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cups-filters-1.28.12-1.1 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: cups-filters Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.28.12 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Tue Apr 5 15:48:06 2022
Group: Hardware/Printing Build host: lamb54
Size: 2610170 Source RPM: cups-filters-1.28.12-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: OpenPrinting CUPS filters, backends, and cups-browsed
Contains backends, filters, and other software
that was once part of the core CUPS distribution
but is no longer maintained by Apple Inc.
In addition it contains additional filters
and software developed independently of Apple,
especially filters for the PDF-centric printing
workflow introduced by OpenPrinting and a daemon
to browse broadcasts of remote CUPS printers
and makes these printers available locally.
Since Ghostscript version 9.10 the CUPS filters
gstoraster and gstopxl are removed from Ghostscript.
Those filters are now provided by cups-filters.
Since cups-filters version 1.0.42 foomatic-rip
is also provided by cups-filters.
Since CUPS >= 1.6 the CUPS Browsing functionality
is dropped in CUPS. The OpenPrinting cups-browsed
is a daemon running in parallel to the CUPS daemon
to provide again basic CUPS Browsing functionality.
This way basic CUPS Browsing works on clients
with CUPS >= 1.6 when there are remote CUPS servers
of CUPS version 1.5 and older in the network.
Load-balancing (what CUPS <= 1.5 did via implicit classes)
is not supported with cups-browsed.




GPL-2.0-only AND GPL-2.0-or-later AND GPL-3.0-only AND MIT


* Tue Mar 22 2022 Aurélien Joga <>
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.12
    * imagetoraster, imagetopdf: Fixed comparison of the image size
      with the page size for print-scaling=auto. The image size
      in pixels was compared with the page size in PostScript
      points (1/72 inch).
    * imagetoraster, imagetopdf: Fixed the "print-scaling=none"
      (crop-to-fit) mode, also use crop-to-fit always when requested,
      do not fall back to fit-to-page when the image size differs
      significantly from the page size (Issue #362).
    * libcupsfilters: Changed the default PPI resolution for images
      as input files from 128 to 200 (Pull request #446).
    * implicitclass: Do not check availability of "gs" and "pdftops"
      executables, instead, check by the presence of "gstoraster"
      and "pdftoraster" filters whether we have configured
      cups-filters for Ghostscript and/or Poppler use.
    * libcupsfilters: In the PPD generator for the driverless
      utility and cups-browsed add "*cupsFilter2: ..." lines for
      all supported driverless data formats (PDF, Apple/PWG Raster,
      PCLm), and add lines for legacy data formats (PCL, PostScript)
      only if no driverless formats available.
    * libcupsfilters: Always use encryption for ipps. RFC7472
      requires that 'ipps' must be used over HTTPS, but the
      driverless utility does not enforce encryption
      (Pull request #433).
    * serial: Add a 10-msec sleep and at the end add a tcdrain().
      For some unknown reason, every printing file need sleep a
      little time to make sure the serial printer receive data
      is right (Pull request #431).
    * libcupsfilters: Fix resolver functions for DNS-SD-based URIs,
      to make resolve_uri() also work when DEVICE_URI env variable
      is set and to make ippfind_based_uri_converter() not
      re-direct stdin.
    * pdftopdf: Set default for print-scaling to avoid
      "should never happem" log messages and undefined behavior.
    * pdftopdf: Fix orientation-requested = 0. Consider this as
      automatic selection and not as error.
    * pdftopdf: Fixed all combinations of print-scaling and
      number-up for printers with asymmetric margins
      (top != bottom or left != right) and for input files
      containing pages with different sizes and/or orientations.
      Fixes backported from 2.x branch.
    * pdftopdf: Add 2% tolerance for input size larger than output
      page when "print-scaling=auto" or "print-scaling=auto-fit"
      is used and too large input pages should be scaled, fitting
      documents not. This prevents a random-looking behavior if
      input and output page size seem to be equal, but in reality
      there are slight differences between size dimensions.
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.11
    * libcupsfilters: Let PPD generator take default ColorModel
      from printer (CUPS issue #277).
    * Braille: In vectortopdf check inkscape version to call inkscape
      with the correct command line (Issue #315, Pull request #443).
    * Build system: Make missing DejaVuSans.ttf non-fatal
      in ./configure as the font is only needed for test programs,
      not for actual use of cups-filters (Issue #411).
    * libcupsfilters: In imagetoraster() fixed crash with SGray
      (Issue #435).
    * cups-browsed: Naming of local queues is matched to
      CUPS' current naming of temporary queues (no leading or
      trailing underscores), to avoid duplicates in print dialogs
      which support CUPS' temporary queues.
    * libcupsfilters: Make cupsRasterParseIPPOptions() work
      correctly with PPDs (Issue #436).
    * libcupsfilters: Let colord_get_profile_for_device_id()
      not return empty file name, to avoid error messages
      in CUPS error_log.
    * foomatic-rip: Debug message was wrongly sent to stdout
      and not to log (Issue #422).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.10
    * Sample PPDs: Add borderless page size definitions to
      Generic PDF Printer, HP Color LaserJet CM3530 MFP PDF,
      and Ricoh PDF Printer PPD files.
    * Sample PPDs: From the PDF PPD files removed the unneeded
      "*cupsFilters2: ..." line. For CUPS it does not make any
    * libcupsfilters: Fixed pdftopdf filter to correctly support page
      ranges without upper limit, like "10-" (Pull request #399).
    * libcupsfilters: Use wildcard tag (IPP_TAG_ZERO) search for
      "media-type" and "media-type-supported" in the PPD generator
      (Pull request #398).
    * implicitclass, parallel: Added missing newlines at error
    * libfontembed: Removed unneeded fontembed/main.c and ttfread
      executable. Eliminates the dependency on DejaVuSans.ttf
      (Issue #386).
    * gstoraster: Refactor the filter a little to clarify handling
      of page counts and set job-impressions for TotalPageCount in
      PWG-Raster header (Pull request #394).
    * cups-browsed: Make NotifLeaseDuration configurable and renew
      after half the lease duration not 60 sec before end. The early
      renewal improves reliability on busy systems a lot. For easier
      development and debugging short durations from 300 sec on can
      get selected (Pull request #378).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.9
    * libcupsfilters: Silenced compiler warnings
    * libcupsfilters: Removed duplicate code in the apply_filters()
    * driverless: If there are no driverless IPP printers available
      let "driverless" terminate with exit code 0 and not 1, to
      follow CUPS' standard of backends in discovery mode
      terminating with 0 if there are no appropriate printers
      found (Issue #375).
    * gstoraster, foomatic-rip: Fixed Ghostscript command line for
      counting pages as it took too long on PDFs from evince when
      printing DjVu files (Issue #354, Pull request #371,
      Ubuntu bug #1920730).
    * cups-browsed: Renamed ldap_connect() due to conflict in new
      openldap (Issue #367, Pull request #370).
    * pdftoraster: Free color data after processing of each page
      (Pull request #363).
    * cups-browsed: Always save "...-default" option entries from
      printers.conf, regardless of presence or absense of PPD file
      (Pull request #359).
    * cups-browsed: Start after
      (Pull request #360).
    * texttopdf: Set default margins when no PPD file is used
      (Pull request #356).
  - harden_cups-browsed.service.patch adapted to cups-filters-1.28.12
* Fri Oct 15 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400), see
    Added patch harden_cups-browsed.service.patch
* Tue Jun 08 2021
  - The cups-brf backend needs to run as root
* Tue May 25 2021
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.8
    * libcupsfilters: Made check whether the driverless PPD to
      generate should be a fax out PPD more reliable (Issue #343).
    * foomatic-rip: Options in the 5th command line argument of
      the CUPS filter command line are separated only by white
      space and not by comma, also make sure that an option "none"
      is not considered a custom page size (Issue #348).
    * implicitclass: Raise timeout for cups-browsed's answer from
      20s to 60s (Pull request #346).
    * libcupsfilters: In the PPD generator really give priority to
      Apple Raster against PDF (Issue #331).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.7
    * driverless: Removed the support quality check from Pull
      request #235 as it takes significant time for each printer
      being listed, making cups-driverd (`lpinfo -m`) timing out
      when there are many printers (OpenPrinting CUPS issue #65).
    * libcupsfilters: In the PPD generator give priority to Apple
      Raster against PDF (Issue #331).
    * libcupsfilters: Added NULL check when removing ".Borderless"
      suffixes from page size names (Issue #314, Pull request #328).
    * libcupsfilters: In the cupsRasterParseIPPOptions() map the
      color spaces the same way as in the PPD generator
      (Issue #326, Pull request #327).
    * libcupsfilters: Fixed addition of grayscale mode in
      generated PPD files, to avoid duplicate entries
      (OpenPrinting CUPS issue #59).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.6
    * libcupsfilters: In generated PPDs add a grayscale mode if
      there are only color printing modes (from OpenPrinting CUPS).
    * libcupsfilters: In generated PPDs add an "OutputBin" option
      also if it has only one choice (OpenPrinting CUPS pull
      request #18).
    * libcupsfilters: Generated PPDs could have an "Unknown"
      default InputSlot (OpenPrinting CUPS issue #44).
    * cups-browsed: Removed unneeded IPP attribute additions
      preventing the created local queues from preserving a
      location or description the user assigns to them (Issue #323).
    * cups-browsed: Removed all calls of the resolve_uri() function
      of libcupsfilters, as these are not actually needed and in case
      the supplied DNS-SD-based URI is not resolvable, the function
      gets stuck for ~5 seconds.
    * cups-browsed: Fixed several memory leaks, mainly from the
      code to merge printer IPP attributes for clusters
      (Pull request #322).
    * cups-browsed: Silenced compiler warning.
    * foomatic-rip: Fix infinite loop and input from file on raw
      printing (Pull request #318).
    * foomatic-rip: Remove temporary file created during pdf-to-ps
      conversion (Pull request #313).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.5
    * cups-browsed: UUID from IPP response was used after its
      pointer was freed by ippDelete() (Pull request #311).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.4
    * driverless: Avoid duplicate PPD list entries from the same
      device via UUID
    * driverless: Reduce ippfind calls by "driverless" and
      "driverless-fax"called by CUPS. Let "driverless list" list
      both print and fax PPDs and "driverless-fax list" do nothing.
    * driverless: Avoid duplicate listings in printer discovery,
      by "driverless-fax" not listing any URI as "driverless"
      lists them all already.
    * driverless: Vastly improve performance by doing only one
      ippfind call instead of two (IPP, IPPS) as ippfind accepts
      more than one reg type on the command line.
    * Sample PPDs: Corrected manufacturer name in
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.3
    * libcupsfilters, cups-browsed: Fixed inconsistency between
      resolvers for DNS-SD-based URIs, resolve_uri() and
      ippfind_based_uri_converter(). Now both return a freeable
    * libcupsfilters: Fix uninitialized buffer and parsing ippfind
      output in ippfind_based_uri_converter() function
      (Issue #308, Pull request #309).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.2
    * driverless: Free allocated memory, use MAX_OUTPUT_LEN
      (Pull request #304).
    * driverless: Make the two ippfind tasks(for IPP
      and IPPS) run in parallel (Pull request #302, #305, #306).
    * braille: Support new liblouis tables not containing a
      display name (Pull request #303)
    * Build system: Let ./configure not error out when there is
      more than one DejaVuSans.ttf test font candidate (Issue #300).
    * cups-browsed: Crash when a remote printer set as default gets
      removed, due to missing variable in printf() call (Issue #299).
    * libcupsfilters: Removed all signal handling and global
      variables from get_printer_attributes() and
      ippfind_based_uri_converter(). This is overkill for these
      quick operations and causes problems when shutting down
      cups-browsed (Issue #298).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.1
    * COPYING: Fixed several typos
    * libcupsfilters: Fixed typo in log message of
      get_printer_attributes functions.
    * cups-browsed: Fixed typos in configuration file and man page
    * libcupsfilters: Let the PPD generator not suffix page size
      names with ".Borderless" if all page sizes would get this
      suffix, for example for printers which generally print
    * libcupsfilters: Added "faxPrefix" option for generated IPP Fax
      Out PPDs, so that this option also appears in print dialogs.
    * driverless: List addresses for local services correctly when
      using "--std-ipp-uris" (with "localhost" hostname).
    * driverless: Make calls of the ippfind utility somewhat faster,
      setting the timeout of ippfind to automatic.
    * libcupsfilters: Resolve DNS-SD-based URIs for local services
      correctly (using hostname "localhost").
    * libcupsfilters: In get_printer_attributes() functions do not
      try to convert URIs which are not DNS-SD-based (Issue #294).
    * libcupsfilters: In get_printer_attributes() functions also
      support URIs with "dnssd://..." scheme.
    * libcupsfilters: Moved signal handling back into main
      function of the get_printer_attributes() variants, it got
      moved out accidentally.
    * driverless: For generating a PPD, independent whether via
      "driverless URI" or "driverless cat URI", always allow CUPS
      driver URIs (prefixed with "driverless: " or
      "driverless-fax:") and pure IPP URIs.
    * driverless: Accept clean IPP URIs also for 'driverless cat ...'
      (Issue #295, Pull request #296).
    * driverless-fax: Do not use fixed path for call of driverless
      itself (Pull request #293).
  - Version upgrade to 1.28.0
    * driverless, driverless-fax, libcupsfilters: Added IPP Fax
      Out support. Now printer setup tools list an additional fax
      "driver".  A fax queue is created by selecting this driver.
      Jobs have to be sent with "-o phone=12345" to supply
      the destination phone number (Pull request #280).
    * libfontembed: Silenced warning with gcc 10.x
      (Pull request #287).
    * cups-browsed: Added ./configure
      options --enable-saving-created-queues
      and --with-remote-cups-local-queue-naming
      (Pull request: #253, #285).
    * cups-browsed: Fixed several memory leaks, mainly from
      the code to merge printer IPP attributes for clusters
      (Pull request #281, #283).
    * driverless: Added "--std-ipp-uris" command line option to
      show listed URIs in standard hostname-based form (not the
      CUPS DNS-SD-service-name-based form. Only for manual call of
      the utility, for debugging purposes (Pull request #277).
    * libfontembed: Removed assert() calls which cause crashes
      when unsupported emoji fonts are installed (Issue #254,
      Pull request #276).
    * driverless: Added support for IPPS (use "ipps://..." URIs if
      possible, Issue #251, Pull request #270, #273).
    * gstoraster, gstopdf: When converting PostScript to PDF use
      the "pdfwrite" output device with "-dPDFSETTINGS=/default"
      instead of with "-dPDFSETTINGS=/printer". This reproduces
      bitmaps in the PostScript file with their original image
      quality (Issue #272).
    * cups-browsed: Limit log file size and add backup file for
      previous log entries. Introduced the configuration option
      DebugLogFileSize in cups-browsed.conf to set the actual limit
      in kilobytes or 0 to get the old behavior of an unlimited
      size for the log file (Issue #260, Pull request #267).
    * gstoraster, gstopdf: Do not apply margins when output format
      is PDF, as then we convert an incoming PostScript file to
      PDF (pre-pdftopdf) and do not prepare the pages for the
      printer (post-pdftopdf, Issue #250).
    * cups-browsed: Do not write any log messages directly to
      stderr, there were some concerning timeouts on queue
      creation (Issue #260).
    * Build system: Fix cross-compilation without DejaVu test font
      in (Issue #262, Pull request #263).
    * libcupsfilters: Respect the fact that PPD keywords
      are case-sensitive when adding "*cupsManualCopies: True" in
      PPD file (Issue #242).
    * libcupsfilters: Older versions of libcups (< 2.3.1)
      had the enum name for fold-accordion finishings mistyped.
      Added a workaround.
    * cups-browsed: Remove left-over local queues from the previous
      session more quickly when CUPS legacy browsing is turned on.
    * cups-browsed: Left-over local queues from the previous
      session for which the corresponding remote printer did not
      appear again did not get removed as they were considered
      externally overwritten.
    * gstoraster, gstopdf: Add option "-dDoNumCopies" to Ghostscript
      command line if we are outputting PDF (called via gstopdf
      wrapper) and the number of copies supplied to CUPS is 1 (4th
      command line argument). In this case we convert incoming
      PostScript to PDF and need to respect  embedded PostScript
      commands to implement the number of copies (Issue #255,
      CUPS Issue #5796, OpenSUSE bug #1173345).
    * imagetoraster: Potential null dereference fix (when no valid
      PPD is supplied, Pull request #256).
    * cups-browsed: Call cupsGetNamedDest() only if
      "OnlyUnsupportedByCUPS No"
    * Sample PPDs: Corrected ColorModel default for Generic PWG
      Raster PPD to Color (Pull request #247).
    * cups-browsed: Mark the temp queue as cups-browsed-generated
      during setting printer-is-shared (Pull request #246).
    * cups-browsed: Remove mentions of README and AUTHORS files in
      the man page (Pull request #244).
    * pclmtoraster: Added new filter to extract Raster data from
      raster-only PDF files, here for the special case of PCLm
      files (Pull request #243, #257).
    * Sample PPDs: In Generic-PDF_Printer-PDF.ppd add option to switch
      between color and grayscale printing (Pull request #237).
  - Version upgrade to 1.27.5
    * cups-browsed: Do not remove the created local queues on
      shutdown, to avoid their re-creation on restart, so that
      desktops get no cluttered with notifications of new queues
      being created. One can return to the old behavior via
      "KeepGeneratedQueuesOnShutdown No" in cups-browsed.conf
      (Ubuntu bug #1869981, #1878241).
    * cups-browsed: Do not accept DNS-SD broadcasts of IPPS type
      of "remote" CUPS queues of another CUPS instance on the
      local machine. This way we get a local queue pointing to
      such a printer only in unencrypted version (IPP). For some
      reason printing from one CUPS server to another on the same
      machine works only unencrypted.
    * foomatic-rip: Map two-sided-short-edge to DuplexTumble
      (Pull request #236)
    * Build system: In use AS_IF instead of
      AC_CHECK_FILE for font check (Issue #239, Pull request #240)
    * cups-browsed: Cleaned up code for determining to which CUPS
      server (host/port/domain socket) to connect, so that connection
      via DomainSocket cups-browsed.conf directive, CUPS_SERVER and
      IPP_PORT environment variables and all defaults and methods
      of libcups, including CUPS' client.conf work.
    * gstoraster, rastertopdf: Do not pass NULL to fprintf()
      (Pull request #230).
    * libcupsfilters: Silence compiler warning (Pull request #229).
  - Version upgrade to 1.27.4
    * libcupsfilters, cups-browsed: Fix memory issues in
      ppdgenerator and cups-browsed (Pull request #226).
    * pdftops: Mention cups-filters README, CUPS README in debug log
      (Pull request #225).
    * pdftopdf, gstoraster, foomatic-rip: Use "-dSAFER" Ghostscript
      option, instead of the deprecated "-dPARANOIDSAFER"
      (Pull request #224).
    * Build System: Replace '==' in test with '=', as
      the former is a bashism (Pull request #222).
  - Version upgrade to 1.27.3
    * cups-browsed: Allow sharing local queues pointing to remote
      CUPS queues and re-sharing printers discovered via
      BrowsePoll by default, using AllowResharingRemoteCUPSPrinters
      and NewBrowsePollQueuesShared directives in cups-browsed.conf
      (Issue #101, Pull request #218).
    * driverless: Correctly unlink temporary file when generating
      PPD file (Pull request #220).
    * cups-browsed: Fixed memory leaks (Pull request #219).
    * foomatic-rip: PDF page count side-loads the PDF file to count
      the pages in, so it cannot be run in -dSAFER mode. Run even
      in -dNOSAFER mode to override the -dSAFER default of newer
      Ghostscript versions. This should not cause a security problem
      as we do not take an input file which could do arbitrary
      side-loads but we run hard-coded PostScript commands instead
      (Issue #216).
    * libfontembed: Add checks to the test programs to not segfault
      if the test font file is not found (Pull request #214).
    * Build System: Let ./configure fail if the supplied test font
      file path (or the default) does not exist (Pull request #214),
      also use the "find" command to find the test font file
      DejaVuSans.ttf under /usr/share/fonts, as every
      distribution has it somewhere else.
  - fix_upstream_issue348.patch is no longer needed because
    it is now fixed in the upstream sources, see the above
    entry about "Issue #348". Entries like "Issue #NNN" or
    "Pull request #NNN" mean cups-filters upstream issues
    or cups-filters upstream GitHub pull requests at
* Thu Apr 15 2021
  - fix_upstream_issue348.patch fixes
    foomatic-rip segfaults with 'job-sheets=none,none'
    but works with 'job-sheets=none'
* Tue Nov 10 2020
  - The wrapper backends /usr/lib/cups/backend/beh
    and /usr/lib/cups/backend/implicitclass must be installed
    with 0700 permissions so that cupsd runs them as root
    (backends with root-only permissions are run as root by cupsd)
    because otherwise wrapper backends cannot run other backends
    that need to run as root in particular the ipp backend runs
    as root and the implicitclass wrapper backend runs it
    to print via queues that are generated by cupsd-browsed,
    see the upstream issue
* Thu Mar 05 2020 Dmitry Roshchin <>
  - Update to 1.27.2
    * foomatic-rip: In some PostScript input files it was possible
      that option settings did not get inserted or lines inserted
      on the wron place (Issue #208, Pull request #210).
    * foomatic-rip: For the PDF page count call Ghostscript in
      sandbox mode and fix pointer arithmetics (Pull request #212).
    * foomatic-rip: Zero-page-job handling changes made the last
      page of PostScript files not printed, also turning one-page
      jobs into zero-page jobs (Issue #200, Issue #206, Issue #208,
      Pull request #209, Pull request #210, Pull request #211).
    * cups-browsed: check_printer_with_option() function:
      Initialize the value, add further checks, freeing memory and
      stop allocating magic numbers (Pull request #204).
    * cups-browsed: Additional checks against crashes in the
      is_local_hostname() function (Ubuntu bug #1863716)
* Wed Feb 19 2020 Javier Llorente <>
  - Update to 1.27.1
    * libcupsfilters: Let the PPD generator not put any dashes into
      the PPD option and choice names when translating them from IPP
      attribute names, to avoid that on the back-translation by CUPS
      no double-dashes are generated. This broke paper tray
      selections with tray names like "tray-1", "tray-2", ...
      (Issue #192, Issue #201, Debian bug #949315).
    * foomatic-rip: Fixed segfault when PRINTER environment variable
      is not supplied.
    * pdftopdf, pdftops, gstoraster, gstopdf, gstopxl, rastertoescpx,
      rastertopclx, foomatic-rip: Handle zero-page jobs (Issue #117,
      Pull request #196, Pull request #197, Pull request #198,
      Pull request #200).
    * texttopdf: Added support for CJK (double-width) fonts
      (Issue #135, Pull request #199).
    * cups-browsed: Switched default for "CreateIPPPrinterQueues"
      from "local-only" to "All". The configure script options
      "--enable-auto-setup-local-only" and
      "--enable-auto-setup-driverless-only" can be used
      to change this default (Debian bug #921252).
    * rastertoescpx: Fixed wrong freeing of a buffer.
    * pdftops: Added options "crop-to-fit" and "fill" to the pdftopdf
      options which the pstops called by pdftops should not apply a
      second time.
    * pdftops: Added missing "-sstdout=%stderr" to Ghostscript
      command line, to assure that all messages are redirected
      to stderr and do not mix up with the output data.
  - Drop add-cstring-include.patch: already present upstream
  - Drop foomatic-rip-fix-compilation-with-fno-common.patch: already
    present upstream
* Thu Jan 09 2020 Martin Wilck <>
  - Fix compilation with -fno-common, in preparation for gcc 10
    * Added foomatic-rip-fix-compilation-with-fno-common.patch
    (merged upstream as commit e6c5025)
* Tue Sep 03 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
  - Add add-cstring-include.patch to include cstring for memcpy
    and strcmp
* Wed Jun 12 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
    shortcut the build queues by allowing usage of systemd-mini
* Fri Jun 07 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.25.0:
    * pdftoijs, pdftoopvp: Removed these deprecated filters
      completely as there is no demand for them any more. They also
      used unstable, undocumented APIs of Poppler.
    * pdftoraster: Changed from using unstable, undocumented APIs of
      Poppler to stable, documented ones, to improve maintainability
      of this filter, and with it of the cups-filters package.
    * libcupsfilters: Added support for color spaces CMY and RGBW
      when using filters without PPD file (mainly for development and
      debugging, option "print-color-mode" with values "cmy-XX" and
      "rgbw-XX" with XX being the number of bits per color).
  - Changes from version 1.24.0:
    * cups-browsed: Integration of Deepak Patankar's Google Summer of
      Code 2018 project with the main goal of clustering different
      printers and automatically selecting the destination printers
      by job content and option/attribute settings.
    * cups-browsed, implicitclass: Support for mixed clusters of
      remote CUPS queues and IPP network printers. For this PPD files
      of remote CUPS queues are generated by cups-browsed based on
      IPP queries, as for native IPP printers, the number of jobs for
      load balancing is polled in a way that it works also with
      native IPP printers, the implicitclass backend sends jobs
      directly to the printer instead of re-queueing them via CUPS.
    * cups-browsed: Merge IPP attributes of several printers to
      combined attributes for the cluster to generate the cluster's
      PPD file, including PPD constraints for option combinations not
      fulfillable by any of the member printers, and finding
      reasonable, non-conflicting default settings.
    * cups-browsed: Selection algorithm for the destination printer
      for a job sent to the cluster. Based on the job settings
      requested such as page size, media type, print quality, the
      best most suitable printer in the cluster for the job will be
    * cups-browsed, implicitclass: Filter jobs to clusters already
      locally. Due to the fact that a cluster's member printers are
      not exclusively non-raw CUPS queues with the complete filtering
      framework on the remote server, but also native IPP printers,
      we need to support generic driverless printers as destination.
      So we cannot pass on the input data unfiltered but need to
      filter locally. We let the cluster's PPD file emulate a PDF
      printer, letting the local CUPS queue of the cluster run
      pdftopdf and any pre-filters to turn the input into PDF and we
      let the implicitclass backend turn PDF into a format understood
      by the destination printer, supporting the 4 formats of
      driverless IPP printing: PDF, PWG Raster, Apple Raster, PCLm.
  - Drop libpoppler-cpp0, libpoppler-devel and libpoppler-glib-devel
  - Add pkgconfig(poppler-cpp) BuildRequires following upstream
* Fri May 31 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.23.0:
    * This release adds support for the "print-scaling" IPP attribute
      and has the code for the support of MuPDF as PDF renderer
      vastly simplified.
    * pdftops, mupdftoraster: Let pdftops call mutool directly and so
      that it directly outputs PostScript, eliminating the need to
      call the mupdftoraster and rastertops filters.
    * mupdftoraster: Reduced the use of temporary files from 3 to
      just one.
    * imagetopdf, imagetoraster, pdftopdf: Add support for
      print-scaling option.
  - Changes from version 1.22.6:
    * Bug fix release, to address a further issue of cups-browsed
      removing user-created print queues, to make
      grayscale/monochrome PostScript jobs of colored input file
      actually output grayscale/monochrome files, to fix several bugs
      when using MuPDF as PDF renderer, and to silence compiler
* Mon Apr 08 2019
  - Version upgrade to 1.22.5
    * foomatic-rip: Changed Ghostscript call to count pages in a
      PDF file to use "runpdfbegin" and not the undocumented
      Ghostscript internal "pdfdict", so that it works with
      Ghostscript 9.27 and later (Debian bug #926576,
      Arch Linux bug #62251, openSUSE boo#1131771, mailing list thread
  - Version upgrade to 1.22.4
    * cups-browsed: Fix broken trailing space removal on
      "NickName" (Pull request #103).
    * pdftops: Emit PostScript Level 2 instead of Level 3 for
      Brother PostScript printers as at least some of them
      report to support level 3 but ontly work with Level 2
      (Ubuntu bug #1306849, comment #42).
    * bannertopdf: When multiplying the page for N-up or Duplex
      printing one page too much was generated (Issue #102).
  - Version upgrade to 1.22.3
    * libcupsfilters: Added error checks for processing GIF, to
      avoid crashes or hangs on broken GIF files (Issues #81, #82,
      Pull request #100).
    * cups-browsed: Added hint to the man page and configuration
      file that with "DebugLogging stderr" the logging output goes
      to journal or syslog if cups-browsed is running as system
      service (Issue #28).
  - Version upgrade to 1.22.2
    * cups-browsed: Let distribution of jobs sent to queues with
      "implicitclass" backend (usually clusters) be done by a
      "job-state" CUPS notification and not by
      "printer-state-changed" any more. The "job-state"
      notification already contains the job ID. Before we had to
      poll the job ID from CUPS via IPP which was sometimes
      unreliable (Issue #97).
    * imagetopdf, imagetoraster, pdftopdf, libcupsfilters: Added
      new page scaling options: "fill" scales the input page
      (typically a photo) so that the output page (typically with
      different aspect ratio) gets completely filled, aloowing for
      some content of the input page getting lost. "crop-to-fit"
      allows for easy printing of documents on slightly different
      output page sizes (A4 <-> Letter) maintaining the size and
      centering and cropping into the destination page. Thanks to
      Dheeraj Yadav (dhirajyadav135 at gmail dot com) for the
      patch (Pull request #92).
    * cups-browsed: Do not do IPP request for printer-is-shared
      option for remote cups queues with CUPS 2.2.x and newer
      (Pull request #91).
    * cups-browsed: Fix crash bug when reading "Cluster"
      directive from configuration file (Issue #94).
    * driverless: Updated man page as now also Mopria and
      Wi-Fi Direct printers are supported. Mentioned also
* Wed Feb 20 2019
  - Update to version 1.22.1:
    * braille: Use sort command with LC_ALL=C for reproducibility
      of the genrated files, needed for distribution packaging.
    * cups-browsed, driverless: When polling the printer's
      capabilities via get-printer-attributes IPP request for
      driverless printing, use the attributes "all" and
      "media-col-database". Without "all" some printers do not report
      "urf-supported" and without "media-col-database" not all paper
      size and marging info gets reported.
    * braille: Document how to rework output before embossing.
* Mon Jan 28 2019
  - Update to version 1.22.0:
    * From this release on the pdftopdf filter flattens interactive
      PDF forms and annotations internally, using QPDF, instead of
      calling external utilities. This especially eliminates slowing
      factors as additional piping of the data and unneeded use of
      PDF interpreters. Using external utilities for flattening is
      still possible in case of problems. In addition, a crash bug in
      cups-browsed got fixed and compatibility of the filters with
      Poppler 0.72 assured.
  - Drop upstream fixed patches:
    * 0001-Raise-minimum-poppler-version-from-0.18-to-0.19.patch
    * 0002-Adapt-code-for-SplashXPathScanner-state-handling-sin.patch
    * 0003-Support-some-more-methods-returning-const.patch
    * 0004-Support-GooString-c_str-introduced-by-poppler-0.72.patch
* Sat Dec 29 2018 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Fix building with Poppler 0.72
    Add 0001-Raise-minimum-poppler-version-from-0.18-to-0.19.patch
    Add 0002-Adapt-code-for-SplashXPathScanner-state-handling-sin.patch
    Add 0003-Support-some-more-methods-returning-const.patch
    Add 0004-Support-GooString-c_str-introduced-by-poppler-0.72.patch
* Tue Dec 18 2018
  - Update to version 1.21.6:
    * Bug fix release, mainly for cups-browsed to avoid crashes and
      infinite printer removal/re-creation loops and spurious local
      queues for local CUPS printers. Also expanded PostScript
      interpreter bug workaround to more Apple LaserWriter models.
    * cups-browsed: To find out whether a DNS-SD-discovered printer
      is from the local machine, use not only the flags in the Avahi
      lookup result but also check the host name.
    * cups-browsed: When a local CUPS queue pointing to a remote CUPS
      printer was removed and re-created to make it a permanent
      queue, on_printer_deleted() was triggered by cupsd's
      notification to re-create a lost queue. Now
      on_printer_deleted() checks whether the queue is really gone
      and only re-creates then.
    * cups-browsed: When updating the CUPS queues, also removed and
      unregistered queues and not only created queues got checked for
      HTTP timeouts, which caused crashes on shutdown.
    * pdftops: Use the PS interpreter of Poppler for all Apple
      LaserWriter 16/600, 4/600, 12/640, 12/600, 12/660 as they all
      seem to not work with Ghostscript's PS output.
    * cups-browsed: On shutdown queues got removed even if they still
      had jobs.
  - Changes from version 1.21.5:
    * Bug fix release, to build with Poppler 0.71 and with
      cups-browsed converting temporary CUPS queues reliably to
      permanent queues.
    * cups-browsed: We cannot reliably determine whether a CUPS queue
      is temporary, so we apply the procedure to make a temporary
      queue permanent to any unshared queue.
    * pdftoraster, pdftopdf, pdftoijs, pdftoopvp: Do not use the
      Poppler-specific "GBool", "gFalse", "gTrue" any more, as
      Poppler has switched to standard "bool", "false", "true" in
      version 0.71.0.
* Wed Nov 28 2018
  - Update to version 1.21.4:
    * cups-browsed: cups-browsed: Limit the number of retries for
      creating a print queue when it comes to HTTP timeouts. Number
      of retries given by HttpMaxRetries directive in
    * cups-browsed: Read out current time right before setting the
    * libcupsfilters: In the PPD generator for driverless IPP
      printing let "*cupsManualCopies: true" lines get added to
      the PPD if printing is done in a raster format as then
      pdftopdf needs to generate the copies.
    * pdftoraster, pdftoopvp, pdftoijs: Fix build with
      Poppler >= 0.70
    * pdftopdf: Fixed printing multiple copies on driverless IPP
      printers. When printing collated copies the multiple copies
      got applied twice, resulting in n*n instead of n copies.
    * pdftoraster, pdftoopvp, pdftoijs: Poppler removed memCheck
      and gMemReport functions, remove appropriate calls.
  - Changes from version 1.21.3:
    * foomatic-rip: Reset stdin after replacing the underlying file
  - Changes from version 1.21.2:
    * cups-browsed: Fixed freeing of literal string caused by
      Coverity Scan issue fix.
* Thu Aug 30 2018 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Do not diferentiate for service location, it is in sbindir
    on all systems we support now
  - Use license for license install
  - Version update to 1.21.1:
    - foomatic-rip: Fixed segmentation fault caused by wrong
      Coverity Scan issue fix (Issue #57, Debian bug #907026).
    - Build system: Require QPDF 8.1.0 or later as it is needed by
      bannertopdf (Issue #56).
    - libcupsfilters, cups-browsed, driverless, foomatic-rip,
      parallel: Silenced warnings from newest gcc.
    - libcupsfilters: When generating a PPD for driverless
      printing on a remote IPP printer, make pdftopdf not being
      run by the local queue if the remote queue is a CUPS queue
      to avoid running pdftopdf twice (CUPS Issue #5361).
    - libcupsfilters, cups-browsed, driverless, bannertopdf,
      foomatic-rip, pdftops, pdftoraster, rastertops,
      rastertoescpx, sys5ippprinter, beh: Fixed Coverity Scan
      issues. Thanks to Zdenek Dohnal (zdohnal at redhat dot com)
      for the tests and the patches.
    - bannertopdf: Switched over from using Poppler to using QPDF
      for generating the PDF pages. With Poppler unstable APIs
      were used which were subject to change. Thanks to Sahil
      Arora for this project in the Google Summer of Code 2018
      (Pull request #25).
    - cups-browsed: Manually defined clusters ("Cluster" directive
      in cups-browsed.conf) caused cups-browsed to crash.
* Tue Jul 17 2018
  - Version upgrade to 1.20.4
    - gstoraster: Removed unneeded "if"s (Ghostscript bug #692705).
    - cups-browsed: When checking whether there is already a local
      print queue with the same URI as the one of the discovered
      printer, consider also as equal URI if the URIs only differ
      by use of IPP or IPPS and/or use of HTTPS port 443 instead
      of IPP port 631.
    - cups-browsed: Also upgrade from ipp: to ipps: when the ipps:
      URI is on HTTPS port 443 instead of IPP port 631. This is
      common on IPP network printers.
    - pdftopdf: Removed support for hardware-implemented reversing
      of page order in PostScript printers. It was once not
      correctly implemented in cups-filters and second, such
      printers are extremely rare, and on Gutenprint PPDs with
      pseudo OutputOrder option hardware reversing was even
      wrongly assumed (Issue #47).
    - pdftopdf: Accept option "output-order=normal/reverse" for
      reversing page order (Issue #47) and also "page-delivery=
      same-order/reverse-order" (CUPS Issue #5340).
    - libcupsfilters: Let the PPD generator add "*PageStackOrder
      ..."  lines to the choices of the "OutputBin" option, to
      mark which output bins need the pages printed in reverse
      order (Issue #47).
    - libcupsfilters: Let the PPD generator correctly create a
      "*DefaultOutputOrder: ..."  entry, depending on whether the
      paper is put out face-up or face-down in the default output
      bin (Issue #47).
    - libcupsfilters: Fixed human-readable name of the OutputBin
      option in the PPD generator.
    - pdftoopvp: Silence compiler warning (Issue #42).
    - cups-browsed: If the user modifies/overwrites a print queue
      created by cups-browsed, it will now not only be
      automatically released from the control of cups-browsed, but
      we also create a replacement for our generated local queue
      under a new name.
    - cups-browsed: Make URIS for using the implicitclass backend
      correctly working also with queue names containing an '@'
    - braille: Strengthen error checking (Pull request #41).
    - braille: Index: Replace bogus characters with space (Pull
      request #41).
    - braille: Add print and braille page number options (Pull
      request #41).
    - braille: Index: Use standard duplex cups option (Pull
      request #41).
    - cups-browsed: Moved auto-generation of PPD file for IPP
      network printers from create_remote_printer_entry()
      function to update_cups_queues(). This allows re-creating
      accidentally removed or overwritten local queues without
      losing the PPD file.
    - braille: Add option to pick hyphenation rule according to
      current locale and make it the default for second
      translation table. (Pull request #38 and #39).
    - braille: Remove generated defs on "make clean". (Pull request #38).
    - braille: Turn non-breakable spaces to spaces. (Pull request
      [#38] and #39).
    - braille: Fix character encoding when extracting text. When
      extracing text from a zip file or a pdf, the resulting text
      is always utf-8 independently of the original locale, so we
      need to force that. (Pull request #38).
    - braille: Warn when no text translation was selected in case
      the user didn't notice. (Pull request #37).
    - braille: Fix spurious spacing after last Form-Feed (Pull
      request #45).
  - Drop pdftoopvp_Silence-compiler-warning.patch
* Tue Jul 10 2018
  - Add pdftoopvp_Silence-compiler-warning.patch: pdftoopvp: Silence
    compiler warning.
* Wed May 02 2018
  - Version upgrade to 1.20.3
    to fix regression from 1.20.2 that ignores printers published
    using legacy CUPS broadcast
* Tue Apr 10 2018
  - Version upgrade to 1.20.2
    to provide upstream bugfixes also for SLE15 / Leap15
    and be also already prepared for SLE12 (fate#323676).
    This is a bug fix release fixing the recognition
    of remote CUPS queues by cups-browsed, the behavior
    of cups-browsed when one creates a queue with the
    same name of a cups-browsed-generated queue overwriting
    it, and other bug fixes (for details see the NEWS file).
* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - Version upgrade to 1.20.1
    to provide upstream bugfixes also for SLE15 / Leap15
    and be also already prepared for SLE12 (fate#323676).
    This is a bug fix release fixing several issues
    on the Braille support and other bugs, in particular
    (for details see the NEWS file):
    * libcupsfilters: Silenced warning when using CUPS < 2.x
      by eliminating the use of a recently introduced
      CUPS library function, see
    * cups-browsed: Fixed crash when CUPS reports a print queue
      without "device-uri" attribute when cups-browsed polls a
      list of local CUPS queues, see
  - fix_upstream_bug_1421.patch is no longer needed because
    it is now fixed in the upstream sources
    (see the "libcupsfilters ... bug ... 1421" entry above).
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  - Version upgrade to 1.20.0:
    * Mainly enhancements and fixes for the PPD generator.
    * For detailed info see the NEWS file.
  - fix_upstream_bug_1421.patch is the upstream fix for
  - Use 'BuildRequires python3-cups' only if suse_version >= 1330
    (cf. "Do not require python-cups but rather python3-cups" below)
    which means after any SLE12 service pack and after any Leap 42.x
    i.e. for Tumbleweed, Leap 15.x, and the upcoming SLE15 and later
    otherwise still use 'BuildRequires python-cups' to make it build
    and usable again not only on some newest systems according to
* Tue Jan 23 2018
  - Version upgrade to 1.19.0:
    * See the detailed stuff in NEWS file
    * New filters and poppler compatibility as always
  - Do not require python-cups but rather python3-cups in order to
    allow build on python2 less system
  - Explicitly enable ijs and opvp filters



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