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gstreamer-plugins-good-gtk-1.24.0-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: gstreamer-plugins-good-gtk Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.24.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Thu Mar 7 02:03:54 2024
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Other Build host: i02-armsrv1
Size: 67688 Source RPM: gstreamer-plugins-good-1.24.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Gtksink plugin for gstreamer-plugins-good
This package provides the gtksink output plugin for gstreamer-plugins-good.






* Tue Mar 05 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.24.0:
    * Highlights
    - New Discourse forum and Matrix chat space
    - New Analytics and Machine Learning abstractions and elements
    - Playbin3 and decodebin3 are now stable and the default in
      gst-play-1.0, GstPlay/GstPlayer
    - The va plugin is now preferred over gst-vaapi and has higher
    - GstMeta serialization/deserialization and other GstMeta
    - New GstMeta for SMPTE ST-291M HANC/VANC Ancillary Data
    - New unixfd plugin for efficient 1:N inter-process
      communication on Linux
    - cudaipc source and sink for zero-copy CUDA memory sharing
      between processes
    - New intersink and intersrc elements for 1:N pipeline
      decoupling within the same process
    - Qt5 + Qt6 QML integration improvements including qml6glsrc,
      qml6glmixer, qml6gloverlay, and qml6d3d11sink elements
    - DRM Modifier Support for dmabufs on Linux
    - OpenGL, Vulkan and CUDA integration enhancements
    - Vulkan H.264 and H.265 video decoders
    - RTP stack improvements including new RFC7273 modes and more
      correct header extension handling in depayloaders
    - WebRTC improvements such as support for ICE consent
      freshness, and a new webrtcsrc element to complement
    - WebRTC signallers and webrtcsink implementations for LiveKit
      and AWS Kinesis Video Streams
    - WHIP server source and client sink, and a WHEP source
    - Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock support for Windows and
      other additions
    - Low-Latency HLS (LL-HLS) support and many other HLS and DASH
    - New W3C Media Source Extensions library
    - Countless closed caption handling improvements including new
      cea608mux and cea608tocea708 elements
    - Translation support for awstranscriber
    - Bayer 10/12/14/16-bit depth support
    - MPEG-TS support for asynchronous KLV demuxing and segment
      seeking, plus various new muxer features
    - Capture source and sink for AJA capture and playout cards
    - SVT-AV1 and VA-API AV1 encoders, stateless AV1 video decoder
    - New uvcsink element for exporting streams as UVC camera
    - DirectWrite text rendering plugin for windows
    - Direct3D12-based video decoding, conversion, composition, and
    - AMD Advanced Media Framework AV1 + H.265 video encoders with
      10-bit and HDR support
    - AVX/AVX2 support and NEON support on macOS on Apple ARM64
      CPUs via new liborc
    - GStreamer C# bindings have been updated
    - Rust bindings improvements and many new and improved Rust
    - Rust plugins now shipped in packages for all major platforms
      including Android and iOS
    - Lots of new plugins, features, performance improvements and
      bug fixes
    * For more detailed information on this update, please see
  - Remove patch reduce-required-meson.patch since meson 1.1 is
    really required now.
* Thu Feb 01 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.22.9:
    + rtpsession: Only warn once if configured latency needs to be
      known but isn't yet
    + rtphdrext-clientaudiolevel: Fix level value being written by
      the extension
    + rtspsrc: set multicast-iface on udpsinks and fix RTCP sink TTL
    + v4l2object: clear old fds when initializing poll during
      opening v4l2 device
    + v4l2src: Consider framerate during caps selection
    + vpxdec: Use appropriate domain and code for decoding errors
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch
* Thu Jan 04 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.22.8:
    + dcaparse: keep upstream buffer meta
    + rtpklvdepay: Recover after invalid fragmented KLV unit
    + matroska-demux: fix accumulated base offset in segment seeks
    + qtdemux: fix bug report URL
    + qtdemux: Don't overflow sample index
    + qtdemux: Fix reverse playback for pcm audio stream
    + qtdemux: Ignore raw audio streams when adjusting seek
    + qtdemux: Under-seeking to a key unit in certain (encoded by
      Adobe products) ProRes movies (macOS x86_64 & arm64,
      Windows x86_64, ...)
    + rtpac3depay: should output audio/x-ac3 not audio/ac3
    + rtp: Fix incorrect RTP channel order lookup by name
    + v4l2bufferpool: add lock as atomic operation for seek
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch
* Wed Nov 15 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.22.7:
    + adaptivedemux2: Do not submit_transfer when cancelled
    + adaptivedemux2: Call GTasks's return functions for blocking
    + flacenc: Correctly handle up to 255 cue entries
    + flvmux: set the src segment position as running time
    + imagesequencesrc: fix deadlock when feeding the same image in
      a loop
    + pngenc: output one frame only in snapshot mode and mark output
      frames as I-frames
    + qmlglsrc: sync on the streaming thread
    + souphttpsrc: Chain up to finalize to fix memory leak
    + wavparse: fix buffer leak with adtl tag
    + v4l2codecs: Avoid QBUF/DQBUF struct timeval .tv_usec
      wrap-around at frame 1000000
    + v4l2codecs: Fix tiled formats stride conversion
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch
* Fri Sep 22 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.6:
    + adaptivedemux2: fix memory leak
    + pulsedeviceprovider: fix incorrect usage of GST_ELEMENT_ERROR
    + qt:
    - Unbreak build with qt-egl enabled but viv_fb missing
    - Fix searching of qt5/qt6 tools with qmake in Meson
    + qtdemux:
    - Fix premature EOS when some files are played in push mode
    - Attach cbcs crypt info at the right moment
    + rtpjitterbuffer: Avoid integer overflow in max saveable packets
      calculation with negative offset
    + videoflip: fix concurrent access when modifying the tag list
    + v4l2:
    - allocator: Don't close foreign dmabuf
    - bufferpool:
      . Fix large encoded stream regression
      . Problems when checking for truncated buffer
    - Fix support for left and top padding
    + v4l2object: clear format lists if source change event is
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch
  - Add libqt5-linguist BuildRequires: New dependency.
* Tue Jul 25 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.5:
    + adaptivedemux2: Fix early seeking
    + hlsdemux2:
    - Ensure processed webvtt ends with empty new line
    - Don't set a referer when updating playlists
    + matroska: demux: Strip signal byte when encrypted
    + rtspsrc: Fix crash when is-live=false
    + gtk: Fix critical caused by pointer movement when stream is
      getting ready
    + qt6: Set sampler filtering method, fixes bad quality with
      qml6glsink and gstqt6d3d11
    + qtdemux: opus: set entry as sampled
    + v4l2src: handle resolution change when buffers are copied
    + v4l2videodec:
    - Fix handling of initial gaps
    - correctly register v4l2mpeg2dec
    - replace custom QUERY_CAPS handling with getcaps callback
    + videoflip:
    - update orientation tag in auto mode
    - fix critical when tag list is not writable
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch.
  - Pass qt-egl=disabled to meson, we are not ready for this feature
* Mon Jun 26 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.4:
    + flacparse: Avoid integer overflow in available data check for
      image tags (boo#1213128, CVE-2023-37327).
    + flvmux: use the correct timestamp to calculate wait times.
    + isomp4: Fix (E)AC-3 channel count handling.
    + jpegdec: fixes related to interlaced jpeg.
    + pngdec: Fix wrong colours output from 16bit RGB images.
    + qtmux, qtdemux: fix byte order for opus extension.
    + rtspsrc: Do not try send dropped get/set parameter.
    + qt5, qt6: Add more meson options and eliminate all automagic.
    + qt: glrenderer: don't attempt to use QWindow from non-Qt main
    + qml6glsink: Support building on win32.
    + v4l2src: fix support for bayer format.
    + v4l2: Change to query only up to
    + v4l2videodec: treat MPEG-1 format as MPEG-2.
    + v4l2videoenc: support force keyframe event in v4l2 encoder.
    + tests: rtpbin_buffer_list: fix possible unaligned write/read on
      32-bit ARM.
  - Add libQt5Gui-private-headers-devel BuildRequires: New
    explicit dependency.
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch.
  - Drop adaptivedemux2-uri-data.patch: Fixed upstream.
* Tue Jun 13 2023 Jonas Kvinge <>
  - Add patch to fix bug with data url scheme.
    * adaptivedemux2-uri-data.patch.
* Wed May 24 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.3:
    + adaptivedemux2: fix critical when using an unsupported URI.
    + dashdemux2: mpdclient: fix divide by 0 if segment has no
    + imagesequencesrc: Properly set default location.
    + multifile: error out if no filename was set.
    + osxvideosink: fix deadlock upon closing output window.
    + rtpmanager: rtpsession:
    - Data race leading to critical warnings.
    - Race conditions leading to critical warnings.
    + rtspsrc: Fix handling of * control path.
    + splitmuxsink: Catch invalid DTS to avoid running into problems
    + splitmuxsrc: Make PTS contiguous by preference.
    + qtdemux: emit no-more-pads after pruning old pads.
    + Revert "qtdemux: fix conditions for end of segment in reverse
      playback" to fix edit list regression.
    + qtdemux: Fix av1C parsing.
    + qtmux: Fix extraction of CEA608 data from S334-1A packets.
    + qtwindow: unref caps in destructor.
    + v4l2:
    - device provider: Fix GMainLoop leak.
    - videodec: Rework dynamic resolution change handling.
    - videodec: Prefer acquired caps over anything downstream.
    + videoflip:
    - Fix setting of method property at construction time.
    - Videoflip 1.22.2 not rotating video when extracting frames.
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch.
* Wed Apr 12 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.2:
    + osxvideosink: fix broken aspect ratio and frame drawing region
    + qtdemux: Fix seek adjustment with SNAP_AFTER flag
    + rtpopusdepay, matroskamux: Fix invalid rate while muxing Opus
      in Matroska
    + rtpmanager: twcc: Fix duplicate packet handling
    + rtsp: url: fix incorrect request URI scheme for TLS transport
      methods (regression)
    + rtspsrc:
    - Consider "451: Parameter Not Understood" when handling broken
      control urls
    - fix behavior change with URI protocols in OPTIONS requests
    - Skip PTs with caps incompatible to the global caps
    - rtpjpegdepay: fix logic error when checking if an end of
      image (EOI) tag is present
    + v4l2:
    - Add support for YVU420M format
    - mark JPEG as parsed
  - Rebase patch with quilt.
* Tue Mar 21 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Conflict with gstreamer-plugins-ugly < 1.22.0 to ensure we don't
    have conflicts with gstreamer-plugins-ugly 1.20.1 since was moved from -ugly to -good (boo#1209541)
* Thu Mar 09 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.1:
    + adaptivedemux2: Fix buffering threshold initialization
    + dashdemux2: the seek operation takes a log time to finish for
      some streams
    + glvideomixer: Keep a reference to the underlying pad
    + qtdemux:
    - Don't emit GstSegment correcting start time when in MSE mode
    - Handle moov atom length=0 case by reading until the end
    + qtdemux, qtmux: Drop av1C version 0 parsing and implement
      version 1 parsing/writing
    + qtmux: Fix assertion on caps update
    + redenc: fix setting of extension ID for twcc
    + rtpssrcdemux: set different stream-id on each src pad
    + rtspsrc: Use the correct vfunc for the push-backchannel-sample
      action signal
    + udpsrc: GstSocketTimestampMessage only for SCM_TIMESTAMPNS
    + v4l2h264dec: Fix Raspberry Pi4 will not play video in
  - Rebase patch with quilt.
* Fri Jan 27 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch to reduce the required meson version to 0.61.0 since
    that's what we have in SLE 15:
    * reduce-required-meson.patch
* Tue Jan 24 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.0:
    + Please see changes in gstreamer main package, major version
  - Add disabled pkgconfig(Qt6Core), pkgconfig(Qt6Gui),
    pkgconfig(Qt6Qml), pkgconfig(Qt6Quick) and
    pkgconfig(Qt6WaylandClient) BuildRequires and pass Dqt6=disabled
    to meson, do not build qt6 support yet.
  - Fixed in 1.21.1:
    + avoid integer overflow in WavPack header handling code
      (boo#1201688 CVE-2022-1920).
    + fix integer overflow resulting in heap corruption
      (boo#1201693 CVE-2022-1921).
    + fix integer overflows in zlib/bz2/etc. decompression
      (boo#1201702 boo#1201704 boo#1201706 boo#1201707 boo#1201708
      CVE-2022-1922 CVE-2022-1923 CVE-2022-1924 CVE-2022-1925
* Fri Dec 23 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.20.5:
    + flacparse: Fix handling of headers advertising 32bps
    + multiudpsink: allow binding to IPv6 address
    + oss4: Fix debug category initialization
    + qt5:
    - Deactivate context if fill_info fails
    - Initialize GError properly in gst_qt_get_gl_wrapcontext()
    + qtdemux:
    - Check return value from gst_structure_get in PIFF box
    - Use unsigned int types to store result of QT_UINT32
    - Prefill mode fixes
    + rtpjitterbuffer tests: Cast drop-messages-interval type
      properly (fixing it on 32-bit architectures)
    + rtspsrc:
    - Don't replace 404 errors with "no auth protocol found"
    - Fix seek event leaks
    - Fix usage of IPv6 connections in SETUP
    - Only EOS on timeout if all streams are timed out/EOS
    + splitmuxsrc: don't queue data on unlinked pads
    + v4l2: Fix SIGSEGV on 'change state' during 'format change'
    + v4l2videodec: Fix activation of internal pool
    + wavparse:
    - Avoid occasional crash due to referencing freed buffer.
    - Fix crash that occurs in push mode when header chunks are
      corrupted in certain ways.
* Fri Oct 21 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.20.4:
    + alpha: fix stride issue when out buffer has padding on right
    + isoff: Fix earliest pts field parse issue
    + matroska-mux: allow width + height changes for
    + qt: Fix another instance of Qt/GStreamer both defining GLsync differently
    + qtdemux:
    - Avoid crash on reconfiguring.
    - Guard against timestamp calculation overflow in gap event loop
    - Don't use invalid values from failed trex parsing
    - Possible endless loop
    + rtpjitterbuffer:
    - Only unschedule timers for late packets if they're not RTX
      packets and only once
    - Remove lost timer for out of order packets
    + rtspsrc:
    - SETUP generates 400 Bad Request
    - Retry SETUP with non-compliant URL resolution on "Bad
      Request" and "Not found"
    + rtpst2022-1-fecenc: Drain column packets on EOS
    + rtpvp8depay: If configured to wait for keyframes after packet
      loss, also do that if incomplete frames are detected
    + splitmuxsink: Don't crash on EOS without buffer
    + splitmuxsrc:
    - Stop pad task before cleanup
    - Don't consider unlinked pads when deactivating part
    + soup: libsoup3 makes audio streaming stop
    + v4l2: fix critical when unreferencign buffer with no data
    + v4l2bufferpool: Fix debug trace
    + v4l2object: Add support for Apple's full-range bt709 colorspace
      variant 1:3:5:1
    + v4l2videocodec: workaround for failure to fully drain frames
      preceding MIDSTREAM renegotiation
    + v4l2allocator: Fix invalid imported dmabuf fd
    + videoflip: Fix caps negotiation when method is selected
    + build failure trying to build jack examples
    + examples: don't try and build jack examples if jack was
    + tests: skip unit tests for dependency-less elements that have
      been disabled
* Wed Jun 22 2022 Aaron Stern <>
  - Update to version 1.20.3:
    + deinterlace: various bug fixes for yadif method
    + deinterlace: Refactor greedyh and fix planar formats
    + deinterlace: Prevent race between method configuration and
      latency query
    + gtk video sink: Fix rotation not being applied when paused
    + jpegdec: fix RGB conversion handling
    + matroskademux: improved ProRes video handling
    + matroskamux: Handle multiview-mode/flags/pixel-aspect-ratio
      caps fields correctly when checking caps equality on
      input caps changes
    + rtprtx: don't access type-system per buffer
      (performance optimisation); code cleanups
    + rtpulpfecenc: fix unmatched g_slice_free()
    + rtpvp8depay: fix crash when making GstRTPPacketLost custom
    + qtmux: Don't post an error message if pushing a sample failed
      with FLUSHING (e.g. on pipeline shutdown)
    + soup: Lookup libsoup dylib files on Apple platforms & fix
      Cerbero static build on Android and iOS
    + souphttpsrc: element not present on iOS after 1.20.0 update
    + v4l2tuner: return NULL if no norm set
    + v4l2bufferpool: Fix race condition between qbuf and pool
    + meson: Don't build lame plugin with -Dlame=disabled
* Mon May 09 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.20.2:
    + deinterlace: silence unused-but-set werror from imported code
    + qtdemux: fix leak of channel_mapping
    + rtpopusdepay: missing sprop-stereo should not assume mono
    + rtpjitterbuffer: Fix invalid memory access in
    + rtpptdemux: fix leak of caps when ignoring a pt
    + rtpredenc: quieten warning about ignoring header extensions
    + soup: Fix pre-processor macros in souploader for libsoup-3.0
    + twcc: Note that twcc-stats packet loss counts reordering as
      loss + add some logging
    + video4linux2: Manual backports for RPi users
    + wavparse: handle URI query in any parse state, fixing audio
      track selection issue in GES
    + wavparse: Unset DISCONT buffer flag for divided into multiple
      buffers in push mode
* Fri Mar 18 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.20.1:
    + deinterlace: various bug fixes for yadif method
    + deinterlace: Refactor greedyh and fix planar formats
    + deinterlace: Prevent race between method configuration and
      latency query
    + gtk video sink: Fix rotation not being applied when paused
    + jpegdec: fix RGB conversion handling
    + matroskademux: improved ProRes video handling
    + matroskamux: Handle multiview-mode/flags/pixel-aspect-ratio
      caps fields correctly when checking caps equality on input caps
    + rtprtx: don't access type-system per buffer (performance
      optimisation); code cleanups
    + rtpulpfecenc: fix unmatched g_slice_free()
    + rtpvp8depay: fix crash when making GstRTPPacketLost custom
    + qtmux: Don't post an error message if pushing a sample failed
      with FLUSHING (e.g. on pipeline shutdown)
    + soup: Lookup libsoup dylib files on Apple platforms & fix
      Cerbero static build on Android and iOS
    + souphttpsrc: element not present on iOS after 1.20.0 update
    + v4l2tuner: return NULL if no norm set
    + v4l2bufferpool: Fix race condition between qbuf and pool
    + meson: Don't build lame plugin with -Dlame=disabled
* Fri Feb 04 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.20.0:
    + Development in GitLab was switched to a single git repository
      containing all the modules
    + GstPlay: new high-level playback library, replaces GstPlayer
    + WebM Alpha decoding support
    + Encoding profiles can now be tweaked with additional
      application-specified element properties
    + Compositor: multi-threaded video conversion and mixing
    + RTP header extensions: unified support in RTP depayloader and
      payloader base classes
    + SMPTE 2022-1 2-D Forward Error Correction support
    + Smart encoding (pass through) support for VP8, VP9, H.265 in
      encodebin and transcodebin
    + Runtime compatibility support for libsoup2 and libsoup3
      (libsoup3 support experimental)
    + Video decoder subframe support
    + Video decoder automatic packet-loss, data corruption, and
      keyframe request handling for RTP / WebRTC / RTSP
    + mp4 and Matroska muxers now support profile/level/resolution
      changes for H.264/H.265 input streams (i.e. codec data changing
      on the fly)
    + mp4 muxing mode that initially creates a fragmented mp4 which
      is converted to a regular mp4 on EOS
    + Audio support for the WebKit Port for Embedded (WPE) web page
      source element
    + CUDA based video color space convert and rescale elements and
      upload/download elements
    + NVIDIA memory:NVMM support for OpenGL glupload and gldownload
    + Many WebRTC improvements
    + The new VA-API plugin implementation fleshed out with more
      decoders and new postproc elements
    + AppSink API to retrieve events in addition to buffers and
      buffer lists
    + AppSrc gained more configuration options for the internal queue
      (leakiness, limits in buffers and time, getters to read current
    + Updated Rust bindings and many new Rust plugins
    + Improved support for custom minimal GStreamer builds
    + Support build against FFmpeg 5.0
    + Linux Stateless CODEC support gained MPEG-2 and VP9
    + Windows Direct3D11/DXVA decoder gained AV1 and MPEG-2 support
    + Lots of new plugins, features, performance improvements and bug
  - Stop using service for tarball, use upstream url.
  - Drop old obsolete conditionals.
  - Add BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(libsoup-3.0)
* Fri Feb 04 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.18.6:
    + rtspsrc: Fix critical while serializing timeout element message
    + multifilesrc: fix caps leak
    + shout2: Add compatibility for libshout >= 2.4.2 shout_open
      return values
    + v4l2: Update fmt if padded height is greater than fmt height
    + v4l2bufferpool: set video alignment of video meta
    + qtmux: fix deadlock in gst_qt_mux_prepare_moov_recovery
    + matroska: Add support for muxing/demuxing ffv1
    + qtdemux: Try to build AAC codec-data whenever it's possible
  - Remove service, use source url, upstream changes in git.
* Thu Sep 16 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Drop doc sub-package, following this drop gtk-doc BuildRequires.
* Thu Sep 16 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Remove obsolete translation-update-upstream support
* Wed Sep 15 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.18.5:
    + avidemux: Also detect 0x000001 as H264 byte-stream start code
      in codec_data
    + deinterlace:
    - Plug a method subobject leak
    - Drop field-order field if outputting progressive
    + jpegdec: Fix crash when interlaced field height is not DCT
      block size aligned
    + qmlglsink: Keep old buffers around a bit longer if they were
      bound by QML
    + qml: qtitem: don't potentially leak a large number of buffers
    + qtdemux: Force stream-start push when re-using EOS'd streams
    + qtmux:
    - For Apple ProRes, allow overriding pixel bit depth, e.g. when
      exporting an opaque image, yet with alpha.
    - Make sure to write 64-bit STCO table when needed.
    + rtpjpegpay: fix image corruption when compiled with MSVC on
    + rtpptdemux: Remove pads also in PAUSED->READY
    + rtph265depay: update codec_data in caps regardless of format
    + rtspsrc:
    - Do not overwrite the known duration after a seek
    - De-dup seek event seqnums to avoid multiple seeks
    - Fix race saving seek event seqnum
    - Using multicast UDP has no relation to seekability, also add
      some logging
    - Fix more signals
    - Fix accumulation of before-send signal return values
    + rtpjitterbuffer:
    - Fix parsing of the mediaclk:direct= field
    - Avoid generation of invalid timestamps
    - Check srcresult before waiting on the condition variable too
    - More logging when calculating rfc7273 timestamps
    + souphttpsrc: Always use the content decoder but set
    + udpsrc: Plug leaks of saddr in error cases
    + multiudpsink: Fix broken SO_SNDBUF get/set on Windows
    + v4l2object:
    - Add interlace-mode back to caps for camera
    - Use default colorimetry if that in caps is unknown
    - Avoid colorimetry mismatch for streams with invalid
    - Add support for hdr10 stream playback
    + wavparse: adtl/note/labl chunk parsing fixes
    + Don't use volatile to mean atomic (fixes compiler warnings with
      gcc 11)
    + 1.18.4: build fails with glib 2.67.6 and gcc-11: argument 2 of
      ‘_atomicload’ must not be a pointer to a ‘volatile’ type
  - Drop 612102fdbc3f813bf9d3406165692b5f742e51a6.patch: Fixed
* Thu Apr 15 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Add 612102fdbc3f813bf9d3406165692b5f742e51a6.patch: Fix build
    with gcc 11, based on upstream git.
* Tue Mar 30 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.18.4:
    + matroskademux: header parsing fixes (boo#1184735, CVE-2021-3498
      and boo#1184739, CVE-2021-3497)
    + rpicamsrc: depend on posix threads and vchiq_arm to fix build
      on raspios again
    + wavenc: Fixed INFO chunk corruption, caused by odd sized data
      not being padded
    + wavpackdec: Add floating point format support to fix
      distortions in some cases
    + v4l2: recognize V4L2 bt601 colorimetry again
    + v4l2videoenc: support resolution change stream encode
    + v4l2h265codec: fix HEVC profile string issue
    + v4l2object: Need keep same transfer as input caps
    + v4l2videodec: Fix vp8 and vp9 streams can't play on board
      with vendor bsp
    + v4l2videodec: fix src side frame rate negotiation
* Sat Jan 16 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.18.3:
    + splitmuxsink:
    - Avoid deadlock when releasing a pad from a running muxer
    - Fix bogus fragment split
    + v4l2object: Map correct video format for RGBA
    + videoflip: fix possible crash when changing
      video-direction/method while running



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