05 2002
  - Lots of script updates, version 0.23.5
* Tue Feb 05 2002
  - autoconfiscated, version 0.23.4
* Mon Feb 04 2002
  - update ifup-dhcp
  - add link /sbin/ifstatus-dhcp -> ifup-dhcp
  - add modify_resolvconf and man page (moved from aaa_base package)
  - don't copy ifup-ppp to ifup-dsl, link it
  - add ifdown-wireless link
  - fix permisisons of almost everything
* Mon Feb 04 2002
  - fixed links for ppp and dsl
* Mon Feb 04 2002
  - ifup-wireless and ifdown-connection added in addition to update
    to the most current version of everything.
* Thu Jan 31 2002
  - dhcp updates
* Wed Jan 30 2002
  - Use a proper version number
* Mon Jan 28 2002
  - Added /etc/sysconfig/network/providers
* Mon Jan 28 2002
  - Updated to newest scripts.
* Fri Jan 25 2002
  - Add conveniance wrapper rcdhclient, telling to use the new scripts
* Fri Jan 25 2002
  - added ppp and dsl support
* Wed Jan 23 2002
  - Added symlink to ifdown-dhcp
* Wed Jan 23 2002
  - Added ifup.1
  - Fixed a typo in README
  - Made usage() more fine-grained in ifup
  - Fixed missing %files entry for /etc/sysconfig/network/config
* Mon Jan 21 2002
  - Updated config, functions, ifstatus-route, ifup ifup-dhcp,
    ifup-route and network
* Sat Jan 19 2002
  - Updated ifup, ifup-route, functions, network, config
* Wed Jan 16 2002
  - added insserv calls
  - fixed provides/requires of network script
* Wed Jan 16 2002
  - Added routing conf conversion
* Wed Jan 16 2002
  - Add missing rcnetwork -> /etc/init.d/network link
* Tue Jan 15 2002
  - Fixed permissions and added a symlink from ifup-route ->
* Tue Jan 15 2002
  - Fixed bugs and added hostname conversion
* Wed Nov 21 2001
  - Initial package



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