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libOpenColorIO2_1-2.1.2-2.1 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: libOpenColorIO2_1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.1.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Tue Jul 19 20:40:37 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: goat01
Size: 2835148 Source RPM: OpenColorIO-2.1.2-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Complete Color Management Solution Geared Towards Motion Picture Production
OpenColorIO (OCIO) is a color management solution geared towards motion picture
production with an emphasis on visual effects and computer animation.

OCIO is compatible with the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) and is
LUT-format agnostic, supporting many popular formats.






* Mon Jul 18 2022 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - explicitly conflict the wrongly named libs
  - don't build tools in basic build stage
* Sun Jul 17 2022 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - raise c++ standard to 17
  - disable rpath, resulting in a hard build failure now
  - add opengl deps for gpu support
  - broaden stray static libs removal (due to gpu enablement)
* Sat Jul 16 2022 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - fix so version pkg naming
* Sat Jun 04 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.1.2:
    * Fix half-domain Lut1D issue for certain values above HALF_MAX
    * Python copy support
    * Fix support for ARM64 macOS Python wheels
    * Improve OpenImageIO dependency management of Imath headers
    * Improve CMake and library install step
    * Remove "expat" symbols
    * Improve the GPU unit test framework
    * Improve the OSL integration
    * Propagate Android CMake configuration to external projects
* Thu May 12 2022 Asterios Dramis <>
  - Added a patch "gcc12_fix.patch" to fix compilation with GCC12.
* Tue Mar 15 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - adjust license declaration to be BSD-3-Clause only based on
    licensereview in
* Fri Jan 28 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.1.1:
    * Adds Metal Shading Language generation support to the GPU renderer
    * Adds OpenGL ES generation support to the GPU renderer
    * After Effects plug-in updates
    * Adds Metal support to ociodisplay and enables running GPU tests with Metal backend
    * Fix issue resulting in NaNs when inverting ACES Output Transforms
    * Implement locale-agnostic number parsing
    * Fix issue causing configs to fail validation with certain LUT search paths
    * Python 3.10 macOS wheels
    * Remove extra commas when writing a CDL in CLF file format
    * Fixes Unicode paths on Windows
    * Fix issues with OSL generation and improve the OSL unit test framework
    * Add Python GPU renderer implementation example
    * Improvement to color space metadata in ocioconvert exports
    * Better manage Imath dependency
    * Add ACES 1.3 Gamut Compression implementation
    * Add OpenFX OCIO plug-in framework and examples
    * Add Python wheel generation and support for PyPI
    * Add preliminary support for emitting Open Shading Language
    * Add Imath 3 support for Half dependency and update CI workflow
    * Increment version number for the config file and CTF formats to 2.1
    * Allow apps to use getColorSpaceFromFilePath even for v1 configs and
      deprecate parseColorSpaceFromString
    * Add getDefaultView(display, colorspaceName) method
    * Fix problem rendering to integer pixel layouts when there is a no-op
    * Update CLF test files, add Python scripts for CLF implemenation guide
    * drop fix-armv7.patch, OpenColorIO-openexr3.patch: upstream
* Wed Dec 08 2021 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Add patch to fix build on armv6/7:
    * fix-armv7.patch
* Mon Dec 06 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.0.2:
    This is an ABI compatible update for the 2.0.x series that includes the
    relevant bug fixes from the 2.1 release.
    Noteworthy bug fixes and enhancements:
    * Allow apps to use getColorSpaceFromFilePath even for v1 configs and
      deprecate parseColorSpaceFromString
    * Fix problem rendering to integer pixel layouts when there is a no-op
    * Update CLF test files, add Python scripts for CLF implemenation guide
  - Rebased OpenColorIO-openexr3.patch.
* Tue Sep 07 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - only build the documentation in the ocio_tools case:
    - move BuildRequires into the %if
    - explicitely disable doc building in the library build case
* Tue Sep 07 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - A probably better fix for solving the build cycle. First build
    will only build all the libraries, 2nd build the cmdline tools
* Tue Sep 07 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Do not depends on OpenImageIO, in order to break up a build
    cycle (boo#1190237).
* Fri Aug 20 2021
  - fix build with openexr3
  - added patches
    + OpenColorIO-openexr3.patch
* Tue Jul 27 2021 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Fix 64bit library install location for aarch64 and ppc64* as
    well, not only for x86_64
* Thu Jul 22 2021 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - provide/obsolete python-OpenColorIO
* Tue Jul 13 2021 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - Retain the %{yamlrequires}
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - Use %cmake_build
* Mon Jul 05 2021 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - Update to version 2.0.1:
    Unfortunately, it's missing a changelog, check GH release notes:
  - Removed all patches:
    * OpenColorIO-setuptools.patch
    * 0003-Fix_Linux_compilation.patch
    * 0004-Fix_build_with_GCC-8.patch
    * 0005-Fix_build_with_yaml-cpp0.6.patch
    None of them applied anymore
  - Remove tarball crippling, doesn't contain Pygments anymore
  - Update build dependencies
  - Fix 64bit library install location
  - cmake and python devel files disappeared
* Thu Jul 01 2021 Steve Kowalik <>
  - Update Requires of devel package to python3-devel
* Fri Jan 10 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Use python3 to produce the package due to python2 removal
* Wed Jan 08 2020 Dave Plater <>
  - Work around yaml-cpp's bad abi versioning by requiring the version
    it was built against. See boo#1160171
* Fri Apr 19 2019 Asterios Dramis <>
  - Update to version 1.1.1:
    * Added optional compatibility for building apps with OpenImageIO
    * Added USE_SSE checks to fix Linux build failure
    * getDisplays() result ordering now matches the active_displays
      config definition or OCIO_ACTIVE_DISPLAYS env var override.
    * Fixed incorrect getDefaultDisplay()/getDefaultView() result
    * Fixed Windows-specific GetEnv() bug
    * Fixed Windows and MacOS CI failure cases
    * Updated mail list URLs to domain
    From version 1.1.0:
    * libc++ build fixes
    * Added support for YAML > 5.0.1
    * YAML and TinyXML patch fixes
    * Clang visibility fix
    * Added write support for Truelight LUTs
    * Improved OCIOYaml
    * Python string corruption fix
    * Added support for CDL
    * Updated documentation
    * Added args/kwargs support to Python MatrixTransform
    * Added description field to Look objects
    * Improved Python 3 compatibility
    * CSP file read fix
    * Added Linux, MacOS, and Windows continuos integration
    * Improved 1D LUT extrapolation
    * Improved 1D LUT negative handling
    * Improved Windows build system
    * Improved cross-platform build system
    * Undefined role crash fix
    * After Effects plugin updated
    * Added reference Photoshop plugin
    * Added reference Docker image
  - Added the following patches:
    * OpenColorIO-setuptools.patch (Use external python-setuptools
      for building)
    * 0003-Fix_Linux_compilation.patch
    * 0004-Fix_build_with_GCC-8.patch
    * 0005-Fix_build_with_yaml-cpp0.6.patch
  - Added new build requirements libboost_headers-devel and
  - Removed support for openSUSE <= 12.2.



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