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libjemalloc2-5.3.0-17.1 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: libjemalloc2 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.3.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 17.1 Build date: Tue May 10 21:26:07 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: lamb06
Size: 580831 Source RPM: jemalloc-5.3.0-17.1.src.rpm
Summary: General-purpose scalable concurrent malloc implementation
General-purpose scalable concurrent malloc(3) implementation.
This distribution is the stand-alone "portable" version of jemalloc.






* Fri May 06 2022 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.3.0
    * Added the thread.idle mallctl which hints that the calling
      thread will be idle for a nontrivial period of time.
    * Allow small size classes to be the maximum size class to
      cache in the thread-specific cache, through the
      opt.[lg_]tcache_max option.
    * Make the behavior of realloc(ptr, 0) configurable with
    * Support C++17 over-aligned allocation.
    * Add the thread.peak mallctl for approximate per-thread peak
      memory tracking.
    * Add high resolution timestamp support for profiling.
  - Drop use-volatile-to-workaround-buffer-overflow-false-pos.patch
* Tue Apr 12 2022 Martin Liška <>
  - Add use-volatile-to-workaround-buffer-overflow-false-pos.patch
    upstream patch that supports -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3.
* Fri Feb 25 2022 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Set lg-page to 2^16 on aarch64 to be compatible with 64k
    page size kernel -
* Mon Nov 23 2020 Martin Liška <>
  - Enable LTO as it works (boo#1133136).
* Fri Nov 20 2020 Martin Liška <>
  - Simplify spec file.
* Fri Nov 20 2020 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Re-enable profiling on armv6/armv7 since boo#1105633 is fixed
* Tue Aug 06 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Update to version 5.2.1:
    * Bug fixes:
    * Fix a severe virtual memory leak on Windows. This regression
      was first released in 5.0.0.
    * Fix size 0 handling in posix_memalign(). This regression
      was first released in 5.2.0.
    * Fix the prof_log unit test which may observe unexpected
      backtraces from compiler optimizations. The test was first added in 5.2.0.
    * Fix the declaration of the extent_avail tree.
      This regression was first released in 5.1.0.
    * Fix an incorrect reference in jeprof.
      This functionality was first released in 3.0.0.
    * Fix an assertion on the deallocation fast-path.
      This regression was first released in 5.2.0.
    * Fix the TLS_MODEL attribute in headers.
      This regression was first released in 5.0.0.
    * Optimizations and refactors:
    * Implement opt.retain on Windows and enable by default on 64-bit.
    * Optimize away a branch on the operator delete path.
    * Add format annotation to the format generator function.
    * Refactor and improve the size class header generation.
    * Remove best fit.
    * Avoid blocking on background thread locks for stats.
  - Remove disable-test_prof_log_many_traces-test.patch.
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Disable LTO (boo#1133136).
* Thu Apr 04 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Drop static library package, nothing seems to use it.
  - Remove openSUSE 11.1 build support.
* Thu Apr 04 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Add disable-test_prof_log_many_traces-test.patch in order
    to workaround
* Wed Apr 03 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Update to version 5.2.0:
    * New features:
    * Implement oversize_threshold, which uses a dedicated arena
      for allocations crossing the specified threshold to reduce
    * Add extents usage information to stats.
    * Log time information for sampled allocations.
    * Support 0 size in sdallocx.
    * Output rate for certain counters in malloc_stats.
    * Add mallctl interfaces:
    * opt.oversize_threshold
    * stats.arenas.<i>.extent_avail
    * stats.arenas.<i>.extents.<j>.n{dirty,muzzy,retained}
    * stats.arenas.<i>.extents.<j>.{dirty,muzzy,retained}_bytes
    * Optimizations and refactors:
    * Refactor the TSD module.
    * Implement opt.oversize_threshold which uses a dedicated arena
      for requests crossing the threshold, also eagerly purges the
      oversize extents. Default the threshold to 8 MiB.
    * Improve error handling for THP state initialization.
    * Refactor and optimize the tcache fill / flush paths.
    * Optimize sync / lwsync on PowerPC.
    * Bypass extent_dalloc() when retain is enabled.
    * Lower the default number of background threads to 4 (when the
      feature is enabled).
    * Use arena index for arena-matching checks.
    * Avoid forced decay on thread termination when using
      background threads.
    * Disable muzzy decay by default.
    * Only initialize libgcc unwinder when profiling is enabled.
    * Bug fixes:
    * Fix background thread index issues with max_background_threads.
    * Fix stats output for opt.lg_extent_max_active_fit.
    * Properly trigger decay on tcache destroy.
    * Detect whether explicit extent zero out is necessary with
      huge pages or custom extent hooks, which may change the purge
    * Fix a side effect caused by extent_max_active_fit combined
      with decay-based purging, where freed extents can accumulate
      and not be reused for an extended period of time.
    * Fix a missing unlock on extent register error handling.
    * Incompatible changes:
    * Remove --with-lg-page-sizes.
  - Change URL of the project.



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