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kdevplatform-devel-5.5.2-lp152.1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for aarch64

Name: kdevplatform-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 5.5.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.1.1 Build date: Sun Jun 14 05:11:57 2020
Group: Development/Tools/IDE Build host: obs-arm-9
Size: 1828901 Source RPM: kdevelop5-5.5.2-lp152.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Base Package for Integrated Development Environments: Build Environment
This package contains the development files for building integrated
developments environments based on the KDevelop framework.






* Tue Jun 02 2020
  - Update to 5.5.2
    * Remove plugin "kde repo provider" due to defunct service
    * Fix extra margins around config pages
* Tue May 05 2020
  - Update to 5.5.1
    * Clang-tidy: fix storing of custom checksets per project
    * Clazy: fix storing of custom checksets per project
    * Kdev_format_source: eliminate a global QString constant
    * Reduce the scope of local variables in KDevFormatFile::read()
    * Move a format_sources comment from unsupported position
    * Kdev_format_source: don't ignore the root directory
    * Kdev_format_source: fix typos in usage/error messages
    * Work around QDir::match() behavior change in Qt 5.12.0
      (kde#409222, kde#417628)
    * Add failing kdev_format_source and grepview tests
    * Handle errors better in KDevFormatFile::executeCommand()
    * Grepview: search in hidden files and directories
    * FindClang.cmake: Add 10 to the allowed versions
    * Disable CSS images workaround for Qt WebEngine build
    * Disable extra context menu in Documentation tool view
    * Fix flickering when loading documentation
    * [Standard Documentation View] Set the correct mime type for job
    * Breakpoint icon: add 32 px sized breakpoint icon (also pixel-
      align SVG)
    * IADM: take C++ standard from build system manager into account
    * Clear selection when updating cursor position (kde#415644)
    * Don't crash when we fail to find a screen for the active
      tooltip (kde#417151)
    * Kdev-clang: don't skip unexposed declarations from different
      files (kde#402066)
* Thu Feb 27 2020 Michel Normand <>
  - Add _constraints disk 4GB PowerPC to avoid build failure ppc64
* Mon Feb 03 2020
  - Update to 5.5.0
    * Improved C++ language support:
      + Fix missing header guard warning for a standalone header
      being always present
      + Don't crash when signatures don't match in
      + Clazy: add configurable predefined checkset selections
      + Clang-tidy: add configurable predefined checkset selections
      + Don't get confused when encountering parse errors in default
      + Fix ClangUtils::getDefaultArguments when encountering macros
      + Skip clang-provided override items from code completion
      + Unbreak move-into-source for non-class functions
      + Lambda init captures are visited starting with clang 9.0.0
      + Try a bit harder to find types for look-ahead completion
    * Welcome page: remove background in active window when plugin is
    * No longer install modeltest.h, not used externally and
    * Fix "invalid project name" hint not always showing
    * Use default scheme option of KColorSchemeManager if available
    * Read the global color scheme name from its file
    * Fix qmljs comment parsing
    * Fix the comment formatting for some Doxygen variants
    * Qmakebuilder: remove unused kcfg files
    * Fix reformat for long strings
    * Introduce shell-embedded message area, to avoid dialog windows
    * Clazy, clang-tidy: share code via new private
    * Make tar archives reproducible by setting Pax headers
    * Kdevplatform: remove About data feature
    * Support for rebasing
    * Add a setting to disable the close buttons on tabs
    * CMake: Show project name in showConfigureErrorMessage
    * TemplatePreview: Enable word-wrap for messagebox and Lines
      Policy Label
    * Filetemplates: load and show tooltip for custom options
    * Pass environment variables from process environment and set up
      with flatpak environment
    * Remove usage of columns argument in arch detection since old
      LTS systems may not have that flag
    * Pass the android toolchain file path to CMake as a local file
      path not as a URI
    * Formatter: Hide KTextEditor minimap for the formatter preview
    * Shell: use KAboutPluginDialog in LoadedPluginsDialog
    * Mention all fetch project sources in the documentation
    * Script launcher: add env profile configure dialog button to
      config UI (kde#410914)
    * Cmake: FindClang: Detect llvm-project.git checkout
* Tue Jan 07 2020
  - Update to 5.4.6
    * Filetemplates: update addresses to web ones for GPLv2 & LGPLv2
    * Filetemplates: fix wrong text of LGPLv2+ (KDE) (was GPLv2+
      (KDE) one) (kde#414978)
    * Shell: default to kdevelop icon for plugins in
      LoadedPluginsDialog list
    * Shell: use KAboutPluginDialog in LoadedPluginsDialog
    * Make ForegroundLock::isLockedForThread() also consider the
      current thread being the main (Qt) thread, and thus add this
      check in more places
    * Clang: Fix a case of concurrent access to KTextEditor
    * Fix wrongly internally duplicated KHelpMenu instance
    * Only unload plugins after the DUChain shutdown to prevent
      infinite loop due to non-loaded factories for types
* Sun Dec 22 2019
  - Require exact grantlee5 version by kdevplatform with which it was
    built, the plugin location contains the version so the installed
    plugin won't be found by different versions
* Mon Dec 02 2019
  - Update to 5.4.5
    * Add missing forward declaration (qt5.14)
    * Fix compilation error with gcc 7.4.1, ambiguous overload
    * Remove bad assert
    * Remove duplicate fuzzy character "/"
    * Fix reformat for selected code
    * Qthelp: Unbreak support for zipped/tarred QCH files from KNS
    * Qthelp: adapt KNewStuff config to move from to (kde#377183)
* Tue Nov 05 2019
  - Update to 5.4.4
    * Fix copyright date display in About KDevelop/KDevPlatform
      dialogs (kde#413390)
    * FindClang.cmake: also search LLVM version 9
    * Clang: Workaround for empty problem ranges at start of document
* Tue Oct 22 2019
  - Update to 5.4.3
    * ProblemNavigationContext: Fix incorrect link target for
      file:line links with declarations
    * ProjectManagerView: Make items with an empty icon have the same
      indent as items with a valid icon
    * Welcome page: fix version of QtQuick.XmlListModel import to
      match Qt 5.7 ff.
    * Welcome page: fix version of QtQuick.Layouts import to match
      Qt 5.7 ff.
    * [Grepview] Use the correct fallback icon for Collapse All
    * FileManagerListJob: use a semaphore for locking
    * Fix Infinite Recursion in DUChain
    * Cache the defines/includes for gcc-like compilers per language
    * Only write defines file when needed
    * Don't set super long name on completely anon structs
    * Use type name as fallback ID for anon typedef'ed structs/unions
      etc. (kde#409041)
    * Fixed crash when filtering class list (kde#406931)
    * Gcclikecompiler: properly resolve include paths with symbolic
      links (kde#405221)
* Tue Sep 03 2019
  - Update to 5.4.2
    * All debuggers: fix VariableCollection to unregister as
      texthinter provider (kde#411371)
    * Contextbrowser: register as texthint provider to existing views
      on creation
    * Fix crash on text hint being triggered after disabling code
      browser plugin (kde#411371)
    * Avoid possible dereference of an invalid iterator (kde#411323)
    * Kdevplatform/shell: fix outdated window title once project of
      document loaded
    * Kdevplatform/shell: work-around for Qt 5.9/macOS bug showing
      modified indicator
    * Kdevplatform/shell: restore document modified flag in
      mainwindow title
    * Kdevplatform/shell: do not repeat query & differently for
      current document
    * Indicate appstream the ps desktop file isn't a separate
      application (kde#410687)
    * Clang: fix tooltip missing closing bracket with default
      argument calls
    * Include more hidden files in projectfilter plugin (CI, Lint
* Tue Aug 13 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 5.4.1
    * Fix crash: add missing Q_INTERFACES to OktetaDocument for
      IDocument. (kde#410820)
    * Shell: do not show bogus error about repo urls on DnD of normal files.
    * [Grepview] Use the correct icons.
    * Fix calculation of commit age in annotation side bar for < 1 year.
    * Appdata: add <launchable/> entry.
* Wed Aug 07 2019
  - Also Provide/Obsolete kdevelop5-plugin-clang-tidy-lang to avoid
    update problems due to file conflicts
* Tue Aug 06 2019
  - New upstream release 5.4.0
    * For a list of changes, see:
    * New build system support for Meson, current features are:
      + Native support for Meson projects (configuring, compiling,
      + Support for KDevelop code autocompletion (plugin reads Meson
      introspection information)
      + Initial support for the Meson rewriter: modifying basic
      aspects of the project (version, license, etc.)
    * New scratchpad plugin to keep "scratches" of code or text to
      experiment or quickly run something without the need to create
      a full project
    * The plugin for Clang-Tidy is now part of KDevelop's default
    * Fixes and improvements to the C++ support:
      + Add working directory to clang parser
      + Clang Plugin: Report some problems from included files
      + Make it possible to select -std=c++2a for our language
      + Rename c++1z to C++17
      + Clang CodeCompletion: No auto-completion for numbers
      + Add assistant to generate header guards
    * [Documentation] Set size policy of providers combobox to
    * Contextbrowser: Remove 'separated by only whitespace'
      possibility for showing the problem tooltip
    * Contextbrowser: Minor improvement to tooltip showing behavior
    * CMake plugin: Also show an error message if the CMake
      configuration becomes invalid due to a change, and add an
      instruction to reload the project manually
    * CMake plugin: Show a message box if configuration fails
    * Projectfilter: Include .clang-format by default
    * Add a predefined clang-format custom script formater
    * Fix code completion for nameless structs/unions with the same
      member (kde#409041)
    * Support newer kdebugsettings .categories file format
    * Show session name in the Delete Session confirmation dialog
    * Remove invalid check from test_projectload test
    * Document tree view close on middle button
    * Follow KTextEditor changes for hidpi rendering of icon border
    * Note visibility tag also with signature of friend-declared
    * Guard against crashes when IStatus object gets destroyed at
      bad times
    * Astyle: support the system astyle library
    * Renovate kdevelop bash completion file
    * Fix deadlock exception in FileManagerListJob
    * DVCS Branch Manager with filtering and sorting proposal
    * Also find clang include path based on runtime libclang library
    * TestFile: On destruction, close associated document if open
      and stop the background parser
    * CMake: discover more unit tests (kde#405225)
    * Be less restrictive with failures while searching for LLVM
    * Allow the maximum file size of parse jobs to be configurable
    * Optimize CMakeBuildDirChooser::buildDirSettings()
    * [Sessions Runner] Use icon name
    * Don't eat the backspace event when no alt modifier is set
    * "Reparse Entire Project" action for the ProjectController
    * Introduce QuickOpenEmbeddedWidgetCombiner
    * Add 'back' to QuickOpenEmbeddedWidgetInterface
    * Update documentation: the keyboard shortcuts use ALT not SHIFT
    * Fix up/down keyboard navigation for 'Show documentation' links
    * Lock duchain in AbstractIncludeNavigationContext::html
    * Don't crash when background listing outlasts file manager list
    * Don't crash when project is closed before it was fully opened
    * Make sure we use the same compiler settings as the project is
      by default
    * Debugger plugin fixes
    * CMakeBuildDirChooser: avoid calling deprecated
    * Flatpak+cmake: put the cmake build directories into
    * Allow KDEV_DEFAULT_INSTALL_PREFIX specify a default install
    * Flatpak: Improve runtime title
    * Adapt indentation mode after a new project was opened
    * Flatpak: Fix listing runtimes
    * Properly cleanup FileManagerListJob when folder items are
      deleted (kde#260741)
    * Provide debugger name and pid when registering a debugger to
    * Support for indent-after-parens astyle option
    * Fix bug 389060 (Heaptrack analysis keeps firing
      /usr/bin/plasmoidviewer) (kde#389060)
    * Contextbrowser: Ability to show combined problems and decl
    * Properly display argument names of template functions
    * Show size and alignment information in tooltips for typedef or
    * GrepView: Extend default file extensions to search (kde#402207)
    * [clang-tidy] Fix context-menu crash for files not in a project
    * Polish Flatpak integration
    * [clang-tidy] Disable/Block Run actions in projects without
      buildsystem manager
    * Add VcsAnnotationItemDelegate, for control of rendering and
    * Qmljs: Update qmljs from QtCreator v4.7.2
    * LoadedPluginsDialog: Fix initial size
    * Place cursor after opening brace for function implementation
    * Replace leading typed text when completing function
      implementation (kde#384710)
    * Fix crashes when document gets destroyed directly after load
    * Prevent QWebEngine from overriding signal handlers
    * Add missing break in QmlJs code completion
    * Create action to jump to the current execution line in debug
      mode (kde#361411)
    * Fix segfaults in OutputWidget (kde#398615)
    * Fix double delete bug in OutputWidget
    * Cleanup Perforce test case, and thereby its output a little
  - Provide/Obsolete kdevelop5-plugin-clang-tidy, it is included now
  - Cleanup spec file: remove conditionals for no longer supported
    distribution versions
* Thu Jul 18 2019
  - New upstream release 5.3.3
      .categories files
    * TextDocument: remove actions from contextmenu on hide already
    * Sublime: fix crash on undocking toolviews with Qt 5.13
    * Kdevplatform/interfaces: fix missing explicit QVector include
    * Fix kdevelopui.rc: bump version as required by string context
    * Shell: overwrite katectagsplugin to be disabled by default
    * Translate relative paths of input files to absolute ones
    * Welcome page: do not add currently unused qml pages to qrc data
    * Fix browse mode not disabled after Ctrl is released
    * Attempt to fix a crash on shutdown
    * ProblemHighlighter: Fix mark type handling
    * Cmakebuilddirchooser: Set a minimum size
    * Fix memory leaks reported by ASAN
    * Qmake: Move builder plugin to correct category (kde#407396)
    * Add DesktopEntry to notifyrc
    * Output config subpages alphabetically, instead of order in
      which corresponding plugins were loaded
    * Flatpak plugin - fix typo ("flies" -> "files")
  - Drop fix-crash-on-undocking-toolviews.patch, merged upstream
* Tue Jul 16 2019
  - Add fix-crash-on-undocking-toolviews.patch to fix crash when
    undocking toolviews with Qt 5.13 (kde#409790)
* Thu Mar 07 2019
  - New upstream release 5.3.2
    * Don't call clear() on a shared pointer we don't own
    * Workaround the bug found by ASan, which can be seen on FreeBSD
    * Kdev-clazy: use canonical paths
    * Prevent the Extra Arguments ComboBox to Stretch Too Much
    * CMake plugin: don't hardcode a default install prefix
    * Appimage: skip unneeded cp of cmake, removed later again
    * Clang plugin: Handle CUDA files better
    * Clang: detect Clang builtin dirs at runtime on Unix
    * Actually cleanup the duchain from the background thread
    * Appimage: add okteta libs, as used by the debugger memory view
    * Grepview: Fix potential crash in "Find in Files" (kde#402617)
    * Add All Top-Level Targets to the Menu
    * Show "Move into Source" action in code menu
    * QuickOpen: Trim whitespace from input
    * Update kdevelop app icon to latest breeze-icons version
    * Appimage: have only kdevelop appdata in the appimage
    * Fix first run of appimage creation: get
      via $SRC
    * Fix crash in documentation view (kde#402026)
    * CMake: skip server entries without empty build system
    * 2 missing KTextEditorPluginIntegration::MainWindow slots
    * Polish Purpose integration in the PatchReview plugin
    * Hex editor plugin: prepare for incompatible API change of
      libraries from upcoming Okteta 0.26.0
  - Require clangX instead of clang on Leap 15 and TW, the exact
    version should not matter anymore
* Sat Dec 22 2018
  - New upstream release 5.3.1
    * Remove the CVS plugin. This was unusable and would crash if
      used in most cases, but accidentally remained in 5.3.0
    * Don't add 'override' specifier for non-modern project settings
    * Use qCWarning in path.cpp
    * Fix qmakeproject unittest to work on Windows
    * Fix defines and includes test to run on Windows
    * Fix projectmodel unittest to work on Windows
    * Make the filteringstrategy test work on Windows as well
    * Fix problem model test on Windows. Make sure that when we
      create a path the root of that path is created according to
      what is expected on the current platform. E.g. C: on Windows.
    * Appimage: use original app desktop file as base for appimage
    * Make test outputmodel pass on windows.
    * Increase timeout for duchain gcc compatibility test
    * Auto-find Clazy documentation also with clazy >= 1.4
    * Disable plugin project config if project without a
      IBuildSystemManager dep (kde#400769)
    * Appimage: Do not bundle libfontconfig
    * Cmake: fix missing addition of policies to documentation index
    * FunctionDefinition: only look for (new/other) function
      definition if we don't have one
    * Fix memleaks in duchain unittests
  - Drop Auto-find-Clazy-documentation-also-with-clazy-1.4.patch,
    merged upstream
  - Use cmake() notation for the Qt BuildRequires instead of
* Sun Dec 16 2018
  - Require clang, without it the C++ parser won't work (boo#1119186)
* Sat Dec 01 2018 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add kdevelop provides
* Fri Nov 16 2018
  - Add Auto-find-Clazy-documentation-also-with-clazy-1.4.patch to
    make the clazy plugin find the necessary documentation also with
    clazy 1.4+, which installs it to a different place than previous
    versions (kde#401075)
* Wed Nov 14 2018
  - New upstream release 5.3.0
    * New clazy analyzer plugin
    * Clang: include tooltips: fix range check
    * Allow overriding the path to the builtin clang compiler headers
    * Always use the clang builtin headers for the libclang version
      we use (kde#387005)
    * Group completion requests and only handle the last one
    * Fix Template (Class/Function) Signatures in Clang Code
      Completion (kde#368544, kde#377397)
    * Workaround: find declarations for constructor argument hints
    * Clang: Improve argument hint code completion
  - Drop kdevplatform-reduce-dependencies.diff, merged upstream
  - Recommend clazy which is needed by the new clazy plugin
  - Remove explicitly versioned kdevplatform requirement,
    libkdevplatformXY is implicitly required anyway, that should be
  - Use QtWebKit on platforms where QtWebEngine is not available
  - Use gcc7 for building on Leap 42.3, compilation fails with the
    default 4.8
* Tue Oct 16 2018 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Use WebEngine instead of WebKit
* Fri Aug 31 2018 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add requirements for kdevplatform-devel which are not detected
* Fri Aug 31 2018 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add kdevplatform-reduce-dependencies.diff to prevent adding
    unneeded requirements to the kdevplatform-devel package.
* Wed Aug 29 2018 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Run spec-cleaner
* Tue Aug 21 2018
  - New upstream release 5.2.4
    * Fix resizing of variable tooltip
    * Fix various problems with filters in the output view
    * Fix a crash which could happen when using the class browser in
      debug builds with Qt >= 5.11
    * Only show cppcheck menu for cpp files
  - Move all plugins from kdevplatform to the main package following
    upstream more closely, the kdevplatform package now only contains
    files coming from the "kdevplatform" directory in the source
    (kdevelop5 is the only application using kdevplatform anyway)
* Fri May 25 2018
  - New upstream release 5.2.3 (5.2.2 has been skipped)
    * KDevelop : support whitespace between the '#' and 'include' (or
      'import') (kde#394200)
    * Shell: Display generic project managers again
    * Github: Fix Github repositories not fetched (kde#392553)
    * Avoid emptry entries in project files filter list
    * Note org.kdevelop.IBasicVersionControl@kdevgit as dep for
    * Never assert when the assert can fire sporadically (kde#357585)
    * Sublime: Release space in tab bar when no status (kde#314167)
    * Shell: Save entries of recent projects action (kde#385915)
    * Lldb: don't issue command when there's no env variables to set
    * Fix crash when activating code completion item (kde#391742)
    * Do not add return type to constructors declaration when editing
      definition in signature assistant (kde#365420)
    * Make lambda introduce a context in DU chain (kde#387994)
    * Fix bug 384082 - cppcheck is checking CMake generated files
    * Never run qmlplugindump on plugins that already offer
    * Fix CodeCompletion of Strongly Typed Enum
    * Make sure qmlplugindump works on my system
    * Make sure we don't crash when stopping all jobs
    * Help automoc to find metadata JSON files referenced in the
    * Link against KF5::Purpose if it's available
    * Properly quote expected string value in lldb formatter
    * Unbreak the GDB QUrl pretty printer test
    * Unbreak QtPrintersTest::testQString
    * Also unbreak QtPrintersTest::testQByteArray
    * Work around bug in kLineEdit (kde#373004)
    * Fix crash when stopping process
    * Performance: Reuse the global icon loader
    * Cache ProblemPointers per translation unit (kde#386720)
    * Only set CMAKE_AUTOMOC_MACRO_NAMES with KF5 < 5.42
    * Format comments before setting them on the DUChain
    * Set toolbar/toolbutton font on quickopen line edit
  - New upstream release 5.2.1
    * Fix a crash which often happened when switching git branches in
      the background in C++ projects. This temporarily disables
      documentation warnings, as well as parsed documentation display
      in the tooltips, until the underlying issue is fixed upstream.
    * Fix a crash happening on some systems when opening a session
    * Fix include path completion not showing project-defined system
      includes (i.e. includes added as system includes but by your
      project) (kde#386421)
    * Fix crash when batch-editing defines in the define editor
    * Fix an assert (only happened in debug mode) and potential crash
      when showing problem tooltip (kde#386901)
    * Fix targets being duplicated when using CMake subprojects
    * Fix console toolview asking to delete a temporary file
      interactively (kde#379652)
    * Fix a lot of AUTOMOC warnings while compiling with CMake 3.10
    * Fix some tool view context menus having empty entries
    * Fix the progress widget in the statusbar not showing in some
    * Adapt cache clear logic to ensure that the code model cache
      (~/.cache/kdevduchain) is always cleared when changing to a
      different KDevelop version (including patch versions).
      Unsuitable data in the cache has caused a range of issues in
      the past, including crashes. If you really need to keep the
      cache, you can create an (empty) file with the version suffix
      of the target version in the cache folder.
    * Fix KDevelop not starting up with the welcome page enabled
      (which it is by default) on systems without OpenGL support
    * Fix build with Qt version 5.5
  - New upstream release 5.2.0
    * For a list of changes, see:
    * New analyzers: heaptrack, cppcheck
    * Improved C++ support, notable fixes include:
      + Properly pass on some categories of compiler flags from the
      build system to the analyzer, fixing e. g. parse errors in
      some Qt header files which cannot be parsed if a certain
      compiler configuration is not respected
      + Improve performance of C++ code completion in some situations
      + Restore some completion features from 4.x, such as automatic
      insertion of semicolons in some cases
  - Add (lib)kdevplatform subpackages that were provided by
    kdevplatform previously which is merged into kdevelop itself now
  - Recommend cppcheck and heaptrack-gui to make the new analyzer
    plugins work out of the box
  - Adjust build requirements and filelists
  - Mark license files with %license instead of %doc
  - Make libkdevplatform52 obsolete libkdevplatform10 to prevent
    update problems, and don't require the exact same version of
    kdevplatform to avoid such problems in the future when the so
    version is bumped again
* Tue Aug 29 2017
  - New upstream release 5.1.2
    * Fixed a crash in the cmake lexer (kde#363269)
    * Various small improvements in cmake and C++ code completion
    * Fix placement of C++ #include completions
    * Fix a crash with JS projects on remote directories (kde#369573)
    * Source formatting preview is back
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Remove empty phrasing from description.
* Sat May 27 2017
  - New upstream release 5.1.1
    * Install xdg mimetype definition for OpenCL C
    * Move print from int to unsigned int
    * Fix build for MinGW (kde#379454)
    * Look for Cppcheck as RUNTIME dependencies
    * The OpenCL language is actually called OpenCL C
    * Remove unneeded mimetype for *.kdevinternal files
    * Create KAboutData object only after QApp instance, for working
    * CMake - fix bug with dropping changed settings for existing
      build directory
    * Drop explicit %{PROJECTDIR}/ from templates'
    * Remove unused "VersionControl" entries from kdev4
    * Fix ShowFilesAfterGeneration to match generated files
    * Update Qt logo image
  - Changed package summary/description as requested in boo#1034320
* Thu Mar 23 2017
  - New upstream release 5.1.0
    * For a list of changes, see:
  - Add okteta-devel BuildRequires to re-enable the okteta plugin
* Sun Mar 05 2017
  - New upstream release 5.0.4
    * QObject template: fix typo screwing redefinition of block
    * Update version number to 5.0.4
    * Clang: Fix missing DUChain lock
    * Custom-buildsystem: Fix crash while configuring (kde#335470)
    * Try to fix testGccCompatibility test for me
    * Clang: Also rename destructors when renaming class (kde#373452)
    * Fix bug with wrong CMake arguments during adding new build
    * Clang: Don't propose to refactor function defs
    * Fix comments in file template for Python unit test for
      setUp/tearDown (kde#321005)
    * Fix TestCustomBuildSystemPlugin by readding .kdev4 folders of
      test data
    * Providers: Fix some Qt runtime warnings
    * Update TestProblems::testMissingInclude() to current
    * QtHelp CSS images fix
    * QtHelp page loading fix
    * Update INSTALL
    * Streamline README
    * File_templates: Remove '#include "foo.moc"' footer
    * Prefer qmake over qmake-qt5 over qmake-qt4
    * Appimage: do not fail on git stash pop
    * Fix default icon for some plugin
    * I18n fixes
* Fri Dec 02 2016
  - New upstream release 5.0.3
    * Make the "Forward declare" problem solution assistant only pop
      up when it makes sense
    * Fix GitHub handling authentication (kde#372144)
    * Fix Qt help jumping to the wrong function sometimes
* Wed Nov 16 2016
  - New upstream release 5.0.2
    * Fix a possible crash when activating a clang FixIt (kde#369176)
    * Fix a crash when performing various actions with the Make
      plugin disabled (kde#369326)
    * Fix "Install as root" action not working
    * Fix CMake build plugin sometimes rebuilding everything when it
      should not
* Tue Oct 04 2016
  - Add missing find_lang macros for additional translations
* Tue Oct 04 2016
  - Add KArchive to BuildRequires and bump Frameworks versions
    (they were lower than in kdevplatform, and that did not make
    any sense)
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - New upstream release 5.0.1
    * Do not display the "project is already open in a different
      session" dialog on starting up a session under some
    * Mouseover highlight now uses the "Search highlight" color from
      the configuration dialog, instead of a hard-coded bright
    * Fix working directory of Custom Makefile plugin
    * Fix a possible crash on triggering an assistant popup action
    * Fix a freeze under some circumstances when the welcome page is
* Thu Sep 22 2016
  - Drop %lang_package and use an explicit Conflicts on
    kdevelop4-lang to workaround issues in the Factory submission
* Wed Aug 24 2016
  - Update to 5.0.0
* Thu Jul 21 2016
  - Remove libQt5Declarative/QtQuick1 build requirement to fix build
    with Qt 5.7, it's not needed/used anyway
* Thu Jan 28 2016
  - Initial package for kdevelop 5 based on Frameworks
    * Kdevelop 5 Beta 3



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