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datovka-4.18.0-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: datovka Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.18.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Thu Sep 2 23:35:45 2021
Group: Development/Libraries/Python Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 4504298 Source RPM: datovka-4.18.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library to access Czech eGov system "Datove schranky"
A library for accessing ISDS (Informační system datovych schranek/
Data Box Information System) SOAP services as defined in Czech ISDS Act
(300/2008 Coll.) and implied documents.






* Mon Aug 30 2021 Jiri Slaby <>
  - Update to 4.18.0
    * Changes to behaviour of the tag database object. The container emits
    signals when content changes. Application code catches these signals and
    updates the displayed data.
    * Enabling foreign key functionality when opening tag database.
    * Fixed problems with non-functional move assignments causing unnecessary
    memory copying in some occasions.
    * Using a single transaction to write data of a completely downloaded message
    into the database.
    * Fixed error when deleting entries from account database when removing
    an account.
    * Optimisations in database code.
    * Manually downloaded messages are checked for their identifiers and may be
    uploaded into records management service if a records management service is
    configured and if the message content has not been already downloaded. The
    dialogues notifying the user when the upload finishes are non-modal.
    * Able to query information about the sending of PDZs.
    * Password can be shown when creating a new account without entering the PIN.
    * When there are multiple choices how to pay for a commercial message when
    sending one then the user has the possibility to select the preferred way
    of payment if it is possible.
    * This build requires libdatovka-0.2.0 because of the modified structures for
    holding time values and because of the newly added functionality.
    * Fixed wrong mime type identification then sending ISDOC attachments.
* Fri Apr 23 2021 Jiri Slaby <>
  - Update to 4.17.0
    * Lists of received or sent messages of a selected account can be synchronised
    * For better understanding rephrased the notification in cases then no public
    nor a commercial data message can de sent to target data box.
    * Downloads of multiple messages are aggregated into one dialogue when these
    download have been triggered from the main window.
    * Changes of some content of the message databases (statuses, downloaded
    attachments, message deletion) are signalled via the database containers.
    * Added support for new data-box types PFO_ZNALEC and PFO_TLUMOCNIK.
    * Added delivery time and attachment downloaded fields to found message
    entries in search message dialogue. Found entries also can be filtered and
    * User can download data messages directly form the search message dialogue.
    * Selected messages in the search message dialogue can be exported or can be
    attached to an e-mail.
    * Unified std namespace resolution in C++ code.
    * This build requires libdatovka-0.1.2 because of the newly added data-box
    * The action 'Save all attachments' can be called in multiple selected
    messages at once. Attachment files are renamed when they have same or
    conflicting names within a single data message. Written files are
    not renamed if they conflict between messages or already existing files
    in the directory where the files are written to.
    * Increased the verbosity of logged entries when determining automatic upload
    targets for the records management service.
* Mon Mar 01 2021 Jiri Slaby <>
  - Update to 4.16.0
    * Using libdatovka instead of libisds. Libdatovka is a fork of libisds and
    contains functionality which libisds still does not implement and which is
    needed by the application.
    * Added the possibility to manage data-box users which is similar to the
    functionality offered by the ISDS web interface.
    * Fixed sorting of Czech strings in table views when using Czech
    * Fixed application crashes on repeated full-text data-box searches.
    * Fixed navigation in table views in backup and restoration dialogue.
    * Added support for the EV6 event.
    * Improved tab order in send message window.
    * Added PostSignum Qualified CA 4 certificate.
    * Fixed a problem with shadow synchronisation after which a blank account name
    was sent in the records management report.
    * The notification dialogue informing the user about sending a postal data
    message can be disabled.
    * Added a short timeout before the immediate download of a freshly sent
    * Fixed error in ISDS type conversion code - invalid type string values have
    been fixed. Database-related incompatible code has been removed from code
    shared with mobile application.
    * Able to add contacts without name or address into recipient list when
    creating a message.
    * Fixed an error in remembering directory path when opening and viewing ZFO
    files from file system immediately after application start.
    * Replaced the 'Mark All as Read' action with 'Mark All Received as' sub-menu
    in the 'Data Box' menu of the top menu bar.
    * Renamed 'Authenticate Message' to 'Verify Message' in the 'Message' menu
    because it reflects better the performed operation.
    * Account and message selection status is kept in a separate structure. It is
    used to simplify the code for various actions in the main window.
    * Code responsible for enabling actions in the main window has been gathered
    into one method.
    * Improved GUI responsiveness when downloading message lists with complete
    new messages.
    * Suspending the worker pool does not affect tasks run via runSingle().
    * Added user_account_name field into upload_account_status structure. Sending
    account name in order to make account identification in the records
    management service a bit easier.
    * Fixed compilation with Qt-5.15.0. Replaced most of deprecated code with
    available modern alternatives.
    * Replaced datovka.appdata.xml with datovka.metainfo.xml.
  - remove (fixed upstream)
* Fri Jun 05 2020 Jiri Slaby <>
  - add
* Mon Mar 09 2020 Jiri Slaby <>
  - Update to 4.15.0
    * Added support for shadow accounts (i.e. accounts without database).
    * Shadow accounts which don't cause message acceptance can be used to
    automatically download message lists.
    * Data-box contact lists can be sorted.
    * Fixed failing tests when no ISDS login credentials are supplied.
    * Using 'identification number' (IČO) instead of 'subject ID' (IČ).
    * Displaying leading zeros in identification numbers in account info page.
    * Windows application can be compiled and bundled with OpenSSL-1.1.1. Actual
    version of OpenSSL is determined by the version of the used Qt libraries.
    * Modified code about which the compiler has been giving deprecation warnings
    when compiling with Qt-5.14.
    * Implemented the upload_account_status records management service. The
    service sends brief reports about the account status containing summaries
    about the number of messages in different states in the data box. The
    summaries are generated when a records management service is used.
* Thu Nov 28 2019 Jiri Slaby <>
  - Update to 4.14.1
    * Able to log from command line into an account that user a MEP login
    * Able to verify qualified time stamps in a new format which is used in
      the testing environment since the end of August 2019 and is going to be used
      in the production environment.
    * Allowing *.pfx files for login certificates.
    * Sharing account credentials code with mobile application.
    * Fixed a problem with non-functional account deletion in Qt-5.10 and later.
    * Using username together with testing flag to internally identify accounts.
    * Added MEP (mobile key) login procedure, libisds-0.11 is required.
* Tue May 28 2019 Jiri Slaby <>
  - Update to 4.13.1
    * Fixes crashes during account synchronization.
* Wed Apr 17 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update to 4.13.0 bsc#1104620:
    * Account renaming now possible
    * Special format downloading now alloved to "spisova sluzba"
  - Rebase patch datovka-fix-pro.patch
* Wed Jan 16 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update to 4.12.0 bsc#1104620:
    * Bigger attachments allowed (50MB)
    * HiDPI icons
    * Minor fixes
* Tue Oct 23 2018 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Use %license macros
* Thu Sep 13 2018 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Version update to 4.11.0:
    * Few feature enhancements in mesage composing
* Fri Aug 17 2018
  - Update datovka-fix-pro.patch to contain fix for Leap 42.3 build
* Mon Aug 13 2018
  - Update to 4.10.3 bsc#1104620:
    * Added classes based on Qt types encapsulating various ISDS data types and
      structures. Sharing this code with mobile application.
    * Added per-account locking of communication contexts.
    * Modified database interface to accommodate new data types.
    * Explicitly specifying tab order for most windows and dialogues. It is also
      possible (on Windows and Linux) to cycle through actions in top tool bar.
    * Asking users for confirmation before deleting tags which are still assigned
      to some messages.
    * Added tooltip description of message state value in sent message list.
    * Added button to view account password when editing account credentials and
      PIN (master password) is enabled.
    * Added DigiCert Global Root G2 certificate.
    * Improved keyboard-based control of main and other dialogue windows. All
      important elements should be navigable only by keyboard (on Windows and
    * Fixed a problem with wrong conversion of obtained ISDS error statuses into
      readable text. This may have caused the programme to crash.
    * Fixed scaling of some icon-based control elements when using enlarged fonts
      on Windows.
    * Fixed message list sorting and filtering according to assigned tags.
    * Displaying busy cursor when switching between entries in account list.
    * New version notification can be blocked on Windows in runtime by setting
      specific registry values. It can also be blocked at compile time
      by using a configuration option when running qmake.
    * Extended resource information for the generated Windows executable.
    * Fixed project file include paths in order not to interfere with user-defined
      compiler flags.
    * Fixed problem with unpredictable construction order of global object
    * Added missing conversion strings to some unknown message types.
    * Fixed issue causing the application to crash on macOS when switching
      between accounts and when having some text in the message filter field.
    * Fixed issue causing the application to crash on macOS when updating
      information about messages without a valid delivery time.
    * Re-enabled logging of transferred message on Windows data when setting
      debug verbosity to 3.
    * Code shared with mobile application has been placed into separate
  - Rebase patch datovka-fix-pro.patch
* Wed Jan 17 2018
  - Update to 4.10.1:
    * Few small fixes
    * MSI installer tweaks
  - Refresh patch datovka-fix-pro.patch



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