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libcxx-gtk-utils-3-2_2-0-2.2.20-1.4 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: libcxx-gtk-utils-3-2_2-0 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.2.20 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Fri May 28 15:31:16 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host: armbuild26
Size: 156795 Source RPM: c++-gtk-utils-gtk3-2.2.20-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Lightweight library for GTK+ programs using C++
This is a lightweight library containing a number of classes and
functions for programming GTK+ programs using C++ in POSIX (unix-like)
environments, where the user does not want to use a full-on wrapper
such as gtkmm or wxWidgets.






* Tue Jan 05 2021 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 2.2.20:
    + If this library is employed in a program compiled with
    - std=c++17 or greater, permit objects with references or const
      members to be stored in AsyncChannel objects
    + Deal with Cgu::WinBase and Cgu::Application breakage when
      testing using glib for gtk-3.99.3 onwards.
    + When compiling for GTK-4, require version >= 3.98.4 and make
      consequential changes including to documentation
      (acinclude.m4, README;
    + Add fixes for gtk-3.98.0, gtk-3.98.1 and gtk-3.98.4
      (file_print_manager.cpp, text_print_manager.cpp, window.h,
      window.cpp; tests/test_application.cpp;
    + Enable Cgu::FilePrintManager dialogs to be resizable
    + Update documentation (application.h, parallel.h,
      shared_handle.h, window.h).
  - Drop c++-gtk-utils-gtk4-3.98-fixes.patch: incorporated upstream.
* Wed Apr 29 2020 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 2.2.19:
    + Use autoconf's TAP support for running tests.
    + Cater for guile-3.0 declarative modules.
    + Suppress GStaticRecMutex deprecation warnings.
  - Changes from versions 2.2.16 through 2.2.18: See installed
    ChangeLog file.
  - Convert to multibuild format to build flavours for gtk2, gtk3,
    and gtk4.
  - Add BuildRequires: autoconf which is needed when building gtk2
    and gtk4 flavours where the configure script is modified before
    running %configure.
  - Add c++-gtk-utils-gtk4-3.98-fixes.patch to fix compilation
    against gtk4 >= 3.98; combined from upstream git master commits
    3589475, 687abc, 847e9b, and 97eb26 and rebased to apply cleanly
    using quilt.
* Sun Jan 07 2018
  - Update to version 2.2.15:
    + Use streambuffers not streams when testing fdstream and gstream
      with char16_t and char32_t character types.
    + Update documentation.
  - Pass --docdir to configure to correct the documentation's
    destination folder.
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - Update to version
    + Explicitly qualify malloc() as being within the std namespace.
    + Do not document the Cgu::Thread::FutureHelper and
      Cgu::Thread::TaskManagerHelper2 namespaces.
    + Update documentation.
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.14:
    + Provide Cgu::AsyncChannel.
    + Remove the 'noexcept' specifier for Cgu::Thread::Cond::wait()
      and Cgu::Thread::Cond::timed_wait(): any cancellation
      pseudo-exception is inconsistent with this specifier.
    + Provide TaskManager::get_max_tasks() method with documentation
      on rate limiting.
    + Zero initialise the character buffer in Reassembler class.
    + Adjust configuration macros to enable use of Cgu::Extension
      with guile-2.2.
    + Increase coverage of io_watch tests.
    + Update documentation.
* Sun May 15 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.13:
    + Use glib's unix fd implementation for io_watch where glib
      >= 2.36 is installed, unless otherwise chosen during
    + Update documentation.
* Sun Nov 01 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.12
    + Simplify Cgu::Application::add() method.
    + Minor implementation improvement for
      Cgu::Thread::parallel_transform* functions.
    + Permit return value optimisation when returning thread object
      on starting new thread.
    + Update libtool to version 2.4.6.
    + Documentation fix for doxygen-1.8.9.
    + Update code comments.
    + Update documentation.
* Tue Apr 07 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.11:
    + Provide a mutex for calls to make-fresh-user-modules to deal
      with guile thread safety issues.
    + Improve efficiency of scheme to C++ list translators for long
    + Update libtool to version 2.4.4.
    + Update code comments.
    + Update documentation.
* Fri Dec 05 2014
  - Update to version 2.2.10:
    + Permit Cgu::Thread::parallel_for_each(),
      Cgu::Thread::parallel_transform() and
      Cgu::Thread::parallel_transform_partial() to take const source
    + Provide Cgu::IntIter class to enable for loops to be more
      easily implemented with the parallel algorithms.
    + With gcc >= 4.8 or clang >= 3.4, implement callback classes
      using std::tuple (this enables Callback::make() and
      Callback::make_ref() to take up to 10 bound arguments, avoids
      a lot of code duplication and makes for a cleaner
    + Preallocate vectors in translator functions which return
    + Correct information about clang compatibility.
    + Update documentation.
* Thu Oct 16 2014
  - Update to version 2.2.9:
    + Provide AsyncQueue::move_pop_basic(),
      AsyncQueueDispatch::move_pop_dispatch_basic() and
      AsyncQueueDispatch::move_pop_timed_dispatch_basic() methods.
    + Prevent new GTK+-3.14 deprecation warnings interfering with
    + Update build system to automake-1.14.1.
    + Update build system to gettext-0.18.2.
    + Update tests.
    + Add comments about strict aliasing with character set
      conversion functions.
    + Update documentation, including to cover C++14.
* Sat Aug 09 2014
  - Update to version 2.2.8:
    + Correct testing of minimum values in
      Extension::real_to_double() and
    + Deal properly with unexpected out-of-memory conditions in
      executing Extension::exec() and Extension::exec_shared().
    + Minor code refactoring in EmitterArg::connect() and
    + Update documentation.
  - Changes from version 2.2.7:
    + Provide a new Extension::exec_shared() function.
    + Throw a C++ exception if a translator throws a native guile
      exception, simplify exception handling code and make the
      translation of guile exceptions to text more meaningful.
    + Block asyncs when executing a scheme to C++ translator where
      guile supports it.
    + Avoid constructing a SafeEmitterArg object with untracked
    + Deal internally with any exceptions in
    + Update documentation.
  - Changes from version 2.2.6:
    + Provide Cgu::Callback::to_unique(), Cgu::Callback::to_functor()
      and Cgu::Callback::to_safe_functor() functions.
    + Make minor adjustments to handling of C++ exceptions in
    + Fix Cgu::Application tests for API breakage in GTK+-3.12.0.
    + Update documentation.
* Sun Feb 02 2014
  - Update to version
    + Deal correctly with a thrown guile exception which has a key
      but no other arguments, and a scheme extension file which does
      not throw but evaluates to a null list (extension.h).
    + Adjust timing of TaskManager releaser tests
  - Changes from version 2.2.5:
    + Provide support for guile extensions.
    + TaskManager::make_task_packaged_compose() methods, which will
      pass a std::future object for a task running on a TaskManager
      object asynchronously (task_manager.h, task_manager.tpp;
    + Minor code refactoring and test improvements (parallel.h,
      task_manager.tpp; tests/test_task_manager.cpp).
    + Update code comments (async_queue.h, task_manager.h,
    + Update documentation (task_manager.h).
  - Add guile-devel BuildRequires to build the new guile extensions.
* Sat Dec 07 2013
  - Update to version 2.2.4:
    + Provide a TaskManager::make_task_packaged() method, which will
      return a std::future object for a task running on a TaskManager
    + Provide the expected result where TaskManager::add_task() is
      called concurrently with TaskManager::stop_all() in
      wait_for_running stop mode.
    + Guarantee strong exception safety of
      AsyncQueue::push(value_type&&) and (task_manager.cpp).
    + Guarantee strong exception safety of
      AsyncQueue::push(value_type&&) and
      AsyncQueueDispatch::push(value_type&&) for std::list container
    + Stop deprecation warnings with GTK+-3.10 in tests.
    + Updated documentation.
* Sat Sep 21 2013
  - Update to version 2.2.3:
    + Revise implementation of parallel_transform() functions and add
      parallel_for_each_partial() and parallel_transform_partial()
      functions returning position iterators.
    + Provide a specialization of AsyncQueue and AsyncQueueDispatch
      for std::list containers which has push() and emplace() members
      which do not allocate within the mutex.
    + Improve scalability of TaskManager objects by starting new
      threads and adding to the task queue outside the mutex.
    + As the 2.2 series of c++-gtk-utils has minimum requirements of
      gcc >= 4.6 and clang >= 3.2, make non-throwing functions
      >'noexcept' where this does not affect ABI.
    + Really delete copy constructor and assignment operator of
    + Update documentation.
* Sun Aug 18 2013
  - Update to version 2.2.2:
    + Add parallel_for_each() and parallel_transform() functions for
      TaskManager objects.
    + Provide a move constructor and move assignment operator for
      MainWidgetBase, PipeFifo and ScopedHandle classes.
    + Really delete fdstream's copy constructor and assignment
    + Do not deprecate the version of Future::make() taking a
      function pointer and no arguments - it is equivalent to a
      callable object.
    + Add documentation on using the library with Qt.
    + Update documentation.
* Thu Jul 04 2013
  - Update to version 2.2.1:
    + Provide a Thread::TaskManager::IncHandle class, and deprecate
      the use of TaskManager::set_max_threads.
    + Make the TaskManager::add_task() overload taking callable
      objects fully exception safe.
    + Issue a g_critical warning if a Thread::TaskManger task expires
      with an exception, there is no 'fail' callback and the thrown
      object is not Thread::Exit.
    + Replace AC_CONFIG_HEADER macro with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS when
    + Update build system to automake-1.13.3.
    + Upgrade doxygen configuration files to doxygen-1.8.4.
    + Update documentation.
* Sat Jun 22 2013
  - Update to version 2.2.0:
    + Un-deprecate the overloads of EmitterArg::connect() taking a
      Callback::FunctorArg object. This was not intended.
    + Update git links following sourceforge repository changes.
    + Update unit tests.
    + Update documentation.
* Thu May 23 2013
  - Update to version 2.1.0:
    + Bump version to version 2.1.0 in the 2.2 series of
    + Provide a generic callable object interface for
      Callback::post(), start_iowatch(), start_timeout(),
      Emitter::connect(), Future::fail(), Future::when(),
      Notifer::connect(), SafeEmitter::connect(),
      TaskManager::add_task(), TaskManager::make_task_when(),
      TaskManager::make_task_compose() and Thread::start();
      deprecate the starting of tasks using Thread::Future and
      Thread::TaskManager except by callable objects.
    + Make move construction of AsyncQueue and AsyncQueueDispatch
      objects strongly exception safe (async_queue.h).
    + Remove the --with-auto-ptr option.
    + Simplify emitter/releaser implementation now lambdas and range-for
      are available in gcc-4.6 and above (emitter.h, emitter.cpp).
    + No longer document the deprecated Callback::make_val() functions.
    + Remove redundant Callback::Callback_function class.
    + Update build system to automake-1.13.1.
    + Stop clang++ mismatched-tags and unused-private-field warnings.
    + Cause bootstrap scripts to build translation files.
    + Make other documentation changes.
  - Change soname 2_0-0 defines to 2_2-0: this results in a renamed
    package, according to the shared library packaging policy.
* Wed Mar 20 2013
  - Update to version 2.0.16:
    + Allow the Callback::lambda() factory function to be passed
      callable objects which are lvalues (callback.h).
    + Deal with document format breakage from doxygen markup changes.
    + Update documentation.
  - Changes from version 2.0.15:
    + Make global static Notifier objects safe.
    + Avoid use of GObject-style casts in inline functions and
      function templates to enable user code defining
      G_DISABLE_CAST_CHECKS to be more easily compliant with the
      one-definition rule.
    + Remove some other unnecessary GObject-style casts, where the
      object concerned is created in the function where the cast is
      carried out.
    + Avoid deprecation warning for g_type_init() with glib>=2.36
    + Provide a --without-gtk configuration option, to enable the
      library to be compiled without classes which require GTK+
    + Update documentation.
* Mon Jan 14 2013
  - Update to version 2.0.14:
    + Add a Cgu::Thread::Taskmanager::change_max_threads() method
    + Generalise the Cgu::Thread::Future and Cgu::Thread::TaskManager
      methods which take a function object so as to take the object
      via a template parameter rather than via a std::function
      object, and deduce return types automatically in the
      Cgu::Thread::Taskmanger::make_task_*() and
      Cgu::Thread::make_future() methods.
    + Make efficiency improvement when executing 'when' and 'fail'
      callback in a Cgu::Thread::TaskManager object and callback in a
      Cgu::Thread::Future object.
    + Add test to Cgu::Thread::TaskManager unit tests
    + Update documentation.
* Sun Dec 02 2012
  - Update to version 2.0.13:
    + Provide TaskManager::make_task_result(),
      TaskManager::make_task_when_full() and
      TaskManager::make_task_compose() convenience wrapper methods
      for target functions which return a value, for easier task
    + Don't use static member function of local struct for callback
    + Make explicit move operations where relevant.
    + Update unit tests.
    + Update documentation.
* Sun Oct 07 2012
  - Update to version 2.0.12:
    + Provide a Cgu::Thread::TaskManager thread pool class for
      multiple task to thread mapping and task_manager.
    + Suppress deprecated warnings for g_thread_init(),
      GStaticRecMutex and GtkTable with glib-2.34/gtk+-3.6.
    + Replace the sourceforge SVN repository with a sourceforge
      git respository.
    + Update documentation.
* Sun Sep 16 2012
  - Update to version 2.0.11:
    + Add move_pop() methods to AsyncQueue and AsyncQueueDispatch
      classes, and move_pop_dispatch() and move_pop_timed_dispatch()
      methods to the AsyncQueueDispatch class.
    + Add move_get() method to AsyncResult class.
    + Add move_get() method to Thread::Future class.
    + Make AsyncResult::get() truly cancellation safe
    + Carry out locking in the AsyncResult destructor.
    + Make Thread::Future::get() cancellation safe.
    + Make sure Thread::Future::get() does not hang if a call to
      Thread::Future::run() by another thread threw.
    + Merge c++11 branch with trunk in SVN.
    + Update documentation.
* Sun Jul 22 2012
  - Update to version 2.0.10:
    + Enable Callback objects created with Cgu::Callback::lambda() to
      be constructed for mutable lambda objects.
    + Update build system to libtool-2.4.2, automake-1.12.1 and
    + Update doxygen configuration file for doxygen-
    + Update unit test.
    + Update documentation.
* Mon Jun 11 2012
  - Update to version 2.0.9:
    + Provide a new Callback::lambda() factory function for more
      convenient construction of callback objects from C++11 lambda
    + Provide for unblocking of threads waiting on an
      AsyncQueueDispatch object where it acquires items from a move
    + Update unit tests.
    + Update documentation.
* Sun May 20 2012
  - Update to version 2.0.8:
    + Provide new Cgu::AsyncResult class.
    + Provide copy constructors, assignment operators and swap
      methodsfor Cgu::AsyncQueue and Cgu::AsyncQueueDispatch classes.
    + Provide size() method for Cgu::AsyncQueue and
      Cgu::AsyncQueueDispatch classes.
    + Add default constructor for Cgu::Thread::JoinableHandle class.
    + Add gcc-4.7 to the list of compilers requiring use of the
    - std=c++0x flag.
    + Update other documentation.
* Thu Apr 12 2012
  - Update to version 2.0.7:
    + Fix compilation with gcc-4.7.
    + Provide unit test for Future asynchronous functions.
    + Avoid types deprecated in gtk+-3.4 in the Application unit
      test, when compiled against gtk+-3.4.
    + Update FSF address in relevant copyright notices.
    + Update documentation.
  - Drop c++-gtk-utils-fix-incorrect-fsf-address.patch: fixed
  - Drop c++-gtk-utils-gcc47.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sat Mar 17 2012
  - Add c++-gtk-utils-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.
* Sat Feb 04 2012
  - Initial build.
  - Add c++-gtk-utils-fix-incorrect-fsf-address.patch: Fix incorrect
    FSF address (sf#3484267).



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