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libcolord2-1.4.6-1.4 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: libcolord2 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.4.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Wed Jun 15 11:01:15 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-arm-1
Size: 661827 Source RPM: colord-1.4.6-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Library for managing color devices
colord is a system activated daemon that maps devices to color profiles.
It is used by gnome-color-manager for system integration and use when
there are no users logged in.






* Fri Mar 25 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.4.6:
    + Add missing copyright notices.
    + Add Spyder X entry.
    + Document where to send patches.
    + Don't use exact floating point comparisons.
    + Drop option for removed reverse engineering tools.
    + Drop references to
    + Fix a small memory leak in sqlite3_exec().
    + Fix typo in device-removed signal documentation.
    + Make introspection optional in meson.
  - Drop -Dreverse=false meson parameter: no longer supported.
  - Fix a few rpmlint warnings:
    + Do not self-obsolete shared-color-profiles by providing the
      symbol with a version.
    + Call +%tmpfiles_create %{_tmpfilesdir}/colord.conf in %post.
    + Package /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/colormgr with
      mode 644: the files are not executed, but sourced.
    + Own %{_localstatedir}/lib/colord/icc (ghost): this directory is
      generated by %tmpfiles_create.
* Mon Dec 13 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_colord.service.patch
* Sat Nov 20 2021 Callum Farmer <>
  - Change to systemd-sysusers
* Thu Jan 14 2021 Christian Boltz <>
  - allow access to /usr/local/share/color in AppArmor profile (boo#1180898)
* Thu Jan 07 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.4.5:
    + New Features:
    - Add cd_icc_create_default_full
    - Add cd_icc_utils_get_adaptation_matrix
    - Add cd_mat33_is_finite
    - Add support for datacolor SpyderX
    + Bugfixes:
    - Check for errors from more sqlite calls
    - Fix cd_icc_load_data() annotation for the data array
    - Fix cd-sensor-dummy
    - Fix more annotation for data arrays
    - Fix owner and permissions on existing state files
    - Fix segfault due to dereferencing NULL pointer
    - Make the build reproductible
    - Refactor opening of mapping database and try again if fails
  - Drop add-spyderx.patch: Included upstream in new release.
* Sat Jan 25 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - No longer recommend -lang: supplements are in use
* Wed Dec 04 2019 Richard Brown <>
  - Add add-spyderx.patch for datacolor SpyderX supprot (will be in
    version 1.4.5).
  - Move colord-session.service and tmpfiles config from
    libcolord-devel to colord package.
* Wed Oct 23 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.4.4:
    + New Features:
    - Actually install the installed tests.
    - Allow building without the daemon.
    + Bugfixes:
    - Consistently search for spotread in $PATH.
    - Don't hard-require spotread to build argyll sensor.
    - Fix linker argument checks.
    - Include C header in Colorhug-1.0.gir.
    - Pass -DCD_COMPILATION to gir compiler.
    - Port manpages to xsltproc and DocBook 5.
  - Replace docbook-utils-minimal with docbook5-xsl-stylesheets
    BuildRequires following upstreams port.
  - Add _constraints file, avoid random buildfails for i586 and other
* Tue Oct 08 2019 Christian Boltz <>
  - Also allow /var/lib/colord/icc/ in AppArmor profile (boo#1112230)
* Wed Jun 26 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Change BuildRequires to docbook-utils-minimal, otherwise the build
    pulls in half of texlive and all its dependencies. Only man pages
    and HTML API docs are generated, no need for PS/PDF generation.
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Fix meson parameters: -Dargyllcms-sensor=true must be
    - Dargyllcms_sensor=true (boo#1124388).



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