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libostree-1-1-2020.3-lp152.1.3 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for ppc64le

Name: libostree-1-1 Distribution: openSUSE:Leap:15.2:PowerPC / ports
Version: 2020.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.1.3 Build date: Sat May 16 14:02:51 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 993904 Source RPM: libostree-2020.3-lp152.1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Git for operating system binaries
OSTree is a tool for managing bootable, immutable, versioned
filesystem trees. While it takes over some of the roles of tradtional
"package managers" like dpkg and rpm, it is not a package system; nor
is it a tool for managing full disk images. Instead, it sits between
those levels, offering a blend of the advantages (and disadvantages)
of both.






* Mon Apr 06 2020
  - Update to version 2020.3:
    * A quick followup to 2020.2, which introduced support for
      read-only sysroot ended up breaking some of the Fedora CoreOS
      tests in coreos-assembler which in turn holds back ostree
      going into FCOS
    * Now that gap has been closed and more of those tests are being
      run on the new CI.
  - Update to version 2020.2:
    * lib: Fix Since versions for 2020.1
    * Post-release version bump
    * "Brown paper bag" release that actually sets the
      is_release_build=yes flag and also fixes the Since: on a few
      new functions.
  - Update to version 2020.1:
    * There is now support for making the /sysroot mount point
      read-only to start. This protects against a lot of accidental
      damage, and also generalizes and improves the previous special
      case handling of having /boot read-only. One known issue is
      that ostree pull is broken with this enabled, and this will be
    * Error-handling around GPG verification has had an overhaul.
      Specifically, libostree now has more specific error codes to
      distinguish between different verification failures. This
      should allow apps to have more fine-grained control over how
      to respond to errors. Do note that the error messages
      themselves have changed, and we strongly suggest that anyone
      relying on a specific error message string to migrate to using
      the API directly.
    * The original "archive" (split up objects) format didn't make it
      easy for a client system to know how much data it would be
      downloading. Later, static deltas were added which addressed
      this problem, but there are situations in which object fetches
      still occur. Later then support for optional sizes metadata in
      commit objects was added but was never really
      stabilized/publicized. There were also some bugs in it. That is
      now completed - the sizes data is now stable. and new API was
      added to read it.
    * This release adds initial fs-verity support; it doesn't do too
      much today. Bigger picture it's important to understand that
      the vision of OSTree is to enable Linux systems that feel like
      they're "image based" (transactional, versioned updates, no
      dependency resolution client side), but also to enable things
      like doing commits on the client side. Today rpm-ostree
      supports replacing the kernel client side as a first class
      operation. This is crucially important to make it feel truly
      like a Linux system that you own.
    * A small tweak was made to have OSTree create repo structure
      directories and files (such as objects/ or .lock) with group
      write permissions. This is useful for managing OSTree remote
      servers from multiple UIDs. For systems with the default umask
      of 0022, this should have no effect.
    * We've extensively reworked CI for the upstream repo. In
      addition to Travis, testing is now done on top of Fedora
      CoreOS. Not all tests have been carried over, but expect to see
      more coming. This rework will also allow us to have more
      comprehensive tests previously not possible.
    * Several fixes were made to the test suite to handle the cases
      of systemd vs no-systemd, and systemd is now advertised in the
      list of features in ostree --version if present.
* Tue Jan 14 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 2019.6:
    * Nothing major in this release, but there is some bigger stuff
      outstanding and ready to merge, so this version was released
      so that work will have time to stabilize.
    * A few build/CI fixes. A new progress API which will be used by
      flatpak (and can be used by others). Finally, we also avoid
      reordering kernel arguments.
  - Update to version 2019.5:
    * We discovered that CLang has a static analyzer scan-build;
      it found some small memory leaks so far, otherwise mostly
      noise, but we haven't dug through all the errors yet.
    * Gained a new zipl (s390x bootloader) backend
    * Install the .hmac files needed for FIPS mode in /boot too
    * This is also the first release where we switched to using
      the OpenShift Prow as a merge bot, though a lot more CI work
      is pending.
  - Update to version 2019.4:
    * This is mostly a bugfix release. Notably, the 2019.3 release
      caused some issues related to the gpg-agent code spewing
      messages on the terminal. Additionally, Fedora 31 users have
      hit upon issues with ostree-finalize-staged.service running too
      late to be able to write back its logs to the journal. This
      then confused rpm-ostree after reboot, because it looks at the
      previous boot's journal for this message.
    * The biggest feature-ish change is support for a partial commit
      "reason" so that after ostree fsck --delete was used,
      subsequent ostree fsck will continue to report an error. This
      should be used by higher level tools that want to do "fsck and
      repair". It's likely at some point that "fsck and repair"
      logic will move down into the libostree core as well.
    * There are ongoing efforts to port Fedora CoreOS to s390x: one
      fix landed here to add the deployment prefix to BLS entries
      since it's what the zipl bootloader expected.
  - Update to version 2019.3:
    * A lot of changes since the last release. On the feature side,
      probably the biggest is we've made public the internal API
      for kernel arguments, which rpm-ostree now uses.
    * Other things include a new --modern switch for init-fs,
      better support in pull for downgrade protection, better
      use of mmap, support for committing archives (tarballs)
      from stdin, etc.
    * Finally, libostree now supports being built without GPG,
      which is an important preparatory piece for introducing
      an alternative signature system.
  - Update to version 2019.2:
    + It's been some time since the last release, so this is a
      slightly larger one! There's lots of new features, and a few
      bug fixes.
    + New features:
    * A new sysroot.bootloader key was added to be more explicit
      about which bootloader OSTree should use. Notably a none
      value is supported, in which OSTree is solely responsible
      for writing the BLS entries. This can then be used by
      bootloaders like GRUB2, which now supports BLS natively.
    * ostree config now supports the unset command to unset a key
      from the OSTree repo config
    * ostree remote add now supports the --force flag to replace a
      remote of the same name if it exists
    * ostree-prepare-root now logs a structured journal message
      after finding the deployment to which to pivot. This can be
      used by higher-level apps like RPM-OSTree to build a history
      of the deployments the machine was booted into.
    * The staging API now supports a lockfile which prevents
      finalization at shutdown. This is intended to be used in
      systems that need more fine-tuned control between staging a
      deployment, and setting it as the default deployment on
    * ostree static-delta show now prints the From and To commits
      for which the delta was generated
    + Bug fixes:
    * Make looking up collection-refs similar to how regular refs
      are looked up, i.e. first in the transaction, then in the
      current repo, and then in the parent repo
    * Don't include the OSTree commit version number twice in the
      boot menu title. This affected at least Fedora-based systems
      composed with RPM-OSTree's mutate-os-release.
    * Activate ostree-finalize-staged earlier; this should
      hopefully make deployment finalization more reliable by
      running it later in the shutdown sequence, when less services
      are running
    * Run grub2-mkconfig on the filesystem tree of the pending
      deployment, rather than the previously deployed tree. This
      was a corner case where the deployment failed if a previous
      deployment did not exist, on systems where grub.cfg is used.
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Disable LTO (boo#1133120).
* Mon Jan 28 2019
  - Update to version 2019.1:
    + This is the first libostree release of 2019; no big changes,
      just a collection of smaller features and bugfixes.
    + On the features side, a good example is:
      lib/repo: Search a list of paths in gpgkeypath for gpg keys.
    + Another feature is grub2: add support for devicetree.
    + lib/kargs: allow empty-list arguments i.e it ensures libostree
      supports "empty list" kernel arguments.
    + There's also some ongoing work to have libostree be a "backend"
      for OCI/Docker container storage; checkout: honor opaque
    + If built with --disable-http2, allow enabling via http2=1 will
      allow people to more easily play with HTTP2 if it's disabled by
* Wed Nov 14 2018 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 2018.9:
    + New features:
    * Allow disabling pulling from LAN/USB/Internet
    * lib/repo: Add an API to get min-free-space-* reserved bytes
    * OstreeMutableTree: add _remove method
    * repo: Add a checkout option to not hardlink zero-sized files
    + Bugfixes (apart from regular memory leaks fixes):
    * finalize-staged: Bump timeout to 5 minutes
    * deploy: Fix removing /var/.updated with separate /var mount
    * src/ostree: Don't delete refs having aliases
    + One notable change in this release is the initrd service
      ostree-prepare-root.service now runs earlier in the boot
      process. This shouldn't actually affect OSes, unless there's
      extended logic in the initrd that integrates tightly with
    + Another systemd related change is the introduction of a path
      unit: ostree-finalize-staged.path. This allows the service of
      the same name to be path activated instead of explicitly started
      at deployment staging time. This release however does not yet
      rely on this mechanism to give time for packagers and
      integrators to adapt to the new unit (e.g. by enabling it in
      the systemd presets). A future release will require this. Note
      that deployment staging is still not the default for libostree,
      although at least rpm-ostree now unconditionally uses staging,
      and while it generally worked well, we hit issues with people
      using slower hard drives, hence the increase in timeout in
      PR #1755 .
    + Another change to call out is:
      lib/commit: Don't chown objects to repo target owner.
      We previously had incomplete support for a process running as
      uid 0 writing to a repository owned by a non-zero uid, but it
      was never finished. This will likely be revisited at a later
* Mon Aug 27 2018
  - Update to version 2018.8:
    + This release is pretty much all minor bugfixes: memory leaks,
      fixing error messages and docs, handling a race condition on
      pull with summary updates. There's one new feature (noted
      below), and we also gained a new contributing tutorial:
    + The one bugfix I want to call out explicitly is:
      ostree-remount.service: RemainAfterExit=yes
      (gh#ostreedev/ostree#1697). It's surprising it took us so long
      to find and fix this; I've seen occasional boot failures that I
      believe trace down to this problem. The behavior of systemd
      units of Type=simple without RemainAfterExit=yes set is rather
      nonsensical; I may try to push to have a warning emitted
      upstream if such a unit is a dependency of another.
    + And the one new feature is the auto-update-summary config
      option for repositories. For more information, see the docs and
  - Rebase ostree-grub2-location.patch with quilt.
  - Drop libostree-fix-wformat-warnings-on-i586.patch: Fixed
* Mon Aug 27 2018
  - Update to version 2018.7:
    + There's no one major feature in this release, but we have a
      variety of improvements and bugfixes.
* Fri Jun 29 2018
  - Update to version 2018.6:
    + lib/repo: Do free space math under lock in error path.
    + lib/archive: Tell g-ir-scanner to ignore the private
      libarchive bits.
    + deploy: Delete .updated file from /etc and /var on new
    + switchroot: Allow letting ostree-prepare-root mount /var.
    + lib/repo-pull:
    - Support retries for delta superblocks;
    - Support queuing delta superblock requests;
    - Add some missing assertions for progress statistics;
    - Support retrying requests on transient network errors.
    + ostree/trivial-httpd: Add --random-408s command line option.
    + fsck: Add --all to print all corrupted object.
    + bash-completion: Don't add a space after files and directories.
    + u-boot: add support for devicetree.
  - Changes from version 2018.5:
    + lib/sysroot: Add OSTREE_EX_STAGE_DEPLOYMENTS environment
    + docs: Add "Hello World" example.
    + lib/deploy:
    - Do post-ops when removing staged commit;
    - Also compare deployment csum versions.
    + repo: Add checksum to error message opening unreadable object
    + deploy:
    - Don't prune repo at finalization time by default;
    - Return staged deployment;
    - Silently do nothing if passed same set of deployments.
    + man: Add man page for create-usb.
    + fsck: Mark commits with missing or deleted object partial.
    + Add concept of "staged" deployment.
    + bin: Hide `admin instutil` command.
    + pull: Don't save summary to cache before validating signatures.
    + lib/repo-pull:
    - Improve error message when no summary is found;
    - Rename a variable for clarity.
  - Add libostree-fix-wformat-warnings-on-i586.patch to fix 32-bit
    arch building failure.
* Wed May 02 2018
  - Update to version 2018.4:
    + A quick turnaround after 2018.3 to include one main PR:
    + "switchroot: Ensure /run/ostree-booted is created even without
    + This fixes ostree when booting without an initramfs. Thanks to
      @akiernan for the bug report and helping review the fix! I'm
      working on enhancing the test suite, which will help in adding
      some coverage here.
  - Changes from version 2018.3:
    + Keeping up with our ~monthly cadence. A variety of contributors
      here again, it's great to see! There's two notable features,
      and a variety of non-critical bugfixes.
    + On the features side we have:
    - sysroot: Add concept of deployment "pinning".
    - ostree: introduce PAYLOAD_LINK object type.
    - lib/fetcher: Allow clients to append to User-Agent.
    + By default libostree prunes older deployments; the pinning
      feature allows you to explicitly retain them until unpinned.
      This is useful for major version updates.
    + The PAYLOAD_LINK functionality allows libostree to do
      content-based deduplication. Previously, if e.g. a file changes
      in metadata (mode, owner, xattrs such as SELinux labels), we
      can't make a plain Unix hardlink, and hence by default end up
      with a new copy on disk. However, the Linux kernel has
      standardized "reflinks" and some filesystems support them,
      including modern versions of XFS. When reflinks are available,
      this functionality causes libostree to compute a content-only
      payload, and when importing an object, if it matches in content
      with an existing object, to use reflinks to deduplicate, while
      using different inodes.
    + Finally, the HTTP User-Agent API is intended for higher level
      tools linking to libostree where one wants to expose the app
      version as well.
    + Beyond that, as mentioned above we have a variety of
      non-critical fixes such as memory leaks, test suite
      improvements, correctly printing the "would be pruned" size
      when using prune --no-prune, etc.
  - Changes from version 2018.2:
    + We're keeping up with the approximately-monthly release cycle.
      There's mostly a collection of smaller fixes here, with some
      enhancements. I'm biased but my personal favorite is
      gh#ostreedev/ostree#1438 since it makes the output of findmnt
      rather significantly nicer on this workstation where I have
      container tooling creating sub-mounts in /var that are no
      longer replicated in /sysroot.
    + For the embedded space, gh#ostreedev/ostree#1411 for devicetree
      support is likely interesting, and is related to a discussion
      on the mailing list:
    + Jonathan's PR gh#ostreedev/ostree#1441 to add callback
      filtering to checkout was necessary for us to re-implement some
      hairy logic from librpm around "file coloring"; see
      projectatomic/rpm-ostree#1227 We're getting quite far along now
      in having rpm-ostree be a truly hybrid system, supporting the
      existing RPM ecosystem.
    + Marcus definitely wins the "lines changed" count this cycle by
      adding SPDX-License-Identifier to all of the C source files
      (gh#ostreedev/ostree#1439). This happened because we relicensed
      the documentation to dual CC BY-SA and GFDL in
      gh#ostreedev/ostree#1432 to enable a Wikipedia page which I
      just noticed exists now!
* Fri Apr 06 2018
  - Drop pkgconfig(libgsystem) BuildRequires: this is no longer
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Mon Feb 05 2018
  - Update to version 2018.1:
    + Support for booting without initramfs.
    + bash/ostree: add missing --add-metadata option.
    + bin/commit: add --keep-metadata option.
    + bin/commit: move parent checking code higher up.
    + bin: Fix cookie builtin build with curl but no soup.
    + build-sys: Allow building with curl, but without libsoup.
    + build-sys: Link with -ldl for rust build.
    + deploy: add --karg-none argument.
    + find-remotes: Add --finders option.
    + grub2: Exit gracefully if there's no system ostree repository.
    + lib/checkout: Validate pathnames during checkout.
    + lib/fetcher: Add version to USER_AGENT string.
    + lib/pull: allways include ostree-repo-pull-private.h.
    + lib: Validate metadata structure more consistently during pull.
    + ostree-prepare-root: enabler for simpler kernel arg.
    + rofiles: Add --copyup option.
    + rofiles: Fix --copyup when creating a new file.
* Wed Dec 20 2017
  - Update to version 2017.15:
    + The headlining feature in this release is support for
      repository locking, contributed by Dan Nicholson. Currently it
      is disabled by default; add locking=true in a repository
      configuration file to enable. This feature should be considered
      as "tech preview"; it's highly likely we'll stabilize it in its
      current form, but it's possible something will change.
      Currently the locking only protects commit + prune; there is a
      large pending PR to extend locking to many more APIs and
    + Several new APIs were added; for example libostree now has a
      convenient API to break a hardlink, which happens in e.g.
      rpm-ostree in several places such as handling the RPM database.
    + Also, multithreading support in the commit APIs was cleaned up
      and clarified. It's now possible to call transaction_set_ref()
      from multiple threads, which rpm-ostree uses now to import RPMs
      to OSTree in parallel.
    + We're tracking an issue with http2+libcurl and it looks like
      there are a number of issues still floating around
      HTTP2+libcurl (some are server bugs), that we added support at
      both build and runtime to disable http2.
    + The fsck command learned how to verify ref bindings, and
      relatedly, the commit command gained a --unbound option to skip
      creating ref bindings.
* Wed Dec 20 2017
  - Update to version 2017.14:
    + This release is almost entirely bugfixes. One notable fix is a
      read-after-free when libcurl is finalizing that some people
      have hit.
    + There are a number of improvements around the ${repo}/tmp
      directory and the per-transaction staging directory in
      preparation for adding locking in a future release. This
      release should already help avoid several failures when doing
      concurrent commits; the aim of the locking work will support
      concurrent prunes and commits.
* Wed Dec 20 2017
  - Update to version 2017.13:
    + A lot of across-the-board improvements here; the pure bugfixes
      are mostly in the experimental Avahi bits, hardening the
      FIFREEZE on /boot code, explicit errors when trying to commit
      non-UTF8 filenames, and finally a number of fixes around our
      use of mmap.
    + One slight backwards-incompatible change (but I doubt it'll
      break anyone): Disallow refs starting with a non-letter or
      digit If this does affect you, please let us know ASAP.
    + For improvements, first up, Alex changed the static delta code
      to avoid holding everything in memory; this is a substantial
      improvement for large deltas, and also for flatpak which uses
      deltas as a "bundle" format.
    + A few notable changes:
    - commit: Add _CONSUME modifier flag. You probably want to use
      this by default for your build/package systems.
    - core: Add standard SOURCE_TITLE metadata key. This one I
      think is conceptually quite interesting; for many people,
      their ostree commits are derived from something else that has
      its own versioning, and it's useful to show that explicitly.
      I encourage ostree-based build systems to consider rendering
      human-readable information about your builds into this
      standardized metadata key.
    - On the command line side: cleaning up the --help output
* Mon Oct 09 2017
  - Update to version 2017.12:
    + Quite a lot in this release. First, on the notable bugfix side,
      we fixed an issue where background threads could remain alive
      after an error was encountered during pulls. Particularly for
      projects like flatpak that do multiple pulls in process, this
      is an important fix.
    + Another important change related to pulls is that libostree now
      performs checksums when mirroring again. The intent here was to
      speed up mirroring, but it led to a confusing security story.
      Now it's easier to explain: for HTTP pulls we verify checksums
      (and this can be disabled), for local filesystem pulls we
      don't, (but it can be enabled). We've always verified checksums
      by default when pulling from an archive repository into a
    + Anton Gerasimov contributed a change to the libcurl backend to
      support PKCS#11 URIs, useful for storing certificates in a
      hardware or software enclave.
    + The schema for the experimental OstreeRepoFinderMount API to
      find OSTree repos on removable media has changed incompatibly,
      so that the media doesn’t need to contain two similar lists of
      refs. It will now look in .ostree/repos.d, .ostree/repo,
      ostree/repo and var/lib/flatpak paths on removable media.
    + Similarly, the experimental
      ostree_repo_resolve_keyring_for_collection() API has changed to
      return an OstreeRemote containing the keyring, rather than just
      the keyring, making it more generally useful.
    + The bloom filter used when finding refs from remote peers has
      been fixed to work correctly on 32-bit architectures (such as
      ARM). This doesn’t change the bloom filter format, but will
      require bloom filters created on 32-bit architectures to be
      regenerated in order for advertisements from those machines to
    + Repositories which have a collection ID set will now put their
      repository metadata in an ostree-metadata ref when ostree
      summary --update is run, in addition to putting it in the
      summary file. This is part of a plan to securely allow unsigned
      summary files for peer-to-peer pulling of refs. This won’t
      happen for repositories which don’t have a collection ID set,
      or if --enable-experimental-api is not configured.
    + A new ostree create-usb command has been added (if configured
      with --enable-experimental-api) which can be used to put refs
      from repositories onto removable media in a format which can be
      detected by OstreeRepoFinderMount. For example, to allow easy
      sharing of flatpaks or OS updates between offline machines.
    + OstreeRepo has gained hash() and equal() methods, so it can now
      easily be used in a hash table based on its device number and
      inode, rather than using its path.
    + A minor bug was fixed in rofiles-fuse, which would cause files
      to be created with random mode bits if called for O_RDONLY.
    + For clients that use OstreeRepoDevInoCache, a bug was fixed
      which caused libostree to ignore callbacks that allow modifying
      file modes, ownership, and extended attributes.
    + libostree now supports --with-crypto=gnutls. Like the OpenSSL
      support, this is currently just checksums, but we are driving
      this towards making the GPG dependency optional and supporting
      other signature methods.
    + In previous releases, libostree learned how to make hardlinks
      for local pulls. But if we couldn't hardlink (e.g. the devices
      were separate), the local pull code went through a much slower
      generic path that included re-checksumming objects. Now there's
      a copy/reflink fast path that uses FICLONE/copy_file_range()
      directly if possible. This can be substantially faster.
    + ostree prune learned a new --only-branch option. This can be a
      lot more convenient for release engineering tasks.
    + As usual, more work was done to improve the testsuite. It
      should now be able to better detect tmpfs/overlayfs
      environments. The upstream CI now also runs tests in a
      non-overlayfs environment for better coverage.
  - Changes from version 2017.11:
    + This release has a few new features, some UX improvements for
      the command line, and a variety of bugfixes.
    + The project is now more canonically called "libostree", though
      "OSTree" and "ostree" are also fine.
    + The most important bugfix for anyone using rofiles-fuse
      (typically build systems, rpm-ostree also uses it) is:
    - rofiles-fuse: Fix lchown() and hardlink verification for
    + On the features side, we've added a few new APIs to the
      libarchive importing and checkout path that will be used by
      rpm-ostree. This should be of interest to anyone using
      libostree for build systems or underlying a hybrid
      image/package system like rpm-ostree.
    + Also on the host system side, there is a new (canonical) place
      for build systems to put the kernel/initramfs:
    + Make all of the deployments show up in the uboot configuration,
      to help enable automatic fallback if a new OS fails to boot.
    + Lots of style cleanups, some "error prefixing" work to ensure
      we produce understandable errors in more situations,
      and one other notable cleanup: add a tmpfiles.d snippet to
      clean up /var/tmp/ostree-ovl.XXX. This should be nice for
      anyone who uses ostree admin unlock frequently.
    + Improve the management of configuration for remotes.
    + Lots of cleanup in the command line parsing and fixes for
    - -help, and also helped with the new --selinux-label option for
      ostree commit.
    + Fix the handling of GPG keys that have subkeys.
    + Fix the build system and tests.
* Sun Aug 20 2017
  - Update to version 2017.10:
    + In this release Coverity scans were set up , and fixed all of
      the problems it found. None of the issues were critical; the
      only off-by-one array indexing for example was in a test case.
    + Add bash completion.
    + Documentation fixes.
    + There are a number of smaller features:
    - lib/repo: Add API to create and list ref aliases.
    - repo: Introduce ostree_repo_open_at() and
      ostree_repo_create_at() is a notable new API, and finally
      completes our fd-relative porting for OstreeRepo. The
      semantics of these functions are nicer; it's now more
      convenient to unconditionally call ostree_repo_create_at()
      for example to ensure a repository exists, returning the
      opened result.
    + lib/sysroot: Add journal-msg signal is a nice cleanup in that
      we finally stopped doing printf() in the library code for
      OstreeSysroot. If you maintain a client, you should start
      listening for this signal, like the demo command line does (if
      you want the text of course).
    + In the "important bugfixes" category, pull: mark commits from
      local cache as partial fixes up the --localcache-repos logic.
    + Also a number of bugfixes contributed for the collections logic
      as well as cases of trying to download a missing summary file.
* Sun Aug 13 2017
  - Update to version 2017.9:
    + A notable new feature in this release is that the pull
      machinery now interprets two new metadata keys:
      ostree.ref-binding and ostree.collection-binding.
      This allows closing a longstanding class of "sidegrade" attacks
      that Florian Weimer identified when performing a security audit
      of libostree years ago (bgo#724873).
      There was a more recent discussion on this topic on the list:
    + For the ostree-as-host case, this only matters if you offer
      multiple refs. For flatpak, it's more important as a MITM
      attacker could actually switch applications; that's why flatpak
      implemented this a while ago as xa.ref.
    + I'll note here that it's recommended for content providers to
      make use of ostree's support for tls-ca-path to implement TLS
      CA pinning, which protects all metadata and content in a strong
      fashion; in this scenario the GPG signatures act as a secondary
      layer of defense and make offline verification easier (for e.g.
    + Otherwise, there's some performance enhancements for local
      pulls, and a variety of bugfixes.
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - Update to version 2017.8:
    + This is a quicker release closely following 2017.7, but it
      still includes a number of changes. First, a lot of work is
      landing from Philip/Krzesimir for doing "collections" and
      pulling content from Avahi/USB drives etc. That work is still
      underneath --enable-experimental-api, but look for more from
      that soon!
    + Other notable user-visible features from this cycle are:
    - lib/repo: Add min-free-space-percent option, default 3%.
    - Add "pull --localcache-repo".
    + An important bugfix for bare-user repo mode owners is:
      lib/commit: Ensure bare-user objects are always
    + Besides that we have a lot of code cleanup, CI work, etc.
* Thu Jun 29 2017
  - Update to version 2017.7:
    + The most notable thing for this release is that for flatpak
      users/distributors, this release adds a lot of (opt-in)
      hardening against setuid or world-writable files. These issues
      are also (to a lesser degree) applicable to ostree-based build
      systems which use the bare-user repository mode. A pending
      flatpak version will require this version of libostree.
    + For ostree-as-host, we fixed a major regression in SELinux
      labeling for /etc (only applies to SELinux-using host systems).
    + Known issue: will fail when building from the
      tarball (as opposed to a git clone).
    + Besides that, there's various smaller cleanups and fixes. It's
      great to see contributors from a variety of organizations;
      having libostree be a shared infrastructure layer across
      distributions is a longstanding vision.
* Fri Jun 16 2017
  - Update to version 2017.6:
    + One of the most notable changes in this release is that we
      switched to using a systemd generator for handling /var, which
      means admins can now set it up as an explicit mount point. We
      feel pretty confident in the code, but do test your specific
      setup. One note in particular; the new model (obviously)
      requires systemd, and while we tried to preserve the
      non-systemd path, it wasn't explicitly tested.
    + The work to port to a new code style continues rapidly; at this
      point most of the library is converted, with just the command
      line remaining. I think the new style is a lot more readable
      now that we rely fully on __attribute__((cleanup)).
    + Enhance the OstreeAsyncProgress reporting API, which I think is
      going to be quite useful for user interface frontends (like
      GNOME Software).
    + There's a smattering of smaller bugfixes; minor memory leaks,
      double close() and the like. In this cycle we also beefed up
      our CI/testing more - we now test both Fedora Atomic Host and
      flatpak more explicitly. Contributions to extend the suite to
      other distributions would be appreciated; for example, tests
      for ostree-as-host on Debian. Our Travis-executed tests should
      be extensible.
    + Fix some of the test suite for installed tests, and also
      introspection fixes for language bindings.
    + Another feature that involved a lot of internal changes is our
      handling for /etc on SELinux-based systems. We now label files
      as we go rather than having a more fragile separate relabeling
      path. This is also exposed as an API, which is used by
      rpm-ostree now. I think this particular change highlights the
      strength of "libostree" as an API that can be reused by higher
      level systems.
  - Changes from version 2017.5:
    + This is a bugfix release for 2017.4 to fix a regression that
      broke flatpak.
  - Changes from version 2017.4:
    + A notable new feature in this release is a fourth repository
      mode: "bare-user-only". This is very similar to bare-user, but
      canonicalizes permissions and ignores xattrs. The intended
      use of this is for "non-OS" container tools such as flatpak,
      where one intentionally discards the traditional file
      ownership. (I'm calling this container case "non-OS" to
      distinguish from other container tools where one might want to
      "log in" via PAM and supporting distinct UIDs inside a single
      container is valuable)
    + We have a few new APIs, such as ostree_check_version() which is
      important when making use of some of the "API extensions" we
      have using GVariant on e.g. ostree_repo_pull_with_options().
    + The diff is a bit larger due to us switching to a new code
    + Another quite important change is that ostree trivial-httpd is
      disabled by default. With a libcurl build, this is the last
      part that links to libsoup. It's only needed for unit tests, so
      can be subpackaged or discarded. (We're doing the latter for
    + Speaking of curl, we now support --with-openssl which enables
      using OpenSSL's libcrypto for SHA256. This can be notably
      faster. You likely want this if e.g. libcurl is already linked
      to OpenSSL for you. I'm increasingly confident in the curl
      code, and should be ready to recommend using it by default in
      the next release or two.
* Sat Mar 11 2017
  - Update to version 2017.3:
    + contrib/golang: rm directory.
    + deltas: Don't put unreadable *from* objects in fallback.
    + delta-show: Don't dump whole superblock, do show fallback
    + repo: Fix static delta progress display.
    + pull: Explicitly error out if metadata objects are fallbacks.
    + pull: Fold together deltapart+fallback count for display.
    + ci: Install PyYAML.
    + lib: Ensure an error is set in ensure_unlinked() if errno !=
    + libtest: Re-enable quiet mode for building fs tree.
    + Add more/clean up links to consuming projects.
    + libglnx: Re-bump to master due to accidental reversion.
    + ci: Hard error on all -fsanitize=undefined warnings.
    + build: Add --with-smack, use it to reset contexts for writing
    + main: Make ostree --version output YAML (and add gitrev).
    + deploy: Correctly use libmount unref() calls rather than
    + man/repo-config: Document mirrorlist.
    + tree-wide: Squash noncritical compiler warnings.
    + deploy/libmount: Fix build with old util-linux 2.23 (CentOS7).
    + fetcher: Log failures into journal.
    + upgrade: Add support for --pull-only and --deploy-only.
    + grub2: Use g_spawn_sync() rather than GSubprocess to avoid
    + deltas: Expose the filename parameter.
    + pull: don't use static deltas if archive repo.
    + libglnx: bump for -Wmaybe-uninitialized fix.
    + grub2: Use "linux16" only on x86/x86_64.
    + pull: Use all available commits for delta sources.
    + build: Fix disabling --enable-man if xsltproc is not available.
    + fetcher/curl: Fix leaks caught by ASAN.
    + libostree: Allow compression level to be set for archive-z2
    + Allow and start using C99 declaration-after-statement.
    + repo/checkout: Verify early if src/destination are on same
    + checkout: Support a "pure addition" mode.
    + repo/checkout: fix 32-bit builds.
    + repo-pull: add option to set the async update frequency.
    + ostree: allow setting update frequency from command line.
    + repo/checkout: Convert a few functions to new "stmt-decl/FALSE"
* Thu Mar 02 2017
  - Update License: this should be LGPL-2.1+, not GPL-2.0+.
* Thu Mar 02 2017
  - RPM group changes
* Wed Feb 22 2017
  - Update to version 2017.2:
    + libostree: Don't distribute generated enumtypes in tarballs.
    + lib: Adjust comments in symbols section for last release.
    + lib: Prefix GPG errors with the checksum.
    + lib: Move the bupsplit selftest into our test framework.
    + Rename to libOSTree.
    + oxidation: Add implementation of bupsplit in Rust.
    + trusted.gpg.d: keep in the same location.
    + lib: Add ostree_repo_reload_config().
    + rust: Support `make dist` -> cargo vendor.
    + repo: Add archive/zlib-level option, drop default compression
      to 6.
    + fetcher: Drop the libsoup queue.
    + libcurl backend.
    + fetcher queue: also throttle on outstanding writes.
    + libostree: added empty ot_cleanup_{read,write}_archive macros.
    + ostree-repo: Clarify error behaviour of remote option getters.
    + admin-switch: Don't segfault if there's no remote.
    + commit: Support -F/--body-file, like git.
    + build: Remove .PHONY for Rust shared library.
    + rofiles-fuse: Support write/read_buf().
  - Rename from ostree to libostree, following upstream.
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - Update to version 2017.1:
    + This release has mostly bugfixes, the main new feature is that
      the prune command gained more sophistication around selectively
      pruning branches. We're planning to use this in Project Atomic
      work where we want to co-locate both "development" and "stable"
      branches in the same repository.
    + The next release is likely to be more exciting, as we have an
      additional new libcurl backend in the works - this release
      contains some preparatory cleanup for that.
* Thu Dec 22 2016
  - Update to version 2016.15:
    + This release is mostly bugfixes - for example, it cleans up the
      vast majority of memory leaks caught by ASAN. We also build
      without libsoup again, which is preparatory for a potential
      addition of a libcurl HTTP backend.
    + Another notable change is that we now always checksum
      individual objects even when applying static deltas, regardless
      of whether or not the summary file is signed. This is part of
      an ongoing thread about supporting OCI as a transport layer.
  - Add pkgconfig(zlib) BuildRequires: configure explicitly checks
    for it.
* Tue Nov 29 2016
  - Update to version 2016.14:
    + otutil: Note that ot_log_structured takes a printf format.
    + libglnx: Bump to master (for -fsanitize fixes).
    + Distribute test scripts even if we wouldn't run them.
    + Distribute valgrind suppressions in tarballs.
    + Filter bootloader supplied kernel cmdline options.
    + repo: Don't put remote refs in the summary file.
    + pull: Don't do deltas with --commit-metadata-only.
    + pull: Add per-remote cookie jar.
    + remote: Add command to list cookies.
    + remote: Add commands to add and remove cookies for a remote.
    + OsreeFetcher: Treat 403 as not found.
    + trivial-httpd: Add support for checking cookies.
    + Update documentation for cookie handling commands.
    + deltas: Only keep one file open at a time during compilation.
  - Changes from version 2016.13:
    + pull: Add support for `http-headers` option.
    + pull: Redo logic for "scanning".
    + commit: Fix reading xattrs from OstreeRepoFile:s.
    + lib: Define and use cleanup functions for gpgme.
    + lib: Split out helper function to create GPG context.
    + Add "gpgkeypath" option to remotes.
    + lib: Add an API to GPG verify a commit given a remote.
    + pull: Do GPG verify commit objects when using deltas.
* Wed Nov 02 2016
  - Add pkgconfig(libsystemd) BuildRequires: configure explicitly
    calls on both .pc names (systemd and libsystemd). We do want to
    stay independent of potential systemd packaging changes.
* Wed Oct 26 2016
  - Update to version 2016.12:
    + pull: Support inherit-transaction.
    + pull: Support multiple specifications of --subpath.
    + docs: amend vmlinuz & initramfs naming convention.
    + ostree-sysroot-deploy.c: delete redundant check.
    + OstreeFetcher: provide proxy credentials if needed.
    + core: Do create hardlinks to symlinks for checkouts.
    + add .redhat-ci.yml and .redhat-ci.Dockerfile.
    + .redhat-ci.yml: use projectatomic/ostree-tester.
    + Fix regression for symlinks in bare-user repos.
    + ostree_repo_read_commit_detached_metadata: Handle parent repo.
    + detached metadata: Put these in transaction.
    + Release 2016.12.
* Mon Oct 10 2016
  - Update to version 2016.11:
    + static-delta: add some error handling.
    + pull: Do allow executing deltas when mirroring into
    + ostree-repo.c: Fix file descriptor cleanup.
    + ostree_sysroot.c: Don't close sysroot_fd twice.
    + sysroot: Port some small cleanup code to fd-relative.
    + sysroot: Port origin writing code to fd-relative.
    + sysroot: Drop an fsync for origin file when writing
    + sysroot: Drop an unnecessary fsync.
    + boot: Ensure we remount /var writable before systemd does
      journal flush.
    + ostree_sysroot_init_osname: also create /var/log.
    + docs: add mention of rpm-ostree package layering.
    + admin: Allow running status unlocked.
    + Fix spelling of "repository".
    + checkout: Fix fsync defaults for new API to be off for real.
    + trivial-httpd: Port mostly to fd-relative.
    + libglnx: Update to latest.
* Mon Sep 19 2016
  - Update to version 2016.10:
    + pull code: support contenturl setting.
    + trivial-httpd: prepend timestamp in log file.
    + pull: drop fetching_sync_uri.
    + pull: add mirrorlist support.
    + libtest: add has_gpgme() helper function.
    + tests: add tests for contenturl and mirrorlist.
    + pull code: clean up mirrorlist hack.
    + build: Set --enable-man during distcheck.
    + build: Distribute man page XML source.
    + build: Actually distribute man page XML source.
    + switchroot: Fix build on Ubuntu.
    + switchroot: Fix test-switchroot now autotools can build static.
    + ostree-prepare-root: Error if realpath fails.
    + ostree-prepare-root: Fix running with musl.
    + gpg: do not segfault when the algorithm name is not known.
    + repo: Revert default timestamp from 1 back to 0.
    + delta: Add missing `goto out` for failure to mmap().
    + repo: Only use mmap() for metadata > 16k.
    + delta: Unreference files we've processed.
    + fetcher: Fix another finalization deadlock.
    + sysroot: Avoid double cleanup, and ensure no cleanup if
    + core: Make OSTREE_TIMESTAMP public API.
    + Release 2016.10.
* Tue Sep 06 2016
  - Update to version 2016.9:
    + libostree.sym: Add 2016.9 section.
    + deltas: Handle cleanup of fd array properly.
    + deltas: Use F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC properly.
    + pull-local: Support requiring static deltas.
    + tests: Ensure deltas for pulling when needed.
    + pull: Disable static deltas by default for local pulls.
    + tests: Test that local pulls do not use deltas.
    + Move ostree-* executables to /usr/lib/ostree.
    + ostree_bootdir: prepend $(prefix) to path.
    + ostree_bootdir: properly preprend $(prefix).
    + manual/ reword bits about the summary file.
    + repo: Really ignore progress changed user data.
    + fix typo in docs/manual/
    + prune: Elaborate on what formats are accepted by dates.
    + fixup! fix typo in docs/manual/
    + test-rofiles-fuse: Actually check out via hardlinks.
    + rofiles-fuse: Rework to be based on nlink.
    + pull_with_options: fix remote parameter name & desc.
    + pull_with_options: allow GPG verification override.
    + pull_with_options: fix stray return FALSE.
    + pull: Make .commitpartial files world readable.
    + repo: Add prefixes to errors for querying size/deleting.
    + lib: Add an API to list only "our" objects, fix prune to use
    + pull: use same name for parameter and documentation comment.
    + u-boot: Merge ostree's and systems uEnv.txt.
    + sysroot: Drop unnecessary `dup()` invocation.
    + sysroot: Add a flag to suppress post-deploy cleanup.
    + commit: Don't delete tmp/cache dir.
    + switchroot: Fix building with musl libc.
    + ostree-prepare-root: Allow building statically with musl.
    + switchroot: Replace custom error printing with err/warn
      functions from libc.
    + switchroot: Move `path_is_on_readonly_fs` to header file.
    + repo-pull: properly store the cancellable.
* Sun Aug 14 2016
  - Update to version 2016.8:
    + Almost entirely bugfixes. Most notable is a fix for a
      relatively rare race condition in the pull code on cleanup
      (after completion), and also a memory leak.
    + Besides that, there are improvements for the test suite, some
      more porting away from libgsystem, a bugfix for static deltas
      important to flatpak, build tweaks for older glib, etc.
  - Changes from 2016.7:
    + There's quite a lot of changes in this release since 2016.5,
      but one thing to call out explicitly it is a fixed race
      condition in the HTTP pull code that could cause hangs or
      crashes that mostly occurred only when doing "large" pulls
      (thousands of object requests). If this occurs, client systems
      can work around it by cancelling and retrying the pull.
* Tue Jun 28 2016
  - Move grub2 related files to new ostree-grub2 subpackage (similar
    to Fedora), only used to integrate ostree with grub2
    (fully fix boo#974714).
* Mon Jun 27 2016
  - Update to version 2016.6:
    + refs: add "ostree refs --create" and unit tests.
    + manual: Link to
    + Add "archive" as an alias for "archive-z2".
    + libglnx porting: delete temp files on failure of file creation.
    + repo: Avoid a possible divide by zero in progress.
    + manual: Discuss mirroring.
    + build: Fix libreaddir-rand to honor global CFLAGS.
    + tests: Support OT_SKIP_READDIR_RAND.
    + pull: Ensure we always process queue only from main thread.
  - Switch git url to
  - Fix Url in specfile.
* Wed May 11 2016
  - Add ostree-grub2-location.patch: Fix path to find
    grub-mkconfig_lib. openSUSE installs those files to
    /usr/share/grub2, upstream would do /usr/share/grub (boo#974714).
* Fri Apr 22 2016
  - Update to version 2016.5:
    + Add a stub .travis.yml.
    + tests: Add a test-abi.
    + Add --untrusted option to pull and pull-local.
    + OstreeSePolicy: add ostree_sepolicy_get_csum().
    + core: Add verbose messages for pruning.
    + core: Add debug messages for traversing.
    + build: Set G_LOG_DOMAIN to OSTree.
    + main: Set log handler for OSTree domain.
    + packaging: fix bashism in dist-snapshot target.
    + docs: Add a section on repository management.
    + commit: Support generating commits with no parent, or a custom
    + commit: Support writing orphans.
    + commit: support editor for orphan commits.
    + docs/ Update for github move, Homu etc.
    + test-xattrs: use TAP syntax to skip test.
    + various tests: skip if temp directory lacks xattr support.
    + Symlink into tests directory.
    + tap-test: clean up temporary test directories as intended.
    + In tests that use gpg, terminate the gpg-agent after testing.
    + Load g-i bindings from builddir during build-time testing.
    + tests/ this is a bash script, not a POSIX sh
    + Force libreaddir-rand to be a shared library.
    + Skip tests that run rofiles-fuse if /dev/fuse or /etc/mtab
    + always corrupt a regular file, not a
    + basic-test: commit with a non-empty subject.
    + Probe for GNU parallel more accurately.
    + tests: Make failing to kill the GPG agent non-fatal.
    + use G_TEST_SRCDIR, G_TEST_BUILDDIR to find
    + test-abi: use G_TEST_SRCDIR, G_TEST_BUILDDIR.
    + test-xattrs: sync how this is skipped with test-rofiles-fuse.
    + only check whether $(pwd) is empty once.
    + manual: Fix a bunch of typos and docbookisms.
    + Introducing ostree-grub-generator.
    + pull: Don't try to cache summaries for pull-local.
    + Fix local-pull test.
    + pull-local: Support --gpg-verify and --gpg-verify-summary.
    + build: Find grub2-mkconfig a bit more automagically.
    + build: Make tests/ rule use AM_V_GEN.
    + tests: add libostreetest.h to EXTRA_DIST.
    + tests: add missing ${CMD_PREFIX} before ostree.
    + contrib: indent golang code using only tabs instead of both
      tabs and spaces.
    + Remove empty new lines at the EOF.
    + docs: Prefer the form "cannot" to "can not".
    + Use
    + Support pathnames for --subpath=...
    + Export ostree_repo_get_remote_option* functions.
    + Inherit remotes and remote options from parent repo.
    + Add test case for inheriting remote options.
    + ignore syntax-check for
    + Add support for ostree static-delta delete.
    + small cleanups.
    + Fix the symbol versions for ostree_repo_get_remote_*option.
    + ostree-repo-pull: always initialize flags_i.
    + pull: More consistently use remote_repo_local for local repos.
    + build: Move grub2-15_ostree back to pkglibexecdir.
    + Fix AS_HELP_STRING for builtin grub2 mkconfig.
    + fetcher: Initialize output_stream_set_lock mutex.
    + commit: Fix crash if dfd_iter is NULL.
    + Add cache_dir_fd to OstreeRepo.
    + Add OstreeRepo option for an out-of-band cache dir.
    + man: Elaborate on per-remote GPG.
    + Add remotes-config-dir to OstreeRepo.
    + Look for $remotename.trustedkeys.gpg in remotes.d dir.
    + refs: Add g_prefix_error around opendir for easier debugging.
    + static-delta: Put temp files in /var/tmp.
    + static-delta: Initialize read_source_fd to -1.
  - Stop passing --with-grub2 to configure, no longer recognized.
* Mon Apr 11 2016
  - Update to version 2016.4:
    + fetcher: Remove message_to_request table
    + fetcher: Convert from GSimpleAsyncResult to GTask
    + fetcher: Rework reference counting
    + fetcher: Track outstanding requests with a table
    + sysroot: Cleanup refs and prune even on last undeployment
    + pull: Recover from missing commits in recursive pulls
    + doc: Note that refs --delete does not prune
    + tests: Add a test for pull+deploy of specific "bare" commit
    + static-delta: Handle LZMA_BUF_ERROR returned by zlib
    + static-delta: Don't run bspatch when output object already
    + static-delta: Set error on bsdiff failure
    + commit: Improve variable name
    + Don't require /boot/uEnv.txt for u-boot support
    + tests: fix LZMA test to really compress/decompress
    + upgrader: Add ostree_sysroot_upgrader_dup_origin()
    + upgrader: Allow overriding the commit to pull
    + upgrade: Add --override-commit=CHECKSUM option
    + prepare-root: set up /boot bind-mount for single partition
    + static-delta: Fix annotation on
    + sysroot: Write symlinks before calling fsync(), then rename
    + init-fs: Explicitly set /tmp to 01777
    + core: use OSTREE_OBJECT_TYPE_LAST instead of
    + pull: add support for tombstone commits
    + repo: create a tombstone commit when deleting a commit
    + fsck: add argument --add-tombstones
    + tests: add tests for prune and tombstones commits
    + docs: Note not to put private keys in /usr/share/ostree
    + generate-static-delta: Support min-fallback-size 0 to disable
    + static deltas: Add support for inline-parts
    + static-deltas generate: Add --inline option to CLI tool
    + Add tests for inline static deltas
    + deltas: Make apply-offline only read the parts once
    + delta: Ensure the from commit exists when applying static delta
    + static-delta apply-offline: Don't skip validation
    + Add _ostree_repo_open|commit_untrusted_content_bare
    + deltas: Verify checksums in apply-offline unless skip_validate
      is TRUE
    + deltas: Make min-fallback-size 0 actually disable fallbacks
    + deltas: Support passing filename to delta generator
    + deltas: Support passing filename to
    + pull: Verify checksums from static deltas unless gpg signed
    + deltas: Support including detached metadata in static deltas
    + libostree: Fix a couple compiler warnings
    + prune: add --delete-commit
    + fsck: create a tombstone when the parent is missing
    + tests: add test for ostree prune --delete-commit
    + prune: add --keep-younger-than=DATE
    + pull: make slightly clearer when failing for missing xattrs
    + ostree: do not print the usage on each G_IO_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED
    + libostree: add new API ostree_repo_write_commit_with_time
    + commit: add --timestamp=TIMESTAMP
    + tests: add tests for prune --keep-younger-than=DATE
    + tests: prefix invocation of ostree with  where missing
    + repo: Validate checksums have correct length
    + repo: Never delete .commitmeta files
    + trivial-httpd: Avoid SoupBuffer when there's no content
    + glnx: Update from master
    + fetcher: Remove "sending_messages" hash table
    + fetcher: Remove "total_requests" counter
    + remote: Print full refspec in "ostree remote refs"
    + repo: Fix backwards timestamp in ostree_repo_write_commit()
    + gpg-verifier: Fix compiler warning
    + Release 2015.11
    + parse-datetime: use the module from gnulib
    + tests: add missing ${CMD_PREFIX}
    + cmdline: Fatally error if the timestamp in a commit is invalid
    + build: Delete generated parse-datetime.c file, use AM_V_GEN
    + build: Also add a configure check for YACC/bison
    + Update to latest libglnx
    + repo: Add _ostree_repo_allocate_tmpdir helper
    + repo: Use per-transaction staging dir
    + repo: Allocate a tmpdir for each OstreeFetcher to isolate
      concurrent downloads
    + fetcher: Add "config-flags" construct-only property
    + fetcher: Move the SoupSession to a separate thread
    + pull: Push a temporary main context for sync requests
    + build: Fix srcdir != builddir
    + repo: Add ostree_repo_verify_summary()
    + remote: Add "ostree remote summary" command
    + repo: new function ostree_repo_prune_static_deltas
    + prune: add new flag --static-deltas-only
    + tests: add tests for prune --static-deltas-only
    + deploy: Find kernel/initramfs consistently from filesystem
    + bootconfig: Add ostree_bootconfig_parser_write_at
    + deploy: Change large parts to be fd-relative, drop fsync
    + fetcher: Lazily create tmp directory
    + grub2_generate: load sysroot before using it
    + repo: Expose dfd-relative mtree writes as public API
    + repo: Add APIs for devino optimization between checkout ->
    + Release 2016.1
    + repo: Note global transaction resume is legacy
    + sysroot: Don't individually fsync dirs in checkout, rely on
    + diff: do not traverse parent commits
    + Add a checkout option to skip fsync
    + refs: Add a missing `goto out` for error handling
    + grub2: Don't delete grub2.cfg.old file we just copied
    + tests: Use "bash strict mode"
    + build: Move man pages into man/
    + build: Rename doc/ -> apidoc/
    + Rewrite manual in mkdocs
    + apidoc: Remove unnecessary srcdir != builddir workaround
    + repo: Port -refs.c to openat()
    + build: Add --disable-man
    + lib: Add a #define OSTREE_SHA256_DIGEST_LEN 32
    + build: Hoist man conditional higher
    + static-delta: Add `show` subcommand
    + packaging: Sync spec file with Fedora
    + build: 'make clean' removes parse-datetime.c
    + docs-md: Delete (obsoleted by docs/)
    + Update to link to Read The Docs, describe a bit
    + build: Remove --disable-static-deltas option
    + lib: Create an internal static delta parsing/opening function
    + lib: Expand `ostree static-delta show` to show part stats
    + fetcher: Fix hung GTlsInteraction
    + Import rofiles-fuse
    + Add an `export` builtin, and API to write to libarchive
    + pull: Support specifying exact commit to pull via branch@commit
    + manual-tests: New
    + man/ostree-export.xml: Add to git
    + Support Docker-style whiteouts
    + packaging: Add a fuse subpackage
    + rofiles-fuse: Fix truncate call to not use O_CREAT
    + manual: Note that the bare-user mode exists
    + Rename libarchive write API to "export", matching command line
    + repo: Add ostree_repo_import_archive_to_mtree
    + ostree-sysroot: add debug option to help testing
    + pull: Add require-static-deltas pull option
    + pull: Add a --dry-run option for static deltas
    + build: Link ostree with libarchive
    + docs: Add a new formats section, move static deltas in there
    + libarchive: Make autocreate_parents imply autocreating root dir
    + build: Use threadsafe GPGME
    + gpg: Use gpg_strerror_r for threadsafety
    + Release 2016.2
    + libarchive: Fix a 32 bit format warning
    + lib: Two more compiler warning fixes
    + deltas: Fix some more 32 bit warnings
    + deltas: Fix regression in
    + rofiles-fuse: Handle operations on the root
    + deltas: Include an endianness marker
    + deltas: Use endianness marker when parsing
    + deltas: Heuristically detect endianness for older deltas
    + deltas: Add a compression size heuristic for endianness
    + Release 2016.3
    + docs: Add a blurb on the summary file
    + Fix make syntax-check
    + test-rofiles-fuse: skip when fusermount is not present
    + lib: Introduce versioned symbols
    + repo: Add ostree_repo_get_dfd()
    + Add a missing #include to fix "make check"
    + ostree-repo: new public function `ostree_repo_list_refs_ext`
    + refs: allow to specify multiple refs as args
    + refs: add tests
    + libostree: Adjust `cleanup_ref_prefix` to use
    + refs: Add argument --list to print the full ref name
    + tests: Port to, make `make check` run all of the
    + deploy: Bump the mtime on ostree/deploy after deployments
    + tests: Convert two more exit 77 instances into TAP-compatible
    + docs/introduction: Note VMs vs baremetal
    + lib: Add ostree_sysroot_init_osname() API, bump mtime
    + tests: More TAP fixups
    + tests: Unify some tmpdir code, add ability for C to use
    + lib: Add ostree_sysroot_load_if_changed() API
    + tests/basic: Fix race in timestamp test
    + build: Don't install test data without --enable-installed-tests
    + docs: Reference the git docs on references
    + libotutil: new function ot_openat_ignore_enoent
    + pull: cache summary and summary.sig
    + repo: use the skip summary download optimization for
    + prune: delete all cached summaries files
    + tests: add test for summary file caching
    + repo: Fix the skip-summary-if-summary.sig-is-same cache
    + rofiles-fuse: Fix permission comparison
    + docs: Cleanup Markdown
    + docs: Add a section on writing buildsystems
    + contrib/golang: Initial golang bindings
    + tests: Strengthen test tmpdir sanity check, be compat with
      ginsttest saving
    + libglnx porting: gs_fd_close -> glnx_fd_close
    + libglnx porting: gs_free -> g_autofree
    + libglnx porting: xattr calls
    + libglnx porting: gs_transfer_out_value -> g_steal_pointer
    + Don't fail "ostree remote refs" if writing the summary cache is
      not permitted
    + manual: Migrate related projects wiki page into manual
    + deploy: Handle a read-only /boot
    + mkdocs: Fix the site name
    + tests/ add #!/bin/sh
    + Skip test_libarchive_ignore_device_file if we cannot write
    + test-libarchive: fix underlinking
    + admin-switch: Add missing reboot argument
    + Use GSubprocess instead of GSSubprocess (libgsystem removal)
    + libglnx porting: Use glnx_set_error_from_errno
    + libglnx porting: Use glnx_shutil_rm_rf_at()
    + libglnx porting: Use glnx_opendirat()
    + admin: Add an `unlock` command, and libostree API
    + Fix building without libarchive
    + pull local: Don't import objects we already have
    + prune: Don't fail on partial commits
    + tests: Add a commitpartial + prune test
    + traverse: Require variant when traversing dirtree
    + Release 2016.4
  - Add bison, pkgconfig(fuse) and pkgconfig(mount) BuildRequires:
    New dependencies.
* Thu Oct 08 2015
  - Update to version 2015.9:
    + _ostree_static_delta_part_validate: Take a stream instead of a
      file as arg
    + sysroot: Add ostree_sysroot_prepare_cleanup()
    + deploy: Do not prune repository
    + libglnx: Update from master
    + reset: Simplify argument checking logic
    + repo: Fix build without libsoup
    + pull: Honor depth with OSTREE_REPO_PULL_FLAGS_COMMIT_ONLY
    + Mutable is a keyword in C++11
    + Remove unused variables
* Thu Oct 08 2015
  - Update to version 2015.8:
    + gpg: Add ostree_gpg_verify_result_describe()
    + admin: Show GPG signatures in status command
    + pull-metalink: Don't print error output when we expect failure
    + Add an API to set/unset a deployment tree's mutability
    + ostree_repo_checkout_tree_at: remove @subpath documentation
    + refs: Use *at for writes, honor repo fsync flag
    + repo: Add a private helper to replace a file, honoring fsync
    + libglnx: Pick up file permission regression fix
    + tests: Fix root uid check in
    + _ostree_repo_file_replace_contents: make buf const
    + summary: write the contents to a temporary file
    + config: add new parameter "commit-update-summary" to core
    + libglnx: Update to latest
    + reset: Don't enforce parent commits
    + repo: Improve error handling in sign_data()
    + repo: Add a "gpg-verify-result" signal
    + pull: Print GPG signature status as soon as its known
    + repo: Add ostree_repo_remote_get_gpg_verify()
    + admin: Conditionally show GPG signatures in status command
    + sysroot: Cache an OstreeRepo instance
    + main: Tweak GPG output to match rpm-ostree
    + sysroot: Add ostree_sysroot_get_fd()
    + libglnx: Update from master
    + sysroot: Close sysroot fd in finalize
    + status: Don't crash if we deployed a local refspec
    + deploy: Use syncfs() in addition to sync()
    + deploy: Drop fsync of modified config files
    + deploy: Drop a fsync, use fd-relative APIs
    + fix typo
    + reset: update help output
    + pull: Always request detached metadata for commits
    + properly quote arguments to assert_streq
    + g_output_stream_splice: check correctly the error code
    + gpg: do not use secring.gpg
    + show: add option --gpg-homedir
    + libotutil: Establish a place for GPG utilities
    + libotutil: Add ot_gpgme_ctx_tmp_home_dir()
    + repo: Initialize GPGME in instance init()
    + ostree: Split up "remote" subcommands
    + gpg: Fix _ostree_gpg_verifier_add_keyring()
    + pull: the commit size in the summary is not for the detached
    + Fix build when using GLib < 2.44
    + sysroot: Add an API to lock
    + libglnx: fix reference to commit
    + repo: Fix an obvious typo
    + doc: remove unknown parameter from inline documentation
    + core: Cleanup commitpartial file with fd-relative lookups
    + Teach fsck about partial commits
    + libglnx: Pick up bugfix and backports
    + repo: Stop creating "transaction" symlink
    + gpg: Add ostree_gpg_verify_result_describe_variant()
    + Juggling libglnx.h includes
    + Use g_autofree instead of gs_free
    + Use g_autoptr() for GIO object types
    + Use glnx_unref_object instead of gs_unref_object
    + Use g_autoptr(GChecksum) instead of gs_free_checksum
    + Use g_autoptr(GBytes) instead of gs_unref_bytes
    + Use g_autoptr(GHashTable) instead of gs_unref_hashtable
    + Use g_autoptr(GPtrArray) instead of gs_unref_ptrarray
    + Use g_autoptr(GVariant) instead of gs_unref_variant
    + Use g_autoptr(GKeyFile) instead of gs_unref_keyfile
    + Use g_autoptr(GVariantBuilder) instead of
    + Use g_auto(GStrv) instead of gs_strfreev
    + Remove unnecessary #include "libgsystem.h"
    + trivial-httpd: fix indentation
    + trivial-httpd: add option to specify the port
    + summary: list the available static deltas
    + core: new function _ostree_parse_delta_name
    + core: store information about delta files checksums
    + pull: check that the superblock checksum is the same as in the
    + pull: get rid of detached metadata for deltas
    + ostree-repo: add new API to sign the summary file
    + summary: add new command line arguments to sign the summary
    + pull: verify signature for the summary file
    + tests: add a test for signed summary file
    + summary: delete summary.sig on an update
    + ot-fs-utils: remove empty line at EOF
    + gpg: Fix ot_gpgme_error_to_gio_error()
    + gpg: Add custom data buffers to wrapper GIO streams
    + repo: Simplify sign_data() a little
    + sysroot: Add a try_lock() API
    + ostree-repo-pull: add option to disable static-deltas
    + pull: add new switch option --disable-static-deltas
    + doc: add missing options block for pull
    + tests: add new test for pull --disable-static-deltas
    + syntax-check: add syntactic rule to prohibit gs_unref_*
    + syntax-check: add syntactic rule to prohibit gs_strfreev
    + Remove GNU releases specific bits
    + repo: Stash keyring name in OstreeRemote
    + repo: Delete a remote's keyring when deleting a remote
    + repo: Add ostree_repo_remote_gpg_import()
    + repo: Add remote's keyring during GPG verification
    + ostree: Add a "remote gpg-import" command
    + ostree: Add --gpg-import to the "remote add" command
    + tests: Add
    + admin: Use locking for most sysroot commands
    + tests: Fix writable repo test
    + test-basic: Always chown back before doing assertion
    + ostree-repo: replace more gs_unref_(variant|bytes) with
    + repo: Bump mtime any time we write a ref
    + repo: Prevent GPG keys from being imported to keybox format
    + admin: Ensure instutil commands and usage help don't grab lock
    + ostree-repo: document
    + Fix annotations on ostree_repo_remote_gpg_import().
    + sysroot: Sort returned boot loader configs
    + tests: Add a test script to cross-check loader config vs GRUB2
    + tests: Add a crosscheck for syslinux bootloader config
    + tests: Run all tests through a randomized readdir()
    + pull: Ensure console state for multiple GPG verification
    + pull: Validate delta checksums more strongly
    + tests: Add a commented out test for mirroring with deltas
    + repo: Don't crash when creating a summary if we have --empty
    + tests: Add a test-pull-summary-sigs
    + Revert "tests: Run all tests through a randomized readdir()"
    + tests: Run all tests through a randomized readdir()
    + tests/remote-gpg-import: Only commit workdir
    + gpg: Gracefully handle no trusted.gpg.d directory
    + Fix tests on 32 bit systems
    + tests: Link test-gpg-verify-result with gpgme
    + tests: Use readdir64 when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS set
    + tests: Use temporary gpg homedir
    + Revert "tests: skip when not root"
    + Fix double free in ostree_repo_pull_with_options
    + repo: Change GPG verification policy
    + fix typo
    + tests/ remove empty newline
    + pull-local: Support --depth option
    + metalink: Fix behavior when requested file is not found
    + tests/metalink: Add a case with nested unknown elements
    + diff: Fix adding CLI options twice
    + repo: Add _ostree_repo_remote_new_fetcher()
    + repo: Add _ostree_repo_get_remote_option_inherit()
    + repo: Handle "file" remotes in
    + repo: Redo ostree_repo_remote_get_url()
    + metalink: Allow NULL for "out" params in metalink requests
    + metalink: Return requested file as a GBytes
    + repo: Add ostree_repo_remote_fetch_summary()
    + ostree: Add a "remote refs" command
    + pull: verify summary signatures also when not mirroring
    + repo: new function ostree_repo_remote_get_gpg_verify_summary
    + pull: fail if GPG is enabled and the summary is not signed
    + tests: add test for check for remote add
    - -set=gpg-verify-summary=true
    + ostree_repo_remote_fetch_summary: honor gpg-verify-summary
    + pull: Error if gpg=true and summary is 404, add more tests
    + core: Fix inverted conditional in GPG checking
    + pull: Also fix misplaced remote name handling
    + tests: Check error messages instead of "expected-fail", handle
      old parallel
    + build: Make gtk-doc optional
    + pull: Avoid leaking signal handlers across fetch requests
    + pull: Plug a memory leak
    + core: Add _ostree_get_default_sysroot_path()
    + sysroot: Use _ostree_get_default_sysroot_path()
    + repo: Add a "sysroot-path" property
    + sysroot: Pass the internal repo a system root path
    + repo: Fix location of remote configs for system repos
    + main: Fix UID check based on sysroot path
    + tests: Export OSTREE_SYSROOT in setup_os_repository
    + tests: do not commit from the working directory
    + libostree: new API ostree_repo_remote_list_refs
    + repo: merge repo_remote_fetch_summary_{metalink,url}
    + repo: new function _ostree_preload_metadata_file
    + pull: new option --commit-metadata-only
    + static-delta: do not fail compilation with big files
    + static-delta: add max-bsdiff-size option
    + repo: fix an incorrect comment
    + repo: don't forget to abort the transaction when failed
    + Update .gitignore
    + README: Attempt to flesh out more, start moving docs from wiki
    + tests: add tests for --disable-bsdiff and --max-bsdiff-size
    + tests: skip tests using gjs/parallel if they are not installed
    + Update .gitignore
    + tests: add tests for LZMA compressor and decompressor
    + sysroot: Add an unload() API
    + pull: Stop using GMainLoop
    + tests: rename test-rollsum to test-rollsum-cli
    + rollsum: Fix assertion for CRC matches
    + tests: Add tests for rollsum
    + repo-pull: Add a queue for scanning
    + Update .gitignore
    + tests: Build test-lzma with LZMA flags
    + static-delta: Ignore symlinks when computing similar objects
    + static-delta: assert on non-regular files
* Sun Aug 09 2015
  - Update to version 2015.7:
    + critical update for v2015.4: fix a bug causing unpredictable
      ordering of generated syslinux/uboot/grub2 bootloader entries.
    + Performance enhancement for deployments; rely on syncfs()
      rather than individual fsync() calls.
    + GPG: Always retrieve detached metadata, so we'll find newly
      added signatures.
    + GPG: Support for keys specific to remotes, rather than relying
      on the global /usr/share/ostree/trusted.gpg.d
    + A new locking API (used for the commandline) so that concurrent
      invocations of e.g. `ostree admin upgrade` are safe.
    + Other enhancements targeted for the Cockpit program and
    + The summary file can now be GPG signed as well (preview).
    + Other changes to static deltas, which continue to evolve.
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - Update to version 2015.5:
    + pull: (trivial) Fix English in function name.
    + Fix make distcheck.
    + Fix repeated words.
    + Add infrastructure for "make syntax-check".
    + Remove trailing dot from error message.
    + syntax-check: quote the first argument to AC_DEFINE.
    + Remove unused include <assert.h>.
    + Remove unused <dirent.h>.
    + Remove magic argument numbers to exit(2).
    + Do not interleave spaces and tabs.
    + Replace "==" with "=" in shell script test.
    + pull: use a single per-transaction syncfs instead of fsync.
    + syntax-check: Remove empty lines at the end of file.
    + tests: Move test-varint and test-rollsum under "make check".
    + Enable option subdir-objects for automake.
    + tests: Add tests for ot-unix-utils.
    + packaging: Add man5 pages.
    + prepare-root: avoid double-stacked /sysroot mount.
    + prepare-root: Update comments.
    + repo: Hold an fd "repo_dir_fd" open for the toplevel too.
    + util: Add an API to atomic-replace a file, dirfd relative,
      optional fsync.
    + Add an internal API to stream content objects.
    + When mirroring, write content directly, do not verify.
    + pull: Copy the upstream summary file when doing a pull
    - -mirror.
    + Add an internal API to get a read fd for a content object.
    + pull: Optimize file:/// URIs to skip libsoup and hardlink if
    + Change pull-local to just be a wrapper for pull with file:///.
    + pull-local: Fix regression with absolute paths.
    + repo: Fix major performance regression with --scan-hardlinks.
    + repo: Store pending objects in prefixed subdirectory.
    + deltas: Use base64 for csums, add version to parts.
    + deltas: Remove support for gzipped delta parts.
    + deltas: Add _V0 to part #define.
    + deltas: Rework format to allow streaming.
    + deltas: Compute rollsum targets.
    + deltas: Print total size of rollsums we would use.
    + deltas: Stub out a few more opcodes.
    + deltas: Use the new internal streaming APIs.
    + deltas: Flesh out the open/write/close opcodes.
    + deltas: Initial code to copy content from existing objects.
    + deltas: Implement rollsums.
    + deltas: Make syntax-check happy.
    + deltas: Prune deltas when the corresponding "to" commit
    + repo: Add a new iterator traversal API for commits.
    + deltas: Search for similar objects (possibly renamed across
    + tests: Restore accidentally deleted Makefile bit.
    + libostree: set directory mtimes to 0 on checkout.
    + repo: Check for OSTREE_REPO in ostree_repo_new_default().
    + tests: do not run tests/test-rollsum as part of make check.
    + Use libglnx.
    + deploy: Also look for /usr/lib/os-release.
    + checkout: Drop internal use of GFile *.
    + libglnx: Use's copy.
    + repo: Port APIs used by prune to fd-relative *at calls.
    + Add explicit zlib dependency.
    + tests: Move test gpg keyring into writable tmpdir.
    + ostree-repo-traverse.c: Fix documentation parameter name.
    + Fix GObject introspection annotation.
    + ostree-repo-static-delta-processing: initialize "modev".
    + build: build libbupsplit separately.
    + prepare-root: Move /sysroot instead of unmounting it.
    + repo: detached sigs: Use error prefixing instead of
    + ostree: Add gpg-sign command.
    + gpg: Remove _ostree_gpg_verifier_set_homedir().
    + Bump GLib requirement to 2.40.
    + libotutil: Remove ot_variant_new_from_bytes().
    + libotutil: Allow no variant in
    + core: Add definitions for GPG signature metadata.
    + core: Fix duplication bug in
    + deploy: Use glnx file copy code.
    + repo: Drop internal GFile* API helper.
    + repo: Port hardlink-scanning code to fd-relative calls.
    + Add bsdiff submodule.
    + Add bsdiff support to deltas.
    + static-delta: increase threshold for rollsum to 50%.
    + tests: add test for bsdiff.
    + replace all $(libbsdiff_srcpath) and
    + Fix "make syntax-check" failures.
    + Makefile.dist-packaging: fix make rpm with submodules.
    + static-delta: Add --disable-bsdiff option.
    + ostree_repo_static_delta_generate: add new param "verbose".
    + tests: enforce ${CMD_PREFIX} on all ostree processes.
    + tests: Remove some duplications from
    + deltas: Gather statistics on total number rollsum'd and
    + deltas: Use mmap() instead of copying input file.
    + commit: Add missing (allow-none) in write_ref_immediate().
    + repo: Fix assertion to allow NULL options.
    + tests: add tests for mutable tree.
    + gpg: Rewrite OstreeGpgVerifier to use GPGME.
    + OstreeGpgVerifier: Take the signature as a GBytes.
    + src: drop some dead assignments.
    + ostree-repo-refs: Drop unused function "parse_rev_file".
    + ot_keyfile_copy_group: return FALSE on invalid inputs.
    + keyfile-utils: add tests.
    + tests: add test for test-ot-opt-utils.
    + libotutil: remove ot-waitable-queue.
    + src: Move ot-tool-util from ostree/ to libotutil/.
    + src: Drop unused argument "value" from ot_parse_boolean.
    + tests: Add tests for test-ot-tool-util.
    + sysroot: Read some bootloader state with fd-relative API.
    + sysroot: Read the bootloader configuration with fd-relative
    + sysroot: Make origin parsing code fd-relative.
    + glnx: Update.
    + ostree-prepare-root: log informational messages to stdout.
    + sysroot: Drop unnecessary new sysroot object.
    + deployment: Add an API to get relative origin path.
    + sysroot: Port some deployment reading code to fd-relative APIs.
    + Note make check.
    + Make gpgme a hard dependency.
    + build: Use both pkg-config and AM_PATH_GPGME.
    + repo: Delete .commitmeta file on empty metadata.
    + ostree-repo.c: fix typo.
    + OstreeGpgVerifier: Don't add trustdb.gpg to the keyring list.
    + OstreeGpgVerifier: Take the signed data as a GBytes.
    + fsck: Fix object count output.
    + gpg: Add OstreeGpgVerifyResult.
    + repo: Add ostree_repo_verify_commit_ext().
    + repo: Reject duplicate signatures when signing commit.
    + gpg-sign: Add a --delete option to delete signatures.
    + show: Print a blurb for each signature on a commit.
    + tests: Update
    + gpg: Link to GPGME bug about GPGME_SIGSUM_KEY_REVOKED.
    + gpg: Regenerate test data for test-gpg-verify-result.
    + Fix build failure on g_autoptr(gchar) with glib master.
    + build: ostree-gpg-verify-result.h is a public header, install
    + libglnx: Update to latest.
    + gpg-sign: Update man page for --delete option.
    + Fix build with !HAVE_LIBSOUP.
    + gpg-sign: Add missing NULL terminator in options.
    + Release 2015.4.
    + Add ostree_repo_is_writable().
    + Add ostree_ensure_repo_writable().
    + Check repo permission prior to attempting to modify it.
    + tests: Add a test case for unwritable repos.
    + Add OstreeAdminBuiltinFlags for admin commands.
    + bsdiff: change submodule location.
    + core: Fix possible crash in ostree_mutable_tree_walk().
    + Include ostree-gpg-verify-result.h in ostree.h.
    + main: Only verify SUPERUSER flag if using default sysroot.
    + build: Use glibc's xattr support instead of requiring libattr.
    + build: Drop libattr from the spec file.
    + tests/ enable repo-noperm test only for non-root
    + src/ostree/ot-main.c: drop empty newline at end of file.
    + build: exclude .sig files from syntax-check.
    + tests: skip when not root.
    + dist-packaging: Don't delete 91-ostree.preset, do clean old
    + tests: Missing linker flags for test-rollsum.
    + core: Actually allow none in ostree_parse_refspec().
    + tests: Verify that the pull error was from interruption.
    + pull: Handle remote web server not honoring range requests.
    + ostree_repo_checkout_tree_at: New API for checkouts.
    + Release 2015.5.
  - Add libcap-devel BuildRequires.
* Thu Feb 19 2015
  - Initial package, version 2015.3.



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