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mercurial-lang-6.2.1-1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: mercurial-lang Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 6.2.1 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sun Jul 31 23:22:12 2022
Group: System/Localization Build host: s390zp25
Size: 5192966 Source RPM: mercurial-6.2.1-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Translations for package mercurial
Provides translations for the "mercurial" package.






* Fri Jul 29 2022 Lukas Müller <>
  - Update to Mercurial 6.2.1.
    * git: make sure to fsdecode bookmark names everywhere (issue6723)
    * git: add a missing reset_copy keyword argument to dirstate.set_tracked()
    * git: copy findmissingrevs() from to (issue6472)
    * sslutil: use proper attribute to select python 3.7+
    * sslutil: another use proper attribute to select python 3.7+
    * mergestate: action name was str
    * packaging: update keyring on Windows to avoid spurious stacktraces
    * packaging: bump dulwich to 0.20.45
    * debug-discovery: fix a typo in the doc
    * debug-discovery: properly apply remote filtering in "old" mode
    * debug-discovery: also gather details on tree-discovery queries type
    * debug-discovery: gather the right number of roundtrips for tree discovery
    * debug-discovery: do not abort on unrelated repositories
    * debug-discovery: deal with case where common is empty
    * tree-discovery: fix the request debug output and progress location
    * debug-discovery: apply spelling fixes from Raphaël
* Tue Jul 19 2022 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 6.2
    Regularly scheduled major release. This is the first Python 3 only version.
    + New Features
    * Introduce a way to auto-upgrade a repo for certain requirements
      (see `hg help config.format`)
    * filemerge: add support for partial conflict resolution by external tool
    * contrib: add a partial-merge tool for sorted lists
      (such as Python imports)
    * revlog: reorder p1 and p2 when p1 is null and p2 is not while
      respecting issue6528
    * rhg: add support for ignoring all extensions
    * completion: install completers to conventional locations
    * revert: ask user to confirm before tracking new file when interactive
    * Rust implementation now uses the new dirstate API
    * sslutil: be less strict about which ciphers are allowed
      when using --insecure
    * sslutil: support TLSV1_ALERT_PROTOCOL_VERSION reason code
    * absorb: make `--edit-lines` imply `--apply-changes`
    * diff: add help text to highlight the ability to do merge diffs
    * censor: make rhg fall back to python when encountering a censored node
    * clone: use better names for temp files
    * debuglock: make the command more useful in non-interactive mode
    * debugdeltachain: distinct between snapshot and other diffs
    * debugindex: rename to debugindex debug-revlog-index
    * Make debug-revlog-index give out more information
    * sparse: use the rust code even when sparse is present
    + Bug Fixes
    * Python 3 bugfixes
    * Windows bugfixes
    * templates: make `firstline` filter not keep '\v', '\f' and similar
    * rhg: sort unsupported extensions in error message
    * Improve performance of all functions that extract the first
      line of a text
    * crecord: avoid duplicating lines when reverting noeol->eol change
    * Some config.path options are now discoverable via config
    * mail: don't complain about a multi-word email.method
    * bundlespec: do not overwrite bundlespec value with the config one
    * bundlespec: do not check for `-` in the params portion of the bundlespec
    * bundlespec: handle the presence of obsmarker part
    * sparse: start moving away from the global variable for detection of usage
    * rust-changelog: don't skip empty lines when iterating
      over changeset lines
    * narrow: support debugupgraderepo
    * bundle: quick fix to ludicrous performance penalty
    * followlines: don't put Unicode directly into the .js file (issue6559)
    * manifest: improve error message in case for tree manifest
    * revlog: use %d to format int instead of %lu (issue6565)
    * revlog: use appropriate format char for int ("i" instead of I")
    * worker: stop relying on garbage collection to release memoryview
    * worker: implement _blockingreader.readinto() (issue6444)
    * worker: avoid potential partial write of pickled data
    + Backwards Compatibility Changes
    * Removed Python 2 support: this includes a lot of cleanup in our codebase,
      automation, testing, etc.
    * debugindex: rename to debugindex debug-revlog-index
    + Miscellaneous
    * Fix typos and add missing items from documentation
    * dirstate-tree: optimize HashMap lookups with raw_entry_mut
    * Rust dependencies have been upgraded
    * revlog: rank computation is done by Rust when available
    * Improve discovery test tooling
    * Audit the number of queries done in discovery
    * Improved .hgignore of the mercurial-devel repository itself
    * Improve test coverage of dirstate-v2
    * rust-requirements: allow loading repos with `bookmarksinstore`
    * Various Rust refactorings to help with revlog management
    * Improve debugability of Rust structs
    * Improve unit testing of the Rust dirstatemap
    * Improve robustness of the Rust dirstatemap to corruption
    * Improve changelog-v2 upgrade system
* Fri Jun 17 2022 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 6.1.4
    Additional stable release just before 6.2 since we're dropping Python 2.
    * url: raise error if CONNECT request to proxy was unsuccessful
    * docker: avoid /tmp write access issues by fixing permissions
    * logcmdutil: use the same data as {file*} template keywords (issue6642)
    * commit: allow to close branch when committing change over a closed head
    * rust-status: don't trigger dirstate v1 rewrite when only v2 data is changed
    * purge: prevent a silly crash with --confirm --files
    * rust: relax im-rc dependency to allow minor updates
    * Improve PyPy support
    * Improve py3 error handling
    * Documentation fixes
  - Mercurial 6.1.3:
    * security:
      + narrow_widen_acl: enforce narrowacl in narrow_widen (SEC) 6b10151b9621
    * other:
      + censor: fix [hg update] away from a revision with censored files
      + amend: stop losing copies when amending
      + rhg: strengthen dirstate v2 writing in broken filesystems
      + work around some broken DLL imports in Windows
      + worker: adapt _blockingreader to work around a python3.8.[0-1]
      bug (issue6444)
      + rhg: correctly handle the case where diffs are encoded relative
      to nullrev
      + fix bugs and race-conditions in the Mercurial test runner
      + chg: ignore already closed fds when cleaning up
* Sat May 07 2022 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - removed _service in favour of running download_files manually
  - Mercurial 6.1.2:
    * Improve Windows test suite
    * Fix `debuglock` not ignoring a missing lockfile when forcing a lock
    * Improve help of `ui.large-file-limit`
    * Set the large-file-limit to 10MB (from 10MiB) for clarity
    * While rewriting desc hashes, ignore ambiguous prefix "hashes"
    * Fix a crash in partial amend with copies
    * Fix a py3 compatiblity bug
    * **Fix incorrect metadata causing dirstate-v2 data loss in edge case (dd2503a63d33)**
    * Fix cleanup of old dirstate-v2 data files when using `rhg`
    * Make reference to `.hg/last_message.txt` relative in commit
    * Fix an infinite hang when `rhg` is used in the background
    * Fix Python DLL loading bug in Windows
    * Add `--docket` flag to `debugstate` to check out dirstate-v2 metadata
    * Remove `debugdirstateignorepatternhash` in favor of `debugstate --docket`
    * Fix incorrect metadata causing systematic complete dirstate-v2 rewrite
* Fri Apr 15 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - udpate to 6.1.1:
    * Fix Rust compilation on `aarcch64`
    * Fix Rust compilation on architectures where `char` is unsigned
    * When the merge tool uses `$output`, don't leave markers in `$local`
    * Improve test suite support on big-endian platforms
    * Cap the number of concurrent threads to 16 in Rust `hg status` to prevent huge speed regression at higher thread counts
    * Fix `amend` with copies in extras
    * Abort if commit we're trying to `unamend` was not created by `hg [un]amend`
    * Fix file name in the pullbundle help text
    * Fix an issue with data not being correctly reset in the C implementation of dirstate-v2
    * Fix issue6673 where some tags were missing from cache after a merge
    * Fix stream-cloning a repo with empty requirements
    * Fix a false warning about content-divergence creation
    * Fix silly blackbox entries when hg is interrupted
    * Fix unsoundness (no known exploits) in Rust extensions (see cfd270d83169 and dd6b67d5c256)
    * Fix Rust dirstate counters not being updated correctly leading to some potential bugs (none known)
    * Stop relying on a compiler implementation detail in Rust HgPath
* Wed Mar 02 2022 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 6.1
    Regularly scheduled feature release.
    This is the last release to support Python 2. Mercurial is Python 3 only
    starting with 6.2
    + New Features
    * Added a way of specifying required extensions that prevent Mercurial from starting if they are not found. See `hg help config.extensions`.
    * Merge conflict markers have been made clearer (see backwards compatibility below)
    * Improve detailed error codes
    * Added a hint about mangled whitespace on bad patch
    * Explain which order the commits are presented in `chistedit`
    * Introduce a `dirstate-tracked-hint` feature to help automation keep
      track of changes to tracked files. See
      `hg help config.use-dirstate-tracked-hint`.
    * Shared repositories can be upgraded if the upgrade is specific to
      the share. For now, this only applies to `dirstate-v2` and
    * When using the `narrow` extension, non-conflicting changes to files
      outside of the narrow specification can now be merged.
    * When cloning a repository using stream-clone, the client can now control
      the repository format variants to use as long as the stream content does
      not restrict that variant.
    + Default Format Change
      These changes affect newly created repositories (or new clones) done with
      Mercurial 6.1.
    * The share-safe format variant is now enabled by default. It makes
      configuration and requirements more consistent across repository
      and their shares. This introduces a behavior change as shares from
      a repository using the new format will also use their main
      repository's configuration. See `hg help config.format.use-share-safe`
      for details about the feature and the available options for
      auto-upgrading existing shares.
    + New Experimental Features
    * The pure Rust version of Mercurial called `rhg` added support for most
      common invocations of `hg status`. See `hg help rust.rhg` for details on
      how to try it out.
    * `rhg` supports narrow clones and sparse checkouts.
    + Bug Fixes
    * **Obsolete revisions are skipped while computing heads. In conjunction
      with the evolve extension >= 10.5.0, this leads to massive exchange
      (push/pull) speedups in repositories with a lot of heads
      and/or obsolete revisions.**
    * Stream-clones now properly advertise all requirements needed. This can
      result in the stream-clone feature being disabled for some clients
      using < 6.0.2. A small bugfix patch for these older client is available
      if necessary.
    * The `--no-check` and `--no-merge` flags now properly overwrite the
      behavior from `commands.update.check`
    * `rhg`'s fallback detection is more robust in general in the presence
      of more advanced configs
    * `rhg`'s `blackbox` now supports milliseconds by default and uses
      the same ISO 8601 format as the Python implementation
    * Fix rhg crash on non-generaldelta revlogs
    * The `lfs`, `largefiles` and `sparse` extensions now correctly take
      the appropriate lock before writing requirements
    * The notify extension does not produce errors anymore if a revision
      is not found
    * Remove unnecessary and overly strict check for divergence in `hg fix`
    * Windows compatibility improvements
    * Miscellaneous Python 3 and typing improvements
    * Many other small or internal fixes
    + Backwards Compatibility Changes
    * The use of `share-safe`, means shares (of new repositories) will also
      use their main repository's configuration see the `Default Format Change`
      section for details.
    * The fix to stream-clone requirements advertising means some requirements
      previously (wronly) omitted are now sent. This can confuse client using
      a Mercurial version < 6.0.2. The client would consider these
      requirements unsupported even if it actually know them. If you encounter
      this, either upgrade your client or apply the necessary patch.
    * The labels passed to merge tools have changed slightly. Merge tools can
      get labels passed to them if you include `$labellocal`, `$labelbase`,
      and/or `$labelother` in the `merge-tool.<tool name>.args` configuration.
      These labels used to have some space-padding, and truncation to fit
      within 72 columns. Both the padding and the truncation has been removed.
    * Some of the text in labels passed to merge tools has changed. For
      example, in conflicts while running `hg histedit`, the labels used to be
      "local", "base", and "histedit". They are now "already edited", "parent
      of current change", and "current change", respectively.
    * The computation of namedbranch heads now ignores obsolete revisions.
      User of the Changeset Evolution feature may see a change in location and
      numbers of heads of each named branches (and topic).
    * The `remotefilelog` extension now requires an appropriate excludepattern
      for subrepositories.
    * `debugsparse`'s interface has been reworked to be more flexible. Since
      it's a debug command it is not actually a breaking change, but it is
      worth noting here.
    * Temporary files for merges are now all inside a `hgmerge` directory
      instead of at the root of `TMPDIR`. The corresponding experimental
      `mergetempdirprefix` config option has been removed.
    + Internal API Changes
    * The dirstate API received minor modifications.
    + Miscellaneous
    * Removed `exchange-v2`. It was a prototype that had never been in
      a working state and had been left untouched since 2017.
* Sat Dec 04 2021 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 6.0
    Regularly scheduled feature release.
    This is the last release to support Python 2. Python 2 support will be
    dropped for all platforms in Mercurial 6.1.
    + New Features
    * `debugrebuildfncache` now has an option to rebuild only the index files
    * a new `bookmarks.mode` path option have been introduced to control the
      bookmark update strategy during exchange with a peer. See `hg help paths`
      for details.
    * a new `bookmarks.mirror` option has been introduced. See
      `hg help bookmarks` for details.
    * more commands support detailed exit codes when config
      `ui.detailed-exit-codes` is enabled
    + New Experimental Features
    * __Major feature__: version 2 of the dirstate is available (the first
      version is as old as Mercurial itself). It allows for much faster working
      copy inspection (status, diff, commit, update, etc.) and richer
      information (symlink and exec info on Windows, etc.). The format has been
      frozen with room for some future evolution and the current implementations
      (Python, Python + C, Python + Rust or pure Rust) should be compatible with
      any future change or optimization that the format allows. You can get more
      information in the internal documentation
    * Added a new `web.full-garbage-collection-rate` to control performance. See
      `de2e04fe4897a554b9ef433167f11ea4feb2e09c` for more information
    * Added a new `histedit.later-commits-first` option to affect the
      ordering of commits in `chistedit` to match the order in `hg log -G`.
      It will affect the text-based version before graduating
      from experimental.
    - Bug Fixes
    * `hg fix --working-dir` now correctly works when in an uncommitted
      merge state
    * Unintentional duplicated calls to `hg fix`'s internals were removed,
      making it potentially much faster
    * `rhg cat` can be called without a revision
    * `rhg cat` can be called with the `.` revision
    * `rhg cat` is more robust than before with regards to edge cases.
      Some still remain like a tag or bookmark that is ambiguous with
      a `nodeid` prefix, only nodeids (prefixed or not) are supported
      as of now.
    * `rhg cat` is even faster
    * `rhg` (Rust fast-path for `hg`) now supports the full config list syntax
    * `rhg` now parses some corner-cases for revsets correctly
    * Fixed an `fsmonitor` on Python 3 during exception handling
    * Lots of Windows fixes
    * Lots of miscellaneous other fixes
    * Removed a CPython-specific compatibility hack to improve support
      for alternative Python implementations
    * Added a compatibility fix for Python 3.11
* Sat Nov 06 2021 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.9.3
    + Bug fixes:
    * Fixed committing empty files with `narrow`
    * Allow overriding `pip`'s pep517 compliance to build C or Rust extensions
    * Fixed regression on outgoing email when not specifying revisions
    * Fixed a regression causing bookmarks to disappear when using Rust persistent nodemap
    for complete changelog
  - Mercurial 5.9.2
    No upstream release notes, see for changelog
* Fri Sep 24 2021 Stefan Weiberg <>
  - Adding bug and CVE references from SLE to prepare the submission
    for SLE 15 SP4/Leap 15.4
  - CVE-2019-3902 (bsc#1133035) not affecting versions 5.0+ SLE
    internal patches removed:
    * hg-CVE-2019-3902-fix1.patch
    * hg-CVE-2019-3902-fix2.patch
    * hg-CVE-2019-3902-fix3.patch
  - CVE-2018-17983 (bsc#1110899) not affecting versions 4.7.2+ SLE
    internal patch removed:
    * hg-CVE-2018-17983.patch
  - CVE-2018-13346 (bsc#1100354), CVE-2018-13347 (bsc#1100355),
    CVE-2018-13348 (bsc#1100353) not affecting versions 4.6.1+ SLE
    internal patches removed:
    * hg-mpatch-fix01.patch
    * hg-mpatch-fix02.patch
    * hg-mpatch-fix03.patch
    * hg-mpatch-fix04.patch
    * hg-mpatch-fix05.patch
    * hg-mpatch-fix06.patch
    * hg-mpatch-fix07.patch
    * hg-mpatch-fix08.patch
    * hg-mpatch-fix09.patch
* Mon Sep 20 2021 Lukas Müller <>
  - Provide mercurial tests in a package mercurial-tests.
* Thu Sep 02 2021 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.9.1
    No upstream release notes, see for changelog
  - Mercurial 5.9
    + New Features
    * `hg config` now has a `--source` option to show where each configuration
      value comes from.
* Wed Jul 14 2021 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.8.1
    No upstream release notes, see for changes
* Sun May 09 2021 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.8
    + New Features
    * `hg purge` is now a core command using `--confirm` by default.
    * The `rev-branch-cache` is now updated incrementally whenever changesets
      are added.
    * The new options `experimental.bundlecompthreads` and
      `experimental.bundlecompthreads.<engine>` can be used to instruct the
      compression engines for bundle operations to use multiple threads for
      compression. The default is single threaded operation. Currently only
      supported for zstd.
    + Default Format Change
      These changes affects newly created repositories (or new clone) done with
      Mercurial 5.8.
    * The `ZSTD` compression will now be used by default for new repositories
      when available. This compression format was introduced in Mercurial 5.0,
      released in May 2019. See `hg help config.format.revlog-compression` for
    * Mercurial installation built with the Rust parts will now use the
      "persistent nodemap" feature by default. This feature was introduced in
      Mercurial 5.4 (May 2020). However Mercurial instalation built without
      the fast Rust implementation will refuse to interract with them
      by default. This restriction can be lifted through configuration.
      See `hg help config.format.use-persistent-nodemap` for details
    + New Experimental Features
    * There's a new `diff.merge` config option to show the changes relative to
      an automerge for merge changesets. This makes it easier to detect and
      review manual changes performed in merge changesets. It is supported
      by `hg diff --change`, `hg log -p` `hg incoming -p`,
      and `hg outgoing -p` so far.
    + Bug Fixes
    * gracefully recover from inconsistent persistent-nodemap data from disk.
    + Backwards Compatibility Changes
    * In normal repositories, the first parent of a changeset is not null,
      unless both parents are null (like the first changeset). Some legacy
      repositories violate this condition. The revlog code will now silentely
      swap the parents if this condition is tested. This can change the output
      of `hg log` when explicitly asking for first or second parent. The
      changesets "nodeid" are not affected.
    + Internal API Changes
    * `changelog.branchinfo` is deprecated and will be removed after 5.8.
      It is superseded by `changelogrevision.branchinfo`.
    * Callbacks for revlog.addgroup and the changelog._nodeduplicatecallback
      hook now get a revision number as argument instead of a node.
    * revlog.addrevision returns the revision number instead of the node.
    * `nodes.nullid` and related constants are being phased out as part of
      the deprecation of SHA1. Repository instances and related classes
      provide access via `nodeconstants` and in some cases `nullid` attributes.
  - updated mercurial-locale-path-fix.patch
* Thu Apr 29 2021 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - enable building `chg` (thanks @expehaa)
* Mon Apr 05 2021 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.7.1
    * No upstream release notes, see
* Mon Feb 08 2021 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - added the _service file for updating sources with single command
  - Mercurial 5.7
    This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release.
    + New Features
    * There is a new config section for templates used by hg commands. It
      is called `[command-templates]`. Some existing config options have
      been deprecated in favor of config options in the new
      section. These are: `ui.logtemplate` to `command-templates.log`,
      `ui.graphnodetemplate` to `command-templates.graphnode`,
      `ui.mergemarkertemplate` to `command-templates.mergemarker`,
      `ui.pre-merge-tool-output-template` to
    * There is a new set of config options for the template used for the
      one-line commit summary displayed by various commands, such as
      `hg rebase`. The main one is `command-templates.oneline-summary`. That
      can be overridden per command with
      `command-templates.oneline-summary.<command>`, where `<command>`
      can be e.g. `rebase`. As part of this effort, the default format
      from `hg rebase` was reorganized a bit.
    * `hg purge` is now a core command using `--confirm` by default.
    * `hg strip`, from the strip extension, is now a core command,
      `hg debugstrip`. The extension remains for compatibility.
    * `hg diff` and `hg extdiff` now support `--from <rev>` and `--to <rev>`
      arguments as clearer alternatives to `-r <revs>`. `-r <revs>` has been
    * The memory footprint per changeset during pull/unbundle
      operations has been further reduced.
    * There is a new internal merge tool called `internal:mergediff` (can
      be set as the value for the `merge` config in the `[ui]`
      section). It resolves merges the same was as `internal:merge` and
      `internal:merge3`, but it shows conflicts differently. Instead of
      showing 2 or 3 snapshots of the conflicting pieces of code, it
      shows one snapshot and a diff. This may be useful when at least one
      side of the conflict is similar to the base. The new marker style
      is also supported by "premerge" as
    * External hooks are now called with `HGPLAIN=1` preset.  This has the side
      effect of ignoring aliases, templates, revsetaliases, and a few other config
      options in any `hg` command spawned by the hook.  The previous behavior
      can be restored by setting HGPLAINEXCEPT appropriately in the parent process.
      See `hg help environment` for the list of items, and how to set it.
    * The `branchmap` cache is updated more intelligently and can be
      significantly faster for repositories with many branches and changesets.
    * The `rev-branch-cache` is now updated incrementally whenever changesets
      are added.
    + New Experimental Features
    * `experimental.single-head-per-branch:public-changes-only` can be used
      restrict the single head check to public revision. This is useful for
      overlay repository that have both a publishing and non-publishing view
      of the same storage.
    + Backwards Compatibility Changes
    * `--force-lock` and `--force-wlock` options on `hg debuglock` command are
      renamed to `--force-free-lock` and `--force-free-wlock` respectively.
    + Internal API Changes
    * `changelog.branchinfo` is deprecated and will be removed after 5.8.
      It is superseded by `changelogrevision.branchinfo`.
* Sat Dec 05 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - mercurial 5.6.1:
    * no upstream changelog
* Fri Nov 13 2020 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.6
    This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release.
    * New Features
      + `hg mv -A` can now be used with `--at-rev`. It behaves just like
      `hg cp -A --at-rev`, i.e. it marks the destination as a copy of the
      source whether or not the source still exists but the source must exist
      in the parent revision).
      + New revset predicate `diffcontains(pattern)` for filtering revisions the
      same way as `hg grep --diff pattern`.
      + The memory footprint per changeset and per file during pull/unbundle
      operations has been significantly reduced.
    * Internal API Changes
      + `merge.update()` is now private (renamed to `_update()`). Hopefully the
      higher-level functions available in the same module cover your use cases.
      + `phases.registernew` now takes a set of revisions instead of a list
      of nodes. `phases.advanceboundary` takes an optional set of revisions in
      addition to the list of nodes. The corresponding members of the
      `phasecache` class follow this change.
      + The `addgroup` member of `revlog` classes no longer keeps a list of all
      found nodes. It now returns `True` if a node was found in the group.
      An optional callback for duplicated nodes can be used by callers to keep
      track of all nodes themselve.
      + The `_chaininfocache` of `revlog` classes has been changed from a dict
      to a LRU cache.
* Sat Oct 03 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Mercurial 5.5.2:
    * fix a crash in the log command
    * bug fixes in hgdemandimport
    * stip: with --keep, consider all revs "removed" from the wcp
* Thu Sep 03 2020 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.5.1:
    Regularly scheduled bug fix release.
    * bug fixes
      + keepalive: Do not append _rbuf if _raw_readinto exists (issue6356)
* Tue Aug 04 2020 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.5:
    This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release
    * New Features
      + clonebundles can be annotated with the expected memory requirements
      using the `REQUIREDRAM` option. This allows clients to skip bundles
      created with large zstd windows and fallback to larger, but less
      demanding bundles.
      + The `phabricator` extension now provides more functionality of the
      arcanist CLI like changing the status of a differential.
      + Phases processing is much faster, especially for repositories with old
      non-public changesets.
    * New Experimental Features
      + The core of some hg operations have been (and are being) implemented in
      rust, for speed. `hg status` on a repository with 300k tracked files
      goes from 1.8s to 0.6s for instance. This has currently been tested only
      on linux, and does not build on windows. See rust/README.rst in the
      mercurial repository for instructions to opt into this.
      + An experimental config `rewrite.empty-successor` was introduced
      to control what happens when rewrite operations result
      in empty changesets.
    * Bug Fixes
      + For the case when connected to a TTY, stdout was fixed
      to be line-buffered on Python 3 (where it was block-buffered before,
      causing the process to seem hanging) and Windows on Python 2 (where it
      was unbuffered before).
      + Subversion sources of the convert extension were fixed to work
      on Python 3.
      + Subversion sources of the convert extension now interpret the encoding
      of URLs like Subversion. Previously, there were situations where
      the convert extension recognized a repository as present but Subversion
      did not, and vice versa.
      + The empty changeset check of in-memory rebases was fixed to match that
      of normal rebases (and that of the commit command).
      + The push command now checks the correct set of outgoing changesets for
      obsolete and unstable changesets. Previously, it could happen that the
      check prevented pushing changesets which were already on the server.
    * Backwards Compatibility Changes
      + Mercurial now requires at least Python 2.7.9 or a Python version that
      backported modern SSL/TLS features (as defined in PEP 466), and that
      Python was compiled against a OpenSSL version supporting TLS 1.1 or
      TLS 1.2 (likely this requires the OpenSSL version to be at least 1.0.1).
      + The `hg perfwrite` command from contrib/ was made more flexible
      and changed its default behavior. To get the previous behavior, run
      `hg perfwrite --nlines=100000 --nitems=1 --item='Testing write performance' --batch-line`.
      + The absorb extension now preserves changesets with no file changes that
      can be created by the commit command (those which change the branch name
      compared to the parent and those closing a branch head).
* Thu Jul 02 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Mercurial 5.4.2:
    * rebase: avoid clobbering wdir() with --dry-run or --confirm
    * curses: do not initialize LC_ALL to user settings
* Sat Jun 06 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Mercurial 5.4.1:
    * graft-state: save --base in graft's state, fixing bug with
      graft --continue
    * graft: fix --base value to be saved in state file
    * dirstate: make sure the dirstate is loaded before the changelog
    * bash_completion: do not use aliased hg if it sources a script
    * demandimport: fix compatibility with meta path finders w/o
      find_spec() method
    * flags: read flag from dirstate/disk for workingcopyctx
    * fsmonitor: coerce 'clock' variable to byte-string
    * url: fix a bytes vs str crash in processing proxy headers
* Sun May 03 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Mercurial 5.4:
    * hg purge/hg clean can now delete ignored files instead of
      untracked files, with the new -i flag.
    * hg pull now has a --confirm flag to prompt before applying
      changes. Config option pull.confirm is also added for that.
    * hg log now defaults to using an '%' symbol for commits involved
      in unresolved merge conflicts. That includes unresolved
      conflicts caused by e.g. hg update --merge and hg graft. '@'
      still takes precedence, so what used to be marked '@' still is.
    * hg copy --forget can be used to unmark a file as copied.
    * The format.revlog-compression configuration entry now accept
      a list. The first available option will be used. for example
      revlog-compression=zstd, zlib
      Will use zstd compression for new repositories is available,
      and will simply fall back to zlib if not.
    * hg debugmergestate output is now templated, which may be useful
      e.g. for IDEs that want to help the user resolve merge
    * hg copy now supports a --at-rev argument to mark files as
      copied in the specified commit. It only works with --after for
      now (i.e., it's only useful for marking files copied using non-hg
      cp as copied).
    * Use hg copy --forget --at-rev REV to unmark already committed
    * bug fixes
    * changes that may affect backwards compatibility
  - there is no canonical upstream signing key, remove
* Sun May 03 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - fix bash completion script (boo#1170703)
* Thu Mar 19 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Mercurial 5.3.1
* Mon Feb 10 2020 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.3
    This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release.
    See release notes at
  - drop mercurial-4.8-python2-shebang.patch because of switch to Python 3
  - fixed and refreshed mercurial-locale-path-fix.patch
* Fri Jan 03 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Switch Mercurial to Python 3 (it should be supported already,
    according to
  - Fix rpmlint warnings.
* Fri Dec 06 2019 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Mercurial 5.2.1
* Sun Nov 17 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.2
    This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release.
    + New Features
    * The amend extension supports the `--currentuser` argument.
    * The amend extension supports the `--close-branch` argument.
    * The amend extension supports the `--secret` argument.
    * The uncommit extension supports the `rewrite.update-timestamp` config
    + Backwards Compatibility Changes
    * A shell that supports `$(command)` syntax for command substitution is
      now required for running the test suite. The test runner normally
      uses `sh`, so if that is a shell that doesn't support `$(command)`
      syntax, you can override it by setting `$HGTEST_SHELL` or by passing it
      to ` --shell <shell>`.
    * The (experimental) narrow extension's wire protocol changed. If you're
      using it, you'll need to make sure to upgrade server and client at the
      same time.
  - refreshed mercurial.keyring
* Wed Oct 09 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.1.2
    Regularly scheduled bug fix release.
    * extensions
      + phabricator: don't abort if property writing fails during amending
    * tests
      + test: allow different result for zstd compression (issue6188)
* Sun Sep 15 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.1.1
    Regularly scheduled bug fix release.
    * commands
      + bookmarks: actual fix for race condition deleting bookmark
    * core
      + exchange: abort on pushing bookmarks pointing to secret changesets (issue6159)
      + python-zstandard: apply big-endian fix (issue6188)
      + fncache: make debugrebuildfncache not fail on broken fncache
    * tests
      + various test runner fixes
      + fixed use of `tr --delete` for tr(1) portability
* Fri Aug 02 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.1
    This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release.
    * New Features
      + New config `` shows status after successful
      + `hg root` now has templating support, including support for showing
      where a repo share's source is. See `hg help -v root` for details.
      + New `--force-close-branch` flag for `hg commit` to forcibly close branch
      from a non-head changeset.
      + The curses-based interface for commands like `hg commit -i` now supports
      a range-select mechanism. Select the first line using space like before,
      navigate to the last line, and press X (capital x) to set all items in
      the range at once. Lowercase x has been added as a synonym for space to
      help reinforce the mechanism, and pressing enter/return continues to be a
      synonym for "toggle the current line and move down to the next item in
      this section."
    * New Experimental Features
      + New config `experimental.log.topo` makes `hg log -G` use topological
      sorting. This is especially useful for aliases since it lets the alias
      accept an `-r` option while still using topological sorting with or
      without the -r (unlike if you use the `sort(..., topo)` revset).
    * Bug Fixes
      + issue4292: "hg log and {files} {file_adds} {file_mods} {file_dels} in
      template show wrong files on merged revision". See details in "Backwards
      Compatibility Changes".
    * Backwards Compatibility Changes
      + Removed (experimental) support for log graph lines mixing
      parent/grandparent styles. Setting e.g.
      `experimental.graphstyle.parent = !` and
      `experimental.graphstyle.grandparent = 3.` would use `!` for the first
      three lines of the graph and then `..`. This is no longer supported.
      + If ui.origbackuppath had been (incorrectly) configured to point to a
      file, we will now replace that file by a directory and put backups in
      that directory. This is similar to how we would previously replace files
    * in* the configured directory by subdirectories.
      + Template keyword `{file_mods}`, `{file_adds}`, and `{file_dels}` have
      changed behavior on merge commits. They used to be relative to the first
      parent, but they now consider both parents. `{file_adds}` shows files
      that exists in the commit but did not exist in either parent.
      `{file_dels}` shows files that do not exist in the commit but existed in
      either parent. `{file_mods}` show the remaining files from `{files}`
      that were not in the other two sets.
    * Internal API Changes
      + Matchers are no longer iterable. Use `match.files()` instead.
      + `match.visitdir()` and `match.visitchildrenset()` now expect the empty
      string instead of `'.'` to indicate the root directory.
      + `util.dirs()` and `util.finddirs()` now include an entry for the root
      directory (empty string).
      + `shelve` is no longer an extension now. It will be turned on by default.
      + New API to manage unfinished operations: Earlier there were distinct APIs
      which dealt with unfinished states and separate lists maintaining them
      that are `cmdutil.afterresolvestates`, `cmdutil.unfinishedstates`
      and `cmdutil.STATES`. Now these have been unified to a single API which
      handles the various states and their utilities. This API has been added
      to ``. Now instead of adding to these 3 lists independently a
      state for a new operation can be registered using `addunfinished()`
      in `state` module.
      + `cmdutil.checkunfinished()` now includes detection for merge too.
      + merge abort has been disallowed in case an operation of higher
      precedence is in progress to avoid cases of partial abort of operations.
      + We used to automatically attempt to make extensions compatible with
      Python 3 (by translating their source code while loading it).
      We no longer do that.
* Tue Jul 09 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.0.2
    A regularly scheduled bugfix release.
    + commands
    * Help fixes on hg mv and hg cp
    + unsorted
    * debugrevlog: fix average size computation for empty data (issue6167)
    * Fix an obscure data corruption bug with musl libc
      (and presumably others).
      for more details.
* Wed Jun 19 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.0.1
    A regularly scheduled bugfix release.
    + commands
    * bookmark: also make bookmark cache depends of the changelog
    * commit: allow --interactive to work again when naming a directory (issue6131)
    + unsorted
    * manifest: avoid corruption by dropping removed files with pure (issue5801)
    * sslutil: fsencode path returned by certifi (issue6132)
* Wed May 15 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 5.0
    This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release.
    + New Features
    * Python 3 Support (Beta)
    * `ui.relative-paths` option for getting relative path output from most
      commands. This is enabled when `ui.tweakdefaults` is enabled.
    * `expectsize()` revset errors out if revset has unexpected number
      of elements.
    * `config()` template function for getting a config value.
    * `{negrev}` template keyword shows the negative revision number. This is
      convenient because it is usually shorter than the positive number, but
      note that it is less stable.
    * `hg uncommit` now has an `--allow-dirty-working-copy` option.
    * `hg shelve` now has `--keep` option, which shelves but also leaves the
      working directory unchanged.
    * `hg diff` will now include specified files in subrepos.
    * `hg recover` now has a `--no-verify` option
    + Other Improvements
    * Improved color scheme for histedit's curses interface, making it more
      consistent with the curses hunk selector.
    + Bug Fixes
    * Histedit's curse interface has improved support for non ascii characters.
    + Backwards Compatibility Changes
    * color: change color of grep.rev label (BC)
    * commit: if interactive, look elsewhere for whitespace settings (BC)
    * diff: make sure we output stat even when --git is not passed (issue4037) (BC)
    * uncommit: abort if an explicitly given file cannot be uncommitted (BC)
* Fri Apr 12 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - require openssl python module for runtime (not only build)
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 4.9.1
    A regularly scheduled bugfix release, late due to vacations and similar
    disruptions at the regular time.
    * commands
      + record: prevent commits that don't pick up dirty subrepo
      changes (issue6102)
    * extensions
      + rebase: add missing dashes in help text
    * unsorted
      + subrepo: avoid false unsafe path detection on Windows
      + test-https: add some more known failure messages of client
      certs (issue6030)
* Fri Feb 01 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 4.9
    This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release.
    See complete changelog at
    * Security Fixes
      It was possible to use symlinks and subrepositories to defeat Mercurial's
      path-checking logic and write files outside a repository. This has been
      fixed. Users on older versions can either disable subrepositories witt
      allowed = false
      in their configuration or by ensuring any cloned repositories don't
      contain malicious symlinks.
    * New Features
      + 'hg histedit' will now present a curses UI if curses is available and
      'ui.interface' or 'ui.interface.histedit' is set to 'curses'.
      + The 'sparse-revlog' delta strategy is enabled by default for new
      repositories. See `hg help config.format.sparse-revlog` for details.
    * Other Notable Features
      + New `rewrite.update-timestamp=True` option to update the commit
      timestamp on history editing (e.g. amend.)
      + New `ui.message-output=stderr` option for scripting, which prevents
      status messages from interleaved.
      + New `rootglob:` filename pattern for a glob that is rooted at the root
      of the repository. See `hg help patterns` and `hg help hgignore` for
      + Some more reimplementation of ancestry algorithms in Rust for better
    * Backwards Compatibility Changes
      + Boolean options passed to the logtoprocess extension are now formatted
      as "0" or "1" instead of "None", "False", or "True".
      + The logtoprocess extension no longer supports invalid "ui.log()"
      arguments. A log message is always formatted and passed in to the
      "$MSG1" environment variable.
    * Internal API Changes
      + Status messages may be sent to a dedicated stream depending on
      configuration. Don't use "ui.status()", etc. as a shorthand for
      conditional writes. Use "ui.write()" for data output.
      + Add 'exthelper' class to simplify extension writing by allowing
      functions, commands, and configitems to be registered via annotations.
      The previous APIs are still available for use.
      + The extension hook "extsetup" without a 'ui' argument has been
      deprecated, and will be removed in the next version. Add a 'ui' argument
      to avoid the deprecation warning.
* Tue Jan 08 2019 Andrei Dziahel <>
  - Mercurial 4.8.2
    This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release containing following fixes:
    * commands
      + update: do not pass in user revspec as default destination (issue6044)
    * core
      + match: fix assertion for fileset with no context (issue6046)
      + revlog: catch delta base value under -1
      + revlog: catch revlog corruption in index_baserev
      + server: always close http socket if responding with an error (issue6033)
      + vfs: ensure closewrapbase fh doesn't escape by entering context manager
    * extensions
      + phabricator: properly encode boolean types in the request body
    * unsorted
      + windows: ensure mixedfilemodewrapper fd doesn't escape by entering context mgr
      + worker: do not swallow exception occurred in main process



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