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zeromq-devel-4.3.4-2.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: zeromq-devel Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.3.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Fri Jul 2 13:51:51 2021
Group: Development/Languages/C and C++ Build host: armbuild22
Size: 3717343 Source RPM: zeromq-4.3.4-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Development files for ZeroMQ
The ZeroMQ messaging kernel is a library extending the standard
socket interfaces with an abstraction of asynchronous message queues,
multiple messaging patterns, message filtering (subscriptions) and
seamless access to multiple transport protocols.

This package holds the development files for ZeroMQ.






* Mon Jun 28 2021 Matej Cepl <>
  - Explicit BR on python is not necessary.
* Sun Jan 24 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 4.3.4:
    * ZMQ_PRIORITY will set the SO_PRIORITY socket option on the underlying
      sockets. Only supported on Linux.
    * Fixed compilation errors on kFreeBSD and GNU/Hurd
    * Fixed excessive amount of socket files left behind in Windows TMP
    * Fixed regression that breaks using IPv6 link-local addresses on Linux
    * Fixed compilation errors on Android
    * Fixed compilation error with ulibc and libbsd
    * Fixed stack overflow on Windows x64
    * Fixed various compilation errors on Windows ARM 32bit
    * Fixed various compilation warnings with XCode
    * Fixed return value of zmq_ctx_get changed unintentionally
* Mon Sep 07 2020 Adam Majer <>
  - New upstream version 4.3.3:
    * Denial-of-Service on CURVE/ZAP-protected servers by
      unauthenticated clients. (CVE-2020-15166, bsc#1176116)
      If a raw TCP socket is opened and connected to an endpoint that is fully
      configured with CURVE/ZAP, legitimate clients will not be able to exchange
      any message. Handshakes complete successfully, and messages are delivered to
      the library, but the server application never receives them.
      For more information see the security advisory:
    * Stack overflow on server running PUB/XPUB socket (CURVE disabled).
      The PUB/XPUB subscription store (mtrie) is traversed using recursive
      function calls. In the remove (unsubscription) case, the recursive calls are
      NOT tail calls, so even with optimizations the stack grows linearly with the
      length of a subscription topic. Topics are under the control of remote
      clients - they can send a subscription to arbitrary length topics. An
      attacker can thus cause a server to create an mtrie sufficiently large such
      that, when unsubscribing, traversal will cause a stack overflow. (bsc#1176258)
      For more information see the security advisory:
    * Memory leak in PUB server induced by malicious client(s) without CURVE/ZAP.
      Messages with metadata are never processed by PUB sockets, but the metadata
      is kept referenced in the PUB object and never freed. (bsc#1176257)
      For more information see the security advisory:
    * Memory leak in client induced by malicious server(s) without CURVE/ZAP.
      When a pipe processes a delimiter and is already not in active state but
      still has an unfinished message, the message is leaked. (bsc#1176259)
      For more information see the security advisory:
    * Heap overflow when receiving malformed ZMTP v1 packets (CURVE disabled).
      By crafting a packet which is not valid ZMTP v2/v3, and which has two
      messages larger than 8192 bytes, the decoder can be tricked into changing
      the recorded size of the 8192 bytes static buffer, which then gets overflown
      by the next message. The content that gets written in the overflown memory
      is entirely decided by the sender. (bsc#1176256)
      For more information see the security advisory:
    For complete list of changes, see
* Tue Jul 09 2019 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - New upstream version 4.3.2:
    * CVE-2019-13132: a remote, unauthenticated client connecting to a
      libzmq application, running with a socket listening with CURVE
      encryption/authentication enabled, may cause a stack overflow and
      overwrite the stack with arbitrary data, due to a buffer overflow in
      the library. Users running public servers with the above configuration
      are highly encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible, as there are no
      known mitigations. (bsc#1140255)
    * New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) zmq_socket_monitor_versioned API that supports
      a versioned monitoring events protocol as a parameter. Passing 1 results in
      the same behaviour as zmq_socket_monitor.
    * New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) zmq_socket_monitor_pipes_stats that triggers
      a new ZMQ_EVENT_PIPES_STATS to be delivered via zmq_socket_monitor_versioned
      v2 API, which contains the current status of all the queues owned by the
      monitored socket. See doc/zmq_socket_monitor_versioned.txt for details.
    * New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) zmq_poller_fd that returns the FD of a thread
      safe socket.
    * New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) socket options:
      ZMQ_XPUB_MANUAL_LAST_VALUE is similar to ZMQ_XPUB_MANUAL but allows to avoid
      duplicates when using last value caching.
      ZMQ_SOCKS_USERNAME and ZMQ_SOCKS_PASSWORD that implement SOCKS5 proxy
  - For complete set of changes, see
* Mon Jan 14 2019
  - New upstream version 4.3.1:
    * CVE-2019-6250: A vulnerability has been found that would allow
      attackers to direct a peer to jump to and execute from an address
      indicated by the attacker. (bsc#1121717)
    * fixed race condition in ZMQ_PUSH when quickly disconnecting and
      reconnecting causes last part of multi-part message to get
      "stuck" and resent by mistake to the new socket.
    For complete set of changes, see,
* Tue Jul 10 2018
  - Add baselibs.conf: build libzmq5-32bit, as it is a required
    dependency to libavfilter7-32bit (i.e ffmpeg 4).
* Mon Mar 26 2018
  - New upstream version 4.2.5:
    * fix backward-incompatible change in the NULL auth
      mechanism that slipped in 4.2.3 and made connections
      with a ZAP domain set on a socket but without a working
      ZAP handler fail. See ZMQ_ZAP_ENFORCE_DOMAIN
    * clarify in zmq_close manpage that the operation will
      complete asynchronously.
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - New upstream version 4.2.4
    * New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) socket options:
    - ZMQ_LOOPBACK_FASTPATH to enable faster TCP loopback on Windows
    - ZMQ_METADATA to set application-specific metadata on a socket
      See doc/zmq_setsockopt.txt and doc/zmq_getsockopt.txt for details.
    * New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) context options:
    - ZMQ_ZERO_COPY_RECV to disable zero-copy receive to save memory
      at the expense of slower performance
      See doc/zmq_ctx_set.txt and doc/zmq_ctx_get.txt for details.
    * New DRAFT API zmq_stopwatch_intermediate which returns the time
      elapsed without stopping the stopwatch.
    * TIPC: support addressing TIPC Port Identity addresses.
    * fix ZMQ_DISH over UDP triggers errno_assert() after watermark
    * fix ZMQ_PUB crash when due to high volume of subscribe and
      unsubscribe messages, an unmatched unsubscribe message is
      received in certain conditions
    * see NEWS and ChangeLog for additional details
  - install licenses correctly and update SPDX license to version 3
* Thu Dec 14 2017
  - New upstream version 4.2.3
    * API change: previously ZMQ_POLLOUT on a ZMQ_ROUTER socket
      returned always true due to how the type works. When
      ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY is set, sending fails when the peer is
      not available, but ZMQ_POLLOUT always returns true anyway,
      which does not make sense. Now when ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY is
      set, ZMQ_POLLOUT on a ZMQ_ROUTER will return true only if
      at least one peer is available.
      Given ZMQ_POLLOUT with ZMQ_ROUTER was not usable at all
      previously, we do not consider this a breakage warranting a
      major or minor version increase.
    * ZMQ_IDENTITY has been renamed to ZMQ_ROUTING_ID and
      to disambiguate. ZMQ_IDENTITY and ZMQ_CONNECT_RID are still
      available to keep backward compatibility, and will be
      removed in a future release after further advance notice.
    * DRAFT API change: zmq_poller_wait, zmq_poller_wait_all and
      zmq_poller_poll have been changed to be inline with other
      existing APIs that have a timeout to return EAGAIN instead
      of ETIMEDOUT as the errno value.
    * Existing non-DRAFT socket types ZMQ_REP/REQ, ZMQ_ROUTER/DEALER
      and ZMQPUB/SUB, that were previously declared deprecated, have
      been reinstated as stable and supported
    * Curve: all remaining traces of debug output to console are now
      removed, and new DRAFT events are available to properly debug
      CURVE, PLAIN, GSSAPI and ZAP events and failures.
    * for compelete changelog see
  - drop remove_werror.patch: can now be disabled at configure time,
    if needed.
* Thu Jun 01 2017
  - remove_werror.patch: don't use -Werror in compiler flags
  - disable silent compilation flags
* Tue Mar 21 2017
  - New upstream version 4.2.2
    * fix SO_NOSIGPIPE and connection closing by peer race condition
    * fix IPv4-in-IPv6 mapped addresses parsing error
    * zmq_z85_decode did validate its input. The function has been
    fixed to correctly follow RFC32 and return NULL if the input is
    * for complete changelog see
* Fri Feb 03 2017
  - Compact the descriptions.
* Sat Dec 31 2016
  - New upstream version 4.2.1
    * Bugfix release. For complete changelog see
* Sat Nov 05 2016
  - New upstream version 4.2.0
    * For Pieter. Thanks for making all of this possible.
    * This release introduces new APIs, but it is ABI compatible with
      libzmq 4.1.2 and up.
    * Fixed alignment problem on arm and sparc, need to rebuild
      against 4.2.0
    * New Context option ZMQ_MAX_MSGSZ
    * New Socket options:
    * see NEWS for all changes
  - Packaging
    * add --with-libsodium to link against libsodium and not internal
    * remove disable-silent-rules
    * add --enable-curve to build curve_keygen tool
    * add libunwind to build dependencies
* Wed Jun 29 2016
  - Remove useless --with-pic, it's only for (non-built) static libs
* Tue Jun 28 2016
  - skip testsuite on qemu-linux-user
* Fri Jun 17 2016
  - New upstream version 4.1.5
    * Fixed #1806 - uninitialised read in curve getsockopt.
    * Fixed #1807 - build broken with GCC 6.
    * Fixed #1831 - potential assertion failure with latest libsodium.
    * Fixed #1850 - detection issues with tweetnacl/libsodium.
    * Fixed #1877 - Avoid terminating connections prematurely
    * fixes some IPv6 related issues
  - Removed 3ad076.patch, upstreamed
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Added patch 3ad076.patch
    * based on
    * refreshed and removed NEWS section
    * fixes unbinding when IPv6 is available
  - Add '--disable-dependency-tracking' since we are not rebuilding
  - Re-enable concurrent check target, but fall back to sequential on
    failure. This allows quick test building, while allows
    sequential unit test run. Run tests 3x before 'official' failure as
    some are a little flaky (upstream acknowledges this)
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Append test_log in build output if there are failures
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Update to 4.1.4
    * fixed build failure with latest libsodium
    * handle IPv6 link local addresses
    * fixed assertion failure in msg.cpp:390 on STREAM sockets
    * fixed assertion failure in tcp.cpp after network reconnect
    * fixed socket monitor hang
  - Remove libsodium-init.patch - upstreamed
  - Run %check rule sequentially to prevent assert failures
* Thu Nov 05 2015
  - Add libsodium-init.patch to handle sodium_init() error.
* Tue Oct 06 2015
  - Re-enable %check
* Mon Sep 28 2015
  - update to version 4.1.3.
    Changes from upstream:
    * Fixed #1532 - getsockopt ZMQ_RCVMORE now resets all bits instead of only
    * Fixed #1445 - zmq::socket_base_t::connect fails on tcp ipv6 address
* Tue Sep 22 2015
  - Fix the conditionals on the previous commit
* Tue Sep 22 2015
  - Conditionally use the pkgconfig style, to support SLE11
* Tue Jul 14 2015
  - Version bump to 4.1.2 bnc#937912:
    * Added explicit reference to static link exception in every source file.
    * Bumped ABI version to 5:0:0 since 4.1.x changed the ABI.
    * Fixed STDINT event interface macros to work with CZMQ 3.0.
    * Fixed installation of man pages when BUILD_DOC is not set.
    * Fixed #1428 - regression on single-socket proxies.
* Tue Jun 16 2015
  - Add pkgconfig(libsodium) as mandatory build dependency
  - Change libuuid-devel to pkgconfig style
* Mon Jun 08 2015
  - Build depends on openpgm-devel
* Sun Jun 07 2015
  - Update to 4.1.1, bugfix release
  - drop unecessary
* Wed Jan 28 2015
  - Add a zeromq_4.0.5_avoid_curve_test_hang_on_ppc64.patch
    to avoid curve test to hang for ppc ppc64 ppc64le architectures
    related bug ref: bnc#912460
    This is a set of commits grab from zeromq4-x git tree
      Merge pull request #101 from hintjens/master
      Problem: issue #1273, protocol downgrade attack
      Merge pull request #100 from hintjens/master
      Problem: zmq_ctx_term has insane behavior by default
    * Also fixes bnc#931978 CVE-2014-9721
* Fri Nov 28 2014
  - Split the curve-keygen binary to separate subpkg bnc#907584
    * Add conflicts to new supackage
* Thu Nov 13 2014
  - Gracely continue when checks fail
* Thu Oct 16 2014
  - Remove sle11 support, not really needed for us here
  - Add libsodium dep for testsuite where possible
  - Version bump to 4.0.5 fixes bnc#898917 CVE-2014-7202 and
    * Fixed #1191; CURVE mechanism does not verify short term nonces.
    * Fixed #1190; stream_engine is vulnerable to downgrade attacks.
    * Fixed #1088; assertion failure for WSAENOTSOCK on Windows.
    * Fixed #1015; race condition while connecting inproc sockets.
    * Fixed #994; bump so library number to 4.0.0
    * Fixed #939, assertion failed: !more (fq.cpp:99) after many ZAP requests.
    * Fixed #872; lost first part of message over inproc://.
    * Fixed #797, keep-alive on Windows.
* Mon May 12 2014
  - Cleanup to remove SLE10 and older mentions
  - Remove other distros from rules as we don't build for them anyway.
  - Cleanup with spec-cleaner.
  - Enable tests.
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - Move to 'download_files' source service which is in better shap
    and easier to use
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - Update to 4.0.4
    For details see /usr/share/doc/packages/zeromq-devel/NEWS
  - Moved most of docs to devel package to reduce a size of libmq3
* Fri Dec 13 2013
  - Update to version 4.0.3
    For details see /usr/share/doc/packages/libzmq3/NEWS
* Sat Sep 21 2013
  - Update to version 3.2.4
    For details see /usr/share/doc/packages/libzmq3/NEWS
* Fri Nov 23 2012
  - Update to version 3.2.2
    For details see /usr/share/doc/packages/libzmq3/NEWS
* Sat Jan 28 2012
  - Remove redundant tags/sections per specfile guideline suggestions
* Wed Sep 28 2011
  - Fixed license to LGPL-3.0+ (SPDX style)
* Wed Aug 24 2011
  - make sure the compiler commandlines are shown (V=1)
  - make it build on sle11 again. we dont have pkg-config provides
* Fri Aug 19 2011
  - Use %makeinstall marcro instead of %make_install to fix build
    on Mandriva and Fedora
* Fri Aug 19 2011
  - Add libuuid-devel to RedHat BuildRequires to fix build
* Fri Aug 19 2011
  - Update to version 2.1.7:
    * Fixed issue 188, assert when closing socket that had unread multipart
      data still on it (affected PULL, SUB, ROUTER, and DEALER sockets).
    * Fixed issue 191, message atomicity issue with PUB sockets (an old issue).
    * Fixed issue 199 (affected ROUTER/XREP sockets, an old issue).
    * Fixed issue 206, assertion failure in zmq.cpp:223, affected all sockets
      (bug was introduced in 2.1.6 as part of message validity checking).
    * Fixed issue 211, REP socket asserted if sent malformed envelope (old issue
      due to abuse of assertions for error checking).
    * Fixed issue 212, reconnect failing after resume from sleep on Windows
      (due to not handling WSAENETDOWN).
    * Properly handle WSAENETUNREACH on Windows (e.g. if client connects
      before server binds).
    * Fixed memory leak with threads on Windows.
  - Changes from previous releases:
    * See
  - Run spec-cleaner, added proper spec license header, shorter file lists
  - Split out documentation package
* Wed Dec 01 2010
  - update to version 2.0.10
    * Upgrade OpenPGM to 2.1.28~dfsg (Martin Lucina)
    * Added a ZMQ_VERSION macro to zmq.h for compile-time API version
      detection (Martin Sustrik, Gonzalo Diethelm, Martin Lucina)
    * Fix memory leak under Windows (Taras Shpot)
    * Add missing files to distribution, improve
      maintainer-clean (Martin Lucina)
    * Add support for RHEL6 in the spec file (Sebastian Otaegui)
    * Do not patch libtool rpath handling (Martin Lucina)
    * Fixing the Red Hat packaging (Martin Sustrik)
    * zmq_msg_move called on uninitialised message in xrep_t::xrecv
    - - fixed (Max Wolf)
    * crash when closing an ypipe -- fixed (Dhammika Pathirana)
    * REQ socket can die when reply is delivered on wrong unerlying
      connection -- fixed (Martin Sustrik)
    * if TSC jumps backwards (in case of migration to a
      different CPU core) latency peak may occur -- fixed
      (Martin Sustrik)
    * values of RATE, RECOVERY_IVL and SWAP options are checked for
      negative values (Martin Sustrik)
  - added provides for libzmq-devel
* Mon Sep 06 2010
  - initial package



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