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usbutils-014-1.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: usbutils Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 014 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri Sep 3 21:30:47 2021
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 297472 Source RPM: usbutils-014-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Tools and libraries for USB devices
This package contains a utility for inspecting devices connected to USB






* Wed Sep 01 2021 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 0.14 (jira#SLE-19451):
    * Add Tx+Rx lanes to tree mode
    * lsusb(8): mention the udev's hardware database
    * lsusb: Fix typo in string output for iAdditionalInfoURL
    * lsusb-t: Add lower bound checks in read_sysfs_file_string
    * lsusb: remove unused RETRIES constant
    * lsusb: don't complain on EAGAIN
    * sysfs: add copyright notice taken from name.*
    * LICENSES: add symlink to handle "or-later" issue for GPL-2.0
    * LICENSES: put spdx headers on the license files
    * rename "GPL-2.0+" to "GPL-2.0-or-later"
    * LICENSE: rename GPL-3.0.txt -> GPL-3.0-only.txt
    * add copyright information
    * usbhid-dump: add copyright and SPDX info
    * SPDX header cleanups from GPL-2.0 -> GPL-2.0-only
    * usbutils.spdx: update with output of latest reuse tool
    * lsusb: Fix spelling of bEndpointAddress in UVC
    * lsusb: Decode endpoint addresses in UVC
    * lsusb.c: fix leak in dump_printer_device
    * usb-devices: do not use `local` in a POSIX shell script
    * desc-defs.c: fix possible out-of-bound read
    * Fix typos in
    * Fix locating endpoint when it's a directory rather than a symlink
    * Fix formatting of interface descriptors to match /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices
    * Fix formatting of endpoint direction to match /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices
    * Fix formatting of endpoint type to match /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices
    * Fix formatting of max endpoint packet size to match /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices
    * lsusb: Fix buffer size copy/paste error
* Fri Nov 20 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 013:
    * do not mention usb.ids
    * usb-devices.1: don't mention bash
    * usbhid-dump: move manpage to main directory out of subdir
    * usbhid-dump.8: add SPDX header
    * usbhid-dump.8: autogenerate it with the usbutils version number
    * usbhid-dump: add SPDX identifiers to all files.
    * usbhid-dump: remove libusb.h libusb_strerror() implementation
    * usbhid-dump: remove lib directory
    * usbhid-dump: move .h files into src/ directory
    * add usbhid-dump.8 to distclean list
    * usbhid-dump: some autoconf cleanup
    * usbhid-dump: remove some dev_list functions that were never used
    * dump_audiostreaming_interface(): remove unused variable
    * usbmisc: initialize string buffer before reading from device.
    * drop trailing space on non-hub devices
    * strip whitespace from device strings
    * lsusb(8): fix formatting
    * lsusb(8): document --tree
    * remove private paths for usb.ids
    * Additional device classes for usb-devices script
    * usbhid-dump: Do not use rindex
    * Move read_sysfs_prop() from names.c to its own file
    * sysfs: Don't return bogus data for devices under a hub
    * lsusb: Use vendor and product name fallback logic in -D mode too
    * lsusb: Get manufacturer, product, and serial from sysfs
    * bootstrap: change /bin/bash to /bin/sh
    * lsusb: fix two typos in UVC Extension Unit descriptor
    * usbhid-dump: Put back autoconf check for libusb_set_option()
* Tue May 12 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 012:
    * Merge usbhid-dump into main usbutils repository
  - Changes for version 011:
    * Add usbreset.c as noinst_PROGRAMS target.
    * lsusb: Read unkown names from sysfs device desc.
    * Remove a small hack that no longer has any effect.
    * Cleanup grammar
    * lsusb-t: Emit USB IDs and other handy info when verbosity is increased
    * Require newer version of libusb
    * fix up Python 3 conversion
    * SPDX bill-of-material is supposed to be project_name.spdx
    * usbutils.spdx: rerun report, it is properly sorted.
    * desc-dump.c: fix compiler warning about unused variable
    * add usbreset to .gitignore
    * usbreset: fix some build warnings
    * usbhid-dump: update to latest version
    * fix up standard int types
    * update usbhid-dump git id
    * usbhid-dump: update to a newer version of usbhid-dump again.
    * usbutils.spdx: update with latest information
    * Search multiple paths for usb.ids.
    * Usb enum for parser state machine.
    * Add driver names for usbhid.
    * python2 compatibility
    * add files with licenses to archive
    * sort devices and interfaces numerically
    * sort toplevel entries
    * improve usage text
    * replace fake deepcopy()
    * remove -w (warn if usb.ids not sorted) option
    * ensure all error messages are written to stderr
    * support long options
    * use regular print() instead of hand-rolling the same thing
    * avoid shadowing Python's built-in 'str'
    * replace usb.ids binary search with dict lookup
    * remove now-unused bin_search()
    * avoid manual calls to __foo__()
    * replace __repr__() for USB IDs with __str__()
    * insert class FF:FF:FF into usbclasses to avoid special casing
    * entirely remove Usb* classes
    * cosmetic - replace tuples-as-"immutable lists" with regular lists
    * use 'elif' where suitable
    * remove dead code
    * move unrelated code out of try..except
    * allow - as well as _ when matching hci module names
    * use a constant for the magic class number 9
    * Usb* classes: call read() automatically from constructor
    * UsbEndpoint: indent is a class implementation detail
    * a few cosmetic changes
    * shorten find_usb_class()
    * give all Usb* objects a .path attribute
    * add an actual __repr__() to classes
    * give all Usb* classes a superclass
    * convert readattr() and readlink() to methods of the container
    * use color by default
    * rework output for more consistent indent of both columns
    * fix endpoint interval spacing
    * visually group USB-version-related fields
    * lsusb: Split out routine that fetches value for given field.
    * lsusb: Split out field name rendering.
    * lsusb: Add support for descriptor extensions.
    * lsusb: Add support for audio processing unit type-specific fields.
    * lsusb: Added support for Billboard Alternate Mode Capability descriptor
    * Fix formatting of 10Gbps speeds
    * usb-devices: use /bin/sh hashbang
    * lsusb:  Add support for decoding IPP printer descriptors
    * Depend on libusb 1.0.14
    * man pages: add information on verbosity levels of -t option
    * fix typo
  - Drop no longer needed fix-shebang.patch
* Wed Mar 20 2019
  - update to usbutils 010
    * usbreset.c: add missing <stdlib.h> include
    * Do not create and install usbutils.pc
    * fix dump_videocontrol_interface for unitialized variable usage
    * Add correct SPDX license identifiers to all files
    * Add SPDX identifiers on files that did not have a specific license.
    * wTotalLength should be printed as a hex number
    * usbmisc: fix up some strncpy() issues
    * lsusb-t: fix up error with readlink()
    * add proper SPDX license identifier
    * usb-devices: reword the copyright identifier
    * LICENSES: move the GPL 2 license to the LICENSES directory
    * LICENSES/GPL-3.0.txt: add the file
    * lsusb.h: add copyright notice
    * lsusb-t: add copyright info
    * bom.spdx: Add bill of materials file in SPDX format.
    * ChangeLog: remove it.
    * AUTHORS: remove file
    * do_release: drop file
    * NEWS: add SPDX header and comment
    * add SPDX and copyright header
    * list.h: add copyright information
    * add SPDX and copyright information.
    * INSTALL: remove the file, it's boiler-plate
    * add SPDX and copyright
    * man pages: add SPDX and copyright information
    * add SPDX and copyright information
    * .gitmodules: add SPDX and copyright lines
    * fix up Copyright strings
    * usbreset.c: add Alan's copyright
    * .travis.yml: add correct SPDX and copyright notices
    * bom.spdx: update with latest copyright and SPDX identifier additions
    * move the README file to markdown
    * fix fomatting
    * bom.spdx: upate with README -> change
    * convert to python3
    * lsusb: Split subtype mapping out of AudioControl interface handling.
    * lsusb: Add declarative definitions for UAC1 and UAC2 descriptors.
    * lsusb: Add code to dump descriptor data using descriptor definition.
    * lsusb: Switch to descriptor-definition based dump for UAC1 and UAC2.
    * lsusb: Add descriptor definitions for UAC3.
    * lsusb: Add initial support for USB Audio Device Class 3.
    * lsusb: Add descriptor definition for USB3 BOS Configuration Summary.
    * lsusb: Dump USB3 BOS Configuration Summary Descriptor.
    * lsusb: Squash Wpointer-compare warning.
    * lsusb: Remove unused function.
    * lsusb: Fix array entry count for variable sized entries.
    * Include usbreset.c in the release tarball
    * lsusb: Dump UVC Stream based payload descriptor.
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - Use usb ids from hwdata
  - Modernise spec file with spec-cleaner
  - Make building more verbose
* Sat Feb 03 2018
  - Update to usbutils 009
    * usbreset: coding style
    * Don't use C99-ism
    * usbhid-dump: update submodule to latest version
    * add usbreset.c example program
    * update usbhid-dump to latest
    * Don't dump a trace dump if usb.ids is not present
    * USB: usb-devices: Interface number can be a string
    * checkout usbhid-dump
    * lsusb: add support for the Encoding Unit Desc for uvc 1.5
    * lsusb: fix alignment for Video Streaming interface desc
    * lsusb: parse additional control fileds in USB video control
      interfaces for UVC1.5
    * lsusb: proper display hexadecimal value for UVC control
    * usbreset.c: import usability improvements from OpenWrt
    * Update lsusb.c
    * Un-indent bVariableSize for Frame-Based Format descriptors
    * Makefile: install pkgconfig file to arch-dependent location
    * lsusb: Allocate the BOS descriptor buffer dynamically
    * lsusb: Add support for the USB 3.1 SuperSpeedPlus device
      capability desc
    * lsusb: Fix issue with lengthy string descriptors
    * lsusb: Added support for Billboard Capability descriptor
    * Update usbhid-dump repo URL
    * Update usbhid-dump to v1.4
    * configure: remove summary about unused USE_ZLIB
    * drop unused input file for usb.ids update script
    * substitute location in lsusb Python script
    * lsusb: remove unused variable procbususb
    * lsusb: Report correct MaxPower for USB 3.0 devices
    * lsusb: Request proper descriptor type for USB 3.1
    * lsusb: Store link state descriptions without preceding
    * build: Request at least libusb 1.0.9
    * Added support for Platform Device Capability descriptor
    * lsusb: change endianness of first three fields when printing
    * lsusb: Fix UVC STILL_IMAGE_FRAME descriptor
    * lsusb: Fix UVC VideoStreaming interface header descriptor
    * lsusb: Fix UVC OUTPUT_TERMINAL descriptor
    * lsusb: print WebUSB platform descriptor
    * travis-ci: add control files borrowed from libusb
    * travis-ci: cleanup before second run
    * travis-ci: rework
  - add fix-shebang.patch
* Mon Nov 24 2014
  - BuildRequire at least libudev >= 196
* Sat Nov 22 2014
  - Update to usbutils 008
    * most important change is that lsusb switched to use
    the udev hardware database instead of the usb.ids file
    * lsusb: Reports if USB2.0 port is on L1 state
    * lsusb: Reports devices that support BESL on USB2.0
    * dump_ccid_device: fix a typo
    * lsusb: fix incorrect printf() for CAPS
    * lsusb-t: handle problem if there is no usb bus list
    * Ignore invalid string descriptors
    * usb-devices: hexadecimal bInterfaceNumber handling
* Tue Jul 30 2013
  - update to usbutils 007
    * usb-devices: correctly quote driver path
    * lsusb: decode CDC MBIM descriptor
    * lsusb: decode CDC NCM functional descriptor
    * lsusb: decode CDC Command Set descriptor
    * usb-devices: avoid numbers being seen as octal by printf
    * lsusb: parse bmFormats inside UAC2 interface headers as hex
    * remove devtree logic
    * Fix lsusb -t potentially not listing all devices
    * lsusb-t: make sure that interfaces are added to lists only once
    * lsusb: Fix USB 3.0 link state reporting.
    * lsusb: Fix bug in USB 2.0 extended caps descriptor.
    * lsusb: Parse misplaced UAC1 AudioControl Endpoint Descriptor
    * lsusb: Support non-ASCII string descriptors.
  - update usb.ids
  - remove config-guess-sub-update.patch
* Fri Apr 05 2013
  - Cleanup spec file
  - Add Source URL, see



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